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May 13Last day to register for Summer Sessions A & C without late registration feeMay 16Summer Sessions A & C classes beginMay 18Maymester last day to withdraw; no refund & no academic penaltyMay 20

Summer Sessions A & C drop/add ends; fee liability/tuition payment deadline

Last day to submit Summer residency reclassification applications

Summer Sessions A & C senior citizen audit application deadline

May 23

Summer Sessions A & C senior citizen audit registration

May 27

Maymester final grading open

May 30

Memorial Day holiday; no classes & USF offices closed

Midterm grading opens for Summer Session A

 June 3Maymester classes endJune 6

Non-Degree application deadline for Summer Session B

June 7

Midterm grading closes for Summer Session A

June 10

Maymester grades due

June 11

Summer Session A last day to withdraw; no refund & no academic penalty

June 13

Summer graduation application deadline

June 20

Juneteenth holiday (observed); No classes & USF offices closed

Midterm grading opens for Summer Session C

June 24

Summer Session A classes end

Summer Session B deadline to register without late registration fee

June 27Summer Session B classes startJune 28Midterm grading closes for Summer Session C  July 1Summer Session B end of drop/add & last day to drop without fee liabilityJuly 2Summer Session C last day to withdraw; no refund & no academic penaltyJuly 4Independence Day holiday; no classes & USF offices closedJuly 5

Senior citizen audit registration for Summer Session B

Final grading opens for Summer Sessions A & C

July 11

Midterm grading opens for Summer Session B

July 12College of Nursing alternative calendar courses last day to withdraw; no refundJuly 19Midterm grading closes for Summer Session BJuly 22

Summer Session C classes end

July 23

Summer Session B last day to withdraw; no refund & no academic penalty

July 25

Canvas opens for all remaining final Summer e-Grades submission

  August 1

Non-Degree application deadline for Fall (tentative)

August 5

Summer Session B classes end

College of Nursing alternative calendar classes end

Summer end of term

August 6 - 7

Summer Commencement (tentative)

August 8

Fall non-degree registration begins (tentative)

August 9

Final grading closes for Summer Sessions A, B, & C

August 12

Summer grades visible in OASIS


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What is an Emergency Medical Responder?​

An EMR is the new terminology for Medical First Responder (EMR). EMRs are specially trained persons who provide basic first aid life support, including airway, breathing, and circulation management techniques, in medical and traumatic emergencies. They serve as an entry-level position to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field, a step below an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). 

This is not an EMT course. UEMSA and USF do not offer an EMT course. EMR is not required before becoming an EMT. EMT is required to be a Florida firefighter.

This EMR course is not a USF for-credit course and does not count towards your GPA or any degree or elective requirements for any USF college or program.

The course&#;s workload greater than a 4-credit hour, level course. Outside practice of skills and assessments is required.

Course Description:

This course offers didactic and practical hands-on skills for patient assessment, basic and advanced airway management, first aid treatment of medical and traumatic emergencies, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).

Students gain first hand experience and learning through weekly practical lab time and a hour ambulance ride-along with local ambulance companies. Students will be expected to obtain patient vitals, medical history, complete assessments and assist with treatments.

Upon completion of this course and ride-along, students will be certified as an Emergency Medical Responder by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). CPR certification is &#;BLS for Healthcare Providers&#; through the American Heart Association. This is the preferred CPR certification for persons working in the healthcare field. Both certifications are valid for two years.

These certifications can be used to work and gain volunteer and patient care hours in many areas of the health care system, including Emergency Medical Services (EMS), working side-by-side EMTs and Paramedics responding to calls with a local ambulance company or right here on campus with UEMSA&#;s First Aid Booths and Medical Response Unit (MRU) responding to emergencies on campus! It is also possible to be a patient care technician in clinics and other similar healthcare environments- including the USF Student Health Services Clinic on the Tampa campus!


The course is 8 weeks in duration. Each week consists of two days of lecture and one day of a hands-on lab. The final week is dedicated to a written final exam and two practical finals that demonstrates the students ability to put their knowledge into action. Students will also complete an ambulance ride-along on their own time.

Course content (lecture material, skill sheets, quizzes, and ride-along documentation) is provided through USF&#;s Canvas program. For those potential students who do not have access to Canvas, the course material will be provided through another medium. The course textbook is optional; PowerPoints are provided through Canvas.

Attendance is mandatory to all class meetings. Excessive tardies or late arrivals due to other obligations or classes is prohibited.

Lecture and lab meetings provide additional information that is not covered in the PowerPoints or available on Canvas. Also, the certification requires a minimum number of classroom hours. As such, a student can only miss 4 hours of excused class instruction. Other university classes are not considered an excused absence.


17 years of age or older by the start of the course. (You must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer for the MRU).

Uniform items to be purchased by the student: Black pants or BDUs, all-black close-toed shoes or sneakers (boots preferred; no cloth or canvas), black belt, and a watch with “seconds” hand or display. Items will be discussed more on the first day and are due by the third week of class.

