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Mexico has a proud history of producing some the best rap music in the world, and these are the best Mexican rappers, ranked from best to worst by rap and hip-hop fans across the globe. Some of the best Mexican rappers are stand-out solo artists, while others are members of successful hip-hop groups. From rappers that deliver lyrics with stunning speed an precision to rappers that have more of a chill flow, the great Mexican rappers on this list are certainly at the top of their games.

Who are some of the artists that have to be included on a best Mexican rappers list? Kid Cudi, born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, is one of the most popular Mexican rappers to emerge in recent years. He is of mixed ethnicity with Mexican roots on his paternal side. Some of the members of Cypress Hill are also of Mexican heritage.

Los Angeles rapper 2Mex celebrates is roots as a member of The Visionaries and Of Mexican Descent. Some other musicians that appear on this top rappers from Mexico list include South Park Mexican, Chingo Bling, and Mr. Shadow.

Who is the best Mexican rapper? Give the best MCs a thumbs up and please add any great rappers from Mexico that you think are missing from this ranked list!



Top 25 Mexican Rappers (Best Mexican American Rappers)

The Top Latino & Mexican Rappers List

What may come to a surprise for many is that Latino rappers have been contributing to the rap game for the longest.  Primarily Mexican rappers, artists like Cypress Hill, Kid Frost, South Park Mexican, or even Baby Bash and Chingo Bling have not only become legends in hip hop, but also helped opened the doors for numerous Latino rappers through pioneering a genre of rap music and being the first of their kind.

Seeing rise in Mexican rappers is not anything new, but something that has been in the making since the 1990s.  With large Hispanic populations in California and Texas, these two places have been the leading rap scenes, but not the only place to produce Mexican and Latino rappers.

While the vast majority of Mexican rappers call southern California their home, places like northern California, Texas, Atlanta, Arizona, and even New York have produced some of the countries top Latino rappers.  With growth in hip hop, the country’s top Mexican rappers have been expanding their ground further into the American hip hop scene, and not just in California and Texas, which for years have been the stronghold for Mexican American hip hop artists.

While there are Youtube channels and outlets like Latin Beast TV and Neighborhood Music that have been providing numerous Latino rappers the opportunity display their talents and music through their platforms, the list below will further expand with a breakdown of the top Mexican rappers within the United States, and to be clear only the United States and not Mexico.

It should be easy to understand that the top Latino rappers have expanded well outside of a niche audience as many have become mainstream artists.  With the growing popularity of hip hop throughout the country and throughout world Mexican rappers are the leaders and at the forefront for hip hop in Latin America.

