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In-Game Modes: Battle Royale Solos

“You’re the last one, complete the mission.” – Gaz, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Battle Royale Solos takes the gritty, tactical, and high-stakes action of Battle Royale and gives it a free-for-all twist.

In here, there are no squads, no teammates… It’s only you against everyone else who infiltrated into Verdansk.

Whether you come here for practice or for glory, here is what you need to know about Battle Royale Solos:

Free-For-All On a Massive Scale: Battle Royale Solos Overview

You and everyone else who are infiltrating Verdansk begin on the plane ready to jump out into the region. After the plane crosses a section of the map marked by your Tac Map, the rear loading ramp drops down and the battle begins.

Just like in Battle Royale, your objective is to be the last player standing – in other words, it’s you against up to 149 other Operators.

At the beginning of the match, the Tac Map shows the first safe area. Over multiple timed stages, this safe area will shrink due to the circle collapse until the entire area is shrouded in the toxic gas.

When your Operator drops to zero health, they die. Unless your Operator has a Self-Revive Kit, dropping to zero health will send you to The Gulag on your first death. Yes, the Gulag will still welcome in prisoners of the Warzone, but if you die in that 1v1 Gunfight – or during the second chance at survival you are given – forget any form of redeployment, you’re out for good.

The last Operator standing wins the match.

Battle Royale Solos Strategy

First – and most importantly – Battle Royale Solos is the ultimate test of individual skill, both in terms of combat and survival. With no other teammates to rely on, it’s up to you – and only you – to outlive the completion within Verdansk.

This all begins during infiltration; don’t worry about coordinating a drop point with teammates and drop whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. You can get an idea of what zones will become hot spots by paying attention to where people drop out of the plane. Keep an eye on the red smoke trails, as well as the plane passenger count found on the top right corner of the screen to gather this intel.

If you are prepared to fight from the get-go, try dropping out as soon as possible, landing within the circle, and/or following enemy players to their approximate landing point. Alternatively, if you would rather build a loadout, focus on dropping away from the circle and towards unmarked areas or Contracts.

No matter when and where you land, it’s wise to get comfortable with your starting handgun, as it is your only form of defense until you find another weapon. It will take approximately a full clip to down an enemy when aiming at their chest, and less shots if there are a few headshots thrown in. In summary, with this starting pistol, its strengths are in headshots and in close-quarters situations.

Still, this pistol may not get you too far in Verdansk, so it’s best to look for loot and Contracts immediately after landing. Ground loot is great for those looking for immediate self-defense, while Supply Boxes will usually contain much better weapons and equipment.

As for Contracts, they are slightly tuned for Solos: although they reward less cash on completion than a normal Contract, they can be easier to complete. For example, Recon Contracts have their hill time cut in half, and Bounty Contracts will still see you hunt down a single Operator, but you won’t have to worry about that Operator’s squadmates getting in the way.

With that said, there are no squadmates whatsoever in Solos, so any big fights that take place will be massive free-for-alls. If you are about to enter – or already in – and engagement involving multiple enemies, think quickly about how you can take advantage of it. Do you use the commotion to plan an escape? Or maybe let them fight until one remains, only for you to swoop in for the final kill?

These kinds of decisions also bleed over into looting and searching tactics. In general, if you see an open door, Supply Box, or a recently activated Buy Station, that may be a sign that an enemy is close by. Using your physical senses – sight and sound – effectively will also help you survive on your own, as it’s even more important to notice a sniper scope glint or a gunshot from far-away when you are all alone in Verdansk.

Along with having good judgement, successful Solos Operators know how to use any and all reconnaissance tools to their advantage. Especially pay attention to that Tac Map and Compass; red dots show enemy fire and knowing how the circle collapse could change a fight in progress or be crucial to your survival.

Furthermore, be especially thorough about finding, and equipping, reconnaissance tools such as the Recon Drone, Heartbeat Monitor, and UAV, which could provide a great advantage to you when navigating through Verdansk. The last of these tools can be bought through Buy Stations, which are active during this mode.

Speaking of Buy Stations, you can also still buy Self-Revive Kits or find them in Verdansk. Keep this in mind when fighting other Operators; usually, they will instantly die after being reduced to zero health, but if they have a kit, they have the chance to jump back up and get their revenge. With that in mind, always ensure you have a confirmed kill before turning your attention towards the next firefight.

Because there are no redeployments outside of the Gulag, it is especially important to win your 1v1 match when it happens. You can read more tips about the Gulag here, or you could play some Gunfight to practice, if you’re struggling to win those pulse-pounding duels.

Finally, winning a Solo game is a tough, yet rewarding, task, as you will have had to outlast dozens upon dozens of other players to do so. If you do win a Solo, take pride in that accomplishment.

