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Best At-Home Dance Equipment for Teen Dancers

The ability to practice dance at home can make a huge difference in a dancer’s abilities. Here are some great at-home dance equipment ideas that would be a wonderful gift for a kid or teen dancer.

Best Dance Barre for teen dancers

If ballet is your dancer’s focus, a ballet barre that she can use at home will help her improve her skills and flexibility. There are quite a few barres you can purchase fairly inexpensively (and fold up and put out of the way!) 

This folding barre has a top made of real wood. It has wheels for easy transport and can be folded flat. The top of the bar is 37” off the ground and unfortunately it can’t change height. If you have a daughter taller than 5’8” this barre may not be the best choice, but if you are primarily looking for something easy to move and that folds away this product is well reviewed. 

Another barre option that IS adjustable (and comes in tons of colors!) is this 4ft/5ft Freestanding Adjustable Barre.  This barre can be easily assembled and disassembled (using only hand tightening, no tools!) and comes with a carry bag. It has two barres and the bottom one can be moved up or down in height. This barre is strong, steady and a great option as a gift for your ballet dancer!

If your dancer has a room dedicated for dance (or space in her bedroom) a mounted ballet barre could be a wonderful gift! This barre is 4 feet long and the brackets for mounting to your wall are included. It also comes with a bonus turnboard! 

Best Dance Floors for Dancers

Typical flooring in a house just doesn’t cut it for dancers. Either they are damaging the flooring (with taps), dodging furniture or just unable to complete complicated turns or combinations because the floor isn’t smooth enough. 

If there is a space in your dancer’s home that can be dedicated to dance (think basement or garage even!) here are three of the best dance floors you can purchase as a gift for dancers. 

This is a portable competition floor that will let your dancer practice turns on any surface.  It comes in three different sizes (16”, 24” or 32”)and works well for ballet, tap or turns. 

Another well reviewed dance floor is the Marley floor. It comes in a 10 foot roll that you can secure to the floor with dance floor tape, providing a smooth and excellent spot for your dancer to practice. 

The fanciest of the three dance floors, these interlocking IncStores 12” x 12” Practice Dance Tiles come in six different wood colors. They are a best seller on Amazon and reviewers say they are very easy to assemble. 


Spirit Bag Ideas

School spirit bags are little gifts bags given to sports teams to give them a boost or pep before a big game or competition. Most often used for cheerleaders, they can also be given to football, basketball or other athletes. They are typically filled with small toys, cards, candy or other fun items.

1Candy and Food

Most people love candy, and including it in the spirit bags will bring a smile to the recipient's face. Put a note with the candy; include Starbursts to burst their energy or a candy bar with nuts to remind them to act nutty sometimes. Use your imagination when purchasing candy. You could also include homemade cookies or brownies in the spirit bag. Cookie cutters come in many shapes. Purchase one in the appropriate shape for your recipient; Footballs for football players, soccer balls for soccer players and megaphones for cheerleaders. Frost them in the team or school colors, or put the recipient's name or team number on it.

2Signs and Cards

Write a little note to the person to whom you are giving the bag. Encourage him, let him know you are thinking of him and wish him good luck; he will cherish the note. If you are on the road traveling, make up a small poster or banner with her name on it, along with a motivational quote. Tape it to the inside windows of the traveling bus or inside the hotel room. Be sure not to put it on the outside of the hotel rooms, for safety reasons.

3Personalized Crafts

Purchase plain wooden frames at a craft store and paint them in the school or team colors. Include the recipient's name and team number, if she has one. Place a formal portrait inside the frame in her uniform, or find a good candid photo to use. Create tassels or pom-poms using embroidery floss or yarn. They can be attached to zipper pulls or key chains; make them with the school or team colors. Make ribbon hair bows for cheerleaders or dance team members. Use puffy paint to spell out her name on one ribbon tail.

4The Bags

You can be creative with the actual bag you use. Purchase canvas bags from the craft store and decorate them with paint or iron-on decorations. These will hold a lot, and can be used over and over again by the recipient. You can also use old chip cans that you have washed out; wrap them in paper and decorate them with school colors. Use a plain paper lunch bag that you have decorated. Fold the top down and punch two holes in the top. Thread ribbon through the holes to hold it shut.

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Here are our favorite gifts of all time for all the dancers in the world. If they love to dance for fun or are an avid dancer, they will love these unique gift ideas…

Whether they are pros or beginners, they will be sure to love these creative dance related gifts.

Dancers Among Us A Celebration of Joy in the Everyday

Dancers Among Us

You might not think a book is a great gift for a dancer but this one is a little bit different because it has some wonderful pictures of dancers in it doing lifts, spins, and kicks in different scenes like parks and restaurants. They will enjoy the pictures and the text.

Prices Vary

Horizon Dance Spirit Gear Duffel Bag for Dancers

Duffel Bag for Dancers

This is one thing that you can buy for a dancer and know that they will use it all the time. This bag comes in two colors, blue and pink, and is big enough to fit all of her equipment in it with ease. And the dancer and ribbon that spells dance on it will remind her of the person who got it for her every time she goes to class.

Prices Vary

Dance Clock

Dance Clock

Another great dancer clock is this one that is accented with a dancer and hearts on the face. And this one can also be personalized with the dancer’s name. It is simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money, which is great if you are unsure of what to get them.


Burnout Tank Top Dancers Turn Out Better

Tank Top: Dancers Turn Out Better

Dancers take pride in their art form and this shirt will put a smile on their face. This tank top comes in various colors and sizes so you can find the right one for the dancer you are buying for.


Hand Stamped Personalized Dance Necklace

Hand Stamped Dance Necklace

With two colored beads, a ballerina, and a disc with their name and dance on it, the dancer you are shopping will fall head over heels for this necklace. It’s the perfect gift for a dance recital, dancer’s birthday, or just because you are proud of them.


Dance Definition Wall Picture

Dance Definition Wall Picture

This wall frame really gives you the definition for dance and is a great addition to a dancer’s room or studio. There are four definitions to the word and dancers will like the literal meaning of this gift as well as thinking to themselves about what dance means to them.


Dance Art For Teenagers Room Sign

Dance Art For Teenagers Room Sign

This gift is a two-in-one gift. The wooden block letters D A N C E hang from black ribbons on knobs that can also be used to hang things like hats, coats, and more. Every teenage dancer would love to have this in their room.


Personalized Flip Straw Water Bottle

Personalized Flip Straw Water Bottle

What is one thing that a dancer never leaves home without? A water bottle of course. They need to stay hydrated as they work on all of their dance moves. This water bottle has a dancer and their name on it and with the easy flip straw the bottle is spill-proof.


Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles

Dance and Embrace Spirit Candles

When they first open this gift, they will probably think that it is just a candle but there is more to it. These candles reveal dancers as they are melted. It will be hard for the dancer to not burn this candle nonstop to reveal the sculptures inside of them.


Dance Dance Clear Crystal Heart Silver Bracelet Jewelry Ballet Jazz Drill Team

Clear Crystal Heart Sliver Bracelet

Silver is a great color for any girl to wear because it matches just about anything and this bracelet is simple and looks great. With the simplistic heart and DANCE ribbon, every dancer would enjoy getting this gift for a special occasion.


Time to Dance Weekly Devotional for Dancers

Weekly Devotional for Dancers

While other people will be giving the dancer jewelry, dance clothes, etc., you will give them something that they can use every week. This weekly devotional is for Christian dancers to use to help them connect their dancing to God. While this might not be the gift for every dancer, it is for the Christian ones.


