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Which cleaning cloths kill germs? (Do Norwex cloths kill germs?)

I have already shown how awesome Norwex and e-cloths are at picking up bacteria. If you haven't seen those results, click here. However, many people have asked me to test whether or not the Norwex Envirocloth kills germs. The Norwex Envirocloth contains silver and the company says that it possesses "self-purification" properties. Some consultants take that to mean that the cloths kill germs, but the Norwex company doesn't technically say that the cloths kill germs. The Silvertize cloth is a cotton cloth that contains 10% silver. The Silvertize company flat out advertises that their cloth kills germs wet or dry. I decided to put them to the test. I also tested the e-cloth, 100% cotton cloths, Doc Cloth, Scotch Brite microfiber, and Handi Wipeswhich do NOT contain silver and are NOT advertised to kill germs. I did two types of experiments to test this. In the first experiment on this page, I put dirty cloths in plastic bags for 24 hours to see how much bacteria grows. In the second experiment on this page, I hung dirty cloths up to dry for 24 hours to see how much bacteria dies. 

Experiment #1--Dirty cloth in a plastic bag.

I did this interesting experiment because a website viewer asked me if she could carry her wet Silvertize cloth around with her in a plastic bag to wipe off her hands throughout the day. My instincts told me that a wet cloth in a plastic bag would grow germs. However, I decided to test it. I tested the Silvertize cloth (a cotton cloth containing 10% silver that is said to kill germs), the Norwex EnviroCloth (a microfiber cloth that contains silver), an e-cloth (microfiber that doesn't contain silver), a thick cotton washcloth, a thin cotton cloth (cut from an undershirt to be a control similar to the Silvertize cloth), a blue Handiwipe, and a yellow Scotch Brite microfiber cloth (no silver).
Silvertize and thin cotton cloth
e-cloth, Norwex, thick cotton
thick cotton, Scotch brite, Handiwipe
First I washed all the cloths on a hot sanitize cycle in my Whirlpool duet HE front loader with Norwex detergent and dried them on a sanitize cycle in the dryer. Then, I rinsed the cloths in warm 90 degree F tap water and blotted them onto agar plates to see how germy they were to start (the BEFORE). Then I rinsed the cloths again in tap water to make sure no agar residue was on the cloths. 
Next, I got the cloths mildly germy by wiping hands, cell phones, light switches, door knobs, and computer keyboards. I did my best to get the cloths equally germy BUT there is no way I could guarantee that they were all equally germy to start. (That is why I repeated the experiment several times.) I tried to get the cloths only a little germy and not to get any actual dirt on them. (I did not wipe the floor or any surfaces with actual dirt.) I was not trying to coat the cloths in germs and see how much died. I was trying to put a little bit of germs on there and see how well it multiplied. 

Then I put the cloths in plastic bags and left them on the countertop for 24 hours. (I did not rinse the cloths again after wiping the items before I put them in plastic bags.) 

I also did a control where I boiled a cotton cloth for 10 minutes, rinsed it under tap water, blotted it on the agar plate, and put it in a bag for 24 hours. This controls for any germs that come from my gloves, the bag, the agar plate, the air, or the tap water (which should be very few). 
After 24 hours, I blotted the cloths onto clean agar plates. I put on clean gloves before touching each cloth, of course. The plates were incubated for about 36 hours in my 90 degree F incubator.


In case you are new to looking at agar plates, let me explain. The whitish/yellowish dots on the plates are colonies (or piles) of millions of bacteria. Not all types of bacteria can grow on these agar plates. Viruses can NOT grow on these agar plates. Yeast, mold, and fungus CAN also grow on these plates. In general, the more colonies that grow on the plate, the more germs there were on the surface that was tested. However, a clean agar plate does not necessarily mean that no germs whatsoever were present on the surface because not everything can grow on an agar plate.  
Clean "before" thin cotton and Silvertize cloth
Dirty cotton and Silvertize after sitting in bag for 24 hours
Dirty cloths after 24 hours in bag
Cloths with actual dirt in a bag
I repeated this experiment, but this time I wiped the floor with the cloths and got some actual dirt on them. I did not rinse the cloths after wiping the floor. I just shook them off and picked off any crumbs, debris, or dog hair. Then I put them in a bag for only 15 hours this time because I was in a hurry to leave for vacation. I also did not do the clean cloth "before" plates because I did not have enough agar plates. However, I think I have shown enough times already that the cloths washed on a hot sanitize cycle with Norwex detergent and dried on sanitize come out very clean. 
As you can see, with actual dirt present, only the Silvertize cloth seems to still inhibit bacterial growth. I'm not surprised. I would not expect many cloths to be able to penetrate and kill germs in an actual dirt particle, crumb, or dog hair. You can order a Silvetize Cloth here. 

Experiment #2--Hanging dirty cloths up to dry.

My kitchen floor is always good and dirty thanks to my children and our big, dirty, hairy, drooly, loving, handsome, and wonderful dog, Luke. I vacuumed my kitchen floor to get rid of the dog hair before I started each experiment. 
The Norwex, e-cloth, cotton cloth, and Silvertize cloth that I used were washed on a hot sanitize cycle in my Whirlpool Duet washer with Norwex laundry detergent and dried in my dryer on sanitize before each experiment. I used new Handi wipes and Doc cloths for the experiments. In my other experiments, I determined that washing on the hot sanitize cycle with extra rinse and steam boost with Norwex detergent, get the cloths very clean.  So, I started this experiment with very clean cloths with minimal bacteria.
First, I got all of my clean cloths wet in warm tap water and rung them out. Then I got all of my cloths good and dirty by washing my entire kitchen floor on my hands and knees. I took turns using each cloth. 
Then I used each cloth to wipe out my dirty kitchen sink. 
The cloths were visibly dirty on all sides by the time I was done. 
I blotted each dirty cloth onto an agar plate. This would show us how much bacteria there was to start.

Next I rinsed each cloth under warm 90°F running water for 30 seconds. I really rubbed the cloths with my gloved hands to get them as clean as possible. I rung them out as tightly as possible. 

Then I blotted the rinsed cloths onto agar plates. This would show us how germy they still were after rinsing.
Next I hung the cloths on drying racks. This is the drying rack that I invented to dry baby bibs, dish cloths, sports water bottles, and assorted kitchen items. 

I also did a negative control. For this, I boiled a cotton cloth for 10 minutes. (I don't know of any germ that can survive 10 minutes of boiling.) After the cloth was boiled, l let it cool on a clean paper plate. Then, wearing gloves, I rinsed it for 30 seconds under tap water, rung it out, blotted it onto an agar plate, and hung it on the drying rack with the other cloths. 
I put all the drying racks on top of the fridge (so they would be out of the way) for 24 hours. The negative control boiled cotton cloth was there to account for any bacteria that accumulated from hanging there for 24 hours. 
After 24 hours, I wet each cloth with warm 90°F tap water, rung them out, and blotted them onto another agar plate. Yes, of course, I changed gloves between cloths. 
The agar plates were incubated in my warm 90°F incubator for 48-72 hours. 