Physical: Students must have the ability to lift and carry up to 25 lbs. Students must be able to see, hear, talk, taste, smell, balance, sit, stand, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, walk, use hands, and reach with hands and arms.

Willingness to learn.

Tuition and Payment: 

$; includes the uniform polo shirt, stethoscope, CPR and EMR completion cards, and all PPE needed for lab class and ride-alongs

Payment plans: 2 payments of $ or 4 payments of $

Methods: Check, money order, or credit card (via PayPal with processing fee). (Note: cash is no longer accepted)

This course cannot be paid with financial aid or any similar program

Still have questions? Contact Us!

WYWW: Who Ya Wit Weekend \u0026 USF Summer 2018 Greek Yard Show... It was LIT!

Summer Registration Calendar

SessionSESSION DatesDays of Week# WeeksLAST DAY TO ADDLAST DAY TO DROP with % tuition refund (CENSUS)
Session I: 05/23/22 - 08/12/22 (M-F)      12 WeeksFriday, May 27Friday, June 3
Session II:05/23/22 - 07/01/22 (M-F)   6 WeeksTuesday, May 24Friday, May 27
Session III: 07/05/22 - 08/12/22 (T-F)   6 Weeks Thursday, June 30Monday, July 11
Session IV:05/23/22 - 06/10/22 (M-F)  3 Weeks Monday, May 23Wednesday, May 25
Session V:06/13/22 - 07/01/22 (M-F)  3 WeeksMonday, June 13Wednesday, June 15
Session VI:07/05/22 - 07/22/22 (T-F)   3 WeeksThursday, June 30Monday, July 11
Session VII: 07/25/22 - 08/12/22 (M-F)  3 WeeksThursday, June 30Wednesday, July 2

Holidays (No Classes):
Monday, July 4,  (Independence Day)

Important Dates for Summer  Sessions

Continuing Student Registration (for Sessions I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII)
Graduate Students: Monday, Nov 8, at a.m. (by registration access time)

Undergraduates: Monday, Nov 15, at a.m. (by registration access time)

Visiting Student Registration (for Sessions I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII)
Monday, Nov 15,

Tuition Payment Due Date (for Sessions I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII):

Sunday, May 1,

Late Student Registration:  Payment due upon registration.

Last Day to Drop with a % Refund: Please note that the Last Day to Drop with a % Refund may vary by course. Dates listed here are applicable only to courses in Sessions I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII. To find the Last Day to Drop with a % Refund for a specific course, please visit the Online Class Schedule.

Summer Theology and ICEL Program have different schedules. Please consult these program offices for more detailed information on their calendars.

Important Note:
Dates and other contents are subject to change.


C usf summer

Summer Classes – Make Your Summer Count

Florida Atlantic University is committed to helping students progress through their degree program and graduate on time. Whether you need to catch up, stay on track, get ahead or finish up—make your summer count. FAU’s summer schedule has a large selection of courses options to help you earn credits this summer. 

Enrolling in summer classes can decrease your time to graduation!

Financial Aid is available in summer to eligible students. The Pell Grant program and Bright Future Scholarships can be used to pay for summer credits!

Summer Courses – more options than ever before

  • IFP classes
  • Online and video lecture capture classes
  • Classes in Davie and Jupiter too!
  • Internships for credit

Housing – Housing for Summer Terms One, Two and Three contracts are available for returning and transfer student.

Summer Activities - many fun activities will be planned!


Summer Courses

Note: FAU is offering over courses this summer. The listing below highlights IFP, online, electives and partner campus courses. It is not a complete list of courses and is subject to change. Visit the FAU Course Schedule for the full listings of Summer courses.

