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Hof Bergmann Map v 1.0

What awaits you on the map?
In the map much love was put and attention paid to small details, it is a German ajar map and is based on the Felsbrunn Map.
Although this is still partially recognizable but was still very much changed.
There are several detailed productions in a scale never reached.
A big thank you goes to Ifkonator who has enabled me the Scripttechnisch.
Consider that it concerns a 1. Map release who knows me knows that there are still much to expect in the following updates.
The map comes this time as an All In One Pack which means the pack has to be unzipped first.
Content of the pack:
- Farm Bergmann Map
- Hof Bergmann Map - BaleStorage Addon (Attention only works in SP)
- Various starting vehicles
Size of the pack: about 650 MB
Please consider this is a first release of the map, despite many hours of testing can always creep errors.
Please understand, even the main game is not error free.
For help with the map and support, the existing support theme uses the map.
Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
Larger updates of the map take 1-2 months.
If the dust has settled, I will do a production overview during the week.
Thanks to my team for the great support!
You will be redirected to a page after clicking on the download button (ReLink-mySad).
There RIGHT UP down a clock down - is this zero is there "Skip advertising".
Please click on it and start the download now.


Sours: https://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2019-mods/maps/hof-bergmann-map-v-1.0.html
Download mod Hof Bergmann Map v1.0.0.8 by Farmer_Andy for FS19 | Farming Simulator 19 game.

Hof Bergmann Map- Beautiful countryside under a farm with many small details.Starting with a well-designed PDA with new icons and ending with many buildings and a beautiful landscape.

Features Hof Bergmann Map:
- 15 fields and several meadows;
- Many points of sale;
- Various triggers;
- The card is suitable for various types of activities;
- Traffic and pedestrians;
- The archive needs to be unpacked.Inside, the card itself and many recommended mods that connect as desired.

Content of the pack:
- Farm Bergmann Map
- Hof Bergmann Map - BaleStorage Addon (Attention only works in SP)
- Various starting vehicles

Changes in v1.0.0.8:
- The designation of the straw store above the pigsty was wrong. This has been corrected
- The l10n headings text from the gas bottle store was incorrect and was therefore not displayed correctly
- Speed cameras can be deactivated again as usual
- Sack Mission at the cattle trade corrected
- Fixed beacon of the biodiesel production plant
- Silphie (chopped) entered in the price overview because it can be sold at the cattle trade
- Description text on the converted Michieletto AM19 cattle trailer was missing, this was corrected
- Removed floating decal in the air
- Hose connections on the greenhouses were fixed (only available again with a new savegame, otherwise use the trigger filling first.)
- New fill type for cooking oil (old) added, this is now used when collecting from the Ibc tanks in the inn etc.
- (prevents you from being able to sell collected cooking oil again)
- "Warning: FillType ' nil 'undefined for foodGroups of' SHEEP '. Ignoring it! " was fixed
- Sugar beet was removed from pigs feed mixer (it is not common to produce pig feed from whole sugar beets)
- Name for beet pulp Big Bags was missing.
- Typo in the name of vegetable oil corrected
- Buyable IBC tanks with RubinTT, liquid fertilizer and herbicide now disappear when they are empty

Changes in v1.0.0.7:
- Many buildings were rebuilt or replaced;
- Fixed all or almost all identified errors;
- Lots of gameplay novelties;
- Fixed possible friezes;
- And much more!
Download #1 Download #2 Download #3

Changes in v1.0.0.62:
- Hotfix Update

Changes in v1.0.0.6:
- New game state is absolutely necessary! (also for Beta4 players)
- Global Company Mod is no longer required and should be removed to ensure a smooth gameplay.
- fixed bugs from previous version

Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
Larger updates of the map take 1-2 months.
If the dust has settled, I will do a production overview during the week.
Thanks to my team for the great support!

You will be redirected to a page after clicking on the download button (ReLink-mySad).
There RIGHT UP down a clock down - is this zero is there "Skip advertising".
Please click on it and start the download now.

Tested on game version 1.7.x

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Sours: https://download-fs19.com/2566-hof-bergmann-map-v1004-by-farmer_andy-for-fs19.html
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Hof Bergmann Map v1.0.0.81 FS19

Hof Bergmann Map v1.0.0.81 FS19

Hof Bergmann Update Notes:

Danger !
No new save is required from version to this version

Adjustments / innovations:
– Adjustments to the bale store at the farrowing house for small bales from the Class Small Bale Pack
– Converted loft storage at the pigsty from straw bales to HD straw bales (Class Small Bale Pack)
– Bale storage above the yard workshop was converted to small HD hay bales (Class Small Bale Pack)
– Attic storage (elevator) at the pigsty made compatible with the new Realistic Seeder version
– Silphie seeds from the Realistic Seeder Mod can now be stored in the attic
– added more languages ​​(but not all current)
– Silphie (chopped) removed from Filltype category Windrow. This prevents the balers from mistakenly recognizing Silphie.
– Corrected Effect Material Holder for hay (pickupEffect)
– Spawn places at the butcher’s for suckling pigs reduced to 4
– New shop category, “Conveyor technology” added
– Added a placeable ball belt for HD bales, so that you can now better fill your bale stores in the attics with HD bales.
Important note: There must be no bales on the belt when it is switched on, otherwise they will simply disappear.

Please read the following version and installation notes carefully before downloading!
Unpack the map correctly!
What can you expect on the map?
A lot of love was put into the map and attention was paid to small details, it is a German-based map and is based on the Felsbrunn map.
This is still partially recognizable, but has been changed very much. There are various detailed productions on a scale never reached. A very big thank you goes to Ifkonator who made the script possible for me.

Contents of the pack:
– Hof Bergmann Map
– Various start vehicles

You will receive hotfixes for major problems promptly.
Larger map updates take 1-2 months.
I would like to thank my team for the great support!


Tags:Filltype Kategorie WindrowHof Bergmann MapRealistic Seeder ModRealistic Seeder Version

Sours: http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/hof-bergmann-map-v1-0-0-81-fs19/
FS19 - Mostrando el mapa - HOF BERGMANN BETA 2 ESPAÑOL #0 - Farming Simulator 19

Hof Bergmann v1.0.0.8 Final FS19

Hof Bergmann v1.0.0.8 Final FS19

General information:

– The main game must be patched to at least version 1.7.1. The current patch can be found here: Patch

– As always with a major version jump, a new save is required

– Current translations for version are currently only available in German and English

Recommended mods:

– ObjectInfo Mod (shows information in the game for portable objects / vehicles) can be downloaded here ObjectInfo

– ManureHoseSystem Mod (hose system) can be downloaded here ManureSystemMod

Incompatible mods in connection with the map:

– The map is not MaizePlus compatible because the map uses its own silage system

– FillLevel Limiter Mod causes problems with the mobile milking parlor and should not be used


Tags:Hof BergmannMobilen MelkstandObjekten FahrzeugenSilage System

Sours: http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/hof-bergmann-v1-0-0-8-final-fs19/

Fs19 hof bergmann


Hof Bergmann final v1.0.0.7
Mod What can you expect on the map?
A lot of love was put into the map and attention was paid to small details, it is a German-based map and is based on the Felsbrunn map. This is still partially recognizable, but has been changed a lot. There are various detailed productions on a scale never reached. A very big thank you goes to Ifkonator who made the script possible for me.

