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What happened in Power‘s packed Season 3 finale? The question should be: What didn’t?

Fire up the Notes app on your phone, because you’re going to want to keep track of everything that went down during the hour, titled “In My Best Interest.” Greg realized Mike Sandoval was the mole that helped Lobos — and when Mike figured out that he’d been made, he shot and killed Greg. Though Ghost had nothing to do with the murder, he had broken into Greg’s apartment earlier that evening… so his fingerprints were all over the place when Angela, on a hunch that her ex had been up to some very bad stuff, secretly dusted the place for evidence.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Ghost put a plan into motion to corner Milan. It worked, and they shot him dead (that Big Bad was quite brief, no?), but Tommy later revealed to Dre that he planned to continue selling the designer drugs in Ghost’s clubs — and that Ghost didn’t need to know about it. The night was going very well… until Angela, armed with the knowledge that the prints she found at Greg’s belonged to one James St. Patrick, arrested her former lover right on the dance floor of his very own nightclub.

To complicate matters, Jukebox arrived in New York and was working with Kanan. They drugged Tariq and sent a photo to Tasha, who freaked out when she realized that Kanan was holding her son hostage.

Read on as showrunner Courtney Kemp talks Ghost’s predicament, Angela’s decision and Greg’s death — as well as what Season 4 will look like when the series returns next year.

TVLINE|Ghost and Tommy: Was there any point this season where you were thinking, “Let’s completely blow this up. Let’s have them end this season as complete mortal enemies?”
Well, last year I wanted to give myself no rope. What I mean by that is, I wanted to do everything the show had promised from the beginning, and in that sense I wanted to kind of rid myself of the “What do I owe the audience?”

If you don’t [make Ghost and Tommy enemies], then you put the audience in a place where, “Oh, I don’t know what’s going to happen. This makes me uncomfortable because it’s the reverse of what it used to be.” It used to be Ghost was on top, very clearly, and Tommy was Number 2, and then we brought them to this place where Tommy can never really go back to who he was to Ghost. He can never do that. Ghost has done too many horrible things to him, and Ghost has also used Tommy to get rid of Milan, knowing that Tommy would drive them to that place and make it happen, knowing that he needed Tommy to be on board in order to do it and get away with it. Ghost has also used him, so in fact they’re using each other, and that’s why it becomes a symbiotic relationship and that’s how we can move forward.

I do think that it’s on some level, even though there’s obviously a love triangle of Ghost and Angela and Tasha, there’s also a romance in the show between Ghost and Tommy. It’s not a sexual romance, but it’s a platonic romance that really is about a brotherhood. So I don’t know that you can really separate them, because even when you separate them, their lives are still about each other.

TVLINE|That scene where Tommy warns Ghost that he’d better choose him, because Tommy had chosen Ghost over Holly? It was intimate.
It’s really interesting that Joe [Sikora] and Omari [Hardwick] have that connection, right? So, some of that is on screen. You see that. The two of them are very connected, so that’s when you get that relationship on screen, as well.

TVLINE|When we spoke when you were shooting this season, you mentioned that Season 3 was all about moving characters into position for Season 4. Now that you have the luxury of a two-season pickup, talk to me about what next season will look like.
One of the things I’d like to say is: It’s fearless television. One of the things that we could have done with the series is never have Ghost be arrested until the last scene of the series, right? That’s a version. We chose not to. We chose to be fearless and go right at it.

So, we’re going to go right at [the fact that] Ghost was arrested by Angela. We’re going to right at [the development that] Tommy’s the connect now, and we’re going to right at Tasha having made certain choices having to do with LaKeisha and her own ambitions now being stuck in this role of, “Uh-oh, my husband was arrested, my kids are affected, what do I do?”

TVLINE|Mike Sandoval crossed a gigantic line in the episode. Is he still around next season? Or will he try to flee?
He’s definitely in next season, there’s no question. The issue is that he’s on the prosecution team for a crime that he committed, [Laughs] so we’ll see him behaving in ways to make sure that Ghost is convicted of the crime. Will he be successful? I don’t know. That’s important to say.

