Lego mixels


2014 comedy animated television series


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Created byJohn Fang
David P. Smith
Story by
  • David P. Smith and John Fang (S01E21–22 only)
  • Jordan Reicheck (Season 2)
Directed by
  • John Fang (Season 1)
  • Jordan Reicheck (Season 2)
Creative directorDavid P. Smith (Season 1 only)
Voices of(See Characters)
Country of originUnited States
Original languagesEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes31
Executive producers
  • Pernelle Hayes (Season 1; S02, eps. 1–7)
  • Donna Smith (Season 2, eps. 7–9)
  • Supervising producers: John Fang (S01), and Jordan Reicheck (Season 2)
  • Rob Getzschman
  • Tony Tedford (only in "Mixed Up Special")
Running time
  • 30 seconds–3 minutes (shorts)
    5–9 minutes (minisodes)
    21–22 minutes (specials)
Production companies
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkCartoon Network
Original releaseFebruary 12, 2014 (2014-02-12) –
October 1, 2016 (2016-10-01)

Mixels is an American-Danish comedy animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network, co-produced by The Lego Group and Cartoon Network Studios.[1] The series first aired on February 12, 2014, with a new episode of Teen Titans Go!. The series revolves around the Mixels, small creatures that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable storylines. Although previous Lego series, such as Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and Legends of Chima use CGI animation, Mixels made use of Toon Boom Harmony software, which is animated at Atomic Cartoons, Inc., before later being animated traditionally at Digital eMation, Inc., Big Star Entertainment, Inc., and Saerom Animation, Inc..

A mobile app was released for the series on March 4, 2014, named Calling All Mixels, and even earlier two websites, one on the LEGO website and another owned by Cartoon Network, were launched where fans can learn about the Mixels. Nine series of collectible Lego building toys were released, based on the characters. On February 19, 2014, the series began airing as an interstitial program on Boomerang, and still currently airs as such.

The TV series wrapped up production in July 2016, and the series finale aired on October 1, 2016, marking the end of the franchise, bar references in Uncle Grandpa[2] and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.[3]


Mixels involves many different, fun-loving tribes—each tribe having a different color scheme—who inhabit a fantasy land of adventure and wonder. They can Mix (combining two Mixels), Max (combining all three Mixels of the same tribe), and Murp (when a mix goes horribly wrong) in all kinds of situations, using the mysterious Cubits. All that stands in their way are the small, evil, discolored Nixels led by the tall King Nixel.



Series 1

  • Flain (voiced by Tom Kenny): a smart and brave Mixel with a head prone to fire.
  • Vulk (voiced by Jess Harnell): a dim-witted but lovable Mixel with super-heated fingers.
  • Zorch (voiced by David P. Smith[disambiguation needed]): a super-speedy prankster aided by his fiery jet boosters.
  • Krader (voiced by David P. Smith[disambiguation needed]): a tough Mixel with a giant hand and a short temper.
  • Seismo (voiced by Tom Kenny): a lanky, nervous Mixel who can cause earthquakes with his massive feet.
  • Shuff (voiced by Jess Harnell): a not-so-bright Mixel with a kind heart and a body like a living wrecking ball.
  • Teslo (voiced by Tom Kenny): a super-smart Mixel with a fear of heights and an electric tail.
  • Zaptor (voiced by Jess Harnell): a quirky and highly charged adrenaline junkie with a deep love for Hamlogna sandwiches.
  • Volectro (voiced by David P. Smith[disambiguation needed]): a hyper and energetic Mixel with a static-charged hairdo.