Top 25 Mexican Rappers

1. Snow Tha Product, follow on Instagram: @SnowThaProduct and subscribe on Youtube: SnowThaProduct

2. King Lil G, follow on Instagram: @King Lil G and subscribe on Youtube: King Lil G

3. OhGeesy, follow on Instagram: @OhGeesy and subscribe on Youtube: OhGeesy

4. Mr. Capone-E, follow on Instagram: @Mr Capone E and Subscribe on Youtube: MR Capone E

5. Peso Peso (Texas), follow on Instagram: @Peso Peso and subscribe on Youtube: Peso Peso

6. Bravo The Bagchaser, follow on Instagram: Bravo The Bagchaser and subscribe on Youtube: Bravo The Bagchaser

7. Young Drummer Boy, follow on Instagram: @Drummer Boy and subscribe on YouTube: Young Drummer Boy

8. DEVOUR, follow on Instagram: @Devour and subscribe on Youtube: DEVOUR

9. Kap G (Atlanta), follow on Instagram: @Kap G and subscribe on YouTube: KAP G

10. Mr. Criminal, follow on Instagram: @Mr Criminal and subscribe on YouTube: Mr Criminal

11. CNG, follow on Instagram: @CNG and subscribe on Youtube: CNG 

12. Kruk One, follow on Instagram: @Kruk One and subscribe on Youtube: Kruk One

13. Sad Boy Loko, follow on Instagram: @Sadboy Loko and subscribe on YouTube: Sadboy Loko

14. $uede follow on Instagram: @$uede and subscribe on Youtube: $uede

15. Cashout Ace, follow on Instagram: @Cashout Ace and subscribe on Youtube: Cashout Ace

16. BOE Sosa, follow on Instagram: @BOESosa and subscribe on Youtube: BOE Sosa

17. YBE, follow on Instagram: @YBE and subscribe on Youtube: YBE

18. YTM Lilvent, follow on Instagram: @YTM Lilvent and subscribe on Youtube: YTM Lilvent

19. Chito Rana$, follow on Instagram: @Chito Rana$ and subscribe on Youtube: Chito Rana$

20. Lil Weirdo, follow on Instagram: @Lil Weirdo and subscribe on Youtube: Lil Weirdo

21. Bella follow on Instagram: @Bella and subscribe on Youtube: Bella

22. Reverie, follow on Instagram: @ReverieLove and subscribe on YouTube: Reverie Love

23. Swifty Blue, follow on Instagram: @Swifty Blue and subscribe on Youtube: Swifty Blue

24. eLVy The God, follow on Instagram: @Elvy_TheGod and subscribe on YouTube: Elvy The God

25. Gavlyn, follow on Instagram: @Gavlynnn and subscribe on Youtube: Gavlyn

Honorable Mention Mexican Rappers:

Vel The Wonder follow on Instagram: @Vel The Wonder and Youtube: Vel The Wonder

TrenchMobb (Chicago) follow on Instagram: @TrenchMobb and YouTube: TrenchMobb

Blaatina (Atlanta) follow on Instagram: @Blaatina and Youtube: Blaatina

Jali$co follow on Instagram: @Jali$co and Youtube: Jali$co

Conejo  follow on Instagram: @Conejo and youtube: Conejo

SmokeyGM  follow on Instagram: @SmokeyGM and Youtube: SmokeyGM

Malow Mac  follow on Instagram: @Malow Mac and Youtube: Malow Mac

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*Unofficial Order. Artists with largest number of subscribers, followers, listeners, and most recent views near the top.

  1. Resin sea turtle
  2. Junkyard bakersfield ca
  3. Redlands ca umbrella street

9 Hip-Hop Artists From Mexico the World Needs to Know

The Guadaloops at Vive Latino, 2016 | © Rodrigo Díaz / Flickr

The Guadaloops at Vive Latino, 2016 | © Rodrigo Díaz / Flickr

While hip-hop, sometimes used as a synonym for rap music, may have developed out of inner-city New York in the 70s, the global prevalence of this musical style nowadays is undeniable. Combining elements of spoken word, rap and often samples from older tracks, hip-hop is no longer just music, but an entire subculture. Here are the Mexican hip-hop artists that you need to know about, ranging from well-known acts to those who are still flying under the radar.

As part of both the Mujeres Trabajando and Rimas Femininas collectives, Jezzy P is easily one of the most influential female rappers of the moment in Mexico, and her music should without a doubt be reaching a wider audience. Having got her start in Ecatepec way back in the 90s, her lyrics about gender discrimination and the dire rate of femicide in her hometown made her a revolutionary voice back then, and she continues to be one into the present day.

Some might know Control Machete for their catchy contribution to the Amores Perros soundtrack, whereas others will be more familiar with them as a result of the Levi Superbowl commercial in the US, on which their song featured. While they’ve since split, Control Machete had a good run of eight years and released some of Mexican hip-hop’s most iconic songs, such as ‘Sí Señor’ and ‘De Perros Amores’, as well as launching the career of former member Pato Machete.

We named Mare Advertencia Lírika as one of the female musicians to watch last year, and since then, she’s gone from strength to strength, taking strides in the hip-hop industry alongside other fearless feminist rappers striving for social justice, such as the Guatemalan Rebeca Lane. Her lyrics can broadly be described as political, covering social, gender and indigenous issues (she herself is Zapoteca, from Oaxaca), and this was only reaffirmed when one of her songs became the backing track to a video at a powerful femicide exhibition in Mexico City earlier this year.

Arguably the best-known name on this list, Cartel de Santa is not (as many people wrongly believe) one person, but rather the collective name for a group of artists and MCs from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, the area from which they take their name. Having formed in 1998, they’re one of Mexico’s longest-running and most influential groups and continue to release new music, headlining Pa’l Norte Festival in Monterrey just this year. Classic Cartel tracks include ‘Extasis’, ‘Todos mueren por mi’ and the vaguely ridiculous ‘Los mensajes de Whatsapp’.

Monterrey produces a wealth of hip-hop talent, and further evidence for this comes in the form of Mexico’s first openly gay rapper (of any gender), Niña Dioz. Even though she launched her first EP way back in 2007 and made her US debut at SXSW in 2009, sharing the stage with huge Mexican artists such as Julieta Venegas and Cartel de Santa since then, plus contributing to the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack, she deserves far more attention outside of her native sphere.

