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Chapter Cover Episode # Title Editor Publish Date
116In Plain SightBre Boswell August 2, 2020 Zeus gets stressed out. Artemis entertains Demeter. Eros has an unexpected visitor. Hades has questions. Meanwhile, Persephone is nowhere to be found.
117The SearchBre Boswell August 9, 2020 Artemis, Eros, and Ampelus arrive at Hades' house looking for Persephone. Artemis realizes she may not have been paying as much attention to her friend as she could have.
118No RespectBre Boswell August 16, 2020 Hades gives Ampelus some advice before the group splits up to search the realms for Persephone. Zeus arrives home in a foul mood.
119Once, I Was a GoddessBre Boswell August 23, 2020 Hera reminisces over the life she had before she met Zeus. Eros and Artemis work up the courage to call Hera. Hera begrudgingly agrees to fool Demeter by disguising herself as Persephone.
120The Lunch DateBre Boswell August 30, 2020 Demeter and a disguised Hera go out for lunch. Apollo notices Persephone and tries to get her attention. Hera reveals herself.
121SeenBre Boswell September 6, 2020 Hades asks Hecate for help finding Persephone.
122Combing the CityBre Boswell September 13, 2020 Zeus decides to get to the bottom of things. Hades and Hecate continue the search.
123The Owner of This CombBre Boswell September 20, 2020 Hades discovers that the comb he gave to Persephone has been sold at a pawn shop.
124Body of EvidenceBre Boswell September 27, 2020 Apollo asks for Hera's blessing to marry Persephone.
125A TreeBre Boswell October 4, 2020 Zeus does reconnaissance. Hermes discovers that the secret is out.
126The RubBre Boswell October 11, 2020 Hermes makes things very clear with Minthe and Thanatos. Persephone is wanted.
127Artistic RenditionBre Boswell October 17, 2020 The brothers have a meeting.
128OvergrownBre Boswell October 25, 2020 Hades finds Persephone.
129Overgrown (Part 2)Bre Boswell November 1, 2020 Persephone recounts the circumstances that led to her current situation.
130The GuestBre Boswell November 8, 2020 Persephone gets situated at Hades' house. Eros drops in for a visit.
131Interview with the Barley MotherBre Boswell November 15, 2020 Persephone tells Hades her version of the story.
132HandkerchiefBre Boswell November 21, 2020 Persephone and Hades watch the tape of their first meeting.
133WealthBre Boswell November 29, 2020 Hades tells Persephone about his childhood.
134Maybe She's Both?Bre Boswell December 6, 2020 Persephone and Hades spend the day together incognito. Minthe gets rejected.
135MutedBre Boswell December 13, 2020 The Olympians have a zoom meeting.
136Not MistakenBre Boswell December 20, 2020 Hera seeks out Persephone's truth.
137TrustBre Boswell December 27, 2020 Hera confronts Persephone based on the vision she saw while Hades gets takeout.
138Shiny RocksBre Boswell January 3, 2021 Hades and Persephone play golf with shiny rocks. Zeus doesn't understand Persephone's appeal.
139Up too CloseBre Boswell January 10, 2021 Daphne goes on a date with Apollo.
140PretzelBre Boswell January 17, 2021 Daphne gets pretzels with Thanatos. Hera and Echo do some digging.
141Bad DuckBre Boswell January 24, 2021 Hera finds Persephone's phone.
142Second SonBre Boswell January 31, 2021 Hera asks her son Hephaestus a favour. Persephone tries to be honest with Artemis.
143You Want It? You Got It.Bre Boswell February 7, 2021 Hades takes Persephone out shopping.
144Retail TherapyBre Boswell February 14, 2021 Persephone and Hades share a kiss, and Persephone explains her feelings.
