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15 Boys Fade Haircuts – Trendy And Stylish!

15 Boys Fade Haircuts – Trendy And Stylish!

Kids often need a change in the things they do, the food they eat, the hair, and the outfits! Well, different fade haircuts are some of the best choices for a hassle free styling of hair. We are sure this article about boys fade haircuts help you with giving your child a different look on every day. These fade styles will help you for sure if you are looking for some amazing little boy haircuts.

Boys haircuts look simple but are complex to make! The reference pictures for each fade haircut is available for you to check out and think about if it works the best for your child. Also, if you’re someone who likes experimenting, here are kids mohawk hairstyles to keep up your enthusiasm.

1. Low Fade Haircut

The term low fade defines it all! It is a fade type of haircut involving tapering of the hair on the sides with a width of around one and a half to two inches above the hairline. The other name for a low fade haircut is a drop fade or a low bald fade. Make sure to try it out on your kid’s natural hair and we are sure he will fall in love with it.

Low Fade Haircut for boys

2. High Fade Haircut

A classic high fade involves a tight shave on both the sides and back of the head for about three to four inches above the hairline. The decisive factor for “high” fading is, it extends above the midline between the temple and the top of the ear. The result is a sharp new look with multiple style options. You can choose to colour the hair or leave it natural. If you wish to have a hassle-free hairstyle for your kid this one is the right pick.

High Fade Haircut 

3. Taper Fade Haircut

The word tapering literally means reducing the length of something from one end towards the other end. Tapering one’s hair means chopping off the hair gradually from one length to another. It is also known as a taper fade, as it gives a fade and gradient look to the haircut making it look more complex and stylish. Make sure to try out this picture featuring a taper fade haircut with a blonde hairstyle in a classy way.

Taper Fade Haircut 

4. Mid Fade Haircut

The mid fade haircut is the perfect off-road and a unique hairstyle to try on your kid’s natural hair. Between the high fade and the low fade, it’s a taper cut ending between the temples and the ears. The hair is gradually cut about three inches above the hairline. It is not only beautiful, professional, and easy to maintain but also versatile. This means you can design it in many different ways.

Mid Fade Haircut for boys

5. Short hair fade Haircut

The short hair fade haircut is a short haircut involving shortening of hair short on both sides and in the back, gradually fading close to the skin. This haircut involves leaving a broad track of hair on the top and fading the reaming area of hair on the head. Short haircuts like flat cuts, round cuts, and high-fitting hairstyles provide contrast and give a clean look. Slip these strands back or make simply comb it over to the sides. Do not miss out on checking out the image below featuring a classic short hair fade haircut.

Short hair fade Haircut 

6. Undercut Fade Haircut

The undercut is a men’s hairstyle with a medium to high blur fading effect with medium long hair on the top and short hair on the sides. The best thing about this fading is how it creates the illusion of a silhouette below to create a contrast and draw all attention to your cool hairstyle. Well, a typical undercut involves levelling of the hair fade on the sides and the beard. However, do not hesitate to try this undercut fade haircut on your kid’s hair.

Undercut Fade Haircut  for boys

7. Comb Over Fade Haircut

Any comb over hairstyle is stylish and versatile for any face type. You can also choose to couple one with some other styles of a faded haircut. Comb over fades involves tapering the hair on the side, parting the hair on one side and leaving a wide track of hair on the top. Make sure to try a comb over fade haircut on your kid’s hair.

Comb Over Fade Haircut  for boys

8. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade haircuts or a simple skin fade is a type of men’s haircut beginning from the hairline on the temples and are gradually fading tightly towards the back with the shortest length of hair. Also, a track of hair on the top is left with lengthier hair than the longest of hair on the fade. If you are looking for low maintenance and hassle-free haircut for your kid, this haircut is one of the best picks.

Skin Fade Haircut 

9. High Top Fade Haircut

The high top fade haircut involves tapering the hair on both sides starting from the temples towards the back of the head. You can consider this haircut to be the best for natural hair because the track of hair on the top needs to stand tall and we do not recommend any chemical manipulations for keeping it that way on your kid’s hair.

High Top Fade Haircut  for boys

10.  French Crop Fade Haircut

A french crop is the best for people who wish to have a simple and stylish hairstyle with minimal maintenance. It does not involve any aftercare tips or regular trimmings to maintain it in a certain way. Make sure to try this toddler fade haircut and we are sure your kid is going to fall in love with his new look.

French Crop Fade Haircut 

11. Quiff Fade Haircut

A quiff looks very much similar to a classic undercut, where the sides, starting from the temples is gradually chopped from towards the back. The main difference lies in styling the hair on the top. It involves styling it with cream up straight and combing it a little towards one side. Make sure to try this haircut for your kid for some classic occasions like weddings, etc. Also, look at the image below featuring a quiff haircut.

Quiff Fade Haircut  for boys

12. Side Part Fade Haircut

Do you know? The other name for a side part fade haircut is a gentleman’s cut. This is like any other undercut and the difference lies in the length of the hair on the sides and on the top. Unlike an undercut, side part fade involves keeping the sides as short as possible and the hair on the top is slightly longer. For example, try this little boy fade haircut to see the little gentleman in your boy!!

