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New common sense of using gaming mouse pad.

How to fix the curl of the mouse pad

The curl occurs when it is rolled into a tubular package. There are several ways to fix this.

| ARTISA mouse pad be two-face sides of mouse pad with steam iron for a while.

To correct the curl, apply heat with a dryer or iron. Be careful not to be too hot.

Be careful not to overheat (medium temperature is appropriate).
Patching a cloth (cover the pad with a cloth). Then iron the front and back, just as you would clothing.
Make sure steam is coming out of the iron. Look at the state of recovery and repeat a few times.

*Notice | Please according to your own decision and at your own responsibility. We do not assume any responsibility.

Gaming mouse pad shift prevent

Basically remove the dust on the desk and place the mouse pad.

The anti-slip function will not work unless this is done. Similarly wipe the bottom of the mouse pad with damp cloth to clean it. This increases the sucker effect of the sole of the mouse pad, making it difficult to shift.

Strengthening mouse pad shift prevent.
*It is unnecessary for ARTISAN mouse pad (CLASSIC / FX series).

1. Put a double sided tape on the sole of the mouse pad (paste again when the tape deteriorates).

The point is to use re-peeling double-sided tape. It tape easy to peel off. Paste at the corners of the sole of the mouse pad and the middle of it. Paste the tape cut to about 2 cm in length. It can to prevent shift perfectly.

When a thick tape is pasted, irregularities are generated in the operational feeling of the mouse pad. It is a problem only at the four corners, but if you care about it, use thinner tape as possible.

*Recommendation 「 プレブ ウレシート両面テープS フィルムタイプ 15mm×10m」 1080 Yen
You can not be used up it if you buy one.

*Notice | Please according to your own decision and at your own responsibility. We do not assume any responsibility.

2. Use anti-slip mat

Please choose based on performance.

Some inexpensive products may slip if not apply a load. hundred yen store products is not recommended because the smell is too tight.

There is compatibility with the surface of the desk where the mouse pad is placed, so it may fail two or three times. However, cheap investment as it can be used for several years if matches can be obtained.

※Recommendation 「 ARTISAN MFS 50cm x 50cm」 2500 Yen

*Notice | Please according to your own decision and at your own responsibility. We do not assume any responsibility.


Artisan - Mousepads

As a gamer, your gaming mouse is one of your most important tools, but many forget that without a stable mouse pad, your gaming mouse will never live up to its full potential. Mouse pads for gaming come in different materials, patterns and sizes, but the most important thing for a gamer is that the pad has a large surface.

At MaxGaming, you will find mouse pads from popular manufacturers, such as ZOWIE by BenQ, Glorious, Razer, SteelSeries and Logitech, that are made specifically for gaming. Mouse pads that are made for gaming usually have a larger surface area and an anti-slip underside to keep the mouse pad in place during intense gaming sessions. Mouse pads with RGB-lighting are also an alternative to give your set up a personal touch, or a mouse pad with wrist support to give you better ergonomics when you are playing.

We at MaxGaming proudly present a very wide range of mouse pads for gaming/playing, although it can be hard to find the right one in the jungle of gaming mouse pads. Should it be made of plastic, cloth or micro fibres? If you want a big mouse pad, should you go for XXL or 3XL? If you need help finding the right mouse pad for you, please don't hesitate to contact us for personal service.

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| Gaming mousepad


With its "glide, and stop", it is the product that overturned the conventional understanding of fabric.
Despite the light glide, it can be stopped securely. It is a staple fabric garnering high ratings even on the Internet.

| A light glide that overturns the conventional understanding of fabric

The glide is not influenced by humidity or perspiration. Unknown in fabrics until now, the quick initial response allows for agile maths operations.

| Securely stopping despite a light glide

Glide, and stop is the biggest strength of "HIEN". The surface has a fine texture which helps with the stopping action.

| A satin-specific texture

The characteristic of satin is its fine texture. Among the products of ARTISAN, that fine texture is best felt on this surface.

| Easy to use for millions

You'll also get used to it right away. Many people feel that it is easy to use. It is a long-selling product that has now become the staple for fabrics.



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