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Molex connector

AMP Mate-n-Lok and Molex Standard 0.093-inch pin and socket power connectors

Molex connector is the vernacular term for a two-piece pin and socket interconnection. Pioneered by Molex Connector Company, the two-piece design became an early electronic standard. Molex developed and patented the first examples of this connector style in the late 1950s and early 1960s.[1][2] First used in home appliances, other industries soon began designing it into their products from automobiles to vending machines to mini-computers.

In such a connector, cylindrical spring-metal pins fit into cylindrical spring-metal sockets. The pins and sockets are held in a rectangular matrix in a nylon shell. The connector typically has 2 to 24 contacts and is polarized or keyed to ensure correct orientation. Pins and sockets can be arranged in any combination in a single housing, and each housing can be either male or female.

There are three typical pin sizes: 1.57 mm (0.062 in), 2.13 mm (0.084 in), and 2.36 mm (0.093 in). The 1.57 mm pin can carry 5 A of current, while the 2.36 mm can carry 8.5 A. Because the pins have a large contact surface area and fit tightly, these connectors are typically used for power.

Molex Standard 0.093-inch pin and socket connectors
Molex Disk Drive Power Connection System tool and connectors

In October 1963, AMP (now TE Connectivity) introduced the Mate-n-Lok connector.[3] The AMP connector was similar to the patented Molex connectors but not interchangeable. Both were widely used in the computer industry and the term "Molex connector" is often inaccurately used to refer to all nylon plugs and receptacles.

The first 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, the Shugart SA400, introduced in August 1976, used the AMP Mate-n-Lok connector part number 350211-1.[4] This connector became the standard for 5.25-inch format peripherals such as hard drives and was used until introduction of SATA drives. In 1983, Molex introduced the 8981 connector under the trademark Disk Drive Power Connection System,[5] which was fully compatible with the AMP Mate-n-Lok connector.[6] The Molex 8981 series was only produced in a 4 position option, unlike the Mate-n-Lok family which includes many other contact arrangements.

Desktop PC use[edit]

Several connector types have become established for connecting power in desktop PCs because of the simplicity, reliability, flexibility, and low cost of the Molex design. Certain Molex connectors are used for providing power to the motherboard, fans, floppy disk drive, CD/DVD drive, video card, some older hard drive models, and more. Compatible connectors are available from many manufacturers, not just Molex and AMP.


ATX motherboard power connector (Molex Mini-fit Jr. 39-28-1203,[7] former 5566-20A or 39-28-1243,[8] former 5566-24A)

In 20/24-pin configurations, the Mini-Fit Jr. connector may be used on ATX motherboards as the main power connector. The same style of connector, in single or paired 4-, 6-, or 8-pin configurations, may be used for additional CPU power and graphics card power. Power delivery to these devices has increased in successive generations of PC components, as their higher signal sophistication and speed requirements have raised their electrical demands. The Mini-Fit Jr. can also be found in other consumer and industrial electric devices, such as major appliances, with high circuit density and high current requirements.

These connectors are polarized so that they usually cannot be inserted incorrectly. They lock into position using an integrated latch.

Standard pinout:

Color Signal[A]Pin[B]Pin[B][C]Signal[A]Color
Orange +3.3 V 1 13 +3.3 V Orange
+3.3 V sense[D]Brown
Orange +3.3 V 2 14 −12 V Blue
Black Ground 3 15 Ground Black
Red +5 V 4 16 Power on[E]Green
Black Ground 5 17 Ground Black
Red +5 V 6 18 Ground Black
Black Ground 7 19 Ground Black
Grey Power good[F]8 20 Reserved[G]None
Purple +5 V standby 9 21 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 10 22 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 11 23 +5 V Red
Orange +3.3 V 12 24 Ground Black
  1. ^ ab  Light-blue background denotes control signals.
  2. ^ ab  Light-green background denotes the pins present only in the 24-pin connector.
  3. ^In the 20-pin connector, pins 13–22 are numbered 11–20 respectively.
  4. ^Supplies +3.3 V power and also has a second low-current wire for remote sensing.[9]
  5. ^A control signal that is pulled up to +5 V by the PSU and must be driven low to turn on the PSU.
  6. ^A control signal that is low when other outputs have not yet reached, or are about to leave, correct voltages.
  7. ^Formerly −5 V (  white wire), absent in modern power supplies; it was optional in ATX and ATX12V v1.2 and deleted since v1.3.

Power good goes high to indicate that voltages are stabilised and ready for use. Power on is internally driven high, and shorting this pin to ground will turn on the power supply.

AT motherboard power connector (P8 & P9 connector, Molex 90331)

Older, AT motherboards utilized two connectors, commonly referred to as "P8" and "P9" that were positioned directly next to each other. These supplied +5V, +12V, −5V, −12V, "power-good signal", and ground. The most notable difference from modern 20/24-pin ATX power connectors is that the AT power supply connector did not have a signal to turn on the power supply, and also did not supply separate, "always-on" +5V standby power. The power supply was instead turned on and off via a heavy mechanical switch which removed mains power. Modern, ATX supplies, by contrast, are capable of being switched on and off by the computer itself, and the power button is actually a signal that is received by the motherboard and in turn passed along to the power supply. This allows the motherboard to remove power upon shutdown (with the exception of the aforementioned 5V standby power, which is always on), and also to "wake up" the computer by events such as key presses, mouse clicks, "wake on lan" events, and scheduled alarm times. These "wakeup" features are often configurable via the BIOS/CMOS setup.