Results from 8/25/2018

Negative Control

As you can see, these cloths started out very germy. The Norwex was probably the most germy. My results show that a 30 second rinse in tap water does not do much to remove bacteria even though the cloths LOOKED significantly cleaner after that rinse. After hanging dry for 24 hours, my results show that there were still a lot of live bacteria on the cloths. The Doc cloth and the Silvertize cloth seemed to have significantly less bacteria in this experiment after hanging dry for 24 hours. All of the cloths had a little less bacteria after the 24 hour mark. However, the 24 hour plates had 24 hours LESS time to grow at the time I took the pictures since they didn't start at the same time. Even taking into account the shorter growing time, it does seem like the Doc cloth and Silvertize cloth had significantly less bacteria. 
Results from 9/8/2018 and 9/25/2018
I repeated this experiment 2 more times, but I made a few changes. I included the Handi Wipe in these experiments. I washed my kitchen floor but tried not to get the cloths as dirty as the first time. I also rinsed the cloths for a full 60 seconds in warm 90°F tap water instead of just 30 seconds. For the 9/25/2018 experiment, I took the photos separately each after 48 hours of incubation to more accurately compare the amount of bacteria. I also did not blot the dirty "before" cloths onto agar plates because I didn't have enough plates. I just blotted the "dirty, rinsed, before" cloths and the "after hanging for 24 hours" cloths. 

For this experiment, I used a Norwex cloth to wipe off the kitchen table and countertops for 3 days. (It was really, really difficult for me to use the same cloth for 3 days.) I rinsed it well after each use and hung it on my drying rack. I did not use it to wipe up raw meat or anything. Just crumbs off the table and countertops. After 3 days, I rinsed it in warm 90 degree water really well for 1 minute and hung it on my drying rack for 24 hours. Then I wet the cloth and blotted it onto an agar plate. As you can see, the cloth still had a lot of bacteria. I recommend using a clean cloth every day. 


1. Some bacteria will die in any cloth that hangs to dry for 24 hours.
2. Dirty cloths will still have some germs on them even after hanging to dry for 24 hours.
4. Norwex and e-cloth do not seem to grow bacteria as well as a cotton cloth (in the plastic bag experiments) but can still have a lot of bacteria in them even after hanging dry for 24 hours.
5. A hot sanitize cycle in the washer and dryer with Norwex detergent does a good job killing germs in cloths. 
Another thing I noticed from these experiments is that the Norwex, E-cloth, and Silvertize cloth rinsed off SO MUCH EASIER than the cotton cloth, Doc cloth, or Handi Wipe. The dirt, lint, and dog hair just rolled off the Norwex, e-cloth, and Silvertize cloths. However, it was painful to try to rinse dog hair off the cotton cloth, Doc cloth, and Handi Wipe. I had to pick each dog hair out of those cloths individually. There are probably other weaves of cotton cloth that are easier to rinse off. The one I used was a bath washcloth and was very difficult to rinse. 
My previous experiments have already shown that the Norwex Envirocloth and e-cloth are really awesome at picking up germs. I just recommend using a clean cloth every day and washing it on a hot sanitize cycle between uses (or boiling) instead of using the same cloth for multiple days. I wish I could tell you that all you need to do is buy my drying rack and hang your cloths up to dry for 24 hours, and they would be all clean. But I can't have someone catching salmonella because I want to sell drying racks. It is a good idea to hang them up between uses during the day instead of leaving them balled up at the bottom of the sink to grow even more germs, though. I will be doing more cloth experiments where I use Norwex dish washing liquid to hand wash the cloths before I hang them up to dry and see if that helps keep them less germy. 

Please sign up for my email list if you want to be alerted when I post new results.  Thank you!--Annie Pryor, Ph.D. 

A friend of mine started selling Norwex. I had no idea what it was at the time. She sent me an invite to her party, via Facebook. I decided to look and I couldn't make it to the party but I wanted to buy something. I went to the Norwex site and was shocked at the prices. I though, "Oh no way!"
Then I thought, "Holly isn't impulsive. She's not someone who would waste money, these must be good". I went and watched some of the video's she posted about the product and was intrigued.

I decided to buy the "Enviro cloth" and "Window cloth". They were pricey but if they could do what the video showed me, you know...the one with the chicken?? After I ordered, I decided to do some research. Yea, I know, I spent the money and THEN decided to research? A little backwards but either way, I wanted to support my friend.

Chicken test and cross contamination test with Norwex

In my research, I came across, Ecloths. These were suppose to do the same thing Norwex cloths did, for a fraction of the price. This peaked my interest because i'm realistic. If I can find something that does the same thing, is the same quality for a fraction of the cost, I'm going to use it!!

As I was doing my research, I noted that the Ecloths did not have the embedded silver but from what the other blogs said, "You really don't need it. You're rinsing out the cloth and that's getting rid of the bacteria". I was convinced that Ecloths were the same. I bought some. I couldn't help it but I wanted to compare the Ecloth to the Norwex cloths.

My Norwex cloths came in and I was excited to try them. I really didn't know how to use them but watched a video and tried it. I was AMAZED. I have very hard to clean Stainless steel in my kitchen.

****Before I get into this, You need to know a few things about me.

* We homeschool. We are home All*THE*TIME.
* We are very social. We have company ALL*THE*TIME.
* I have a homeschooling group that meets in my home. Lots of little hands having fun.
* My appliances are being cleaned ALL*THE*TIME.

**Now back to my original blog.

My appliances are so difficult to clean and it's usually one of the most annoying jobs. I simply wet my new Enviro cloth with water and started wiping down my fridge. Then I used the window cloth , quickly and was AMAZED. The shine!! No Streaks!! I was shocked!!! Cleaning is something I enjoy but cleaning my appliances was NOT something I enjoyed!! Until now. I was so excited. It was so easy, my 4 y/o son could clean it.

My friend was coming over to our next homeschool group to show me the rest of the products and how to use them. It ended up being an impromptu "Norwex Party".

At the party I ordered some more items, The "Scrubby Enviro cloth". Another Window cloth, a wet mop head and a set of kitchen towels. At this point i'd been using my one Enviro cloth and polishing cloth exclusively.

I also had some Ecloths on order. A mop head, a set of their cleaning cloths and couple of their polishing cloths. I figured if they were as good as Norwex, I'd have a great little stash started.

As I was using my Envirocloth and polishing cloth during the week before I got my other orders , I realized that my Enviro cloth was often laying around wet. Now I had some of the Ecloths on order and I started to wonder because the Ecloths don't have the silver in them. I had read over and over again that I didn't need it , but was starting to wonder.

My order for my Ecloths and my Norwex order came in the same week. As I looked at the products the Cloths both looked great. The polishing cloths , although different in appearance and even texture looked good. It was the Wet mop pads that had me troubled. The Norwex mop pad was visibly thicker, than the ecloth mop pad. The blog I had read, noted the differences but said they both work just as well. I had my reservations because truth be told, the Ecloth mop pad looked JUST like the rubber maid mop head that came with my mop years ago. The Ecloth was slightly thicker but they looked almost EXACTLY alike and the fibers felt similar.
you can see that the Rubbermaid is larger. 

I mopped my floors. I used BOTH wet mop pads. I wet both of the mop heads with water and squeezed as much excess water out as I could. I used the Ecloth pad 1st. While I liked it, I felt like I was pushing the dirt around more. It did work well, but I noticed that any fine particles that I missed with the vacuum or sweeping pad was on the floor. It also took longer to dry then the Norwex mop pad.

