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Zip Blade From Outdoor Edge

The original Gut Hook has been very popular with hunters because it solved a problem: it made dressing large game much easier. David Bloch, owner and founder of Outdoor Edge, has taken the gut hook concept and improved it. Instead of a hook design with a sharp point, the gutting blade has a blunted end with a sharp blade that curves inward. This allows you to open game like a zipper, eliminating the chance of cutting internal organs. 

Now, you can get the gutting tool designed by David Bloch for the Outdoor Edge Swingblade as a separate fixed blade knife.  Carry it along with any hunting knife to open game like a zipper.  Made from at Rc, the blade measures /8".  Overall length is /8" and weighs oz.  Comes compete with a Nylon belt sheath.

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Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge offers a full line of high performance cutting tools for all outdoor uses. They combine innovative design with the highest quality materials, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship, to create some of the finest knives and hand tools available. All Outdoor Edge products are developed and field-tested under tough outdoor conditions to ensure optimum performance. In fact, we’re fairly impressed with exactly how much field-testing these knives receive. These knives have a very unique style and are easily recognizable. 

Sours: https://agrussell.com/knife/Outdoor-Edge-Zip-Blade--OE-ZP10

Outdoor Edge Knives: Outdoor Edge Knife, Hunting Knives and Game Sets

The goal at Outdoor Edge Knives is to "combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes, and hand craftsmanship to create the finest quality knives and hand tools for the big game hunter". According to David Bloch, President of Outdoor Edge, the great outdoors is used as the proving grounds for their products. Each day afield is seen as an opportunity to field test and develop new cutting tools that are faster, safer and easier for hunters to use.
Outdoor Edge Knives has only been in business for 15 years, but has won the endorsement of big game hunters far and wide. The Outdoor Edge knife line includes fixed blade hunting knives, Game Sets, Game Shears, Griz-Saw, Pack-Saw collapsible field saw, Steel Stick Brisket Spreader, and more.
An Outdoor Edge fixed blade hunting knife is perfectly balanced, with a razor sharp premium AUS-8A stainless steel blade, and textured rubberized Kraton handle for secure lock-on grip. Choose from Kodi-Skinner, Trophy-Skinner, Kodi-Caper, the award winning Game Skinner (Blade Magazine's Most Innovative Import Design of ), or Whitetail Skinner.
The Outdoor Edge Knife Game Sets are a combination of essential game care tools for use in the field. Choose from Game-Pak, Trophy-Pak, Whitetail Pak, Griz-Pak, Kodi-Combo, or the award winning Kodi-Pak (Blade Magazine's Overall Knife of the Year for ).

Sours: https://www.knivesplus.com/outdoor-edge-knives.html
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Outdoor Edge Swingblaze Double Blade Hunting Knife with Rotating Skinning &#; Gutting Blades, Nylon Sheath SZN


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Swingblaze Double Blade Hunting Knife

Push the lock button and the SwingBlade® changes from a drop-point skinner to the ultimate gutting blade to open game like a zipper! Guides and professional hunters around the world prefer Outdoor Edge’s signature gutting blade because it cuts underneath the skin without cutting hair, and the blunt tip prevents punctured internal organs that can spoil fresh game meat. The ” Japanese AUS-8 blade is precisely heat treated and hand finished shaving-sharp for superior edge retention and performance. The rubberized TPR handle ensures a non-slip grip, even when wet, and is ergonomically shaped to eliminate fatigue during long use. Available in black, blaze-orange or hot-pink, and as a knife/saw combo set (SwingBlade-Pak). The blaze-orange handle is easy to spot on the ground, saving valuable time in the field while preventing loss. The SwingBlade comes complete with a nylon belt sheath.

Skinning Blade: in / cm
Gutting Blade: in / cm
Overall: in / cm
Steel: Aichi AUS-8 Stainless
Rockwell-C Hardness:
Handle: Rubberized TPR
Sheath: Nylon
Weight: oz / g

Sours: https://farmsteadoutdoors.com/product/outdoor-edge-swingblaze-double-blade-hunting-knife-with-rotating-skinning-gutting-blades-nylon-sheath-szn/
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Outdoor Edge ZipPro - Folding Gutting/Rescue Knife with " Blade for Hunting and Fishing with Orange G10/Stainless Steel handle and Pocket Clip for Quick, Easy Access

The ultimate gutting knife to open game and fish like a zipper. Guides and professional hunters around the world prefer Outdoor Edge’s signature gutting blade because it cuts underneath the skin without cutting hair, and the blunt tip prevents punctured internal organs that can spoil fresh game meat. It’s also the perfect Emergency/Rescue tool to safely cut seat belts and cord. The inch 7Cr17 stainless blade is precisely heat treated, hand finished shaving sharp, and features a thumb stud for easy one hand opening. The handle utilizes blaze-orange G10 on one side and black-oxide coated J2 stainless on the other, and includes a stainless steel pocket clip for quick access. The open frame handle design makes this tool extremely lightweight and easy to clean.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Edge-ZOC-Folding-Gutting/dp/B00IM1GON6

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Outdoor Edge Razor Lite and Pro Models-- Video Review


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