Luz Reality, who typically works in collaboration with Alix Toxik, was recently featured in a Guardian article about female rappers taking a stand against femicide. Considering she comes from the horrendously dangerous Mexican area of Ecatepec in the State of Mexico, it seems only right that so much of the rap music she’s spent 20 years working on should address such prevalent and heart-breaking issues. Even though she’s currently best known on the underground, local scene, her music is powerful and universal.

The Guadaloops offer a somewhat different sound to many of the other hip-hop artists featured on this list, sometimes juxtaposing their lyrics with soaring high notes, vaguely psychedelic, electro sounds or upbeat background music. It’s easy to see why their unique style of hip-hop fusion has captured the attention of many fans of the genre though; they wanted not just rappers and MCs, but true musicians (The Guadaloops use guitars, drums and even trumpets). They are easily the most innovative hip-hop act in Mexico right now.

Speaking of innovative hip-hop acts doing something more with the genre, there is the Guanajuato-born, US-based rapper Chhoti Maa and her feminist, immigrant, post-colonial lyrics, which are as captivating as they are impactful. Influenced by her grandmother, her raps stem out of poetry first and foremost, as well as the Mexican oral tradition, combining powerful spoken word. Her background in gospel and soul singing is more than evident on the occasion that she sings on her tracks too.

Akwid is a semi-portmanteau of the two rappers who make up the group, brothers AK and Wikid, who are both from Michoacán by birth but moved to the US as children. A bizarre but intriguing combination of hip-hop/rapped vocals over traditional Mexican brass sounds, it’s this mix of hip-hop and regional Mexican music that actually makes them worth listening to. It’s this sound that also won them two Billboard Awards and a Latin Grammy.

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Sad Boy \

11 Mexican Rappers to Look Out for in 2018

The Mexican hip-hop scene has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with a lively underground scene spurred on by the success of a few artists who have broken through to the mainstream. Outside of Mexico, Spanish language music is experiencing a real boom – so it may be just a matter of time before you’re rapping along in Spanish to one of these rising Mexican rap stars.

The Guadalajara-born rapper C-Kan has achieved massive success since 2012, when he launched his debut album Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos (I’m Coming for the Dream of Many). Since then, the rapper has notched up more than three million YouTube subscribers and collaborated with 50 Cent. C-Kan’s Round 1 to 4 series is a brilliant showcase of his lyrical talents.

Signed to Mastered Trax Latino, the same label that represents C-Kan, Don Aero has carved out a reputation as a skilled, thoughtful lyricist. Born in the northern state of Sonora, the 33-year-old rapper has two successful studio albums to his name. “Si Mañana No Despierto” (If I Don’t Wake Tomorrow) from his second album is a rhythmic reflection on his own mortality.

Maniako exploded onto the Mexican hip-hop scene this year with a series of furious, off-the-wall tracks that highlight his wit and natural flow. His single “La Buena Shit” debuted in August and is his best offering to date.

Born in the state of Baja California Sur, Erick Raúl Alemán Ramírez, who performs under the name Alemán, has been rapping since the age of 14. Now 27, he has released two albums and picked up millions of views on YouTube. His latest single “Tantas Veces” features Tijuana rapper Fntxy and Yung Sarria, from Cali, Colombia.

Hailing from the troubled northern city of Torreón, Mime871 caused a stir with his July release “Lo que vale” (What Really Matters). The song is a letter to the rapper’s daughter in which he reflects on the most important things in life: friendship, family and love. Expect to hear more from Mime871 in the coming year.

Undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most innovative hip-hop acts, the Guadaloops fuse excellent MC skills with conventional instruments like guitars, drums and trumpets. Their single “Nunca es tarde” (It’s Never Too Late) showcases the group’s unique psychedelic sound.

Female hip-hop pioneer Jezzy P emerged on the scene in the 1990s with lyrics that exposed the grave problem of femicide in her hometown of Ecatepec. Her latest freestyle “Superhéroes” is a biting commentary on Mexican social issues and the modern obsession with fame.

Born in Guanajuato, but now based in New York, Chhoti Maa is blessed with a powerful, soulful voice and a flair for poetic lyricism. Her latest single “Voy” addresses killings of journalists in Mexico, as well as the 2014 forced disappearance of 43 students from the southern state of Guererro.

Born in the northern state of Sonora and now living in the Mexican capital, Eptos Uno is one of the country’s most promising hip-hop talents. His 2015 hit “Rio de Sangre” (River of Blood) is still his most impressive offering to date.