145HeirsBre Boswell February 21, 2021 Demeter comes to Hecate for help and tells her about her theory regarding fertility goddesses.
146ArchersBre Boswell February 28, 2021 Eros and Ampelus practice archery when some unexpected guests arrive.
147PariahBre Boswell March 7, 2021 Leto arrives to break up the argument between her children.
148Day Dreams and NightmaresBre Boswell March 14, 2021 Hades has a nightmare about Kronos.
149Dead Woman WalkingBre Boswell March 21, 2021 Minthe reflects on her relationship with Hades and how they began seeing each other.
150Dead Woman Walking (Part 2)Bre Boswell March 28, 2021 The flashback continues with Minthe barging in to Underworld Corp to confront Hades for stealing her hat.
151Dead Woman Walking (Part 3)Bre Boswell April 4, 2021 Minthe and Thetis attend a yoga class led by Daphne, and Minthe's reality begins to crumble.
152Green ThumbBre Boswell April 11, 2021 Minthe faces the consequences of her actions.
153CursedBre Boswell April 17, 2021 Persephone and Hades attempt to reverse the curse to no avail. Hecate gives Persephone some advice. Eros checks in on Artemis.
154PromisesBre Boswell April 24, 2021 Artemis reflects on being a twin.
155Scar TissueBre Boswell May 1, 2021 Hecate gives Persephone some advice. Hera has a nightmare that seems a little too real.
156CowBre Boswell May 8, 2021 Persephone's family makes a surprise visit to the Underworld.
157HypotheticalBre Boswell May 15, 2021 Persephone and Hades share a dance. An unwelcome visitor watches in the shadows.
158BaggageBre Boswell May 22, 2021 Thanatos learns of Minthe's fate. Leto attempts to convince Persephone to give her son another chance.
159Extra BaggageBre Boswell May 29, 2021 Persephone goes to the therapist for the first time.
160 Called Out Bre Boswell June 5, 2021 Persephone speaks to her therapist about her childhood.
161 Tether Bre Boswell June 12, 2021 Persephone continues her therapy session and opens up about a past incident.
162 Golden Traitor Bre Boswell June 19, 2021 Hades speaks to Persephone about his past with Hera and explains her involvement in the Titanomachy.
163 Kings Bre Boswell June 26, 2021 In a flashback, Zeus convinces Hades to become King of the Underworld.
164 Eat Bre Boswell July 3, 2021 Hades and Persephone visit Tartarus.
165 Questions Bre Boswell July 10, 2021 Persephone has questions about the pomegranate. Ampelus and Eros get ready for a job in the mortal realm.
166 Run For Your Life (Part I) Bre Boswell July 17, 2021 Daphne plans a visit to the mortal realm. Hermes and Artemis begin to suspect something is not right.
167 Run For Your Life (Part II) Bre Boswell July 24, 2021 Hephaestus drops by the Underworld. Leto and Apollo plan their next move.
168 Run For Your Life (Part III) Bre Boswell July 31, 2021 Persephone and Hades meddle with the life cycle of a house plant. Ares and Hephaestus reunite. Eros and Ampelus open up to each other.
169 Run For Your Life (Part IV) Bre Boswell August 7, 2021 Daphne and Thanatos visit the mortal realm.
170 Run For Your Life (Part V) Bre Boswell August 28, 2021 A split-second decision by Ampelus initiates a fatal series of events.
171 Run For Your Life (Part VI) Bre Boswell September 4, 2021 After witnessing something she wasn't meant to, Daphne runs for her life.
172 Burst Bre Boswell September 11, 2021 Persephone spirals after learning that her trial will begin tomorrow.
173 -2.png
173 See You In Court Bre Boswell September 18, 2021 Persephone arrives at the media-frenzied court and reunites with Demeter.
Sours: https://lore-olympus.fandom.com/wiki/Season_2
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Lore Olympus