Course IDCourse NameFull summerFirst halfSecond halfOnlinefilter 1filter 2
ANT Human VariationTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
ANT Human EvolutionTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
ANT Gender and CultureTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
AML American Lit. to Term 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
AML Florida Women WritersTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
AML American Lit 19th C. traditionsTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
CPO Comparative PoliticsTerm 2Term 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
CPO Latin American PoliticsTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
CPO Comparative Poltcs Middle EastTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
CRW Creative WritingTerm 1Term 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
ENC Professional WritingTerm 2Term 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
ENG Introduction to Literary StudiesTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
ENL Renaissance LiteratureTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
ENL ChaucerTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
EUH History of European IdeasTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
INR Intl Law of Armed ConflictTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LAH Modern Latin AmericaTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LIT Literary TheoryTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LIT Black LiteratureTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LIT Women and LiteratureTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LIT James BondTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
LIT LGBT LiteratureTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
MUH Rock & Roll in American SocietyTerm 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
MUH Jazz in American SocietyTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
MUL Hist. & Lit of Musical TheoryTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
MUM Introduction to Music BusinessTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PHI Moral ProblemsTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
POS Issues in Political EconomyTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SYD Gender and SocietyTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SYO Family and SocietyTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SYP Human Sexuality & Social ChangeTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
SYP Self & SocietyTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SYP Drugs & SocietyTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
SYP Social Control & DevianceTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
WST Intro to Women's StudiesTerm 3artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
WST Sex,myth,power & popular cultureTerm 2artsandletterselective,undergraduate,boca
ACG Hospitality Mktg/Revenue Mgmt.Term 1businesselective,undergraduate,boca
BUL Business Law 1Term 1Term 2Term 3businesselective,undergraduate,boca
BUL Intellectual Property LawTerm 1businesselective,undergraduate,boca
ECO Macroeconomic PrinciplesTerm 2Term 3businesselective,undergraduate,boca
ECO Microeconomic PrinciplesTerm 2Term 3businesselective,undergraduate,boca
ENT EntrepreneurshipTerm 1Term 2onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HFT Intro to Hospitality MgmtTerm 2Term 3onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HFT Meetings and Events Mgmt.Term 1businesselective,undergraduate,boca
HFT Excellence in Guest Svc. Mgmt.Term 2businesselective,undergraduate,boca
HFT Hotel and Resort Mgmt.Term 2businesselective,undergraduate
HFT Club ManagementTerm 3businesselective,undergraduate,boca
HFT Hospitality Mktg/Revenue Mgmt.Term 3businesselective,undergraduate,boca
HSAIntro to Health ProfessionsTerm 1businesselective,undergraduate,boca
HSAHealth Delivery SystemsTerm1Term 2onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HSAHealth Care Medical TerminologyTerm1businesselective,undergraduate,boca
ISM Information System FundamentalsTerm1Term 2onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
MAN Intro Mgmt Organization BehaviorTerm 1Term 2Term 3onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
RMI Risk Mgmt and InsuranceTerm 2businesselective,undergraduate,boca
SPB Intro to Sports AdministrationTerm 1Term 3onlinebusinessonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
ARC Culture/Arch: Master BuilderTerm 3cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Law,Crime & the Criminal Justice Sys.Term 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Ethics and the Justice SystemTerm 2Term 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Restorative Community JusticeTerm 2cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Gangs,Groups and JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Studying ViolenceTerm 3cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ White Collar CrimeTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Race,Ethn and Criminal JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Women and Criminal JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Human Trafficking: Global Justice IssuesTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Serial HomicideTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CCJ Crime and the MediaTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJC CorrectionsTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJE CCriminal Justice TechnologyTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJE Policing in AmericaTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJE Problem Solving in Crime SituationsTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJE Crime PreventionTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJE Fund. Of Criminal InvestigationTerm 2cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
CJE Computer CrimeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
CJJ Juvenile Justice Admin.Term 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
DSC TerrorismTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
IND Intro to Interior DesignTerm 2cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Info Technology in Public AdminTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Intro to Nonprofit SectorTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Managing Change in Nonprofit OrgsTerm 1cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Financial Mgmt of Nonprofit OrgsTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Prgrm Evaltn in Pblc MngmntTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Mng Excelnce Pub/Nonprf SectsTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Stand Your GroundTerm 3cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
PAD Pub Sctr Proj Mgmt TechniquesTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Evidence Basd Divers PracticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Social Work Aging Populationsearly summercdsielective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Child WelfareTerm 1Term 2onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Soc Wk Pract w/Vulnerable ChilTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Soc Work and Emergency ReliefTerm 3onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SOW Soc Wk w/Substance AbuseTerm 2cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
URP Sustainable CitiesTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
URP Housing Policy and PlanningTerm 1onlinecdsionline,elective,undergraduate,boca
URP GIS Applications in PlanningTerm 1cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