Power Recap Season 3 Finale Greg DeadTVLINE|Lela Loren has said that Angela is really good at not seeing what she doesn’t want to see, yet we watch her nurse a suspicion and follow through on it during the finale. Was Greg’s death the tipping point for her?
It’s two reasons, one which is more charitable and one which is less charitable. The more charitable one is that Greg, for all of his craziness and intensity, is actually a good guy. But it snapped Angela back into her sense of right and wrong. Now, we wanted to keep her consistent, which is that she always breaks the rules in pursuit of a good end. She’s an end-justifies-the-means kind of person, which is why she and Jamie belong together. Right? It’s always the end justifies the means, no matter what.

[But] this is really wrong, you know… He’s an innocent as far as she’s concerned, and so it snaps her back into the Angela we met in the first season… She puts the white hat back on, but she breaks into Greg’s apartment and she finds the fingerprints. She does all that s–t because that’s her. That’s the charitable version.

The less charitable version, the one that’s closer to my heart, is that she feels responsible. She feels responsible, and like many of us when we feel guilty about something she springs into action.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate upon your choice!

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Just when Ghost thought he was out…

Power‘s Season 3 premiere finds the drug kingpin-turned-nightclub owner in the process of trying to go legit — but all the tailored suits and law enforcement girlfriends in the world can’t cover the fact that no matter how much James St. Patrick wants to be on the up-and-up, his Ghost persona runs (and rolls) deep.

So the hour finds James continually looking over his shoulder — after all, that araña card didn’t just leave itself — and fielding angry/confused/hurt inquiries from the people who used to look to him to lead. Read on for a recap of “Call Me James.”

FRESH START | We open on Ghost — er, James, as he makes pretty much everyone call him during the hour — and Angela during a very successful night at Truth. They’re super lovey-dovey and he seems to revel in his role as the club’s new owner, but he’s still sporting bruises from his fight with Kanan, and Angela has made sure to pack a little firepower in her clutch.

That’s probably a good thing, given that Tommy is skulking about outside the venue, if for no other reason than to give his estranged bestie the stinkeye. Perhaps in response to that (or maybe just because it’s good sense), Ghost ups the security measures in the building, a change he notes just before bending Angela over his desk at the end of the evening. Still, as he makes clear to an employee who’s yearning for the big, quick money the drug trade provided, “The club is the new hustle.”

Later, Angie mentions that she’s contemplating a move to a new department — though she doesn’t mention anything about Greg gunning for her — and casually drops that she’s ready to meet Jamie’s kids whenever he’s ready for that to happen. And he seems into the idea, too.

MEET THE NEW BOSS | Meanwhile, Tommy is getting out the word that he’s the new boss, a position Holly is all too happy to support. Tommy is also one of the very few people who know that Lobos didn’t die in the mass hit; the Feds choose to use that assumption to help them as they move forward with a John Doe prosecution of the drug lord. Things to know: Sandoval is totally in Lobos’ pocket, and the fact that the Lobos prosecution is happening means that Angela is stuck in her current department — a development that doesn’t make any of her distrusting co-workers happy.

Lobos also warns Tommy that if he doesn’t kill Ghost, he won’t gain access to the drugs… and Holly and their pooch are in serious danger. But when Tommy gets a little big for his britches while threatening some two-bit dealers, Julio (who witnesses the whole thing, hightails it to Truth to ask Ghost what the heck is going on. And Angela sees. And Angela does not like what she sees.

When she later confronts James about his visitor, he tells her the truth: “He came to the club because he didn’t believe I was out.” She believes him, then shares a little intel of her own: Lobos is alive and thinks the Jimenez ordered the attacks. “You’re safe. It’s all over. I guess Ghost really is dead,” she says. Oh honey. I want a little of whatever you’re smoking, because later we see James pick up the phone and dial a certain pasty hothead: “We need to talk, man,” he says to Tommy. “It’s Ghost.”