Romance webcomic by Rachel Smythe

Lore Olympus is a romancewebcomic created by New Zealand artist Rachel Smythe.[2] The comic is a modern retelling of the relationship between the Greek goddess and god Persephone and Hades. It began publishing weekly on the platform Webtoon in March 2018.[3]Lore Olympus is currently the most popular comic on Webtoon; as of January 2020 it had 299 million views,[4] and as of August 2020 Webtoon reported that it had 4.1 million subscribers.[5] The comic won a Harvey Award,[6] and received nominations for an Eisner Award[7][8] and a Ringo Award,[9][10] and a television series based on the comic is under development.[11]

Plot and themes[edit]

Lore Olympus is an adaptation of the classic Greek myth, ‘The Abduction of Persephone' in a mostly modern setting.[3][12] The webcomic includes modern technology such as smartphones, sports cars, and tabloids.[13][14] However, scenes in the realm of the mortals take place in the time of the original myths.[14] The comic deals with strong themes of rape, harassment, abuse, and trauma.[15][16]

The story begins with Hades attending a party of Zeus's after his partner Minthe breaks up with him.[17] Persephone has been allowed to leave the mortal realm and visit Olympus by her mother, Demeter.[18] Hades takes notice of Persephone and comments to his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon that Persephone's beauty rivals that of Aphrodite. Out of jealousy, Aphrodite calls her son, Eros, to get Persephone extremely intoxicated and they dumped her then in the back seat of Hades' car in an attempt to have her embarrass herself in front of Hades. After their initial encounter from this incident, Hades and Persephone both express an interest in each other but Persephone still struggles with this relationship due an earlier plot point that happened in the comic–she was raped by Apollo.[17] Aside from this rape being traumatizing, she struggles with her current association of being a prospective member and a recipient of an academic scholarship from The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood (TGOEM), a group of sacred virgin goddesses.

Plots in season one of the webcomic include Persephone seeking Hades' help to bring back friends who died when mortals uprooted sacred plants, a scheme by Minthe, Thanatos and Thetis to ruin Persephone's reputation, the rape of Persephone by Apollo, and Persephone's conflicted thoughts over a college scholarship that requires her to refrain from sex.[19]

Plots in season two include Persephone going missing, the abduction of Persephone, and Hades and Persephone's growing relationship.


The following characters are central to plot lines in the comic and make regular appearances:

