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If you can get the job done safely and keep your customers happy, then Landstar is the place to grow.

Why Landstar?

We offer our truck carrier network the ability to find the best loads and then get out of your way to let you run your business your way.

Fast Pay with SavingsPlus®

Cash flow can be critical. That’s why we offer our two-day electronic settlement option: Pay2Day. You won’t be chasing invoices or waiting for payments.

Post Your Trucks and Connect With Agents

Tell us if your truck is available and the network of Landstar’s independent agents will help you find the freight.

All Kinds of Freight to Fill Your Trailers

Every kind of freight, every kind of way. Whatever equipment you have, we've got a shipment that needs it. Take a step up with Landstar.

Call us for more details about how to become a Landstar qualified carrier at 800-435-1791.

Find Loads

Thousands of Loads at Your Fingertips

Landstar’s network of over 1,180 independent agents post loads onto our load board every day. As a Landstar-approved capacity provider, you will have access to that load board 24/7 to select the freight that meets your business needs. You’ll also have access to discounts on fuel and other essentials plus options to get paid quickly.

Helping You Stay Loaded

We know you have to extract every last drop of profit from your time on the road - which is why we've built tools that will eliminate the headaches and let you do what you do best. Our tools provide truck carriers quick and easy access to the available loads on our network. With the technology doing the heavy lifting, it couldn't be easier to keep your trucks productive and your business in the black.

Load Alerts®

Drop in the details of what you can move and let us do the heavy lifting. Load Alerts® notifications are sent directly to your mobile phone.

Manage Alerts

Find Loads

Search for available loads using our live load board. Updated 24/7 so you can always find the right shipment.

View Loads

Post Trucks

Tell us where you are and where you’d like to go, and we’ll do the rest.

Post Trucks

Landstar Load Board Review

Landstar System, Inc. is a company that was founded in 1988 and has since grown into one of the country’s largest transportation services in the United States with a focus on third-party logistics. The publically traded company boasted revenue of $3.18 billion in 2014 and maintains assets of over $1 billion.

The company’s load board – the Landstar load board – allows you to connect with Landstar loads and make money.

And the company works only with owner-operators. Let’s take a look at the company before diving deeper into the Landstar broker load board and what the board offers truckers.

Working at Landstar

Landstar Load Board Review

When you chose to work with Landstar as an owner-operator, you’re in the driver’s seat. This is an opportunity to grow your business on your own terms. You choose the loads, directly off the company’s load board, and you choose when and how much you want to work.

The best part is that you’ll work on a percentage pay basis.

You get paid based on a percentage of the load, and as rates continue to go up, you’ll be paid more as a result. This increased pay leads to larger settlements for you – no more standard pay on a load.

Loads are added in the thousands per day meaning the only downtime you’ll face is when you want it.

The company is 100% owner-operator, and everything is offered from flatbed and van routes to heavy haul and expedited options.

Rates vary greatly depending on loads, and you’ll find that the highest loads are off the board quickly. There is also a discrepancy as the prices shown do not include the 35% cut that Landstar takes.

So, a $2 per mile run goes down to $1.3 per mile before expenses. Of course, your expenses will vary and all of the logistics need to be figured out on your end.  Deadhead runs are possible especially out of somewhere like El Paso, Texas which eats into profits immensely. Many drivers I’ve talked to will refuse to leave El Paso without a load which may keep them stuck in the area for 2 – 3 days at a time – not fun.

You need to pick and choose your loads and routes to maximize profits on your end.

How Can The Landstar Load Board Help You Earn More?

Landstar owner operators

Once you have your Landstar load board login, you’ll be able to start looking for loads and get the ball rolling. The first step is to sign up and apply to become a lease driver for the company. You’ll need to have a well-maintained rig, and there is everything from heavy haul to expedited shipments and van runs available.

I’ll be the first to say that the board is dated in appearance, but when it comes down to it, who cares about aesthetics when you’re making money? With that said, a better designed interface would be an immense help with finding loads and would make the load board easier to navigate.

Not a major issue by any means, but the design could use some work.