URP Planning Abroad + a week in ParisTerm 2cdsielective,undergraduate,boca
ARE Art: Elementary SchoolTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EDF Intro to Diversity for EductrsTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EDF Applied Learning TheoryTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EDF Ed Measurement & EvaluationTerm 1Term 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EDF Education in Multicultural SocietyTerm 3educationelective,undergraduate,boca
EDG Bldg Clsrm Mgmt and DisciplineTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EEX Disability and SocietyTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
EME Ed Tech for 21st Cen TeachingTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HSC Stress ManagementTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HSC Weight ManagementTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
HSC Substance AbuseTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
LDR Intro to LeadershipTerm 3educationelective,undergraduate,boca
LDR Contmp Issues in LeadershipTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
PET Nutrition in Health & ExerciseTerm 1Term 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SDS Career & Lifespan DevelopmentTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SDS Interpersonal Communication SkillsTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SPA Intro to Communication DisordersTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
SPA Speech/Hearing ScienceTerm 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
TSL Intro to Teaching English as 2nd lang.Term 1onlineeducationonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
COP Intro to ProgrammingTerm 1engineeringelective,undergraduate,boca
EGN Fundamentals of EngineeringTerm 1engineeringelective,undergraduate,boca
NUR Food,Nutrition and HealthTerm 1onlinenursingonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
NUR General PathophysiologyTerm 1onlinenursingonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
ESC Environment Issues Atmos/Earth Sci.Term 1onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
GEO Intro Physical GeographyTerm 1onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
GEO Urban GeographyTerm 1onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
GEO CMapping and Geographic Info. SystemsTerm 1onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
GIS CRemote Sensing of EnvironmentTerm 1onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
GLY Coastal and Marine ScienceTerm 2onlinescienceonline,elective,undergraduate,boca
MAS Introductory Number TheoryTerm 1scienceelective,undergraduate,boca
PCB Issues in Human EvolutionTerm 2scienceelective,undergraduate,boca
ZOO OrnithologyTerm 1scienceelective,undergraduate,boca
ENC College Writing 1Term 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
ENC College Writing 1Term 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
ARC Culture and ArchitectureTerm 3ifp,boca
ARH Art AppreciationTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
DAN Appreciation of DanceTerm 2ifp,boca
FIL Film AppreciationTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
MUL Hist & Appreciation of MusicTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
LIT Intro to World Literatureonlineonline,ifp,boca
LIT Interpretation of FictionTerm 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
LIT Interpretation of PoetryTerm 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
LIT Interpretation of DramaTerm 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
LIT Interp Creative Nonfictiononlineonline,ifp,boca
PHIIntroduction to PhilosophyTerm 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
THE Appreciation of TheatreTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
ANT Culture and SocietyTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
GEA World GeographyTerm 2onlineonline,ifp,boca
INR Introduction to World PoliticsTerm 3ifp,boca
LAS Intro Latin American StudiesTerm 2ifp,boca
LIN Global Perspectvs on LanguageTerm 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
SOW Global Pers of Social Servicesonlineonline,ifp,boca
SYP Global SocietyTerm 3ifp,boca
WHO History of Civilization 1Term 2Term 3ifp,boca
WHO History of Civilization 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
MAC College AlgebraTerm 1Term 2Term 3ifp,boca
MAC Trigonometryonlineonline,ifp,boca
MAC Precalculus Algebraonlineonline,ifp,boca
MAC Intro Calculus with ApplicatnsTerm 1ifp,boca
MAC Methods of CalculusTerm 1Term 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
MAC Calculus-Analytic Geometry 1Term 1onlineonline,ifp,boca
MAC Calculus-Analytic Geometry 2Term 1onlineonline,ifp,boca
MGF Math for Liberal Arts 1Term 1Term 2Term 3ifp,boca
MGF Math for Liberal Arts 2Term 2Term 3ifp,boca
PHI LogicTerm 3ifp,boca
STA Introductory StatisticsTerm 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
AST Introduction to Astronomyonlineonline,ifp,boca
BSC Life ScienceTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
BSC LLife Science LabTerm 2Term 3ifp
BSC Biological PrinciplesTerm 3ifp,boca
BSC LBiological Principles LabTerm 3ifp,boca
BSC BiodiversityTerm 2ifp,boca
BSCLBiodiversity LabTerm 2ifp,boca
BSC Anatomy and Physiology 1Term 2ifp,boca
BSC LAnatomy & Physiology 1 LabTerm 2ifp,boca
CHM Gen Chem for Health Sciencesonlineonline,ifp,boca
CHM LGen Chem for Hlth Sciences Labonlineonline,ifp,boca
CHM General Chemistry 1Term 2ifp,boca
CHM LGeneral Chemistry 1 LabTerm 2ifp,boca
CHM CContemporary Chemical IssuesTerm 3ifp,boca
ESC The Blue Planetonlineonline,ifp,boca
GLY CPhy Geol/Evolution of EarthTerm 3ifp,boca
MET Weather and ClimateTerm 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
PHY General Physics 1Term 2ifp,boca
PHY LGeneral Physics Lab 1Term 2ifp,boca
PHY General Physics for EG 1Term 1ifp,boca
PHY College Physics 1Term 2ifp,boca
PSC Physical ScienceTerm 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
AMH US History to Term 2ifp,boca
AMH US History Since Term 2Term 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
ANT Intro to AnthropologyTerm 3ifp,boca
ECO Macroeconomic PrinciplesTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
ECO Microeconomic PrinciplesTerm 2Term 3ifp,boca
EEX Disability and SocietyTerm 1  online online,ifp,boca
EVR Environment and Society  Term 3  ifp,boca
LIN Introduction to Language Term 2 online online,ifp,boca
PAD Changing Envr Soc,Bus GovtTerm 1  online online,ifp,boca
POS Govt of the United StatesTerm 3ifp,boca
PSY General PsychologyTerm 3onlineonline,ifp,boca
SYG Sociological PerspectivesTerm 3ifp,boca
AMH History of FloridaTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
AML American Literature to Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
AML Florida Women WritersTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ANT Human VariationTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ANT Human EvolutionTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ANT Gender and CultureTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ARH History of Graphic DesignTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
COM Intro to Comm and Civic LifeTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
COM Communication,Gender,LanguagTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
COM Human Communication TheoryTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
COM New Media and Civic DiscourseTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
CPO Comparative PoliticsTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
