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This site is aimed at the golf enthusiast who wants to set up a simulator, or improve their existing system. There are many different options for hitting golf balls indoors. At the most basic level is a hitting mat and caged net. At the other extreme are fully immersive and highly realistic graphics displayed on a curved screen in 4K resolution. Balls are hit directly into the screen and the resulting ball flight gives you a perspective that is arguably better than golf on a real golf course! Other possible additions are training devices such as automated swing video capture via 1-4 cameras (front, behind, back and birds-eye), pressure/force plates and 3D recording of body and club. The most basic setup covered by this guide would consist of a launch monitor, projector and impact screen.

The major expense for an indoor simulator is the launch monitor. These start at about $2K. On top of that is the projector, screen, hitting mat and PC – all up about $5K for an entry level system. At the other end, a high specification system could swallow the best part of $50K. A major determinant of the most appropriate componentry is the size of the room. Room dimensions will dictate the size of screen, the aspect ratio of the projection (width:height), the projector specifications required and the preferred launch monitor. Camera based launch monitors require the least room space; radar launch monitors (trackman, flightscope) require a minimum depth between both the launch monitor and the hitting area, and hitting area and screen. The screen type and strike zone surface are also important components that require careful consideration.

I would recommend reading the entire site in full, then decide on your budget and where you want to prioritise your money. For example, if ball and club data accuracy is your priority, you may have to sacrifice simulation graphics, as the most accurate launch monitor may not be compatible with the most realistic simulation software. If taking the launch monitor to the course is important, a radar monitor might be preferred.

Lastly, a comment on industry. Many simulator installers, and particularly sales reps have an association with one launch monitor company, which means they can only recommend one product type. Customers may therefore be getting biased advice. On the other hand, some simulator professionals are resellers of multiple brands (sometimes all brands). While this might improve the objectivity of the advice given, they are often reluctant to say anything negative about their products for fear of losing their distributor status. Several golf simulator YouTubers also fall into this category.

The site has a dedicated Facebook forum where you can receive notifications of new reviews and topics, or provide feedback and ask questions. Alternatively, subscribe for email updates. Good luck!


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Forum scope: DIY "lower-mid" to higher end

Our scope is the "lower-mid" to higher end DIY simulators. Entry level systems, such as hitting into a net only, or entry level launch monitors like Ernest sports and Optishot are not discussed here. Other excellent groups exist for these products.


Please justify opinions or endorsements

It is unhelpful saying launch monitor X is better than launch monitor Y, without reason. Such comments will be deleted.

Before asking questions, please use the group search function for prev posts on the topic. Questions already previously discussed


Financial conflict declaration

All potential conflicts of interest, whether perceived or real must be stated on our pinned conflicts announcement post. Primarily, this relates to selling golf simulation software or hardware.

It is helpful for other group members if communication about sim topics is public within the group. Please try to avoid direct messaging unless a truly private matter e.g. private sale items, personal character comments, criticism of industry.

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SkyTrak with TGC
I played Augusta yesterday and absolutely loved it everything about the experience.
I hit my first drive 260 down the pipe and it went great from there. Hit a 297 yard drive on 10 (caught the downhill speed slope), then nailed a 5 iron 204 yards downhill for 3 feet for a gimme. Shot 94 overall from the tips.
Every club is bang on yardage wise - its unreal. My 60 degree goes 90 yards. My 52 degree goes 115- 120. My 8 iron goes 160, my 5 iron 190-195. It is so much fun to be able to replicate outdoor conditions indoors.
I bought a high speed gaming laptop and wire it in to the skytrak. Lag is less than 3 seconds, wireless is around 8 for some reason. I have a sonos playbar wired into the laptop as well so the sound is awesome, even the on-course announcer and the birds chirping in the woods.
TGC really completed my sim experience. I am so pleased. :)

Foresight Sports:
Dude, the GC2 simulator is awesome.

Foresight Sports:
Simulator is working great, really logging some long hours on it.

I must say that with just the mat and one camera connected, I am extremely impressed with the accuracy. I have an issue with my swing now where I am drawing my irons 30 yards to the left with an occassional block to the right (when I try to correct it) and the system is reflecting this perfectly.

So far I'm very impressed with my golf simulator. I have spent numerous hours on the simulator now and I already feel like I am getting better with my ball contact consistency which makes me feel like this is a great training tool. So overall I am very pleased, and I can't say enough about the great support from trugolf.

Guinness longest drive world record holder Mike Dobbyn on the P3ProSwing

What to know BEFORE buying a golf simulator! - Golf Pro Delivered Golf Sim Education Series #1


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GOLFZON Full Demo 3 Hole Experience - 5x Best Simulator Voted by Golf Digest (2017-2021)


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