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Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me?

Funny you ask. Why yes, we do. Here you go: (warning, may contain vulgarity)


No u


What does No u mean?

No u is the most effective and most common comeback in case of an insult.

It is basically a reverse card from Uno; every negative comment someone made on you or your family, it can be turned back on him with these two simple, but nonetheless powerful words, defeating your opponent with his own words.

No u is so powerful, that if the dragons in Skyrim knew about it, Alduin would have certainly defeated the Dragonborn in the final battle.


– Ur mum gai.

No u.

*annihilation sounds*


What's the origin of No u?

The origin of the phrase apparently is found on the forums of Something Awful, where users liked to get into meaningless and trivial arguments, and after a while everyone was aching to show the hypocrisy of the insulters, thus creating a weapon, they can use against them…

That is on the internet, though I think almost every kindergartener knows this ultimate comeback and none of them would hesitate in the heat of an argument to drop this verbal warhead.

Spread and Usage

How did No u spread?

The term is one, that is or was present in all our lives at least at some point.

The internet, of course made no u into a running joke as well, pairing it with the aforementioned “Ur mom gay” phrase that is very popular among the meme community.

No u is still enjoying great popularity, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.

External References

  • Urban Dictionary – No u
  • Know Your Meme – NO U

Published: 02/26/2020 by Isaac Anderson | Last updated: 02/26/2020 | 3,782 views | Report error

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logopoppin is a graphic design agency that specializes in logo designing, web development, video production and advanced branding services. we love to innovate businesses with new age technologies, allowing them to improve their visual reputation.

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no u 【the movie】

So, here we are. Once again, we find ourselves on the verge of another New York Rangers season, and, once again, shit is absolutely wild.

To help set the stage for what comes next we got a table, cut off the corners, and made it nice and round for you. In other words, we did a season preview roundtable where I threw some questions at Blueshirt Banter’s writing staff — including our recent new additions — and got some answers. Let’s dive right into some takes of various temperatures to help get you ready for the 2021-22 Rangers season.

Are the Rangers a playoff team?

Yes: Joe, Bryan, Brianna, Tom D., Leighann, Roberto
No: Tom U., Kevin, Jack
Sure: Mike

It looks like, as a whole, we’re an optimistic bunch — or maybe we are just uninspired by the other teams in the Metropolitan Division? I think the New York Islanders are the best team in the division but I don’t necessarily think they are a lock to finish first. The Atlantic has real superpowers in it whereas the Metro has the Islanders, a Carolina Hurricanes team without Dougie, and the worn-down Penguins and Capitals. There’s also the Flyers — I still don’t know what the hell the Flyers are but I do think Carter Hart will be just fine.

The bottom line is that the Rangers didn’t necessarily get better on paper with their offseason moves but the kids on this team will all be a year better, the Norris Trophy winner is here, Igor is the real deal, Mika is healthy, and Panarin is Panarin. That should be enough. Right? Sure.

Mike Murphy

Who has a breakout season?

Lafrenière: Joe, Bryan, Tom D.
Kakko: Tom U., Mike, Brianna, Jack, Leighann
Chytil: Kevin, Roberto

Who will end up as a scapegoat?

Kreider: Joe, Mike, Kevin
Goodrow: Tom U., Bryan, Brianna, Tom D., Leighann, Roberto
Blais: Jack

Oxford dictionary defines a scapegoat as “a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.” With that definition in mind, the 2021-22 New York Rangers are chockful of scapegoat candidates and the consensus of the Blueshirt Banter staff is that recently named Alternate Captain Barclay Goodrow will be this season’s scapegoat. Goodrow came to New York via a July 17th trade with the Tampa Bay Lightning this past offseason and while the initial move was regarded as a solid trade, the return being just a 7th round pick, the Rangers needed to sign the 28-year-old forward to a new contract.

