Easy dragon valentine box

Easy dragon valentine box DEFAULT
Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher

Make a stained glass heart suncatcher with kids! It’s surprisingly easy, with nothing but black glue, sharpie markers and some recyclables. My kids and I really enjoy the process of making suncatchers with black glue. First of all, they really are easy and cheap... Painting Watercolour Hearts with Kids

Painting Watercolour Hearts with Kids

Use resist to make personalized watercolour hearts for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The craft is surprisingly easy and fun for kids! The interesting thing about watercolours is sometimes you can patiently work with them for hours to create a picture... Jack in the Box: Valentine Paper Craft

Jack in the Box: Valentine Paper Craft

Remember those old Jack in the Box toys? This Valentine’s Day, give someone a DIY paper version of one with a throbbing heart inside! A jack-in-the-box toy is a quick engineering craft you can make with kids. As long as you have some paper to print the templates... DIY Valentine Foam Airplane with Printable Design

DIY Valentine Foam Airplane with Printable Design

Looking for a non-sweet Valentine idea for kids? We loved making these airplanes – they come with a card, and they actually work!  Last week, we made a couple of foam glider airplanes, based on a real MIG-15 airplane. We played with, modified, and decorated... 52 Reasons Why I Love You: Free Printable Q&A Journal for Couples

52 Reasons Why I Love You: Free Printable Q&A Journal for Couples

Looking for a unique romantic gift for your partner? Give them this printable Q&A journal for couples with 52 reasons of why you love them! During the first year of our marriage, I made love notes for my husband’s lunch or left sticky notes with love... Dragon & Princess: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page and Drawing Prompt

Dragon & Princess: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page and Drawing Prompt

This free printable dragon and princess card comes with a colouring page and an art prompt on the back. A fun surprise for kids who like to draw! Like monsters, dragons are often portrayed as being scary. Does it frighten children away? Hardly. A lot of kids seem... Friendly Monster: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page & Drawing Prompt

Friendly Monster: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page & Drawing Prompt

These free printable friendly monster cards come with a monster colouring page and an art prompt on the back. A fun surprise card for kids who like to draw – Halloween or Valentine’s Day special! Many kids like monsters. I could attribute at least part of... Cupcakes and Hearts: Free Printable Card & Colouring Page

Cupcakes and Hearts: Free Printable Card & Colouring Page

I’m back with another creative card that includes both the watercolour card and the cupcake colouring page! You can print this cupcake card as it is or choose to colour your own. If you like both, there is the special version with the watercolour card on the... Birds: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page & Drawing Prompt

Birds: Free Printable Card, Colouring Page & Drawing Prompt

These free printable bird cards come with a bird colouring page and an art prompt on the back. Read the card, then enjoy colouring! A card is always a nice gesture, especially with Valentine’s Day coming, and if there is something more to the card, it is even... DIY Kid-Designed Keychains

DIY Kid-Designed Keychains

I love kid’s drawings, and I have always found it fascinating to see how crafters and small companies make kid’s drawings into personalized keychains or kid-designed stuffed toys. This year, for Mother’s and Father’s day gifts, we did it too!... Button Heart Gift Wrap for Valentine’s Day

Button Heart Gift Wrap for Valentine’s Day

Feel like wrapping a gift creatively or maybe making some Valentine’s Day art? My 3-year-old and I made a button heart gift wrap! When we wrap presents, most of them get wrapped quickly – between throwing together lunch and washing up after. But we like to... Make a Lantern Card: “You’re the Light of My Life”

Make a Lantern Card: “You’re the Light of My Life”

There are plenty of stereotypical images that can be used to good effect when making a card to celebrate an event, but a handmade card to celebrate your love for someone may require something more personal. When creating a card for my husband, I cut our silhouettes...
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More Valentine Boxes for Boys

More Valentine Boxes for Boys!
25+ MORE Valentine Boxes for Boys
Valentine’s Day can be filled with all things pink, red and covered in hearts, and your boy might want nothing to do with any of that stuff! So we’ve gathered up some of the coolest Valentine’s Day boxes for boys that they will actually be thrilled to take. So here’s to a creative Valentine Box they will LOVE to take to school.