Series 2

  • Flurr (voiced by Phil LaMarr) − Flurr is the leader of the chilled-out tribe of Frosticons, a blue Mixel tribe that hails from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. Flurr is the only tribe member who never seems sleepy and this curious creature likes to fly around and explore Frosticon lands. Flurr is great at spotting invading Nixels far away but sometimes misses the most obvious things!
  • Slumbo (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) − Slumbo is the sleepiest and dreamiest of the Frosticons, a blue Mixel tribe which hails from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. It takes an earthquake to wake this guy up, but when Slumbo is awake, this lazy Frosticon has the muscle to move giant objects and create obstacles for Nixels. But beware, Slumbo can get brain freeze from making ice tunnels.
  • Lunk (voiced by Billy West) − The unbelievably slow Lunk makes other members of the permanently chilled-out Frosticon tribe seem positively energetic. Lunk might not be the brainiest, or the most graceful when waddling along ice balancing on his stubby hands, but that thick ice exoskeleton makes this Mixel incredibly durable. And one sneeze from Lunk can instantly freeze a Nixel in an ice cube.
Fang Gang
  • Jawg (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) − Fiercely loyal, he'll use his indestructible teeth to protect his friends.
  • Gobba (voiced by Billy West) − His whip-like tongue has a super sense of taste that is amazingly accurate.
  • Chomly (voiced by Phil LaMarr) − A lethargic trash compactor, he'll eat just about anything that's not nailed down.
  • Kraw (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) − He loves to stretch his intellect in a battle of wits, but he also just loves to stretch and bounce.
  • Tentro (voiced by Phil LaMarr) − Although he suffers from a lack of confidence, his tentacles make him powerful and versatile.
  • Balk (voiced by Billy West) − He uses his head as a rubber mallet, but he may have knocked a few screws loose.

Series 3

Glorp Corp
  • Glomp (voiced by Matt Taylor) − He's always hatching some crazy plan, but the real thing to watch out for is his runny nose!
  • Glurt (voiced by Bumper Robinson) − The avid garbage collector, if it's old, worn out, and smelly, he has a name for it: LUNCH!
  • Torts (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) − This slow-moving guy has some super-gooey hands. Great for catching Nixels, not so much for high-fives.
  • Scorpi (voiced by Maria Bamford) − Don't get stung by Scorpi, the super-cute but super-skittish member with a spike-ended tail for defense.
  • Footi (voiced by Bumper Robinson) − Keep on moving with Footi, with spiny legs and gargantuan feet for dancing.
  • Hoogi (voiced by Matt Taylor) − Lend a helping hand with Hoogi, with huge hands for crashing and smashing... and hugs.
  • Magnifo (voiced by Brian Stepanek) − Say Abracadabra to Magnifo, the magician who wields two magic wands and is the star of the shows.
  • Mesmo (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) − Fly along with Mesmo, Magnifo's assistant who lacks in showmanship but is loyal.
  • Wizwuz (voiced by Bumper Robinson) − Burp out with Wizwuz, the fun-loving member of the tribe.

Series 4

  • Niksput (voiced by Andrew Kishino) − Despite having the charm and charisma of a leading man, his mind is slow, to the point of bravely leaping into any danger before realizing how terrified he is.
  • Nurp-Naut (voiced by Justin Grollman for Nurp, and Rodger Bumpass for Naut) − Nurp-Naut has a bad case of split personality with his double-face head! One face of him, Nurp is an innocent baby; the other, Naut, is a wise old man! This makes him very forgetful and accident-prone, as a side effect.
  • Rokit (voiced by Phil Hayes) − The trooper of the Orbitons does everything as if his life depends on it, whether it's petting a kitten, or eating some pizza. One of Rokit's biggest pet peeves is that none of the other Mixels mimic his extreme lifestyle.
Infernite Cousins
  • Meltus (voiced by Jess Harnell): a shy and nervous Mixel who is allergic to almost everything.
  • Flamzer (voiced by Rodger Bumpass): a dramatic and anxious Mixel who can move quickly.
  • Burnard (voiced by Jess Harnell): a mischievous Mixel who finds everything funny.
  • Globert (voiced by Dave Fennoy) − Globert claims to wow and impress any audience, and with his glow-in-the-dark eye, that's not hard to do! He loves to perform, and is the tribe's ultimate exhibitionist.
  • Vampos (voiced by Sam Riegel) − Vampos is the ultimate sports nut. He loves any sport, from rockball to acrobatics, and he's good at all of these, too! He is also said to be very relaxed and calm.
  • Boogly (voiced by Dave Fennoy) − Boogly is, well, a snob. He claims to have done everything there is, so nothing impresses him. He is always complaining, and is very critical.