I used the Norwex mop pad next and I felt like it did a much better job. Also, I noticed that the fibers of the mop head picked up small particles that the Ecloth mop pad left behind. I rinsed out both mop pads and when I looked, the Norwex side of my floor was already dry and the Ecloth side was still wet in spots. Now the Norwex cloth is MUCH thicker and held much more water than the Ecloth pad so I would of expected the Norwex side to take longer. I feel that the Norwex pad worked better and even got up some stuck on food that I hadn't seen. **I was a little disappointed in my findings here because the Norwex pads are expensive and i've got over 2000 sq. feet of floor space that needs mopping.
You can clearly see the size difference between the Norwex and the Ecloth.

I then tried the Ecloth towels and polishing cloth. They worked just as well as the Norwex cloths but when I was done, I rinsed them out and looked at them. With my Norwex cloths, I rinse them out and hang them to dry. If there is any residual bacteria in them, I know the silver is taking care of that. It's also preventing any bacteria from multiplying. When I rinsed out the Ecloth, I hung it to dry but wasn't as confident that all the bacteria was out.

Each cloth claims to pick up most but not all the bacteria...both towels claim that you are rinsing out most of the bacteria...What about the bacteria left in the Ecloth? What happens to it? At that point, I realized that I wanted the security that the Norwex towels give me. I KNOW that the silver is taking care of any thing left in the towel.

They are both similar and work. I prefer the confidence and bacteria protection I get with Norwex. 

I decided to see if I could find the Ecloths with Silver. They do make them. When I found someone selling them, they were $16.99!!! Wait...What?! The Enviro cloths from Norwex were only $16.49?? The best part is that my friend is making 35% of that!! If i'm going to pay that kind of money for cleaning cloths, I want my friend and her family to benefit from it!!!!

I tried the Ecloth and Norwex window cloths. BOTH Towels work the same...they both work just as well. Now this is one product that I think would help save some money. The reason is that I use my window cloth *after* I wipe down my glass and appliances with the Enviro cloth. So the polishing cloth is just getting any of the water off and polishing. I have both an Ecloth and a few Norwex polishing cloths. I always grab my Norwex cloths , only because of the Silver, I feel confident that it's picking up and getting rid of any missed bacteria.

They both worked well and did a great job. 

Ecloth advertises that their cloths are guaranteed for 300 washes , which is suppose to be around 5 years. The problem is that they're basing that on washing them once a week. With the Ecloths, I'd be washing them more often. With out the silver in them, I'd be washing them a few times a week to ensure the removal of all bacteria. So is the 300 washings 5 years?? I don't think so.

In the end, Norwex offers me chemical free cleaning. While my initial investment is more money, I will NOT be buying "Natural" cleaners. In fact, i've not purchased any cleaning products in over a month. I don't think Norwex is as expensive as I originally thought. In fact, I'm thinking of selling it.

Loving, Learning & Leaning on Christ

It's been a while since this post. Many have read this and commented and I felt the need to update.

Are the Norwex cloths great?? Yes, they work...Would I pay the extra money for them?? No. I'm sorry to say that there are many factors that go into owning and using a Norwex cloth and I just can't say that i'm impressed with them more than the Ecloth. My original review was after a few months but this review is over a year in the making.

Here are some issues.....
Microfiber is a man-made fabric which is 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon. Both of these are plastic derivatives. When you wash the microfiber fabric with HOT water and dry on hot , you actually ruin the fibers. This is why your cloths don't absorb so well after a few washings. As far as the Silver goes....It's very easy to coat that silver with minerals from your water. If you have hard water, you could easily coat your silver and never know it. Also, you can over-power you silver with too much bacteria.

While selling Norwex products I was on the groups with all the other consultants and here is where I got to see what was going on behind the scenes. People complaining that their cloths were stinky and not absorbing. This IMMEDIATELY brought me back to my cloth diapering days with moms complaining about their microfiber inserts. Same issue...THey work for a few weeks but after washing them in hot water, and drying them, you actually melt the fibers.

The Norwex consultants were told to boil their cloths... (For you cloth diaper users, sound familiar?) Boiling the cloths actually ruins them FASTER!!!

I spoke to a textile manufacturer years ago who confirmed this with me about Microfiber. I wish I had gone with my gut about the Norwex cloths.

After about 6 months I realized this. Norwex has a great guarantee on their cloths. They replaced all of mine WITHOUT question...including all my bath towels. I still use my Norwex, but I wash them by soaking them in the UPP (Ultra Power Plus) then I wash them....I DO NOT dry them. I hang them all to dry. THIS will help to keep my cloths lasting longer. Again... I wouldn't spend the extra money on them. Ecloth is just as good.

One thing I realized...If they're replacing ALL my cloths without question, How much money are they losing?? They are still making a profit, so what their charging must have all of this along with commission in mind. We're over paying for Microfiber.

As far as the mop heads, Yes, Norwex mop heads are still the best BUT...I wouldn't spend the extra money for them.

This is my updated review.

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Norwex Cloths – An Unbiased Review

What is Nowex? An honest Norwex review for cleaning cloths from a busy mom, in response to the lack of helpful, unaffiliated reviews. Is Norwex a scam or legit? Find out!

collage asking if you can replacing all household cleaners with Norwex cleaning cloths

A few years ago I was introduced to Norwex cleaning cloths. I found that research was very hard to come by so I am giving my 100% unbiased Norwex review of the cleaning cloths. I am not affiliated at all with Norwex, e-cloths, or any other company. I want everyone to be able to read this post and decide if the products would be best for them, because the answer may not be the same for everyone!

Today, I want to share with you my opinions on Norwex as a whole and their two flagship products: The Envirocloth and the Window Cloth.

If you would like to check out my thoughts on their other products, these additional articles are helpful:

My cleaning routine prior to Norwex

In my own home, I would say that I am somewhat typical in my cleaning routines. I used Windex, Dish detergent, Stainless Steel Polish, Grease Lighting, All kinds of bathroom cleaners, and floor cleaners. I didn’t use anti-bacterial cleaner such as lysol or clorox. For laundry we used detergent, fabric softener, and sometimes dryer sheets, oxyclean, and very rarely bleach. (Boy, that does seem like a lot of products!)

So that’s me in a nutshell to give you a context for this Norwex review.

Typical household cleaner assortment including products for laundry, disinfecting, stains and dusting.

What is Norwex?

Norwex is an MLM style company similar to Lularoe or Young Living Essential Oils. Their product focus on cleaning the home although they do have some beauty and food preparation lines as well.

In order to purchase Norwex products, you need to either attend a Norwex home party or know a consultant. If you do not have a consultant, there is information at the bottom of this post.

Norwex’s mission is to empower families to reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals throughout our homes by using their special microfiber cloths as well as other chemical free cleaning products. Here is their extensive catalog.

Norwex cleaning products focus on a special type of microfiber that is very different from microfiber cloths that you purchase at the grocery store. The difference is night and day!

Take a peek at the video below to learn more. (This video is directly from Norwex).

Claims made about Norwex Review

Norwex makes some pretty hefty claims. Here are the top three and my thoughts on them:

1. Norwex Cloths Never Smell

This is the claim that whipped my head around when I heard it. I used kitchen towels nearly every day to wipe things down and they were rancid before laundry day.

