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Resident Evil Village's Twist Proves Jack Baker Was Lying

Capcom's revival of the Resident Evil series over the last few years has had plenty of ups and downs, but one major high for the latest remakes and new entries has been its enemies. The most recent title Resident Evil Village and its predecessor have worked to create nuanced villains that tug at the heartstrings as much as they act as imposing threats during Resident Evil's boss fights.

However, a twist from the end of Resident Evil Village adds a whole new layer into both games starring Ethan Winters and the enemies he has faced off against, especially the previous game's Jack Baker. Major Spoiler for Resident Evil Village ahead, diving into the ending of both that, Resident Evil 7, and the truth behind the megamycete mold.

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Ethan's Relationship with the Megamycete

It's revealed late in Resident Evil Village's runtime that Ethan Winters isn't actually the same person that was introduced at the beginning of the previous game. He was murdered by Jack Baker and revived by the mold, which is used to explain how Ethan is able to take so much physical abuse throughout the two games without dying. This also helps to explain how first aid meds work to not only repair damage, but also reconnect severed limbs and stop excessive bleeding caused by losing several fingers.

While this acts as a clever way to explain things like Ethan's clothes healing alongside his body, it also retools how players view both the protagonist and anyone else infected by the megamycete. This also builds a connection between Ethan and the villains that he fights, helping to explain how he has been able to kill giant monsters as an average guy with little combat training before Resident Evil 7. The reveal of Ethan's fate in Resident Evil Village gives a whole new meaning to the speech given by Jack Baker, the man who killed him in the first place.

Jack Baker's Speech in the Mold

Toward the end of Resident Evil 7, Jack Baker reaches out to Ethan while they are all connected in the megamycete mold, trying to explain what the bioweapon has done to his family. He reveals that the mold changes people and makes them do things they wouldn't normally do. This is meant to explain why Mia attacks Ethen even though they are supposedly married and in love, as well as absolve Jack and his family of their wrong doings by shifting the blame onto the mold.

However, there are certain things that are still unsettling about this conversation with Jack, specifically the way he frames his family as a perfect household in which tragedy struck and turned them into monsters. The parts that are strange start with Zoe, who objects to Jack's initial conclusion that they were really nice people before the megamycete. There's also the issue of Lucas Baker, who is dealt with in Resident Evil 7's Chris Redfield DLC, but Jack claims wouldn't have hurt a fly before being infected by the mold.

Lucas Before the Megamycete

As some lore hunters familiar with the backstories in Resident Evil 7 and 8 are aware, Lucas isn't the angel that Jack Baker makes him out to be in his final speech. In fact, the games that Lucas plays with Clancy in video tapes, and with Ethan in the present game, aren't the first ones he's made. Lucas is also somehow connected to Umbrella, having communicated with the series villains from before the infection reached the Baker household in the present day Resident Evil 7.

This all means that Jack is either completely unaware that his son regularly tortures and murders people on the property, or simply doesn't want to believe Lucas is capable of the things he does. Either way, the notes found about Lucas' killing games proves that he hadn't changed much between being a healthy human and being infected by the megamycetes. It's understandable that Jack might be in denial or in the dark about his son, but this shows he is wrong about the mold, or outright lying about what it really does.

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Ethan and Rose Both Born From the Mold

By the end of Resident Evil 8, players learn that both Ethan and Rose are creations of the megamycetes mold, with Rose having inherited special powers due to her parents' infections. This allows Ethan to recover from wounds as severe as having his hand completely severed by Lady Dimitrescu, and apparently gives Rose the ability to be split into four pieces and then made whole as if nothing happened. However, the one thing that the mold doesn't do is change personalities to make them walking murder machines, as Jack previously stated.

Ethan is able to not only fight against the other infected beings from throughout both games, he is still noble enough to try rescuing as many people as he can while the village is being torn apart by Resident Evil 8's Lycans. Then Ethan is able to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to put an end to the whole megamycetes infection and stop the mold spread once and for all. It's a touching moment in which Ethan does everything he can to make sure Rose survives, which couldn't have happen if everyone affected by the mold had become monsters like Jack implied.

Jack Baker's Lie and the Corruption of Power

The likely truth behind Jack Baker's speech is that he either must have been in denial, or he was intentionally lying to Ethan in order to cover for his family. Zoe understands that these interpretations of the facts in Resident Evil's new lore don't make sense and doesn't believe what Jack says, staying aloof from her father because she knows he is lying. In reality, the megamycetes turn people into the worst versions of themselves by offering them a type of power that they otherwise wouldn't be able to imagine.

This may be why Ethan is able to keep his head straight, even when every part of him down to his clothes are made of the megamycete mold. If Eveline was really able to control people through the mold, then she should have been able to control him as well. However, with Ethan managing to keep his humanity even while being a megamycete construct, it becomes clear that everyone from Jack Baker to Resident Evil 8's Miranda aren't corrupted by the mold. Instead, they were already corruptible, and only showed their true colors once the mold gave them the power to act beyond ordinary consequences.

Resident Evil 8 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Table of contents

Technically, you did escape the attic, so good job! In Resident Evil 7 biohazard's next location, the Main House, things happen fast and there’s a lot going on, so we’re going to break it into multiple sections.

When you come to, you’re having a nice meal with your new family. After the worst game of "here comes the airplane!" ever, the phone rings and it’s time for you to get out of there.

You’ve got a couple seconds to breathe before everything goes sideways again, so poke around some. You can explore the kitchen, the pantry and the living room without being harassed. Let’s start in the living room. Turn right from the dinner table and start walking toward the living room. Right before you go in, turn left and approach the back side of the kitchen cabinets to pick up a File — the receipt pinned there for a completely normal set of things to buy at a hardware store. Now you can continue into the living room.

The first important thing to notice is the clock against the wall on your left — there’s nothing you can do now (it’s missing its pendulum), but this is something we’ll be coming back to later. Continue around the room clockwise. There is some ammo in the table in the back right corner. If you crouch down right there and look behind the speaker, you’ll find a green herb. Check the newspaper on the coffee table for an article about the Sewer Gators’ disappearance.