CRW Creative WritingTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ENC College Writing 1Term 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ENC College Writing 2Term 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FIL Script WritingTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FRE Beg French Lang & Culture 1Term 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FRE Beg French Lang and Culture 2Term 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FRE Interm French Lang & Cult 1Term 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FRE Inter French Lang & Culture 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
FRW Special Topics-Fr LiteratureTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ISM Information Systm FundamentalsTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ITA Beg Italian Lang & Culture 1Term 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
ITA Beg Italian Lang & Culture 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIN Introduction to LanguageTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIN Global Perspectvs on LanguageTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIT Interpretation of FictionTerm 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIT Interpretation of PoetryTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIT Interp Creative NonfictionTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
LIT Intro to World LiteratureTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
MUH Rock & Roll in Americn SocietyTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
MUL Hist & Lit of Musical TheatreTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
MUM Introduction to Music BusinessTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
PHI Introduction to PhilosophyTerm 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
PHI Moral ProblemsTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
POS Govt of the United StatesTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
POS Issues in Political EconomyTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SPN Beg Spanish Lang & Culture 1Term 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SPN Beg Spanish Lang & Culture 2Term 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SPN Interm Spanish Lang/Culture 1Term 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SPN Interm Spanish Lang/Cult 2Term 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SPW Special TopicsTerm 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SYD Gender and SocietyTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SYO Family and SocietyTerm 1onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SYP Self and SocietyTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
SYP Social Constrctn of SexualityTerm 3onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
WOH History of Civilization 2Term 2onlineartsandlettersonline,undergraduate
MAR Marketing ManagementTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAR Retail ManagementTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAR Digital MarketingTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAR Marketing StrategyTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Intermediate Theory 1Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Intermediate Theory 2Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Cost AccountingTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Accounting Info Systems 1Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Government,Not-for-Profit AccTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ACG Auditing & Assurance Svcs 1Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
BUL Business Law 1Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
BUL Business Law 2Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ECO Money and BankingTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ENT EntrepreneurshipTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
FIN Principles of Financial MgmtTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
GEB Intro Business CommunicationTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HFT Intro to Hospitality MgmtTerm 2Term 3onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HFT Meetings and Events MgmtTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HFT Internship in Hospitality MgmtTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HSA Health Delivery SystemsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HSA Internatnl Healthcare SystemsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HSA Health Care Financial ManagmntTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
HSA Health Research MethodsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ISM Information Systm FundamentalsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ISM Management Information SystemsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Intro Mgmt Organizatnl BehavrTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Operations ManagementTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN International BusinessTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Cross-Cultural Hum Rel & NegtnTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Lead,Sprv Skills,Team DevelTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Human Resource MgmtTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Operations Management ApplctnsTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
MAN Global Strategy and PolicyTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
QMB Quantitative Methods in AdminTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
SPB Intro to Sports AdminTerm 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
TAX Federal Taxation 1Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
TAX Federal Taxation 2Term 1onlinebusinessonline,undergraduate
ARE Art: Elementary SchoolTerm 2onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EDF Intro to Diversity for EductrsTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EDF Applied Learning TheoryTerm 2onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EDF Ed Measurement & EvaluationTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EDG Bldg Clsrm Mgmt and DisciplineTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EEX Disability and SocietyTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EEX Special Education TechnologyTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EME Intro to Technlgy for EductrsTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
EME Ed Tech for 21st Cen TeachingTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
HSC Perspectives in HealthTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
HSC Stress ManagementTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
HSC Weight ManagementTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
HSC Substance AbuseTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
HSC Health PromotionTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
LDR Contmp Issues in LeadershipTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
LDR Theories of LeadershipTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
PET Nutrition in Health & ExerciseTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
PET Obesity: Bio,Psyc,Cult factrTerm 2onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
PET Mgmt Prncpls Ex Sci/Hlth PrinTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
RED Content Read:Middle & Sec. SchTerm 2Term 3onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
SDS Career & Lifespan DevelopmentTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
SDS Univ Stud Ment/Peer CoachTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
SDS Interpersonal Comm SkillsTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
