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(1) Sending someone text messages faster than he or she can respond, usually resulting in the reply being saved as a draft as the new message opens. Usually accidental. Happens frequently with texting someone on AIM who forgets the recipient is on a cell phone.

(2)Intentionally sending someone many text messages over and over to get their attention, screw up their phone, or just otherwise be a pain in the ass. This method works well with some phones, as you can hit "send" over and over to send the same message repeatedly. Also works well with palm pilots where you put one recipient in all "send to" slots, and then send the mass text over and over. Works exceptionally well with AIM and other Instant messaging programs, especially when multiple screen names are linked together (Beware of rate limiting).

Joey'sdeading calls on his cell. Its time for a text bomb. Who's down?

by MaRrKeRZ March 30, 2009

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The solution to sending a very sensative text to the WRONG person.

Sophie is your girlfriend. Youre texting your bro, and you accidently send "Dude. Sophie is a hube bitch." to Sophie instead of your bro. You immediatly text all you bro's saying "TEXT BOMB SOPHIE!!!" all your friends will then send her numerous messages saying things like "The purple monkey fucked a gay christmas tree." or "I farted therefore Ricky Bobby ran for president." after sending at least 20-50 messages, the hope is she will delete her entire inbox out of frustration and not see the text you accidentaly sent her.

by Baseball25 March 17, 2011

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The intentional or uninentional ruining of a friend or colleague's present experience by continual texting, beyond what is considered standard and usual.

Texter 1: Blech! How are you doing with in-house payroll and benefits admin?!? Outsourced HR Company continues to screw it all up for us. :(

Texter 1: Hard work at first but very very happy! Happy to talk through it in person when I return. We are in CA now.

Texter 2: Okay. Yay for you...CA!

Texter 2: I have something I can't wait to ask you.

Texter 2: It has something to do with providing benefits at our company.

Texter 2: Okay, I'm so going to fire our health insurance broker. I can't stand her.

Texter 2: I know you should be enjoying this time with your family. I can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get home.

Texter 2: Okay, I am REALLY going to stop texting you. Have fun!

Texter 2: Can you please call me?

Texter 2: Okay, sorry to have text-bombed you. I will seriously wait until you come home next week. Call me!

by Westywordz May 28, 2013

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Text Bomb: What Parents Should Know About This Cyberbullying Sidekick

Roughly one in two American children has a smartphone at age 11, and that number skyrockets to 85-95 percent among older teens, of whom 45 percent say they spend time online “almost constantly”. It’s clear that kids and teens growing up today are far more entrenched in the digital world than their parents have ever been – and with that come a whole host of new and unique issues and avenues for interpersonal conflict and bullying.

While the rate at which children are bullied and bully each other has remained steady at about 20 percent, the nature of that bullying has shifted considerably in recent years towards far more online bullying or cyberbullying. Some experts have argued cyberbullying presents the potential for even more harm than face-to-face “traditional” bullying.

More than just a nasty message or a malicious comment, cyberbullying can take on the dangerous forms, including “doxxing” a child (making private information public) and “swatting”. The fact that many teens and youngsters often start cyberbullying others anonymously provides them with an emboldened feeling to say and do things they would never say or do in person.

Long before things escalate to such a degree, however, the myriad of ways in which teens bully one another through the Internet can leave long-lasting impressions and far-reaching repercussions, including self-harm and suicide. One common practice is the text bomb, which was much more prevalent during the days of teenage SMS and has since taken on different forms.

What Is a Text Bomb?

Text bombing can be defined as the practice of rendering a person’s phone unusable by way of mass texting hundreds and thousands of copies of the same message, often slowing down, or crashing their device. The contents of the text bomb don’t always matter but can include anything from a prank message to gibberish to encouraging suicide.

When sent via SMS, text bombing someone can incur major charges on their phone bill. When sent via instant messaging, the constant notification pop-ups can range from annoying to downright traumatizing (especially when the contents are tailored to target a teen’s insecurities or low self-esteem). Text bombing campaigns can end in an hour, or last for weeks.

They’re easy to launch and take very little effort – text bombing applications and websites are a dime a dozen, and whenever one dies, another two pop up to take its place. These applications utilize a dummy number that can’t be traced back to the real sender and send out anywhere from 50 to a few thousand messages over a given period of time with the sender’s intended message.