Next, check out the kitchen. There are three disturbing notes on the refrigerator and some questionable foodstuffs inside. Turn around and pick up the green herb out of the trash. Go ahead an open the door from the kitchen to the hallway — you’re going to be using it in a few minutes and you don’t want it to slow you down.

Continue through to the pantry. There are only two things of note in here. Against the wall on your right, you’ll find a boot with the name Eveline written on it. The other, more important thing, is the locked hatch in the floor in the back left corner. This is your escape. You can’t open it yet, but this is where you’re going to be running in a second.

Now, it’s time to face Jack Baker. Go back to the dining room and open the doors into the hallway. Turn right and ignore the stairs down to the garage for now. Continue down the hall. At the end, on the left, you’ll find a locked door — you’ll be opening this in a minute. Follow the hallway around to the right. Before you make it very far down the hall, you’ll see Jack stumble into view. He’s carrying a shovel and that’s not a good thing. Things are going to happen fast now, so read ahead a little and try to prepare.

Jack is going to chase you, but he’s not fast. Your goal is to stay out of reach of his shovel and just outmaneuver him — you don’t have any weapons to fight back with anyway. To reiterate (because we tried several, increasingly frustrating times), there’s no fighting back here — you goal is simply to run away.

There are two things you can practice using here — sprinting by clicking the left thumbstick and rapidly turning around by pulling back on the left thumbstick and pressing circle/B.

Kite Jack back along the hallway, around the corner and past the door to the kitchen. Lead him all the way back to the dining room doors and put the table between you. Jack will destroy the table, giving you your window. Sprint past him to the right, into the kitchen and out through the (open) door into the hallway. Follow the hallway right.

You’re not going to get far before Jack Kool-Aid Man-s his way through the wall. Just kite him back toward the dining room again. There’s no table to distract him this time, so your goal is to wait until he’s in the hall between the kitchen and dining room doors, then sprint through the kitchen and into the pantry. Go through the convenient door he just created in the wall and turn right into the hallway. Follow the hall all the way to the end and pick up the Hatch Key from the table. There are other things to look at in the hallway down to your right, but let’s focus on the homicidal maniac wielding a shovel first.

Turn around and pause for a second. Jack is going to be taunting you, but if you keep a cool head, you can figure out where he is without him noticing you. This has suddenly become a stealth mission. Crouch and creep back toward the hole in the wall. If Jack sees you, focus on your dining room kiting loop again. If he doesn’t, wait until he leaves the pantry (or just moves out of sight) and, staying crouched, move quickly into the pantry and to the hatch in the floor. Unlock the hatch and drop inside.

If Jack does catch you, your goal remains the same — get away from him. Use the rooms and the hallways to get some distance and break line of sight. You might even be treated to a weird scene where Jack further reduces your original limb count. But don’t get (too) distracted. You need to grab the key and get to the hatch.

Under the floor, you’re safe for the moment so you can catch your breath. Start moving forward. Watch for the bottle of HeyBro laundry detergent(?). Stop next to it and turn left. There is a lawnmower against the far wall (which is a weird place to keep a lawnmower) with an antique coin on the deck. Continue along the path to its end.

You’ll climb up inside a laundry room — this room is behind the locked door you saw earlier in the hallway. Explore the room and grab anything not nailed down. You’ll find the Main House map on the tables in the middle. On the far side of the room from where you entered, open the filing cabinet to find some chem fluid and another green herb — these items can be combined in your inventory to create a first aid med. Next, head to the shelves immediately right of the door. There’s a box to pick up and examine. Rotate it around until you can interact with the latch and open it to pick up a lock pick.

Now, turn your attention to the large green create behind the tables. This is your Item Box — it’s a storage locker and gift center all in one. Pre-order bonuses and the Dirty Coin from the demo are found here. You may have noticed that your inventory is rather small — only eight slots — so this is where you can store your extra items when you’re playing inventory Tetris. Right now, you’re probably okay on space, so you shouldn’t have to worry about shuffling anything around.

When you’re done looking around the laundry room, hit the tape recorder to save. Now it’s time to head back into the house. Before you make it into the hallway, though, the phone rings again. Talk to Zoe, who will tell you your new goal is to make it out of the house via the Main Hall — a room you can’t get to yet. She’s a hell-of-a-girl.

Out in the main hallway, head toward the dining room doors. Jack’s wandered off, so you’re in the clear for the time being. There’s a locked drawer to the right of the doors that you can open with your fancy new lock pick. Open it up for a first aid med. Poke around in the dining room and kitchen for a minute — there’s nothing to find, you’re just waiting for the next event to trigger.

You’ll hear a banging and see a flashlight through the window at the end of the hall (to the left of the dining room doors). Go to it and talk to the cop outside. He’s less than helpful, but you eventually convince him to give you a knife. He wants to meet you in the garage. That will surely go well.

Before you head down to the garage, it’s time to put that knife to use and explore a little while we’re at it. Turn around from the window and follow the hallway all the way around to where you picked up the Hatch Key. Turn right again and explore the hallway here. There are some pictures on the tables along the way to look at (and comment on). The main thing we’re here to learn about is the locked door to the Main Hall. There’s nothing you can do about it just yet, but you’re going to be coming back here in a few minutes, so it’s good to know your surroundings. The door is locked with some elaborate statue-based mechanism that seems to be missing a piece. Good to know. Continue down the hall to the end to find your first Mr. Everywhere to destroy. There are 20 of these bobble-head statues scattered throughout the game. Destroying them all unlocks the Mr. Nowhere trophy. (We’ll point out the obvious ones in this walkthrough, but we’ll be writing up a full collectibles guide in the days to come.)

Go back along the hallway and into the laundry room again. Crouch in front of the tape recorder for the second Mr. Nowhere. While you’re here, go ahead and save again because things are about to get interesting.