THE BODY COUNT RISES | By the end of the episode, Tommy’s dog is dead (a Lobos warning, right?), James tells Tasha he didn’t kill Sean but he did off Kanan, and the woman who delivered the bloody card to Ghost is roadkill, as well. And there are more “major” deaths to come!

What did you think of Power‘s Season 3 premiere? Grade the episode via the poll below, then elaborate on your pick in the comments.

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Power Season Premiere Recap: The Thick of It


Call Me James

Season 3 Episode 1

Editor’s Rating 3 stars ***

Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick. Photo: Jessica Miglio/Starz Entertainment, LLC

To quote Blazing Saddles, what’s happenin’ in the clean world?

After plowing through a season of shit (in the hopes of coming out smelling like a rose), Power’s charged season opener finds James St. Patrick, a.k.a. the drug dealer formerly known as Ghost, trying his damnedest to keep himself and his business on the legal side. It’s his absolute goal: The premiere is itself titled “Call Me James,” and he makes that request several times during the hour.

Both James and Angela want to make a fresh start at a normal relationship, now that they’re no longer sneaking around and having hellacious nooners. Of course, it’s not going to be easy for either of them. Angela tries to get assigned to another department, but shifty-ass Sandoval keeps her on the Lobos task force. And even though James passed the drug-kingpin torch to a resentful Tommy (a.k.a. Eminem Lite), who rules the streets with a wink and a ready uppercut, Ghost’s smooth touch is sorely missed. Even Julio visits Torch to plead with James to get back in the game, after Tommy duct-tapes a couple of corner boys in bubble wrap and throws them off a roof. Julio also reveals that Lobos is still alive, recuperating from the failed prison hit James secretly put out on him.

As much as James wants to be on the straight and narrow, dude is obviously worried his old enemies might be on the attack. First, he investigates that bloody lotería card by going to the apartment of the Truth waitress he caught on camera leaving it there. But even though he finds a sly way to get past security in his apartment — cigarettes in desk guy’s pocket + shift-time list = smoke break! — someone has already painted the walls with her blood. After that, he’s on high alert, going so far as to tell new apprentice Dre to stay strapped.

As always, James has other things to worry about, like breaking the news to his kids that he and Tasha are living separate lives. They let their kids know what’s up during a rather somber dinner, where they also cook up a story about Shawn getting clipped by some thug in his old neighborhood. And even though we know Kanan killed Shawn, Tasha has a hard time believing it when James tells her.

Tasha tries to get Tommy to tell her the truth, but in an uncharacteristic move, he gives her the cold shoulder. Apparently, he’s doing everything he can to give off the cold-blooded kingpin vibe, despite doing the one thing that will officially make that true: Kill James. As Lobos once again makes clear, he needs to kill James if he wants to continue receiving his product, not to mention keep himself and his girl, Holly, alive. And, just as a reminder that time’s a-wasting, Lobos orders a hit on their dog.

Yes, Lobos is in a foul mood — he’s still in jail and the government has frozen his assets. It’s a good thing he has Sandoval in his back pocket. (Though the dude does everything short of darting his eyes back and forth to show how suspicious he is these days.) Although his lawyer tried to get everything dismissed on the grounds that he was attacked in the government’s care, both Angela and Saxe convince the judge to let everyone believe Lobos is dead so they can continue the case under a John Doe prosecution.

Despite that brief moment of solidarity, Saxe later tells Angela he’ll report her if she makes another mistake. You can hardly blame him for bringing down the hammer; as Darryl tells her, she’s given herself a “radioactive” rep. Also, Saxe has shown support for Agent Knox — who is now on the warpath, ready to take down both James and Angela — ever since she accused him of harassment and got him suspended. He tries to get information out of Kantos at Truth, first trying to entrap him by giving him cash in exchange for one of the waitresses (another reminder of his sordid past, which we’re still not clear on), then asking him outright what he knows about James and Tommy. But Kantos remains a soldier, not giving up anything. He later tries to hip James of Knox, but James gave him a public heave-ho in front of the Truth crew. Guess James is still sore about about that shit with Stern from last season.

