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Time to continue my detailed discussion of Knights of the Fallen Empire's individual chapters! Unsurprisingly, this post will contain spoilers for the chapter in the title and may contain spoilers for previous chapters as well.

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At the end of the last chapter, you and your new companions (Lana, Koth and HK-55) barely escaped Vaylin's clutches, but your escape vehicle was damaged in the process. As night falls, you find yourself forced to crash-land in a nearby swamp, dubbed the Eternal Swamp by the locals (according to Koth). Nobody is hurt by the crash and people are in relatively good spirits, with Lana and Koth immediately falling into more banter, indicating a long history between the two.

HK-55's scanners indicate a large metallic technological object nearby which seems your best bet at escaping the swamp, considering that the crashed shuttle is a complete pile of scrap. You set out to investigate with HK while Koth and Lana stay behind to cover up the evidence of your landing.

While investigating the swamp, you emerge into the first public area of KotFE... which was actually a bit of a shock to the system for me initially, because upon seeing another player I realised that I had spent the last three chapters without this ever happening, completely secluded in my personal instances the entire time. There's also a bonus mission to kill some wildlife if you fancy. I found it a bit disappointing that all the animals are reused models from other planets, which doesn't make Zakuul's wildlife look particularly interesting. There's also a chance of running into more random skytroopers, which really makes you wonder how these things operate, seeing how they seem to get sent out in small groups to scout, yet it never seems to alert anyone when one suddenly disappears and never reports back.

Finally you run into a new monster type called iknayid, probably more commonly referred to as "ugly spider things", and find various pieces of scrap metal that appear to be part of something bigger. As you make small talk with HK, he reveals that he's been programmed to be just as loyal to you as to Lana or Koth and to prioritise your survival above all else. You can humbly tell him that you're not that important or abuse your position by asking him to alter his programming further to obey you above Lana or Koth if it comes down to it.

Eventually you find the object that HK's sensors had been picking up and it turns out to be the wreck of an ancient starship. According to HK's scans it's centuries old and doesn't match any known Zakuulan designs. Koth gets quite excited about this and concludes after a brief inspection that you've found the legendary Gravestone, the only known ship that went up against the Eternal Fleet and won. It's also revealed that the Eternal Fleet is actually older than Valkorion and possibly even Zakuul, so the details of how the Gravestone faced off against it are lost to history. Koth is convinced that you finding this ship - one that others have supposedly been looking for for ages already - is a sign of destiny, that you are meant to win this conflict. You clear part of the ship of more wildlife with Koth by your side, while Lana and HK do the same to other sections of it.

At this point we get another glimpse of the Eternal Throne, showing that Arcann and Vaylin suspect that your team must have landed in the swamp and intend to search it. A Zakuulan Knight reports to Vaylin and submits himself to her judgement since he was the one who was supposed to oversee the security of the carbonite prison. Vaylin draws her lightsaber and stabs him without a second thought. It's interesting that Arcann actually seems a bit taken aback by this.

Aboard the Gravestone, you get more backstory about it from Lana and Koth. Koth has determined that the ship was intentionally scuttled after the defeat of the fleet, and clearly didn't crash. It's revealed that the Eternal Fleet is fully automated and was reactivated by Valkorion. Arcann can actually fully control it from his throne. Also, the gravestone has a mailbox. I loved that after three chapters of relentless movement, the first chance to check your mail comes inside of a centuries-old crashed starship. Logic!

Your companions suggest that you need to look for fresh water and supplies as well as scavenge for spare parts to repair the ship. You can choose which one you want to do first, look for water with Lana or go scrounging with Koth. I haven't noticed the order making any sort of difference to the actual conversations you have with them. Either way it is... exposition time!

(Also, while out in the swamp you get a little side quest to pick up a couple of speeder parts which then get assembled into a broken speeder, which is clearly meant to give players starting at 60 their first vehicle. I thought that was a neat way of incorporating that into the story.)