Side Part Fade Haircut 

13. Long Hair Fade Haircut

The long hair fade haircut keeps hair longer on the top while tapering from the sides and back. Hair is gradually tapered gradually downwards on the sides until it matches with the skin tone. The tapered fade hairstyle is excellent low maintenance and does not require a lot of styling. Here is an image featuring a long hair fade haircut.

Long Hair Fade Haircut for boys

14. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

A faux hawk fade is a haircut styled by coupling a faux hawk with a taper fade on both the sides. To illustrate, a faux hawk with the width of your choice is made on top and sides, starting from the temples are tapered gradually towards the back. Give your child a classy and stylish look with this fade haircut. Here is an image featuring a perfect kid-style faux hawk for you to check out.

Faux Hawk Fade Haircut 

15. Pompadour Fade Haircut

Well, a pompadour is one of the classiest haircuts for men. Bring out the gentleman in your kid by giving him a pompadour haircut along with faded sides. To illustrate, a pompadour fade haircut involves styling a classic pompadour on the top and tapering the sides towards the back.

Pompadour Fade Haircut for boys

Lastly, we think this curation of boys fade haircuts could help you find the perfect look for your boy! Make sure to try them all.

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25 Charming Fade Haircuts for Boys We Love

While there are a lot of styles to choose from, no style is quite as ubiquitous or popular as the boy’s fade haircut is. Any boy who wants to look his best knows that his hair has to look great.  These fade cuts look great on most boys, no matter their age or their personal style.


Latest Fade Haircuts for Boys

The great thing about fades for boys is that they can be paired with braids, designs, different colors, and short or long hair.

This makes using a fade a great choice for any boy who wants a style that is uniquely theirs, as well as comfortable and easy to take care of.

1. Hard Part for Boys

boys fade haircut with strong line

Really strong lines around the face help to make this little boy’s fade haircut pop. The longer hair on top of the head, as well as the gentle medium fade, work together to create a look that is unique and layered, ensuring that it is one that people are going to remember.


2. Angled Bangs with Medium Fade

medium fades for boys

Adding angles to any cut is going to make it instantly more interesting, which is exactly what the angles on these bangs do.

The medium fade extends higher than the ears, which prevents the cut from looking visually heavy and weighed down. The hair on top is longer, but not by much.


3. Faded to Braids for Kids

boys braided hairstyles with fade

A strong fade on the sides and back of the head really pops when there are braids on the top of the head. These braids can be as thick or thin as the boy wearing this faded hairstyle wants, but they must have enough volume to really offset the high fade.


4. Skin Fade with Longer Top

skin fade haircuts for boys

There’s no reason why a fade has to be low, as this great fade shows. It’s high and shows a lot of skin, with just a little longer hair on top of the head. Controlling the longer hair with some product is key to this style looking its best.


5. High Fade with Blue Top

high fade with blue top for boys

Adding a pop of color to longer hair adds a new layer of interest to the style. This high fade cut for boys, combined with strong lines around the face, as well as blue color layered into the hair, is fresh and unique, which is sure to make any boy the center of attention.


6. Low Fade with Lots of Volumes

Fades don’t have to be high to be eye-catching, as this lower faded undercut for boys shows.

Paired with plenty of longer hair on the top of the head, this style has tons of volume and body. It’s cute and refreshing without being too edgy, thanks to the lighter blonde color of the hair.


7. High Fade with Curly Mohawk

Black boys who have curly hair will love the way that a fade helps to show off the beauty and movement of their curls.

This high fade extends up to a shorter curly mohawk, which adds interest and volume to the style. It’s a great fade haircut for black boys who want to look trendy and modern.


8. Criss-Cross Fade with Longer Hair

This is one of the more unique fades for boys since it actually has the fades cross in the back to show some volume and layers.

The longer hair on top extends down to the back in a point, unlike other styles where it is contained only to the very top of the head.


9. Zig-Zag Designs

Adding fun designs to a fade is a great way to elevate it and make it personal. These fun zig-zag designs add beauty and movement to the style. They work great on fades of all types.


10. Boy’s Comb Over with High Fade

high fade hairstyles for boys

A slick top is a perfect way to finish this high fade. The skin that shows right above the ear is an incredible contrast to the longer hair on the top of the head, making this style unique and a bit daring. Plenty of product is necessary to hold it in place.


11. With a Mini Kids Mohawk

A mini mohawk looks cute on younger boys, especially when it is fluffy and not as spiky. This little boy’s hairstyle requires a great fade to really stand out, but it doesn’t have to be a skin fade or as high as other fades. A low fade is a great choice.


12. Crew Cut for Boys

Shorter hair all overlooks right at home with a great fade.

This boy’s haircut with gentle low fade extends up to the top of the head, where the hair is kept very short so that there isn’t much of a delineation between the sides and top. It’s simple, easy, and a great way to stay cool in the summer.


13. Deeply Designed

Designs don’t have to be simple, and a great medium fade can easily support more advanced designs. These designs have an Egyptian feel to them, making them a fun take on a typical fade. They must be completed by a professional for the best outcome.