Changelog v1.0.0.7 Beta2

– Fixed missing store pictures for the wheel loader and the tools in the lime pit. The text has also been corrected for the high-tip bucket
– Fixed a problem with bale bearings that were placed in front of them and could no longer be sold for unknown reasons
– Floor in the cowshed slightly lowered. In multiplayer the terrain came through the base plate (not tested whether it is fixed)
– Bulls added to animals.xml for seasons and l10n texts added to the German, English and Polish language files
– At Feld24 / Wiese an error occurred at a corner when mowing, this has now been fixed, a grain texture was displayed in the grass swath, was triggered by a faulty terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm
– Fixed yeast storage shelf in the bakery, you stored a package of yeast with 1000L and only 100L came out after restarting the game
– Fixed big bags, lashing straps, the lower part should no longer slip when lashing straps were put on
– Bale storage for compound feed fixed, colored wrapped bales were only stored in white
– CutterEffect added for clover, warnings occurred when using direct cutters
– BigBag Max could be reset through your own inattention, this has now been prevented
– Fixed freezing animals at the sheepfold if you had moved a little away
– Various Ground TipCollis added to stables and animal enclosures

– Cheese production has been made a little more realistic, rennet has now been added. You need some rennet that can be bought in the shop under consumables as a 5L canister
Please note: only a small amount of rennet is required to make cheese. One canister can produce about 10 batches of cheese
Due to the fact that the LS cannot calculate milliliters, the filling quantity is given in liters, so a canister has 500L
– Wall storage rack built into the cheese dairy for the storage of the rennet canisters (The spawn point for the canister is on the left in front of the table under the wall shelf. So please do not stand in the spawning)
– Hose holder for 2 thin hoses installed on the outside of the dairy
– IBC tanks made completely new these are now in their own shop category “IBC tanks” the standard tanks have been removed from the shop
– New shop category introduced for LSFM attachment tools, there you can now find various attachment tools from our house brand, a new, improved BigBag lifter, various adjustable pallet forks and a universal high-tip bucket for front / compact loaders
– Pigsty on the farm rebuilt and expanded. The LSFM BigBags, IBC containers and Realistic Seeder pallets can now be stored in the front attic by lift.
At the rear of the stable, another square bale storage for straw bales was installed, the functionality is the same as the storage above the yard workshop
Notes on the lift:
Before operating the lift, the attic door should be opened to avoid damage
The storage can be activated or deactivated, this is necessary in order to move the things out again because the objects spawn directly on the elevator, a small traffic light in the attic helps to recognize what is currently activated
Traffic light (red) = storage is deactivated, objects can be removed
Traffic light (green) = storage is activated – no objects can be exported
– Strautmann SEK802 added to the map, this has now received a few upgrades compared to the standard e.g. a new wheel configuration for Nokian wheels, rim color selection and the platform can now also be selected with a side wall
(useful for transporting small objects such as sacks because these are no longer automatically emptied) Standard Strautmann has been removed from the shop.
– a bagging machine was integrated into the map, it works like the BigBag Max, only that you can use it to fill small sacks, including wood chips and potatoes, as these were removed with the BigBagMax
The machine can be found in the shop under production equipment and must be purchased separately.
The small sacks can be sold in the cattle trade for a higher price. It should be noted that this only accepts bags of feed
– Cattle trade somewhat expanded by a small sales point where you can sell the self-filled bags of feed. The bags must be carried in by hand
The prices for the feed bags from the livestock and feed trade are listed separately in the sales overview
– New woodchip sack storage shelf installed behind the farm shop, there you can now store plenty of woodchip sacks (buyable sacks and self-filled sacks)
– a garden center installed, this serves as a sales point for small bagged goods from our own production. The following bags can be sold there: compost, fertilizer, seeds and lime. Note the price overview!
– New main farm silo installed, the dump sump at the bulk goods store was removed and also the display
– New FillType built-in wood shavings, wood shavings are available free of charge in the sawmill as a waste product.
– Chicken coop at the farm expanded, a new feeding trough was installed, the BigBag frame was removed, there is now a tap where you can fill a bucket, the gates have been optically improved
and the chickens are now locked up in the chicken enclosure again (reason for this, the chickens were more in the yard than in the enclosure itself)
Wood shavings can now be scattered in the chicken coop, which creates some dung (dung heap in the chicken pen)
– Storage for wood shavings and chicken feed bags installed in the attic of the chicken coop, the storage area is accessible from below. When the barn door and the faucet, there is a trigger to open the floor door (note the F1 help window)
– Marc can now also be used for feeding the sheep