My Vote: True. Now, I don’t have to deal with that stinky, funky smell anymore. For our kitchen, I use one cloth for a day or two, let it hang dry, and then toss it in the hamper just like I always have. The key here is that you do need to let it hang dry from a door knob or cabinet knob. (Not folded over)

2. Removes Bacteria as Effectively As Bleach

The big claim here is that the Envirocloth physically removes 99% of bacteria from a surface. This claim came directly from Norwex media pamplets, although I see many other consultants and purchasers making claims far beyond this such as the bacteria will rinse out of the cloth or the cloth naturally disinfects itself as it dries.

Many Norwex cloths contain BacLock, which is basically tiny threads of silver woven into their cloths. While certain silver types are safe and naturally anti-bacterial, I couldn’t get a straight answer on what kind of silver is used in Norwex cloths.

My Vote: Sorta True. I have a very hard time finding truly independent testing of this particular claim. However, a reader sent me a really good video where a news station uses a lab to test the Norwex cloths against other cloths here.

3. More Cleaning Power

The cleaning cloths have replaced Windex, most paper towels, Pledge, Magic Erasers, Simple Green, and bathroom cleaners. This microfiber is not like the microfiber you buy in Walmart or the Dollar Store. When I wipe the kitchen counter down, I don’t have to cup my hand at the edge for crumbs. The dirt sticks to the cloth!

My Vote: True. If you haven’t seen the butter test, I highly recommend you watch this video. There is no comparison between these cloths and other cloths that I have used.

Norwex Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth and two Norwex cleaning balls, solution in background.

Norwex EnviroCloth Review

The Envirocloth is Norwex’s flagship product and is considered the “everything cleaning cloth”. I use them to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, walls, and pretty much every surface in my home. They can be used wet or dry, and they are nothing short of amazing. Dirt sticks to them like no cloth I have ever used and it does rinse away out of the cloths easily.

As a side note, I have personally tested Norwex vs E-cloths and there is no comparison. The dirt does not stick to E-cloths the way that it does to Norwex. I also don’t like the way that E-cloths feel in comparison as they are thinner and I don’t even think they are microfiber at all.

Window Cloth Review

This is probably the most amazing cloth I have ever used! I am not usually the kind of person who calls everything “the best ever”, but I get all fan girl over the window cloth. It is worth every single penny. If you are unfamiliar with the Norwex window cloth, think of it as a polishing cloth. You use any sponge or cloth to scrub up the dirt and then wipe away the water with the window cloth until  It gives the most streak free windows I have ever seen in my life – with ease! It is nothing short of magic in my opinion. Here are just a few of the benefits that I and my family have seen:

  • Windex and metal polishes are gone
  • I have cut my window cleaning time by at least half if not more.
  • Hot car windows are streak-free!
  • Glass shower doors, mirrors, faucets, metal, and stainless steel are cleaned with ease!
  • Keeps down hard water buildup on surfaces.

Negatives of Norwex

You are sort of at the mercy of how quality your consultant is. The training may be spotty and some consultants may use less than ethical sales tactics. I do however, trust my consultant completely and she tells it like it is. Independent research of the anti-bacterial benefits of Norwex doesn’t seem to be readily available and I believe that better independent research needs to be better to back up their claims.

The shipping can be ridiculous. I know we are all spoiled in the era of companies running free shipping and that shipping does have costs. Yet, I still hate it. I order a year’s worth of laundry detergent just to avoid shipping costs. I also combine orders with family members to cut down shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norwex a Pyramid Scheme?

Norwex is a legitimate company, but running on an MLM model and pyramid commisions. You have a consultant, meaning that you have someone to show you how to use the products properly. As a host, you can earn rewards. However, those products are not really “free”. It is one reason that Norwex products are so expensive.

Is Norwex a Scam?

While Norwex is definitely not a scam, it is expensive, no question about that. However, I am personally more interested in value. Under current pricing models, a window cloth costs $19.99 (plus tax and s/h). While I absolutely agree that it’s outrageously expensive, I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Also, you can split with a friend! The same goes for Norwex Envirocloths, but there are a few items I would not purchase again and I do plan on writing more reviews soon.

Do You Need A Consultant to Buy Norwex?

There are a few options:
1. You can find Norwex online at Amazon, but the prices are generally above what you would get through a consultant directly (and you can’t pair items to cut down on shipping cost or add rewards.)
2. Consultants now have online stores. Even better, you can ask a consultant if you can have an online party for your friends to earn rewards and commission.
3. If you are in an area where you don’t have a consultant, you can order through this online shop. More info at the bottom.

Final Conclusion

I wrote this review in response to the serious lack of helpful reviews about Norwex’s microfiber products. Almost all reviews/content come exclusively from Norwex consultants (i.e. people selling it.) There were also some pretty outrageous claims. I realize that having a blog comes with some perks like being able to help people fill in these blanks, and I am willing to be a guinea pig for the greater good!

All in all, I highly recommend Norwex to anyone who wants to get rid of chemicals in their home, wants to save money over the long haul, or who just likes cleaning better, faster, smarter. In case I haven’t made it plain, I really do love the Norwex Enviro Cloths and Window Cloths.

If you are interested in learning more about what all the fuss is about, check out Jennifer’s shop or the Norwex Catalog. You can contact her or comment below with any questions and we will be sure to answer them!

If you found this useful, you could use “Clean with Rachel” party for your order, and I might earn a bag of laundry detergent some day. Regardless, I am happy to help!

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Norwex vs E-Cloth Review - BEST Cleaning Solution!

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ecloth vs Norwex Microfiber

Some of you may have already read my story about how I began using and LOVING cleaning with high quality microfiber at my post here on Can You Really Clean With Just Water? This post is dedicated to looking into some of the options regarding high quality microfiber to provide an honest review on e-cloth vs Norwex cleaning cloths.

I started with the Norwex brand of microfiber, specifically the Norwex enviro cloths, but have also been adding in e-cloth products into my cleaning arsenal. I like and use both companies products, but find that there are pros and cons to each. I want to share my experiences to help others who are interested in trying find the best option for them.

Why Consider Using High Quality Microfiber Cloths and Cleaning Products?

Both e-cloth and Norwex note the fact that only a fraction of the chemicals used in traditional cleaning products have been tested, we really do not know what we are exposing ourselves and our families to on a regular basis. The Environmental Working Group states:

Government agencies and independent research institutions have not adequately evaluated the safety of numerous substances found in cleaning products. Although government scientific and regulatory agencies have focused considerable attention on chemicals suspected of causing cancer, they have devoted far fewer resources to evaluating substances that may be toxic to the brain and nervous system, the hormone system and other organs. Investigating the full range of risks of cleaning products to public health and the environment should be an urgent priority. Yet the problem remains largely hidden from the view of the American consumer.

Exposures to irritating or allergenic cleaning ingredients can affect people who live, work or study in buildings undergoing cleaning. Volatile fumes released during ordinary cleaning can contaminate the air for up to 20 minutes after use (Bello 2010).

Who Makes High Quality Microfiber Cleaning Products?

e-cloth — perfect cleaning with just water

e-cloth started in 1995 in Europe and came to the USA in 2008. Their focus is on chemical free cleaning, believing that chemicals used to kill bacteria on surfaces can be just as harmful as the bacteria. e-cloth’s mission statement is:

Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available at a good value to the consumer.

Our single minded focus on high performance cleaning has created a range of products that clean entirely without chemicals, using just water.

