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Damage To Port Side Tube "Wing"

As a welder in previous life, a good welder/metalworker can repair that if you get another deflector. They can remove the old one by "cutting" off around the stitch welds, and cleaning up where the old welds are, re-weld a new one in it's place. I would not wait on a tube replacement as it might take forever and what happens if it does not line up correctly or wrong tube get's shipped. (yes, these are previous post issues). I would not be at all concerned if they have a quality welder available to do the work, and they are covering the bill.
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Thread: Logic, on TAP Fins

Thanks for the opportunity to explain and show how the TAP Fins came about.
Way back when tooning was for old folks the log was small and they had a small splash fin in front, and still do. But as we all can see they have come a long way. With smaller logs the under wash just hammered the under side of the deck, so people got to thinking and they under skinned them. Big improvement, as time went on ,bigger motors went on for more speed. I used our pontoon more for camping and just cruising but got out in too many pop up storms and needed to get in faster due to the ruff waves.
Seeing that Ive been in collision work most of my life I saw this as a collsion with water and set out to fix it.
Like papasmurf said most pontoons plow in the waves yet, I saw that force as energy... and I was going to make it work for me. So I took my body shop skills and applied them . What came out is the TAP Fins,(Techically Advanced Performance)
Strakes work great if your going straight.. like Carl said but while turning the side force make you skid. The fins, on the other hand, carve. With strakes your ride is harder (like a jon boat) due to the flat surface.
But, no matter what style you have or want ,...Pontooning is the best way to go, for friends and loved ones.

Thanks, Malcolm.

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what are the fins coming off the sides of transom

Re: what are the fins coming off the sides of transom

EGlideRider said:

They will provide some lift at speed but the lift is insignificant. I would assume you already have these fins on your transom because most pontoons do. Did a particular problem or concern prompt your post?

Underskinning and lifting strakes on an 18', 40hp is a waste of money because you will notice no improvements in performance and, in fact, probably a decrease in performance due to the added weight.

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The splash fins do provide a very small amount of lift. The other reason for them is the reduce splash at transom, which will reduce some water drag. Look under at speeds and you'll see how they help. To say that underskinning an 18' toon is a waste, would be misinformation, you'll get a smoother ride and a few mpg/mph from doing so. The weight is small compared to benifits. I have seen nothing but sucess with underskinning. And at Lake Cumberland there are hundreds of pontoons.


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