– The sawmill has been rebuilt a little and optically embellished, here you can now buy wood chips and shavings from the green double silo (please note each silo has its own FillType, information can be found under the silo in the selection dialog)
– Sale of wood chips at the sawmill removed, was illogical no sawmill buys wood chips, they have enough of them themselves
– The display on the BGA was reinstalled when the pipe was removed from the digestate
– Sign at the slaughterhouse changed at the unloading point for bulls (text was changed from cattle to bulls, fits better)
– Milking robots in the cowshed and on pasture B, cow models have now been adapted to the new cows
– Sales price for dried grain slightly increased
– a piece of road built from Hintertupfingen in the direction of bull breeding
– Hill with trees on Feld24 (new meadow) removed
– Speed ​​cameras out of town a bit raised to 60, sometimes also 80km / h
– Removed refill option of compound feed and pig feed from the new feed mixers, caused some confusion
– Compost bales as well as everything that belongs to the compost bale production has been removed, as an alternative one can now fill compost in big bags or in small 50L sacks
– The weeds have been removed from the outer storage tank at the dairy so that the alternative unloading point is more visible for everyone without the ManureSystem Mod
– Brewer’s grains can now also be composted
– Placeable feed dispenser silo expanded to include corn, rye and spent grains
– Removed mud hole script, caused too many problems with the vehicles in connection with the dirt
– BigBagMax slightly changed, compost can now be filled in BigBags, small sacks for potatoes and wood chips have been removed, so these two types of fill can now be issued as BigBag, planing chips have also been added
– Big bag design improved, BigBags now look a little more professional
– Big Bag category, picture in the shop changed (Giants Big Bags were removed)
– Buyable lime BigBag removed from the shop, lime can still be bought loose or extracted in the lime pit. Lime can also be filled as a BigBag and can be sold at Raiffeisen by lift
– Buyable feed BigBags now have their own fill types (chickenFeed = chicken feed, horseFeed = horse feed, cowFeed = cattle feed and pigFeed = pig feed (ready-mixed) * Names may differ in the game
(The reason for this change is that specially manufactured BigBags can now be sold in the Raiffeisen for more money). Buyable BigBags have dark gray tabs and self-made LSFM green tabs
– Various Giants standard things removed from the shop that are not needed on the map (sand castle etc.)
– Standard poplar seedlings and sugar cane pallets removed and replaced with your own
– In the malt factory, spent grain production was halved
– Raiffeisen slightly rebuilt, the entrance to the manure sales point enlarged, sales point for specially made big bags or boxes added
How BigBag sales work:
The big bags have to be placed on the platform and at the counter you have to move them to the attic. The sale then takes place above. Please note the BigBag has to be emptied first, it takes a moment
The company’s own Kramer can be used to load the lift. The prices for the BigBags can be found separately in the price overview (note prices are as always given in liters)
– Complete redesign of the brand logos on the map and in the Universal Tank Pack
– Various changes made to the pastures, pastures where the milk is collected in IBC tanks, hose system removed again from the IBC tanks
– At cow pasture A the milk cans were removed for various reasons, there is now an IBC collection container with normal trigger. If you still want milk cans you have to buy some in the shop and fill it up yourself at an LSFM tank.
– In pastures with built-in feeders, loose material can now be filled again (shovel, big bags, etc.) with the exception of the paddock, which still only accepts hay in bales
– Cows have been enlarged a bit compared to Beta1
– Dead weights of the fill types on various pallets removed, the mass is no longer included in the calculation, so the pallet forks should no longer stick to the DynamicMountTrigger in the event of a capacity change (Giants Bug)
– Start Vehicles slightly adjusted, exchange to the new LSFM attachments, tool box is now in the yard workshop and no longer on the gator
– Buyable wood chip sack adjusted to a real purchase price, but the number of liters is reduced, you now need more wood chip sacks for the bakery
– Wood chip pallet warehouse removed from the bakery there are now 2 practical tables that can be used for bread
– BigBag Max at Grain Storage Square has been moved a little, it is now located next to the compost silo.

Small between updates, all changes are as always in the changelog.

Changelog v1.0.0.6

– everything from the previous beta versions (see beta changelogs below)

– Removed visible colli on the trigger trigger when trading in the country

– Buffer zone between HoseBridge and fillable tanks reduced, only 100L instead of 1000L remain in the buffer.

– Additional languages added, the following languages are now available: DE EN CZ FR PL RU

– Interchangeable farm shop (Farmshop Old, see information about the exchange of the farm shop)

– Merchandise of the old farm shop adapted to version

– Added PDA MAP icons for church and cooperage (barrel maker)

– Change in the way the wine cellar is played (see information on the wine cellar below)

– Barrels have now been aligned vertically but can still be rotated as you would like. The barrels on the fruit press should only be used horizontally.

– The apple juice and wine barrels are no longer reusable objects, which means that they are sold when the contents are sold.

– Pre-placed bale storage in the yard can now be sold in the garage.

– New small production branch, cooper (barrel maker) installed. Here it is possible to deliver short logs of up to one meter, the product then being empty wooden barrels for juice production. (serves as an alternative to the wooden barrel that can be bought)

– Cheaper wooden barrels because they are now also sold.

– Bales extended for the straw salvage addon, so it is now possible to press the extra bales off the map (forage, maize straw, clover, etc.)

Please note the limitation with the round baler, this only supports the standard bale size, 1.3m diameter should be selected, otherwise straw round bales will come out.

– The square balers from the straw salvage addon now output the standard square bales. Advantages: look nicer and fit the map better because everything is uniform.

– Improved cellar storage rack, wood chips, potatoes and dog food bags can now be stored.

– The number of dogs has been increased to 2 which are now possible per doghouse.

– Hall / drive-through barn on the side of the road replaced by an old barn, now looks a bit more coherent.

– Dog food bags reduced to 100L. A dog now eats 10L a day. Nevertheless, more can be filled into the bowl as it always counts for 10 days.

– The old vehicle shelter below the cheese dairy can now be sold and placed again.

– Colli fixed in the farm house

– Removed useless files (triggered warnings on the DediServer)

– Seasons hook built in, now allows you to enter the wine cellar with the Seasons Mod (thx Ifkonator) 🙂

Information about the exchange of the yard shop:

Quick start Guide:

Open moddesc.xml in the zip archive and edit line 18, with the value: defaultItemsXMLFilename = “defaultItems.xml” only a 2 must be written after defaultItems, this should look like defaultItems2.xml

This step should be done before creating a new game.

Information about the wine cellar:

– The way of playing the wine cellar has been fundamentally changed compared to the beta version. Barrels of apple juice are now stored directly.

in order to get the barrels of apple juice into the cellar, they must now be upright. (if the storage does not work right away, the barrel must be turned)

– The wine cellar has now been divided into the production of wine and a storage area for wine. (Note signs)

– The wine production has a capacity of 36 barrels with a total capacity of 10800 liters of apple juice.

– It now takes less than 5 days to get wine, the finished wine barrels now spawn in the aisles of the shelves, these must then be transported to the right in the storage area.

It is only from this storage area that it is possible to transport the wine barrels to the surface. (due to technical reasons, since it cannot be solved otherwise)

Vehicle changelog:

John Deere Gator Pack version

– Collisions at the connections of the thin hose slightly enlarged. (Map underground came through)

– added another small hose to the pack, can be used as an extension.

LSFM Universal Tank Pack


– Added AddConfig

– All trailers can now be equipped with a funnel, which can be used with a fill arm of the Manure system.

– SemiTrailer silo skipper configuration removed, however, as before, everything can now be transported in the standard version.

– SemiTrailer upgraded with new wheel config, Nokian wheels can now be selected.

– ITR Container fix for Manure System, no hoses could be connected when selecting the slurry dispenser.

– added a dolly to the pack

– ITR Container revised in relation to the Manure system, if the slurry spreader was selected, it was not possible to connect a hose.