SPA Intro to Comm DisordersTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
SPA Speech/Hearing ScienceTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
TSL Introduction to TESOLTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
TSL ESOL Strategies-Content Area TTerm 1onlineeducationonline,undergraduate
COP Foundations of Computer SciTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
COP Data Struct/Algorithm AnalysisTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
COP Intro to Internet ComputingTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
COP Python ProgrammingTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
COP Computer Operating SystemsTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
COT Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsTerm 1onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
TTE Trnsp Oprtn/Logistics MgmtTerm 2onlineengineeringonline,undergraduate
AMH Honors U.S. History Since Term 2onlinehonorsonline,undergraduate
ARH Honors Art AppreciationTerm 2onlinehonorsonline,undergraduate
ASN Honors Intro to Asian StudyTerm 1onlinehonorsonline,undergraduate
NUR Health Assess in Nursing SitsTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR LHlth Assess Nursing Sits LabTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Fndns of Caring in Nursing SitTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR PharmacotherapeuticsTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Creating Healing EnvirosTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Food,Nutrition and HealthTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR General PathophysiologyTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Nursing ResearchTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Population Health: Nur SituatsTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Prof Dev Nurs1: Ethical LegalTerm 2onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR LNursing Practice ImmersionTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Prof Dev Nurs 2: Dsgn Carg EnvTerm 3onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Prof Dev Nurs 3: Ldr/CrdTerm 2onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR Prof Dev Nur 4:Mber Carng ProfTerm 3onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
NUR RI: Schlrshp Ev-Bsd Nursg PracTerm 1onlinenursingonline,undergraduate
AST Introduction to AstronomyTerm 3onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
CBH Comparative Animal BehaviorTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
CHM Gen Chem for Health SciencesTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
CHM LGen Chem for Hlth Sciences LabTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
CLP Abnormal PsychologyTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
ESC The Blue PlanetTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
ESC Enviro Issues Atmos/Earth SciTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GEA World GeographyTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GEO CIntro Physical GeographyTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GEO Urban GeographyTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GEO Hyperspectral Remote SensingTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GIS CIntro to Mapping and GISTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GIS CRemote Sensing of EnvironmentTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GIS CDigital Image AnalysisTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GIS CPrin Geographic Infor SystemsTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
GLY Coastal and Marine ScienceTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
IDS Health Sci 2: Evaluating EvidTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
IDS Health Sci 3: CapstoneTerm 3onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
IDS Science InternshipTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MAC TrigonometryTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MAC Precalculus AlgebraTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MAC Methods of CalculusTerm 2Term 3onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MAC Calculus-Analytic Geometry 1Term 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MAC Calculus-Analytic Geometry 2Term 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
MET Weather and ClimateTerm 2onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
PSC Physical ScienceTerm 3onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
PSY Exp Design & Stat InferenceTerm 1onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
STA Introductory StatisticsTerm 2Term 3onlinescienceonline,undergraduate
ARC Designing Safer Commun w/CPTEDTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Law,Crime & The Crim Just SysTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ CriminologyTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Ethics and the Justice SystemTerm 2Term 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Gangs,Groups and JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ White Collar CrimeTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Race,Ethn and Crimnal JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Women and Criminal JusticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Hum Trafficking: Glbl Just IssTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Methods of ResearchTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Serial HomicideTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CCJ Crime and the MediaTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJC CorrectionsTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJE CCriminal Justice TechnologyTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJE Policing in AmericaTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJE Problem Solving in Crime SitTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJE Crime PreventionTerm 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJE Computer CrimeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
CJJ Juvenile Justice AdminTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
DSC TerrorismTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Changing Envr Soc,Bus GovtTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Pub Management & AdminTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Organiztl Behav & Admin CommTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Info Tech in Public AdminTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Intro to Public Safety AdminTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Intro to the Nonprofit SectorTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Finc Mgmt of Nonprofit OrgsTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Prgrm Evaltn in Pblc MngmntTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Mng Excelnce Pub/Nonprf SectsTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Disaster and Emergency MgmtTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Admin Process & EthicsTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Res Methds For Pub MgmtTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Pub Sctr Proj Mgmt TechniquesTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
PAD Div/Soc Vulblty Pblic Sfty AdmTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Global Pers of Social ServicesTerm 1Term 2Term 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Human Behav/Social Environ 1Term 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Human Behav/Social Environ 2Term 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Research Methods-Social WorkTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Evidence Basd Divers PracticeTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Child WelfareTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Soc Wk Pract w/Vulnerable ChilTerm 1Term 3onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Soc Work and Emergency Reliefonlinecdsionline,undergraduate