Neoglory Jewelry Rose Crystal Made with Swarovski Element Fashion Ballet Dance Pendant Necklace

Jewelry Rose Crystal Dance Pendant

The silver ballerina necklace comes in different colors and is a great accent for any dancer no matter the age. The great thing about this necklace is that it isn’t very long so it will look good on younger and older girls. And for the price you could get them one of every color.

Prices Vary

Keep Calm and Dance On Ballet Dancer Compact Purse Mirror

Keep Calm and Dance On Mirror

This gift is perfect for all dancers because it is small and something that they can use. It can be thrown in their purse or their dance bag to be used at their leisure. This gift is a great thing to have if you need to touch up your stage makeup fast.


Charles Street Ballerina - Coordinating Ballet Dancers Pillow - Dance, Spin, Twirl

Coordinating Ballet Dancers Pillow

If you are looking for a gift that you can add on to with every special occasion for your dancer then this might be the gift for you. This throw pillow comes with two dancers on it and can be added to her room already or can just be a starter to getting all of the other pillows and bedding.

Prices Vary

Writing the Dance Workbook  & Journal for Dancers

Writing the Dance Journal

This book was inspired by the National Writing Project and should be in any serious dancer’s collection. This book allows them to immerse themselves in dance and to think outside of the box. With the activities and more, this book will push them farther.

Prices Vary

Girls Live, Love, Dance Tee

Girls Live, Love, Dance Tee

One of the greatest things about this gift is that it can be worn anywhere, school, class, and so on. The hot pink zebra graphics will get her attention and tell everyone that she has a wild side. This stylish t-shirt will become her new favorite go-to shirt for wherever she goes.


Ballerina Dancing Watercolor 2 Art Poster NaxArt

Ballerina Watercolor Poster

This poster is a little different than most posters because it looks like a work of art in watercolors. You can see the work that went into creating the dancer in this poster and if you put an extra $20 to it and get a frame, it’s a great picture for a dancer’s wall for around $30.

Prices Vary

Hot Pink 16oz Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug Z1782 Dancer Gymnastics

Insulated Travel Mug

Most dancers know about early mornings and late nights, so a travel mug that can hold tea or coffee can help on the days they are on the go and need a boost. And it is also cute and it is a great gift for a dancer or a gymnast.


If Dance Were Any Easier Neon Pink T Shirt

If Dance Were Any Easier T Shirt

This shirt is a little different than most dance t-shirts because it has humor in it. Most might think that dancing is easy but it is hard work and this shirt tells everyone this in just a few simple words.


Kikkerland Ballerina Jewelry Stand

Kikkerland Ballerina Jewelry Stand

With one leg in the air and arms up and out, this gives you more places to hang jewelry from the dancer’s body. Since jewelry can’t be worn by dancers this is a great way for them to keep their jewelry safe and easy to find.


Sterling Sliver "Dance Like No One Is Looking" Three Charm Necklace

Dance Like No One Is Looking Charm

“Dance Like No One Is Looking” is a great motto for any dancer and this necklace will remind your dancer that every time they wear it. With the motto and the charms this is something that will go with anything and the dancer will love it.

Prices Vary

Dance Themes Ballet Dancer Crescent Moon Galactic Universe Glass Cabochon Pendant Necklace

Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is well crafted and is different than most necklaces for dancers. The crescent moon and pendant fit perfectly together and come in different lengths so you can find the perfect size for your dancer. Also it comes with a gift box for free, which makes giving it as a gift easier.


Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Ballerina Treasure Music Box

This gift is for the younger dancer. The top, sides, and bottom all open up for more space for your little dancer to put treasures. And with the dancing ballerina on the top, your dancer will spend hours spinning to the music like the ballerina inside.

Prices Vary

White Murano Glass Heart Ballet Dancer Owl Flower Charms Beaded Bracelets

Ballet Dancer Beaded Bracelets

A charm bracelet is one of the best gifts that you can buy any girl and this one comes with different charms including a dancer and heart. And the best thing about this kind of gift is that you can add to it, so if your dancer becomes interested in something else, you can get different charms.

Prices Vary

The Dancer's Way The New York City Ballet Guide To Mind, Body, and Nutrition

The Dancer’s Way

If you have a serious dancer you are buying for then this is the gift for you. This book goes over all of the things that New York City Ballet does to stay on top of their game. Any dancer who wants to become a professional will read this book from cover to cover.

Prices Vary

Sterling Silver Ballerina Dancer Stud Earrings

Ballerina Dancer Stud Earrings

If the dancer that you are buying for has pierced ears then this might be the gift to buy them. The ballerinas look like they are twirling in their ears and they are small enough for any size ears. This is a safe bet gift for any dancer if you are unsure of what to buy.

Prices Vary

Juniors Dance Capri Sweats

Juniors Dance Capri Sweats

This gift is a safe buy if you don’t know what to get your dancer but you do have to know the right size to buy. These can be worn at dance class or at home. The dance design and dancer on the top will really grab their attention.

Prices Vary

LED Lighted Pink Ballet Dancer Ballerina Slipper Figure Night Light

Ballerina Slipper Night Light

This is the perfect gift for a dancer or a young girl who one day hopes to be a dancer. It runs on batteries and has an easy-to-access on/off switch on the bottom. This night light will help any dancer get a good night’s sleep.

Prices Vary

Pecoware: Trinket Box with Accessories & Lock, Little Dancer

Trinket Box with Accessories

Another great gift for a younger dancer or girl is this trinket box. It comes decorated in ballerina slippers and inside you will find sticker, color pencils, paper, and other accessories that any girl would love playing with.

Prices Vary

Ballerina Dream Dancer Trinket Box By San Francisco Music Box Company

Ballerina Dream Dancer Trinket Box

This wind-up music box plays Dance Ballerina, Dance as a pair of ballerina slippers twirls around. This is one of the more expensive gifts on this list but it is one that older dancers would enjoy in their room, listening to the music and spinning around.

Prices Vary

Jumbl Exclusive Makeup Gift Set

Jumble Exclusive Makeup Gift Set

What is one thing that a dancer needs but no one thinks about giving them? Makeup. This gift set is perfect for dance recitals and other performances. The dancer will have all of the makeup they need all in one box, which makes packing easier.

Prices Vary

Zone Apparel Woman's Modern Dancer 5678 Tank Top

Modern Dancer Tank Top

This tank top is a great gift because it can be worn at home or at dance and it is easy to move in. And it also comes in black and pink. The 5678 is a little different than most dancers’ shirts because these numbers are very important to a dancer.

Prices Vary

Dancing Ballerina Dancer Ballet Dance Pendant Necklace Charm Set

Ballerina Necklace Charm Set

Why only give your dancer one necklace, when you can give them two or even three? These necklaces come in three different colors, pink, clear, and multicolored. And you can get all three of them for your dancer for under $10 apiece.


Lizatards Dancer Leap Medal Hanger Rack

Dancer Leap Medal Hanger Rack

If your dancer is like any other girl, they can always use hangers in their room. Why not hit two birds with one stone and get them this dancer hanger that they can display in their room? They can also hang bags, clothes, and much more and it comes in black and pink.

Prices Vary

Dancer's Way Custom Street Sign

Dancer’s Way Custom Street Sign

Novelty signs are a fun gift for anyone and this one is perfect for your dancer. This Dancer’s Way sign can be hung in their room or on their door to let everyone know that a dancer lives in this room. They will love it and it comes in different colors to match their style.


6 DIY Gifts for Dancers


DIY Tulle Skirt

They’ll show up looking like the belle of the ball when you make them this tulle skirt that is fashioned after a ballerina outfit. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot to make a great and thoughtful gift. It boasts just a $10 price tag for all of the supplies.