– In the universal tank configuration it is now also possible to attach the ITR container

changelog v1.0.0.5

– Last Game Patch 1.5.1 is required.
– A new score is needed (the new features are a little bit bigger)
– For various things the Global Company Mod is needed !

– Remaining languages reintegrated, so the following languages are available: EN, DE, FR, CZ, PL, RU
– l10n Adaptation of Animal Infos for Seasons (all available languages)
– ButterMax and butter churn display in the shop adapted for better visibility
– removed superfluous file in Ford Transit, fix the message on Dedi Server (Space character not recommended in filename: ‘vehicles/fordTransit/fordTransit_diffuse – Copy.dds)
– BigBag texture looked unsightly due to Giants patch 1.5.1 (because Giants changed the detail array for the vehicle). The Big Bags are now back to the state they had before the patch.
– FertiMixerLQ unintentional liquid fertilizer removal fixed with closed lid. The lid must now be opened for filling and removal. (Same principle as with the LSFM Universal Tank Trailers)
– Script to fix a bug caused by the TSX_EnhancedVehicle Mod (Thx Ifkonator) *Update* should not cause problems in MP anymore.
– Clover bales could not be wrapped into silage bales. Now works again.
– Seasons Mask fixed to butcher and grain mill
– Ford Transit Collisionsfix for the partition
– Adapting the tomato and pepper greenhouses, plants now turn green or brown depending on the water level. (water empty plants are brown, water full plants are green)
– Purchasable milk cans did not empty properly in the farm shop
– Bale warehouses could not be sold if several were placed. A sale by selection is now possible.
– fixed several collisions of portable objects, objects bended through walls while carrying by hand.
– Ford Transit exitNode fixed, this was too high

– SILAGETRAILER Filltype Category on Map extended with: WOODCHIPS COMPOST BIOMASS CLOVER_WINDROW MANURE FORAGE FORAGE_MIXING and PIGFOOD, which allows you to fill the Claas Cargos from the ClaasDLC with these filltypes.
– Ford Transit extended, you can now transport poultry boxes (animals) with it.
– Water on the farm is no longer free.
– FertimixerLQ mixing time reduced to half.
– BigBag Max expanded: now you can also make BigBags from barley and corn, chicken feed.
– Farm shop even further improved, freezer for meat crates and some more decoration.
– AnimalTrigger adapted to the livestock trade, the trigger is now no longer located in the whole aisle but at the front of the gate. Reason for the change: some had problems with cattle trucks and trailers as a team.
– Exit at the cowshed removed as it used to be. The path can now be used without always having to drive through the barn. If you want to go out for the cows you can use the pastures.
– new straw, grass, chaff, hay and silage film textures are created.
– Fodder troughs at the cow pastures can now be filled with mixed feed bales from the Balemaster. (Previously only hay went)
– Pig feed mixer biomass exchanged for other intermediate fill type. This prevents fraud in pig feed production with biomass from the compost heap.
– BGA Technically somewhat adapted (hay removed because unreal)
– Prices for horses adjusted to more realistic values. Purchase price 3000€ Sales price for riding horse 8000€
– Silage System has been slightly changed and divided into grass silage and maize silage, whereby grass silage is the standard silage, it is now only called grass silage, maize silage is made from maize and through bunker silos on the map.
Grass silage, as the name suggests, is obtained from grass and is produced by wrapping grass bales or in the FixFermenter and in the double silo on the farm (right bunker).
Cows can be fed with both types of silage. Sheep can also be fed with grass silage.
– Double silo on the farm has been changed, the left bunker is used for maize silage production and the right bunker for grass silage production.
– Due to the new silage types, the feeding system for the cows has also been revised again and is now very close to the standard again. Mixed feed counts more than other feed. (Pay attention to the animal menu!)
– Fruit trees, value reduced by half for rainwater absorption (should prevent too much fruit growing).
– Materialholder re-organized
– Increased cheese capacity from 50L to 250L (this means that a cheese wheel has more content but less cheese is produced)
– Feeding system of the sheep revised (pay attention to the animal menu!)
– Sheep/goat house adapted for goat milk.
– Due to goat cheese the function of the cheese dairy was extended. It is now divided into 2 product lines for cheese and goat cheese. (manual start is still required!)
Note: The milk tank, the buckets and the fillable milk cans can now also be filled with goat milk. Please note that only one type of milk can be stored in the milk tank in the cheese dairy. (so either, or)
– Sales outlets were expanded with goat’s milk and goat’s cheese.
– new symbols for cheeses
– Ground markings in the farm shop removed.
– Cheese storage shelf extended with goat cheese
– at the vegetable stand at the petrol station fruit boxes can now be sold.
– Rainwater tanks converted to FillTypeConverter Script from GTX, and waterfillplane made more realistic.
– FixFermenter converted to FillTypeConverter Script (no longer runs as Vehicle) (manual switch on required)
– Fillable bucket converted to a realistic waterplane
– Roads completely rebuilt and some useless roads removed.
– Traffic spline moved to a non-disturbing area of the map. Reason: The new road network on the map makes it impossible to guide the traffic properly.
– Map boundaries embellished in places
– Field paths revised
– Field behind cattle dealer somewhat reduced
– Grass meadow (Field17) FieldCorners revised
– PDA map adjustment (fields revised, street changes)
– Shop assistant in the farm shop can now be muted if necessary
– Farmlands somewhat refined (gaps closed)
– PigFoodSilo behind PigFoodMixer equipped with display

Attention !
– Last Game Patch 1.4.1 is required.
– Current language files for this version only available for German and English!

– after Giants Patch 1.4, the fashion presses did not work anymore, fixed (only works with gameversion from 1.4)
– Parked Cars, positions adjusted to patch 1.4
– Script for fixing an error caused by the TSX_EnhancedVehicle Mod (Thx Ifkonator)
– Map Seasons Ready made
– Hof gas stations, trigger fix (combine did not refuel)