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14. Bold Stripe

A bold and thick stripe of hair on the top of the head will look its best when accompanied by a strong and high fade. This boy’s fade haircut allows the hair on the top of the head to really stand out and prevents it from looking like the sides are too long.


15. Top All Pushed up

little boys fade haircut

Pushing thick and longer hair on the top of the head up and out of the way allows this kid’s fade cut to really shine. It’s a medium fade that is kept very short, which allows the longer hair to be the focus of the cut and prevents it from looking messy.


16. Skin Fade to a Strong Top

A great skin fade looks wonderful on any boy, especially when the hair on the top of the head is strong and perfectly sculpted. This style is bold and requires hard and perfect lines around the face for the boy wearing it to look his best.


17. Kids Fohawk with Medium Fade

Hard lines separate this great fade from the longer hair on the top of the head, drawing attention to the fade. It’s a great fade haircut for boys who aren’t ready to give up all of their lengths but are interested in trying something a little different.


18. Bold and Green Bangs

Bright green bangs are eye-catching and are a wonderful way to top off this fun style. The perfect fade on the side is a great canvas for fun designs, and the longer hair on top can be styled in many ways. This makes this fade haircut great for boys of all ages.


19. Paired with Dreads

Fades look great when paired with dreads, as they allow the movement and feel of the dreads to really shine. This fun style is made even better thanks to the skin fade over the ear, as well as the strong lines that are around the face.


20. Swoops of Color

dyed hairstyles with fades for boys

Swooping hair that has layers of color in it is fun and a unique take on simple longer hair on the top of the head. This boy’s hairstyle has a very low fade that is just over the ear but is still high enough for some designs to be cut into the hair. The contrast is striking, making this an incredible option.

Amazing Hairstyles for Tween Boys


21. Over the Ear and Bleached Tips

Fades that are up and over the ear look great on boys when paired with thick and curly hair that has been partially bleached.

The bleached tips on this style add fun and interest to the style and prevent it from looking at all boring. A skin fade over the ear completes the look.


22. Gentle Fade to Curls

Fades for boys don’t have to be too extreme to look great, as this gentle fade shows. The curls on top of the head are the real star of the style thanks to the gentle fade over and around the ears. Using the product on the curls helps to give them definition.

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23. Skin Fade with a Pompadour

A pompadour looks impressive on any boy, and this style is no exception. Mixing a great skin fade, designs in the fade and thick and lush pomp result in a bold and daring cut. This is great for boys who aren’t afraid of the limelight.


24. High Fade with Longer Top

high fade hairstyles for boys

A high temple fade that leaves plenty of hair towards the back of the head is a great way to help make the long hair on this style pop. The top can be pushed to one side for a gentle curve that is a great complement to the faded haircut.


25. Swooped Bangs and Blonde Fade

fades for boys

Swooped bangs that are a shocking pink make this blonde fade really stand out. The fade is low, which is often a great choice for younger boys. Slightly longer hair on top and much longer bangs add a few layers of interest to the cut and prevent it from being boring.


The right fade will make any boy look his best and is sure to give him a boost of confidence. For that reason, all boys will want to consider a fade haircut at some point in their lives. These fun fade cuts are great options for any boy who wants to try something new and different.

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Which is the best hairstyle for boys? Choosing the best boys haircuts may be a little overwhelming. On the one hand, there are tons of various styles and it is a real challenge to wade through them. On the other hand, it is hard to pick out the one that both flatters your kid’s features and follows school dress code rules. If you want your kid to leave a barber with a suitable hair look every time, our collection of the most fashionable hair styles for boys will surely come in handy.

Boys Haircuts Ideas

Looking presentable is essential for a man, regardless of his age. So it’s time for you to individualize your uniform style and stand out in the class! And to help you accomplish this, we selected the trendiest big and little boy haircuts that will make you want to get up earlier in the morning to spruce up your mane. They will range in length, type of hair, complexity and ambiance. Thus, you will easily be able to choose a cut for any situation.

Undercut With Short Textured Top

Really cool cuts for kids are those that look stylish and trendy while requiring little effort to maintain. That said, an undercut haircut with a short textured top is one of the best options for little mods who do not want to spend much time styling their manes. Also, boys with long hair will find an undercut highly beneficial too, as it allows them to keep their long tresses in order.

Classic French With High Fade

A classic French crop is a great option for your cute boy. It looks stylish yet low-key with its shortly trimmed sides and textured top. For an added boldness, go for a high fade on the back and sides, which instantly focuses the whole attention on the top. Such kids hairstyles work perfectly for both school days and holidays.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Disconnected & Spiky

For kid hair cut styles, your imagination is the only limit. With that in mind, you are welcome to combine various children hair cuts in one look. For instance, you can team a spiky top with a disconnected haircut on the sides and back. This combo will come out sharp and edgy.

Source: @tombaxter_hair via Instagram

Short haircuts for men are timeless, but you know what’s a trendsetter? When you go for a style that sets the hair to have cool long waves on the top with short faded sides. Amongst your kid’s friends, this hairstyle is bound to be a superhit. And, there are various hair twists that you can add to this hairstyle. This will have your boy all excited about his hairstyle.

