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Andrick B. on BirdEye

7 months ago

03/16/2021, 01:37 AM

9500 is absolutely the worst apartment I have ever lived in in my entire life. They don't answer emails, phone calls and will just straight up lie to your face like its nothing. They charged the full month rent when I went almost a complete month without water. Meaning I couldn't shower, do dishes, wash clothes, brush my teeth, flush my toilet, shave or even wash my hands. It was completely unsanitary and unacceptable. The apartment did NOTHING to make this right. or even attempt to reimburse residents. Also I live on the 3rd floor, I came home from lunch to find a giant rat in my apartment, anyone who's ever been to my place can tell you how neat I keep it. I've never paid for pest control at any apartment except this one yet this is the first time I've ever seen a freaking rat in my so called luxury apartment. This place is an absolute joke no one should ever have to be ripped off this way and they should be closed down and put out of business asap.

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9500 Apartments

How many apartment units are available and what are their rents?

  • There are 9 one-bedroom apartments available starting at $1,097
  • There are 3 two-bedroom apartments available starting at $1,342

What is the apartment building's pet policy?

There are cats and small dogs allowed at 9500 Apartments. Please contact the property manager for up to date pet policy and fee information.

Is there laundry in the building?

This building offers in unit laundry.

Does the building offer parking?

Yes, 9500 Apartments provides parking.

What Austin neighborhood is 9500 Apartments in?

Your new apartment would be located in the Windsor Hills neighborhood.

What school district is this building in?

The 9500 Apartments is within the Austin Independent School District. Check out the additional Nearby Schools for more boundary details.

When was this listing last updated?

The property manager updated this rental listing 3 hours, 46 minutes ago.
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I am writing this review as a warning to anyone looking to move into this 9500 Apartments because in my experience; they were non-responsive; did not keep their promises and compromised my personal safety.When I first found this apartment complex, I was treated extremely well. They were always ready to answer my calls and questions. However, after actually living there I have discovered they are the farthest thing from a caring business. When I first moved in, there were some fixes needed to be done to the inside and outside of my place. They assured me all of that would be taken care of within the first 2 weeks of moving in. They also promised me that they would be installing turf and doing renovations to the yard as soon as I moved in. Since I have a dog, the yard was one of my deciding factors of living here. These promises were never followed through with. I have numerous emails I’ve sent them trying to ask how the progress of my repairs are or when the turf was going to be installed, and I always got told it’d be done in two weeks. Month-after-month went by without any of these issues being addressed.The broken promises were very frustrating, but the management was far more frustrating. I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually works at this facility. What makes this even worse is the fact that you cannot call them at all. For example, I have called twice a day the past week and was always told the manager wasn’t there and would call me right back. I have been trying to get a hold of her for extremely time sensitive manner, and now over a week later of trying to get a hold of her, I am told she is on vacation now. How long is this place supposed to operate without anyone there to report to? It’s not only this one time. She has never returned a phone call. This place gets you in, and once you have a problem - no matter the severity - you are on your own.Even though I was frustrated with my experience, I did my best to be understanding and polite through all of this. The last straw was the fact that one of the many things that have been broken since I moved in was the gate to my backyard. I have asked them to fix the gate many times, and of course, no one ever did. One day, I noticed that the gate was even more broken than usual and now it couldnt close at all. I emailed the office to see if something could be done and notified them that someone had clearly been tampering with it. This email has still not gotten a reply. About two nights later I woke up to a man in my back yard looking in on me while I was sleeping. I saw him escape upon me waking up through the gate that had never been fixed.On top of that, the sliding glass door into my apartment was broken, so nothing was stopping this unknown man from getting into my place. This event has left me traumatized as a girl who lives alone. Now all I can think is, has this man been doing this for a while? Has he been in the place while I was asleep before? There are only a few feet that separated a stranger’s face from me sleeping in my own bed. This event left me so traumatized I couldnt sleep in my own place. This complex is unsafe. Even after something as serious as my well-being at risk these people didn’t do anything. They took over two days and many phone calls - that were not answered - to reply to an email finally. In this email, they had the audacity to tell me, “I recommend getting a lock for that gate.” THE GATE THAT CANT HAVE A LOCK BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN BROKEN SINCE I HAD MOVED IN. THE GATE I HAD ASKED THEM ABOUT TWO DAYS PRIOR TO THIS EVENT.After all of these horrifying experiences with this facility, I would be very concerned about any promises that are made to you that are not stated in writing in your contract, and I would be generally concerned about your safety living here.

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