It’s safe to say that Kantos will soon be on the list of people gunning for James, which means he’ll eventually have to resurrect Ghost. After all, the episode ends with him making a phone call to Tommy, referring to himself with his old nickname. So, get ready. James is gonna dirty his dying-to-be-clean ass up!

Stray Thoughts

  • The first James/Angela sex scene is a heated one (aren’t they always?), as a pantiesless Angela sweeps all that junk off his desk so they can get right to business.
  • Now that he’s wheelchair-bound, Lobos has became a pathetically hilarious villain. Look at the way he first threatens to stab Sandoval’s crotch with that tiny shiv, only to pitifully hand it over after Sandoval tells him what’s happening.
  • Damn, the actor who plays Tariq certainly had a growth spurt during the hiatus. He practically towers over Tasha now.
  • In an insane bit of casting, comedian Jim Norton plays one of Tommy’s new primeras: a priest.
  • Is Joseph Sikora trying to be the Brad Pitt of this show? Tommy really stuffs his face in that montage while recruiting new primeras.
  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is finally listed as a cast member. I guess this means we’ll see Kanan’s burnt-up ass at some point.
  • Did that dog ever have a name?
Power Season Premiere Recap: The Thick of ItSours: https://www.vulture.com/2016/07/power-recap-season-3-episode-1.html
Peaky Blinders Season 3 Recap - Hindi
Spoilers Ahead

“Power” latest season was nothing short of explosive.

The series is about two drug dealers from New York who hustle their way from the streets to a penthouse.

Season three begins with Ghost and his loyal partner Egan involved in major drug operations. The season was full of numerous crazy moments.

One of the craziest moments of the season happened in the episode “Called me James.” Lobos, who is a drug kingpin, threatens to kill Egan and his girlfriend if he fails to kill his ex-business partner, Ghost.

Another crazy moment in the same episode is when it is revealed that Kanan is still alive. He was assumed dead after a supposed fight to the death with Ghost.

In addition, Ghost has now separated from his wife Tasha, and is trying to live comfortably with Angela Valdez.

Valdez is also a U.S district attorney, who has forgiven Ghost for his past as long as he lives his life in the straight and narrow.

In the episode “Don’t Worry Baby,” Egan is going to collect the money from Church, who has been pushing his drugs.

As Egan does so, the Korean mafia does a drive by, and tries to kill Egan.

However, Ghost is able to intercept them in time and manages to prevent the Korean mafia from taking Tommy’s life.

In the fifth episode of “Power,” Egan gets into a heated argument with his girlfriend Holly.

They were arguing because Egan found out Holly gave money to the Jamaicans to do a hit on Ghost.

Egan tells Holly to leave, but she insisted she did it to protect Egan from being killed by Lobos.  

When Holly refused to leave Egan, he chokes hear to death, unaware of Holly’s pregnancy.

“Right direction” is by far my favorite episode from the season.

While depressed over Holly’s death, Egan and Ghost come up with a plan to eliminate Lobos.

Egan intercepts the armed security truck transporting Lobos to New York to the FBI in Washington D.C.

On the highway while truck is en-route, Egan, who is wearing a ski mask, throws spikes on the ground which overturns the truck.

Egan and Ghost kill Lobos’ henchmen, and walk Lobos into the woods, only for Lobos to outwit them with his charm and escape.

Egan and Ghost go on a man-hunt until they track him down, eventually catching him.

Ghost kills Lobos, ignoring Egan’s warning on dumping the body in the river.

In the sequence before Lobos dies, he gives wise advice to Ghost saying, “God doesn’t take men like us peacefully while we sleep.”

The final episode of season three left me speechless. Greg Knox plays a big role, as the FBI agent on the task force who was formally hunting Lobos.

Knox identifies Mike Sandoval as Lobos’ mole. He discussed a plan with him and Mike to take down Valdez and Ghost. Mike ponders the idea, then kills Knox with a silencer.

