Are directv boxes wireless

Are directv boxes wireless DEFAULT

Have you looked at DIRECTV&#;s Wireless Genie Mini Client? It&#;s a perfect solution for those homes with a rarely-used guest room. You can take the client anywhere with AC power, within a range of about 80 feet and through 5 walls, which means that you get great DIRECTV satellite service on the patio when you entertain, in the garage when you&#;re fixing the car, or anywhere else in the house where you wouldn&#;t think of running a coaxial cable.

Proven technology

The Wireless Genie Mini Client has been around for about four years now. A lot of folks thought it wouldn&#;t work, but it&#;s proven itself. It uses a dedicated wireless network that doesn&#;t have interference from all those other Wi-Fi devices you have in the home. Wi-Fi 5, as it&#;s now called (it used to be called ac) has a maximum throughput of well over 1 gigabit per second with the right equipment. Video through your satellite connection needs a smooth transfer speed of about 12 megabits per second. This means that even if you account for all sorts of headroom and extra space, you should easily be able to handle wireless connections over the same network.

When the wireless client first came out, it needed the Wireless Video Bridge in order to work. This is still true if you have the older HR44 or HR54 Genie DVRs. If you have the new Genie 2, you don&#;t need that video bridge. The ability to connect is built right in. In fact, it&#;s easier to set up a wireless system with the Genie 2 than it is with a wired system and it works just as well.

Mixing wired and wireless

Over the years, many customers have called to ask if you can mix wired and wireless clients. The easy answer: YES absolutely. Your Genie can support any mix of wired clients and wireless clients.

If you have an HR44 or HR54 Genie

With these Genie DVRs, you can have up to three active clients. You can have 8 clients on your account but regardless, only three will work at the same time. The others will not connect at all while three clients are being used. The good news is that it doesn&#;t really matter whether they are wired or wireless. All of them can be wired, all can be wireless, or you can mix them. A Wireless Video Bridge can support 8 wireless clients connected to it, so unless you have a very large area you should not need a second one.

If you have an HS17 Genie 2

If you have the latest and greatest, it will support seven active clients at the same time. You can still have a total of 8 on your account but personally I tell people just to go up to 7 because you&#;ll know that they&#;ll all work % of the time. I suppose it&#;s your choice.

With a Genie 2 you can have any mix of wired, wireless, and 4K clients. Only two locations can be playing 4K content at once, however and as I write this there is no wireless 4K client for DIRECTV Satellite. It&#;s not impossible, it&#;s just not there yet.

Looking for advice?

The Solid Signal Blog has tons of tutorials that can help you. My favorite is the Ultimate Guide to Upgrading which can help you get your system just perfect. Check out the whole list here, and all the PDF ones are here.


I admit, this can be a confusing one. Since the introduction of the HR44 Genie several years ago, there has been some sort of wireless capability built into every DIRECTV DVR. DIRECTV&#;s Wireless Genie Mini client works without a coaxial cable (for those nitpickers out there, you still have to plug it in, it&#;s not totally wireless.) So where&#;s the disconnect?

Why can&#;t you connect a wireless client to a Wi-Fi equipped Genie?

You can, of course, but in most cases you need a wireless video bridge. I know, that doesn&#;t make sense, but maybe it will after I&#;m done explaining.

DIRECTV&#;s wireless client doesn&#;t use your home&#;s Wi-Fi. Instead, it uses a special Wi-Fi network that isn&#;t used for any other purpose, and which operates slightly differently from normal Wi-Fi. The Wireless Video Bridge uses MIMO technology for the strongest allowable signal, just like our mesh networking products. It also uses a dedicated channel to try to eliminate interference. That way, you should be able to get a smooth and problem-free experience.

It&#;s those fancy MIMO antennas that are the reason that HR44 and HR54 Genies don&#;t have the ability to connect straight to the client. When you look at the Wireless Video Bridge, what you notice first of all is that it sticks up. It doesn&#;t lay flat. That&#;s not uncommon for high-end routers, because it allows large antennas that pick up and broadcast strong signals. However, when you look at this Genie DVR:

it doesn&#;t stick up. It&#;s wide and flat, which is great for your entertainment center but not so great for Wi-Fi. Even though the HR44 and HR54 probably have enough computing power to run a wireless client, they don&#;t even try because the experience isn&#;t any good. A wireless video bridge is used instead, with it&#;s big honkin&#; antennas, to give you a better experience.

The Wi-Fi on the HR44 and HR54 is only used to get on-demand programming and advanced features. It&#;s not used for anything else.