However, an alternative way to think of Battle Royale Solos as a warm-up to a standard Battle Royale game. With no squadmates to rely on, this mode can allow you to focus on practicing basic mechanics that will translate seamlessly to a squad-based game. Although individual skill is not everything in a standard Battle Royale game, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have better accuracy and sense of survival along with being a great teammate.


Call of Duty: Warzone player comes up with a nifty Gulag trick

One Call of Duty: Warzone player has come up with a pretty bold Gulag strategy.

In the gameplay clip just below, a Call of Duty: Warzone player finds themselves in the Gulag after meeting their untimely demise on the Verdansk map. However, they're able to get the drop on the enemy player by hopping over a ledge, and scaling a wall, giving them a vantage point over roughly half the relatively small Gulag area.

Cheeky gulag strategy. Nobody ever expects you to jump on the sign. from r/CODWarzone

It's undoubtedly a bold strategy, but it's one that really pays off for the player. We can see them slaying enemies again and again in the Gulag throughout the clip just above, each time using that same tactic of giving themselves the higher ground above the other opposing player. 

However, some commenters underneath the original subreddit post dispute the advantage of the trick. There's a general feeling of the original player posting the trick being really good, way better than your average Warzone player, and therefore others feel like that this trick is out of their grip. Skill or no skill, the trick still lets you get a nice vantage point over your opponent, so it's a bonus to anyone regardless of their skill level.

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Right now, the forthcoming Season 3 update file size has actually already been revealed by developer Raven Software. The developer revealed that the update will weigh in at over 25GB for all players on all platforms, with some platforms like the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S weighing in just a little higher at 25.9GB. This 

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How Call of Duty: Warzone's Gulag Can Be Improved

The mega battle royale hit from Call of Duty has gone through some ups and downs with the gulag, so what can be improved to the 1v1 competition?

The battle royale hit Call of Duty: Warzone is in its 3rd season. The latest event took the map of Verdansk back in time for a cold war era feel. This also lead to some changes in the gulag. Almost all of the weapons have changed with the latest Warzone update, and this also impacts what is randomly given in the gulag. The level design has also drastically changed from the fan-favorite prison design that debuted with season one of Warzone.

Call of Duty got into the battle royale competition early in 2020 with Warzone, and it was an instant sensation. Smooth gameplay and new ideas propelled fighting in Verdansk to the top of a flooded battle royale market. One of these new ideas was the implementation of the gulag, a system where players could fight 1v1 for a chance to come back to the big fight. Warzone's gulag was originally a simple system of players with pistols fighting in a tiny prison bathroom, but this system did not stay simple for long.

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Not long after its debut, changes started happening frequently to Warzone's gulag. Stronger weapons were added and new maps were created to eventually turn the afterlife fight into its own separate mode. Call of Duty can go two different routes with the gulag now - either fully embrace the second-chance opportunity as a wild and different experience, or go back to the basics of what fans liked in season one. Going back to the original Warzone gulag could be seen as a step backwards by fans, so maybe steering into the ridiculousness is what Call of Duty needs to do next.

Back To The Original Gulag, Or Think Outside The Box?

Outside of weapons and level design, some new features in Warzone's gulag could be fun. Pairing players together for 2v2 or 3v3's could be irritating, yet entertaining, and pairing off with a squadmate against a rival squad for a 2v2 would make the gulag fights have even higher stakes than before. A simpler change could be the addition of a procedurally generated Warzone gulag map design. This would help a lot with less experienced Call of Duty players getting killed easily by those who know exactly where to look as soon as a gulag match starts. A set map with randomly placed items to block fields of view would put every 1v1 on even playing field.

Experienced players tend to get upset at constant changes after spending hours learning specific guns and level design, but change is not always a bad thing. Warzone has done a good job of making fun changes to keep fans engaged without shaking up the foundation of the game. Whatever Call of Duty Warzone decides to do in their battle royal juggernaut, not everyone is going to agree completely on what should happen next, especially when time is of the essence in the gulag.

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The Gulag - Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag - weapons, throwing rocks, and more

Call of Duty: Warzone has a special way to respawn - 1v1s in the Gulag. Here’s how it works.

When you’re first eliminated, you get the chance to take on an enemy 1v1 in the Gulag. We’ll be giving you the lowdown on how to secure victory there.

Call of Duty: Warzone - What is the Gulag?

Upon your first death, you’ll become a ‘prison of Warzone’. You’ll be added to the queue of fighters and spectate as others fight to the death in a 1v1 arena. If you win, you’re redeployed. Pretty simple.

If you lose your 1v1, you’ll have to rely on your squadmates. They can try to find and complete contracts to earn in-game cash, $4500 of which can then be spent to redeploy you as well, but you’d obviously rather just get back into the game through a prison scrap.