  • Persephone is the goddess of spring, depicted as a young pink woman. She is a naive, warmhearted newcomer to the Olympian life, and is searching for her independence.[3] Persephone is 19–20 years old (she turned 20 in episode 107). She has prehensile hair which responds to her emotions in varying levels, sometimes by growing or sprouting flowers. She strives to become self-sufficient and to maintain a positive, hard-working attitude. While a kind, caring and somewhat naive individual, Persephone also allegedly massacred a mortal village for unknowingly uprooting her handmaidens, the sacred flower nymphs. Persephone is a candidate, unofficial member of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood, a group who have all sworn an oath of virginity for all eternity, but is no longer a virgin due to being raped by Apollo. She is also an intern at Underworld Corp working as a Shade Coordinator, and is gradually revealed to be Persephone is a fertility goddess, a rare goddess that has incredible abilities.
  • Hades is the king of the Underworld and god of the dead and wealth. He is the older brother of Zeus and Poseidon, depicted as a blue businessman. Hades is the CEO of Underworld Corp, a large corporation that manages the souls of the dead.[3] The reviewer for Love in Panels! described Hades as "the ultimate sensitive emo guy."[17] Unlike in traditional mythology, Hades is not related to Persephone; Smythe changed this to avoid a story about incest.[20] Hades is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty.
  • Hera is the goddess of marriage and family, Queen of the gods, and Zeus' wife, depicted as a golden woman with long hair. She is constantly seen drinking or smoking and is unhappy in her marriage to Zeus. Hera is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty.[citation needed] Hera in Lore Olympus is a feminist.[17]
  • Eros is the god of love and son of Aphrodite and Ares. He's a friend of Persephone, and is one of the few gods who knows about Persephone' rape. He is depicted as a tall, muscular magenta man who enthusiastically creates and supports relationships. Eros has seven younger siblings from his mother, and has a relationship with Psyche.
  • Zeus is the King of the gods and Hades' and Poseidon's youngest brother, depicted as a purple businessman with long straight hair. Zeus is an adulterer[3] who shows constant promiscuous behavior. He is also extremely egotistical. Zeus is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty.
  • Poseidon is the king and god of the sea, the younger brother of Hades and older brother of Zeus. He is depicted as an immature and free-spirited green man with long, wavy hair and a long scar near his right eye.
  • Apollo is the god of the sun, music and prophecy, depicted as a dark purple, burly playboy who is interested in Persephone. He rapes her, and believes that they are in a relationship and then tries to force her to become his Olympian, but she refuses. He is Artemis' twin brother.
  • Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and a member of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. She is Persephone's best friend, roommate and the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is depicted as a feisty, dark purple tomboy who looks out for Persephone and is generally ignorant of her brother's bad personality traits.
  • Hecate is the goddess of magic. She is depicted as a blue woman with black hair and neon-yellow cat eyes. She is Hades' assistant and friend, and often serves as a protector to Persephone in the Underworld.
  • Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture in the Mortal Realm, depicted as a tall, green woman with long purple hair. She is shown to be an overprotective parent towards Persephone, who is shown in flashbacks to give her daughter very little freedom in the mortal realm. Demeter is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty.
  • Ares is the god of war, depicted as a muscular orange man with red eyes. He is one of the sons of Zeus and Hera, and the older brother of Hebe. He is dating Aphrodite, and the two are the parents of Eros. He also appears to have a history with Persephone. He has the ability to make people become enraged against their will.
  • Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and home, depicted as a curvy, orange woman. Hestia is the founder and leader of The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood and is a member of the Six Traitors Dynasty. It is implied that she is in a relationship with Athena.
  • Hermes is the god of speed and travel, depicted as a fit red athlete. He was friends with Persephone before she came to Olympus and frequently hangs out at Artemis and Persephone's house. He is one of Hades' soul collectors at Underworld Corp.
  • Aphrodite is the goddess of love and mother of Eros. She is depicted as a lavender woman. Ares and Aphrodite have an open relationship.
  • Psyche is a human from the Mortal Realm. She was originally a princess who was to be wed to an elderly, wealthy merchant before Eros abducted her. She currently lives in Olympus, disguised as a purple nymph serving Aphrodite.
  • Minthe is a scarlet red river nymph that lives in the Underworld. She has a very self-destructive personality and has low self confidence in herself. She is Hades' personal assistant and physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive ex-girlfriend. She wants to get back together with Hades and will do anything to get them back together.
  • Thetis, a grey and turquoise sea nymph and Minthe's toxic best friend. She is Zeus's personal secretary that he sleeps with occasionally when he is stressed out at home. She wants him to leave Hera for her.
  • Thanatos is the god of death, depicted as a young grey man with light blue eyes. Thanatos is insecure in his position as one of Hades' soul collectors due to his low productivity. He frequently hangs out with Minthe and Thetis.
  • Athena The Goddess of wisdom. She is depicted as a silver woman with short silver hair. It is implied that she and Hestia are in a relationship
  • Cronus The Titan of Time. The father of Hades, Zeus and Poseidon. When Hades was six-years-old he devoured him and kept him imprisoned for 13 years. Hades and Poseidon were eventually saved by Zeus. This is something that is still deeply traumatizing towards Hades.
  • Hephaestus The god of fire and metal working. He is depicted as a dark orange figure with glasses he is also depicted with prosthetic legs and a robotic arm. He is a computer hacker.
  • Rhea The Titan of Motherhood. She is depicted as a tall woman with dark magenta skin. She is Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus's mother. She is shown to be a kind and nurturing mother to Hades.
  • Daphne A pink with blue patches flower nymph. Daphne is a friend of Persephone's from the mortal realm.
  • Echo A dark blue nymph with short blue hair. Echo was hired by Zeus to be Hera's new personal assistant. She is Daphne's roommate and friend.
  • Leto The titan of Motherhood. She is depicted as a Yellow figure who wears long veils that hides her mouth. She is the mother of the twins, Artemis and Apollo. She was once best friends with Hera, but an incident occurred, which destroyed their friendship and sent her into social exile.
  • Chiron a dark orange centaur, is depicted as female, and is Persephone's therapist.
  • Metis, the titan of wisdom, is depicted as a tall woman with dark orange skin with wings. She is the mother of Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. She was a fertility goddess, and because of her rare abilities she was consumed by Zeus so he could overthrow Cronus.