new features:
– * NEW * Extra Shop category “Production equipment” (Buttermax, FertiMixerLQ, FertiMixerSLD, CompostMaster) can be found under Objects
– * NEW * Placeable dispenser silo (needed for the production of solid fertilizer) can be found under Placeable / Silos
– * NEW * fertiPro BigBag (needed to make liquid fertilizer) can be found under Objects / BigBags
– * NEW * Buyable and refillable milk can available in the shop.
– * NEW * further farm gate at the top of the cowshed built
– * NEW * drive-through silo installed above the cowshed (in the forest)
– * NEW * Placeable bunker drive-through silo available in the shop, this can be placed if required (assuming you own the farmland)
– * NEW * New species calves introduced, these must be supplied with milk and straw. The calves reproduce themselves, these can be sold at the livestock trade or processed into meat by the butcher. (to be found in the cow barn at the farm)
– * NEW * butcher shop built in the village. In the yard animals can be delivered, with each kind of animal one receives an own meat sort, these can be sold in the yard shop.
(The trigger for the animals is located at the rear of the slaughterhouse in front of the gate, the trigger is sometimes a bit bitchy, even if it says “will not be accepted here” just keep trying)
– * NEW * Barn opposite the grain warehouse at the farm.
– * NEW * Fruit trees installed, under certain circumstances it may happen that the trees fruit fruits. These can be harvested with a fruit box (Placeable variants of the trees are available)
– * NEW * old greenhouses removed and reworked installed. These run now over the GC Script. Available variants Salad, tomatoes, red paprika.
Goods can be sold at the farm shop, restaurant and at the vegetable stall at the filling station (type of sale is different)
– * NEW * new objects such as fruit crates, vegetable crates and salad seedlings
– * NEW * Rainwater tank added (findable under Placeable / Miscellaneous), fills in rain, water can be taken with tank trailer.
– * NEW * Bale Bearing added (these are now MP capable and based on the ObjectStorage script of GTX | Andy)
Attention! Some bale stacks are already placed and can not be sold, more ball bearings can be found in the shop.
– * NEW * Wollballen Lager Regal built in the sheepfold, serves to store between the handy wool bales. (based on the ObjectStorage script of GTX | Andy)
– * NEW * storage rack for cheese loaves installed in cheese dairy, the outsourcing takes place at the table right next to the shelves (based on the ObjectStorage script by GTX | Andy)


– exchanged all square gullies at the farm and pig breeding, against which with function (The lid must be opened, the gullies are used to dispose of all liquids that are on the map)
– Partially new shop pictures for isolated objects
– More floor angles installed
– Defined the two large meadows as fields, so now grass missions are possible. (Box 16 and box 17)
– Kuhstall upgraded by a few small details (working milking robot, fence at the slurry tank)
– Cow pasture B, process in the milk process changed. Now works by stationary milking parlor. If you like you can fill cans on the keg, these are available separately in the shop.
– Models of cows adapted to a realistic size (were far too large in contrast to the player)
– Stable gates provided with neat handles
– Milk churns, cheese loaves, wool bales and dead pigs with percentage readings
– Cheese factory and mill rebuilt to Global Company (the Global Company Mod is required)
– Number of possible heaps previously expanded 31 new 63
– sawmill: area for tree trunk sale marked by curbs
– Purchased transport pallet slightly enlarged should now fit better to the pallet forks.
– Price adjustment of the farmland from vegetable cultivation
– Compost Silo revised, now consists of 2 separate bunkers. (Tip heaps are wanted so that nothing bangs through the walls anymore)
– BGA area slightly redesigned.
– Vegetable cultivation, area slightly redesigned.
– Double FahrSilo at the yard overhauled. Left bunker still usable for silage production, right bunker now serves as storage for all debris.
– Horse stable upgraded a bit, over the workshop is now another bale
– Consumption for feed, straw and water in sheep and goats slightly lowered
– Farm shop expanded by 2 outdoor shelves, shelves appear 1 hour before shop opening hours and disappear one hour after closing time. (can be used for vegetable crates, meat should not be offered outside due to fly infestation)
– Households to deliver have got functioning gates, these are timed and open from 8am to 7pm

– Giants bug fixed, helper couldn’t spread compost (you have to put fertilizer on buy) (Thanks to Ifkonator)
– Straw yield reduced, was set too high
– Different names for weaving adapted.
– Milk cans Cow pastures fixed, should now Spawnen neatly
– Missing l10n translation added to some purchase silos
– Traffic spline fixed shortly before cattle trade

New features/changes:
– Map now uses its own XMLs for localization (simplifies translation) Languages already included: German, English, French and Polish
– Handling of potatoes and wood chip sacks slightly improved
– GUI text for Reset Vehicles modified. Alt: “The vehicle/device has been reset to the dealer! New: “The vehicle/device has been reset to the yard! (Thanks to Ifkonator)
– Greenhouses are now also accepting compost
– at the Raiffeisen and livestock dealer, purchase of feed and grain removed (this led to price chaos when selling)
– Selling price for Compost slightly increased

Sours: https://fs19.net/farming-simulator-2019-mods/maps/hof-bergmann-map-v-1-0/
Where To Start? - FS19 - Hof Bergmann( Ep.1 🐂
Hof Bergmann is recently available and the map, for FS 19, comes with a manual… in German. Of course there is the solution to copy and paste the paragraphs into Google Translate to get over it, but in the game, it will be much easier for you to go here with your smartphone to get help. Here is a translation by Vincent, alias Lactic, official translator of the map, of this famous manual.

General information

  • Your game must imperatively be in version 1.7.1. Here is the link to the patch for players with DVD editions: patch
  • A new save of your game is mandatory.
  • The officially supported languages ​​are German and English. French is a translation made by Lactic68.

Recommended mods

  • ObjectInfo (displays information about the pointed objects / vehicles) downloadable with the link: ObjektInfo
  • The Wopster Manure system (management of pipes and pumps) downloadable with the link: ManureSystemMod

Incompatible mods

  • The card is not compatible with all MAIZE PLUS Mods. It has its own integrated silage system.
  • The FillLevel Limiter mod conflicts with the mobile cow milking machine and should not be activated.
  • The full list of incompatible mods can be found here: https://www.lsfarming-mods.com/faq/#entry-11
    • MaizePlus
    • MaizePlus CCM
    • MaizePlus drilling extension
    • MoreBunkerSilo
    • TidyShopUsedEquipment
    • SeeBales
    • BulkBuy
    • FillLevelLimiter (since V
    • BeetHarvest addon (since V
    • Ball storage mods other than those integrated into the map
    • Compost production mods other than those integrated in the map
    • Rye flour production mods other than those integrated into the map
    • Honey production mods other than those integrated in the map
    • manualAttach (since V
    • MapObjectHider
    • FruitTrees
  • It is not necessary to have the GlobalCompany or other global company type factories.