The northern city of Monterrey has long been regarded as the cradle of Mexican hip-hop culture, having produced groups such as Cartel del Santa and artists such as Adan Zapata. Monterrey rapper Jozué recently teamed up with Kenghis from the nearby city of Torreón for “Lost Kids,” an atmospheric, head-nodding track that has made waves on the Mexican underground scene.

In recent years, Mare Advertencia Lírika has established herself as one of the most important female rappers in the country. An indigenous Zapotec from the southern state of Oaxaca, her socially-conscious lyrics cover gender, land rights and racism. “Bienvenidx,” her furious attack on the Mexican political class, was the standout track from her 2016 album SiempreViva.

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10 Mexican Underground Artists You Should Know, According to Festival Ceremonia Performer Kryone


Read more

Kryone has been killing it lately. The netlabel mastermind – who also happens to be one of Soulection‘s favorite Mexican producers  – is set to perform May 5th at Festival Ceremonia, along with Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Kali Uchis, Kaytranada, Raido, Fuete Billete, Trillones, and many others.

To get the festival vibes going, we reached out the prolific Morelia beatsmith to see what local music he’s been feeling lately. Check out the up and coming artists you need to know, and expect more on Kryone soon!


Hiram Martínez

In my opinion, Guadalajara native Hiram Martinez is one of Mexico’s most underrated producers. His style is very complex, but beautiful. Hiram loves to combine post-dubstep with techno, house, ambient and r&b in a very interesting way. He was part of RBMA’s 2013 selection in New York, and that definitely made a mark on his career. I’m very excited about the music he has coming up. Keep an eye on this guy.


Harry Caine

Directly from Morelia, Michoacan, Harry Caine is now considered one of the most important beatmakers in Mexico. Last year, he released three official albums as well as singles featuring rappers from the UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, and Venezuela. His unique formula involves a soulful style that balances samples with soft synths. Harry is one of my best friends and I know he doesn’t like the internet, but he’s always working on beats and I try to motivate him to release them. Stay tuned for more.



The perfect combo: Reno871 on the rhymes and Pakbel on the beat. These two artists are part of the Osuk Crew, one of the most important abstract hip-hop labels based in Torreón, México. Both the beat and the lyrics achieve the perfect balance between darkness and simplicity on this track. Pakbel is currently working on his second cassette release.



When we talk about Antigravity, we talk about quality. This Mexico City-based producer loves to combine downtempo, idm, techno, glitch and garage in his music. The sound is clear, deep, full of soundscapes and versatile – that’s why I love it. I think he’s one of the most important electronic producers in Mexico. Check it out.


Blok One

Since 2005, Michoacan producer Rainforest a.k.a Blok One has been making drum & bass and jungle cuts. I know that drum & bass has lost ground lately to genres like house, techno, “bass music” and other electronic styles in Mexico. But Blok One has been consistent, earning a rep in the international scene for his “atmospheric d&b.” He’s worked with more than 10 international drum & bass labels, but in Mexico he’s like a ghost. This producer deserves more attention in 2015.



Fonobisa is the experimental side project of Edgar Mota. With Fonobisa, Edgar has explored pop music, footwork, and techno. He recently kicked off the year releasing a bunch of noisy techno tracks on Soundcloud – a very creative and unique sound that is all about “sampling.” Don’t sleep on his work.



You may not know this, but CYBEREALITYライフ is one of the first and most representative “vaporwave” producers. He’s a true legend, and he’s Mexican. A few weeks ago he sent me an advance of his forthcoming synthwave EP and a couple of hip-hop instrumentals. He also sent me some Jersey Club-style demos a few months ago. It was all fuego. All I can say is that he’s a bomb, so, expect a lot to come from this gifted and enigmatic internet-based producer.


Mr. Vampire

Mr. Vampire is a Mexican producer and composer. He started playing in post-rock and noise projects, but has since gotten into the lo-fi beat scene. Last year, he went on tour to Europe, playing in Spain, France, and participating in many audiovisual shows in Mexico. The guy is one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen in my life. His music is completely analogue; pedals, guitar, drum machines, organic percussions, synths, etc… Not easy-listening, but beautiful. His forthcoming EP Move On will be released soon via PIRA.MD Records.



I love to find young and gifted artists like Spacetrilla. His sound is very influenced by the L.A. beat scene, and you’ll find r&b, soul, electronic, trap and “future beats” on his Soundcloud. I think he’s one of the most promising up-and-comers of the Mexican beat scene. Let’s support this kind of producer, guys.