Source: @mikes_custom_kuts via Instagram

Longer Bang For Toddler Boy

Nobody wants to look overly preppy and conservative for school. Your kid is obviously no exception. Hence, if you have decided to pull off such popular little boy haircuts as bangs, make them longer than usual. Thus, he will be able to push them to the side, add texture or style in any other way the occasion calls for.

Source: @groomed_barber_club via Instagram

If your kid is lucky enough to have curly locks, then you should definitely take advantage of it. Boys hairstyles with a curly fringe are a surefire way to emphasize the defined texture of the hair. To make it even more prominent, go for a fade on the sides and back. Remember, the higher the fade, the bolder the hairstyle looks.

Source: @mikes_custom_kuts via Instagram

Classic  Kids Undercut

The everyone’s favorite undercut is so popular, not for nothing: it works awesome for many different school and business environments, keeping a wearers style presentable and strict at once. If you’re looking for cool boys haircuts that can offer you flexible maintenance and a lot of different boy hairstyles, look no further. You can flip the top to the side or make it spiky if it’s very short, as this cut proves there are no boys haircuts short hair can’t keep up with.

Smooth Boy Taper Fade

What is a good hairstyle for boys? A bit of neatness will never hurt, notably if your school stands for accuracy and immaculacy in terms of schoolboy hair. Instead of cutting boy’s haircuts short, you can shorten the sides and spice them up with a boys fade haircut, where the longer top gradually blends with neatly tapered sides.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Buzz Cut With Shaved Line For Your Child

Believe it or not, the simple and strict military buzz cut can turn into one of the fresh and cool haircuts for boys! A clean outline that makes your look precise and neat and an outstanding shaved line on the side is the detail that will prove all boys short haircuts can be fun! As for styling, such short boy haircuts will save you some time in the mornings.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Chic Boys Ivy League Cut

What is the best haircut for kids? The Ivy League cut is a longer version of the crew hair cut for kids that allows a wearer to style the top to the side. Unlike most short haircuts for boys, this idea will keep your hair short enough while giving you a touch of stylishness and place for little experiments. To style such cool boys haircuts for special occasions, a fine comb and mid hold gel are your best buddies.

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

Medium Length Layered Boy Cut

This idea is probably one of the most popular boys long haircuts. Of course, it’s designed for a semi-free dress code as it involves quite a messy look due to layering. The best thing about this boys hairstyle is that it offers great styling versatility. With the help of a comb and styling gel, you can change many awesome boys haircut styles throughout the semester.

Source: @shrunknheads via Instagram

Scissor Cut With Design For Your Little Guy

A scissor cut hairstyle is a perfect way to accentuate the ruffian character and save some time on styling, which is so precious in the morning. To achieve such a disheveled look, a barber will run the scissors in random directions. This textured hairstyle allows for some trendy design elements. A shaved in lightning is a perfect enhancement for such a daring look.

Source: @shrunknheads via Instagram

Modern Kids Mohawk

Boys with modern and carefree lifestyle will love the way this kids mohawk shows off their sense of style. Though it requires regular maintenance, its unbelievable silhouette and play of texture is worth trying, just like many black boys haircuts.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Disconnected Boy Taper Fade

This hairstyle is all about definition. The top is cropped and disconnected from the sides with a shaved-in line. As the look comes out sharp and edgy, you want to balance it out with the help of a soft taper fade on the sides.

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

Fun & Curly High Top

Haircuts for boys with curly hair that focus on the texture are the trickiest to maintain. That means they’re not really appropriate for school, but in case of some special school event, they are the must-try haircuts for kids. The sides are slightly shorter, and the top shows off the curls: the classic pattern of head-turning hairstyles for boys. To make your curls more distinctive, you can apply some oil or foam to the top.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Classic Crop With Fade & Fringe

The modern idea of the classic french crop is here to change your image about the familiar boys hair cut. This time, the one-length haircut gives a great sense of modernity: the sides are accentuated with a fade, and the top is finished with a choppy fringe. Aren’t these the must-have features of boys haircuts?

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Textured Comb Over For You Sun

You may did not expect that, but the famous comb over haircut can actually come as 10 years old boy haircuts. Its restrained and sophisticated swept silhouette is the happy medium between occasional and casual look, which makes it not only a perfect haircut for boys but also for men of all ages. In terms of styling, this cut is very flexible: based on your styling product and the parting you choose, it will give you different and fresh looks.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Black Boy Mohawk VS Faux Hawk

When you want to go for an edgy and yet super stylish hairstyle, you opt for a mohawk haircut for your kid. With shaved sides, and pointy spikes on the top, it gives a very grungey and trendy look, and your boy is going to be thrilled about it. You can try different variations in the styling and see what you like. There’s a reason this hairstyle is so popular!