Next, Egan and Ghost outwit the drug lord from Millan and have him put to death.

Egan then takes over the Millan cartel.

Lastly, Valdez shows up to Ghost’s night club to arrest him on suspicion of killing Knox.

The last scene of season concludes of Kanan sending ransom pictures to Tasha’s phone, which would be revealed to be a ransom for her son.

New season of “Power” will be arriving this year.

Sours: http://www.jjcblazer.com/?p=5942

3 recap season power

Power returned for Season 4 on Monday and if you didn't tune into the series on Starz Play, you've already got some serious catching up to do. The addictive American show starring 50 Cent left us on the edge of our seats last season but with so many other great programs to keep us going in between, we wouldn't be surprised if you'd forgotten where it left off.

Here are five things to spark your memory...

That cliffhanger

Everyone's favorite nightclub owner, Jamie St Patrick, aka Ghost, was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Angie's co-worker Greg after Angie turned him in. Where will his fate lie and which of his loyal sidekicks will be scrambling to fill the void he's leaving behind? Our money's on Dre, but only time will tell.

Will Tasha and Ghost get back together?

Tasha is known for looking the other way from her estranged-husband's escapades, and after Angie turned Ghost in, does it mean the pair could reunite?

Who else could be blamed for Greg's death?

It looks like Ghost could go down for his murder, but who else could be in the frame? There's no doubt the mystery could stretch all-season-long.

Will Kanan be the next top dog?

His character, Kanan, has had his sights set on knocking Ghost off the top spot ever since he set him up to go to jail. With Ghost now the one behind bars, this could be Kanan's time to shine.

Things aren't looking good for Tariq

In the final episodes of Season 3, Kanan approached Tariq, Ghost's son, with the intention of using him as a weapon against his father. Tariq ignored the warnings signs and got himself truly sucked in, culminating in his eventual kidnapping by Kanan. Will Tasha get him back safe and sound? With Ghost now in jail, that might not be easy.

Image Source: Starz Play

Sours: https://me.popsugar.com/celebrity/Power-Season-3-Recap-43681644
Power Season 3 Recap!!

Power Season-Finale Recap: Truth and Lies


In My Best Interest

Season 3 Episode 10

Editor’s Rating 2 stars **

Omari Hardwick as Ghost. Photo: Jessica Miglio/Starz Entertainment, LLC

It’s pretty funny that, after three seasons, the folks at Power finally decided to name an episode “In My Best Interest.” Hasn’t the show always been about people chasing their best interests? From Ghost all the way down to his sulking-ass son Tariq, everybody is looking out for No. 1. Power exists in a world where you gotta watch your back at all times, so keeping yourself out of harm’s way is usually the way to go.

That’s why it always strikes me as ridiculous when characters turn their backs on desperate, dangerous men. Shawn did it to his old man Kanan last season, and he was shot dead for it. In this episode, Knox does the same thing to Sandoval, who conveniently pulls out a gun (with a silencer!) after Knox says he’s going to take him in. First of all, why the hell would you do all of that IN YOUR APARTMENT?! Couldn’t your ass wait until you’re back in the office?

Guess so. Turns out Knox was so giddy to give Sandoval the good news about Tommy admitting to the Lobos murder on that button recorder (which also captured Tommy killing Ruiz), he somehow forgot about seeing Sandoval walk out of Hugo’s apartment. Seriously, Power? That plot point was awfully hard to believe, even if Knox’s head was swimming in shit after learning about Ruiz’s murder. How could he possibly forget such a crucial bit of information?

But hey, you gotta move the story forward. Knox had to die for getting too close to the truth, which means Sandoval had to clip him. If that doesn’t stretch plausibility enough for you, Ghost coincidentally sneaks into Knox’s place just before it all goes down. He creeps in through a back window — almost bumping into Angela, who briefly popped in to see if Knox was home — and he gets a little slippery on his way out, leaving fingerprints at the window. And yes: Despite a bunch of people surveying the crime scene after Knox’s death, Angela somehow finds those prints on her own.