In additional to exceptional cleaning, e-cloth products provide significant cost and time savings and real health and environmental benefits versus ordinary cleaning.

e-cloth operates as a traditional retail sales business, with both online and in retail stores across the country. Many appliance brands recommend that their appliances be cleaned with e-cloth to prevent damage from harsh chemicals to their surfaces.

Here is a short video from e-cloth that gives a good overview to their all purpose cleaning cloth and how the microfiber technology works.

  • To check out all that e-cloth has to offer and the current deals (they tend to have at least one promotion running) click here.
  • To learn more about the e-cloth most popular product, the General Purpose cleaning cloth, click here.

Norwex — Improving Quality Of Life

Norwex was started in 1994 in Norway as Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter that eventually opened a daughter company called Norwex Enviro Products, in 1999. The Norwex mission statement is:

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes

Norwex also has a Product Promise:

  • Effective Solutions for Healthy Homes
  • Safe Solutions for Healthy Families
  • Sustainable Solutions for a Healthy World

Norwex tends to operate for the most part as a direct sales company, which means they rely on a network of consultants who promote and sell their products. The consultants would also offer a level of customer service to the customers who bought Norwex products from them. Norwex products are not offered in traditional retail stores so to purchase their product you would need to go through a consultant.

However, like most items Norwex products can be found on Amazon too. I love that you can save on the shipping costs since orders over $25 have free shipping at Amazon. And if you have a Prime membership most items ship for free without a minimum order. The prices might vary compared to ordering directly from a Norwex consultant with the Norwex company set prices.

Here is a video from Norwex that explains about their Norwex microfiber cloths, which is called the EnviroCloth. It is a little long, about 4:30 minutes, but is a great overview to their product if you are interested in learning more.

  • To see the different Norwex products that are available click here.
  • For all the best selling Norwex EnviroCloth options click here. 

Comparison Chart on e-cloth all purpose cleaning cloth vs. Norwex EnviroCloth

Now that you know a little about each company I thought it would be good to put information regarding the top cleaning cloth for each company in an easy to read comparison chart.

 e-cloth General Purpose Cleaning ClothNorwex EnviroCloth
Fabric type80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide
Fiber size1/200th of Human Hair1/200th of Human Hair
Cloth size12.5" x 12.5"13.78" x 13.78"
Manufactured inSouth KoreaChina
Antimicrobial Technology within the cloth for self cleaning purposesNoYes, melted silver infused in fabric threads
Shipping RatesFree if order is over $20 (otherwise $3.99), within the US except for Hawaii and Alaska$6.95-48.75 depending on the order amount in the US
Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee, exchange or refund100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Replace, refund or exchange within 60 days of purchase.
Warranty3 year Guarantee2 year, with normal wear and tear or 500 washings
PurchaseBuy e-cloth hereBuy Norwex here

Does It Really Work?

Seeing is believing right? There are many demonstrations of these products available online, here are two that I thought would be helpful. Unfortunately, I could not find anything that directly compared the e-cloth and Norwex cloths, so at some point you might see one from me!

Microfiber vs. E. coli

Here is a video from a News program testing the cleaning capabilities of the Norwex EnviroCloth compared to an all purpose cleaner and generic microfiber to remove E. coli from a surface. At the time this post was published the Norwex Basic Package was $34.99.

Microfiber vs. Raw Chicken

Here is a quick video on the raw chicken demonstration that is used to show how quickly and easily these types of cloths can pick up and trap the raw chicken protein. This specific video is for Norwex, however there are videos available for e-cloth as well.

You can get much more involved in this demonstration by comparing to other cleaning options or by wiping a “dirty” chicken cloth on a clean surface to show that it does not cross contaminate. Since there are a number of videos in this post already, I went with the shorter demonstration.

This graph showing the size of protein particles compared to bacteria and some viruses. The ability of the high quality microfiber to easily clean up the tiny protein particles gives confidence that larger particles such as bacteria and viruses are also easily being wiped away.

Which is Better the e-cloth or Norwex microfiber cleaning cloth?

Great question. Both of these companies produce high quality microfiber with slight differences in the material used and the way it is woven. Both companies create products that work to effectively clean your home as well, or even better, than traditional chemical cleaners.

For General Cleaning

As I mentioned, I started with Norwex products and fell in love with them. They make cleaning more effective and faster. I was actually cleaning more than I intended because most cleaning jobs went faster and easier then I expected. And since I already had a cloth out I might as well wipe that smudge on the wall or clean some windows. But this is true for e-cloth microfiber products as well.

Recently, I am finding that when it is time to clean I am reaching more and more frequently for my e-cloth general purpose cleaning cloths (gasp!). It might be slightly smaller than the Norwex Envirocloth but it is thicker, absorbs more and holds it’s shape better when I fold to use. I find that this causes less fumbling with the cloth while cleaning. Also, with the pile it seems to pick up larger crumbs better than the Norwex Envirocloth (they both do great with the tiny particles from smudges or grime).

When it comes to cost, e-cloth wins hands down. With more affordable pricing AND free shipping it makes e-cloth products more attainable for most people. And at the end of the day, how much money do you really want to “invest” in your cleaning equipment? For me, I want something that not only will clean effectively but is better for me, my family and the environment without breaking the bank.

Also, most people will have more than one microfiber cloth for cleaning. Some like to designate a cloth per room (or one for the kitchen and one for all the bathrooms), the various cloth colors are helpful for this. I have 4 of these types of cloths that I rotate through from both brands. If I used only the Norwex EnviroCloth it would have cost me $71.96 + shipping (yikes!) but if they were all e-cloth that would be $31.96 at their regular cost per cloth + free shipping (well less if I bought one of the bundles, example Multicolor 4 Pack for $19.99– this would be 4 e-cloths for less than 1 Norwex EnviroCloth)!

I also love that e-cloth has been lab tested by Silliker and proven to remove 99.99% of E. coli, 99.95% of Listeria Monocytogens and 99.37% Aspergillus Niger (mold). This is the same, or better, than paper towels and spray cleaner. I love when companies invest in proving their products work. Click here to learn more about how e-cloth microfiber technology works.

In addition, e-cloth is Good Housekeeping Approved and recommended by Allergy UK. Their products have even been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, The Today Show, The Sun and The Guardian to name a few.

If I were starting over in this area of my wellness journey, I would have definitely gone with e-cloth and their products. I would have been able to use so many more microfiber products for my cleaning needs with the amount of money I spent on Norwex.

For Daily Cleaning

The only area that the Norwex EnviroCloth seems to have a leg up on the e-cloth General Purpose Cleaning Cloth is with the BacLock technology, where silver is imbedded within the fibers of the cloth, and it is a great feature to have. This silver is an antibacterial agent that kills off bacteria, mold and mildew within the cloth as it hangs to dry. This prevents any type of smelly cloth issues that is often experienced with cloths, towels and sponges. Please note, not all Norwex products contain the BacLock technology.

I find that I tend to use the Norwex cloths and Norwex towels with the BacLock technology for my daily cleaning and hand drying needs. When I first started with Norwex, I would have an EnviroCloth hanging in my kitchen for wiping down the counters and tables 3-5 times a day (the reality of staying home all day with little ones). I liked that as it was hanging to dry it was preventing nasties from growing within the cloth.