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Boys Crew Cut With Shaved Stripes

This style is the classic crew cut that neatly fades into shaved sides with creative stripes. This is another classic haircuts for men that have been around for years. A cute fringe on the top with clean shaved stripes on the sides, it checks off against all the possible style boxes – it is cute, funky, and neat too.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Fringe haircuts are back with a bang. With the hair being fairly long on the top, flowing into textured fringes, and the cut blending into neatly cut sides, this hairstyle is a perfect bet for your boy. And to add a little funk to this style, you can choose angular bangs or a french crop, giving it an adorable yet fun look.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Boys Haircuts For Natural Curls

Curly hair are wild and need courage to tame, as curls have a mind of their own. What you can do to make the messy curls look managed and amazing at the same time is give a taper fade haircut, with faded sides and long curly hair softly caressing the forehead. This is a perfect hairstyle for your curly haired boy.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Angular Fringe With Layers

Looking for a hairstyle that isn’t too unconventional and yet makes your boy stand out? The angular fringe is a fresh and exciting look. It is a classic cut with textured fringes on the top, using an angular layering that slowly fades into trimmed short hair on the sides.

Source: @ryancullenhair via Instagram

Mop Top

Boys long haircuts can be a bit difficult to maintain, as a little rebel usually does not want to take care of his locks. However, you can get away with low key long childrens haircuts, such as a mop top. While it does not require much commitment, the result is really cool.

Textured Angular Fringe

You can add an intricate twist to your child hair cuts with such a simple yet impactful element as a fringe. For a bolder and trendier look, make it textured and angular. Even though he will need to make some effort to style his hair, it will fully pay off with the title of a trend setter of the school.

Source: @tombaxter_hair via Instagram

Almost Middle Part

To give a lil kids haircut definition, you can complement it with a parting. If you cannot decide between a side and middle part, go for the golden mean. Separate the hair almost in the middle of the head but indent half an inch from it. In this way, the hairstyle for boy kids will get an unusual end eye catching turn.

Source: @tombaxter_hair via Instagram

Textured Blunt Bang Skin Fade

Does your kid really love to be in the spotlight? Then textured bangs with a blunt edge are his way to go. For extra emphasis, you can pair this bold haircut for children with a skin fade on the back and sides.

Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

Medium Taper With Fringe

A classic haircut that never goes out of style. No wonder, you would find a lot of celebrities flaunting it too, just like your teen boy haircuts. The top of the hair is left to a medium length, with smooth textures that are pushed to the back or to the side, and gentle fringes landing on the forehead. It is a slick hairstyle that you can never go wrong with.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Slick Back Style For Your Sun

Some boy haircuts can reveal the real men of a kid, showing him a new, smart and mature light. The accurately tapered sides abrupted with a clean shaved line. Cut finished with a voluminous slick back top makes this idea another example of cool haircuts for boys.

Source: @mikes_custom_kuts via Instagram

Hair Design With Spiky Quiff

This haircut is for the bold you and your bold kid too. With the hair skillfully curving along the sides to the nape of the neck, and textured layers of pointy spikes on the top of the hair, it is a style that will make your boy popular in school. This faux hawk hairstyle gets full marks on creativity.

Source: @mikes_custom_kuts via Instagram

Fade With Design

A simple and stylish haircut with the design waning into cool lines. A very cool and understated look for the kids that make them stand out from the crowd and be a topic of show off in front of their friends. And, you can go for several options for the design you want, the possibilities are vast.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Precise Crew Cut

Meet the new face of the popular sports cut that stands among the best short haircuts for boys. Yes, the modernized classics never fail: the good-old crew cut with its little pomp and shorter sides has become one of the immaculate, super clean and defined kid hairstyles one could ever see.

Source: @nickthebarber via Instagram

Cool Messy Kids Short Hair

Add a quotient of coolness to your boy’s hairstyle with a messy and grungy top that fades into neatly shaved sides. Not only does it look very stylish, it also is low on maintenance. Let those hair be ruffled on the top and let them sway carefree, just like your kid.

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

Spiky Top Boys Haircuts

If your school doesn’t have harsh restrictions about boys hairstyles and cuts, you can go for something more statement-making and carefree. The key to spiky hair styling is a good, strong hold gel that you’ll need to work throughout your hair, creating spikes wherever you please. Luckily, such styling can work for any hair cuts for boys.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Fresh & Neat Quiff

This boys haircut seems to be the opposite for the previous idea. Quiff boy hairstyles are designed to keep a kid comfy with his hair while creating a very tidy look that fits all school dress codes. To give some precision, some non-glossy pomade on top won’t hurt.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Faux Hawk For Little Guy

Since this faux hawk boy haircut is the slight version of the punky mohawk. You can keep your style unique and modern without breaking school rules. Such hairstyles for boys are absolutely stylish and low-maintenance which is a win-win for those who want to freshen up their uniform.

Source: @alexthegreatvivar via Instagram

Awesome Pompadour

The dramatic pompadour doesn’t care how old you are; it aims to give you a versatile and masculine look. You can style it up, down, to the side or to the back: it’s all up to your mood. It’s one of those boys short haircuts that can let your creativity fly; isn’t that cool?

Source: @meha_barber via Instagram

If you want to diversify the familiar side-parted kid’s hair styles, a light shaved design will be there for you. You can ask your barber for a soft shaved line in the place you usually part your hair. In this way, you will master wearing one of the most iconic boy’s hair styles. To make the style stay longer, don’t forget to secure the top with holding gel or pomade.