Now it’s time to head to the garage. Turn right out of the laundry room and take the next right. There’s a convenient sign that lets you know you’re going the right way. Before you go down the stairs, look to your right. There’s a box on the table that you could probably break. Hit it with the knife to pick up some handgun ammo. Now, head down the stairs. Use the knife to cut the tape holding the cabinet to the left of the door closed, then push the big red button.

Your conversation with the cop goes about as well as you’d expect and now it’s time to fight for your life. While Jack is distracted with his non-traditional shovel use, run behind him to pick up the cop’s G17 handgun. Before you use it, there’s one more thing you need to pick up. Turn around and face Jack again. Sprint past him to the left and head for the back left corner. There is a car key on a table. Pick it up.

Now, your goal is to get into the car and get it started before Jack grabs you. Once again, worry about getting away first. It’s tempting to use the gun, but you’re already pretty low on ammo and, in the end, it’s not the point of this fight. If you’re going to shoot him (and it’s very satisfying to do so), only go for head shots. Just like Mia before, they slow him down. You can use some well-timed headshots to create the distance you need to maneuver around Jack. Get him to follow you around the car. When he’s behind it and you feel like you’ve got some room, sprint to the car and get inside. Mash the interact button while looking in the general direction of the steering column to get the car started.

When you’re safely locked inside, Jack will move in front of you. Your job is now to prove the age-old adage of "never bring an axe to a car fight." Use the limited space available to back up and launch forward repeatedly, steering into Jack as best you can. There’s no need for fancy maneuvers here — you’re not getting out of the garage, you’re just using a car to bludgeon Jack. After a few collisions, Jack won’t get back up. Yay! Fight over.

Nope. Jack rips the roof off of your car and offers to give you a driving lesson. Just slam the car back and forth until the solution presents itself. Jack ends up worse off than you do, so tumble out of the car and take a look around. There’s a filing cabinet in the front right corner of the garage — across from where you picked up the car key. Open it for more chem fluid.

About this time, the car bursts into flames. Unkillable Jack climbs out and makes his way toward you. For this part of the fight, you’re really just killing time. Keep backing away from Jack and keep him slowed down with headshots. When the car explodes and Jack dies, you can finally take a breath.

Go to the locker to the left of the garage door for another first aid med. Turn left from there to find some more ammo on a bench in the back corner. Now, look at the bench where you picked up the car key. A ladder has fallen from the balcony above you. Climb up the ladder. Nope. Jack’s back for one last assault on your senses. Once he’s dead again (temporarily, we’re sure), get up the ladder. Turn to the left at the top to pick up some shotgun shells. Until you get a shotgun, they’re useless, but their existence certainly points to better armaments to come. To the right of the ladder, look at the shelves. Pick up the bull relief frame and flip it over. Unscrew the wing nut on the back to get the key to the Ox Statuette which sure looks like it’d fit into the door to the main hall. Interact with the left side of the shelves to open up a path to the stairs you originally took down to the garage.

From here, head back to the laundry room to save before you move on.


Sours: https://www.polygon.com/resident-evil-7-guide/2017/1/26/14378576/walkthrough-main-house
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Resident Evil 7: Jack Baker 2nd Encounter Boss Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Resident Evil 7 is one of the most intense games in the series. This is largely in part because of the horrifically realistic first-person point of view. Simply creeping down a dark hallway through Ethan Winters’ eyes is nearly debilitating. This fear is especially present during the game’s thrilling boss battles.

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Jack Baker, the game’s first antagonist, is a truly intimidating character to go up against. Players can mostly get by during his first encounter without trouble. The real challenge is taking him down the second time. Jack is nearly indestructible, moves significantly faster than the player, and wields an insane scissor-chainsaw weapon. Luckily, there is an unspoken trick to scraping by during this fight. Here’s how to defeat Jack Baker’s second encounter in Resident Evil 7.

Jack Baker’s Second Encounter in Resident Evil 7

At this point in the game, Ethan Winters is attempting to recover the third Dog Head Puzzle Piece and finally open the front door to the house. Unfortunately, it is held by Jack Baker in his torture workshop. The only way to get the piece is to finally take him down one on one.

Here are Jack Baker’s Attacks:

  • Basic Axe Swing
  • Scissor Over-Hand
  • Scissor Under-Hand
  • Spread Scissor Slashes
  • Charge Attack

Jack Baker Boss First Stage in Resident Evil 7

When the player first enters the boss room, there will be shelves on the left and stairs on the right. Be sure to check the shelves for ammunition and consumables. To the right of the shelves, stands the door to exit the boss room after the fight. In the corner, there is a box with shotgun shells inside. This box can be broken from outside of the room. Break it with a knife and collect the shells. This will save some time during the fight.

Head upstairs and the Dog Head Piece will be chained to a hook to the left. Don’t grab this yet. Head around the corner to the right and down those stairs. There will be more consumables down there. It is a good idea to spend those consumables on crafting First Aid Medication instead of ammo. This fight requires much less ammo than it may seem. Once the player is suited up, they should head back up the stairs and begin the fight by picking up the Piece.

After Jack Baker kicks you down into the boss room, the fighting stage of the fight will begin. Jack will start out by swinging his axe and slowing chasing the player around the room. As soon as the fight begins, back up so he must follow. If the player stands too close to Jack, he will begin swinging right away and his attacks will be more ferocious during this first stage. Use the pistol to make careful headshots. Avoid using the shotgun during this stage.

After the player stuns Jack enough, he will take a knee and a fleshy growth will emerge from his shoulder. Now is the time to pull out the shotgun and shoot him in the growth. At point-blank range, the shotgun will do extra damage. From here, Jack will get up and run to grab his Scissor Chainsaw from the table. There is also a regular chainsaw on the table next to it. Take this opportunity to grab the chainsaw instead of waiting until later in the fight.

Jack Baker Second Encounter Boss Strategy in Resident Evil 7

The trap that most players fall into is believing that ranged attacks are more effective than melee. Actually, the chainsaw is the best way to attack Jack during this fight. Grab the chainsaw as early as possible and use it to both attack and deflect his attacks. This will not work for every attack. Players should keep an eye out for the Charge Attack. Jack will say, “Don’t lose your head,” and then charge at the player with the scissors fully opened. This attack will definitely kill the player if they are caught up in it, so avoid at all costs.