The cloth did not entirely dry out between the uses in the day. But usually will dry out while hanging during the night. I have since switched to the Norwex Kitchen Cloth because it is more absorbent, has a higher/different pile that makes it easier to pick up crumbs and is cheaper than the EnviroCloth ($10.99 + shipping from Norwex, around $15 at Amazon).

Some people do not see the BacLock feature as a benefit since it uses silver, a metal, in the cloth. They have concerns that over time the silver will break down and fall of the cloth into their home environment and cause some level of contamination due to the possibility that it will be ingested (example if a child’s toy is wiped with the cloth and bits of the silver remain on the toy and then the toy is placed in the child’s mouth, or if there is a film of silver particles left behind on a counter where food prep is occurring). You can be the judge on this for what you feel comfortable using with your family.

I tend to wash my e-cloth products and my Norwex products without BacLock more frequently than my Norwex products with BacLock.

Which is Best For You?

If you are new to cleaning with water and high quality microfiber, then start with e-cloth you will not be disappointed. And your hard earned dollars will be able to go so much further and you will be able to get so much more, yay!

If you work or tend to be outside the home most days, then the Norwex BacLock feature might not be worth the extra money for the cleaning cloths. Like I mentioned above, I only feel that this really benefits me in the areas I am constantly cleaning throughout the day.

If you are the type of person to wipe down your bathroom on a daily basis and want to leave a cloth hanging in your bathroom (or potty training a boy, ugh!) then maybe the Norwex BacLock in their EnviroCloth would be worthwhile. But for the amount of e-cloths you can get for the price of 1 Norwex EnviroCloth you could just use a new e-cloth almost every day or as situations present themselves.

When deciding on which company to purchase from take time to think through where you would be replacing sponges, paper towels, and other rags or cloths for your cleaning needs and how often you perform those cleaning tasks to determine if you think you would need the extra level of the Norwex BacLock technology.

Please note, both cloths are designed to easily rinse away contaminates when your are finished using them and to dry out when hung by the labels. This alone prevents the smelly cloth and cross contamination issues that many regular cotton cloths have.

Final Thoughts on e-cloth vs. Norwex Microfiber

Cleaning with only water, without any type of cleaner, is not something most of us have been taught as we have grown up in the world we live in today. Thankfully there are companies who are pioneering a new and better way to clean without using traditional chemical cleaning products. Not only is using high quality microfiber a safer alternative, it is also quicker and saves money!

If interested in finding out more about the products made by e-cloth or where to buy click here. And for Norwex products to save money on shipping go here.

How about you? Do you use microfiber for your cleaning needs and what are your thoughts? 


Is Norwex Microfiber? Yes, Norwex is a company that produces high quality microfiber products.

What’s an e-cloth? An e-cloth is usually the reference for the General Purpose Cleaning cloth that is made by the company e-cloth.

How do you clean an e-cloth?And how do you wash Norwex? You rinse with warm water after using for your day to day cleaning jobs. Then you wash in your washing machine without using bleach (damages the fibers) or fabric softener/dryer sheets (clogs the fibers and hinders performance). For more on how to care for your microfiber cleaning products check out this post How to Care for Your Norwex or e-cloth Microfiber.

What is Norwex Antibac and BacLock?  It is an antibacterial agent (silver) within the microfibers that is used for self cleaning purposes to avoid bacterial odors and mold/mildew growth.

How does e-cloth work? The e-cloth is made up of microfibers (480,000 per cm2), when wet with water it works to absorb bacteria, dirt, grime, grease and mold into the fiber voids. It traps what is picked up and then releases it when run under warm or hot water (or when put through the washing machine).

What is the microfiber cloth with silver? The Norwex EnviroCloth and other related Norwex products.

Where to buy e-cloth?Click here to go to the e-cloth website that offers all their products with free shipping in the continental US.

What is Norwex rags? Some people refer to cleaning cloths as rags so when if term Norwex rags is used they are just referring to the Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths.

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Disclaimer: For informational and educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have a health concern, a medical condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are taking any medication please consult your healthcare provider.


Cloth reviews norwex vs e

An Honest Review of Norwex Cleaning Supplies: Too Good to be True?

Pinterest pin, image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Text overlay says,
Pinterest pin with two images. One image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Second image is of a dirty shower. Text overlay says,
Pinterest pin with two images. One image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Second image is of a dirty shower. Text overlay says,
Pinterest pin with two images. Top image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Bottom image is of a dirty shower. Text overlay says,
Longer pinterest pin with two images. Top image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Bottom image is of a dirty shower. Text overlay says,

This post gives an honest, unbiased review for Norwex cleaning supplies from a naturally-minded mom. (Not a Norwex rep!)

Woman wiping countertop with Norwex cloth

I have spent at least eleventy billion hours cleaning my house thus far.

Okay, that’s a total lie. If that were true it would be a heck of a lot more sparkling clean around here. Half that number, then half it again, then – oh never mind.

Let’s just say that while I love a clean and sparkling house, the actual scrub-a-dub-dub doesn’t set my heart a-flutter. You feel me?

That’s why the cleaning tools that I use (when I use them, ahem) need to be top-notch. No messing around with sub-par stuff that takes longer and doesn’t work as well, thus requiring me to clean *more* often. Ain’t nobody got time for that amirite?!

Messy house whining aside, when it comes down to it – we all have to clean sooner or later. Some sooner, some later, but that’s beside the point. And you probably want to do it with as few toxic chemicals as possible. (Read more about the ingredients in conventional cleaning supplies here.)

More ways to avoid toxins: in your drinking water (Hidden Toxins in Your Drinking Water), in your cleaning supplies (“Check out my unbiased norwex review“), in your body care items (how to find a natural deodorant that works), in your menstrual supplies (Guide to Reusable Menstrual Supplies) and in the summer (3 Toxins to Avoid This Summer (& What to Use Instead))

Detoxing your cleaning supplies is one of the easiest baby steps to take toward a more natural, toxin-free lifestyle, and may I just say: Norwex is my ultimate favorite non-toxic cleaning product. I have happily used several Norwex products for nine years now, so writing this post was a total no-brainer.

Note: I’m not a Norwex rep, and have never been one. I’m just a satisfied customer and a naturally-minded mom who wants natural products that actually work. This was originally a review post that was sponsored by a Norwex rep friend, but she has since closed up shop, so I’ve added some amazon affiliate links for Norwex products below, as well as a few to a well-reviewed competitor so that you can check out both.

Why is Norwex Better?

After hours of research and many years of personal experience in using Norwex products – I believe Norwex is the best quality natural cleaning product on the market right now (with one possible competitor – see below).

Here are some key reasons I love my Norwex cleaning supplies with the fiery passion of a thousand lovers (or something along those lines…)

1. Norwex Products are Anti-Bacterial

The basic premise is that the incredible quality of the microfiber picks up even the tiniest particles and organisms when it’s wet, including germs, which are then rinsed down the drain when you rinse the cloth out. The cloth then disinfects itself naturally while it dries and awaits your next use.

There are two factors here that relate to the anti-bacterial claims.

A) Significantly Higher-Quality Microfibre

Average store-bought microfibre cloths are probably an average of around 1/16th the width of a human hair, whereas Norwex microfibre is 1/200th. This effectively means that Norwex cloths are far superior at grabbing up dirt and germs that you can’t even see – leaving the surface cleaner than the alternative.