The characters in Lore Olympus are each defined by a particular color. According to columnist Nahlia Bonfiglo, "Hades is depicted in dark colors—blues, purples, and blacks—that match his setting. The underworld is likewise illustrated in dark hues, making Persephone and all of her bold, bright colors pop even more."[3]


The webcomic updates weekly on Webtoon,[4] and readers with the "Webtoon Fast Pass" can access pages earlier. By August 2020, 120 episodes had been published, and Smythe said that she had an ending in mind for the series.[21]

Smythe creates Lore Olympus using Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq Pro drawing tablet.[2]


On her website for Lore Olympus, Smythe lists some of the sources that she uses for the comic:[22]


In 2019, Webtoon announced that Lore Olympus had been viewed over 299 million times, making it the most viewed webcomic on the platform.[4][23][24] As of September 2021, Lore Olympus is the most popular webtoon on the platform, with over 5.4 million subscribers.[5]

In an article for The Daily Dot, columnist Nahila Bonfiglio recommended the webcomic, saying: "There are many reasons to read Lore Olympus, but the simplest is to see Smythe's brilliant take on the myth. Her story is flawlessly enthralling, heartwarming, and painful. The characters confront timeless issues through a modern lens, breaking down the romanticization of rape and abduction with grace and intrigue. Smythe updates the series every Sunday, and new readers will find themselves awaiting that notification with bated breath." Bonfiglio also praised the art, saying: "[Smythe's] captivating way of telling her tale often involves carefully considered colors, panels completely without words and even—sometimes—music."[3]

The Beat declared Lore Olympus to be one of the 100 best comics of the 2010s, describing Smythe's art as "breathtaking" and making good use of the webtoon format, and saying that the modern setting made the story "feel as fresh and urgent as eavesdropping on your (very wealthy, very messy) neighbors."[12]

Critical Darlings reviewer Kaitlin Konecke said that "the drawings allow us to see how Persephone feels. It's a visceral way to tell a story, with graphics allowing us to see inside the mind of Persephone and convey the complicated array of emotions that follow a trauma such as sexual assault and rape." Konecke also praised the depiction of assault from a female writer, saying that Smythe and others "are not just telling us, but showing us. And in doing so, they make women and survivors feel seen."[18]

A reviewer for Love in Panels! praised the decision to give Persephone more agency than in the original story, saying that "it's that agency, her claiming of her own body and sexuality, that pulls me like a magnet to these tales."[17] Nicole Mejias of Crunchyroll said that while the story is a "bit mature and dramatic," the suspense and romance between Hades and Persephone is gripping, while the "art is colorful and gorgeous."[25]


Television series[edit]

In October 2019, Deadline reported that the Jim Henson Company had entered into a partnership with Webtoon to create an animated series based on Lore Olympus. This partnership is Webtoon's first adaptation deal.[11][21][27][13] It is unclear whether Smythe would be involved in the adaptation.[21]


Lore Olympus is written and illustrated by New Zealander Rachel Smythe (aged 35–36). Smythe graduated with a graphic design degree and sought to enter the creative industry without success, and went into marketing. Smythe learned about the Webtoon app in 2016 and began drawing Lore Olympus in April 2017. By late 2017, Webtoon offered to pay her for creating the comic. Smythe works 70-hour-weeks on the comic.[28]


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