Embroidered Dancing Girls Emoji

Here’s a fun gift that takes the famous dancing girls emoji and turns it into an embroidered masterpiece. You can give this as a small gift all by itself or use it as a sort of gift tag for a larger gift. It will show them that you took the time to make them something nice.


Bunhead Bobby Pins

Dancers love their bobby pins since they help keep their hair in place during a routine, and they’re always adding to them to make them unique. Here’s a fun project that produces bunhead bobby pins that will definitely set them apart from the other dancers.


Crocheted Ballet Slippers Ornament

These cute little slippers are miniature sized and look great on the tree. Ornaments are the perfect DIY gift because they’ll remember it year after year and you become part of their holiday tradition.


Dancing Girls Emoji Pinata

The famous dancing girls emoji gets made into a pinata so they can have fun at their next dancing themed party, or just anytime they want to have a good time. This tutorial shows you how to make two happily dancing girls and it looks just like the emoji.


Belly Dancer Coined Braid

Whether or not they’re into belly dancing they’ll love this coined braid which jingles and looks great. They take you through the process step by step so that it’s sure to turn out just like they show, and they’re sure to love your handmade gift.

Other Gift Ideas

What To Pack For Dance Competitions! - Jazzy Le

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 4 years of coaching, it’s that the dance team world LOVES gifts. We give gifts for making the team, going to camp, starting football season, going to competition, pre-state, post-state, end of the season gifts, big gifts, little treats, lots of candy, pictures, and t-shirts, but one  of the gifts that I think is more important than any of those are the Senior Gifts. These are gifts that are given either at the last basketball game performance or at the end of the season that show how much your seniors mean to the team. It’s basically the last chance to reminisce on the good times you have all had together and the moment to let them know they will be missed. I have six seniors this year and am even getting emotional as I type this!

My opinion of gifts: Get them things that they are REALLY going to use. This means, if you are going to great a big board of pictures, make sure they can take the pictures down and store them somewhere to look back at later. If you are going to spend time creating banners or DIY crafts, make sure they are small enough to be displayed in their rooms or hung on their wall so they don’t get stored in a box in their closets. If you are going to put together a basket of goodies, please don’t just pick fancy candles or lotions, find items that they will REALLY enjoy and preferably something special to that student.

Here are a couple examples of what we did this year to hopefully help spark some ideas!

  1. Picture Poster Boards – the best place to display memories from the past 4 years. The freshman pictures are my favorite to look at! Some groups even include baby pictures which can be fun too. Don’t forget to include funny pictures as well as nice group pictures because those can really show the girls personalities. I also decided to include a small empty photo album, so that the girls can take apart their boards (because where are you going to display a board) and save all of their photos in one safe place.mvimg_20190212_200223.jpg
  2. Comment Jars or Journals – This gives the rest of the team a chance to let them know how much they are loved. The thought is similar to signing a yearbook. We’ve done this too ways; buying a journal for people to fill in the pages or buying a jar and supplying notecards for people to fill the jar with. Don’t forget to also supply pens or markers.MVIMG_20190212_200230.jpg
  3. Baskets – This is where you can show how well you know your seniors. At this point in the year, it’s very likely that your dancers have spent more time together then they have with their own parents. Your girls should know by now what candy or food their seniors love, or what they like to do to relax. Include a basket with their posters and fill them with things that can bring them joy when they go home!MVIMG_20190212_200218.jpg
  4. Blankets – this is my favorite gift to receive and is probably one of the most useful out of this entire list. Blankets can be inexpensive, but last for a long time. It is even something seniors can bring to college with them without screaming (I’m still stuck in high school) like a Letterman jacket might.MVIMG_20190212_200210.jpg
  5. Balloons & Flowers – These are great space fillers if you are doing a display. The great thing about both of these is that when you take them home, they only last for about a week and are disposable so they don’t take up room in memory boxes or closets for years to come.MVIMG_20190212_195753
  6. Picture Frames – These are also my favorite to receive. Pictures that are already made to be placed on shelves or hung on the wall so no assembly is required are great, unlike the poster board or the photo album.MVIMG_20190212_200040.jpg
  7. Parents – One tradition we have at our school is that we honor our parents along with their seniors. I buy roses and thank you cards for the seniors to give to their parents as an acknowledgment for all of the time and money they have given towards supporting them in their high school career. It’s a small token, but the parents really appreciate it.MVIMG_20190212_194036.jpg

In my opinion, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg of creating spectacular displays of recognition for your seniors, but as long as its thoughtful, personal, and colorful they are really going to love the attention. As a coach, my favorite part is reminiscing about all the fun times we’ve had over the years and letting the girls know that they are loved and are always apart of your dance team family no matter where they all end up after high school. There I am getting emotional again!


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Ideas bag team dance gift

What do you think of cheerleading gift bags? Well, the Cheerleader Gift Bag Ideas must start with a Goody Bag.

Similarly, every cheerleader wants to wear a headband, bracelet, bright makeup, etc. Most girls want to match their friends, so a headband, bracelet, and put some bows and ribbons on it. Put some glitter, candy, and lip gloss on it. 

Why use gift bags for cheerleaders

The Cheerleader gift bag is a small gift for both the cheerleaders and cheerleader team, which can enhance and stimulate the vitality of the team before important games and competitions. Cheerleaders are commonly used in football, basketball, and other games that need a school spirit. It usually contains small toys, cards, candy, or other fun items. 

Sweets and foods

Most people like sweets and putting them in the bag will make people smile. Put the sugar on a note. Including an explosive burst of energy and a chocolate bar full of nuts, these chocolate bars sometimes remind you to act like nuts. 

Use your imagination when shopping for candy. You can also put cookies and homemade chocolate in a hardcover bag. Cake molds come in many forms. Please purchase in the appropriate form for the recipient. 

Footballers use footballs, footballers use footballs, and megaphones cheer. Paint the cream in the color of the team or school, or enter the name and number of the receiving team.

Signs and postcards

Write a note to the person who brought you a bag. Encourage them, let them know what you think about it, and hope they can be successful. 

He respected the note. If you’re traveling, try making a small poster or banner with your name and an inspirational quote. 

Post it in a fixed bus window or hotel room. For safety reasons, do not place it outside your hotel room.

Artisan and personal gifts or crafts

Purchase common wooden frames from a craft store and paint them in school or team colors. Include the name and number of the receiving team (if any). Place an official photo in a uniform frame or find a matching photo that you can use. 

Use thread or embroidery floss to make a tassel or pompom. They can be attached to a zipper or keychain. Create the school or team color. Make bow ties for cheerleaders and dance team members. Write your name on the tail of the ribbon with soft paint.

The Bag Itself

You can use real bags to be creative. Buy a canvas bag from a craft store and decorate it with decorative paint or iron it. 

Most are confidential and can be used multiple times by the recipient. You can also use an old tip container that has been washed. 

Wrap in paper and decorate with school colors. Use a regular paper lunch bag with decorations. Roll up the top and make a hole in the top. Pass the tape through the holes and lids.

Why use Goody Bags for cheerleader activities

The goodie bag is a handy, cheap but effective promotion tool. They are very practical and can be used to distribute information, products, and gifts to both the squad and event attendees. They create goodwill and inspire the cheer squad and even fundraising activities. After all, who doesn’t like free gifts? 

A well-designed gift bag can also act as low-cost advertising, thus increasing the marketing message’s exposure each time it is reused. Help improve your cheer activities image and convey your important message and brand value.