Don’t save the chainsaw as a last resort after running out of ammo. Use it as the primary weapon until Jack takes another knee. When Jack isn’t actively attacking, follow up with the shotgun. The player should be able to get through this fight with little difficulty while conserving a large amount of ammunition. Keep this up until Jack is finally defeated.

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Resident Evil 7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


WRC 9 Review: It's Time To Rally Again

Sours: https://screenrant.com/resident-evil-7-jack-baker-boss-guide-tips-tricks/
Resident Evil 7: Jack Baker Boss Fight (3rd Encounter) (1080p 60fps)

Baker family

Fictional family in a video game series

The Bakers

Select members of the Baker family. From left to right: Lucas, Jack, and Marguerite.

First appearanceResident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)
Created byCapcom
HomeDulvey, Louisiana
Family members
  • Jack Baker
  • Marguerite Baker
  • Lucas Baker
  • Zoe Baker
  • Joe Baker
  • Eveline

The Baker family consists of fictional characters featured in Capcom's Resident Evil video game series. First appearing in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, its main family members are a nuclear family consisting of married couple Jack and Marguerite and their two adult children, Lucas and Zoe. Inspired by characters from seminal films in horror cinema such as The Shining, The Evil Dead, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the Bakers reside within their bayou estate in the fictional parish of Dulvey, Louisiana in the United States. Within the game's narrative, they are under the influence of Eveline, a biologically engineered being who "adopted" herself into the Baker family, granting the family superhuman powers at the expense of twisting most of them into insane and murderous individuals prior to the events of Resident Evil 7, with the exception of Zoe who retains a benevolent personality. The 2017 Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe DLC features Joe Baker, a member from the extended family who is unaffected by Eveline, as its protagonist.

The Baker family has had a mostly positive reception from video game publications. Most commentators praised members of the Baker family as effective antagonists in Resident Evil 7, as well as the tragic backstory behind the descent of its members into villainous roles.

Concept and creation[edit]

Concept art sketches depicting early iterations of the Bakers.

Producer Jun Takeuchi made the decision to delay script writing during the development of Resident Evil: Biohazard to give the art design team more freedom to explore character designs, which resulted in the Baker family undergoing a variety of design changes. Numerous concept art sketches of the Bakers were produced in search for an image of the "terrifying family". The Bakers originally had a pet dog named Diane which would appear at the dinner table cutscene, but was ultimately cut from the game.[3][4] Game director Kōshi Nakanishi noted that Takeuchi wanted to bringing horror back to the forefront for Resident Evil 7, with The Evil Dead as its motif for a "compact but deep" experience; Takeuchi cited its intimate atmosphere set in a singular location, as well as its small cast of characters as inspirations for the game.[3]

According to writer Morimasa Sato, Jack's namesake, as well as some of his mannerisms and personality, were inspired by actor Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Jack Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.[5] Tasked with explaining the character and giving him a role in the game, Sato developed Jack as a stalking antagonist with regenerative abilities, which enables him to repeatedly return and attack the player. A decision was made late in the game's development to create a duality with Jack as both a person and a creature; Takeuchi and Nakanishi ordered a rewrite of the dinner cutscene as they perceived the depicted behavior of Jack and his wife Marguerite to be overly normal.[5] In the final version of the game, Jack cuts off the hand of his son Lucas, verbally abuses his wife, and proceeds to hurt Ethan with a knife before he is distracted by someone at their door.

The developers designed each Baker antagonist around a horror subgenre theme: Jack is an archetypal slasher film killer; Marguerite conveys body horror through her mutated body and power over insects; and Lucas, who does not kill his victims outright but physically or psychologically tortures them through dangerous and potentially fatal puzzles, represents psychological horror as depicted in the Saw film franchise.[6][7]

The Baker family[edit]

The Bakers are introduced in Resident Evil 7 as a close-knit family of grimy and grotesque individuals, with their personalities characterized as crude amalgamations of various backcountry stereotypes, ranging from a "hillbilly father and verbally abusive mother to a comatose grandmother and a son who is as deranged as The Joker".[8] With the exception of Lucas and slight dysfunction in the family, the Bakers were previously compassionate towards one another and strangers in need before Eveline's infection turned most of them into violently sadistic psychopaths with a taste for human flesh.

Within the game, the Bakers were thought to have vanished from the local community in Dulvey, Louisiana and their estate falls into a derelict state of disrepair. This eventually leading to rumors of paranormal activity which prompted an investigation of the estate from media journalist Peter Walken and his crewmates Clancy Jarvis and Andre Stickland, where they fall victim to the Bakers. The family is noted for their enthusiasm for American football, with bobblehead figurines of football players littering the estate's premises. Their in-game roles bear some similarities to Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 as they have a tendency to make recurring and oft-times unexpected appearances to confront Ethan throughout its narrative.[8][9] As a result of the presence of a biologically engineered mold infecting their bodies, the villainous members of the Baker family gradually mutate into monstrous creatures when they are severely damaged.

Post-launch story-based DLC for Resident Evil 7 further explore the backstories and exploits of individual members of the Baker family.[11][12] The "Bedroom scenario" in the Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC follows Clancy's attempts to escape from the bedroom he is confined in and evade Marguerite. The "21" scenario from Banned Footage Vol. 2 sees Clancy being forced to play a sadistic card game orchestrated by Lucas, while Daughters explores the Bakers' past prior to their encounter with Eveline and her caretaker Mia Winters which leads to the events of the base game. Lucas serves as the main antagonist of Not A Hero, while Jack's brother Joe Baker appears in End of Zoe to rescue his niece Zoe Baker, the only member of the nuclear family mentally unaffected by Eveline.