*More Valentine’s Day Boxes and classroom valentines:
– 25+ Creative Valentine Boxes for Boys
– 25+ Creative Valentine Boxes for Girls
– 25+ Creative classroom Valentines

1- Baseball Valentine Box | Etsy
Baseball Valentine Box

2- Dinosaur Valentine Box | Adventures of Mel
Dinosaur Valentine Box

3- Minion Valentine’s Day Box | Birthday Blueprint
Minion Valentine Box

4- Cookie Monster Valentine Box | Birthday Blueprint
Cookie Monster Valentine Box

5- Pop Corn Valentine’s Day Box | Source Unknown
Pop Corn Valentine Box

6- Poop Emoji Valentine’s Day Box | Source Unknown
Poop Emoji Valentine Box for Boys

7- Pokemon Dragon Valentine Box for Boys | Ansley Designs
Pokemon Dragon Valentine Box for Boys

8- The Hulk Valentine’s Day Box | Source Unknown
The Hulk Valentine Box

9- WWE Valentine’s Day Box for Boys | Source Unknown
WWE Valentines Day Box for Boys

10- Tootsie Roll Valentine’s Day Box | Source Unknown
Tootsie Roll Valentine Box

11- Shark Valentine’s Day Box | Source Unknown
shark Valentine Box

12- Sponge Bob Valentine’s Day Box | Handcrafted Occasions
Sponge Bob Valentine Box

13- Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box | Instructables
Rubiks Cube Valentine Box

14- Rocket Valentine Box | The Joys of Boys
Rocket Valentine Box

15- Sock Monkey Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Sock Monkey Valentine Box

16- Pirate Ship Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Pirate Ship Valentine Box

17- Pac Man Valentine Box | Handmade Charlotte
Pac Man Valentine Box

18- Monster Truck Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Monster Truck Valentine Box

19- Army Tank Valentine Box for Boys | Source Unknown
Army Tank Valentine Box for Boys | 25+ MORE Valentine Boxes for Boys

20- Deer Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Deer Valentine Box

21- Feed Me Valentine Box | Small Fry Blog
Feed Me Valentine Box

22- Minecraft Valentine Box | Rays of Bliss
Minecraft Valentine box

23- Hot Wheels race track Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Hot Wheels Track Valentine Box for Boys

24- Ninja Valentine Box | Just a Girl and her Blog
Ninja Valentine Box

25- Pugs and Kisses Valentine Box | PA Country Crafts
Pugs and Kisses Valentine Box

26- Basketball Hoop Valentine Box | Source Unknown
Basketball Hoop Valentine Box

Do you have a favorite?
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Looking to make cute DIY Valentine's Day boxes with your kids? They'll love collecting all those cute Valentine's Day cards filled with silly Valentine's Day puns in these unique boxes. Whether they're obsessed with unicorns, Star Wars, or just want something covered in hearts, you'll find an easy tutorial here. Plus, many are easy to craft from recycled materials and inexpensive craft supplies. None of these Valentine's Day crafts will take forever or cost tons of money!

Making these adorable boxes together is also a great way to get artsy when coming up with fun, family-friendly Valentine's Day activities. From woodland creatures to rocket ships, you'll find ideas for every age and interest. Some of these ideas also can be used to contain a gift or homemade sweets for your own Valentine! Why settle for a gift bag? They could also double as whimsical Valentine's Day decorations to place around your house for a touch of festive charm. So without any delay, read on to find the perfect DIY Valentine's box for kids (or adults!) of any age.

Sours: https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/home-lifestyle/crafts-diy/g35119968/valentines-day-box-ideas/
How to Make a Dinosaur Valentine Box

Being an adult on February 14 doesn't spark quite as much joy as it does for kids when you take into account all the fun that happens at school that day. Going around the classroom placing cards, gifts, and Valentine’s Day treats in everyone’s homemade Valentine’s Day boxes was as much fun as reading through all the cards and snacking on candy you received from from your classmates. To insure your kids have a great day, and a valentines day box that truly shines, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the best box ideas out there. The best part is that these Valentine's Day crafts for kids are incredibly simple to make, and many tutorials come with free printables—so you’ll have plenty of time to bake up some Valentine’s Day desserts to send in for the class party (or, let's me honest, munch on yourself).

These creations can take the form of an animal, such as a sweet panda bear, googly-eyed bumble bee, fierce alligator or snow-white cat. Prefer something other than a furry friend try making a yellow submarine, basket ball, or a silly-faced robot. The possibilities are endless with these super-creative ideas that are sure to delight the entire class. And if there’s simply no time to get out the glue gun and markers, there are plenty to buy that are just as amazing and have a homemade look!

Sours: https://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/g25844424/valentines-day-boxes/

Box valentine easy dragon

40+ Valentine Mailbox Ideas + Crafts For Your Quirky Sweetheart!

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Valentine's Day Crafts

Looking for some fun Valentine mailbox ideas to celebrate heart day with your family? This is your jam then! We not only have an awesomesauce collection of Valentine’s Mailbox Ideas, but lots of Valentine’s Day crafts too!

These Valentine Mailbox Ideas, Valentine Crafts, and Valentine Treat bags are perfect for your quirky sweetheart

This roundup is a collection of some of our favorite crafts, Valentine’s home decor, and Valentine’s Day printable and gift ideas. This has a little bit of something for everyone in your family.