But with the old design, you still get access to:

  • All Loads: You gain access to the thousands of loads available. No longer do you have to pick one or two loads. Set your origin and destination and them filter by rate-per-mile to find only the loads you want to run.
  • Load Alerts: Never miss a load with load alerts. This option uses your specifications and searches loads in real-time to alert you when a new load meeting your criteria has been posted. This results in a call or email being dispatched based on your preferences.
  • Training: Securement training is offered to help boost your owner-operator career.

You’ll also be part of the team with thousands of others on board for the ride.

Requesting a live demo of the load board allows you to get accustomed to the load board and figure out what you’re doing a little faster.

Walking you through the load board, you’ll first log into the site with your credentials. Once you’re logged into the board, you’ll be greeted with news of a bunch of events that may have an impact on your route. Safety issues are the most common news items listed.

Searching for a load allows you to choose a variety of filters:

  • Rate-per-mile
  • Truck type
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Radius
  • Max / min miles
  • Number of stops
  • Weight restrictions

When you’re shown the results, you’ll be able to view a lot of additional information:

  • Company
  • Contact numbers
  • Origin and destination deadlines
  • Line haul
  • Additional payments
  • Miles
  • Rate per mile
  • Trailer type

What’s really interesting is the “search loads at destination” option that allows you to choose load after load. For example, you can choose a load in El Paso and click the button to find a load out of El Paso to Charlotte and then Miami or another destination.

This allows you to keep deadhead to a minimum and maximize your profits as a result.

All of the results can also be filtered by rate per mile, miles, or any other metric to allow you to better filter the results to your own preference.

What you need to be careful with the origin of the load. Leaving out of Orlando can leave you with 40% – 50% lower rates – it’s a major issue. But I don’t think there are any good rates out of Florida.

Overall, the Landstar load board does an acceptable job at providing loads. An app and redesigned interface would put the load board among the top in the industry.

Ready To Get Your CDL Career Started?
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Landstar’s load board keeps drivers loaded and on the road. The online load board is easy for everyone to use and is equipped with different search features to match each trucker’s load criteria. With over a thousand different loads to choose from, this gives owner-operators the ability to maintain their freedom as well as pick up and haul loads on their own time without any interference in their personal lives.

Benefits of Landstar’s Load Board

The features in Landstar’s online load board can benefit many owner-operators by increasing revenue opportunities, growing their business, less downtime, search loads meeting criteria quicker and allowing you more time at home. Using the freight load board can provide you with the opportunity to pre-plan your routes. Having this option will let you stay on the road and reduce your downtime as well as be closer to the family when needed.

The freight load board is also equipped with alerts that can be sent straight to your smartphone or tablet. Once you have entered a specific load criterion, load alerts will send you a notification when a load is nearby. Setting up your load alerts only take a few minutes and is simple to use so you can focus on operating your truck safely and ensuring your business stays successful.

Other benefits of the Landstar Load Board include:

  • Specific search criteria including trailer type, origin, destination, dates, weight, miles, revenue, and rate per mile.
  • View details of the load including revenue, the rate per mile, load dates/times, weight, miles, load age, and load comments.
  • Filter search results by revenue, the rate per mile and age.
  • Get in touch with Landstar Agents to guarantee the load and ask any questions.
  • Save load search results for easier accessibility.
  • Hide loads that are not relevant to your search criteria.
  • Create a list of interested loads.

Setting Up Load Boards

Landstar’s Load Board app is quick and easy to set-up as well as operate. To access the Load Board, just download “Available Loads” on your smartphone or tablet and sign-in using your current LandstarOnline username and password.

Inside Landstar’s Load Board

With the load board, you create your own freedom. You are free to choose which load you want to take depending on different search criteria. This helps you ensure your business is thriving as well as keep you on and off the road when you wish. Below are different search criteria you can choose from within Landstar’s Load Board app.

Landstar Settlements And Load Boards Exposed - TheAsianMaiShow

Landstar Load Board

Is the right load board for you?

Landstar Load Board (LandstarBroker) is an online truck load board that focuses on quick and easy freight matching online. The online load board allows its members to quickly set up and manage load alerts, search for loads and post available trucks. This particular truck board has a variety of minimum requirements that members must meet with before qualifying for an account. Applicants must have a minimum of $100,000 coverage for motor cargo, a minimum of $1,000,000 of auto liability cover and the auto insurance provider must be A.M. Best Rated B+ or better.