Goodrow came to New York with a Stanley Cup pedigree and added the requisite size and more physical playstyle that was a stated need for the Rangers. The Ontario, Canada native looked to bolster the depth of the lineup and add a different element to a roster loaded with young, skilled forwards. The question is, though, why would Barclay Goodrow be the scapegoat for the season? Well, a week after the Rangers traded for Goodrow they turned around and signed the 28-year-old forward to a six-year, $21 million contract. That deal carries a $3.641 million AAV with a No Move Clause in five of the six years and is a rather large commitment to make to a player that was already on the back nine of the age curve and plays a heavy game. On top of that, Goodrow will be seen as the poster child to the “new look” New York Rangers, fair or not, and because of all of the digital ink spilled about the makeup of the Rangers roster and its lack of muscle, Goodrow will have a target on his back with a fanbase itching to pounce on every mistake.

While the majority of the Banter staff said that Goodrow is this season’s scapegoat, the runner-up is probably the most familiar face on the roster. Chris Kreider can be a very frustrating player as his scoring touch is more volatile than the climate right now and there are times that he can seemingly disappear for games at a time. On top of that, Kreider is the elder statesman in New York and signed a seven-year deal worth $6.5 million per year and, of course, a full no-move clause for the first four years. At thirty years old, Kreider is no longer the hope of the Blueshirts, and as younger forwards develop and take the next steps, the tides will turn on the Massachusetts native rather quickly if he goes into a prolonged scoring drought.

Kevin Power

Roster player most likely player to be traded?

[note: we asked our staff before the Kravtsov news broke on Oct. 12]

Georgiev: Joe, Mike, Kevin, Brianna,
Jones: Tom U.
Kravtsov: Bryan, Leighann, Jack, Roberto
Hajek: Tom D.

The general consensus is that Alexandar Georgiev is the Blueshirt on the roster most likely to be traded. Georgiev was vocal about his disappointment in the outcome of the last season, with rumors circulating that he requested a trade in the off-season. The 25-year-old goalie told Larry Brooks of the New York Post, “The rumors were false, I don’t know where that came from [...] You can be dealt pretty much as a player without a no-move clause, so I just worked as usual and tried not to think about it.” With only 18 starts out of the 56 games last season, Georgiev went 8-7-2, with a save percentage of .905 and a goals against average of 2.71. He is in the final year of his two-year bridge deal and will be in the backup goalie position with Igor Shesterkin signing a four-year, $22.667 contract in the offseason. If Georgiev wants to be the starting goalie with a larger contract, he most likely will find himself traded by next season.

Vitali Kravtsov is another name that appeared to have been seen as a trade option, but that was before he did not make the opening night roster. The cut from the roster led everyone to believe that Kravtsov would report to Hartford with the possibility for him to be called back up because he was exempt from waivers. However, this decision kept Libor Hajek on the roster and seemed to bother Kravtsov, who envisioned a different start for this season. Now that he has refused to report to Hartford, the Rangers will have to suspend him, having given him permission to contact other teams for a trade. So perhaps Bryan, Jack, Leighann, and Roberto’s predictions will come true in the very near future.

Brianna Pontone


Fox: Joe, Kevin
Shesterkin: Tom, Brianna
Panarin: Mike, Bryan, Tom D., Leighann, Roberto, Jack

I picked Igor Shesterkin to be the Rangers’ team MVP, because I believe that he is still in line to be the biggest difference-maker. Offensively, the team should be better with progression of the kids which will hopefully offset the loss of Buchnevich, and I would expect there are steps the team can take defensively, but the margin for error based on public models puts the Rangers most likely on the cusp of making the playoffs. That means the team will need to find a way to steal some points along the way, and that’s where Igor comes in.

Last season was Shesterkin’s first “full” season as an NHL player, and he put up a pretty impressive performance. The Rangers’ starting netminder posted a GAR of 16.4 (Evolving-Hockey) which was ninth in the league, and I am predicting that he improves upon that in 2021-22. I believe Igor, much like Henrik Lundqvist before him, will be the big reason why the Rangers make the playoffs, if they do ultimately make it, and therefore will be a finalist for the Vezina Trophy as one of the league’s top goaltenders. He has a solid track record in professional hockey thus far, and him taking another big step is something fans can hope for in 2021-22.

Tom Urtz Jr.

