Pipetting accessories

Pipetting Accessories

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Pipettes & Accessories

Pipettes, tips and accessories

Pipetting is one of the most common tasks in the laboratory. The right choice of pipette is crucial to perform repetitive tasks accurately and without effort. Microliter pipettes from Eppendorf are perfect ergonomic work tools for industry, research and diagnostics in variable versions from 0.1 µl to 2500 µl.

Brand pipette and filter tips feature a consistently high level of quality. For example, they are manufactured without plasticizers, are free of DiHEMDA and oleamide, and are characterized by cadmium-free color pigments. All tips and filter tips up to 1000 µl are free of DNA (< 40 fg), RNase (< 8.6 fg), endotoxins (< 1 pg) and ATP (< 1 fg).

We carry traditional glass or plastic pipettes as well as state-of-the-art single-channel, multi-channel and adjustable spacer pipettes. In the product portfolio below you will also find graduated pipettes, microliter pipettes, bulb pipettes and practical pipette accessories.

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Depress the plunger to the first stop, immerse the tip into the liquid, and aspirate by releasing the plunger. Remove the pipette from the liquid and depress the plunger to the second stop to dispense the entire contents. Standard (or forward) mode pipetting yields better accuracy and precision than reverse mode for all but viscous or volatile liquids. Reverse mode often results in over-delivery. Hence, it’s recommended to evaluate the effect of possible over-delivery in the experiment and make adjustments if needed.

In this experiment 200µL of  viscous liquid (glycerol) was pipetted 10 times by using both forward and reverse pipetting techniques. The pipette used was adjusted for glycerol using forward pipetting. The chart describes the accuracy and precision obtained with both techniques.

Using the reverse method a smaller deviation between doses was observed and therefore reduced imprecision.

The reverse method gave bigger doses as the liquid column in the tip is taller and therefore the liquid amount above the dose presses a larger dose out.

Sours: https://www.thermofisher.com/us/en/home/life-science/lab-plasticware-supplies/lab-plasticware-supplies-learning-center/lab-plasticware-supplies-resource-library/fundamentals-of-pipetting/proper-pipetting-techniques/10-steps-to-improve-pipetting-accuracy.html

Perfect Addition To Your Laboratory: Pipette Accessories

Pipette accessories are used to organize pipettes, maintain a clean and safe lab environment, and help make the pipetting process efficient and controlled. This post will highlight a few pipette accessories that would make great additions to your laboratory setting.

Pipettor Workstation With Disposable Tip Bins

A few common pipette accessories include the following items. The Clear Acrylic Manual Pipet Rack with Angled Four Shelf Compartments protects and stores delicate pipettes. This organizer has four angled shelved compartments to store your 0.1 to 25 mL pipettes, allowing easy access while preventing damage and clutter. The Pipettor Workstation with Disposable Tip Bins will organize your pipettes and disposable tips together in one unique stand. The acrylic rack will hold up to four pipettors on the top shelf while holding a variety of pipette tips on the dual bins below.

Another accessory is the Rubber Bulbs for Large Pipets and Syringes, allowing easier use during the pipetting process. The 150 mL capacity bulb has reinforcing ribs for use with large pipettes. Also, the Pipette Tip Disposal Box has a quick flip cover that makes ejecting pipette tips easy. This disposable box eliminates the need to handle pipette tips and can be used with one-hand disposal.

The BrandTech Reagent Reservoir with Lid is made from heavy-duty polypropylene to withstand repeated autoclaving. This unit can be used with all multi-channel pipettes and has a volume measurement of 60 mL. The lids are included to help protect from sample contamination. Contaminated samples can cause many problems in the laboratory.

BrandTech Reagent Reservoir, Non-Sterile, With Lid

Additional pipette accessories are an excellent way to keep your laboratory organized, safe and efficient. What types of pipette accessories are you using in the lab? Let us know in the message box below!

Sours: https://blog.universalmedicalinc.com/perfect-addition-to-your-laboratory-pipette-accessories/

Accessories pipetting

Pipetting Accessories

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