The other side of the coin features anti-spam and anti-text bomb applications which work to help prevent or block text bombing by:

    • Filtering incoming messages.
    • Blocking unknown senders.
    • Warning a user of a potential text bomb/spam campaign.

Why Would That Be Dangerous?

For those of us who grew up without any great attachment to our phones and the communicative possibilities of the modern-day smartphone, the idea of a text bomb presents itself as a minor inconvenience at best. But it’s an entirely different situation for a teen, especially one who has been bullied in the past, or is struggling with a series of insecurities. The answer to cyberbullying does not lie in just “getting up and walking away”.

Teens live in a day and age where their connection to the Internet is not just a luxury or a source of entertainment, but a considerable part of their social life and one of the few escapes they have from crippling isolation during a global pandemic. Many rely on their connectivity to do schoolwork, interact and communicate with friends, and continue their education. They cannot disconnect themselves from the web.

Furthermore, in cases where text bombing represents just a single facet of a larger bullying campaign, teens must grapple with not just the content of their tormenters’ messages, but with the impact those messages can have on their reputation. Despite the fact that information moves at the speed of light and we move past old stories almost as quickly, nothing is ever truly forgotten online, and the repercussions of being canceled or smeared can lead a teen to believe that their life has ended before it even had a chance to start.

Is Text Bombing Still Prevalent?

Thankfully, the trend of text bombing seems to have died down since it spiked heavily in 2011-2013, and again in 2018. Text bombing seemed to hit its stride around the same time that teenagers largely relied on text messaging (SMS) to communicate over any other form of communication, including talking face-to-face. Since the early 2010s, however, SMS messaging has slowly been on a decline while teens continue to communicate largely over:

    • WhatsApp
    • Messenger
    • Snapchat
    • Discord
    • Telegram

Nevertheless, many teens still rely on SMS to communicate with friends nearby, particularly in places where their mobile data plan doesn’t provide a reliable Internet connection. For iPhone users in particular, however, text bombing has seen the inclusion of a brand-new friend – the iMessage bug message, which has taken on a number of different forms, including the Telugu bug, the “effective power” message, and most recently, the iOS 13 text bomb.

These messages would typically freeze up or crash a user’s phone just by appearing in a notification or on any Apple-native text app, caused by the unique combination of characters from different scripts and select emojis. These bugs exploit a weakness in Apple’s instant messaging service, essentially overloading the phone’s memory and causing it to stop functioning properly or get stuck in a boot loop. Rebooting the phone to recovery is typically a reliable fix, but only works until the next time the message appears.

While Apple has been quick to fix these bugs, they’re sure to take on new forms in the future as developers and hobbyists continue to find issues with the app, or other apps. Similar text bombs have plagued Android users as well. Text bombs are just one form of cyberbullying, especially when the intent behind them isn’t to play a quick prank on a close friend, but to incessantly torment and emotionally torture another teen.

Sours: https://visionsteen.com/text-bomb-parents-cyberbullying-sidekick/
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Text Bomber is an Android application with the ability to send an unlimited amount of text messages to any number! Just enter the phone number you want to bomb, the message count, delay, and message into the input boxes, and hit send to initiate your text bombing.

Installation and Usage Video Tutorial


  • Bomber

    Send an unlimited amount of text messages at the touch of a button
  • Delay

    Add a delay between messages to improve the reliability of the recipient getting all the messages
  • Counter

    The counter features adds an incrementing number at the end of each text that is sent. This ensures that each message is unique, which helps get around anti-spam features on the recipient's phone that kick in when it detects the same incoming message repeatedly
  • Pick From Contacts button

    Tap this button and select a number from your contacts list to bomb
  • Output Log

    Watch as each message is sent in real time from the app. Alternatively, you can switch to your default texting app to watch from there as well
  • Smaller App Version

    For some Android phones with smaller screen sizes, it is recommended to download the "smaller" version of the application when the full size application does not fit your screen size. Please download this smaller version if you are having display problems with the input boxes on the regular size app.

Why is the application not on the Google Play Store?