Jack Baker[edit]

Voiced by (English): Jack Brand (RE7)[13]
Voiced by (Japanese): Kazuhiro Yamaji (RE7)[14]

Jack Baker is one of the primary antagonists of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Jack is a middle-aged man who is the head of the Baker family, the husband of Marguerite, and the father of Lucas and Zoe. Jack sets him up to have a macabre dinner with the rest of the Baker family. He relentlessly pursues Ethan using a variety of weapons and is able to survive grievous bodily harm, even after being set ablaze when a car bursts into flames inside a garage or being hacked into pieces by a chainsaw. To prove to Ethan he is no longer a normal human being, he also takes his gun and seemingly dies after blowing his own head off, only to rise again and continue pursuing Ethan. Jack also brutally murders a policeman who had come across Ethan after they entered the garage. Ethan defeats Jack one last time after he has mutated into a large grotesque creature, by injecting the creature with a serum meant to neutralize Eveline's powers and influence in others, which calcifies the creature in the process. Jack later appears to Ethan in a dream like sequence as a seemingly normal man, with Ethan acknowledging his victimhood by Eveline along with the rest of the Bakers.

Jack returns as a major enemy in End of Zoe which is a downloadable content chapter that takes place after the main game. His poisoned cells mutating out of control, Jack reconstituted as a decayed but near invincible creature nicknamed the "Swamp Man" acting on his own accord following Eveline's death. He stalks after Zoe and abducts her from his estranged brother Joe Baker who tries to cure her, with Joe eventually killing Jack for good with the AMG-78 gauntlet completely obliterating his upper body.

Jack appears as a playable character in the upcoming 2021 multiplayer game Resident Evil RE: Verse, which is a companion game to Resident Evil Village.[15]

Marguerite Baker[edit]

Voiced by (English): Sara Coates (RE7)[13]
Voiced by (Japanese): Maki Izawa (RE7)[14]

Marguerite Baker is the wife of Jack and the mother of Lucas and Zoe. Marguerite was first shown in the various footage that was unveiled during 2016, including a clip featuring the scene where her family have the main protagonist Ethan Winters seated at the dinner table. Marguerite was more prominently featured in the Lantern demo, following Mia, Ethan's wife. Like her other family members, she spouts a lot of profanity. Marguerite is depicted as preoccupied with preparing meals for her family and guests, although the food she serves under the influence of Eveline has an unappetizing appearance and of questionable hygiene or origin.[16]

During the story, she is seen pursuing Mia as she attempts to record information for Ethan's benefit. When Ethan first encounters her, she summons swarms of oversized insects to attack Ethan.[17] Ethan would face Marguerite one more time at a nearby greenhouse, where she develops elongated, spindly limbs and a behavior akin to an insect queen.[18] It is later revealed that Eveline had taken control of the Baker family after they took in her and Mia from a shipwreck, and before their infection, the Bakers were just an ordinary family.

Lucas Baker[edit]

Voiced by (English): Jesse Pimentel (RE7)[13]
Voiced by (Japanese): Setsuji Satō (RE7)[14]

Lucas Baker is the son of Jack and Marguerite and Zoe's brother, a mentally unstable genius whose personality is described as an amalgamation of The Riddler, Jigsaw, and Jake Paul.[6] While infected by Eveline, Lucas received a serum from The Connections that allowed him to retain his free will in return to observe Eveline for them. But Lucas ultimately betrays his benefactors with the intent of using Eveline for his own agenda.[19] Lucas also weaponized a series of areas with traps and monsters, while Ethan managed to survive in part of watching a recording of Lucas's previous victim Clancy.[6] Lucas' fate is dealt with in a new sub-chapter entitled Not a Hero, which follows Chris Redfield and is set following the events of the base game. After losing three soldiers to Lucas' deadly machinations and traversing gas filled tunnels, Chris eventually locates Lucas and shoots him, who mutates into a powerful creature before being slain by Chris. Chris then destroyed the computers to prevent the data on Eveline from being transferred to an unknown client. Lucas also appears in the downloadable content "Banned Footage" chapters, which predate the main story.[11]

Zoe Baker[edit]

"Zoe Baker" redirects here. For the former world record holder in swimming, see Zoë Baker.

Voiced by (English): Giselle Gilbert (RE7)[13]
Voiced by (Japanese): Yū Kobayashi (RE7)[14]
Face model: Ananda Jacobs (RE7)[20]

Zoe is the youngest child of Jack and Marguerite who retained her mental faculties despite being infected by Eveline like the rest of her family. In the Daughtersdownloadable content sub-chapter in which Zoe is playable, it depicts the events that lead to Eveline taking control of her family one by one.[21] There's two possible endings: Zoe can either enter the trailer after finding out the passcode number from the attic to learn of the location of a key item, and finds Mia in her trailer, as well as an important note she wrote, or she can use the car keys given to her by her mother, which results in a poor ending due to the player choosing the "wrong path" for Zoe.[22]

Zoe serves as a supporting character of the main story, contacting Ethan Winters via telephone to provide him advice on how to advance through any obstacles. She also reattached Ethan's severed hand back on after his wife Mia had cut it off when she temporarily turned crazy. Zoe is abducted and detained by her brother Lucas, but is later released by Ethan. She explains that a serum needs to be produced and given to both her and Mia to neutralize the infection before they can escape too. Unfortunately, Ethan has to use one of the two vials to stop the Jack when he returned yet again to try to finish off Ethan, leaving only one dosage remaining. While the non-canon version had Zoe killed by Eveline after receiving the serum, the canon depicts Mia receiving the serum with Zoe angrily telling her and Ethan to leave while she remained behind and gradually calcifies.

In the End of Zoe DLC, Zoe was found by her uncle Joe along with two Umbrella operatives who claim they are trying to save her. He takes one hostage, but the operative later gets killed by a horribly mutated Jack. Joe fights his way through a marsh to locate a cure. He injects Zoe with some serum he took off a dead soldier, but it only partially heals her. Out in the swamp, he has to get the other half, and ultimately kill his brother. Zoe is eventually completely cured after Jack is killed once and for all, and then Ethan contacts her, to reveal he kept his promise to send her help.

A document in Resident Evil Village revealed that she became a rookie reporter in New Orleans.

