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Howdy all! We’re back with another tool to make your life easier, this time – in the kitchen! Behold the Potato Express, a fancy oven mitt designed to zap your potatoes with radiation in 4 minutes or less. Oh boy!

ThePotato Express is here to save you time and prep work while cooking delicious, potato-ey meals.

The claims:

  • Perfect Potatoes in just 4 minutes
  • Cooks any type of potato
  • Cooks up to 4 potatoes at a time
  • Washable and reusable
  • Cooks potatoes by creating a “steam pocket”
  • Can also cook corn on the cob, day-old bread, tortillas and “more”

Gag Gift Rating: 2/10

Functionality Rating: 9/10

I.R. Rating: 9/10


This isn’t something I’d expect to be a big hit as a gag gift, since it actually serves a legitimate purpose, and that purpose isn’t exactly funny (as opposed to the Toilet Night Light, for example.) But it’s a nifty device, indeed!

The Potato Express arrives in a cardboard sleeve, which was in a large plastic bag to keep it protected. Once unwrapped, you will find yourself holding a soft pouch with a canvas-like material. On the front of the Potato Express are printed instructions and cook times. It also comes with an instruction guide, and inside of this guide you will find several “gourmet” potato recipes.

To get started, the instructions are pretty dang simple: get potato, wash potato, place potato in pouch, put pouch in microwave, and let the radiation begin.

I used one large russet potato, because, well…despite my love for spuds, I didn’t need four of them. Plus, the Potato Express claims it can cook “up to” four potatoes, and has cook times listed for one potato, indicating that it should be able to cook just one perfectly, right?

So the one thing you will need to somewhat be aware of is your microwave’s wattage – HOWEVER, I found that I needed to cook my potato longer than the listed time, which it does say is possible (see “Note” section in the instructions above.)

Also, I soon realized that my microwave is a bit on the smaller side so the turntable would not spin without the Potato Express hitting the side of the wall. Talk about a FIRE HAZARD!!! I do not recommend this to anyone with a small microwave. So, I had to whip out my slightly less reliable (yet larger microwave that I’m too lazy to sell or get rid of) which does not have a turntable. If you do not have a turntable (AND YOUR MICROWAVE IS OF COMPATIBLE SIZE,) you can pause cook time in between and flip the Potato Express.

I had to microwave my potato for a total of 8 minutes in a 700 watt microwave, flipping the Potato Express a total of 3 times: once halfway between the first 3 minutes, another flip during the next 3 minutes, and finally one more flip between the last 2 minutes. I tested the softness of the potato with a fork in between each 3 minute interval, until it was perfect after those last 2 minutes.

The Potato Express pouch was warm on the outside, but not scalding hot; although I’d recommend grabbing it by the corner when removing, and CAREFULLY opening the pouch (hot steam will rapidly fly out of it!) In other words, don’t put your face directly in front of the opening.

And out came a perfectly cooked potato! It did take longer than their 4 minute claim, but since they did mention that the size of the potato can affect the cook times, I can’t hold that against them. All in all, this is a super nifty, convenient little device! It definitely beats boiling water or preheating an oven, and then waiting 30 minutes. This cuts the preparation time way down, there’s virtually no mess, it’s not too hot to the touch, and the pouch is easy to clean. This is excellent for making mashed potatoes – no boiling water, no draining said boiling water, and the potatoes are ready in minutes.

The Cons…

Like with most things, the Potato Express isn’t perfect. The instructed cook times are not exact, so you will have to keep an eye on your microwave and test the potatoes mid-cook until you get a feel for a what size potatoes require which cook time, etc.

ALSO- the images on the packaging display a potato with crispy, shiny skin. That’s not going to happen with a potato microwaver, at least not in my kitchen. Only a well-oiled potato in an oven is going to yield that delicious crispy skin – not a pouch which is essentially a potato steamer. But, as long as you keep this in mind, the Potato Express is an awesome tool to speed up your prep & cook time or satisfy your baked potato craving in the fastest, least messy way possible.