Mods accompanying the map (to be put in the same mods folder as the map)

  • FS19_500_Favorit.zip (Fendt 500 with choice of colors)
  • FS19_canagroAugerConveyor926VT (Multifruit discharge screw)
  • FS19_flieglRearDeck.zip (For transporting objects on a 3-point platform)
  • FS19_grimmeSL8022_QuantumAutoload.zip (Conveyor with advanced functions)
  • FS19_johnDeereGatorPack.zip (JD's Gator with additional accessories)
  • FS19_lizardUniversalTrailer.zip (Flatbed trailer configurable in tank or flatbed)
  • FS19_lsfmFarmEquipmentPack.zip (small useful hand tools like wheelbarrows or push carts)
  • FS19_lsfmPortableToolbox.zip (portable toolbox for configuring and repairing vehicles)
  • FS19_lsfmUniversalTankPack.zip (The pack of universal tanks adapted for the Hof Bergmann map)

Installation instructions

You must first unzip the archive FS19_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_X.rar.

Once unzipped you will find two folders as well as the instruction PDF. The contents of the mods folder should be copied to your Farming Simulator mods folder (you can overwrite existing mods if needed). We also recommend that you work with several mods folders which each contain only the map as well as your favorite or recommended mods with the map. This way, with proper renaming before you start your game, you will only load the mods you need each time and avoid potential conflicts. There is a tutorial by Farmer Klein on this subject.
The extras folder is optional and contains the German translation of the Manure System mod as well as the XML files for the animals if you are using the Seasons mod. The female variant is already integrated into the map (thanks to Speedy01 for his work).

Biodiesel production

hof bergmann manual 012

Located just in front of the farm, across the road, in purchasable wasteland, fuel production takes place in the biodiesel plant which uses vegetable oil (produced at the oil mill) , animal fat or oil for frying. Animal fat is waste produced at butcher's, rendering and slaughterhouses.

These fats can be collected free of charge every 5 days in the IBC bins provided for this purpose. Used vegetable oil (frying) is also available every 5 days at the hostel. Oils and fats can be transported with the universal tank.

Once the raw material is obtained, it is discharged into the left tank of the biodiesel plant. Use the switch at the electrical box to start production. After some time, fuel is produced and it can be pumped using a tank trailer. Vehicles can also be refueled.

General informations : Free oils and fats are only available in small amounts and should offer some variety. No pipe system is required for the biodiesel system.

Main pigsty

The stable is curable, the manure will appear inside. Capacity is limited to 30 pigs. (see game tips and manure disposal).

hof bergmann manual 011

There is a type of pig called “Pig (Rose / Piglet)”, this indicates that the sow is full and soon ready for farrowing. To carry out the farrowing, there is a nursery just behind the pigsty. Unloading is done using a livestock trailer positioned on the unloading marker.

To give birth, the sow needs straw and feed. If the sow is in good condition, after a while you will see piglets appear. They have 3 growth stages and reach their highest price in the 3rd growth stage.

In certain circumstances, it may happen that a piglet does not develop any more or dies quickly, as in real breeding. You can then sell the piglet as is or bring its corpse to the renderer if it is dead.

Note: The other four types of pigs can breed normally in the stall (as in the base game) as usual. Make sure you don't go over the 30 pig limit though.

The pig industry

hof bergmann manual 009

Piglets can be sold from the cattle dealer, transporting them to the cattle dealer door. You can also take them to the butcher in Fuchshausen who will prepare suckling pig for you. All you need to do is place the piglets in the wooden crates against the back wall of the butcher's shop. Suckling pigs can be sold at a higher price in the farm / village shop or restaurant.

Due to technical constraints related to the game engine, further processing of suckling pigs into other products is currently not planned.

The stable of the farm

hof bergmann manual 008

Each box can hold 1 horse and you must use sawdust for their mulching. For food, you can give them oats or hay. To fill the feeder, you can either use hand tools such as the wheelbarrow provided in the stable or bring hay bales directly. Feeding can be done in the box or outside it for convenience.
Sawdust can be purchased directly in the store or can be collected from the joinery and then packaged in a bag by you using the appropriate equipment (purchased in the store).

The manure must be removed using the wheelbarrow and the shovel. You will also find a Bigbag holder allowing you to slide the wheelbarrow under the bigbag to fill it.

The stable of the farm

hof bergmann manual 007

The loading and unloading of the cows is carried out using a cattle trailer only (or by ordering from your laptop PC in the dining room of your house) or at the level of the external circulation of the building (at the level of the 'icon) or directly from the interior corridor. The barn is now curable and the manure will accumulate on the ground accessible via a service corridor. The capacity of the barn is limited to 30 animals. (This one using a small Navmesh, too many animals would crash the Giants engine)

A new type of cow has been added "Cow (black / white / calf)" this type of cow is used to give birth to more realistic calves than on the original version of the game. This type of cow cannot give birth only in a stable and should therefore not be used in pasture.

If you take proper care of these cows, eventually calves will appear in the barn. You will then have to guide them to the calf hutches (keeping them on a leash). Calves can be transported over longer distances using cattle trucks or the LSFM AnimalTrailer Mini trailer.

Note: The other types of cows are unchanged and therefore breed as usual, a mixed barn is quite possible. However, buying full cows saves you time for calves to appear.

Manual insemination of cows

hof bergmann manual 006

Cows can now be inseminated manually using bovine seeds and a veterinarian. This allows you to transform a classic cow into a full cow that can give birth. To inseminate a cow, do the following:

  • Go to the main barn on the farm and locate the blue restraint cage in front of it
  • Approach the cage until you have the option to open or close the retaining bars and operate the bars so that they are open
  • Approach a livestock trailer containing conventional (not full) cows on the other side of the cage until the option has arrived allowing you to drive one into the cage
  • Operate the retaining bars again so that they are in the closed position
  • Now carry the container of bovine seeds (capacity 5L) by hand and place it under the syringe holder attached to the blue grid
  • A veterinarian should appear to perform the insemination (operation which will consume about 1L)
  • After a certain time (almost 60min. In game time), the operation is finished and the cow will be marked with a red "X" signifying that it is full.

Bull semen can either be produced using a breeding bull (cf. bull management) that you take to the collection room, or be purchased in the shop under Objects / supplies for animals.

Calf management

When they are born, the calves can either be sold (taking them to the cattle dealer) or taken to the specially provided calf hutches in the main barn.

Caution : You should not separate calves from their parent until they have reached the 100% stage. It is strongly recommended not to force the movement of calves using the "super force" mod. An incomplete calf would result in certain death (destruction) during future growth.

hof bergmann manual 005

There are a total of 12 calf huts distributed as follows: 6 for "classic" calves (which will become cows) in the barn on the farm, 6 for young bulls in the nearby bull barn lower right of the map. (cf. management of bulls)

Each calf hutch requires 1000L of straw and 30L of milk to obtain the optimal well-being of the calf. For reasons of simplification, no manure or slurry is generated by the calf hutches.

hof bergmann manual 004

Calves need time to grow, this happens by a random algorithm, sometimes it can be fast or it can take longer. Each calf will have a sign in its hutch indicating its stage of growth and its needs.