4 Reasons Cheer Squads Use Gift Bag Deals

1. Promote services to end-users

With some school budgets lacking money for after-school programs like cheerleading. Some squads have to take matters into their own hands to fundraise for their activities. Some launch a number of events, including car washes or bake sales.

Goodie bags are a key part of their marketing strategy – they fill the bags with tableware, candy, and event cards. These “convenience bags” are then distributed to anyone who donates or buys their goods.

These fun activities are a great way to attract customers, an alumnus with children, and engage them in activities and discussions to learn more about their school spirit.

2. Say “thank you” to the event and the volunteers

Team parents and other supporters spend a lot of time and energy doing their job and raising money; cheering might not work. Similarly, these volunteers and fundraisers require thanks for making sure they continue to support the charity of their choice.

Cheer squads, school entertainment, and sporting events/challenges are very popular fundraising activities. To thank the participants, put gifts in their goodie bags to help them relax after the game. 

The cheer team can create other activities like the half marathon, which can help raise funds and give out a gift bag after the race.

The Cleveland school district is another example of a cheer squad using goodie bags to give thanks for fundraising activities. Supporters organized Coffee Morning and Prosecco Soiree to raise funds. The event organizers will receive a special shopping bag to thank them for their time and energy.

The bag will contain promotional materials and flyers describing the cheer team activities and their success in competitions and will be distributed to attendees to raise awareness of the squad’s importance.

3. Raise awareness

Using the above strategy means your gift bag will be seen by more people and will promote the cheer team and work. By creating a good look and coordinating events and public relations, the squad made them known during the week of release and conveyed many local supporters. 

Not only does the team inform end-users about their activities, but we also raise awareness of the entire community, which is invaluable when seeking donations, volunteers, and other charitable cheerleaders.

When the team gave the runner a bag as a gift, they pointed out that they participated in the race and spread the message via social media. They also showed them their squad activities to thank them for their fundraising efforts.

4. Raise funds

Goodie bags are usually distributed as part of a funding strategy, but they can also be used to generate revenue. The grants made by the cheer squads will be distributed at fundraising events but can also be sold at other events and awareness days.

Some squads, especially those cheer competition winners, sell printed shopping bags online or off-site to generate additional revenue.

You can also give your guests a gift bag containing a fundraising ball. Ticket prices are generally high enough to cover the costs of making the bags, and most of the products are donations of products recommended by other companies to customers. 

This provides a convenient way to promote your team and the work you do. Additionally, local and national media will attend your event and use the package.

Are you a cheerleader trying to give a gift basket to your team?

What’s more interesting than a gift basket? The cheer squad on your team will appreciate your help and express appreciation for their work. Moreover, you don’t have to keep it till the end of the season. Would you like to inspire and motivate your cheerleading team gift basket at the start of the season?

Where to find a cheerleading gift basket?

cheerleading gift basket

Where did you find the cheerleading gift basket? Your local store may not offer them. It can be difficult to find online. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up.

Cheerleading gift baskets are easy to make. They are also very interesting. Small groups can easily create gift baskets for all the cheerleaders in the school.

Most cheerleaders have seven things in common: A great cheerleader gift basket can be based on these things.

  1. Love sports
  2. Physical fitness
  3. Physical skills
  4. Rhythm
  5. Loyalty
  6. Physical attraction
  7. Extroverted personality

Let’s see how to create a cheerleading gift basket around these features.

Cheerleading gift baskets look like a football, rugby, basketball, and volleyball. Remove the “top” from a real ball or make a cheerleader gift basket from a ball-shaped ceramic flowerpot/cookie jar. Your cheerleader will love them and collaborate with their loved ones. With valleys of flowers and cookie tins, it has lasted for years to remind you of the advent of cheerleading.

Place a few energy bars in the cheerleading gift basket to replenish your cheerleading stash. A small bag with mixed flavors is also fine. Depending on your budget, you can also include gift certificates from your local sporting goods store.

How do you perceive your physical abilities? Give them a cheerleader book to help them out. Or go in the opposite direction, like a comedy novel about a weak person.

Music CDs have always been popular with people and are welcomed as an addition to cheerleading gift baskets. Select the rhythm of the music. Get the music without lyrics. It is not necessarily classical music. Just focus on the rhythm.

For cheerleading girls, include a colorful team headband and bow. Give each cheerleader a small team mascot if one exists. For early activation of gift baskets, it is recommended that you design a special “loyalty” gift at one of the online sites with images printed on the product. Pick a cool cheerleading team photo and print it on t-shirts, mugs, and other items.

All male and female cheerleaders love mirrors. Create a small acrylic mirror in the cheerleader pose. Create female and male-friendly mirrors for your team. Push the mirror into the cheerleading gift basket or tie it to the gift basket.

Any “smiley face” item will make a good gift basket filler. Look for the “smiley face” in cups, character clips, soothing balls, and other items. Mugs suitable for cheerleading gift baskets are mugs with adjectives like “big” and “big” and sunny faces with “smiley faces.”

Team cheerleader gift baskets depend on the cheerleader’s age and gender. However, all gift baskets should convey the following message: You think they’re doing a good job, and you want them to know.

Arrange cheerleading gift baskets and handkerchiefs in team colors. Stretch the card over the ball. Finish the gift basket with a large team-colored bow.

Other Cheerleading building ideas 

While doing a cheerleader gift basket, is a great idea, there are also some other ways that you can build camaraderie for the team and so of these ideas are below. 

  • Create a team outside the practice. Throw a sleep party, group dinner, or pool party. Socializing outside of practical pressures allows your team to connect with each other in new ways.
  • To donate. This is called the two birds with one stone method. Funding is scary, but for most teams it is essential. But through cooperation, the team can find new and interesting ways to make money. Group fundraising can help your team come together and raise money.
  • Please contact the community. Through community service activities, team members can connect with shared passions and spark interest. Local charity walks, soup kitchens, hospitals, and non-profit organizations often welcome cheerleaders to participate in activities.
  • We will host the exercises on the subject. When the excitement of next season reaches its peak, it works best right after the test. Pick an interesting and appropriate theme (for decades, superheroes, beloved Disney) and ask your team to dress up (considering safe stunts). Stupid costumes can be used as seeds for dialogue and help unlock the situation with new teammates. Please take pictures!
  • Before and after the exercise, we will hold an “active circle”. Ask each team member to share their goals or focus of the practice. The active circle creates an ambitious practice environment where teammates can support each other.
  • Play team-building games. The game challenges communication and cooperation between each team member.


At the start of the new season, the process of integrating new members into the team will also begin. There are several ways to achieve team unity and it is a good idea to start by participating in team-building activities at least once a week. A cheerleading gift bag would be a great idea but all the activities above would be great as well.

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Ultimate Unique Gift Guide With 70+ More Gift Ideas For Dancers!

Do you need to buy a present for a dancer or are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your little ballerina? You would think that a dancer would be easy to buy for, I mean you can buy them anything with a tutu or a tap shoe slapped on the side,


will that gift actually be used or will it be shoved onto a shelf to gather dust?

Fear no more as we have a list of 10 things all dancers need and will actually use. We have included a variety of price ranges so hopefully, the list will cover all budgets and ages.

And if after you have gone through this list you want to get even more specific, you can have a look at our articles on what every tap dancer needs or every ballet dancer needs by clicking on the links!



10 things every dancer needs to have!

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Portable Dance Floor

Wouldn’t it be nice if before a competition or recital your dancer had access to a dance floor to practice their turns or some difficult move before they went on stage?

