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Sometimes, girls just want to have fun. Justin Gypsy Cowgirl Boots deliver on fun and function. Have Fun with the colors, Have Fun with the prices, Have Fun chasing your dreams in Gypsy Cowgirl Boots!

Take the concept of a roper boot, and quadruple the cushioning. Then get away from boring colors! This is Gypsy Cowgirl. How in the world did they get FFA endorsement? Because farm girls know what is real in life, and these are really lifestyle reflective boots. 

The whole boot is crafted for quality, and long life. Leathers used are some of the best available. 

Every one of them can be the best footwear for college, or high school casual dress. Justin Gypsy Boots are made for times that are just plain fun. Get a couple pair. Look good two days a week!   God Loves Ya,  Cultured Cowboy. 

Use Leather Balm to condition, and a matching color cream polish to renew color. Mink oil, or Sno Seal the leathers right before you go into a lot of manure, or mud. If they get really covered in muck, you can just squirt them off with a water hose before you tote "all that" into your house.  If wet, allow them to dry at room temperature, then just add another coat of conditioner.


Sours: https://www.culturedcowboy.com/boots/justin/justin/pages/gypsy/jusL9964.htm


The Justin Gypsy® Collection is for the hard working cowgirls who fight for what they want and make sacrifices to get things done. These statement-making boots combine the western lifestyle with the fun-loving, confident look. Featuring unique stitch patterns and a variety of colors, these boots will set you apart in a crowd.

Our Justin Gypsy™ Collection is made for the woman who needs versatility. The lineup features everything from traditional western silhouettes to fun fashion booties at an affordable price.

Cowgirls sitting on fence with a horse in their Justin Gypsy® boots.
Cowgirls sitting on a fence in their Justin Gypsy®  boots.
Girl standing next to fence wearing Justin Gypsy® Siesta - L2964

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Sours: https://www.justinboots.com/en-US/landing/gypsy
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Justin Gypsy Aged Bark Women's Boots L9808


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Justin Gypsy Aged Bark Women's Boots L9808


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