While searching for water with Lana she gets you caught up on the state of the galaxy. Apparently everyone knows by now that Valkorion was the Sith Emperor, since his death sent massive ripples through the Force. Arcann invaded both Republic and Empire soon after, framing it as revenge for an Outlander killing his father. The technical superiority of his ships was such that neither faction could compete and both were outmatched within three months or so, so that both eventually surrendered/negotiated a ceasefire. Most members of the Dark Council have died or disappeared, with Darth Acina (of the Imperial Seeker droid quest line) having declared herself Empress. On Republic side, Saresh has officially been replaced as Supreme Chancellor but apparently still wields all the power behind the scenes. Both factions have to pay heavy tributes to Zakuul, but instead of teaming up against their common foe, they still try to snipe each other while they perceive the other to be weak. Lana also says that she has allies looking for your old ship and crew but that it might take time to find them. She considers you an important piece in her plan to restore some kind of order to the galaxy. Also... she suspects that something is different about you since the carbonite prison - you can confess that you've had Valkorion talking to you in your head or deny that anything has changed.

While out searching for parts with Koth he tells you that he was in the Zakuulan army but deserted when he and his troops were ordered to massacre civilians during a mission in the core worlds. He also kind of fishes for your approval, wanting you to agree with his assessment that you finding the Gravestone was clearly fate, and wanting more reassurances that you don't plan to take down the population of Zakuul as well as Arcann (if you saved the civilians from the damaged generator in the last chapter, you already got some brownie points there).

Now at some point before you return to the ship, HK calls for you to join him at his location. I can't figure out how the game decides when this happens. In all three of my playthroughs it actually happened after the dialogue with Koth, even though I mixed up the order in which I took him and Lana out into the swamp. In fact, it was only thanks to a random YouTube video that I realised that there is a chance that HK will call you while you're with Lana instead! It turns out that he's run into a bunch of exiles that were expelled from the city for protesting Arcann's rule (seems Arcann isn't quite as ruthless with his punishments as Vaylin) and isn't sure what to do with them. You can offer to take them aboard the Gravestone or tell them to get lost. (Koth approves of the former, Lana of the latter.) The extra cruel option is to tell HK to shoot them once your other companion is out of earshot.

As you set out to repair the ship in earnest, you're shown what's quickly become known as "the eighties montage", which has Koth putting some cantina music on while he tries with mixed success to get the Gravestone up and running again. Meanwhile Lana uses the Force to tidy up and HK gets into a private little war with the iknayids outside, which makes for some hilarious viewing.

When the Gravestone is powered up again, you hear some strange sounds. You follow them to investigate the part of the ship where they seem to orginate and find a "Dark Sanctuary" in the bowels of the ship where Valkorion's ghost appears to already be waiting for you.


I remember reading the title of this chapter on the original KotFE preview page and wondering who dies. So deliciously misleading!

You can definitely start to detect a pattern here in terms of how the chapters play out. Chapter one was all action, chapter two contemplation. Chapter three was very focused on action again, now chapter four offers another chance for contemplation.

"The Gravestone" is probably one of my favourite chapters released so far. The Eternal Swamp at night is hauntingly beautiful if you actually take the time to look at it, especially with the impossibly large city looming in the distance. And of course you finallyget some answers about what's been going on. They are only morsels of information really, but for me personally they definitely whet my appetite for returning to the Republic or Empire and seeing how they've changed.

A lot of small comments are made in this chapter that become relevant somewhere else later. For example it's mentioned that Zakuul has built powerful battle stations over several planets - these are the Star Fortressesyou get to destroy later. There's also Koth harping on about fate, which will be shown to be a concept important to other Zakuulans as well. I wouldn't be surprised if even more things that get talked about here will turn out to be important in the upcoming chapters.

Of course the notion of getting a thousand-year-old starship back up and running within a few hours is patently ridiculous, but hey, this is Star Wars. It's never been too big on this kind of thing being anywhere close to "realistic".

Onwards to Chapter 5!

Sours: https://swtorcommando.blogspot.com/2016/02/kotfe-chapter-by-chapter-chapter-4.html

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swtor 31-03-2020 2-57-02 AM-696

A whole new set of crew,


After a daring escape from Vaylin her army of knights and Sky Trooper the Outlander [Commando] and her new crew landed in the Endless swamp,

swtor 31-03-2020 2-57-02 AM-696

Crashlanding in the Endless swamp HK-55 sensors indicates a large metalic object, the Outlander [Commando] and her new crew investigate the site.

swtor 01-04-2020 1-44-52 AM-491

The crew discovers what seems to be a large ship, however, there is no record as to how the ship ended in the Endless Swamp.

