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Chrome 93 Has Arrived: The 4 Best New Features to Try

Google Chrome 93 is now available on the stable desktop channel, which means all users will be getting the update. This update offers some great features to give you a more convenient online experience.

Here, we'll take a look at four of the best new features in Chrome 93.

1. Desktop Progressive Web Apps URL Handling

Chrome 93 introduces a more convenient way to open URL links. If you have Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) saved on your device, Chrome will now open these web apps directly through a URL link. For example, if you click on a YouTube hyperlink, the video will be opened in the YouTube web app rather than a new tab.

To activate this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/.
  2. Search “desktop-PWA-URL-handling”.
  3. Change the Default setting to Enabled.
  4. Select Relaunch Chrome.

Although this feature is active in the Chrome 93 update, most PWAs don't yet support this feature. Developers will need to update these web apps to add the extra functionality.

2. Improved Multi-Screen Support for Web Apps

The Multi-Screen Window Placement API allows apps to place windows in specific places on multiple screens. Once developers have implemented this feature, you'll be able to use multiple windows much more easily.

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One example of this is presenting slideshows in Google Slides. Slides will appear full screen on a presenting display such as a projector, and speaker notes will appear on the other display, such as a laptop.

3. Two-Factor Authentication Across Devices

Chrome will now automatically recognize and sync SMS login codes for two-factor authentication. This means that one-time passwords will automatically be detected on your phone and filled in on Chrome on desktop.

This feature requires you to be signed in to your Google account in Chrome on both your phone and desktop. At the moment, this feature is still in its early stages and there aren’t many websites that support this feature.

4. Google Continuous Search

Continuous search navigation allows you to view your Google Search results in a continuous strip below the address bar. This creates a more convenient search experience, as you don't need to go back a page to open another result.

When you tap a result, you'll notice an additional top bar with alternative search results below your address bar. You can scroll horizontally through these results whilst remaining on the initial page you visited.

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To switch to another website, you can tap into one of the results. Or to get back to the result overview, you can tap the Google icon on the left of the results bar.

To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/.
  2. Type “continuous-search” into the search bar.
  3. Change the Default setting to Enabled.
  4. Select Relaunch Chrome.

Control Your Chrome Updates

In many cases, Chrome updates bring much-needed changes. But you might want more control over your Chrome and choose to update manually, at your own time.

While Google warns against disabling your updates as you may miss out on important security features, there is nothing that restricts you. Fortunately, the decision is still yours to make and there are ways for you to stop automatic updates.


How to Stop Automatic Google Chrome Updates on Windows

Google Chrome doesn't want to let you, but Windows users can disable automatic updates in just a few easy steps.

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Chrome Beta to experiment with a more powerful New Tab page, web highlights and search changes

Google is launching a new version of its Chrome Beta browser today that’s introducing some fairly notable changes to its user interface and design. The browser will introduce an updated New Tab page, which will now include cards directing you back to past web search activities, instead of only a list of shortcuts to favorite websites. Other changes aim to make it easier to navigate search results and to highlight and share quotes from the web.

The New Tab page’s update will be one of the first changes Chrome beta users may notice.

The idea behind this design change is about getting you back quickly to past web activities without a need to dive into your browsing history to remember which sites you had been using for things like recipes or shopping. It can also help you to return quickly to your recent documents list in Google Drive, in a handy bit of cross-promotion for Google services.

Image Credits: Google

The page will now feature what Google is calling “cards,” not just links, which could direct you to things like a recently visited recipe site where you had been browsing for ideas, a Google doc you need to finish editing, or a retailer’s website where you had left your shopping cart filled with things you may like to purchase at a later date. The latter ties into Google’s larger investment in online shopping, which has already seen the search giant trying to grab more market share in the space by making product listings free and partnering with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Google is rightly concerned about Amazon’s surging advertising business, which is a large part of the retailer’s “Other” category that grew 87% year-over-year to generate $7.9 billion in the second quarter. Now, it’s capitalizing on Chrome’s New Tab real estate to elevate shopping activity in the hopes of pushing users to complete their transactions.

Another change aims to make it easier to do web research. Google says that often, users searching for something on its platform will navigate to multiple web pages to find their answer. The new version of Chrome will experiment with a different way of connecting users to their search results by adding a row beneath the address bar on Chrome for Android that will show the rest of the results so you can navigate to other web pages without needing to hit the back button.

Image Credits: Google

A new “quote cards” experiment, also coming to Chrome Beta on Android, will allow users to create a stylized image for social sharing that features text found on websites. Taking a screengrab of a website’s text is something that’s already a common activity, and particularly for people who want to share a key point from a news article they’re reading with followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. With this new feature, you’ll be able to long-press text to highlight it, then tap Share and select a template by tapping on the “Create Card” option from the menu.

All features are a part of the Chrome Beta browser. To enable experiments, you can type chrome://flags into the browser’s address bar or click on the Experiments beaker icon, and then enable the flags. The associated flags for these experiments are #ntp-modules flag (New Tab page), #continuous-search (search results changes) and #webnotes-stylize flag (quote cards).

Experiments don’t necessarily become Chrome features that roll out more broadly. Instead, they offer Google a way to capture large-scale user feedback about its new design ideas, so the features can be tweaked and fine-tuned before a public release.

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Meet the features that set Chrome apart

With helpful features from Google, Chrome helps you get things done and stay safe online.

Google address bar

This is no ordinary address bar

Search, calculate, translate, get the latest weather, and more with Google.

From the search bar you can quickly check for weather updates.

Make quick and easy calculations right from the search bar.

With Google Translate, you can find the right words in over a hundred languages right from the search bar.

A place for all your files, right from the search bar. Access important documents, photos and files from Google Drive.

Quickly convert currencies from across the globe without venturing any further than your search bar.

Password Check

Know that your passwords are safe

Not only can Chrome generate and store strong passwords, but it can also check your saved passwords and warn you of any online breaches.

Pixelbook Go laptop with screen displaying Chrome password check with a passsword update dialog box.


Sync Chrome across devices

From your laptop, to your tablet, to your phone, your stuff in Chrome goes where you go. When you turn sync on, you can access your bookmarks, saved passwords, and secure payment info.

Chrome browser window displaying account and sync settings for Google Accounts, where sync is enabled.

Articles For You

Get articles curated specifically for you

When you're on your phone, Chrome surfaces articles, blogs and content from around the web, tailored to your interests. The more you use Chrome, the more personalized it gets.

Pixel 4 XL phone with screen displaying curated article links.

Get the Browser by Google

Pixel 4 XL phone with screen displaying
Pixelbook Go laptop with screen displaying
Pixel Slate tablet with screen displaying
Pixel Slate tablet with screen displaying

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32-bit.

For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit.

This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.

Select the version of Chrome that’s right for your Mac

Check which chip your Mac has

  1. At the top left, open the Apple menu.
  2. Select About This Mac.
  3. In the “Overview” tab, look for “Processor” or “Chip”.
  4. Check if it says “Intel” or “Apple”.

Need more help? Go to Chrome Help Center

By downloading Chrome, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Chrome and Chrome OS Additional Terms of Service

Note: Installing Google Chrome will add the Google repository so your system will automatically keep Google Chrome up to date. If you don’t want Google's repository, do “sudo touch /etc/default/google-chrome” before installing the package.


Download for phone or tablet

Download for another desktop OS

Frozen versions

The device you have runs on Chrome OS, which already has Chrome browser built-in. No need to manually install or update it — with automatic updates, you’ll always get the latest version. Learn more about automatic updates.

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See the full list of supported operating systems.

What’s New in Google Chrome 94


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