Joe Baker[edit]

Voiced by (English): Gage Maverik (RE7)
Voiced by (Japanese): Kōsei Hirota (RE7)

Joe Baker is the main protagonist in the End of Zoe DLC chapter for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.[23] The brother of Jack Baker, he lives in the nearby swamplands near the Baker estate, though is isolated from the rest of the family and unaffected by Eveline's control. During the chapter, Joe discovers his niece, Zoe, shortly after the events of the main game and tries to find a cure to free her from Eveline's influence. To do so, he battles against the remnants of the molded creatures created by the Bakers and a mysterious creature chasing after them, later revealed to be a resurrected Jack. Joe ultimately kills his brother and is able to cure Zoe, after which they are found and extracted by the Umbrella Corps. Although he can use firearms, Joe mostly fights with his bare hands, though later acquires an Umbrella Corps glove to increase his strength prior to his final battle with Jack.


Voiced by (English): Patricia McNeely (RE7 (Old Woman)),[13] Paula Rhodes (RE7 (Young))[13]
Voiced by (Japanese): Yuri Tabata (RE7 (Old Woman)),[14]Sumire Morohoshi (RE7 (Young))[14]

Eveline is the main antagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Initially presented to the player as the catatonic elder of the Baker family, Eveline is later revealed to be a geneticallyenhanced human, an "E-Class" bio organic weapon (B.O.W.) codenamed "E-001" and the first successful E-Class prototype. She infects her victims using mold and fungus, allowing her to create a legion of people that she perceives as her "family", and thereby command and convert them into the "Molded".

Eveline was created by a criminal organization called "The Connections" with the help from H.C.F, one of the late Albert Wesker’s companies, as part of their NEXBAS (Next-generation experimental battlefield superiority) initiative: creating a B.O.W. capable of blending in with the population, to indirectly neutralize combatants while converting enemies into allies. The Connections sought out Mother Miranda by offering to their assistance in her agenda to revive her long deceased daughter Eva, Miranda providing them a sample of Progenitor-enhanced fungus called Mutamycete that is infused in an embryo cloned from Eva's DNA. The project ultimately folded due to reservations regarding methodology and the difficulty of controlling the resultant product B.O.W., particularly in comparison to other projects. Due to the E-class bioweapon's destructive abilities and mind control capabilities, its project materials were sought after by rival companies. This state of affairs resulted in Mia Winters and Alan Droney, members of The Connections, travelling with Eveline upon a cargo ship alongside Miranda bound for a facility in Central America. When a hurricane hit the ship, Eveline became unstable, infecting Alan and turning the crew into the Molded. Mia has no choice but to track Eveline and fend off her Molded minions. Mia was helpless as Eveline killed Alan and subsequently infected her. Mia attempted to send Ethan a second video message prior to the ship's destruction, wish him a happy life and urging him not to search for her.

Eveline and Mia were both later recovered and taken in by the Baker family, who happened upon the ship wreckage in the Louisiana bayou. Eveline infected the Bakers within the month and placed them under her control. Two years after, Eveline's mind and body were deteriorating rapidly due to lack of her medication and the degenerative effects of her condition, prompting her to demand the Bakers to add more people to her family by kidnapping or killing them. Zoe was the only one not affected by Eveline's mind control while her brother Lucas was subsequently cured on the initiative of the Connections' leadership and pretended to work with his family, cognizant that Eveline was a threat.

Once Ethan arrives at the Baker estate, he is assisted by Zoe. When he finally learns of Eveline's origins, he used the equipment in the lab deep in the nearby Salt Mines to develop a necrotoxin using Eveline's DNA to kill her. He succeeds in injecting Eveline with the necrotoxin, disrupting the hallucination concealing the aged woman she became before mutating into a giant grotesque form as her powers spiral out of control. With the help from Chris Redfield and Blue Umbrella, Ethan kills Eveline with the B.S.A.A. quarantining Dulvey to purge the remaining traces of the mutamycete.

A ghostly apparition of Eveline appears before Ethan during the events of Resident Evil Village after Miranda ripped his heart, tormenting Ethan by revealing that he was killed by Jack Baker and only survived because he was infected with her mold.


The Bakers have had a very positive reception as characters. PC Gamer staff considered the Bakers to be "instantly, disgustingly iconic" monsters who are not only the entire franchise's most realized villains to date, but also "the vast majority of horror games in general".[24]Polygon ranked Jack and Marguerite Baker among the best video game characters of the 2010s.[25] In his review of Resident Evil 7 for Game Informer, Andrew Reiner remarked that the Bakers are as equally important to the game's story as they are to the Resident Evil franchise's re-establishment of its traditional conventions and lore.[8] He felt that while none of the Bakers stand out to him as particularly important or iconic villains for the franchise, they are nevertheless "interesting in their own disturbing ways" and emphasized that the "threat they pose is greater than their personalities" given their capabilities and their persistent reappearances.[8]IGN staff named Marguerite as one of the best Resident Evil bosses of all time.[18]GameSpot staff praised a jump scare scene involving Jack as one of the scariest moments in video game history, with Tamoor Hussain calling it "a fantastic set-piece that built tension and then expertly leveraged it for a cinematic moment".[26]

Some video game journalists credit Ethan's struggles against the Bakers, as well as the effective use of negative stereotypes of White Southerners to be effective factors behind the critical acclaim and commercial success of Resident Evil 7.[27][28][29][30] Ray Porreca from Destructoid in particular described the Bakers to be the "heart" of the game, and posited that "it's not difficult to picture them sitting around on a Sunday, chomping on raw flesh while bickering about chores", and that "Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas come across as the personification of Southern country evil".[28] Susan Arendt from GamesRadar opined that the developers subverted preconceived notions among North Americans of a common fear of rural areas and a "Southern accent with behavior that defies reason" to deliver an "immediate sense of dread and fear" and a compelling narrative twist.[30]