HK-55 learns that the ship is not from Zakuul, while Koth is surpise that the Outlander [Commando] found a long lost ship – The Gravestone.

As legend foretold the Gravestone is a ship that can outmatch the forces of the Eternal Fleet.

With its current condition, the crew works together in gathering the needed materials for the ship.

swtor 01-04-2020 1-41-27 AM-833

The Outlander [Commando] assisted Lana in locating a fresh water that the crew can use.

At the same time Lana and the Outlander [Commando] started looking for parts for the ship while HK-55 covers the patrol.

swtor 01-04-2020 1-28-44 AM-299

While looking for parts, Lana keeps the Outlander [Commando] updated with all the things she missed during her 5 years in frozen carbonite.


swtor 01-04-2020 1-28-39 AM-973

The Outlander [Commando] informs Lana that the Darth Marr knows that the Eternal Emperor is the Sith Emperor that they were looking for.

Lana explains that she felt a surge in the force when Darth Marr was struck down by the Eternal Emperor.

Lana tells the Outlander [Commando] that both the Republic and Sith Empire manages to hold for 3 months before facing a total defeat from the Eternal Fleet of Arcanns forces.

At the same time, the Outlander [Commando] reveals to Lana that the Eternal Emperor Valkorion possibly lives in her.

swtor 01-04-2020 1-57-23 AM-495

After reporting back to Koth about what she and Lana have found, the Outlander [Commando] assisted Koth in looking for more parts needed for the ship.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-07-45 AM-562

Koth a former member of the Zakuul forces tells the Outlander [Commando] as to what he thinks.

Koth believes that everything that is happening is predestined.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-07-51 AM-410

Koth tells the Outlander [Commando] about his history, how and why he decided to join Lana.

At this point, Koth shares his insights as to how his people were saved but the Outlander [Commando]

Koth values life more especially the life of his people. He does not take things lightly if there’s an innocent life that is at stake. It’s a good thing my Commando chooses to save the life of the people back at the power generator.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-13-49 AM-993

After saving exiles, the crew has started working on making the ship operational again.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-20-28 AM-33

Just right after Koth made the ship working again, the Outlander [Commando] felt something different.

It led her to the lower part of the ship.

swtor 01-04-2020 2-20-47 AM-349

Once again the Eternal Emperor Valkorion showed himself to the Outlander [Commando]


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Where Dreams Die - SWTOR KotET Chapter 4 on IokathWhere Dreams Die starts on the Gravestone, just after your fight with Vaylin. Most of the Gravestone’s functions are still offline, including weapons. SCORPIO informs you, from an escaped transport, that Vaylin is still on your ship, just “anywhere, where you are not”. Helpful! It’s then that you realise her, and her Skytroopers are systematically sabotaging the Gravestone from within. The chase is on to stop the damage at source. All the while you’re floating in space towards the mechanical planet of Iokath surrounded by “the whole Eternal Fleet”. The chaos of your surroundings is the scene for KotET Chapter 4. And it doesn’t get any simpler after this!

The Failed Assassination

You manage to repair the Omnicannon just in time for the Gravestone to fly into a huge white light. Attempting to communicate with the Bridge, Vaylin answers. Having disarmed your crew (mostly Vette and Torian in this scene), she says she’ll start killing them to be able to hurt you, indirectly. You try to convince her not to but as she is about to strike one of them down, the whole ship is surrounded in white light. The next thing you know, you’re waking up in an overgrown region of the new planet (Iokath), alone.

The Strange Remote and the Strange Planet

Well, almost alone! Nearby a seemingly friendly remote device hovers up to you and insists on following you! Don’t worry about it, the Strange Remote is your temporary Companion Replacement Scheme – and you can set it to Tank, Damage or Heals using the temporary ability bar.

The strange planet seems to be an odd combination of high grade technology and remnant buildings and vehicles used by Organic Life Forms. But none of these organics seem to be around. Instead, the whole area is massively overgrown or covered in moss. Where have you landed?

The Strange Remote that finds you - has Tank, Damage and Healing Modes
KotET Where Dreams Die starts with you in an overgrown area
Signs of Former Sentient Species on Iokath - downed speeders

Vaylin’s Interactions with Thexan / ARIES

It is with no small measure of cruelty that Vaylin finds herself in what looks like an impenetrable ‘box’. Another cage. She appears then to be visited by Thexan. But she grows wise to this. Here’s her part in this story which is revealed gradually through the chapter.