Disk drive[edit]

Disk drive connector (AMP Mate-n-Lok 1-480424-0 power connector)

Molex female connector.jpg

AMP Mate-n-Lok 1-480424-0 Power connector (female pins, male connector)

Type Electrical power connector
Manufacturer AMP
Produced 1963
Width 21 mm (female), 23 mm (male)
Height 6 mm (female), 8 mm (male)
Pins 4
Signal Yes
Max. voltage 12 V
Max. current 11 A/pin (18AWG w/30 °C rise)
Molex 8981 male connector pin out.png
Male pins (female connector)
Pin 1 Yellow +12 V
Pin 2 Black Ground
Pin 3 Black Ground
Pin 4 Red +5 V
18 AWG wire is typically used.

The desktop computer hard-drive connector is pictured here. It has four conductors, with the standard pinout as follows:

Pin #ColorFunction
1   Yellow +12 V
2   Black Ground
3   Black Ground
4   Red +5 V

Sometimes, especially in older computers, the colors differ. The pins are 0.200 in (5.08 mm) apart (center to center). The connector housing has chamfered corners on one side to prevent the user from plugging it in incorrectly. The connector that provides power (e.g., on a power supply) has female pins and a male housing; the connector that receives power (e.g., on a peripheral) has male pins and a female housing.

The connector is standard on all 5.25-inch floppy drives, 3.5-inch PATA and non-SCASCSI disk drives; however, newer SATA disk drives employ a more advanced interconnection with 15 contacts. These advanced connection systems were first developed by Molex and other connector companies, often working together to develop interconnection standards. As SATA becomes more prevalent, Molex connectors can be found repurposed, through use of an adaptor, to serve as six-pin PCIe power connectors to make up for a lack of such connectors on a power supply.

Lower power devices (e.g. 3.5-inch floppy drives) use the smaller AMP 171822-4 connector instead.

Despite its widespread adoption, the connector does have problems. It is difficult to remove because it is held in place by friction instead of a latch, and some poorly constructed connectors may have one or more pins detach from the connector during mating or de-mating. There is also a tendency for the loosely inserted pins on the male connector to skew out of alignment. The female sockets can spread, making the connection imperfect and subject to arcing. Standard practice is to check for any sign of blackening or browning on the white plastic shell, which would indicate the need to replace the arcing connector. In extreme cases the whole connector can melt due to the heat from arcing.

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molex_connector

Phobya's connectors are not only about aesthetics, they are also a handy tool to achieve clean cable management! In the modding sector, optical upgrades can be achieved in many ways. Plugs and sockets in a matching design are a great possibility to implement a clean optical design. But this is not the only interesting aspect of replacing the stock connectors. Often the stock plugs and sockets are worn from multiple connections and disconnections, and the Phobya connectors are perfect as a replacement. The peak of cable modding is tailoring the cables to the desired length. This is made easy with these connectors: Simply cut to the desired length and replace both pins and connectors for a perfect finish. Shortened cables also assist in increasing air flow through the enclosure, improving the cooling performance of the whole system. Application for this connector kit: This kit is usually used for power supply of drives, fans, pumps and other devices in a computer.

Disclaimer: This product name has been updated so the gender of the female and male components are consistent with how they are typically referenced in the USA.

Sours: https://www.titanrig.com/phobya-psu-power-connector-4-pin-molex-male-5-pcs-black-04-35-ph-0120-01-on.html
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That covers the gender part, now about "molex".

Molex is a company that makes hundreds of electrical connectors, many used in computers at various spots. But by far the most common use of the label "4-pin Molex connector" is for a female connector on wires coming out of the PSU. This connector is about ¾" wide with four holes in a straight line. If you look at the end with open holes, you'll see that its outline is rectangular except that two of its corners are cut down at a 45-degree angle. That way it can only fit into the mating male connector one way. This item was used extensively to supply power to IDE hard drives and older 5¼" floppy drives, and later to optical drives. It was so commonly used that other items like fans and LED light strings have used them as power sources, also. So now, even though their original uses (floppies and IDE HDD's) have almost disappeared, you will still find them as one type of power output connector on PSU's. These connectors have one Red wire on one end (+5 VDC), a Yellow on the other end (+12 VDC), and two Black ones (Ground) in the middle holes.

By the way (this was not part of your query) watch out for a source of confusion and trouble. The newer (now also almost outmoded) 3½" floppy disk drives have a slightly different connector for power from the PSU, but it still has the same voltages and 4-pin spec of the original wider Molex. But this connector for smaller floppies is smaller, too, and looks a lot like a 4-pin fan female connector. However, it is normally found on the end of some wires in the SAME group as the wider older "4-pin Molex" outputs. Do NOT ever plug one of these into a mobo fan header - it can damage the fan header circuits!


