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bootmod3 Release Notes

Purpose of this document is to provide bootmod3 users with a central location for release notes describing changes to the overall platform, new features released and ongoing changes and updates to various OTS Maps. 

Platform Release Notes

This section lists changes to the bootmod3 overall platform such as new screens and changes to the bootmod3 OBD Agent.

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August 9, 2021:

B48-T0 OTS map update is out  - Version 2.0

The new OTS maps have gone through a huge revision this time.

  • CHN91 (Chinese 91) OTS maps have been added for poor fuel quality with lesser ignition timing and slightly less boost pressure over the ACN91 OTS maps.

  • We also added E30 OTS maps for those who'd like some more power on their 4 banger 
  • AGG OTS maps have been optimized for burble so they are really aggressive this time, duration and aggresion have been changed to suit the map name.

  • Drivability overall have been improved, yet with better throttle response. This is done through a different torque strategy compared to previous maps making the car feel more comfortable during slow driving but a beast when going WOT 
Enjoy ! 

Version 2.0, August 8th 2021:

- New torque strategy

- TCU limitation removed

- Improved drivability

June 16, 2021:
bootmod3 CustomROM (MapSwitching,FlexFuel,AntiLag) N55-M2 Engine Support and the New Map Editor - Now Available!

For details refer to this link:
bootmod3 CustomROM Features + New Map Editor + UI Enhancements

June 2, 2021:

B58-T0-C and B58-T0-D OTS map update is out- Version 2.3

The new update utilizes an increase of TCU limitation to the ECU. This allows for more midrange torque combined with a new boost control strategy.
Moreover, the drivability has greatly improved. Casual driving is now totally different and has a stock-like feeling until pedal goes all the way down.
Ignition timing during spool has also been changed allowing for a slightly quicker spool.

Key features:

  • Major improvements on drivability
  • TCU limitation of 550NM has been lifted
  • Boost control has been improved
  • Aggressive OTS map versions now have a more deep burble sound

May 12, 2021:
bootmod3 CustomROM (MapSwitching,FlexFuel,AntiLag) N55 EWG Engine Support and the New Map Editor - Now Available!

For details refer to this link:
bootmod3 CustomROM Features + New Map Editor + UI Enhancements

March 11, 2021:
bootmod3 CustomROM (MapSwitching,FlexFuel,AntiLag) S55 Engine Support and the New Map Editor - Now Available!

For details refer to this link:
bootmod3 CustomROM Features + New Map Editor + UI Enhancements

January 11, 2021:

Full support for S55 ROM 066479 added 

N63T2 OTS maps are now available 

Stage 1/2 maps for ACN91, 91, 93 and E30 octanes


Stage 1 ACN91 octane 12%HP / 22%TQ

Stage 1 91 octane 14% HP / 25% TQ

Stage 1 93 octane 19% HP / 27% TQ

Stage 1 E30 octane 25% HP / 30% TQ

Stage 2 ACN91 octane 14% HP / 25% TQ

Stage 2 91 octane 18% HP / 28% TQ

Stage 2 93 octane 24% HP / 30% TQ

Stage 2 E30 octane 31% HP / 33% TQ

December 11, 2020:

Minor OTS map update for the B48-F-H (Version 2.1)

The ACN91 octane OTS maps has been updated to provide a more solid and stable OTS map for people who only have access to really poor fuels.

This new set of ACN OTS maps has been tested with a lot of cars all over the world in different altitude, fuels and weather.

Ignition timing targets have been changed to prevent ignition timing corrections, together with a slighly richer air to fuel mixture reducing overall potential knock.

Moreover load and torque structure has been changed to provide a maximum load and torque over a given RPM range.

More updates to come !

November 26, 2020:

B48-F-H OTS map update version 2.0 is now out!

Completely new strategy on the new OTS map has been carried out.

Torque calculation and boost control has been changed.

Ignition timing advanced has been changed as well to minimize ignition timing corrections for all the octanes available.

All this results in a flat torque band giving the user great power towards redline.

Map info:

Version 2.0, November 26 2020:
- New torque structure
- Ignition timing revised
- Boost control revised
- Power increase

July 3, 2020:

S58 OTS map version 2.4 is out!

After gathering tons of datalogging from users across the world, even more improvements were found, applied and tested 

These findings resulted in a smoother boost curve at high engine speed allowing for a more clean ignition timing curve thus more efficient power, especially on stage 1 cars with stock hardware.

Furthermore, burble is now working better for cars with particulate filter (OPF).Version 2.4, July 3 2020:
- Boost taper at high RPM fixed
- Unstable wgdc at high RPM fixed
- Burble activation for OPF cars

May 10, 2020:

B58-G Stage 2+ OTS maps now available!

The stock turbo can flow on the B58, but the limitation is the HPFP, with the B58TU HPFP or Dorch Engineering HPFP you can unleash the true beast of your B58!