Why not get them a portable dance floor. They come in a variety of styles either square or circle and are either made of wood or can be covered in a floor covering specially designed for dancers caller Marley or Tarket. The great thing about some of them such as the circular dance dots is that they can be used by a dancer practically anywhere to practice or even perform on when the flooring or surface is not adequate or safe to dance on because they are lightweight and come in different sizes depending on your needs! Dance Dots are a perfect solution for a home dance studio as they are light and can be easily stored when not in use.

Click here for our our favourite recommendations on our resource pages!

2. Dance Shoe Warm-Up Covers

Keeping warm before a class, between classes and rehearsals, when having to wait to go on stage or to be called in for an exam can mean all the work you have gone through to warm up your muscles is wasted as they slowly cool down. Dance warm-up boots are insulated and big enough to fit over your ballet or jazz shoes and help keep all the muscles of your feet toastie and warm so you don’t cool down and cause an injury. Many professional dancers have a special pair that are only worn in the dance studio especially when it is cold during beginning exercises which they remove once they feel they are warm enough to remove them.

Most dance warm-up boots have soft soles to enable the dancer to stretch, move and warm up in them, but some have sturdier soles making them also a good choice to wear over your tights or shoes during transit from home to class. Why not just put your dance shoes on when you get to class? Well both my girls need help with their ballet ribbons, and they like me to do it at home before we leave, which is actually needed for my older one as I sometimes just drop her off from the car park and watch her walk into the studio by herself. A special set of Ugg style boots or even a nice pair of rubber mud boots or galoshes can also do the trick but a pair of warm up boots have the added advantage of being made to keep dancers feet warm and allowing them to move and warm up in them prior to class.

3. Ultimate Costume Dance Bag

The ultimate costume dance bag is one that not only transports all of your costumes, shoes, and accessories but also comes with an inbuilt clothing rack. I truly wish I had one of these when I was dancing! I can remember having to make several trips from the car to the dressing rooms at recitals and competitions to firstly get the garment bags full of costumes, then the racks and then the bags with the shoes and anything else I needed for those performances. Owning one of these would have been a lifesaver!

4. Turn Board

Turn Boards are a rectangular and sometimes circular devices that help to decrease friction between the floor and the dancer’s foot allowing them to turn for longer. When used correctly, a turn board can help dancers increase their muscle memory, balance, and ability to hold turns without the board. Using a turn board can be a lot of fun but should be used by someone who has learned the basic techniques for a turn or pirouette already.

5. Home Dance Barre

A portable home dance barre would be any dancers dream present! I can remember using a chair, a table, my bed end…. anything that I could grasp but the problem always is that you end up hitting you feet against whatever is on the other side and you can never find a random piece of furniture that is the right height to help you balance without having to lean slightly down towards it. Click here to go to my review page of the best portable barres you can buy or alternatively click here to see how you can make your own DIY ballet barre as I have a whole series of videos and articles about the topic!

6. Flexibility Stretching Bands

Resistance and stretching bands are used by professional dancers all over the world to help them increase and maintain their flexibility. Sometimes a dancer just needs that extra push or pull on a muscle, but are not yet flexible or strong enough to reach the limb themselves and this is where a stretching band can come in really useful. They can also be used to help keep a dancer’s limbs and muscles in the correct alignment while stretching and the best thing about them is that they are relatively cheap, small, lightweight and conveniently portable so a dancer can put them in their dance bag, school bag, vacation luggage etc… and stretch where ever they are and whenever they want.

7. Balance or Wobble Board

A balance or wobble board can help strengthen a dancers core muscles. Standing and balancing on one foot or en releve (on the ball of their foot, heel raised off the ground) can help develop increased balance

8. Dance Tights

Ok dance tights – kind of obvious? Yes but the thing is dancers go through alot of them. I am not sure whether it is how they are made today or what my daughters are doing differently but I find that they get holes so easily! We go through several pairs each a year and they need them in both ballet pink and jazz tan! Add to that my eldest NEEDS convertible tights meaning they have a hole on the sole of the foot so you can roll them above your ankle – a must if you can’t change between ballet and basically any other dance lesson as it is a much cooler look wearing them rolled up! and convertibles are a few dollars more expensive then regular dance tights. So if you are buying these as a gift for a friend, niece or anyone just find out their size and buy them one or three or four pairs and then they will be set for the year with hopefully a spare set to add to their dance or costume bag for emergencies.

9. Compression Wear

Another helpful item to have on hand are compression socks, leggings or sleeves. The best remedy for injured and sore muscles is the RICE method, rest, ice, compression and elevation, but sometimes it is impossible for a dancer however young or old to get the rest they need – whether it be because they have to perform over several days for competitions, their recital or exams. Compression socks or sleeves worn after class or reharsal or between performances can promote healing and faster recovery. Many dancers are skeptical that the compression will do anything for them, but after having tried a compression product wonder what they would now do without them!

10. Dancer Journal, Diary or Organizer.

Nowadays you can get a journal basically themed on any passion you have that includes motivational quotes and space for writing goals, or a to-do lists, perhaps some bullet journaling, or even a daily planner. Having a place to write down dance goals or journal about your day in a space specially created for dancers can help motivate and inspire them to greatness.



A split stretcher is an awesome machine for dancers! The more expensive ones have a wheel that you crank that gradually pushes the legs further and further away from each other helping the dancer to achieve a middle split over time with continued use and stretching. A less expensive and more portable version requires you to push against a set of rods until you have reached your greatest stretch, the rods help you hold the position as your legs resist the stretch. A split stretcher is currently on my 10-year-old dancers wish list!

So that was our top ten, well 11 list of things every dancers needs – but was it the ultimate gift guide that we promised???

Probably not so here is our …

This is the best list for dance gifts ever!! You have to go look at it! It has links to everything whether I need a gift for after a recital, for a birthday or for christmas! Love it! #dance #ballet #birthday #christmas #gift

I have broken these ideas up into a whole heap of different categories from DIY, to dance experience ideas … They may not be everything a dancer needs but it is generally stuff a dancer covets or wants or wishes they had or didn’t know they couldn’t live without!

Many of the following are great gifts by themselves or why not buy a few, put them in a gift basket and Ta Da – instant dancer gift basket with personally hand picked gifts!

10 Things a Dancer Will Find Useful….

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1.Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder
As a parent, it is always inevitable that a bobby pin falls to the ground as I hold my daughter’s hair in place in one hand whilst clumsily trying to grab the bobby pin with the other. Sometimes I am so daftly clever that I accidentally brush against all the bobby pins with my hand, elbow or even butt allowing them all to flow and drop to the floor. A magnetic bobby pin holder in these cases would be a sanity saver. Also kids love how the magnet snaps the bobby pins to its surface making that request of ‘make sure you put the bobby pins away when you take your hair out’ much more fun meaning next class you both are not scrounging around the corners of their bedroom looking for one last pin to keep their hair in place.

2.Heated Slippers
Does your dancer live in a cold climate or do your winters get really cold? Slip a pair of these babies into the microwave for 30secs and they provide warmth to your child’s feet for up to 30minutes! This way you know their feet will be nice and toasty and warm to begin dance class or alternatively you might use them for after class to soothe sore tired feet!

3.Tiger Balm
Tiger balm is an ointment that you massage into your skin and muscles to help relieve sore muscles. Tiger balm is potent stuff, should be used sparingly and never on opened wounds, or after shaving or near any part of your body where it could be internalized. Saying that many dancers swear by the stuff and state that it is a must-have staple in their dance bag.