Each hutch works synchronously with each other with regard to the growth time of the calves (technical limitation of the script). Obviously, at the end of their growth stage, calves can be moved from their hutches to a stable, a point of sale or a pasture using the cattle trucks available in the game.

Production of growth milk for calves

hof bergmann manual 003

The Mixer (milk taxi) is needed to produce growth milk for calves. To get a good mixture, fill it with a 50L bag of powdered milk (which you can buy at the store) and 200L of water. Once turned on, the milk taxi will take about 60 seconds to heat up and prepare the mixture.

You will then have to fill the buckets of the niches using the milk taxi.

hof bergmann manual 002The Milk Taxi is electric and requires you to recharge it using a wall outlet. Bring it closer to the socket and you will see the possibility of attaching it.

The management of filling and emptying is carried out using conventional triggers either at the front or at the rear of the tank.

Pastures for cows

Pasture A has been enlarged with a capacity of 30 cows. In all pastures, there is no longer the automatic appearance of milk cans on their platform because you will now have to use a mobile milking machine. This equipment can be purchased at the store in the Tools / Animals section.

hof bergmann manual 001

Notes on the mobile milking machine: It can be parked anywhere in a pasture with functionality similar to the stationary milking robot. It has a small storage tank of 10 liters which can then be transferred to tank trailers placed nearby by following the instructions that will appear in the help (F000 key, do not forget to open the hatches for tanks fitted with it, N key by default).

If you prefer to continue playing with the milk cans, you can fill them by placing them under the rear tap, they will fill up automatically. This equipment is fully compatible with the Manure System mod.

Bull management

Bulls are divided into two categories: young bulls and breeding bulls (brown / white). The young bulls are like in the old version, except that they are now a little smaller.

Young bulls: Young bulls can continue their growth in stables 1 and 3 located in the bull stalls space (bottom corner must of the map, they are used for meat production and multiply by themselves according to the classic system Game.

Breeding bulls: Breeding bulls can be raised in Stable 2 (without pasture) but they will not multiply on their own.

To obtain breeding bulls, you can buy them directly from the cattle dealer or use the 6 calf hutches available in stable N ° 2 to grow calves that you bring there. The principle is the same as for the 6 calf huts in the barn on the farm, you will need 2000L of straw and 60L of growth milk per pass.

Breeding bulls can be sold at the cattle dealer or used for semen extraction (called bovine semen) in the collection room.

Bull semen collection room

hof bergmann manual 017

The room accommodates 1 single breeding bull that you can bring from a cattle trailer in front of the main door of the building. It will take around 24 hours to produce 5L of bovine semen. At the end of its 24 hours, production stops and the bull appears next to the collection room in the lateral exterior shelter.

You will then need to move it to the stable so that it can regain strength again.

The bovine semen must be transferred manually from the 2 collection tanks to refrigerated containers of 5L that you can buy at the store in the section objects / supplies for animals.
Refrigerated containers are available in two versions: refillable and reusable or pre-filled but single use.

Important note regarding the collection room: the animation of the bull being now more realistic, we simply advise not to use this room for people who do not wish to attend the collection.

Methanizer management (BGA)

hof bergmann manual 016

The BGA now consists of 3 tanks whose digestate transfer valves can be operated via a control panel located in the small shelter just in front of the main tank. This allows you to drain the small intermediate tanks into the large main tank.

In addition to the digestate, you can also directly recover the biogas by using the gas tank of the Universal Tank pack and by bringing it in reverse in front of the gas outlet valve.

Biogas economic sector

hof bergmann manual 015

You have 3 economic outlets for the methanizer:

  • Direct sales on the city's natural gas network (by activating the yellow valve to choose either to store the gas or inject it into the network)
  • Take it via road tank to the Fuchshausen petrol station (at the back of the building), which will buy a large quantity from you
  • Send it to the gas merchant (in town) who will condition it in bottles (requested by families and usable for the grain dryer)

Battery operated equipment

The Milk Taxi and the mobile mixer are battery-operated production devices. To recharge them, all you have to do is bring them close to the wall chargers and connect them (using the attach command)

Location of wall chargers:

  • Stable (farm)
  • Workshop (farm)
  • Pigsty (farm)
  • Middle garage (near the bread baking garage)
  • Bull stall N ° 2

To use wall chargers, orient your equipment correctly so that the sockets are facing each other until you see a message asking you to hook up the charging station. (see illustration 1). Once the cable is connected, it is still necessary to start the charge manually by moving around a little in order to have the option of discharging to the battery (see illustration 2).

hof bergmann manual 014
hof bergmann manual 013

In the event of a problem displaying the unloading command, do not hesitate to move (the cable will lengthen automatically) and come back near the socket until the unloading command appears ("i" key by default). ).


Advice for cleaning out stalls: The LSFM Farm Equipment Pack wheelbarrow is recommended for cleaning farm stalls, the pack is included in the card.

Special vehicles included in the card:

  • Animal Trailer Mini
    • The trailer can now be reset
    • Stickers adapted to the new LSFM logo
    • New collisions integrated into the lower frame
    • Can now be used for transporting young bulls, breeding bulls, cows, horses, pigs, breeding pigs and sheep.
    • Modified tailgate mechanics
    • Improved description in the store, additional small symbols are now displayed in addition to the original animal symbols
  • Fliegl Animal Transporter
    • Descriptive texts for animals removed from the store
    • Improved description in the store, additional small symbols are now displayed in addition to the original animal symbols
  • Fliegl Rear platform
    • Additional configurations possible
    • The platform can now be configured in 2 variations, one for items and one for animals
    • Miscellaneous adjustments
  • Lizard Universal Tank Trailer
    • Filltypes have been replaced by categories, so the trailer can load all liquids

In video, a one-hour presentation tour

Sours: https://www.univers-simu.com/en/news/farming-simulator/le-manuel-de-hof-bergmann-pour-farming-simulator-19-traduit-14043/

Similar news:

Here you can download the Hof Bergmann Mod Mapfor Farming Simulator 19 (the download link is below.)

The FS19 version of Hof Bergmann is based on the Felsbrunn Map. The base map is still partly recognizable. But there are tons of changes.

Unpack First

The actualmod file is over 600 mb. And you have tounpack it. Then you copy the content from the unpacked folder into yourFS19 mods folder.

Contents of the Pack:

  • Hof Bergmann Map
  • Hof Bergmann Map - Bale Storage Addon (only works in SP)
  • Various starting vehicles (there are some great gems here, including the John Deere Gator pack.)