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Wolf Pack Team MVP? (Roberto)

Schneider: Tom U., Mike, Brianna, Tom D., Leighann
Jones: Joe, Bryan, Roberto
Pajuniemi: Kevin
Barron: Jack

The Hartford Wolf Pack’s roster is loaded with recent Ranger’s draft picks. The team is going to have a successful season, but there is one player who will stand above the rest — and once you learn that Zac Jones is only 5’10” that feat seems all the more impressive.

Jones only played two seasons for the UMASS Amherst Minutemen but averaged just under a point per game in each season. His cerebral approach has allowed him to scan the ice and predict plays as they are unfolding. This was on full display during the Frozen Four as he often walked the blue line while holding on to the puck, turning nothing into something. His poise and patience are elite, and it’s no surprise his former head coach has compared Jones to Adam Fox on numerous occasions.

Roberto Solis-Byxbee

Wolf Pack make the playoffs?

Yes: Everybody!

Last season, Hartford finished with a record of 14-9-1 in an Atlantic Division with three teams in it — listen, it was a weird year. So, why do the Wolf Pack make the playoffs this year? Well, my short answer here is that their goaltending only has room to improve from what we saw last year and there is a lot to like about the kids in Connecticut.

Zac Jones is good enough to be on a lot of NHL rosters competing for ice time right now but he will be working on his game in the AHL on a blue line that will also have Tarmo Reunanen, who was an All-Star last year. Oh, and Braden Schneider. And Hunter Skinner. And Matthew Robertson. Yeah, this blue line should be a blast to watch.

Morgan Barron is starting the year in Hartford, Ty Ronning’s confidence is sky-high, Tim Gettinger is coming off of a career year, and Lauri Pajuniemi has a shot that could be the Wolf Pack’s primary weapon on the man advantage this season. Overall, this Hartford roster is brimming with potential. It would be a big bummer if they fall short of the postseason.

Mike Murphy

O/U: Adam Fox with 75 points?

Over: Mike, Bryan, Brianna, Roberto
Under: Joe, Tom U., Kevin, Jack, Tom D., Leighann

I believe the reigning Norris Trophy winner cannot be stopped. In 55 games last season Adam Fox scored an incredible .85 point per game pace bringing him to a total of 47 points. When applied to a full 82 game season, this same scoring rate would round up to 70 points overall. However, I think there are a few key factors that could increase his point production.

First, if we can anticipate anything from analyzing Gallant’s previous seasons, the new coach will bring a more cohesive system, enabling the team to produce more offense. Second, Artemiy Panarin missing 13 games last season dramatically impacted the New York Rangers’ ability to score, and while Fox can certainly do it himself, Panarin’s absence negatively affects everyone on the team including him. And I mean, come on — Adam Fox won the Norris Trophy! This alone should bring the young defenseman an enormous amount of confidence. Some could argue it also brings pressure, but I choose to bet on Fox succeeding.

Roberto Solis-Byxbee

O/U: Panarin gets 90 points?

Over: Joe, Tom U., Mike, Bryan, Brianna, Tom D., Leighann, Roberto
Under: Jack
Push: Kevin

Panarin has been an immense force of a player since joining the Rangers, and finds a way to get better each and every season. The Breadman’s first season on Broadway was one that should have been capped off with a Hart Trophy, but the writers must have felt it “wasn’t his turn.” That year he finished with a dazzling 95 points in just 69 games, including 63 assists! Last year he finished his season with 58 points in 42 games, including 41 assists. Panarin has been on pace to finish with over 100 points in each of his first two seasons, as well as finish with an assist total that would be a league record at his position. Barring an injury or an unforeseen stretch of bad luck, Panarin should easily hit 90 points, and push for much more.

Tom Urtz Jr.

O/U: Zibanejad gets 40 goals?

Over: Joe, Tom D., Leighann
Under: Tom U., Mike, Jack, Kevin, Bryan, Brianna, Roberto

Mika Zibanejad’s new contract might be polarizing among the fan base, but most of the negativity comes with respect to thinking about that cap hit of $8.5 million years down the road. In the more immediate future, the 28-year-old pivot should continue his excellent offensive production.