Angie didn’t want to do it. She didn’t want to know if those fingerprints matched Jamie’s. But after a brief lunch meeting where Jamie says he’d do anything for her (and also tells her that Knox pulled him over), curiosity gets the best of her — and she gets her answer.

If it weren’t for the myriad of problems Ghost has to handle, I’m sure he would’ve found time on his schedule to cap Knox. But let’s be honest: He’s just too focused on getting away from Milan’s grip. Both men are ready to rub each other out during a big party at Truth, after James signs the deal with Karen Bassett. However, Ghost has the upper hand, getting Dre to call some boys from the block to make sure they all have guns pointed in the sides of Milan’s goons. Even Tasha has a gun on Milan’s chick, Tatiana. Once again, Ghost and Tommy work together to off a Big Bad, taking Milan back to his warehouse where they both plug holes in his face. It’s not as rosy as it seems, though. Ghost might think he’s free, but he doesn’t know that Tommy has the Serbs working for him and will continue selling drugs at Truth — whether Ghost likes it or not.

For a minute there, Ghost had the look of a man who could finally look ahead to the future, didn’t he? When he sees his beloved Angela walk back into Truth, he assumes everything is in its right place. (Isn’t it downright hilarious that Jamie still believes he and Angie are meant to be?) But then, ol’ girl slaps the cuffs on him for Knox’s murder. Once again, James St. Patrick is the unfortunate center of attention at his very own club, forced to do the perp walk with authorities by his side.

Dude doesn’t even know that his son has been kidnapped. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Kanan and Jukebox (where has she been?) decide to hold Tariq for ransom, believing that Ghost will pay up then they’ll take the money and off the kid anyway. They sent a photo of a sleeping Tariq with Kanan’s meaty arm around him to Tasha, who automatically knows what’s up. Unfortunately, that whole getting-arrested-and-publicly-humiliated thing means Ghost doesn’t know what’s happened yet.

All in all, “In My Best Interest” proves that Courtney Kemp and the Power writers will plow ahead even as they seem to make repetitive, wrongheaded decisions. Whether it was the Knox-Sandoval meeting or Ghost’s dreams getting crushed at the club, this finale reeked of been-there, done-that storytelling. It doesn’t even tie up the season’s loose ends as much as it blatantly creates new ones for the next. (And the next one after that, too.) To be fair, the show always aimed to stir up drama in every sense of the word. By piling a new, hot mess on top of the hot mess that surfaced this season, Power has done its job accordingly.

Final Thoughts:

  • I guess everyone knows Karen has eyes for Dre, as it was mentioned a couple of times how much she likes him. After seeing Dre hold Karen’s arm as Ghost was escorted by the Feds, it appears the feeling is mutual. I look forward to seeing how those two connect.
  • How many of you were psyched as I was to see Lee Tergesen (a.k.a. Beecher from Oz) briefly appear as Knox’s old mentor?
  • That scene with Knox pulling over Ghost is interesting. First, Knox gets all arrogant, pushing Ghost up against his car and threatening him about flipping. Then he goes into schmooze mode, practically giving Ghost reasons why he should flip. Then he gets downright spiteful, going deep in Ghost’s ear and telling him that Angela “let me in.” All the while, Ghost remains cucumber cool. It’s a noteworthy scene, as it shows Knox’s desperation in trying to get someone — anyone — to go down for these crimes.
  • The most unfortunate part about Knox’s murder? We’re gonna have to deal with David Fumero’s shifty-ass acting for another season.
  • Did anyone else expect Tommy to pop Ghost in the back after they killed Milan? It would’ve made sense considering how zero fucks Tommy has gotten. But we can’t have Power without Ghost.
  • Not only is Saxe the most worthless character on this show, he’s also become the most repugnant. Trying to push up on Angela after Knox’s murder was skeevy AF. But then again, what do you expect from a dude who eats a cheap-ass convenience-store burrito for lunch?
  • Jerry Ferrara briefly appeared to remind us he’s still on the show as Ghost’s lawyer. He takes a much-needed swipe at Ghost, telling him he should start up a group text so everyone could be aware of his fuck-ups.
  • No mention of LaKeisha’s whereabouts. What gives?
  • Lobos MUST be dead, right?
Power Season-Finale Recap: Truth and LiesSours: https://www.vulture.com/2016/09/power-recap-season-3-episode-10.html