Impressive Ingenuity

If youwonder how good a Farming Simulator map can be, just look at the FS19 HofBergman. It demonstrates what Giants Engine is capable of in the hands ofextremely talented modders.

There’s somuch going on in this map. Like all the interactivity that has been built intothe different tools and buildings. On topof that, the map looks stunning. It’s one of the most beautiful FS mapsever!

We honestly can’t understand why Farmer Andyand Ifkonator haven’t been hired by Giants by now.

FS19 Hof Bergmann Map

Here are some vital facts about this tremendousFS19 mod:

  • Map Name: Hof Bergmann.
  • Modder: Farmer Andy(scripts by Ifkonator.)
  • Mapsize: Standard (2×2)
  • Numberoffields: 12.
  • Numberofbuyablefarmlands: 30.
  • Sellingpoints: 11.

Please consider this the first map release for FS19 from me. And anyone who followed me in previous FS Games knows that you can expect more things in the following updates.

Despite many hours of testing could still have some errors. Please understand, even the main game is not error free.

Additional Information:
- Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
- Larger updates of the map will take 1-2 months.

A very big thanks goes to Ifkonator who made the script technically possible for me.

Farmer Andy


(UpdateJune 2019) The HofBergmann map has received a massive update since its first release. Andyes, the changes require a new gamesave.Here are some of the highlights:

  • General price adjustments: Much could be bought cheaper and sold for more.
  • Thecapacity of cows at the cowshed is raised to 100 animals, while the cowcapacity in pasture B has been reduced to 300 moos.
  • Sheep:Wool pallets have been replaced by handy wool bales known from the FS17version of Hof Bergmann (500 liters per bale.)

There’snow possible to sell wood logs as well, and not only woodchips.

Download the Changelog (PDF)

There are so many changes and fixes going on that we can’t write about everything. That’s why we’ve made a PDF document with all of the changelog: Click here to download it.

How to Install

Downloadand unpack the file. All mods from the folder must be copied to your modsfolder. An empty mod folder is recommended to avoid conflicts with other mods.

Protip:Simply rename your current mods folderto ‘mods1’ and create a new folder (‘mods’) for your Hof Bergmann mods…


(UpdateJune 24, 2019) The1.0.0.3 version is here, and it’s patch 1.4 ready. Here are some of the fixes:

Your AIhelpers are now able to spread compost, the milk cans spawn neatly, themissing l10n translation has been added to some of the silos, and the trafficspline near the animal dealer is fixed.

But that’snot all. Here are some additions as well:

  • Themap now uses its own XMLs for localization, which simplifies translations. (German,English, French, and Polish languages are already installed.)
  • Handlingof potatoes and woodchip bags have been improved, while greenhouses now alsoaccept compost.

The John Deere Gator Pack andBaleStorageAddon

Both the Gatorand its trailer are extended with a side-wall grid attachment. For thetrailer, those extensions can be bought in the shop.

The BaleStorage Addon has also been updated to meet the requirements of the 1.4 patchfrom Giants.

Version - SeasonsReady (and Much More)

(Updated October 12, 2019) There's a colossal update of the Hof Bergmann map available for you. First of all, it's Seasons 19 ready. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So much has changed, so much new stuff has been added, I've made a separate page for it. If you want to dive deep into the latest version, just click here.

The Short Version

If youare happy with the short version, here it is:

  • GlobalCompanyis now integrated with the map. There are lot of objects for it in thePlaceable category.
  • Allgreenhouses have been rebuilt. All of them use the GlobalCompany script.
  • Thevehicles are included with the map file now (still needs unpacking, though.)And there are new vehicles too, like a MAN truck.

You need tohave GlobalCompany installed and activated in your mods folder. And even thoughthe changelog doesn't say so, I'm pretty sure you need a fresh gamesave for theupdated version of the map.

Version – So ManyChanges, Additions

(Updated January2, 2020) The newly updated version of the Hof Bergmann map includes tons offixes, changes, and additions. Let’s start with some of the most critical fixesfirst:

The mapworks in more languages now (EN, DE, FR, CZ, PL, and RU), animal informationworks with Seasons, and there’s a fix for a small error with the Ford Transit.

FertiMixerLQis repaired. Now, you must open the lid when you want to fill it or unload fromit. You can once again make silage bales from clover, while tomatoes andpeppers now turn green or brown depending on the water level.

The Changes

There’s aglobal map update for silage trailers, like the Claas Cargos from the ClaasDLC. They are now programmed to carry woodchips, compost, biomass, clover,manure, TMR, and pig food, while the Ford Transit also has room for additional products.

  • Wateron the farm is no longer free. There’s a significant reduction in the FertimixerLQmixing time (reduced to half.) And you can now make BigBags from barley, corn, andchicken food.
  • Farmer_Andyhas moved the AnimalTrigger at the livestock shop. Now, it’s located at thefront of the gate.

New Silage System

The SilageSystem is edited. You can now make grass silage or maize (corn) silage. Grasssilage is the standard, and maize silage is made from corn in prepared bunkersilos on the map. Cows eat both types, while sheep happily eat grass silage.

  • Youcan use the left bunker on the farm for maize silage production and the rightbunker for grass silage production.
  • Thereare new textures for straw, grass, chaff, hay, and silage covers, while thereare adjusted prices for horses.

Hose Connections

The updatedHof Bergmann map includes a lot of added connection points for hoses. They workby using the universal tanks pack that’s included with the map. It adds visiblehoses between the trailers and valves, for example, at the milk tank at thecheese dairy.

  • You’llfind a separate shop category for the placeable production mods inside thePlaceables section.
  • Goatsnow produce goat milk. You can turn this into goat cheese at the cheese dairy. Goatmilk and goat cheese make more money than regular milk and standard cheese.
  • Thereis a new storage building for various cereals and fruits, based on the DynamicStorage System from GlobalCompany. This warehouse replaces the farm silo.
  • Thefarm has a new bakery. It comes equipped with a dough kneading machine and anoven for baking bread. Both devices need to be activated manually.

These arejust a few of the many changes and additions. You’ll get the full picture byreading the Changelog that’s included with the mod files.

Version Requirements

To have the version work withouthiccups, you need to have the latest game patch from Giants Software installed.A new gamesave is required. And you’ll need to have the latest version of theGlobalCompany script installed (click here.)

TL;DR: It's one of the best FarmingSimulator maps ever, by the best map maker right now.

How to Download

Farmer Andy hosts this mod at Rapid Gator. Just click on the blue button under to get there.

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

(Via LSFarming-Mods)

Sours: https://www.yesmods.com/fs19-mods/maps/european-maps/fs19-hof-bergmann-map-fa/

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