This app is not on the Google Play Store for obvious reasons. Any application that can partake in spamming actions like this app does is not allowed to be on the android market.


Like our work? Want to donate? Send Bitcoin here:

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Text Bombing - What Is It and How Can You Stop It?

How to Text Bomb Your Friends and Have Fun

Text message bombing is one of the most common and popular ways to prank people. This trick is most popular among youngsters or teenagers who love sending anonymous messages to their friends most of the time. Text bombing is a great technique to annoy your friends and family members through the medium of mobile text messages. Here, the recipient remains unknown of the sender’s identity, and therefore the sender can shoot unlimited messages to them. So in this article, we’ll discuss the best text bomber websites of the current time.


What actually is text bombing?

Text message bomber online is sending a chain of repetitive text messages to someone with the intention to make their phone inoperative. Here what happens is, when the recipient receives repetitive test messages in their mobile, it becomes almost non-functional and reboots again. This trick is much similar to the DDoS attack where multiple computers try to login to the same website at a time, making the computer servers hosting the website unable to tackle with the respondent requests.

Text bombing can be performed with the help of online tools and websites, either manually or automatically. These messages are simple to trigger, but the fate is, most users do it even after knowing that it’s illegal. And if the recipient is performing any important tasks in his/her mobile, they won’t be able to complete it if text bombing takes place. In fact, there are negative consequences faced by many due to the trigger of SMS bombing.

How to read someone’s text messages on your phone?


How to send anonymous text messages to people?

Before learning about the how-tos of SMS bombing, it is strictly advised that you should not perform this for any negative purposes. Text bombing is a serious offense and hence, it should be performed only with people you know just to prank them.


Text bomb apps

(1) SMS Bomber by MissingTricks

MissingTricks.net offers a simple SMS bomber tool that lets you enter the recipient’s number and the SMS count. You need to simply input the person’s mobile number and the number of times you want to text bomb him/her. Click submit to trigger your SMS.


(2) Online SMS Bomber

This is another text spammer tool that allows you to send multiple messages to a single phone number. The only thing you need to do is enter the mobile number of the person and click on start to flood their number with messages.


(3) SMS Blast (Android app)

SMS Blast is an Android app that lets you send a text about 1000 times with a single click. The app lets you set your message key, trigger the message, and it sends it automatically within the specified time. SMS Blast lets you shoot messages in IM channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. too.


Text bomber app


(4) SMS Bomber by 99techtricks: Text bomber website

The SMS Bomber tool by 99techtricks is another innovative program that allows you to shoot multiple messages to a single number. All you need is to enter the recipient’s number and click on Start. The tool will send multiple messages and flood the recipient’s mobile phone.


(5) TXT Blast

This simple SMS bombing app for Android lets any user send multiple SMS messages with default operator rates. You can normally send messages with this app like you send anyone. Simply enter the person’s number, the frequency of text messages, and your message to use it.


(6) SMS Bomber by Google

Apart from the third-party tools, this time Google is also on the list of creating funs app like SMS Bomber. Google, with their unique script, has launched its text message flooder that lets you send annoying messages to anyone. This file comes in APK format and can be used on any Android device.


(7) Message Bomber for WhatsApp

This Message Bomber for WhatsApp lets you send as many messages you want to your WhatsApp contacts. With a single click, you can shoot multiple messages and images to your friend. This app is considered as one of the best SMS flooders for mobiles, so using this, you can multiply texts.


Message Bomber


How to stop receiving spam messages on your phone?

If you are a victim of text messaging bombers, then all you need to do to stop it is block the number. The traditional method to block any number from sending SMS is,

  • Go to Messaging on your Android phone
  • Long tap on the contact/SMS you want to block
  • Select ‘Add to block list’

The contact will be instantly blocked from sending you more messages.

13 Funny Prank Call Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Another way to stop receiving such messages is the Truemessenger app. Truemessenger is the sister app of Truecaller, which lets you identify unknown contacts and help block them. Simply download the app on your Android and start tracking unidentified SMS senders. However, you need to download the SPK file of this app as it’s unavailable in the Play Store. The APK file can be downloaded from https://truemessenger.en.softonic.com/android and can be easily installed on your Android phone.


How can you thwart someone from text bombing?