About Landstar Load Board (LandstarBroker)

Landstar Load Board is an online load board that is certainly not new to the industry. It is a no-frills truck load board that offers freight brokers and motor carriers the opportunity to connect in a place with little to no risk. Members must be qualified to join the network so risk is kept to a minimum. The company’s slogan “post it, find it, move it’ simply illustrates the quick and easy process that this online freight matching service offers.

How Landstar Load Board compares with Free Freight Search? is the world’s largest FREE load board and currently has over 50,000 registered members. All load board freight matching services are free to all members and more than 75 million loads have been posted on since its inception. Members enjoy free email alerts when a load or truck is posted that matches their criteria, fully integrated freight bill factoring, access to credit reports on freight brokers, and more. Motor carriers can receive payment upfront when they pick up loads marked with the Platinum broker guarantee. Whether you are a motor carrier, freight broker or shipper, has a wealth of services and benefits to boost your business.

Both Landstar Load Board and are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

Landstar Load Board Features

  • Let freight find you by setting up and managing convenient load alerts.
  • Quick and easy searching for loads.
  • Let agents and freight brokers find you by posting your trucks.
  • Free mobile application.
  • Brokerage commissions and fees vary

What you can do with Landstar Load Board

  • Use specific criteria to identify available loads.
  • View and manage load details including stops.
  • Use “favorites” for repetitive quick searches.
  • Freight bill related status updates. Features

  • FREE load board for motor carriers, freight brokers and shippers.
  • Search for trucks and loads in your own time, 24/7
  • Make use of a fully integrated freight bill factoring

Freight brokers, shippers and motor carriers can all benefit from

  • Post an unlimited number of loads and trucks
  • Receive funding upfront when you accept loads posted by those who have earned the site’s freight broker’s Platinum status.
  • Review over 10,000 broker credit reports.
  • Brokers can reach motor carriers often missing from paid subscription load boards.
  • Receive email alerts when a load or truck is posted that matches your location and criteria.

Get Your Free Account on Load Board Today!

To gain access to all these FREE freight load board benefits, register on today! Take your freight business to the next level! Learn more by visiting our FAQ section.



Freight board landstar

Finding the best loads as an owner-operator can be difficult. Depending on the load you haul and how much it can make an impact on your career. Also, fully understanding the costs of fuel and equipment plays a big part in your success. With the internet, applications, and smartphones, finding and booking loads has become easier and a better option for owner-operators.

Stay loaded and moving with Landstar’s online free load board. Easy-to-use search tools make it simple to find loads quickly. With thousands of loads to search from, you will have the freedom to run your business the way you want without missing important events in your personal life! The Landstar load board allows you to search through thousands of loads every day using the criteria most important to you. Finding freight has never been easier or faster.

Load Board Features

Maximize your revenue and minimize your headaches with the Landstar Load Board. This form of technology gives owner-operators everything you need to make the most out of every haul. Some features the Load Board offers include:

  • Rate-per-mile
  • Truck type
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Max/Min miles
  • Number of stops
  • Weight restrictions

Pre-Plan with Load Alerts

One of the great things about being a Landstar BCO is the ability to pre-plan your trips. Nobody wants to be looking for a load after their truckloads are empty. At the same time, it’s impossible to watch the load board while you’re traveling down the road. Landstar has another great tool called Load Alerts that will watch the load board for you. Load Alerts is an exclusive feature that continually searches the load board for you. At the same time, you focus on operating your truck safely.

Load Alerts only take a few minutes to set up. Here’s how it works. You pick the freight criteria (rate, the point of origin, or destination) most important to you. Then, Load Alerts searches the load board matching your criteria. When it finds your load, Load Alerts contacts you by email and phone. It’s like having your own personal employee to find you the perfect load. Load Alerts has a “Follow Me” feature that resets your origin any time you are assigned to a load and then automatically starts searching outbound loads.

Live Load Board Demos Available

Landstar offers a private load board for owner-operators who lease on with us. Owner-operators can then have stability in booking freight directly from their load board and choose when to go home. Another advantage of leasing with Landstar and using the load board is the revenue potential that goes along with it. Landstar also offers different discounts on expenses for its owner-operators. Contact James or Barb today at 877-441-9128 to set up a live demo over the phone. Ready to join Landstar? Start by filling out our short application.

Landstar Live Load Board


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