Zibanejad scored 30 goals in the last full NHL season (2018-19) before notching an incredible 41 goals in just 57 games in a 2019-20 season that was shortened by injury for him personally and by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic league-wide. Last season, the pandemic hit Zibanejad personally, as a pre-season bout with the virus undoubtedly contributed to a very slow start. By the end of the abbreviated 56-game season, though, Zibanejad had caught fire once again, in a manner reminiscent of his scintillating 2019-20 campaign. He finished with 24 goals in the 56 games—a 35-goal pace for a full season, which is remarkable considering how poorly Zibanejad started.

Now, Zibanejad is healthy and no longer has the specter of contract negotiations and potential free agency looming over him. To start the season, he has a rising young star in Alexis Lafrenière on one wing, and longtime linemate and buddy Chris Kreider on the other wing. Mix in continued power-play time with Artemiy Panarin and Adam Fox, and Zibanejad should eclipse the 40-goal mark for the second time in his career.

Tom Dianora

O/U: Reaves has five fighting majors?

Over: Joe, Tom U., Bryan, Leighann, Roberto
Under: Mike, Kevin, Brianna, Jack, Tom D.

Under. Reaves has dropped the gloves three times in each of the last three regular seasons. The last time he had at least five fighting majors in a single season was in the 2017-18 campaign when he was playing with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I’m not saying Reaves isn’t going to fight in New York — because he absolutely will and we all know that — but I’m happy to take the under here. Fights don’t happen too often in the modern game but maybe the Rangers and Reaves want to change that this season. Oh joy.

Mike Murphy

Will the Rangers trade for Jack Eichel in-season?

Yes: Bryan, Roberto
No: Joe, Tom U., Mike, Kevin, Brianna, Jack, Tom D., Leighann

No. For me, this is no longer about the memes or riffing about the dumpster fire that is the Buffalo Sabres franchise. This is about a young man who is living with pain being prevented from doing what he wants to do with his body. That is profoundly messed up. It begs a lot of questions about how much control teams have over athletes and what role the NHLPA has in what happens here. I want so badly for this to be over with Eichel back on the ice after recovering from the surgery he wants to pursue playing for any team that isn’t the Sabres.

As for a deal with the Rangers — I just don’t see it happening. I didn’t think it was likely before Mika’s extension and I feel the same way after it. The Rangers definitely have the pieces to make a deal work but I feel like it’s more likely Jack ends up elsewhere.

Mike Murphy


Meme no u

Morning Edition

Last week, we explored the origin of the “Rick Roll,” a meme that evolved from Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Since the music video resurfaced as the meme in 2007, the internet has also never given up on Rick – so much so that the video recently hit one billion views on YouTube. 
This bonus episode dives deeper into Rick’s childhood, how he was discovered, and how he dealt with not only his fame in the late 80s, but with his more complicated identity as a meme. 
Show notes:

  • Last week's full episode on the origin of the Rick Roll

Story continues below

Subscribe to the podcast

Endless Thread
Listen on Apple Podcasts

Full Transcript:

This content was originally created for audio. The transcript has been edited from our original script for clarity. Heads up that some elements (i.e. music, sound effects, tone) are harder to translate to text. 

Ben Brock Johnson: How did you hear about Rick Rolling?  

Rick Astley: I have a friend who's he lives in America, he's been there a long time now. He's a record producer and writer, and he Rick Rolled me a couple of times and I had no idea what he was doing. I just thought he's just being an idiot. Right? 

Amory Sivertson: This is Rick Astley.

Rick: And in the end, I must I must have emailed him back or something and said, what are you doing? And in the end I just called him because I just. And he said, what? You haven't heard about this yet? And I said, What? What is this?

Ben: If you are wondering, Rick Roll? What is this?

Amory: Well then it sounds like we’ve "gotta make you understand." That is the title of our most recent episode, which you’ve gotta go back to if you want to understand what the heck we’re going to be talking about in this episode: the first of the bonus installments to our meme series.