SOW Human TraffickingTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
URP Sustainable CitiesTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
URP Housing Policy and PlanningTerm 1onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
URP Planning AbroadTerm 2onlinecdsionline,undergraduate
AML Amer Litth Cent TraditionsTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
DIG Fundamentals of MultimediaTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
DIG His/Theory Comp Arts/AnimatnTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
DIG CFund of 3D Computer AnimationTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
ENL Greek & Roman ClassicsTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
ENL Renaissance LiteratureTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
GRA Visual Design Lab 2Term 1artsandlettersdavie
GRA Graphic Design Special TopicsTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
LAH Modern Latin American HistoryTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
LIT Literary TheoryTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
LIT Black LiteraturesTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
LIT Women and LiteratureTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
RTV Video ProductionTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
SYA Contemporary Social TheoryTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
SYA Sociology in FilmTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
SYG Sociology of Foodartsandlettersdavie
SYO Poverty and SocietyTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
SYP Hum Sexuality and Soc ChangeTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
SYP Social Control and DevianceTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
SYP Sociology of Popular CultureTerm 2artsandlettersdavie
VIC Multimedia PracticumTerm 3artsandlettersdavie
ACG Intermediate Theory 1Term 1businessdavie
ACG Intermediate Theory 2Term 1businessdavie
ACG Accounting Info Systems 1Term 1businessdavie
ACG Government,Not-for-Profit AccTerm 1businessdavie
BUL Business Law 1Term 1businessdavie
ECO Money and BankingTerm 2businessdavie
ECOIntl Monetary EconomicsTerm 3businessdavie
FIN Principles of Financial MgmtTerm 3businessdavie
FIN Cases in Financial ManagementTerm 3businessdavie
FIN Advanced Managerial FinanceTerm 2businessdavie
FIN International FinanceTerm 2businessdavie
GEB Intro Business CommunicationTerm 1businessdavie
HAS Health Delivery Systemsbusinessdavie
HAS Health Care Orgnztn/AdminstrtnTerm 3businessdavie
ISM Management Information SystemsTerm 2businessdavie
MAN Intro Mgmt Organizatnl BehavrTerm 3businessdavie
MAN Operations ManagementTerm 2businessdavie
MAN International BusinessTerm 2businessdavie
MAN Lead,Sprv Skills,Team DevelTerm 3businessdavie
MAN Human Resource MgmtTerm 2businessdavie
MAN Global Strategy and PolicyTerm 2Term 3businessdavie
MAR Marketing ManagementTerm 2businessdavie
QMB Quantitative Methods in AdminTerm 1Term 3businessdavie
EDF Applied Learning TheoryTerm 2educationdavie
EDF Ed Measurement & EvaluationTerm 3educationdavie
EEX Pos Beh Supp Inclsv Erly ChdhdTerm 1educationdavie
EEX Lang Devel Interven Yg ChldrnTerm 1educationdavie
EEX Behavior Change StrategiesTerm 1educationdavie
LAELng Arts & Lit:Birth-Grade 8Term 2educationdavie
MAE Math Content: K-6 TeachersTerm 3educationdavie
MAE Prin and Meth: K9 School MathTerm 3educationdavie
RED Reading Dev. 1:Birth-Grade 3Term 2educationdavie
RED Reading Develop 2: Grades Term 3educationdavie
SCE Science Content: K-6 TeachersTerm 3educationdavie
SCE Prin & Mthd:K-9 School ScienceTerm 2educationdavie
SSE K-9 Social StudiesTerm 2educationdavie
SSE Soc Stds Cont for K-6 TeachersTerm 3educationdavie
EDA Managing School OperationsTerm 2educationdavie
EDA Practical School LawTerm 3educationdavie
EDA Comm Sch Prtnrshps DversityTerm 3educationdavie
EDS Instr Ldshp 1: Ldr Con Sch ImpTerm 2educationdavie
EDS Instrc Ldrshp 2: Role of LdrTerm 3educationdavie
STA Educational StatisticsTerm 1educationdavie
NUR Health Assess in Nursing SitsTerm 1nursingdavie
NUR LHlth Assess Nursing Sits LabTerm 1nursingdavie
PSB Biological Bases of BehaviorTerm 1nursingdavie
NGR Care Child: Nurs Sits Adv PracTerm 1nursingdavie
NGR Women's Health: Nur Sit Adv PrTerm 1nursingdavie
DEP Psych of Human DevelopmentTerm 2sciencedavie
EXP CognitionTerm 3sciencedavie
EXP Human PerceptionTerm 1sciencedavie
MCB General MicrobiologyTerm 2sciencedavie
MCB LGeneral Microbiology LabTerm 2sciencedavie
OCB Marine EcologyTerm 2sciencedavie
PCB Cell BiologyTerm 1sciencedavie
PCB GeneticsTerm 1sciencedavie
PCB Comparative Animal PhysiologyTerm 2sciencedavie
PCB LCompr Animal Physiology LabTerm 2sciencedavie
PSY Research Methods in PsychologyTerm 1sciencedavie
PSY Exp Design & Stat InferenceTerm 1sciencedavie
SOP Social PsychologyTerm 3sciencedavie
SOP Psychology of WomenTerm 3sciencedavie
STA LIntermediate Statistics LabTerm 3sciencedavie
ZOO OrnithologyTerm 1sciencedavie
ZOO LOrnithology LabTerm 3sciencedavie
ZOO Vert Struc Devel and EvolutionTerm 1sciencedavie
ZOO LVert Structure and Develop LabTerm 3sciencedavie
BSC Adv Cardiovascular PhysiologyTerm 2sciencedavie
CCJ Restorative Community JusticeTerm 2cdsidavie
CCJ Studying ViolenceTerm 3cdsidavie
SOW Profession of Social WorkTerm 3cdsidavie
SOW SW Prac with IndividualsTerm 2cdsidavie
SOW Social Work Practice 2Term 3cdsidavie
SOW Field Education in Social WorkTerm 1cdsidavie
SOW Soc Wk w/Substance AbuseTerm 2cdsidavie
AMH Honors U.S. History Since Term 2 onlinehonorsjupiter
ARH Honors Art AppreciationTerm 2 onlinehonorsjupiter
ASN Honors Intro to Asian StudyTerm 1 onlinehonorsjupiter
BSC Honors Ecosystems of FloridaTerm 2honorsjupiter
CHM Honors Organic Chemistry 1Term 2honorsjupiter
CHM LHonors Organic Chemistry 1 LabTerm 2honorsjupiter
CHM Honors Organic Chemistry 2Term 3honorsjupiter
CHM LHonors Organic Chemistry 2 LabTerm 3honorsjupiter
IDS Honors Imagining AfricaTerm 2honorsjupiter
PHI Introduction to LogicTerm 2honorsjupiter
PHI Honors Introduction to LogicTerm 2honorsjupiter
STA Honors Introductory StatisticsTerm 2honorsjupiter
SPN Beg. Spanish Language & Culture 2Term 2artsandlettersjupiter
ARE Art: Elementary SchoolTerm 2educationjupiter
EEX Behavior Change StrategiesTerm 1educationjupiter
LAE Lng Arts & Lit:Birth-Grade 8Term 3educationjupiter
MAE Math Content: K-6 TeachersTerm 3educationjupiter
MAE Prin and Meth: K9 School MathTerm 2educationjupiter
RED Reading Dev. 1:Birth-Grade 3Term 3educationjupiter
RED Reading Develop 2: Grades Term 3educationjupiter
SCE Science Content: K-6 TeachersTerm 3educationjupiter
SCE Prin & Mthd:K-9 School ScienceTerm 3educationjupiter
SSE K-9 Social StudiesTerm 2educationjupiter
SSE Soc Stds Cont for K-6 TeachersTerm 2educationjupiter
EDA Managing School OperationsTerm 2educationjupiter
EDA Practical School LawTerm 3educationjupiter
EDS Instr Ldshp 1: Ldr Con Sch ImpTerm 2educationjupiter
EDS Instrc Ldrshp 2: Role of LdrTerm 3educationjupiter
MAE Math: Elementary/Middle SchoolTerm 2educationjupiter
RED Pict Bks for Content LearningTerm 3educationjupiter
SDS Gdnc & Cnslng OG Gftd StdTerm 2educationjupiter
STA Educational StatisticsTerm 1educationjupiter
BCH BiochemistryTerm 2sciencejupiter
EXP Psychology of MotivationTerm 2sciencejupiter
PPE Personality TheoriesTerm 3sciencejupiter
SOP Psychology of WomenTerm 2sciencejupiter
SOW Field Education in Social WorkTerm 1cdsijupiter
SOW SW Prac with IndividualsTerm 2cdsijupiter