Series 5

Frosticon Cousins

Series 6

Glorp Corp Cousins

Series 7

Mixopolis City Police Department

Series 8

Mixopolis City Fire Department

Series 9

  • Gobbol −
  • Sweepz −
  • Compax −



Nixels (all voiced by Fred Tatasciore) are creatures who are enemies of the Mixels, and like to destroy any combinations that the Mixels create. This is because they consider themselves far superior to the Mixels, but are only able to say quite a few words. Their white faces can pop out of their bodies and walk around (with no arms).

  • Major Nixel (voiced by Fred Tatasciore, later Rodger Bumpass, and currently Peter Jason) − Major Nixel is the military leader of the Nixels. Unlike the other Nixels, he is capable of speech. He treats the other Nixels like a tornado treats cars, throwing and kicking them to steal cubits.
  • King Nixel (voiced by Phil Hayes, later by Steve Blum) − The true leader of the Nixels.

Other characters

Glorp Corp










Series overview

Season 1 (2014)

Season 2 (2015–16)


Lego Mixels

Mixels sets.jpg

3 of the sets from Series 1: Flain, Volectro, & Seismo.

SubjectLego Mixels toys
Licensed fromThe Lego Group
Total sets90 (all have been released)[4]
Official website

Lego Mixels is a Lego theme based on a variety of tribes living in a fantastical diverse world and are small creatures that can mix and combine with one another to create new characters. The theme was first introduced in 2014. It was eventually discontinued by the end of 2016.


The Lego Group handles all toy merchandise for the Mixels franchise, and Cartoon Network handles all non-toy merchandising. The Lego Mixels buildable collectible figurines went on sale on March 1, 2014, for a retail price of $5 each. Each character has their own set, and nine were released as part of series one. For each tribe, one of the three sets will contain a Nixel. Series 2 was released at the end of May, and Series 3 was released at the end of August. Series 4 was released on February 1, 2015.[5]


Lego designer Gemma Anderson explained the importance of the Max figure in designing each tribe’s individual figures and stating, "During the sketching phase, I would consider what the tribe theme is and then work out what the max could be, at the same time wondering how I can use certain parts from the Max in the 3 small Mixels. It’s often a case of going back and forth between the 3 models and the Max." Anderson also highlighted the importance in the characters’ faces in capturing a unique personality and explained, "The eyes and mouths are a huge part of the personality of the Mixel, changing the eyebrows for example can drastically change the expressions from sad to happy, or even angry! We would often brainstorm on the names of the character; some of them might be inside jokes with the team. One example is ‘Tuth’ in Series 8, it was a joke in the team that me being from Wales, I pronounce some words a little differently, such as ‘tooth’ sounding more like ‘tuth’. We decided during the naming process we would try to name that one Mixel how I pronounce it (And we succeeded!)."[6]

Construction sets

According to Bricklink, The Lego Group released 90 playsets as part of the Lego Mixels theme.[4] The product line was eventually discontinued by the end of 2016.[7]

Series 1

Series 1 was released on March 1, 2014, and consists of the Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Infernite #0 41500 Flain March 1, 2014 58 pieces
Infernite #1 41501 Vulk and Nixel March 1, 2014 69 pieces
Infernite #2 41502 Zorch March 1, 2014 45 pieces
Cragster #3 41503 Krader and Nixel March 1, 2014 66 pieces
Cragster #4 41504 Seismo March 1, 2014 50 pieces
Cragster #5 41505 Shuff March 1, 2014 51 pieces
Electroid #6 41506 Teslo and Nixel March 1, 2014 54 pieces
Electroid #7 41507 Zaptor March 1, 2014 61 pieces
Electroid #8 41508 Volectro March 1, 2014 70 pieces
Series 2

Series 2 was released on June 1, 2014, and consists of the Frosticons, the Fang Gang, and the Flexers.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Frosticon #9 41509 Slumbo and Nixel June 1, 2014 61 pieces
Frosticon #10 41510 Lunk June 1, 2014 51 pieces
Frosticon #11 41511 Flurr June 1, 2014 46 pieces
Fang Gang#12 41512 Chomly and Nixel June 1, 2014 68 pieces
Fang Gang#13 41513 Gobba June 1, 2014 57 pieces
Fang Gang#14 41514 Jawg June 1, 2014 61 pieces
Flexer #15 41515 Kraw June 1, 2014 70 pieces
Flexer #16 41516 Tentro June 1, 2014 69 pieces
Flexer #17 41517 Balk and Nixel June 1, 2014 68 pieces
Series 3