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Power finale recap: Season 3, Episode 10

What goes around comes around, and tonight, karma came to collect with a vengeance for Ghost, Tasha, Angela, and Greg. Greg’s plan to use Ruiz to take down Ghost goes terribly wrong when he gets the call that Ruiz was found dead in an abandoned car. Greg arrives at the crime scene to identify the body, and quietly retrieves the wiretap he had given Ruiz to wear when he met with Milan the night before. Unbeknownst to Greg, Ghost is parked across the street, where he calls Angela with suspicions that she might have had a hand in Ruiz’s murder. Angela coldly reminds Ghost that protecting him is in her best interest — if he goes down, so does she.

Ghost meets with Joe Proctor to see how much exposure he and Tommy could face now that Ruiz is gone. Proctor warns him that if the wiretap is played in court and Ghost is implicated in Lobos’ murder, game over. Proctor tries to assure Ghost he will work to make the recording inadmissible if they go to trial, but Ghost doesn’t seem convinced.

Kanan continues his plan of vengeance against Ghost by further corrupting Tariq. He asks Tariq to do a drug drop for him and when Tariq hesitates, Kanan challenges his manhood, which of course Tariq falls for. When Tariq meets with Kanan’s client, it turns out he’s an undercover cop who arrests Tariq. When he’s placed in the back of the squad car, the cop and his partner try to scare Tariq into giving up the name of his connection. He adopts the “no snitching” front and remains silent, at which point Kanan opens the door and tells Tariq he passed.

NEXT: For Knox, it’s too little, too late

The “cops” are actually Jukebox and one of her minions. While Tariq celebrates this rite of passage by playing video games back at Kanan’s apartment, Jukebox comes up with a plan to hold Tariq captive and ask Ghost for a ransom.

Ever the control freak, Ghost decides to break into Greg’s apartment to find the wiretap recording, but Greg’s already listening to it with his mentor, Bailey Markham. They hear Tommy admit to killing Lobos and his last words to Ruiz when he stabbed him to death. Greg is ecstatic that he finally has evidence to take down both Angela and Ghost, but Markham reminds him the audio will be inadmissible in court. Greg is undeterred and decides to share the recording with Sandoval. Greg is giving Sandoval the rundown when the Mexican authorities give him a call, at which point he realizes Sandoval lied about his deal with Lobos and the Federales. Greg finally puts it together that Sandoval is the real leak in their department, but it’s too late — Sandoval pulls out his gun and shoots Greg.

The internal investigation wraps up quickly, thanks to Sandoval planting evidence in Greg’s apartment to make him look like the leak working with Lobos. Angela is devastated by Greg’s death; when she meets with Ghost later that morning, she becomes suspicious that he may have killed her ex-lover. She heads over to Greg’s apartment and notices the lock to the kitchen window has been tampered with. She lifts prints off the glass and runs the fingerprints through the NYPD database.

Ghost and Tommy put their plan in motion to take down Milan. ‘Dre and his crew neutralize Milan’s bodyguards in the club, while Tommy and Ghost escort Milan to the shipping dock. Milan laughs at their audacity and asks mockingly, “Is this it? This is your plan for revenge?” to which Tommy replies “Don’t take it personally.” Tommy and Ghost kill Milan.

Tasha comes home from the party and asks her daughter about Tariq’s whereabouts. She then receives a text — it’s a picture of Tariq and Kanan together with the message “If you want him back, you’re gonna have to pay.”

Sours: https://ew.com/recap/power-season-3-finale/

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