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University of South Florida
Summer Tech Camps


Publish Date: 10/26/

These Terms & Conditions are intended to keep Students safe and make Advising Sessions positive and productive. By purchasing a College Prep: Advising Session you agree that you and your student will abide and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

I. Code of Conduct

I agree that I have read through, understand, and agree that I and my student will be held to the Code of Conduct set forth below. I also agree that I have reviewed the Code of Conduct with my student(s). I understand that I and my student must act in a way that is in keeping with the Code of Conduct and that my student’s Advising Session can be canceled if either of our actions or attitudes seem to be harmful to the atmosphere, or staff, in the opinion of iD Tech staff. I and my student understand that iD Tech reserves the right to cancel my student’s Advising Session without any prior warning for violating any of the terms of the Code of Conduct. Refunds will not be given if a session is canceled for failure of the student or the parent to abide by the code of conduct. I also acknowledge that upon staff observation of my student during the Advising Session, they may determine that the program is not a suitable and/or productive environment for my student. In this case, iD Tech may cancel the session and no refund will be issued. iD Tech strives to maintain excellent relationships with students. However, in some rare cases, iD Tech Advising Sessions may not be a compatible environment for every student.

Students and Parents/Guardians May NEVER:

  1. engage in or threaten violence;
  2. bully, intimidate, or harass others;
  3. use this service, or materials provided as part of this service for illegal or immoral activity;
  4. use inappropriate language;

Now discussing:

Dates and Deadlines

FAFSA Priority DeadlineJuly 15Bookstore Charge PeriodJuly 26 &#; Aug. 23Admissions Priority Application DeadlineAug. 440+ Hours Priority RegistrationApril 520+ Hours Priority RegistrationApril 1210+ Hours Priority RegistrationApril 191+ Hours Priority RegistrationMay 30+ Hours Priority RegistrationJune 7General registrationJune 8Last admit dateAug. 11Classes beginAug. 16Add/drop periodAug. Drop onlyAug. 18Last date for a refundAug. 20Labor DaySept. 6Faculty Professional Development (No Classes)Oct. 5Veterans DayNov. 11Thanksgiving BreakNov. Holiday BreakDec. 16, &#; Jan. 2, Last day to withdraw with a “W”Oct. 26Classes EndDec. 5GraduationDec. 10Grades due by 12 p.m.Dec. 13

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