Finding Your Crew on Iokath

You finally escape the overgrown area and the ‘planets’ mechanical beauty is revealed. But it’s only when you come across a talking Technolith that appears to be malfunctioning is the planet’s name of Iokath revealed. And then you’re finally rejoined by Torian Cadera. Theron also manages to report in and gives you coordinates to someplace ‘safe’. It’s up to you to reach that point.

Bonus Mission: Find 5 Technoliths

You should have already found 2 by this point. If you haven’t, then back track into the overgrown area again. This bonus mission doesn’t give you the luxury of pinpointing the areas where the Technoliths are so you have to do some scouting. Sadly the Technolith that creates a cutscene does not count towards this target.

Beware the Traps

Your journey to find your crew won’t be straightforward. There are traps very similar to your journey on The Gemini Deception chapter. Which makes sense if they all came from the same place.

The First Trap Room

Iokath Traps 1- Avoid the Circles. But there is a technolith on the opposite side!
You need to head left from the point you enter this room. If you stick to the outer edges you should avoid the power surge circles – those traps saps your health fast. However one of your Technoliths is in this room guarded by a gold-rated droid. It’s at the back of the room as you enter. I missed it the first time around. The rest of your Technoliths are outside.

The Trap Bridge

Trap 2 - The Bridge: all you can do is dodge these!
No easy route this time, you just have to dodge the circles. Look for patterns. This game is built on coding, and keeping patterns random is hard. So there is a repeating pattern somewhere.


Theron thinks he found some kind of sanctuary, but all doesn’t seem safe. In this room there are various crew members: Kaliyo, Jorgan, Koth and Lana – as well as Vette who’s poking around a Technolith. Speak to the others. Although BioWare decided lip sync wasn’t necessary, they have some interesting dialogue options. When you catch up with Vette she is communicating with ARIES (who you ‘met’ earlier). Through him you find out a few things:

  • SCORPIO, the GEMINI Captains and the Gravestone were all designed to be Iokath’s most sophisticated weapons:
    Theory: as the Gravestone can take out Eternal Fleet Vessels, but doesn’t fire on any in Iokath, was it built as a ‘policing’ vessel, to take out rogue GEMINIs?
  • Iokath, and worlds it conquered, created ‘war games’ – taking out organic life forms, for data gathering (“invaluable feedback” according to ARIES). That data, presumably enabled future conquests to be more…efficient.
  • Zakuul was first conquered by Iokath. But something happened to make them flip sides. We don’t know that something.

Your enlightening session with ARIES is interrupted by SCORPIO who has been trapped somewhere. And then your ‘Sanctuary’ is invaded by multiple Caretaker Droids. If you listen carefully they say things like “test concluded”, “begin eradication”. Clearly you have been part of a similar “war game” and are no longer needed. Nice! Suddenly the chapter name of Where Dreams Die isn’t far off the mark – although Where Everything Dies might have been more accurate!

Once you’ve dealt with the onslaught, you need a new way out and Vette does her ‘Tomb Raider’ trick and finds one!

Connecting Up the Central Technolith

Where Dreams Die is a great combination of combat and puzzles. Thankfully this next puzzle is pretty straightforward. To be able to connect the Light Bridge to the central Technolith, you need 3 power sources. Two are in the ring around the Technolith. One is just down one of the connecting tunnels – see screenshots below.

Once connected, Vette remarks that it looks like a giant Crypt. Which it is. When SCORPIO uses the Technolith to communicate with you she says there are billions of organics stored here. These people were “her creators”. In a scene intertwined with shots of Vaylin escaping her cage and fighting the cleansing droids, SCORPIO tells us of Iokath’s history:

  • Iokath was built by scientists and engineers who eventually turned on each other.
  • SCORPIO, the GEMINI Droids and the Gravestone were chased into Wild Space by their creators (doesn’t answer how SCORPIO ended up on Belsavis however).
  • When they were discovered, they were used again as “weapons, wielded in more pointless organic wars”.

It’s also clear that the brains behind the apparent war game on Iokath with you, your crew and Vaylin, is ARIES and that sets the stage for KotET Chapter 5 – Ascension!