4. Heat Pad or Cold Pad
At some point, every dancer has a few pains and strains they are dealing with and at most times they are not very prepared for these as they usually occur out of the blue! A quality set of Cold and Hot pads for home use can be a lifesaver as can a set of reusable portable cold or hot pads that a dancer can leave in their dance bag.


A magnesium spray is another type of salve many dancers swear by to help relieve pain from sore and tired muscles. Magnesium is a mineral that our body needs a dose of daily and it is absorbed rapidly when applied to the bodies largest organ, the skin. A topical magnesium solution such as the spray is great for dancers with sore muscles after a class or when they get home to apply for some effective relief.

Epsom salts
At the end of a long dance rehearsal, there is nothing more inviting then dipping your feet or body into a warm bath, infused with a cup or two of Epsom salts. Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate is not salt, it is crystalised and just look like salt and contains magnesium, sulfate, and oxygen. Dissolve Epsom salts into a bath to help relieve muscle aches, pains, and stiffness, or to help relax and promote sleep and reduce stress. Dancers and athletes use an epsom salt soak or bath in their after recovery routine. A big bag or 2 or 3 is best to gift as about a cup or two is recommended for a full bath (less for a foot soak) and therefore it can get used up fairly quickly.

6. Makeup Bag
A makeup bag with different compartments that can hold everything a dancer needs to do their stage make up as well as hold all their hair accessories, even the larger items such as hairspray is sometimes an expense or extravagance many dancers do not afford themselves, even though it would make their life that much easier! A useful make up bag is one that a dancer will possibly use throughout their entire dancing journey, so why not invest in one that will last!

7.Foam Roller
Sticking out of the corner of many dance bags today you will see a long foam cylinder and you may be wondering what on Earth they would need that for? Foam rollers are used to massage the muscles of the body before and after a class or performance, the process is called self-myofascial release (SMR). SMR promotes blood flow and relieve or roll out tight muscles and knots in connective tissue. Consistent use of SMR can help prevent injury and keep your muscles working at their optimum level.

8. Dancer Hair Kit
I do not have enough fingers to count the number of times I have had to rush to the pharmacy or store in my lifetime, especially before a performance to buy hairnets or bobby pins because I thought I had some, finding that they have all completely vanished. Dancer hair kits are available in sets or you can buy a few different items such as hair nets, bobby pins, hair elastic and hair spray to create your own dancer hair kit basket.

9. Dance Bag
I remember when I danced, that I pretty much used any old bag that I had around the house to put all my dance gear in, but nowadays there are specially made bags with compartments and pockets made based on dancers’ needs. If you are a friend or relative you might find that a good dance bag may not be something that a dancer or their parents invest in as they might be more concerned with paying for lessons and other dance-related expenses so this could be the perfect gift.

10. Odor Eliminating/Freshener sachets or bags
Ok, Ok so not all recipients of this gift will be exuberant with joy when they unwrap it, but stay with me on this one. We just talked about gifting a dance bag. But there is one thing I know about dance bags and that is that dance bags tend to overtime start to well develop a certain Eau de perfume all of themselves. Now I am not going to say it is the most hygienic habit but I am going to take a quick guess and say that not every dancer empties out their dance shoes from their dance bag every night after class, nor would they probably do a weekly let alone monthly clean out of their bag and this is where a purifying, odor-fighting activated charcoal freshener comes in extremely handy. So, in reality, any dancer should be extremely grateful for such a thoughtful and personalized gift!

11. Garment Bags
I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of times I used a garbage bag to cover my costumes in transit because the cheap garment bag zipper I bought had broken or I didn’t have enough garment bags for all the costumes I ended up having for a performance. All dancers need a good set of sturdy garment bags to protect their costumes. Buying one doesn’t break the bank but having to buy 10 can! So gifting a few specialty dance garment bags to add to their collection would be a great gift for any dancer.

12. Tutu Bag
Is your dancer a ballerina? They probably have to cart a tutu to and from recitals and competitions – maybe a few of them. There are specially made bags made to do exactly this and if you were really organized you could get your dancers name printed or embroidered onto one to make it extra special!

10 Gifts for a Dancers Bedroom or Home

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Bedding
Everyone sleeps and most everyone has a quilt, doona or comforter on their bed which needs to be changed frequently for washing, so why not invest in a ballet or dance-themed quilt and pillowcase cover set for your dancer!

2. Plush Toy
And to go on that bed an adorable soft toy that your dancer can hug to sleep at night such as their favorite animal in a tutu would be the perfect addition to any dancers bedroom.

3. Pillows or Cushions
Pillows are not necessarily just for the bedroom. Adding a soft, cozy pillow to a sofa, reading nook or chair with a dance quote or image on it can just add that dancer ambiance to any home or bedroom.

4. Mirror
A full-length mirror in a dancer’s bedroom is a must! Most dancers stretch or practice in their room and being able to see your lines and whether your foot is sickled or your knee looks straight is important! You can get one that attaches to a wall, one with a decorated frame or one that is portable depending on your space!

5. Dance Art
Imagine a huge canvas with a beautiful dance image on it above your dancer’s bed or a painting or print by a famous or not so famous artist. Or perhaps you might print a photo of your dancer on canvas or put a few of their photos in frames and hang them around the walls of their room.

6. Dancer Clock or Watch
These clocks and watches are a fun take on the count in phrase in every dance class ‘and 5, 6, 7, 8’ which is generally what a teacher says as a count or lead in to start a dance exercise or routine on the correct beat or phrase of the music.

7. Ornament or Statue
When I was little I was given a porcelain statue of a ballerina which I absolutely loved and took extreme care of. It used to sit on the top shelf of the bookcase on my desk and I can remember getting it down and carefully cleaning the dust out the creases of her tutu with a tissue. Not everyone appreciates a beautiful ornament or statue, but there are some that will and it can be a wonderful gift that they cherish and keep for a very long time.

8. Dance Quotes
Do you or your dancer have a favorite dance quote? Have it framed, printed on a mug or on canvas or made into a vinyl removable wall sticker for the bedroom or a wall in their house!

9. Dance Medal Hanger or Coat Rack
What about a set of hooks to hang all your dancer’s medals? Many of these can also be used as coat racks or even key holders. Specially decorated for dancers – they are the perfect place to hang up a dance bag or air out their shoes whilst adding that dance flair to their room or house!

10. Ballet or Dance Themed Lamp or Night light
Everyone needs a lamp or night light in their room so why not get your dancer a ballet-themed! There are such pretty options and some cool new 3D night lights with dancers on them you can get now as well!

11. Christmas Tree Ornament
A dance-themed Christmas tree ornament is always a good option especially around Christmas time because you can never have too many ornaments and decorations for your tree and as the gift giver, you know that it will be used as least once a year!

10 Dance Accessory Gifts

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Water Bottle
Every dancer needs a water bottle and having a unique bottle with a motivational quote or a dance image on it can help to inspire and encourage during, after or even before a class.

2. Dancer Stationery
Everyone loves a good stationery set, whether it be for writing old school actual mailable letters or for writing to-do lists and goals you can’t go past a pretty pen and paper set especially if it has been specially designed with dancers in mind!

3. Umbrella
Now, this is one item that I recommend buying with a little ballet paraphernalia embossed on it. Why an umbrella – how many times has a dancer turned up to class, a competition, exam or recital all dressed with makeup ready to get out of the car and it starts raining. A cute umbrella with a dance design with a quick note advising it should stay packed in the dancer’s dance bag could be the perfect gift that no one else thinks of!