Source: @katemagicru via Instagram

Fade Haircut With Angular Fringe

Want to combine several trendy cuts in one hairstyle? A high skin fade on the sides and an angular fringe will give you what you’re looking for. Although it looks so elaborate, in fact, it’s one of those boys haircuts that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Source: @egobarbers via Instagram

Brushed Up Ivy LeagueFor Your Naughty Kid

At times, an Ivy League haircut can look too preppy on boys. To avoid that impression, try to upgrade the hairdo a little. By simply brushing the hair on top of your head up, you get a cool and trendy hairstyle. For added emphasis, you can go for a mid fade and carved in hair design.

Source: @egobarbers via Instagram

Textured French Crop With Straight Fringe

French crop boys haircuts are still on a roll, as they have many different variations. For added flair, the fringe can be chopped straight. Even though it doesn’t require much effort, the look comes out stylish and unique.

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Boys French Crop With Angled Fringe

Alternatively, for your French crop, you can go with an angled fringe instead. A slight asymmetry will give your rather blunt haircut an unusual turn. To accentuate the hair on top even more, complement it with a mid skin fade on the sides.

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Plain Faded Crop

If you want to leave the cropped top as it is, you’re welcome to do so. However, you might find a high bold fade a nice accompaniment to such a look, as it helps to create quite a lot of contrast with a neatly chopped and brushed top.

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This hairstyle is for real fashionists, as it’s ample, bold and trendy. The top should be cut in different layers of length with the longest in the front and the shortest in the back while the sides should be embellished with a taper fade. Divide the hair on top with a side part and brush it all up and to the side for a dapper appearance.

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Textured Top With A Line-Up

For naturally textured hair, such as coily or wiry, there’s arguably no better hairstyle than a textured top. It’s good to get the sides faded for a clean-cut look though. If you want to add a trendy element to your hairstyle, a line up can be your cut of choice.

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Kids Undercut Slicked Back

It’s never too early to start cultivating your exquisite sense of style, and the haircut is a great way to do it. A classic and stylish slicked back undercut is always the right choice. So that it would give away its modern flair, enhance it with undercut sides.

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Perfect boy haircuts for school look both stylish and neat. Besides, it is most likely that you will want a low maintenance cut to save those precious ten or even twenty minutes in the morning. Thus, consider this elegant and trendy look that features a pushed back top and faded sides.

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Teenage Layered Spiky Cut

Are spiky haircuts for boys with an attitude? Sure, they are. If you want your kid to express his unique personality and taste, it is hard to think of a better option than a layered spiky cut. It provides him with everything required for a stylish yet effortless look – a malleable shape and a low maintenance style.

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Is your kid a real trendsetter? Then you should definitely consider a haircut with shaved sides design, which is one of the most popular boys haircuts 2021. If your school dress code is not too strict, then the best option would be a faux hawk hairstyle, as it allows for enough room to create even the most intricate hair tattoo.

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Cute boys like elegant and classy hairstyles. If your kid is one of them, then choose a side swept look for him. It does not require much styling while giving a refined and trendy impression. Just remember to go easy on a hair styling product so that the hair retains a relaxed and carefree feel.

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Finger Brushed Up Short Hair

Apparently, you are looking for boy hairstyles that are easy to get and maintain. How about a look that can be achieved with the help of fingers only? Get one of those short on the sides long on the top little boys’ haircuts and brush up the lock atop by raking the fingers through them.

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Cool Spikes For Cool Sun

Do you want your little mod to sport one of those really cool hair cuts for boys? Then we can barely think of anything else but spikes. To pull them off, you will need to trim the sides short while keeping the hair on top relatively long. Such boys hair cuts are ideal for creating different textured styles, including sharp spikes.

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Taper Fade

Boy hair cuts with a taper fade allow for multiple styling options. However, we are pretty sure that you will not want your kid to sport something classic and boring while he can rock a really stylish look.

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Undercut With Short Textured Top

Side Layered Undercut #boyshair #boyhaircuts #boyshaircuts #haircutsforboys
Perfect Fade in 4 Minutes - How to Cut Men's Hair - Best Tutorial - Tip #2

It doesn’t take long for men’s hair trends to be seen on kids. Whether boys want to look like their father, older brother or favorite sports star, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In this guide, we look at the latest boy’s fade haircuts to try out.

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular styles for men because they are stylish, flattering and versatile. Fades transition hair from short to shorter or all the way down to the skin. The fade can start up high on the head above the temples, down low above the hairline or somewhere in the middle.

Fades are only at the sides the back. On top, hair can be short or long, flat or spiky, straight or curly. A fade makes any cut easier to wear and look great.

Some of these haircuts for boys are longer or require styling. For more complicated cuts, let kids choose hair for themselves to ensure that they embrace the look, drying time, and styling requirements. Some guys want to put in the work to be dapper while others want a wash-and-wear cut.

Check out all these different ways to wear boys fade haircuts, from toddlers to teens and for every hair type.

1. Thick Crop + High Fade Haircut For Boy’s

Crop haircut and high fade for boys

The Gentleman Barbers

This textured crop is one of the most popular haircuts for men right now. It also works well for children because the layered cutting creates the texture so styling is optional. Combined with a high fade, this cut lightens up thick hair.