On that note, pro-tip: slice your very slightly cooled potato into squares, throw them into a piping hot pan for a few minutes with some oil, salt, and pepper, and crisp up the outsides. Perfect breakfast potatoes in under 8 minutes!

I’m a big fan! Overall, the Potato Express gets a 9/10 – no, it’s not perfect, but for what it is and what it claims, it’s pretty close. Give it a try if you dread cooking potatoes as much as I do! (please, use proper microwave-safe practices.)

Thanks for reading, let us know what you’d like to see reviewed next!

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Perfectly peeled, in 10 seconds. It's like having a super-speed prep cook in the kitchen with you. (Photo: Amazon)

This is a summer of celebration—of outdoor gatherings with good friends, big bowls of easy summer food, and plenty of fresh air. Potato salad is definitely on the menu, whether you like the mayo-based classic or a spicy twist with mustard vinaigrette. 

Traditionally, potato salad is a labor of love, calling for endless scrubbing and peeling—which can be extra strenuous if you suffer from tightness, stiffness or pain in your hands. But no longer. This genius gadget (and TikTok sensation) takes on the demanding work, doing the peeling for you, in seconds. The Starfrit Electric Rotato Express is a summer-changer and, later on, a huge holiday helper. It's a year-round win.

With more than 899K likes and counting, this video by TikToker @jenn_aayyy shows the Rotato Express in action (it's actually supercool and hypnotic).

The Rotato Express can be found on Amazon and normally sells for $25—but right now is on sale for for just $22. A total steal. For that shockingly low price, you also get:

-a thumb knife for easy paring

-a non-slip base for secure placement

-two extra blades

-an electric adapter

And it couldn't be easier to use. Simply center the food on the bottom holder and lower the upper handle so its spike grasps the food. Rest the cutter arm on the spud, and press the red button. The skin peels off in one continuous curl, and the machine stops when it reaches the bottom—in less than 10 seconds! 

It isn't just your potato-cooking that'll be rocked: the Starfrit works on other fruits and veggies too. If peeling is the chore your hands hate most, the Rotato Express will get a lot of action in your kitchen. You can use it to skin cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant for summer grilling; peeling peaches, apples and lemons for pies; and prep all sorts of healthy produce for juicing and snacking.

Above is an hour's worth of peeling accomplished in a couple of minutes. Fruit salad and grilled veggies are now officially effortless. (Photo: Amazon)

The Rotato Express boasts a 4.4 star rating and more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon.

"This is probably the greatest gadget in my kitchen at the moment," says one very happy reviewer. "I married a potato fiend. Seriously, this guy can demolish a plate of mashed like nobody’s business. It’s bad enough that I have to peel five pounds of taters just for him on the reg, and when we have company? Ugh.... But this makes peeling potatoes fun! If I ever get drafted into the army, you can be sure this little gem will be coming with me. Highly recommend."

"Love it! It's light and easy to use," said another, who noted how the Rotato Express also keeps wasted food to a minimum. "I was always peeling too much potato along with the peel. This blade is fine and gets only the skin, in seconds.... It's easy to clean if you have a sprayer to rinse off the spikes where you insert your potatoes. Small enough and doesn't take up much room."

Add this spud-taculer potato peeler to your Amazon cart while it's on sale!

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BAKING POTATOES HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY - Get perfect oven baked potatoes in just minutes with these bags. Slip the potatoes into the bags and place them in the microwave. In 4 minutes you can have fully cooked potatoes. Cut them open, add your favorite baked potato toppings, and enjoy. REQUIRES ZERO EFFORT - With these potato bags, baking potatoes requires zero effort. In just 4 minutes, potatoes can be removed from the microwave and are much likely soft in the center which means they are fully cooked. MAKES PERFECT OVEN BAKED POTATOES - Expect your potatoes to have just the right amount of moisture - not too soggy and not too dry; they will have a tender skin and delicious fluffy inside every time. Plus, these potato bags work on any type of potatoes, sweet, red, yam, white, and more. Measure approximately 10x8 inches. They will hold 1-4 medium sized potatoes. Each bag is made of 100% polyester fiber cloth. These bags will save you time and they are energy efficient. They are machine washable and reusable.

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