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This is a finely made brand new game based on the gameplay of the famous Sky Block game! On the basis of the original gameplay, we have created some new gameplays like: exploring, mining, Boss challenging, treasures raiding PVP and time-limited tasks. With elaborate UI, exquisite sky and beautiful music, we believe that you can build your own dream in this fantastic and endless world.


  • Island Survival: Use your wisdom to survive in this island and expand your territory with limited materials.
  • Super Scale: You can continually unlock and expand the territory.
  • Story Exploration: Mysterious letters in the floating island will guide you to discover the secret of the island!
  • Elaborate UI: Enjoy the well-crafted game interface and dynamic sky effect created by the top art team.
  • Interaction: Visit and communicate with other players in different islands.
  • Automatic Miner: Customized automatic 24-hour miner for your service, easy access to rare minerals!
  • PVP Mining Area: There are safe and PVP mining areas. You can freely mine high-level minerals, meanwhile, you will be challenged by other explorers or monsters. Defeat a Boss can win a huge reward!
  • Agricultural System: Plant wheats, strawberries, corn and other crops, and experience the joy of harvest.
  • Ranking System: Building blocks will get points. Check your ranking at the rank list, and you can visit others' island.
  • Shop System: The access to get rich materials and advanced privileges!
  • Composite System: Composite materials in bag or craft table, or put items into furnace for smelting, to produce more powerful items!
  • Selling System: Sell redundant blocks, crops and others in the bag at any time and anywhere.
  • Teleport System: Click the button on the right side to quickly transfer to the PVP mining area or automatic mining area.
  • One-click to Home: Click the button on the top left corner to go home. Don't forget that the Home button is hidden in the drop-down menu.

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Sky Block

Game Highlights:
■ Amazing game graphic is one of the best highlights in this game! Screenshot of each frame can be used as a beautiful wallpaper!
■ You can enjoy the ultimate survival fun in the island!
■ You can create your own world or build an empire with your friends!
■ Show your building masterpieces to other players in parties!
■ Exploring in mysterious mines, killing Boss, mining ores, and grabbbing treasures with other players! PVP or PVE, your choice!
■ Set your mining machine production line in the resource island to continuously produce rare ore!
■ Weekly Rank - Improve your rankings by constantly building new things in your islands, and let other players pay attention to your work at any time!
■ You can easily sell/purchase any item in your bag\store at any time!
■ Delicate UI interface can greatly enrich the gameplay and survival experience, and a button is for a function!
■ The ethereal music will make you feel like you are in a dream!
■ Free to play "Sky Block", more updates, more fun! Exciting activities are endless!
※Download for free
※Contains paid contents
※You need to connect to the internet when you play. Sometimes data traffic charges are incurred.

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Sky Block

Sky Block is a new installment in the Blockman GO game saga that lets you create your own world either alone or with friends. You can construct buildings and even build entire cities or explore dangerous dungeons in search of valuable resources.

The controls in Sky Block are identical to other titles from the saga, and also Minecraft. With your left thumb, you can move your character around, while you control the camera with the right. To break any block, you just have to hold your finger down on it for a few seconds, until the circle on the screen is filled. And of course, to craft elements, you just have to go to your inventory.

In Sky Block, you can quickly travel to several interesting places. On the one hand, you have the cavern with the resources where you can fight against monsters and even other players to get better resources to use in the game. On the other hand, you have your mining operation that lets you get tons of precious minerals automatically. Plus, you also have the creative world where you can construct buildings and even put together entire cities to your heart's content.

Sky Block is a creative Minecraft-style game where you can let your imagination run wild, interact with other players from around the world, and have thrilling adventures from the comfort of your smartphone.
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