TL;DR Chapter 4 – Where Dreams Die

Somehow you, and everyone on the Gravestone were knocked out and trapped on various parts of the mechanical world. Iokath was built by organic species but eventually the droids took over. Now anything organic that arrives is ‘cleansed’. Where Dreams Die combines in-depth history, combat and puzzles/trap. Along with some trippy background music. I think the central outdoor part of Iokath would make a great PVP arena (it probably needs extending but that setup could work). During this chapter, organics like the Outlander and the Eternal Empress find themselves at the mercy of ARIES, some form of computer. The power is turned around. But you suddenly can’t help feeling sorry for SCORPIO and the GEMINIs, whose very existence was to be weapons in their wars. That doesn’t excuse how SCORPIO behaves towards organics, but as with children with tough upbringings, it does go a long way to explaining it.

Here are some finally screenshots from Where Dreams Die – enjoy!

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SWTOR Inquisitor Chapter 4 Ending (Full Revan set!!), Kallig(Darth Nox) conquers Makeb.

Chapter IV: The Gravestone


Story blurb in loading screen


After five years of imprisonment in carbonite, a daring mission has rescued <name> from the capital of the Eternal Empire. But the escape has only just begun.?

Joined by rescuers Lana Beniko, Koth Vortena, and HK-55, <name> makes a desperate flight into the wilderness of the planet Zakuul in a risky attempt to evade their pursuers.?

The planet's swamps may offer the heroes a brief respite from the agents of the enemy, but they also hide a dangerous secret from Zakuul's ancient past....?


CXP: 8000

  • 1
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Click Play to Launch the Chapter
    • 3
    • 4
      • 1: Investigate the Technological Object
    • 5
      • 1: Investigate the Technological Object
    • 6
      • 1: Investigate the Technological Object
    • 7
      • 1: Investigate the Technological Object
    • 8
      • 1: Defeat the Swamp Rancor
    • 9
    • 10
      • 1: Investigate the Technological Object
    • 11
    • 12
    • 13
      • 1: Defeat the Ancient Iknayid Guardian
    • 14
  • 2
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Take Readings for Groundwater
      • 2: 0
      • 3: 0
      • 4: 0
      • 5: 0
      • 6: 0
      • 7: 0
    • 3
      • 1: Search an Alternate Site for Groundwater
    • 4
      • 1: Defeat the Swamp Rancor
    • 5
      • 1: Search an Alternate Site for Groundwater
    • 6
  • 3
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Speak to Koth on the Gravestone
    • 3
  • 4
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
      • 1: Return to the Gravestone
    • 4
  • 5
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Collect Scattered Starship Parts
    • 3
      • 1: Investigate Detected Debris Readings
    • 4
    • 5
  • 6
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Speak to Lana on the Gravestone
    • 3
  • 7
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
      • 1: Return to the Gravestone
    • 4
  • 8
    • 1
    • 2
      • 1: Investigate the Strange Sounds
    • 3
      • 1: Investigate the Ancient Monolith
Sours: https://swtor.jedipedia.net/en/qst/chapter-iv-the-gravestone

4 swtor chapter

If you are just beginning your adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may realize that there are an incredible number of quests available in the game, and a vast range of story and lore for you to explore. The story quests in the game are meant to be played in a specific order, but in reality you may not come across them at the right time or might accidentally miss them all together while focusing on your main quest.

Special note for players who use an Outlander Character Token to create a Level 60 or 65 character:

Most players start at level 1, but there is an option to create a level 60 or 65 character if you have subscribed recently or have bought the opportunity from the Cartel Market. Starting a character at level 60 or 65 is referred to as using an Outlander Token, which starts you at the beginning of the later expansions. This is not recommended for new players looking to enjoy the story.

If you have created a level 60 or 65 Outlander character, your main story objective will be to simply follow the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion story. You'll then be able to go back and do some of these quests - but not all of them. Outlander token characters can go back and complete planetary quests, bonus series quests, and Flashpoint quests, but not class quests. They can also go back and start certain later planets, but they can not play the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion or the Shadow of Revan expansion. This guide was written mainly for players starting at level 1, so keep in mind the order and availability will be a bit jumbled for you if you are playing on an Outlander token character.

This will also apply to any players who begin either expansion and beyond - any quests that were left undone within the class story, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and Shadow of Revan will be set to a defaulted list of choices. This also locks out any achievements and titles relating to completing any of those quests.

