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O Antiphon Cards

For the seven days just before Christmas the Divine Office (daily prayer book of the Church) resounds with joyful praise known as the ‘O’ Antiphons.

For those of us who somehow manage to get almost to the end of Advent without having done any of the spiritual preparation we had planned – here’s a way to make the last week ‘O’ so sweet.

Cut out and keep these cards so that you can recite them in the days leading up to Christmas.

Download Here

This activity featured in the December 2015 edition of the CathFamily e-Magazine.


The O Antiphon Decoded

Older children may find intriguing the fact that there is a code in the Church’s ‘O’ Antiphons, the short phrases said during Evening Prayer of the Church in the last week before Christmas.


Based on the prophecies of Isaiah, each antiphon is a name given to Christ
17: O Sapientia = Oh Wisdom
18: O Adonai = Oh Lord of Ancient Israel
19: O Radix Jesse = Oh Flower of Jesse
20: O Clavis David = Oh Key of David
21: O Oriens = Oh Radient Dawn
22: O Rex Gentium = Oh King of all Peoples
23: O Emmanuel = Oh God with Us



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    Printable O Antiphon Ornaments


    These Printable O Antiphon Ornament coloring pages will simplify incorporating the “O Antiphons” into your family’s Advent traditions.  Just download, print and color a different Antiphon ornament each day.  Hang them on a bare limb bouquet, a garland, or a tree as you sing the O Antiphon for the day!

    The O Antiphons is an old tradition of reciting the seven various names of Jesus during the last seven days of Advent (December 17th-23rd). The seven verses of the hymn “O Come Emmanuel” is a reciting of these Antiphons.

    In this set of ornaments you will find four different variations: image only, with English text, with Latin text, and with Latin and English text. Just choose the set you like best!

    Included with your Printable O Antiphon Ornaments:

    • 1 pdf with 4 different variations on the Printable O Antiphon Ornaments
    • 1 pdf Simple Guide to the O Antiphon tradition
    • (Note:  this is a digital download.  No physical product will be shipped to you.)

    The 7 O Antiphons are:

    • December 17th, O Sapientia, O Wisdom
    • December 18th, O Adonai, O Lord
    • December 19th, O Radix Jesse, O Root of Jesse
    • December 20th, O Clavis David, O Key of David
    • December 21st, O Oriens, O Dayspring
    • December 22nd, O Rex Gentium, O King of the Nations
    • December 23rd, O Emmanuel,O God with Us
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    The O Antiphons start this Thursday!  If you’re a new Catholic, or even a seasoned Catholic but have never celebrated the O Antiphons then now is the time to start and I’ve made it easy with these O Antiphon Free Printables.

    O Antiphons Free Printables

    The O Antiphons are the last seven days of Advent as we get close to the joyful coming of our Savior Jesus Christ’s birth on Christmas day.  It’s a little like Advent in overdrive.  While we spend most of Advent in prayer and reflection in preparation for Christmas, The O Antiphons time is when we step it up a little and add some prayers and song.  Why are they called “O Antiphons”?  Because, each day starts with an “O.” Easy right?

    Download the O Antiphons Free Printable Prayers and song lyrics

    For the best results, please click and save to your computer before printing.

    The first day, December 17th, is O Wisdom; next come O Lord and Ruler; next is O Root of Jesse’s stem, and so on.  Each day has a special prayer that goes with it, and you focus and reflect on a different aspect of our Savior’s sovereignty.  The minibook printable has all the prayers in it, and you can see instructions for folding it into a minibook here.  (It’s easy- a few folds, a snip with some scissors and ta-da! a little book of prayers)  I’ve also made a printable Magnificat, and O Come, O come Emmanuel.  You can post them on the wall, door, or just hand them out when you are ready to pray the O Antiphons.  

    The O Antiphon prayers are a translation from the original Latin versions.  I use for these, and you can see that article here.

    However you celebrate the O Antiphons, I hope these printables make it easier, and more fun!

    Also you probably have already seen the Jesse Tree Ornaments e-book I came out with this year (which we are loving).  If you bought the e-book, you’ll notice that the last week of ornaments all align with the O Antiphons. You could even set them on your Advent wreath at dinner for each day of the O Antiphons, or make extra for your Christmas tree.

    O Antiphons 3-D Printable Ornaments

    If you missed your chance in making all the Jesse Tree Ornaments, don’t worry!  You don’t have to buy the whole pack just to get the last week of O Antiphon ornaments.  I’ve created a little O Antiphon pack with just the ornaments from the last week in it (plus the free printables offered above). 

    It’s just $3, and has everything you need to incorporate the O Antiphons into your own family’s Advent traditions.  The ornaments are a great activity for your littlest ones to color these while your family prays and sings.  I’ve always found that coloring can keep a little active ones nearby during family prayer time!  To purchase your O Antiphons pack, click here to see the O Antiphons 3-D Printable product in my shop.

    No matter how you celebrate the O Antiphons, I pray that you all have a wonderful and playful Advent. 


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    🎵 The Great Advent 'O' Antiphons - Plainsong with accompaniment

    We all know the song O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  Standby favorite for the season of Advent- but did you know there is a lot more to it than that?  There are actually seven verses...that you may or may not get through when you are singing at church...and each of those verses specifically calls on a title of Christ that fulfilled prophecy from the Old Testament.

    The song comes from the O Antiphons that are prayed by the whole Church during the seven days preceding Christmas Eve.  These O Antiphons start on December 17th with O Wisdom and end on December 23rd with O Emmanuel.

    This year our school Christmas program is organized around the O Antiphons and the prophecy that pointed to who Christ would be.  In conjunction with what the music teacher is doing, I developed these printables to use with my students to help them prepare and pray during these last days of Advent.

    I created a mini book with the seven O Antiphons.  Each page has the title of Christ, a symbol, the text of the Scripture, the date, and a reference for Isaiah and one of the Gospels.  Each student received one of these books and we walked through a Bible Study of the prophecy and fulfillment.  Then they picked their favorite and got a full sized coloring page to color and hang up with our other Advent decorations.

    The mini book can also be printed, cut out, and used as ornaments:

    Click here for the mini book/ornaments:
    (Mini book- print two sided, cut horizontally, layer, fold vertically, staple.)
    (Ornaments- print single sided, cut out circles, leave a small extra piece at the top, punch hole, attach string and hang.)

    Click here for the full sized 8 page coloring book:

    Or, if you'd like a tiny set of the O Antiphons to put on your calendar/planner or in the margins of your Bible, or on little wood slices to make ornaments, here is a set that is only 2" in diameter:

    And even though I have *lots* of versions of O Come, O Come Emmanuel in my itunes library, this is one of my favorites:


    O antiphons printable

    Singing or reading the Great “O” Antiphons in the week leading up to Christmas has become a lovely tradition of my own that I try to observe during Advent.  This year, I plan to print these images that I painting last year, and make them into ornaments with my kids.  I share them here in case you would like to do the same.

    As part of our Advent devotions, we will likely cut these out, and someone will write the accompanying verse and plea on the back.  Then we will hang it on our tree, alongside the Jesus Tree ornaments we have read.  Simple, short, but a way to continue to look forward to our Savior’s arrival.  And if in the madness of life we don’t do it this year, we will try again next year.

    The Great O Antiphons Ornaments

    Like this:


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