Norwex cleaning method illustration in diagram form

B) Embedded Silver (aka “BacLock”)

Many Norwex products are also labeled “BacLock”, which means that they contain a silver-based agent embedded into the tiny microfibres of the cloth.

Silver is a naturally anti-bacterial agent. According to this study: “the antibacterial activity of silver has long been known and has found a variety of applications because its toxicity to human cells is considerably lower than to bacteria.”

Side note: I use colloidal silver on occasion for medicinal purposes, and have been very successful with it. I especially like the spray for sore throats. This study found that silver has antiviral properties.

The silver in the cloth is not meant to disinfect the surface (a common misconception) but rather it’s designed to inhibit bacterial growth, mold, and mildew in the cloth itself as it dries over a 24-hour period.

Note: It’s still recommended to launder it after especially heavy-duty uses, like raw meat juices on the counter, or cleaning the toilet, but for regular everyday use you can simply rinse it well and hang to dry. I love not having to throw my kitchen cloth in the wash every time I use it.

With regular cloths I only let them go about half a day before throwing them in the laundry. With my Norwex kitchen cloth, I wait more like 3-5 days.

norwex cleaning paste and window and body cloths on a wooden surface

2. Norwex Actually Cleans Better Than the Alternatives – Natural or Not!

This is perhaps the best part of all. Once I started using a norwex window cloth, I refused to use anything else on all of my stainless steel and glass. It’s absolutely incredible. I honestly wouldn’t have imagined the difference it would make, but it really, really does.

I clean my stainless steel faucet with a regular ol’ cloth + homemade cleaning spray… and it’s clean (with more scrubbing), but full of streaks and smudgy spots. The Norwex window cloth makes it as flawlessly shiny as when it was brand new. No kidding.

And since shiny things are my favorite, the window cloth is my BFF. It does the same for mirrors and other glass. It impresses the heck right outta me. Dare I say: it *almost* makes cleaning legitimately fun.

Check out this photo I posted on Instagram a while ago to show my glass shower, cleaned with my Norwex window cloth.

On the left = gross soap scum, and on the right = the CLOSED shower door that I had just cleaned with just my wet Norwex window cloth. Amazing, right?!

glass shower wall and door half with soap scum, and half cleaned with norwex window cloth

3. Norwex is Actually Cheaper in the Long Run

With Norwex, I would advise to prepare for sticker shock, but also – in my normally-very-frugal opinion, the Norwex cloths are actually worth the money because they last so long and are total workhorses in their efficiency.

You should also know that Norwex is no cheap dollar store microfiber. Cheaply made microfiber cannot compare – I’ve used them, and thrown it in the back of my closet never to see the light of day again. They’re a clearly superior product to anyone who tries them.

My enviro cloths and window cloth that I bought nine years ago (a 4-pack of the travel sized cloths in order to save money back then!) are still going strong, and I still favor them over all other cleaning supplies. I figure they’ve probably saved me a ton of time and money by now simply by being so much more efficient than other options, and lasting this long without wearing out. (I’ve since added a couple more cloths to my collection so that I can keep them in different spots in the house.)

Plus – think of all of the disposable cloths, towels, and sprays that people buy… I haven’t bought that stuff in years other than some toilet bowl cleaner!

pink norwex scrub mitt on a stack of other norwex cloths

4. Norwex Makes Cleaning Simple and Easy

Norwex products are completely free of harmful chemicals, yet you can use them with only water for maximum efficacy! In fact, soap can clog the fibers, so it’s recommended to stick with water.

Because they’re free of the toxic chemicals found in conventional (and some so-called “natural” or “organic”) cleaners (check out this article at the EWG for info on the lack of transparency in labeling on cleaning and personal care products), they are totally perfect for anyone that has allergies or chemical sensitivities. Or, you know, lungs.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t especially want to breathe in more toxic chemicals that what’s already around me in items I can’t avoid – like furniture, product packaging, and more. Also, in case you haven’t already – you can check out the safety rating on your favorite cleaning products at the Environmental Working Group’s database here.

I also LOVE that I can just wet it and go. No hauling out an assortment of cleaning scrubs and sprays – just wetting it provides enough ‘oomph’ to the cloth to clean almost any mess. (I do have one small jar of their cleaning paste that I use and love for tough jobs.)

And of course, the fact that I can clean pretty well my whole house with just a few cloths or scub mitts is pretty amazing. I love the simplicity of this system!

Which Norwex Products are Best?

In case I haven’t made myself clear yet: I honestly love Norwex.

  • Enviro Cloth (I have several, and keep them in different rooms for quick usage!)
  • Kitchen Cloth (I adore the thickness of this cloth, and the deep grooves that easily scrub away tough kitchen messes. I use it every day.)
  • Dusting Mitt (absolutely perfect for my kids to use – they think it’s great fun, and it actually picks up dust amazingly well with ease.)
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt (cleaning the tub is so easy with this mitt. This thing has serious scrubbing power.
  • Cleaning Paste (I use this stuff only when my regular Norwex cloths fail me… so, rarely. And it only takes a small bit. But it’s great to get the tough spots that you figure were a lost cause – like toddler art on your walls.)

Is Norwex an MLM?

Yes, Norwex’s business structure is that of a multi-level marketing company. This is not the same as a pyramid scheme – those are illegal. An MLM is a company like Tupperware or Pampered Chef (or hundreds of others) where the sales reps sell to you directly and get a commission (some MLM companies also allow you to buy directly from the website or amazon, but many do not), but they have the most earning potential by recruiting others under them to join as sales reps. Each rep tries to recruit more people, hence the “multi-level” marketing.

Lots of people have criticisms of the MLM model, and honestly – I agree with some of them. I think that the prices of most MLM products are inflated, and that’s usually because there are a lot of people needing to get paid in the pipeline. With non-MLM companies, you’re not paying a sales rep, so prices can be lower. MLMs will claim that their product is superior, but that’s not always true. Many MLMs offer an excellent product – like Norwex – but they’re not necessarily the only ones doing so. Which leads me to…

Are There Comparable Alternatives to Norwex?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of my Norwex products that I’ve been happily been using for years. I’ve raved about them to family and friends, and because they’re so well-made and durable, I haven’t had the opportunity/need to try any other brands (other than the dollar-store cloths, which were a mistake).

However – I did some research on alternatives to Norwex, and one brand was mentioned by numerous different sources as being comparable in quality, but lower in price, and it’s called eCloth.

I have not actually used any of their products, but based on their excellent reviews and comparable claims, I wanted to let you know about them. They’re a lower-priced option you might want to try if Norwex is out of your budget. If I ever try them myself (if my Norwex cloths ever wear out!) then I’ll be sure to come back here and update with my opinion.

Whatever you use to clean your home, consider investing in some good-quality tools to do it. You don’t need to spend extra time and frustration on cleaning. Clean less, enjoy life more!

Don’t miss my Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide for Busy Families!

Longer pinterest pin with two images. Top image is of a woman cleaning her table with a norwex cloth. Bottom image is of a dirty shower. Text overlay says,


1. Lansdown, Alan B G. “A pharmacological and toxicological profile of silver as an antimicrobial agent in medical devices.” Advances in pharmacological sciences vol. 2010 (2010): 910686. doi:10.1155/2010/910686

2. Chang, Te-Wen, Weinstein, Louis. “In Vitro Activity of Silver Sulfadiazine against Herpesvirus hominis.” The Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol. 132, Issue 1 (1975)


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Norwex VS E-Cloth Review \u0026 Comparison -- UPDATE
Would you believe me if I told you that you could clean without chemicals and get a BETTER result?