The Gulag works just like a 1v1 Gunfight, so if you have Modern Warfare you can easily get some practice in there. The loadouts available in the Gulag have been updated to include a random selection of one of the below Assault Rifles and SMGs. Your opponent will always spawn with the exact same loadout as you too, so no complaining.

  • Kilo 141
  • M4A1
  • AK-47
  • M13
  • FN SCAR 17
  • Ram-7
  • MP5
  • AUG
  • P90
  • Striker 45

Top stuff.

If you fail to win your Gulag faceoff, it’ll cost your pals $4500 Cash to buy you back into the game, which is pretty pricy, but it's usually worth it to have an extra friend in-game.

We've got some gameplay to show you of us winning a scrap in the Gulag and respawning into the map below.

Does throwing rocks do anything in the Gulag?

Throwing rocks in the Gulag deals a bit of damage to enemies, stunning them ever so slightly in the process.

Before gunfights in the Gulag, you'll be able to spectate other people's battles. Whem doing this, you'll have the opportunity to punch fellow spectators and chuck rocks at the current fighters. It's pretty tough to land a good hit, but if you do you'll deal 1 point of damage (out of 100) and slightly stun them. If you and a squadmate are in the Gulag at the same time you can try to distract their opponent by doing this, as well as giving quick callouts of the enemy's location.

More stuff is possible though - Reddit user CJLito managed to secure a kill on an enemy by lobbing a rock at their claymore mine. Definitely worth doing to annoy your fellow inmates.

Killed someone in the Gulag by throwing a rock at their claymore. from r/CODWarzone

We’ll have tips and tricks on surviving in the Gulag once we’ve had a chance with it too. In the meantime, check out which vehicles are available in Warzone, as well as our guide on crossplay and cross save in Warzone.


Gameplay gulag

MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: The Gulag Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

The remastered campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is live on PS4 and is to be released on PC and Xbox on April 30th.

In this article, find a full walkthrough of The Gulag mission along with some handy tips to help you rescue prisoner 627 in record time.

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Mission Walkthrough

As soon as you have secured control of the oil rigs, you and the task force are straight back into the action as you begin the assault on the gulag. Armed with a sniper rifle from the helicopter, focus on the enemies on the turrets to enable the choppers to land inside the walls.

MW2 Campaign Remastered Gulag Walkthrough
click to enlarge
+ 6

Once the 141 has landed on the ground, take down the enemies holding the upper walls so you can begin pushing on the entrance to the inside of the gulag.

TIP: Deal with these enemies quickly as there is minimal cover to utilise, meaning speed and movement is key.

MW2 Campaign Remastered The Gulag Veteran
click to enlarge
+ 6

Follow MacTavish into the second level of the cells and take out the opposition fighters on the other side of the gate while Ghost gets to grips with the ancient hardware. Head down to the weapon armoury.

Use this moment to arm yourself with a shotgun for those close-quarters engagements. With Ghost unable to open the doors, leaving you pinned in the armoury, grab a riot shield and fend off the surrounding enemies as Ghost opens the door.

MW2 remastered the gulag
click to enlarge
+ 6

Now free from the armoury, continue moving through the cellblocks and rappel to the very bottom of the gulag.

Now with night vision goggles equipped, continue the search through the cells while taking out anyone resisting the offence.

MW2 Remastered The Gulag Mission guide
click to enlarge
+ 6

After another close call from the Navy, push through the pipeline network and prepare to breach into the showers of the gulag.

Head towards the left side of the gulag for maximum cover and clear lines of sight onto the enemies in the second part of the showers.

TIP: To deal with the riot shields quickly, flank them from either side of the showers or cook your frag grenades and bounce them off a wall to take them out quickly.

Once the riot shields are dealt with, eliminate any enemies left standing on the upper floors before making your move down the hole at the furthest end of the showers. Now in the old tunnel system, make your way to the wall where you are about to rescue prisoner 627.

MW2 Remastered Captain Price
click to enlarge
+ 6

Before you have a chance to engage in a target, the prisoner knocks you straight to the ground and points an AK47 into your face.

Before things escalate, it turns out that prisoner 627 is revered captain from the first Modern Warfare game, Captain Price.

MW2 remastered the gulag mission walkthrough veteran difficulty
click to enlarge
+ 6

By this time, the Navy has run out of patience and begins the offence early, sending parts of the building to the ground.

With a seemingly clean run to the chopper outside, a large pile of rubble falls and blocks off the exit, forcing you to take an alternative route out of the gulag.

Roach gets knocked to the ground by some rubble while MacTavish fires a flare to attract the attention of the helicopter. Clip onto the rope and be whisked out of the gulag just before it comes crashing down.


Read More: MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: Of Their Own Accord Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

Obtainable Trophies/Achievements

  •  Soap on a Rope – Storm the gulag.
  • Prisoner 627 – Complete “The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday” and “The Gulag” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Unnecessary Roughness – Use a Riot shield to beat down an enemy. 
  • Knock-knock – Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach.