Ben: That last episode traced the origins of the Rick Roll — the classic internet meme prank which involves using a disguised link to trick someone into watching the classic music video for the classic 1987 Rick Astley song:

[“Never gonna give you up. / Never gonna let you down. / Never gonna run around and desert you.”]

Amory: A few months ago, we sat down with Rick Astley for our Rick Roll episode. And it was an interesting moment for him because “Never Gonna Give You Up” was days away from hitting one billion views on YouTube.

Ben: Which is both not bad for a song that’s more than three decades old, and also it’s wild to think about one billion views on that youtube video. No ads, at least when I see it. Have you noticed that Amory? Have you ever noticed that? No ads in front of Rick Roll. Has that happened to you?

Amory: Yeah, it just starts.

Ben: If you're lucky enough, it just starts.

Amory: You know, it just might be a record for a song of its age. Just for comparison, I looked up Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the epic music video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is at – at least at the time we’re recording this – about 790 million views. So a billion is quite a milestone.

Ben: Rick was delightful. A true gem, as we said in our last episode. We ended up talking with him for over an hour. And much of that conversation didn’t make it into our Rick Roll episode. So, for this Endless Thread bonus episode, we thought we’d bring you a little more Rick.

Amory: Because we know (sings) your hearts been aching for more.

Ben: We spoke with Rick Astley on July 21st, 2021. At that point, “Never Gonna Give You Up” had something like 990,000 views. Team Endless Thread was doing its part watching a little Rick every day.

Amory: Rick Rolling our friends like it was 2008.

Ben: But Rick was pretty calm for a guy on the brink of something this big. Video calling from his garage-turned-home-studio in London, the first thing he wanted to talk about was the stuff behind us.

Rick: What's nice is almost everybody has got a guitar in the background. Paul, what are you doing you got plant pots.

Paul Vaitkus: I got a little rack here. 

Rick: Okay.  

Amory: Paul Vaitkus, our engineer and composer, couldn’t let that go.

Ben: Understandable, so...

Rick: All right, listen, if we're going to if we're going to start showing off, then hang on a second, OK, let's let's just get into–

Paul: I mean, I want to see Rick's studio.

Rick: Ok, let's let's get into the B.B. King signed. Lucille. You don't hear me all right?

Paul: I don't think we're OK with that, Rick.

Amory: After this guitar-measuring contest…

Ben: Not much of a contest if you ask my P-Bass.

Amory: Rick was ready to get into it.

Rick: I am a guy called Rick Astley and I am 55 years old, I was born in nineteen sixty six in the north of England and I've been kind of trying to make my way in music for about 30 odd years, so. And I'm still trying. So here we go. 

Ben: Rick’s version of trying today isn’t quite as hard as when he got his start back in the 1970s and 80s in Lancashire County, England.

Amory: He grew up in a musical family. His mom was a piano player…

Rick: She could read and she could play classical music, but she could also sit down, and if you started singing a song from whatever musical or whatever anything, she would just play it. It didn't matter where you started. She would just play it. 

Ben: His voice, that epic voice, came from his father.

Rick: He had a great voice, but he never did anything with it. He used to sing around the house and the streets of the little town I'm from, but I don't think that was my introduction to music at all, my introduction to music. To be honest, if I'm going to be really honest about it, I was getting out of our home that I live in. I was brought up by my dad. I didn’t actually live with my mom. My mom and dad divorced. They had five kids but one passed away before I was born. And I don’t think my dad was a happy camper to be honest. And they’d been through a lot. Obviously losing a child is the most devastating thing anybody can go through as parents. And I think. You know I just don’t think there was a lot of sunshine really. And I think music caught me really early where I just thought this is a joyful place to be. 

Amory: Well, your voice is really unlike anything else. And did you have formal vocal training? 

Rick: No, I did not. Obviously, I was in a church choir and stuff, and I'm sure there was an element of singing with other people and singing a part. It's not like in pop and rock music where you can do a little... or if you do that in a choir, everyone just stands there looking at you, going what you're doing, you fool, you know what I mean? So I think in some ways that was probably quite an early good thing to do and made me sort of respect the people that you're working with. Whatever they're doing has to work with what you're doing. So but no, I've never really had any training. No.