I found out about Norwex when Emily, an awesome person/blog reader, told me about how well they had worked to clean her windows. And when you guys tell me that something is awesome-- I listen!!!

These types of cleaning products require only water to work and can clean just about any surface. I really love that these products are reusable and washable to they really reduce our environmental impact and save some money on paper towels/cleaners! Emily's story inspired me so much that I bought a bundle of Norwex products to try out. It included a window cloth, an all purpose cloth, and a dust mitten. 

But while on Amazon I saw that there was a similar brand which provided more products for less money, but didn't get quite as good of reviews as Norwex. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for a BATTLE! They cost about $20 less than the Norwex products so I wondered if the difference in cleaning would equate to the difference in cost...

Norwex vs E-cloth #Cleaning  #savetheplanet
Norwex vs E-Cloth (dun dun duuuuuun!)
1) Dust Mitten (Norwex) and Dusting Cloth (E-cloth)
The Norwex dusting glove is a lot like the Swiffer dusting products. It picks up the dust without it just being relocated which I LOVE. It even handled my pet hair dilemma which is fantastic because I have a lot of pet fur. With the Norwex, I cleaned everything and I could have kept going, but I was out of dust. (darn!)

The E-cloth worked more like a traditional duster and seemed to move the dust around rather than collected it unless you completely wet it, wring it out and the dust with it. It does a much better job this way! So if you purchase the e-cloth duster, please make sure that you get it nice and wet before you dust!

Norwex dusting glove #ecofriendly

2) All Purpose Cloth (Norwex ) vs Kitchen Cloth (E-Cloth)
The previous owners of our house must have put some voodoo magic curse on the kitchen granite because there has always been these bumpy areas. Seriously, it is the arch-enemy of my life. Nothing has ever worked to get any of it off! So, I did the obvious: I cleaned half of the bumpy areas with Norwex and the other half with E-cloth. Guess what?! It's 98% gone! These are amazing!! Just water! Seriously! Whhhhaaat?!?!

{mind blown} Pooooft!

I actually thought both product performed well, but I loved the added scrubber on the E-cloth product. The Norwex product has a ribbed side that is for scrubbing, but I liked the E-cloth scubber just a little more for tough spots. Seriously, both did great though!

3) Window Cloth (Norwex and E-Cloth)
OMG. It worked! Like Windex! Sure, it requires slightly more elbow grease than a typical spray window cleaner, but it's totally worth it! It removed pet nose stains, finger prints, dust and there were zero streaking on any window or mirror!

{sigh}I'm in love!

Both products are awesome, but I liked that you only needed one cloth for the Norwex window cleaner while you needed two (a cleaner and a polish cloth) for E-Cloth. But if we are going simply by performance-- they are just about equal.

4) And There is MORE!
The E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set also provides a stainless steel cloth, range and stovetop cloth, and a bathroom cloth which are not provided in the Norwex set.

#Clean range without chemicals and #toxinsI don't think that the stainless steel and bathroom cleaners are necessary because the Norwex "all purpose cloth" can do those functions too; but I LOVEthe range and stovetop cloth. I'd definitely recommend it for daily cleaning of the range because it totally kicks butt. Seriously.

How did I never know about this?!

It also has been tested to remove bacteria from surfaces using just the cloth and water! WTF. {mind blown x infinity}. And they last up to 300 washes! Sweet.

So what's better than function? Cost and saving the world, of course. 
If you buy the Norwex packet with all three items, it's about $50. That's less than $17 per item, but it lasts for 300 washes and you won't need to wash it every time you use it. Win.

I've made a simple math problem to help you see how you could save money:

Cleaning supplies + paper towels = money
Reusable cloths + water= savings. 
Savings in cleaning supplies = more shoes

Now that's logical, people.

Plus, it will help save the world! No more chemicals and less waste! Plus Emily told me that 13 billion tons of paper towel are tossed into our landfills every year? Isn't that crazy?! But you can make a difference! I think these cleaning cloths are a great way to be more eco-friendly.

So which is better? Eh. It's hard to say. They both did very well! The E-Cloth kit does have a lot of "extras", but I feel like most of them aren't necessary except the range and stovetop cloth (love it)and I don't really like extra clutter (I have enough-- trust me).

The price tag on the E-Cloth set is about $20 less than the price of the Norwex kit. Is it worth it? Personally, I prefer the Norwex duster and window cleaner just a little more than the e-cloth, but I lovethe e-cloth oven range. Oh, the choices!

Here are some links to look at the products on (affiliate links-- if you buy the recommended product you pay the same price and I get an Amazon commission to buy more cool stuff from Amazon to blog about. True story.)

Norwex Household Package

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set, 8 Count

Norwex Microfiber Dusting Mitt

You can search and find products separately as well if you only want to buy one or two of the products instead of the kits!

Have you tried Norwex or E-Cloth? I would love to hear if your mind was blown as much as mine! And I have to give a big shout out to Emilyfor introducing me to the idea of using Norwex! THANK YOU!!

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Cruising around the net looking for real, honest, reviews of Enjo, Norwex and e-cloth can be a frustrating experience. Just when you think you’ve finally stumbled upon one, you realize it has actually been written by someone who sells Enjo, Norwex or e-cloth. OR, the comments below the review are littered with sales pitches by people who sell Enjo, Norwex or e-cloth.

ecloth perfect cleaning with just water logo

enjo clean the world logonorwex logo

The truth is, all three companies make fantastic microfiber cleaning cloths/mitts that will clean your house like it’s never been cleaned before. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with ANY of these. The shape and colour may be different, but they all work the same way (with water), and they are all amazing at cleaning grease, dirt, grime, bacteria…

There is one other BIG difference, and that is price. Don’t let anyone tell you that just because it costs more, Enjo must clean better than Norwex or that Norwex must clean better than e-cloth. They all clean great.

Admittedly, I sell e-cloth. I’ve also sold Norwex. And I have friends that own Enjo products. In fact it was an Enjo party that got me into the whole microfiber cleaning business in the first place. I loved Enjo. I just couldn’t afford it. I loved Norwex. I just felt guilty selling it at their prices.

By now, you’ve probably seen some of my reviews of Norwex and e-cloth products. I don’t own any Enjo products so I can’t review them. But I’d like to read YOUR reviews of Enjo, Norwex and /or e-cloth. Good or bad. Just post them as a comment below.

I have no idea whether this is going to work or if we’ll get any comments, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It’s my hope that this can become a bit of a forum for people to find REAL and HONEST reviews of Enjo, Norwex and e-cloth. So please, no sales pitches from salespeople and no trash-talking. Comments will be moderated and I’ll delete any inappropriate ones.

For you skeptics out there, I’ll just add that as long as the comments meet the “no sales pitches” and “appropriate” rules, they won’t be deleted or edited. Of course I can’t prove this so you’ll just have to believe me (my worry is that if we get a lot of great e-cloth reviews – certain people may think I’m being biased and only allowing the good ones.) These are honest reviews by real people.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m sure others who are in the market for some high quality cleaning microfiber products will appreciate your honest reviews too.

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