2. Spiky Boy’s Fade Haircut + Hair Tattoo

Spiky boy's fade haircuts with hair design

Shawna Causey

This bold look combines rainbow color on top with a zig-zag hair design over a high fade. Comic book-worthy hair is possible and a wonderful childhood memory. A very cool boy’s fade haircut.

3. Quiff Haircut With High Fade + Hair Design

thick spiky boys haircut high skin fade

Jarreds Barbers

Hair designs can be anything from a geometric design to logo to intricate picture. This cool style combines thick spikes with a freeform hair design that is repeated with a fade. Boys can also choose super hero symbols, team logos or any other statement they want to make.

4. Comb Over Boy’s Fade Haircut

Boys Fade Haircuts


The comb over fade is a popular hairstyle because it is so easy to style but looks great. Combined with a high fade and hard part, it’s a great choice for a boy who wants to learn to style hair.

5. Medium Length Hair On Top High Fade Haircut For Boys

Medium to long hair on top with short sides high fade

Travis Hill

Another way to wear the comb over fade, this side part hairstyle doesn’t need any styling. A classic boy’s fade haircut.

6. Buzz + Fade Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly hair boys fade haircut

A Cut Above

The fade is a cool addition to any boys haircut but can especially make harder to style hair types easy to wear. This slightly longer on top cut leaves some curls while eliminating the need for styling.

7. High Fade Haircut for Fine Hair

Fade haircut for boys with fine hair

A Cut Above

Boys fade haircuts are also flattering for fine hair. This high fade with hair styled with plenty of textured volume enhances fine hair and would like great without product too.

8. Short Haircut + High Fade

Toddler boy short haircut with high fade

Reece Beak

Boys are never too young to be stylish. This buzz plus fade haircut is the easiest toddler boy haircut that looks great and at this length, bedhead is almost entirely eliminated. A super good looking short boy’s fade haircut.

9. Spiky Quiff Haircut + Low Fade + Line Up

Spiky quiff haircut for boys with a low fade

Travis Hill

Another great cut for thick hair, boys can style this look on their own or leave it. A low fade almost down to the skin keeps the edges ultra clean cut.

10. Textured Haircut For Boys + Low Fade

Textured boys haircut with a low fade

Travis Hill

Here’s the same spiky hairstyle with a low fade for normal to fine hair. This cut and style works with the growth pattern of the crown, creating a profile that works with hair that sticks up at the back.

11. Pompadour Haircut For Boys + Low Fade

pompadour fade for boys

Goodman Apparel & Barbers

This young man has another very popular haircut, the pomp fade. It looks great when styled up into a pompadour but can also be worn loose. This is a totally stylish boy’s fade haircut to try out.

12. Cool Textured Boy’s Haircut + High Fade

Textured hairstyle for boys with a high fade

Josh O’meara-Patel

This swept back hairstyle is another cut that looks great at any age and can be worn styled or loose. A fade around the sides and back keeps it ultra clean.

13. Low Fade Haircut For Boys With Thick Hair

Thick hair haircut for boys and a low fade style

Lu Lu the Barber

This low fade haircut provides a striking contrast against thick hair worn in a side part hairstyle.

14. Quiff Haircut + Skin Fade

Quiff haircut for boys with a high skin fade

Gershwin’s Barber

This modern and trendy cut and style is cool at any age. A ski jump quiff at the front can be styled in other ways or not styled at all. The side features a shaved line and bald fade.

15. Boy’s Fade Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly hair fade haircut for boys

Gershwin’s Barber

The easiest way to show off curly hair is wear it longer on top and shave the sides and back into a fade.

16. Textured Crop Haircut with Fringe + High Fade

Textured crop boys haircut high fade

Gershwin’s Barber

This crop with blunt bangs is a popular short hairstyle for guys. Textured spikes and a blurry fade contrast the sharpness of straight across fringe that continues into a shaved line.

17. Undercut Haircut For Boys With A Mid Bald Fade

Boys undercut haircut and mid bald fade
Undercut for boys high fade side view

Josh Connolly

This is the kind of haircut a boy should choose for themselves. It looks great but needs some product every day to stay out of the eyes.

18. Long Textured Mohawk Haircut + High Fade

Cool textured mohawk hairstyle for boys

Don’s Cuts

The mohawk haircut is a cool hair trend and fun look for boys. A drop fade that follows the hairline is a cool finish to the look and makes this cut look great spiked up or worn down.

19. Wavy Comb Over Fade Boy’s Haircut

Wavy comb over fade haircut for boys

Rael Bronx

This comb over style with a high fade is easy and stylish. The shaved part is a dramatic details but the cut is just as good without it.

20. Cool Slicked Back Boy’s Haircut + High Fade

Cool haircut for boys with a high fade

Jose Crespo

This cool comb over looks ultra thick worn over a high fade. The fade drops down at the back to leave enough length at the crown to prevent hair from sticking up.

21. Easy Haircuts for Boys + High Fade

Easy haircut for boys with a high fade

No5 Barbershop

This cute haircut is also an easy look for active boys. Hair is layered on top for minimal length and weight while adding texture and training hair across to one side.