Ben: Rick graduated from choir to a band.

Rick: I started to kind of thrash away on drums whenever I could, the school drum kit and all the rest of it.  

Amory: Now, we went into detail about how Rick was discovered in our earlier episode. But just a quick refresher. In one of Rick’s bands, he started singing.

Ben: The story is well-known to any Rick Astley fan. A London music executive, Pete Waterman, came up to the North of England to see Rick’s band play. This was a huge deal for a couple of kids from the sticks, they gave it their all, but Pete didn’t like the band.

Amory: He loved Rick’s voice, though.

Rick: Just to broaden that story ever so slightly. He was also dating a girl, believe it or not, from the little town that I'm from, which is one of the reasons he agreed to come up north and see the bands was because he was coming to see her as well. And she was a hairdresser and hairdressers, was above an amazing record store that just sold soul records. And Pete Waterman, that's how he met her. I don't want to you know, it's not it isn't like a Hollywood script or anything, but there's a little more of a nugget of a story of how that all came to be. It's so it's so easily Pete Waterman could have gone I'm not coming up the motorway to see some bloody rubbish bands. Not tonight, but tonight. I do want to go and see I want to see Gaina. It was the hairdressers. So hahah.

Amory: man.  

Ben: So, Rick Astley fans, remember to write a Thank You note to Gaina, the hairdresser from Lancashire County or thereabouts.

Amory: Pete told Rick he had a job waiting for him in London. It wasn’t a glamorous job.

Rick: I made tea for Bananarama, which I think they have never, ever forgotten, to be honest, it's gin and tonic, now. If I'm getting them a drink now, believe me, it's gin and tonic.

Ben: But Pete didn’t want Rick’s voice to go to waste.

Rick: Pete had this thing about, you know, lots of people that he worked with that we should do, you know, it's not a bad thing to do a cover. And if it shows the artist in a certain light and we did a version of “When I Fall in Love,” which, to be honest, was an insane thing to do because Nat King Cole is one of the greatest things that's ever lived. You shouldn't really go anywhere near the Temptations either, but we did that as well. We did like a slow down version. And I'm like a 20-year-old kid at this point, sort of trying my best, you know.  

Amory: So instead of a cover, Pete had songwriters Mike Stock and Matt Aiken make something new for Rick.

Rick: But they kind of they're never going to give you up thing. They wrote that song way before it got released. 

Ben: Did you like it immediately? 

Rick: Yeah. And I can say that with all modesty because I didn't write it. So I'm not saying, hey, it's a great song and you know, I just felt really comfortable with it straight away. And it's so repetitive that never going to never going to never go. It's like and again, I just knew straight away that there was something about that tune. And I think now when you listen back to never going to give you a bit, it's a bit difficult because it's been around for a while. But I think it's got a quality about that song that is almost. I think it sort of slips people by sometimes because of the whole Internet side of what's happened with that song? I don't think sometimes people realize how great it actually is, it is a crafted pop song. Do you really mean it's and I can say that, like I say, because I didn't write, I didn't produce it. I just sang the Goddamn thing. 

Amory: Rick told us that when the song came out, the feeling was surreal. He had no experience at being famous. He showed up to shoot the music video for Never Gonna Give You Up with a bag of his own clothes.

Ben: You don’t do that Amory? That’s what I do.

Amory: When I shoot a music video, I guarantee you it will be with a bag of my own clothes.

Ben: This is, of course, the music video that would, years later, resurface as the Rick Roll. Rick’s newfound fame in the late 80s was tough on him. But, it’s arguable that the Rick Roll… that would be tougher.

Amory: Rick’s thoughts on that, and on hitting the big 1-000-000-000 on YouTube, in a minute.

Ben: In the late 80s, Rick Astley was everywhere.

Amory: By the mid-90s, he wasn’t. He stopped putting out music for the most part, he focused on his family. He grew up.

Ben: It wasn’t until around 2008 that he was reunited with his smooth-singing, step-touching former self. That’s when Rick’s friend — the one he talked about at the start of the episode — sent him a link disguised as something else, which turned out to be...