Audric Figuero from The Escapist and Zoe Delahunty-Light from GamesRadar found themselves moved by the late-game reveal of the Bakers as originally sympathetic figures who only commit acts of depravity as a result of Eveline's influence on their minds.[31][32] Both applauded an important cutscene which recasts Jack as a mild-mannered man who pleads for forgiveness and asks Ethan not to judge their tormentor too harshly. Figuero noted that the game's focus on the theme of family made its horror personal, and the empathy generated for a character players originally thought of as "an abusive, backwoods cannibal" became a catalyst for anguish and increases the player's emotional investment in the story.[31] Arendt noted that the game feeds the player's fears about unsavory Southern stereotypes by setting up the horrible realization that the Bakers are themselves fellow victims of Eveline due to their hospitable attitude towards strangers.[30] Delahunty-Light remarked that genuine horror is beyond the immediate threat of death, and argued that one has to be complicit in things that terrify them to be truly immersed in it. She remarked that when the player as the hunted Ethan turns the tables on his hunters Jack and Marguerite, they themselves become part of the "cycle of evil".[32]

Some commentators also described the Baker's bayou estate as an essential core element of the game. Calling the Bakers' property a "disgusting, oppressive house" littered with filth, junk, dried blood, and dirt stain faded wallpaper, Porreca praised the developers' attention to detail through the "stark contrast" between Ethan's smart attire and the Bakers' "chaotic existence"[28] Reid McCarter from PC Gamer said the level of detail which went into the presentation of the Baker home amplified Jack's effectiveness as a formidable and scary villain.[26] Reiner said that "part of the fun of the house is getting to know the Bakers from their possessions and hobbies". He considered the prominent depiction of the Bakers' love of football to be the game's "weirdest bit of fiction", noting the jarring sight of "a vibrant, purple bobblehead toy sitting in a room full of gore".[8]

The dinner table scene with the Baker family has been described as the most overt example of the game's narrative mirroring specific scenes from the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.[34]


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_family

Baker re7 jack

Resident Evil 7 Jack Baker render.jpg

"Welcome to the family, son." - Jack Baker, Resident Evil 7

Jack Baker is the patriarch of the Baker family in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He is the husband of Marguerite Baker and the father of Lucas and Zoe Baker. Between 2014-2017, Jack is responsible for a series of kidnappings and murders in Dulvey, Louisiana. This is due to him and his family being controlled by the humanoid bioweaponEveline.


Early life

Not much is known about Jack prior to being infected by Eveline. Before Eveline's arrival, the Bakers lived a simple life on their farm in Dulvey, Louisiana and seemed to be a tight-knit family unit. Photographs found in the Bakers' house indicate that Jack once served in the U.S. Marine Corps.


In October 2014, the Dulvey area was hit by a hurricane and Jack and his son Lucas tried to reinforce the house after their old house had been destroyed. Around this time, a heavily damaged ship had washed up in the bayou and Jack found two survivors from the wreck: a young woman and a ten-year old girl. The Bakers rescued the two survivors and provided them shelter in their house. Little did they know that the girl, Eveline, was actually a human bioweapon capable of controlling the minds of others.

As soon as she awoke, Eveline infected the Bakers with her mold, triggering mutations within their bodies and manipulating them to see her as part of the family. From then onward, Jack and his family had turned completely insane and were utterly devoted to Eveline.

Dulvey Incident

After being infected and driven to madness by Eveline, the Bakers withdrew from the community altogether. The local parish declared them dead, but occasionally sightings of Jack were reported that led to rumours cropping up stating that the Baker residence was haunted.

Over the next three years, Eveline became more obsessed with expanding her family and the Bakers were enlisted in abducting tourists and homeless people. Jack was responsible for killing, dissecting, and skinning the victims, whose bodies became the Molded, while Marguerite used their organs as a source of food. Zoe attempted to communicate with the victims and help them escape, which caused Jack and his family to disown her. During this series of killings, only one captive managed to escape from the Baker ranch alive, but his attempts to alert the authorities weren't taken seriously since the police found he was carrying LSD in his pocket.

Ethan's arrival

In July 2017, Ethan Winters - husband of Eveline's handler Mia Winters - travelled to Dulvey in search for his wife. He found her in the Bakers' guest house, but she was possessed by Eveline and she attacked Ethan with a chainsaw. Ethan was wounded and then knocked out by Jack who "welcomed" him into the family. When Ethan awoke, he was tied to a chair and sat around a dinner table where the Bakers were dining on human organs they had harvested from their previous victims. When Ethan refused to eat, Jack started stabbing him with a knife. Before he could deliver a fatal wound, a police deputy came knocking at the door. The Bakers left the table to deal with the deputy, giving Ethan time to free himself and attempt to escape.

As Ethan tried to find his way out, Jack spotted him and pursued him around the house with a shovel. Ethan managed to escape through a crawlspace that took him to the laundry room, but would run into Jack again after entering the garage. The police deputy David Anderson had gotten inside and tried to question Ethan, but Jack suddenly appeared from behind and killed the deputy by scalping him with his shovel. He then grabbed an axe and chased Ethan around the garage. Ethan tried to stop Jack by shooting him with the officer's gun, but Jack appeared to be unfazed thanks to his enhanced strength and regenerative abilities. Finding a pair of car keys on a nearby table, Ethan enters the parked vehicle and uses it to run Jack over multiple times. Although Jack is seriously injured, he still manages to pick himself up and hijack the car, driving it into a pile of loose metal scaffolding in the hopes of impaling Ethan. However, Ethan survives this by ducking his head under the scaffolding and escaping the car, which then explodes. Although Jack himself collided with one of the protruding metal bars and was badly burned in the explosion, he immediately recovers and continues to chase Ethan. Jack grabs Ethan's handgun and points it in his mouth, telling him that he is about to witness something "wonderful" before blowing a hole through his own head.