Class story: Prelude[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

The Class Story: Prelude acts as the introduction into the game. Characters enter into the world have receive some exposition from the initial NPCs that they encounter before being sent off to their first mission. Each class has a specific starter planet;

After the initial story on the starter planet is completed, the character is then sent toward to the main space station from which they will stage all their future adventures in the galaxy.

This will introduce the player to areas where they can access Crew Skills as well as key components of game play such as the Galactic Trade Network, PvP terminals, Cargo Holds, and more!

This will also introduce the character to their first flashpoint as they make their way for their main faction planet to further make a name for themselves.

Class story: Act I[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Class story: Act II[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Class story: Act III[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).


Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Rise of the Hutt Cartel[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Forged Alliances[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Shadow of Revan[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Knights of the Fallen Empire[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Knights of the Eternal Throne[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Fractured Alliances[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Jedi Under Siege[]

Legend: Blue box = flashpoint (most are soloable, but are otherwise group content). Purple box = operations (group content).

Sours: https://swtor.fandom.com/wiki/Story_progression
SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne ► CHAPTER 4, Where Dreams Die - Light Side Jedi Knight
Time for another detailed and spoiler-laden discussion of a Knights of the Eternal Throne chapter. We're up to chapter four! Though if you missed it...

Click here to go back to Chapter 3.

The Story

The Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet are in hyperspace on their way to an unknown destination. Officially you are in command again, but the hyperdrive is locked and you can't really do anything. When the Gravestone drops out of hyperspace, Scorpio leaves on a shuttle and tells you that you've been brought to the place where she, the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet originated. However, Vaylin and her remaining soldiers are still on board and sabotaging the ship, which requires you to go on a clean-up mission. Meanwhile, the Gravestone continues on her course into her home world, which is a giant Dyson sphere. However, while you are off to repair the omnicannon, Vaylin overwhelms the companions you left on the bridge and taunts you by threatening their lives. Before you can take any steps to fight back, a blinding light overwhelms you and you pass out.

You awake on the inner surface of the Dyson sphere, which has a post-apocalyptic look to it: technologically advanced, but covered in moss and with plant overgrowth everywhere. A strange diamond-shaped device decides to follow you around and basically serves as your temporary companion while you are unable to raise anyone on the comm. You wander around the largely abandoned area for a bit, only encountering "custodian" droids occasionally, some of them hostile, some of them neutral. There is a bonus mission here to access various "technoliths" around the area which teach you that the "planet" is called Iokath and that its former rulers enjoyed building experimental war machines. They also appear to have been very long-lived or at least good at thinking on a grand scale, as their experiments are described as stretching across millennia and involving the casual annihilation of entire civilisations.

One technolith presents you with a talking hologram that introduces itself as Aries and offers to provide you with more information but constantly seems to encounter errors when trying to do so. Torian shows up behind you, confirming that he had a similar experience to yours, passing out from the bright light and then waking alone on the surface. You also encounter some Knights of Zakuul fighting droids, presumably having been transported down from the Eternal Fleet, and get tasked to kill the lot of them... before you get any ideas about possibly wanting to co-operate with them in such a strange and hostile environment. Theron manages to reach you on the holo and informs you that he's found a safe place to gather. He also warns you however that since everyone seems to have been transported to the surface, it stands to reason that Vaylin must be about somewhere too.

The all-knowing player behind the keyboard is not kept in suspense for long, as we then cut to a shot of Vaylin waking in what appears to be something like a padded cell, only without the padding. She quickly gets angry about her imprisonment and starts using the Force to tear at the walls... when suddenly, he dead brother Thexan appears out of nowhere and tries to calm her down. Vaylin is wary of him but certainly distracted.

You meet with Theron, who's managed to get the rest of your crew together. He's been trying to find the Gravestone but his cybernetic scanners only go so far. You get a chance to talk to your remaining companions here - no proper cut scenes, but a little bit of dialogue voice-over plays when you click on them. Several of them express a feeling that you are being tested by being separated and placed in a strange environment. Vette has activated another technolith in the meantime and got Aries the hologram to tell her more about Iokath - basically the cliff notes of the codex entries you might already have uncovered earlier. It's also revealed that Zakuul was one of the worlds that was being experimented on.