Sours: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/what-does-male-and-female-molex-connector-mean.3139559/
Подключение корпусных вентиляторов-Molex,3Pin,4Pin

GPU Mining Motherboard Adapter: PCIe 6pin to Molex 4pin Female Cable - 12V only

Product Description

Motherboards with support for a high quantity of GPU for mining will require additional power on the motherboard through 2x 4-pin Molex ports. Our 6-pin to Molex 4-pin female is an inexpensive and simple solution to get power to these Molex ports on the motherboard if you are not using an ATX power supply. The principal use is to convert riser Molex 4pin power to be used directly on PCIe 6pin power connectors.

This cable can be paired with a Molex splitter to directly power multiple Molex ports on your motherboard.

As pictured, the 5V wires are not included; server power supplies can only push 12V.


  • 6pin male PCIe to 4pin female Molex
  • 24 inches (2 feet) long
  • 16AWG
  • 12V
  • Standard 30-day warranty

Motherboard and other accessories not included. Pictures are for reference only.

Additional Information

Weight0.12 lbs






Connector 1


Connector 2

4 Pin Molex Female

Cable Length

24″ (2FT)



Sours: https://www.parallelminer.com/product/pcie-6pin-to-molex-4pin-female-24inch-16awg-12volt-only/

Molex 4 connector pin female

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Η GRobotronics σέβεται και προστατεύει τον καταναλωτή απο τυχόν ελλατωματικά προϊόντα και απο αγορές στις οποίες δεν έμεινε ευχαριστημένος. Προσπαθούμε να παρουσιάσουμε τα προϊόντα μας όσο καλύτερα και αναλυτικότερα γίνεται μέσω εικόνων και περιγραφών. Επιστροφές γίνονται δεκτές μόνο όταν τηρούνται οι παρακάτω όροι και έπειτα απο συνεννόηση με την εταιρεία μας.

2011/83/ΕΕ. Για αγορές που πραγματοποιούνται απο το δίκτυο των καταστηματών μας ισχύουν οι όροι επιστροφών που θα βρείτε αναρτημένους στο κάθε κατάστημα ή στο παραστατικό πώλησης.

Όροι Επιστροφών 

  • Τα προϊόντα θα πρέπει να είναι στην αρχική τους συσκευασία όπως ακριβώς τα παραλάβατε.
  • Η εξωτερική και εσωτερική συσκευασία τους να είναι άψογη.
  • Η ημερομηνία παραλαβής των προϊόντων να μην έχει υπερβεί τις 14 ημερολογιακές ημέρες.
  • Το προϊόν που θα επιστρέψετε να συνοδεύεται απο το ανάλογο παραστατικό και το παραστατικό αγοράς.
  • Σε όλες τις περιπτώσεις, που υπήρξε ελάττωμα στο προϊον ή λείπει συμφωνημένη ιδιότητα και δεν προβλέπεται διαφορετικά απο την εγγύση του κατασκευαστή.
  • Για οποιαδήποτε επιστροφή θα πρέπει να έχει προηγηθεί συνεννόηση με την εταιρεία μας και να έχει σταλεί σε εμάς το απαραίτητο έγγραφο εντός 14 ημερολογιακών ημερών.
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Κόστος Επιστροφών

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(εντός 14 ημερών απο την ημερ/νία αγοράς):

Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν με έξοδα τα οποία αναλαμβάνει η εταιρείας μας. Το προϊόν ελέγχεται απο τον κατασκευαστή και πραγματοποιείται αντικατάσταση ή επισκευή. Το προϊόν στέλνεται πίσω με έξοδα τα οποία αναλαμβάνει εξίσου η εταιρεία μας (μόνο με κούριερ ACS).

  • Σε περιπτώσεις όπου το προϊόν που παραλάβατε σταμάτησε να λειτουργεί ενώ είναι στην εγγύηση:

Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν με έξοδα τα οποία χρεώνεστε εσείς (καταναλωτής). Το προϊόν ελέγχεται από τον κατασκευαστή. Έπειτα απο την επισκευή ή αντικατάσταση του στέλνεται πίσω σε εσάς με έξοδα τα οποία αναλαμβάνει η εταιρεία μας.

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Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν ακολουθώντας τους όρους επιστροφών και η χρέωση των μεταφορικών επιβαρύνει τον πελάτη. Επιστρέφεται όλη η αξία της παραγγελίας εκτός απο πρόσθετες αξίες όπου προέκυψαν έπειτα απο αίτημα του πελάτη. (π.χ. Επιπλέον χρεώσεις απο παραδόσης Σαββάτου)

  • Σε περιπτώσεις όπου παραλάβατε προϊόν και επιθυμείτε την επιστροφή του και αντικατάσταση απο κάποιου άλλου
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Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν ακολουθώντας τους όρους επιστροφών και η χρέωση των μεταφορικών για την επιστροφή του και την αποστολή νέου επιβαρύνει τον πελάτη. 

Sours: https://grobotronics.com/

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