22. Mohawk Haircut + Long Fringe + Fade Design

Mohawk haircut with long fringe and mid fade with hair design


This burst fade mohawk haircut has that distinct mohawk shape, even without being spiked up. Shaved lines, faux hawk styling and a few points of bangs complete the look.

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Haircuts boys fade

Your kid is super adorable! You always want him to look his best – in his great fashion like a little model for your eyes. Now if you’re thinking of cutting your kid’s hair or taking him to the barber for a new haircut, you might want to consider fade for kids. This is one of the classiest and cleanest haircuts for boys that you might want to get for your kid.

What are the different types of fade haircuts?

The fade hairstyle is one of the most flexible of all because your kid does not have to stick with the same kind of fade haircut for a long time. See the following for a few types of fade for kids.

Taper Fade Afro

This haircut is most popular among Afro-American boys. It is also commonly recommended for boys whose hair has the afro texture. Here, the top of the hair is trimmed down based on your kid’s face shape. The style is also distinguished for its sides, which are tapered down to a fade.

Straight razor fade

Also called the razor fade, this haircut looks unique because of the cutting tool used in tapering down the hair. The barber is going to use a straight razor, not clippers and buzzers to deliver the style. The style can also be combined with the comb-over, pompadour, slicked back, quiff or part. Consult your kid’s barber for the best style to combine with the razor fade.

Low skin fade

This hairstyle is perfect for almost anyone because it is subtle. Once his hair starts growing back, it won’t look awkward.

Tight and high fade (aka military haircut)

This haircut is notable for its short sides of the temple (high), and then a matching long top (tight). It works for most hair types and face shapes.

#1: French Crop + Clean Fade

French Crop + Clean Fade

#2: Shape Up + Sharp Fade + Part

Shape Up + Sharp Fade + Part

#3: Side Part + Smooth Fade

Side Part + Smooth Fade

#4: Twisted – Carved

Twisted - Carved + Sharp Fade

#5: The Classic Quiff

The Classic Quiff

#6: Sharp Fade for Spiky Hair

Sharp Fade for Skipy Hair

#7: Combover Fade

Combover Fade

#8: The Undercut

The Undercut

#9: Tape Ups + Texture Crop

Tape Ups + Texture Crop

#10: Messy Hair + Undercut + Skin Fade

Fringe + Undercut + Skin Fade

#11: Spiky Long Cut + Hard Part

Spiky Long Cut + Hard Part

#12: Skin Fade for Medium Curly Hair

Skin Fade for Medium Curly Hair

#13: Short Spiky + Color + Shaved Detail

Short Spiky + Color + Shaved Detail

#14: The Pompadour

Pompadour For Kid

#15: Slick Short Hair Pomp

Slick Short Hair Pomp

#16: Mixed Color + Shaved Detail

Mixed Color + Shaved Detail

#17: Color Highlight + Skin Fade

Color Highlight + Skin Fade

#18: Layered Clean Cut

Layered Clean Cut

#18: Fade For Curly Short Hair + Part

Fade For Curly Short Hair + Part

#19: Low Cut + Sharp Fade

Low Cut + Sharp Fade

#20: Afro Curly Hair + Part

Afro Curly Hair + Part

#21: Clean Cut + Part

Clean Cut + Part

#22: Taper Fade + Spiky

Taper Fade + Spiky

#23: Long Spiky Cut + Skin Fade

Long Spiky Cut + Skin Fade

#24: High Fade

High Fade

What face shape does the fade work best on?

Before getting his fade haircut, know that it is important to factor in his face shape. The good thing is that most fade haircuts work on all hair types and face shapes.


Opt for deeper fades but never extreme fades. Subtle fades will work best on your square shaped faces, which are more focused on the cheekbones and jawline but not putting too much emphasis on making your face looking rigid.


The side swept fade is best for kids with round faces because it can provide them with taller top and shorter sides. It can also be parted for a neat look especially for schoolchildren. The side swept style can elongate his face, too.


The taper fade afro is best for kids with angular faces and kinky or curly hair, which is hard to tame or manage. It is also a low maintenance hairstyle, which can accentuate high cheekbones and a great jawline.


Modern pompadour plus fade is the best fade for boys who have a triangular shaped face. This haircut is notable for its taller top as well as shorter back and side.

But for boys with curly hair, the cut will look to be bigger, but a voluminous one for boys with straight hair. The fade will help them achieve that definition to their face’s upper portion because their face’s shape to appear with smaller foreheads but longer chins.


The taper fade cut for boys can be ideal for your kid if he has an oval shape face because the haircut can offer a gradual cut with shorter hair near his neckline. His barber may use some tools to cut his hair and give him this haircut.

The taper’s subtleness will depend on you or your kid’s decision. Nevertheless, the haircut is best for boys with oval shape faces, but you have to make sure that you keep your kid away from styles that will cover his face and hide its natural shape.

Are You Ready to Give Your Cute Kid a Fade Haircut?

Boys’ fade haircuts are the buzz among kids who want to look his best! These hairstyles are perfect for almost all face shapes and can be combined with other hairstyles as those we have mentioned here. The fade haircut is ideal for any kid’s age and for a school haircut. Any of these fade haircuts look classy and neat and can make your little one even cuter with a statement of a great looking fade haircut for boys.

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