So, I&#;ll say it again, if you have an HR44 or HR54 Genie, you need a wireless video bridge. Simple as that.

Obviously, there have been a lot of people who said that the HR44 and HR54 should have had the ability to work with wireless clients without any extra hardware, and when AT&T engineers were designing the HS17 Genie 2, they took that in mind. Because the HS17 doesn&#;t output to a TV, it doesn&#;t have to fit in an entertainment center. That means it can be much better shaped for strong Wi-Fi performance.

The Genie 2 can connect to wireless clients without a separate video bridge. If you need a separate video bridge you can use one, for example if the Genie 2 isn&#;t close enough to the client and you get a yellow light on the front of the client. But, the trick is to put the Genie 2 in the right location, so you don&#;t need anything extra.

Bottom line here folks: If your Genie is wide, you need a video bridge. If it&#;s tall you don&#;t. Think about it that way and it&#;s easy to remember.

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Wireless Genie Mini Delivers HD DVR Service with No Strings Attached

DIRECTV has given customers the power to enjoy the whole-home HD DVR experience without the clutter of wires and boxes getting in the way, thanks to the Wireless Genie Mini (WGM).

DIRECTV introduced the new device nationwide in April , making it available to customers in all U.S. markets. Current customers with DIRECTV Genie service can upgrade to the wireless device.

&#;Along with our technologically advanced DIRECTV Genie, which is now capable of wireless distribution, we’re proud to launch the new Wireless Genie Mini that will allow customers to eliminate messy cable wires and boxes in every room,&#; said Romulo Pontual, DIRECTV executive vice president and chief technology officer. &#;Customers will love the simplicity of wirelessly connecting multiple TVs to their DIRECTV Genie anywhere inside the home or even in their back yard.&#;1

Customers can connect as many as eight of these devices to televisions anywhere inside – and even outside &#; their homes without wires.2 It gives them the ability to enjoy their favorite programming all around the house without having to attach a DVR to every TV.3 Because the WGM is small enough to tuck behind a television, customers won&#;t need a bulky TV cabinet or entertainment center in every room either.

Using one or more of these innovative devices offers the benefits of whole-home HD DVR convenience without the constraints of wires. It provides an even easier way for DIRECTV customers to:

  • Watch, record, pause and rewind programs in any room
  • Watch live or recorded programs in four rooms at once
  • Start watching a movie in one room and finish watching in another
  • Watch new movies and shows recommended by Genie based on the programming you already enjoy4
  • Set parental controls for individual TVs

How Does Genie Mini Wireless Work?

The DIRECTV wireless Genie uses radio signals, similar to a cellphone transmission except that the signals carry digital TV data instead of voice data. The WGM is connected to the primary Genie HD DVR through the included Wireless Video Bridge, which creates a private local network to carry digital information throughout the home without cables.

The Genie and Wireless Video Bridge require professional installation, but installing additional wireless Minis is easy enough to do it yourself.

Call Now to Learn More about the WGM

America&#;s #1 satellite TV service continues to provide customers with new ways to enjoy television on their terms. With just one phone call, you can experience the ease and convenience of this innovative new device.

If wires and boxes have you feeling tied down, cut loose with the wireless DIRECTV Genie Mini.







C4bM2 Genie Wireless Video Distribution Part 1

DIRECTV Genie Mini and Wireless Genie Mini

Genie Mini and Wireless Genie Mini clients connect TVs to the main Genie HD DVR in the home. A Mini provides access to programming, recorded content, and TV apps. Here are some of the features:

  • Watch live or recorded programs in four rooms at once.
  • Start watching a movie or show in one room and finish watching in another.
  • Comes with a remote so you can record, pause, play, and rewind live TV in any room.
  • Watch and schedule Genie HD DVR recordings and fast-forward commercials.
  • Connect the Mini to the internet and access On Demand programming and TV apps.
  • Access to TV apps on DIRECTV like Pandora and ScoreGuide. These apps are part of the HD Guide and easy to find in the menu.
  • Set up and manage the parental controls for each TV in your home.

Heads up:Internet-connected HD DVR (model HR20 and later) required.

For new customers or those interested in upgrading, Get more Genie HD DVR and Genie Mini info.

Existing Genie customers ready to order a new or replacement Genie Mini? Go to myAT&T to get started:
  1. Go to Account overview > My DIRECTV.
  2. Select Manage package & equipment.
  3. In the My Equipment area, select Order, set up, or return.
  4. Select Order a receiver, choose a receiver and Add to your cart.
  5. Select Continue to review and Submit order.

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