4. Jewelry
Most dancers are not allowed to wear jewelry during dance class in case it gets caught or falls out. I had one ballet teacher ask me to remove my small gold hoops from my ears because she knew of a dancer who needed to get stitches after another dancer’s little finger hooked the earing ripping it from her ear…. ok so you really want to buy jewelry now, don’t you!! But we are not talking about jewelry for dance class, we are talking about jewelry with dance designs such as a necklace with a ballerina charm on it or a bracelet with the word dance for wearing daily. Now some people might say that this is just a marketing ploy and a way to get people to buy the same thing – another bracelet for example – in a different way, but when you immerse yourself in something and are constantly reminded about it such as seeing the word dance on your wrist as you scan your bus ticket or use your house key you are reminded of your passion and ignited to do your best in whatever you are doing to help pursue your dream!

5. A jewelry box or jewelry stand
Now I have to say that the old Ballerina Music Box will never get old. It is wonderful to see someones face young or old light up when you lift the lid of one of these boxes to be welcomed by a pirouetting ballerina to the tinking of the music box music. Alternatively, you might like to buy something a little more modern such as a jewelry stand in the shape of a dancer.

6. Key Chain
Now if your dancer isn’t yet old enough to have their own set of house or car keys you might be wondering why you would buy one of these. But even young kids love key chains as they can put them on the zippers of their dance bag to help identify which one is theirs in case there is someone with the same or similar bag.

7. Makeup Kit
All dancers need a good makeup kit with all the dance makeup staples. A kit is a great way for a new dancer to make sure they have everything they need! But even if they already own everything, makeup has a limited shelf life and should be replaced frequently. Having a backup can also come in handy for those times items are lost or broken or run out!

8. Hair Accessories
In actual dance class, students are generally not allowed to wear jewelry or big bows or things that distract from the dancer or could fall out or off the dancer causing injury to anyone who steps on that item. But dancers still need hair clips to keep the strays off their face and like to wear dance-themed hair accessories when not in class so a nice hair beret or scrunchie to go around their bun or a beautiful fun or classy bow set depending on your dancer’s personality could be the perfect gift for them.

9. Wig or Fake Hair
Did you know that many dancers add on extensions to their hair for performances, competitions, and recitals? Wearing a wig or extension makes getting ready for performance so much easier and can mean that there is a more uniform look between performers in a group if they all wear the same hair extension in a color that matches their own hair color. Instead of curling their hair a wig attachment in full curls can be pinned over a bun or a ponytail can be extended to make it look as though the dancer has long hair.

10. Dance Toy
Toys are the accessory of the younger dancer. Whether it be a toy ballerina, a dance ribbon set or a doll based on their favorite dance TV show like Angelina Ballerina or Emma from the wiggles you are sure to find something your little dancer will enjoy playing with.

10 Things a Dancer Can Enjoy….

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Non-Fiction books about dance
When I grew up some of my favorite books were ones with pictures of dance school students demonstrating the five positions of the feet, how to execute the perfect rond de jambe or developpe, peppered with a little history about ballet. Check the best selection of non-fiction ballet and dance books for both younger and older dancers on our resource page or take a look at these books for kids that also teach the ABC’s or 123.

2. Dance Biographies and Memoirs
When I was 12 I picked up a novel because it had a picture of ballet shoes on the cover, I didn’t realize it at the time but the story was based on the author’s life and I learned all about being a Jew during world war II. This is just a type of dance biography, there are many others that take their reader on a journey of discipline and hard work. Sometimes the world or people around us don’t understand our passion and being able to immerse yourself into the life of someone who has trodden the path before you can be immensely inspirational.

3. Fiction Books about dance
There are many picture books and novels and even series available based on dance that cater for dancers of all ages. If you check out the dance book resource page you will find I have a whole heap of different articles with links to the best books for boys, about diversity in dance and the best fiction books for various ages about dance.

4. Dance Movies on Dvd
Help build your favorite dancers, dance movie collection! There are hundreds and thousands of movies that are either based around dance or have iconic dance routines in them that make dancers fall in love with watching them over and over again, stopping and pausing to learn the moves and choreography. From oldies such as Footloose and Flashdance to more recent movies such as Disney’s Nutcracker, or the soon to be released movie version of Cats or the latest dance movie releases High Strung or Driven to Dance.

5. Dance Documentary on Dvd
Dance documentaries can be in the form of a visual history of dance or ballet, about the life of a dancer or choreographer or it might be about a dance festival or convention, a behind the scenes look into a prestigious dance school or theatre, or could even be a box set about a reality series based on dance.

6. Dance lessons or Pilates/Yoga Instruction Dvd
All dancers need to practice and rehearse outside of the classroom and having access to good training can be as easy as putting on a DVD and rehearsing in your lounge room. Some dancers also like to enhance their dance training with Pilates or Yoga and after dancing four nights a week it can be nice to be able to stay home and train in your pajamas.

7. Online dance class subscription
Feeling like DVD’s are becoming a thing of the past? Well, now dancers can access the expertise of a good dance teacher through a class subscription service or by purchasing an online course instead of a physical DVD set.

8. Dance Magazine subscription or copies
There is nothing like flicking through the glossy pages of a magazine with a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning and what would make it even better is if that magazine was a dance magazine gifted to you through subscription from you best friend, cousin, aunt, uncle etc… in the world!

9. Pay TV subscription for a dance station or show (Prime Video Link)
Want to give something truly unique? Why not gift a pay-TV subscription! There are new programs and channels being made and produced all the time about dance as purposely made for that subscription TV services. Is your dancer obsessed with a dance show, but can only watch it if they have paid up? This might be the perfect gift!

10. Vouchers to purchase Dance Apps
Now although you can’t actually yet gift apps to people you can gift them iTunes or google play vouchers with a list of great dance apps they should buy. Better yet you could sit and have some special one on one time and buy and upload dance apps and play or use them together!

10 Gifts a Dancer Can Wear

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Leotard
Many dancers attend dance studios that have a set uniform but many others are allowed to wear whatever they choose and on occasion will attend conventions, camps, and intensive workshops or a class where they don’t have to wear their uniform and at these times they generally like to express themselves a little more. I know my girls would love some special and fun leotards that are a bit different in cut, style, and patterning or are the latest release from a dancewear designer! Dancewear Solutions has a great range of leotards and you can go and see exactly what they have to offer from the title link or by clicking here.

2. Active Wear
More and more, activewear is becoming the day to day clothing choice of dancers and athletes. Want to practice stretching while doing your homework or watching TV – absolutely and you can because you are in your stretchy comfy leggings that your best aunty or uncle (insert your position here) bought you!

3. Dance Shoes
Ok so generally a dancer will have the basics covered such as their ballet, jazz or tap shoes, but you could ask if they are in need of a new pair and offer to buy them for them. Alternatively, there are a few shoes that your dancer probably covets but hasn’t bought because they might not necessarily need them but would love to own or try dancing in them. These might be foot thongs, foot wraps or foot gloves, dancer socks, dance sneakers or something else they really want.

4. Knee Pads
When I danced, I had a lovely pair of blue (or you could get red) pair of knee pads that saved my knees during many jazz, contemporary or lyrical classes. Today you can buy them specially made for dancers and in more neutral colors. Your dancer’s knees will love you for them!

5. Dance Quote T’ shirts
A T’shirt – how boring you say?? Not at all my friend! T’shirts are always going to be a useful winner and your dancer will wear it whether it be to dance class, to the movies, or even to bed because you have chosen one with a witty or awesome dance quote which they just love!

6. Dance themed clothing
Does your dancer need a new pair of flip flops or socks? Why not find a pair that has a ballerina or a pair of tap shoes printed on them? This could make a really special but also useful gift!