A cut reveals Vaylin talking to Thexan some more, clearly torn between affection for her dead brother and scepticism about why a dead person would suddenly appear in front of her. Your chat with Aries is suddenly interrupted by Scorpio appearing on the holo. She confirms that you're all being used as test subjects and suggests working together to escape. You get interrupted once again by a bunch of droids storming your shelter, which you then have to fight off. After a drawn-out and annoying fight, Theron has the bright idea to shoot a panel that causes a force field to go up and prevents any more droids from coming in. Why couldn't you have thought of this earlier, Theron?

Vette fiddles with the technolith some more and almost accidentally opens another door. You don't know what lies behind it, but it's gotta be better than all those purifier droids, right? You eventually find another technolith, and realise that it's surrounded by lots of little capsules which appear to form a crypt for Iokath's creators. Through it, Scorpio manages to contact you again and tells you of how Iokath's own creations turned against their creators and killed them, though their memories were locked so they couldn't remember their origins.

We also see Vaylin trashing her cell and escaping, after having tricked "Thexan" into revealing that he's not really her brother. Turns out the one hiding behind Thexan's face was no other than Aries, the hologram that shared information earlier - he's not just a hologram, but another AI created by Iokath's founders, and now also the one in control of this entire world.

My Thoughts

Most of KotET's chapters stand pretty well on their own, but chapters four and five are very closely tied together, with chapter four being pretty much a set-up for everything that happens in chapter five. Because of that, not much really happens in chapter four! There isn't even a single dark/light or otherwise story-defining choice to be made here. However, I didn't even notice that myself until someone else pointed it out to me, because I was too busy admiring the pretty scenery. The overgrown parts of Iokath in particular are very good at creating an appropriate atmosphere and look beautiful to boot.

While the matter of the Gravestone, the Eternal Fleet and Scorpio's origins had come up repeatedly during Knights of the Fallen Empire, I have to admit I was kind of surprised to find KotET devoting two whole chapters to it, especially at this point. It all comes a bit out of left field and only has a fairly tenuous connection to the rest of the story in my opinion. I'd rather they had saved this particular plot thread for later and instead incorporated the scions into KotET somehow - they were one story thread that originally felt very important but then just vanished completely.

Anyway, even though the chapter's main purpose is to introduce you to Iokath and there isn't much else to it, I quite enjoyed it because Iokath is simply a fun place to be, which adds another reason to be excited about patch 5.2 (when we will return there).

Another interesting point to note is that even though both you and your companions as well as Vaylin and her subjects basically get trapped by a force more powerful than both of you here, this isn't used as an opportunity to allow both sides to find common ground or even form as much as a temporary truce. When you run into the Knights of Zakuul fighting droids, you just kill them both. At your temporary base, if you have Koth with you, he will say that a Zakuulan wanted to surrender to him but died to the droids before they could make it back together. Despite of the sheer magnitude of what you discover on Iokath, the story makes it very clear that you're supposed to still consider Vaylin your primary problem.

Onwards to Chapter 5!

Sours: https://swtorcommando.blogspot.com/2017/02/kotet-chapter-by-chapter-chapter-4.html

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12.29.2019 , 11:50 AM
Fussy: you're talking about Chapter IV of Knights of the Eternal Throne, which is in fact the *third* chapter numbered "four". (Rise of the Hutt Cartel is Chapter 4 of the pre-4.0 story. Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter IV is where you find the Gravestone. Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter IV is "Where Dreams Die".)

Second Fussy: nothing after the end of Chapter 3 (basic class story Belsavis to Corellia segment) and one tiny mission in the Rishi segment of Shadow of Revan (Chapter 5) is specific to Knights.

The encounter you're on isn't easy compared to what precedes and follows it, but:
* It's easiest, perhaps, on classes with 35m attacks (Sniper/Gunslinger and Sorc/Sage) who can just set themselves up at the upper level between the original entrance and the Technolith and blast everything from there.
* Melee classes like Jedi Knights will have to bounce around, but should, in the initial phases, concentrate on supporting Vette, especially if you haven't fed her companion gifts to raise her Influence rank.
* All characters except Warriors should raise Vette's Influence rank. (Warriors probably raised it anyway during the class story.) (Exception: start-at-60 Warriors should raise her rank because they didn't play through the class story.)
Something you find difficult is a lesson on how to play better, not a punishment for playing badly.
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