Series 3 was released on September 1, 2014, and consists of the Glorp Corp, the Spikels, and the Wiztastics.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Glorp Corp #18 41518 Glomp September 1, 2014 64 pieces
Glorp Corp #19 41519 Glurt and Nixel September 1, 2014 62 pieces
Glorp Corp #20 41520 Torts September 1, 2014 48 pieces
Spikel #21 41521 Footi September 1, 2014 72 pieces
Spikel #22 41522 Scorpi September 1, 2014 70 pieces
Spikel #23 41523 Hoogi and Nixel September 1, 2014 69 pieces
Wiztastic#24 41524 Mesmo September 1, 2014 64 pieces
Wiztastic#25 41525 Magnifo and Nixel September 1, 2014 61 pieces
Wiztastic#26 41526 Wizwuz September 1, 2014 70 pieces
Series 4

Series 4 was released on February 1, 2015, and consists of the Orbitons, the Infernite Cousins, and the Glowkies.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Orbiton #27 41527 Rokit and Nixel February 1, 2015 66 pieces
Orbiton #28 41528 Niksput February 1, 2015 62 pieces
Orbiton #29 41529 Nurp-Naut February 1, 2015 52 pieces
Infernite #30 41530 Meltus February 1, 2015 66 pieces
Infernite #31 41531 Flamzer and Nixel February 1, 2015 60 pieces
Infernite #32 41532 Burnard February 1, 2015 58 pieces
Glowkie#33 41533 Globert February 1, 2015 45 pieces
Glowkie#34 41534 Vampos and Nixel February 1, 2015 59 pieces
Glowkie#35 41535 Boogly February 1, 2015 52 pieces
Series 5

Series 5 was released on June 1, 2015. The two new tribes of this series are called the "Klinkers" and the "Lixers", along with three new Frosticons.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Klinker #36 41536 Gox and Nixel June 1, 2015 62 pieces
Klinker #37 41537 Jinky June 1, 2015 59 pieces
Klinker #38 41538 Kamzo June 1, 2015 58 pieces
Frosticon #39 41539 Krog and Nixel June 1, 2015 60 pieces
Frosticon #40 41540 Chilbo June 1, 2015 65 pieces
Frosticon #41 41541 Snoof June 1, 2015 52 pieces
Lixer #42 41542 Spugg June 1, 2015 51 pieces
Lixer #43 41543 Turg and Nixel June 1, 2015 56 pieces
Lixer #44 41544 Tungster June 1, 2015 60 pieces
Series 6

Series 6 was released on October 1, 2015. The two new tribes of this series are the "Weldos" and the "Munchos", along with three new Glorp Corp members.[8]

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Weldo #45 41545 Kramm October 1, 2015 68 pieces
Weldo #46 41546 Forx October 1, 2015 65 pieces
Weldo #47 41547 Wuzzo and King Nixel October 1, 2015 74 pieces
Glorp Corp #48 41548 Dribbal October 1, 2015 52 pieces
Glorp Corp #49 41549 Gurggle October 1, 2015 66 pieces
Glorp Corp #50 41550 Slusho and Nixel October 1, 2015 53 pieces
Muncho #51 41551 Snax October 1, 2015 51 pieces
Muncho #52 41552 Berp and Nixel October 1, 2015 68 pieces
Muncho #53 41553 Vaka-Waka October 1, 2015 69 pieces
Series 7

Series 7 was released on February 1, 2016, and consists of the MCPD (Mixopolis City Police Department), the Medivals, and the Mixies.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
MCPD#54 41554 Kuffs February 1, 2016 63 pieces
MCPD#55 41555 Busto and Nixel February 1, 2016 69 pieces
MCPD#56 41556 Tiketz February 1, 2016 62 pieces
Medival #57 41557 Camillot February 1, 2016 64 pieces
Medival #58 41558 Mixadel February 1, 2016 63 pieces
Medival #59 41559 Paladum and Nixel February 1, 2016 64 pieces
Mixie #60 41560 Jamzy and Nixel February 1, 2016 70 pieces
Mixie #61 41561 Tapsy February 1, 2016 57 pieces
Mixie #62 41562 Trumpsy February 1, 2016 54 pieces
Series 8

Series 8 was released on June 1, 2016, and consists of the MCFD (Mixopolis City Fire Department), the Pyrratz, and the Medix.