Since kids and teenagers are too desperate with a mobile phone nowadays, they love doing which excites them and arouses curiosity. Especially the youths, who can’t recover from their past relationships or have the tendency to trouble their friends, are more inclined towards such activities. So they consider text bombing as a revenge tool to show their anger without contemplating over its consequences. So it’s essential to guide them and keep a spying eye on their deeds. In such a scenario, you can try the Mobile Spy app for Android that will help you monitor your child’s activities on the mobile phone. This will also assist you to track the SMS bomb messages they have sent using your phone and the number of times the messages are sent. The activities can be tracked right from your desktop monitor, with each action mentioned in detail. You can see which numbers the messages are being sent and the name and number of the recipient. In such a way, you can prevent your child so the same thing again.

Sours: https://www.technonutty.com/2018/04/how-to-text-bomb-people.html

Bombing text

What You Need to Know About Text Bombing

are you really laughing out loud?

are you really laughing out loud? (Photo credit: MrPessimist)

The concept behind text bombing is to save time: you can send mass texts out to multiple people telling them where to meet you, et cetera. Ultimately, it was designed to be a cheap tool for efficiency. According to this latest from Huffington Post,  text bombing is the latest technological tool used by cyberbullies to go after their victims. The sender can be anonymous and the apps can be programmed to auto-send persistent, negative messages. Text bombing someone means you are sending 1000-10000 text messages to the same person in the same day, and it can go from being simply annoying to cruel. In the banal sense, one could look at text bombing as the equivalent of crank calling someone. Unfortunately, in the wrong hands, text bombing has sinister underpinnings.


Imagine repeatedly receiving a text message saying, “die” or “no one likes you,” in the same day.  The victim of the text bomb has to endure receiving the same hateful and/or degrading message time and time again, experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Unless you have a means of blocking the text messages, there’s really no way to stop the barrage of hate. You are in a relentless technological loupe.


Alas, you can protect yourself!  You can download one of these spam-blocking apps, which allow you to block numbers and texts from coming in:


For the Android, you can use Text Bomb Defender or Anti SMS Bomber Pro.

For the iPhone, you can use NumberCop.


Parents, if you are worried that text bombing may be an issue for your child, look for the following:

  • A spike in the phone bill
  • Make sure your child’s phone isn’t rooted. (“Rooting an Android phone means that you give yourself, rather than Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T’s software, the permission to act as the administrator of the phone. New Android operating system 2.3 and higher only allows 30 SMS — texts — from the same phone at one time. Teens with rooted phones can still send thousands of texts.” – via Internet safety expert Sedgrid Lewis)
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Sours: https://visionsteen.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-text-bombing/
SMS Bomber in Hindi - SMS bomber - SMS bomber app to SMS bomb - Priyank

A text bomb is a fragment of text containing characters that can affect the operation of an app or device. are usually triggered by software bugs that result in certain characters or their combination being processed incorrectly.

An example is the 2018 containing Unicode characters from the Indian language Telugu that caused Apple devices to crash. The bug was later fixed.

Types of text bombs

Two types of can be singled out.

  • triggered by specific user actions. Text bombs containing active elements that the recipient triggers by tapping, or by following a link. An example of this type of is a message distributed through WhatsApp in 2018. The text contained a long string of Unicode characters conveniently hidden by the messaging app. When the user tapped the “black dot of death” (in other versions, an emoji or the words “read more”), the messenger attempted to process the characters and crashed.
  • that trigger automatically. Messages the app tries to process on its own, without the user having to tap a dot, emoji, link, or anything else. For example, one information security researcher crashed the iPhones of Uber drivers by entering in the app a username containing Telugu characters.

How to guard against text bombs

To protect your phone or computer from , use only the latest versions of messengers, browsers, and other apps that receive text messages or data from the Internet. For this, enable automatic software updates. It’s also a good idea to install a reliable antivirus on your device and, if you can, block messages from strangers.

A text bomb is not text bombing

Don’t confuse with text bombing — a type of cyberattack that involves sending a huge number of e-mails or text messages to a victim all at once. This does not crash the device or its apps, but the continuous stream of junk messages can be a serious nuisance.

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Sours: https://encyclopedia.kaspersky.com/glossary/text-bomb/

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