Amory: Do-do. Do-do-do-do.

Amory: After that initial “What-the-hell-is-this?” feeling familiar to all Rick Roll victims, Rick’s mind started going into hyperdrive.

Rick: If he knows about it to the extent that he's actually doing it to me, then obviously most of all I know it's a worldwide thing, the Internet, but if you go back to that time, things did happen in different parts of the world on the Internet that took forever to catch on somewhere else, if at all. You know what I mean?

Amory: What were you doing in your life around this time? Because you you did you are these these huge hits in the late 80s and then you stepped away from music for a good period of time, but then you kind of resurged around the time that the rock roll.

Rick: Yeah, it's kind of strange. It is really weird because it's really strange, actually, because for about 14 or 15 years or more or what have you, I never sang any of my old songs. I never did gigs. I didn't do anything. I didn't really make you know, I had to dabble at making a record, but it just my heart wasn't in it. And I don't think anyone else was going to be in it. And it was just like I just wasn't really interested. And it was like just just seemed like a lifetime away.

Ben: The Rick Roll rolled its way into popularity. And the requests to perform, to tour, to travel to festivals, they started rollin in.

Amory: But Rick turned them down. All of them. He wasn’t interested.

Rick: And then I got an offer to go to Japan and my wife and our daughter, who was about 14, 15, then just kind of cornered me in the kitchen and said, look, this, you're doing this. And I went and did the biggest karaoke I've ever done in my life. It was just amazing because that's what it felt like. And I said to the audience, I said, strap yourselves in because we're going full on karaoke. Tokyo, this is happening right now, you know, because it just felt weird. You know, I hadn't been on stage and sing those songs properly for 15 years. I'd sing them at friends weddings for a laugh, you know what I mean? And that was it. So.

Amory: During our interview, Rick used one word more than any other to describe his thoughts on the Rick Roll.

[Compilation of Rick saying "weird."] 

Ben: Because Rick’s experience was weird, he wasn’t sure whether to embrace the fame or keep his distance. He knew that at least part of the renewed appreciation for his music was ironic. But there were other people that truly loved the sudden reappearance of Rick Astley.

Amory: Rick felt appreciative of this love, even if he had mixed feelings about the meme.

Rick: If I'm hand on heart, I'm not sure I would have played some of the festivals we've done around the world in different places if I didn't have that song and what it's sort of become. So I'm not going to I'm not going to I'm not going to stand there and say no, it's because I'm an incredible artist, you know, I'm just not going to do that. It'd be ridiculous. But the positive upside of that for me is that we do get to do the festivals.  

Ben: Can you tell us a little bit more how you really feel about the role?  

Rick: I'm sort of detached from it, and I think it's the only way to be about it. Our daughter, when it first started to kick off and things were happening and there was a thing about MTV wanted me to accept an award for some whatever kind of what it was. 

Amory: Best act ever. 

Rick: Which is which is ludicrous. And I think what they thought I thought they I think they thought they were being ironic and funny, putting me in that category with U2 and Christina Aguilera and whoever else was in that category. So you can imagine I said, no thanks, I'm not coming. You can keep your award. It's OK. So anyway, so that was so I just wasn't doing it. But the point being our daughter, who, as I say, was a teenager, said, look, you do realize it hasn't really got anything to do with you. And the way she said it just hit me like a ton of bricks, but in a really great way. And that was like it was like just going just just seeing it in a different way and saying she's absolutely right. It could have been Dave Roll, Brian Russell, you know, Mary Roll, any role you like, somebody just somebody just shows my video and that song, it could have been anybody's. So I think from that moment, I've always just viewed it and said, you know what? Anything positive towards, you know, my little world coming out of it, I'll take anything else. I'm just not even going to think about it. And I've tried. Don't get me wrong, I know I've made money from it because it's just boosted the life of that song. And all the rest of it, of course, has a billion.

Ben: views on YouTube has to be sending. Right.  