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
MCFD #63 41563 Splasho June 1, 2016 67 pieces
MCFD #64 41564 Aquad June 1, 2016 70 pieces
MCFD #65 41565 Hydro and Nixel June 1, 2016 70 pieces
Pyrrat#66 41566 Sharx June 1, 2016 55 pieces
Pyrrat#67 41567 Skulzy and Nixel June 1, 2016 66 pieces
Pyrrat#68 41568 Lewt June 1, 2016 62 pieces
Medix #69 41569 Surgeo June 1, 2016 63 pieces
Medix #70 41570 Skrubz and Nixel June 1, 2016 68 pieces
Medix #71 41571 Tuth June 1, 2016 67 pieces
Series 9

Series 9 – the final series of the line – was released on October 1, 2016, and consists of the Trashoz, the Nindjas, and the Newzers.[9]

Tribe Number Reference Name Released Notes
Trasho#72 41572 Gobbol and Nixel October 1, 2016 62 pieces
Trasho#73 41573 Sweepz October 1, 2016 61 pieces
Trasho#74 41574 Compax October 1, 2016 66 pieces
Nindja#75 41575 Cobrax and Nixel October 1, 2016 64 pieces
Nindja#76 41576 Spinza October 1, 2016 60 pieces
Nindja#77 41577 Mysto October 1, 2016 64 pieces
Newzer#78 41578 Screeno October 1, 2016 73 pieces
Newzer#79 41579 Camsta and Nixel October 1, 2016 62 pieces
Newzer#80 41580 Myke October 1, 2016 63 pieces


Shortly after Cartoon Network announced that the episode "Nixel Nixel Go Away" will be the series finale, The Lego Group cancelled production of the toy line. As a result, the theme was discontinued.[10][11]


In 2014, Mixels won in the "Pocket Money" category at the London Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards.[12]

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Wheel into trash-clearing action with Gobbol, the Trashoz tribe member with a double-opening mouth and dumpster body to swallow even the oddest-shaped garbage. This lovable, posable Mixel figure comes with 2 fish elements that fit in its mouth. For more building and role-play fun, collect all 3 Trashoz featured in LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 9 to create the MAX.

  • Keep the streets of Mixopolis clean with Gobbol, the LEGO® MIXELS™ Trashoz tribe member who can digest just about anything.
  • Gobbol features a garbage dumpster body, a large double-opening mouth, 4 wheels and posable joints, plus 2 fish elements that can fit in the mouth for extra play.
  • Collect all 3 Trashoz in LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 9 to build the MAX!
  • Go to for exclusive building instructions, games, animations and much more. Ask your parents' or guardians' permission before going online.
  • Watch all your favorite MIXELS™ characters on Cartoon Network.
  • This set includes an age-appropriate building experience for ages 6 and over.
  • Stands over 2” (6cm) tall.
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No. in series


Original US airdate



Infernites MAX!


Zorch, Vulk and Flain find a group of four plowers and react with delight! But who will get the last plower?!


Electroids MAX!


The three Electroids are fending off a huge swarm of pestering Nixels. Will Zaptor, Teslo, and Volectro be able to fend off the Nixels before it's too late?


Cragsters MAX!


Shuff, Seismo, and Krader are out having fun smashing rocks. But one boulder is unbreakable, how will our industrious Cragsters smash it open?


Jawg & Lunk Murp


Lunk and Slumbo are trying to rest, but Jawg has a stick and wants to play fetch! Watch what happens when Lunk finally throws the stick for him but Jawg returns with a cubit!


Kraw & Flurr Mix!


