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ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold


ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold

ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold
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Stainless Steel

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ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold技術情報 (Berkeley Z)ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】GoldNEWS 1.ワールド     2.コラム/シーズ     3.メンバーズパブリ     4.研究員招聘案内     5.ICET派遣プログラム     6.ICET派遣報告     7.事務局掲示板     8.ICET研究会案内ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】GoldICETの設立と活動目的

ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold

ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】GoldICETの組織構成ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】GoldICETの活動内容ミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Gold会員登録についてミッソーニ MISSONI レディース 腕時計 【M1 Gift Set】Goldメール - 事務局へSours:

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher

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Bill Cipher Decoder

Bill Cipher Encoder

Answers to Questions (FAQ)

How to encrypt using Bill Cipher cipher?

Bill Cipher has his own alphabet of 26 symbols, each corresponding to a letter of the Latin alphabet. To encrypt a message with Bill Cipher is therefore to replace each letter with the corresponding symbol.

Example: is written char(66)char(73)char(76)char(76)

How to recognize a Bill Cipher ciphertext?

The symbols used by Bill Cipher are similar to the hyeroglyphs.

In Gravity Falls, Bill has a triangle shape, he has only one eye, wears a hat and a bow tie, he is sometimes likened to the eye of providence, its presence could be a clue.

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Ah. The perfect way to start off. Sorry, but this is a long one.

Anyways, Bill Cipher's wheel is flashed at the end of the theme song, for only a split second. I'm not just gonna be talking about the wheel, but the page on which it appears on itself.

First off, many people think that each symbol on Bill's wheel represents a person. This is actually proved when Bill calls Mabel, Dipper and Soos Shooting Star, Pine tree, and Question Mark, all which are symbols on his wheel. I think the symbols represent the following people:

Weirdo heart= Robbie V

Shooting Star= Mabel 

Llama = Pacifica (Because each symbol should only represent one person)

Six Fingered Hand = The author of the books?

Normal Star = Gideon

Pine Tree = Dipper

Wrenchy thingamabob = Stan

Ice = Wendy

Question Mark = Soos

Glasses = Stan's twin? ( See later chapter)

My reasons? Well, the emo heart is on Robbie V's jacket, Bill already proved what Mabel, Dipper, and Soos were, the six fingered hand because, well, it just seems right, the star appears on the tent of telepathy and on Gideon's cape, and Wendy since she's usually around ice.

I'll explain more about Pacifica and Stan's twin in later chapters.

We know that this is Bill Cipher's wheel since it has Bill in the center of the wheel.

Okay, now you guys should remember that big bombshell secrets Stan let out at the end of Gideon Rises. Basically, I knew that was happening from the very beginning. If you ecode a message next to Bill Cipher's wheel, you'll see that it says ' STAN IS NOT WHAT HE SEEMS'.

There are also multiple symbols on the bottom left corner of this page. They are decoded as Earth, Air, Soap, Unity of elements, Sun, Gold, and matter. These are all alchemical symbols. Could this be some sort of recipe for either helping Bill or killing him? Maybe even the recie to create him? It does say unity of elements in the smack-dab middle.

There are also some other Alchemy symbols scattered around this page. Also, the words 'As above, so Below' Are also written in code along the upper left corner of the page.

The upper right corner lists some Geometric Transfer Matrices, and a little above the alchemy symbols in the bottom right, there's apparently something about Konami Code. Except I have no idea what that means.


There are moslty just alchemic refferings all over the page. Maybe the author of the books practiced alchemy? Or maybe Bill was created using these alchemic symbols? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Massive brain fart.

Gravity Falls - Bill's Friends


Gravity falls wheel bills


Gravity Falls/Bill Cipher’s wheel #Carousel


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