Intel Locations

  • Intel #1 – Head up the staircase located outside the entrance of the gulag.The laptop is on top of some filing cabinets. 
  • Intel #2 – Behind the televisions in the first control room. The laptop is on the desk. 
  • Intel #3 – When clearing out the first wave of cells, look for cell 327. The laptop is inside the cell on a table. 
  • Intel #4 – After rescuing Price, the laptop is on the table behind you.
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The Gulag - Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Warzone | Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Warzone Gulag Tips & Guide

Read this Call of Duty: Warzone guide to learn more about how to survive the Gulag! Find out how to redeploy in Battle Royale mode, including fight tips, gulag rules, gulag gameplay tips & more!!

Table of Contents

Warzone Guide Articles

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Warzone Gulag Rules & Overview

Get Captured After Dying

Get Captured After Dying

Dying for the first time in Battle Royale will cause you to get captured and sent straight to the Gulag. Here, you will face off against other "captured" players in an attempt to redeploy back into Verdansk!

Only Available in Battle Royale

Only Available in Battle Royale

Keep in mind that the Gulag mechanic will only be available in Battle Royale mode. Dying in Plunder will not send you to the Gulag!

Check Out the Battle Royale Guide Here!

Win a 1v1 to Redeploy

Win a 1v1 to Redeploy

The Gulag pits you against another captured player in a 1v1 match. The player to win that 1v1 match will be allowed to redeploy into the battlefield, and continue fighting in the Battle Royale.

Check Out How to Redeploy Here!

There Is A Time Limit to the 1v1

Keep in mind that there is a time limit to the 1v1. You will be given 15 seconds to eliminate you opponent. If no one is dead when the time reaches 0, a flag will spawn in the middle of the map. Either capture the flag or kill your opponent to win.

Can Only Redeploy Once

You will only be sent to the Gulag once. If you die again during the match, you will not be sent back to the Gulag. You will need to ask your squadmates to redeploy you at Buy Stations in order for you to respawn into the game.

Closes in the Endgame

After the 4th or 5th circle, the Gulag will close. You will be notified on your HUD when the Gulag will not take any more prisoners. This makes players in the endgame prioritize survival instead of running and gunning, knowing they can respawn if they're sent to the Gulag!

Gulag Survival Gameplay & Tips

Study the Gulag Layout

It is important to know the layout of the map when participating in a 1-on-1 match. This helps you keep your guard up and keep a watchful eye on potential blind spots. Map knowledge will also let you take advantage of cover areas, choke points, and the like!

Gulag Map Variant 1

Gulag Map Variant 1

Features tight and cramped spaces on either side. Not well suited to long range firefights. The center area provides tons of cover to run around when the overtime flag spawns.

Gulag Map Variant 2

Gulag Map Variant 2

Not much obstacles on either spawn point, which means rushing at the spawn points leaves no cover. Central area is a circular shower stall, which has two exits, allowing you to move in and out of cover easily.

Gulag Map Variant 3

Gulag Map Variant 3

Layout of this map favors close range fights more than anything else. Spawn points will feature a few shower stalls which you can use to kite the enemy, and for cover.

Strategize According to Loadout

Strategize According to Loadout

The loadout you are given will be random each match. Check to see what weapons and equipment you are given, and plan accordingly.

Gulag Loadouts Are Now Drawn From A Pool (May 19)

After the version 1.21.1 update, Loadouts will now randomly choose from 6 ARs and 4 SMGs. It will be all automatic, no burst or single fire guns included. Familiarize yourself with these to gain an edge!

Gulag Loadout Weapons List

Check out Update Version 1.21.1 Patch Guide here!

Flush Out Enemies Using Equipment

Flush Out Enemies Using Equipment

Your equipment, is just as important as your main weapon! You can chuck stun grenades at enemies to disorient them, or flush out camping enemies with frags! This is a great way to force them out of hiding spots, and give yourself the advantage!

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Support Teammates During Matches

Support Teammates During Matches

If you ever find yourself watching your teammate's matches while waiting for yours, you can throw rocks at the enemy. Hitting an enemy with a rock will deal minimal damage, but also stuns them briefly, giving your teammate a brief window to capitalize.

Destroy Enemy Explosives With Rocks

You can also use your handy rocks to destroy any lethal equipment enemies have placed. These include Claymores, C4s, and even Mines! If you time it right, you can cause the equipment to explode when the enemy is near, giving your teammate the win!

Tag Enemies With Spray to Mark Them

Tag Enemies With Spray to Mark Them

While waiting for you match, use your spray to mark enemies in bright colors. This will make them stand out against the dull colors of the Gulag map. Having them in bright colors will allow you to easily spot them while fighting in the Gulag!

SOURCE: PublicWest's post on the Official CODWarzone Reddit!!

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