Our family usually just treats each other awesome all year round, so we mainly stick to making Valentine’s Day crafts on heart, or demolish some serious chocolate (Like I needed one more excuse to eat chocolate. EVERY DAY IS CHOCOLATE DAY!)

Check out our Valentine’s Day Romantic Gift Ideas here or

you might like our Roundup of Yummy Chocolate Valentine’s Day Desserts here!


Valentine Mailbox Ideas and Valentine Treat Boxes

Check out a super fun and simple way to make Homemade Valentine's Day Treat Boxes

  • Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes: These cute Valentine treat boxes are made with fun craft items you can find at your local craft store!
  • Dragon Valentine’s Mail Box: This super cute dragon Valentine’s mail box craft is awesome for your kid to have the most quirky Valentine mailbox on the block!
  • Unicorn Valentine Mailbox


  • Unicorn Valentine Box: Unicorns just make anyone happy. You can’t see a unicorn valentine box, and NOT thing OMG this is AMAZEBALLS!

Cute Shark mailbox for Valentine's day. Such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day in the classroom.

  • Shark Valentine Box: Baby shark, do, do, do, do da do… (Now you have that song in your head, you’re welcome). This shark valentine box is gonna swim it’s way into your kid’s heart.
  • Cute Cat Valentine Box: If I were a kid, this cat Valentine box would rock my socks.

If you are looking for Valentine Mailbox Ideas and Valentine's Crafts this awesome Star Wars R2D2 Valentine Mailbox is just the start.

  • Star Wars Valentine Mailbox R2D2: This glorious R2D2 Valentine Box makes this gal’s geeky heart skip a beat!


Valentine Bags, Valentine Goodie Bags, and Valentine Treat Bags

Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

A great collection of 20 Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers

Check out these cute Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids


Owl you need is love with this Owl Valentine printable. Click for more!

  • Owl You Need is Love: This Owl Valentine is just too much cute in one spot! Heck, I want to make myself this Owl Valentine Treat Bag!
  • Star Wars Valentine Treat Bags: The force is strong with this Valentine. Snag your printable Star Wars treat bags here.
  • I “Dove” You Treat Bags: Nothing is better than cheesy, quirky sweetheart love. Ok, maybe chocolate treat bags are better.
  • Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes: Feeling crafting? You’ll be rocking your craft with these cute Valentine’s Day treat boxes.
  • Sweetheart Valentine’s Heart Pops: These sweetheart pops are too cute! Made with candy canes, white chocolate and sprinkles.

Owl Love you very much if you give me this adorable Owl Valentine's Day crafts

  • Valentine’s Owl Ornament: A cute foam Owl Valentine craft to make that you could hang too!
  • Beaded Heart Mobile: Pipe cleaner and pony beads are the cool thing for crafts! That’s what makes this super cute Valentine mobile.
  • Valentine’s Gifts for Pets: Don’t forget your fur babies! These Valentine’s for pets are just TOO much!

Valentine’s Home Decor

Cute Valentine Home Decor crafts to brighten up your home.

  • Valentine’s Day Heart Frame Picture Crafts: Another craft for thrifters! Grab a cheap frame, and follow this fun tutorial to make this Valentine’s Day Home decor piece!
  • Valentine’s Day Upcycled Photo Frame: If you love thrift shopping, and upcycling you are going to want to check out this upcycled photo frame!
  • Valentine’s Heart Lantern: A gorgeous Valentine’s day home decor craft using a mason jar, some imagination and of course glitter!

Valentine Banner Ideas and Valentine Garland Ideas

This Valentine Banner is the cutest to get your house in the Valentine's Spirit. This post has tons of more Valentine's Home Decor ideas!

This glitter heart garland makes me all giggly. It's too cute. Check it out, plus other Valentine's home decor idea and Valentine's crafts here

Heart Banner with Glitter: Glitter makes EVERYTHING better (ignore the fact my husband calls them craft herpes, he’s talking nonsense). Look how adorable this heart banner with glitter is!

Love Burlap Garland: Valentine’s Day garlands don’t all have to be pink, red, and glittered. Love the rustic look of this “love” valentine garland in burlap.

I Love You Photo Banner: Ok, you know I’m all about the quirky finds and things. What’s more quirky that saying I love you sharing your favorite memories on a banner. This is such a unique Valentine’s day decoration. It’s a way to make your home decor 100% you (which means 100% awesomesauce).

“You Rock” Heart Valentine’s Day Garland: These fun printable Valentine day garland hearts are too cool. They have funky sayings like “You Rock” and “Crazy 4 You.” Check it out!


Love these Valentine’s Day crafts? Make sure to follow Quirky Inspired on Pinterest to see more amazing crafts and inspirational ideas!

These Valentine Mailbox Ideas, Valentine Crafts, and Valentine Treat bags are perfect for your quirky sweetheart

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Cut the Rope Valentine Box Levels 1-25 (3 Stars)


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