HAMLOGNE SANDWICH! Flurr and Kraw use a Cubit to get the last hamlogne sandwich, will they mix fast enough before Chomly chomps it?


Gobba & Tentro Mix!


Balk, Gobba and Tentro are having a diving contest! Will Balk and Tenro’s mix will impress the Nixel judges?


Glorp Corp Max


Glomp, Glurt and Torts from the Glorp Corp need to MAX to help Footi out with the pestering Nixels. Will they fix it with a mix it?


Scorpi & Torts Mix


Watch newest Mixel's mini clip as Scorpi and Torts have fun!


Wiztastics Max!


Magnifo is ready to demonstrate the most spectacular show ever seen on Planet Mixel but the Nixels are playing tricks on him. Will the Wiztastics Max fix it or will the Nixels steal the show?


Niksput and Burnard Mix


Watch as Niksput attempts to basketboard – skate boarding while trying to shoot a basketball through a hoop! Will Burnard need to help Niksput make the basket, or will he make it by himself?


Snoof and Tungster Mix!


From LEGO Mixels Series 5 - Tungster is licking a tasty popsicle-tree perched on the side of a frozen cliff. Snoof shows up at the base of the cliff and wants some too! Unfortunately, Snoof cannot climb up the icy, slippery cliff to reach the popsicle-tree. Watch as Snoof and Tungster mix to find a solution!


Junkyard Go-Kart Murp


Jinky and Kamzo are at the junkyard building a go-kart! They think square wheels would work the best on the go-kart. Chilbo points out that the go-kart would not be able to move with square wheels, and tries to replace them. Watch as Jinky, Kamzo and Chilbo argue over the go-kart wheels, and what happens when a cubit gets involved!


Lixers Max in the Kitchen!9/2/15

Mixels - Series 5 - The Lixers are getting hungry and decide to bake a delicious cake! Once the Lixers pull the cake out of the oven, they notice that the area is a total mess. Dirty dishes, dough, and bits of frosting are all over the place! Watch as the Lixers combine to a max to clean the kitchen!


The Weldos MAX at Work!


The Weldos are at the construction site and need to break down a building! Unfortunately, they are too slow! The Weldos want to finish the project by the time work is over. Watch as the Weldos MAX come up with a solution!


The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch!


The Munchos are very hungry and are enjoying eating a large pizza, however; they can’t eat the whole thing separately! Watch as the Munchos MAX to see if they can finish the pizza!


Wild Cookeroni Chase in Downtown Mixopolis!


A cookeroni on the run resulted in a dramatic high-speed chase, which put all of Mixopolis into a frenzy yesterday afternoon. The incident happened when Paladum the flying horse collided with a Nixel, and dropped the cookeroni on Kuffs’ police helmet. Reportedly nobody was injured during the chase.


The Music Prank


It's show time for the Mixies at the downtown stage and everyone is waiting for them to start. When Tiketz arrives, Trumpsy decides to prank him, playing a siren noise as he runs around. Next up, Busto gets the prank treatment from Tapsy, sounding like a bass drum as he waddles. But the jig is up when Kuffs suddenly appears and busts Trumpsy red-handed! Booo-hooo…


Attempted Bank Robbery


Late last night, three pirates snuck into Mixopolis and attempted to rob the city’s bank; but they didn’t get far. Three local doctors, who were hiding inside the bank vault, gave the pirates such a scare that it is highly unlikely those pirates will return to the city any time soon.


Strange Medix Mixels experiment creates new Mixels Max


Surgeo, Skrubz, and Tuth, the three Medix Mixels, attempt to bring to life an entirely new Mixels Max. All they need are some parts from the three Mixopolis City Fire Department (MCFD) Mixels and Skrubz' defibrillator. But will the experiment work? And what Max will result from it?


Nindjas vs. Trashoz


The three Mixels Nindjas get ready for their daily exercise. Enter three curious Trashoz Mixels who are all too eager to take out the trash, and things are bound to get a little messy.


Nindja in an Epic Ice Sculpture Fail


Chop, chop, chop – Mixels Nindja Spinza's attempt to carve a beautiful ice sculpture ends an epic fail.



Mixels lego



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