7. Warm-up gear
Before a dancer starts class they should be stretching and warming up their muscles and usually, they will do this with a few custom pieces of dancer warm-up clothing on. Generally, most schools allow students to keep a few layers of clothing on over their leotards during a warm-up. These warm-up pieces made by specialty dancewear manufacturers might include woolen tights, leg warmers, dance pants, knitted pullover and more.

8. Dance Uniform
Does your dancer want a special jacket, sweater or hoodie as part of their dance school uniform or something similar? Sometimes these items are not part of the official uniform but are offered as an extra. For example, my daughter’s dance school have a hoodie with the dance schools logo on it and students can get their names printed on the back. She is allowed to wear it to class and to warm up in, but they have a separate tracksuit to wear for competitions and are allowed to wear any sweater to warm up in. We didn’t need to get the hoodie, and I was going to secretly order it for a gift, but she wanted it so badly that she ended up paying for it herself with her savings. Had she not had the money, it would have been an excellent gift!

9. Costumes
Did you know that parents pay a costume fee for their child to participate in a recital? If you are a friend or relative perhaps you could offer to pay this fee for the dancer! Or does your dancer do competitions and have their eye on a certain costume that is out of the budget you set? This might make a great surprise present that they weren’t expecting, especially if you set them up to think they are getting the version that was on budget!

10. Period Underwear
Do you have a close relationship with the dancer you are buying a gift for? Well, perhaps period underwear is the unique and perfect gift you are looking for and coming in at over $20 a pair they are certainly giftable! It is hard being a female dancer and not knowing when your period might arrive or be on the last days of your period and wanting a better solution than you already have. Period underwear is reusable, washable underwear that can hold 1-4 teaspoons of liquid depending on the style chosen, making them a great option for dancers on their light days or for extra protection from leaking or when you are waiting for your period arrive. You can check out our review and recommendations on our resource page here.

10 Experiences You Can Gift a Dancer….

1. Pay for their Dance Classes
Did you know that most dance schools charge fees on a monthly or term basis? As a parent perhaps you could decide to add on an extra lesson your child has been wanting to do as a present or gift for them. If you are a friend or relative maybe you could ask how much a month or term of lessons costs and pay or put money towards those.

2. Dance Camps, Intensives and Conventions
A dance camp, intensive or convention is either a class, day or week of classes taught by experts in the industry. Perhaps your dancer has been wanting to attend one but couldn’t either because of the cost or distance. It could be that you buy them their class tickets or even offer to drive them or pay for their bus or airfare as a gift or present.

3. Tickets to a professional performance
Everyone loves going to a good Ballet or Broadway performance. Check out what shows are being produced both locally and within your dancer’s state and you will be sure to find something they will like attending. And perhaps the best bit would be if you were able to personally take them and spend time with them!

4. Tickets to a performance at a school they are interested in attending
Is your dancer thinking of changing dance schools or studying dance at a pre-professional dance school or studying dance in college? You could buy them tickets to those schools next performance to help them make their decision or help them take their next leap to further their dance training and career.

5. A private dance lesson with you
Whether the person you are buying for is a ballerina or a hip hop dancer, enjoying a social dance lesson with them will always be fun and a great way to spend some one on one time with one another and create memories that will last a lifetime. You can find a class like this by looking for a ballroom dance school near you and either signing up for a group class or requesting private tuition.

6. A private lesson with a sought after teacher
Could you organize a one-off class or series of private lessons for your dancer with an expert or sought after teacher, dancer or choreographer that they admire? The best way to check if someone does this is by looking at their social media pages where they might have a contact form just for these occasions, or by ringing a venue where they already teach to get in contact with them.

7. Massage or other remedial experience
I would be hard-pressed to come by a dancer who didn’t enjoy a massage or some other form of remedial experience whether it be acupuncture, cupping or reflexology. An hour of whichever form of therapy you believe most in, will always be gratefully received by a dancer.

8. Pilates or Progressing Ballet introduction class or term
Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on developing core strength within a person and is not just for dancers. Progressing Ballet Technique however is a form of exercise that helps dancers connect with correctly using their muscles and increasing dancer muscle memory, but classes are not available everywhere. Both forms of exercise are beneficial for dancers, and gifting an introduction class or a term of classes could be just what your dancer needs to help give them that edge in improving.

9. Intro class or term in a style they have never tried
Has your dancer ever said oooh I would like to try that African dance class or a salsa lesson or even learn the newest style to hit the dance class hit list the Waacking Technique? But because these lessons would be more for fun they haven’t tried them? Perhaps an intro class in the style or a term of lessons can help keep their passion for dance burning!

10. Tour of a top ballet school/theatre
This one you might not even have to pay for! Is there a prestigious ballet school in your town or state that has an open day for prospective students? Find out and then gift the experience to your dancer by taking them! I can remember going and watching classes at the state school of the arts on their open day and I absolutely loved it! The problem was I went only with some other dance friends and all I thought was how inadequate I was compared to those girls and how there was no way I would ever get in – I am sure that if I had, had a supportive adult with me encouraging me perhaps I might have thought more positively and perhaps even had the courage to audition for that school! Theatres and Ballet/Dance companies also have open days and tours throughout the year, but these you generally have to pay for and book in advance to attend, but would also make a great gift for a dancer.

10 DIY Gifts you can make for a Dancer

Click on the headings for direct links to products or our reviews and resource pages!

1. Dance shoe bag/slip or cover
Can you sew? How about making some shoe slips or covers to help organize your dancer’s shoes in their dance bag? A simple slip can be made by sewing two rectangular pieces of material together and sewing in a drawstring at the opening. You could paint on, sew on or embroider a cute design or word as well.

2. Knitted or crotcheted dancewear
Can you knit or crotchet? How about knitting a pair of leg warmers or crotcheting a dance top for your dancer?

3. Knitted or crotcheted key chain or Christmas ornament
You aren’t just limited to clothing you could crochet or knit a ballet slipper to put on a key ring or make into a unique Christmas ornament.

4. Dancer Memory Display
Has you dancer recently grown out of their dance shoes, do they have a lot of medals or ribbons and do you have lots of photos of them in their dance gear? How about making a memory display for their wall from all this memorabilia!

5. Photobook of your dancer
Do you have a million photos of your dancer on your phone? How about uploading them to a photo book service and giving your child a copy. It might even work out as a great gift for their grandparents, godparents or aunts and uncles if they are avid followers of their dance journey.

6. DVD of your dancer
Do you get your dancers solo routines filmed at competitions but have them on a few different DVDs or USBs? Do you have every annual recital DVD but your dancer is only in two out of the 20 routines on each DVD? Consider putting all the performances of your child together into one move project. You could create a menu so they could access each performance individually or just press play and let them watch all of them one after the other.

7. DIY Dance Ribbons
Do you have a younger dancer? How about making them some handheld dance ribbons that they can shake and wave whilst dancing at home.

8. Wall Art
Now I am not an artist but I am fairly sure I could do a crayon melt picture or a splat painting where you cut out the silhouette of a dancer and allow the melt the crayons and allow them to drip down around the silhouette or splat on paint then remove the silhouette to get the image of the dancer left inside the paint splats. Combine this with your dancer’s name or a quote and you have a personalized and meaningful present for your dancer.

9. Dance Wear
Can you sew? Buy some material and make your dancer a new pair of leggings or a unique crop top that no one else will ever have!

10. Hair Accessories
Hair accessories can be quick and easy to make. Source a whole heap of ballet trinkets from the dollar store or online and use a glue gun to combine these with ribbon and rhinestones to create one of a kind dance-themed clips, pins and, berets for your dancer.

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