Rick: Just think about that for a second. I don't even mean in regards to my thing. Right. Forget this thing for a second. Right. Just a billion of anything. What the hell? You know what I mean. A billion. What it's like. I just again, I don't mean to be old school and like an old granddad. I'm just saying if the word billion wasn't used very often when I was twenty one billion was for like stars and stuff. You don't I mean?

Amory: There was another word that Rick used a lot… one that not all meme subjects can relate to: lucky. And when your music video from 1987 hits one billion views on YouTube in the year 2021, that is pretty damn lucky.

Ben: Because, as many people told us as we reported this series on memes, the Rick Roll isn’t just a good prank, it’s a good song. One that perfectly encapsulates a specific era while also feeling timeless.

Amory: You were talking earlier about how you how if Pete Waterman hadn't been dating someone at a club where your band was playing, you might never have been discovered by Pete Waterman. I mean, and the Rick rule kind of has that feeling to it to where it's like. What a bizarre thing to happen to kind of reboot. Totally. Yeah. To to. Yeah, yeah. Infuse this energy into your career. And I just wonder if you ever think about that. Yeah.

Rick: Well I mean I guess. I guess it's sort of. It's a bit of fairy tale, like, really, and don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm not conscious of it most of the time during the meeting, but it's just a weird thing that and listen, there have been a bunch of songs throughout musical history that sort of have a comeback, if you like, mean and they become something at a sporting event that everyone sings now generally mean or whatever it is, you know. But in terms of the way that that's sort of being adopted, if you like, by the Internet, it's just weird. And I always thought I was unbelievably lucky. Anyway, normally, pop music, rock music, whatever it is, you have to have what is now termed as The X Factor by Simon Cowell and what have you. It's got to be something else. And I almost think my anti X Factor was the thing that made it work. And ironically, all the all the all these years later, that sort of still kind of sits right with people. It's just in that context, you know, the real thing. It's like if I was super sort of suave and this that the other looked, you know, I don't know, like like a sex symbol style thing in that video, it just wouldn't work. It's just, you know, it's like I'm just like this 20-year-old, whatever. I was. Twenty one year old dude, you looks 12 years old, who came to a video shoot with his own clothes in a bag.  

Ben: Thank you, Rick. Thank you. Really appreciate your time. It's been it's been lovely. 

Rick: Thank you. Pleasure. Absolute pleasure. 

Amory: This bonus episode of Endless Thread was produced by Dean Russell.

Ben: And WE are a production of WBUR, Boston’s NPR station. I’m Ben Brock Johnson.

Amory: I’m Amory Sivertson, and we’ll be back in your feed on Friday with the next full episode in our meme series.

Ben: Byyyyyyyye.

Amory: (mumble sings) Never gonna give you up…

Ben: (mumble sings more)

Amory: Alright, I’m hitting stop.


Lil Kim is not one to back down to anyone — and that includes 50 Cent.

The “Crush On You” rapper took to Instagram to clap back at 50 after he reposted a meme that compared her appearance to that of a leprechaun. “Ur so obsessed wit me this is getting creepy,” she wrote under his now-deleted post. “Yarnnnn this one ain’t it bro not funny at all. I was hoping to laugh wit u, but cornyyyyyy booooo!!! U fallin off I'm too bad and too fly in this video u reachin now but we all kno whyyyyyy.”

The Queen Bee then told the “Power” creator to “GET OFF MY PUSSY CURTIS” and said she feels like she’s in a “lesbian quarrel” with him. The “In Da Party” spitter later reposted the leprechaun meme and captioned the post, “All I said was I thought this was funny.”

This isn't the first time he has made fun of Kim’s looks. Over the summer, he compared the Hard Core emcee to an owl, in which she replied, “I see u still in ur feels about that dinner date u asked me on that I had to turn down. Let it go u have a beautiful girlfriend, I have a loving husband. Let it go.”

The two rappers have been at it for a few years now. Back in 2015, Kim called 50 out during an interview. “I can’t front. I don’t have a lot of respect for 50 Cent because his music is hardcore … violent,” she said before serving time for perjury. “And I love his music sometimes, but I feel like in his personal life, his real life, he carries that on, and that’s not a great message, you know what I mean? I think he promotes it.”

Check out Kim’s post below.


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