Second encounter with Ethan

Later on, a visibly burnt Jack surprises Ethan in the second floor bathroom, his head injuries now partially healed, and begins stalking him throughout the house once more. Jack also takes a marble dog head piece with him to the dissection room in order to ambush Ethan, knowing that he would need it to escape the house. After a small skirmish, Jack grabs an oversized, man-made pair of chainsaw-shears, while Ethan grabs a normal chainsaw. Showing resilience and endurance, Ethan holds his own against Jack, chainsawing him multiple times and ultimately exposing his growths. Eventually, Jack gets chainsawed to the point where his upper body explodes, leaving only his legs intact. Despite this, his legs start to stand and walk, but eventually fall to the ground, once again, seemingly dead.

Final showdown

Mutated jack.jpg

Even after losing his whole body above the waist, Jack still survived and regenerated, coming after Ethan again as he frees Zoe and Mia from the boathouse. At this point, Jack no longer resembles a human being, his body consisting almost purely of mold and having grown to gigantic proportions. Confronting Jack inside the ruined boathouse, Ethan takes advantage of Jack's tremendous bulk to run around him, avoiding his attacks and targeting the multiple orange eyes that have grown all over his body.

Ethan defeats Jack by taking out his eyes, causing him to retreat into the flooded section of the boathouse. Seconds later, Jack ambushes Ethan from underwater and begins to swipe at him in a confined space, inadvertently allowing his final eyeball to be exposed and destroyed. Jack's carcass begins to rot away, and Ethan tries to escape with Zoe and Mia. However, Jack grabs Ethan once more, readying for another fight. Zoe tells Ethan to use a dose of D-Series serum on him. When Ethan does, Jack crystallizes completely, killing his body for good.


Shortly after escaping the Baker house, Ethan is knocked out and captured by Eveline, being held within the ruined tanker ship she had escaped from. Suspended within a pillar of mold, Ethan experiences a dream where he meets Jack one last time. Jack, now free of Eveline's control, expresses deep remorse for his actions, revealing to Ethan that his family were corrupted and did not wish to harm anyone. He explains that Eveline, whom they found in a wrecked oil tanker, had infected them with her "gift" and made them into her own "family". Jack then begs Ethan to save his family from Eveline, right before Ethan wakes up from the dream. While not expressly stated, it can be reasoned that Eveline possesses some form of "hive mind" which holds the memories and personalities of the people she controls even after their original bodies die. This would explain how the figment Jack was able to tell Ethan such details regarding Eveline's manipulation of him and his family.

End of Zoe

In the DLC add-on End of Zoe, it is revealed that some part of Jack survived even after Eveline's destruction. His cells had been altered to such an extent that even the D-Series serum couldn't destroy him entirely, and he was reformed as a tall, imposing humanoid creature somewhat resembling a common Molded. Without Eveline controlling him, Jack had become rabid and would violently attack anyone within his sights.

After Umbrella had quarantined the Baker property and the surrounding bayou, several of their personnel fell prey to Jack. Unsure of who or what this creature was, the mercenaries began referring to it as the "Swamp Man". Still possessing some small degree of his former humanity and memories, Jack finds the shack belonging to his older brother Joe and burns it down, taking his still-living daughter Zoe away.

Joe embarks on a journey through the bayou to save Zoe, using only his wits and his bare fists to survive against the Molded that are still prowling around the quarantine zone. During this mission, he encounters the Swamp Man multiple times, unaware that the creature stalking him is his own brother Jack. With the guidance of some surviving Umbrella troops and the equipment they left behind, Joe manages to obtain a serum that will reverse the fungal crystallisation taking over Zoe's body. He also obtains a hi-tech gauntlet that Umbrella have built to augment the strength of their soldiers, allowing him to deal devastating blows to the Molded and the Swamp Man during their final showdown. At this point, Joe realises that the Swamp Man is Jack after tearing away a layer of Mold obscuring his face. Seeing that the monster before him is no longer his brother, Joe finally kills the Swamp Man in a fist fight, tearing off the creature's head and splattering its mutated brains all over the floor of the Bakers' lounge.


Prior to Eveline's arrival, Jack Baker was a family man. However, he was not above physically disciplining his son Lucas, once having slapped him for using his cellphone at the dinner table. Under Eveline's influence, Jack is a highly sadistic and violent individual who wears a manic grin most of the time, and was willing to attack anyone who had angered him at the slightest provocation. He is very abusive towards his son Lucas, even slicing his arm off at one point (with Lucas himself implying that this wasn't the first time it happened). He's also verbally abusive towards his wife and made a motion with his hand implying that he was going to hit her. Even under Eveline's influence, however, it is revealed that he ultimately still cared for his family, as he was genuinely angry that Ethan tried to get Zoe to turn against him (even though Zoe was already against him long before Ethan arrived) and that he had killed Marguerite.

When Ethan meets Jack again in Eveline's hive mind, he shows deep remorse for his actions, and says that he would never had hurt him if it wasn't for Eveline's influence. He showed sympathy for Eveline, telling Ethan that all she wanted was a family, and then begs him to free his family from Eveline.


  • Enhanced Strength - Jack is much stronger than ordinary human beings. He has been shown to lift a full-grown man off their feet with ease as well as smashing heavy furniture and even breaking through walls. In his mutated form, Jack's strength increases in proportion to his size and he is capable of crushing Ethan with one blow from his hand.
  • Superhuman Durability - Jack is capable of shrugging off attacks such as bullets or knife strikes. He does not appear to be bothered much by fire, either, showing that he has become impervious to pain.
  • Regenerative Healing - Jack is capable of rapidly healing any injury he sustains. He has been shown to recover from gunshots, explosions, impalement, even having his entire upper body destroyed following his chainsaw duel with Ethan. With the amount of damage he suffered from that, Jack wasn't able to completely restore his human form and mutated into a hulking beast made of mold.
  • Acid Vomit - In his mutated form, Jack could expel streams of acid from his mouth, much like the Fat Molded.


In his human form, Jack had no specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities. While he could regenerate his wounds, continued repeated damage would overwhelm his healing ability. In his mutant form, Jack had multiple orange eyes appearing all over his body. Ethan was able to defeat Jack by targeting these eyes and destroying them with concentrated gunfire.

Sours: https://monster.fandom.com/wiki/Jack_Baker
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