Weed Konducta

Something is happening in the South of Mexico, especially in the footwork/juke and hip-hop scenes. Weed Konducta from Xalapa, Veracruz, is all up in that. In 2014, he released an EP with a very original style: trilled-out dirty south beats, with juke influences. I love his releases because everything is conceptual; the artwork, music, track titles, etc. He just announced his forthcoming EP via Ten Toes Turbo, so stay tuned.

Speak Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #062
  1. Control Machete

    Avatar for Control MacheteAvatar for Control Machete

    126,973 listeners

    Two hours south of the Texas border in Monterrey, Mexico comes Control Machete. Pato, Toy Kenobi, and Fermin IV Caballero were destined to…

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  3. Kinto Sol

    Avatar for Kinto SolAvatar for Kinto Sol

    18,246 listeners

    Billboard music award winners, "Kinto Sol" is made up of the Garcia Brothers, Manuel "Skribe", Javier "DJ Payback" and Eduardo "El Chivo". Their…

  4. Delinquent Habits

    Avatar for Delinquent HabitsAvatar for Delinquent Habits

    159,253 listeners

    Delinquent Habits (a.k.a. Los Delinquentes) is a Chicano hip-hop group. Formed in Los Angeles in 1991, they are known for their Latin-tinged rap,…

  5. Kid Frost

    Avatar for Kid FrostAvatar for Kid Frost

    69,936 listeners

    Kid Frost (b. May 31, 1964, as Arturo Molina Jr), now known as Frost. He is a popular and first widely recognized chicano (Mexican-American) rapper…

  6. Conejo

    Avatar for ConejoAvatar for Conejo

    19,912 listeners

    Conejo is a Chicano rapper, originally from Los Angeles, California. Recognized as one of the finest examples of Chicano rap, because of his…

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  8. Tha Mexakinz

    Avatar for Tha MexakinzAvatar for Tha Mexakinz

    10,688 listeners

    Tha Mexakinz comprised MCs Rudy "I-Man" Archuleta and Rodrigo "Sinful" Navarro and the newest addition to group Manuel"Cashmiro"Navarro They…

  9. The Psycho Realm

    Avatar for The Psycho RealmAvatar for The Psycho Realm

    87,421 listeners

    Jack and older brother Duke make up the chicano (Mexican-American) hip-hop group that has long reigned as the undisputed king of the Los…

  10. Bocafloja

    Avatar for BocaflojaAvatar for Bocafloja

    11,618 listeners

    Hailing from Mexico city, Bocafloja strives in search of alternative forms of classic hip hop structure in the form of MC. Bocafloja uses Hip Hop…

  11. Cartel De Santa

    Avatar for Cartel De SantaAvatar for Cartel De Santa

    82,655 listeners

    Cartel de Santa is a Mexican hip hop band from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico, since 1996.

    Cartel de Santa presents us with their first musical…

  12. Lil Rob

    Avatar for Lil RobAvatar for Lil Rob

    105,760 listeners

    Lil Rob (born Roberto Flores in September 1975) is a Chicano rapper from San Diego, California.

    Lil Rob debuted as an artist in 1992, prior to the…

  13. Akwid

    Avatar for AkwidAvatar for Akwid

    37,538 listeners

    Akwid is a Mexican-American Hip Hop group, combining hip hop-style vocals with regional Mexican music. An earlier incarnation of the group was known…

  14. B-Real

    Avatar for B-RealAvatar for B-Real

    81,610 listeners

    B-Real (born Louis Freese on June 2, 1970) is a Latin rapper of Cuban and Mexican heritage. He is best known for being the lead rapper in hip-hop…

  15. La Sinfonia

    Avatar for La SinfoniaAvatar for La Sinfonia

    2,227 listeners

    We don't have a wiki here yet...

  16. Street Platoon

    Avatar for Street PlatoonAvatar for Street Platoon

    6,413 listeners

    In 2001 the Sick Symphonies label released The Steel Storm the first album of a new group called Street Platoon. Jacken with the help of Street…

  17. Lighter Shade Of Brown

    Avatar for Lighter Shade Of BrownAvatar for Lighter Shade Of Brown

    29,123 listeners

    Lighter Shade Of Brown (L.S.O.B.) was formed in Riverside, California by ODM (One Dope Mexican, born Robert Gutierrez) and DTTX (Don't Try To…

  18. Sick Jacken

    Avatar for Sick JackenAvatar for Sick Jacken

    17,007 listeners

    Tragedy and Triumph…Two sides of the same ever-spinning coin that rules the game of life. No man can predict when or on which side the coin will…


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