Boost pressure is around 20 psi

Required hardware:

- High flow downpipe

- Upgraded fuel pump (Dorch Engineering or B58TU fuel pump)


- OEM BMW B58TU Fuel pump part # 13518631642 - This fuel pump is plug and play, Map Configuration should be left unchanged or set to OEM

- If using the Dorch Fuel pump, Map Configuration for the HPFP should be set to DORCH

We recommend XHP transmission flash to take advantage of the high torque

B58-G OTS map version 2.1 is now available!

Version 2.1, May 10 2020:
- Boost and load control changes

We spent a lot of time on boost and load control on this Version 2.1

Slightly powerincrease on the topend.

Some users would experience overboost in the lower RPM range causing a midrange to drop slightly in power.

This should now be resolved.

B48 F series hybrid OTS map update - Version 2.0 is now available!

ACN91 and E30 Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS maps has also been added

New boost and load control, making spool faster and throttle wide open!

Version 2.0, May 7, 2020:

- Boost control changes

March 31, 2020:

N20-EWG-H-P ACN91 octane OTS maps are now available!

March 24, 2020:

Full support added for ROM R4C9F4C6B (B58-T0-C engine)

B58-T0-C OTS map update version 2.2 is out!

Version 2.2, March 18 2020:

  • Fully reworked load and boost control
  • Major throttle closure fix post gearchange

February 28, 2020:

Full support added for ROM V4C9F4C6B (N63B engine)

February 27, 2020:

N20-EWG-L-P ACN91 octane OTS maps are now available!

February 22, 2020:

N55-PWG172X OTS map update version 8.1 is out!

Version 8.1, February 22, 2020:

  • Boost/load control changed
  • Power and torque increase

N55-EWG OTS map update version 7.1 is out!

Version 7.1, February 22, 2020:

  • Boost/load control changed
  • Power and torque increase

February 19, 2020:

New tables added for B48/B58/B58C/B58D/S58

  • LopAsst load limit due to HPFP temperature
  • LoPGovr volume flow fuel boost mode hysteresis right
  • Low priority HPFP control over RPM (PWM)
  • Railpressure deviation

These tables are found under the category 'New tables'

February 18, 2020:

Stage 0+ (M2) calibration added for N55-PWG172X

New table added for B48/B58/B58C/B58D/S58

Injection flow volume for calculation of the HPFP capacity calculation

N20-PWG L map version 4.3 is out!

Version 4.3, February 12 2020:

  • Boost control changes
  • Load changes
  • Ignition timing changes
  • Lambda changes

N20-EWG-L-9 map version 3.0 is out!

Version 3.0, February 10, 2020:

  • Sport display adjusted
  • Load control changes
  • Boost control changes
  • Ignition timing changes

Stage 1 and 2 E30 octane OTS maps are now available

AGG version of E30 octane OTS is available

N20-EWG-L-P map version 4.5 is out!

Version 4.5, February 10, 2020:

  • Boost control changes
  • Ignition timing changes

Stage 1 and 2 E30 octane OTS maps are now available

AGG version of E30 octane OTS is available

S58 map version 2.3 is out!

Version 2.3, February 1 2020:

  • CEL off for downpipes fixed
  • Intertal torque changes

New tables added for S58 

  • Decat DTC 3 - set to zero
  • Decat DTC 4 - set to zero
  • Internal torque limit
  • Maximum permitted start speed

N55-PWG172 map version 5.0 is out!

Version 5.0, January 31 2020:

  • Burble changes so config changes applies
  • Boost and load control changes
  • Drivability improvement
  • Sportdisplay changed
  • Catheating disabled for stage 2 maps

Jan 29, 2020:

S58 OTS map version 2.2 is up!

  • RPM limit fix to prevent limp mode

S58 OTS maps are up!

Stage 1 ACN91, 91, 93 and E30 octane

Stage 2 ACN91, 91, 93 and E30 octane

Racegas and AGG stage 2 OTS maps are available

New tables added for S63T4 

  • Mass flow quotient for Load (Ceiling) bank 2
  • Mass flow quotient for MAF Sensor (Ceiling) bank 2
  • Exhaust flap sportmode - 1
  • Exhaust flap sportmode - 2

New tables added for B48/B58/B48TU/B58TU/S58/S63T4

  • Factor on target boost pressure for calculating the maximum value of the pressure hystersis
  • Filter constant for boost target
  • Filter constant for the dynamic boost target
  • Filter constant between max boost target and actual boost

Jan 27, 2020:

New tables added for B48/B58/B48TU/B58TU/S58

  • Maximum permitted start speed
  • Maximum permitted start speed (sport plus mode)
  • Highest possible engine speed for gearbox protection
  • Highest possible engine speed for gearbox protection 2
  • Highest possible engine speed for gearbox protection (6MT)
  • RPM limit in sport mode
  • RPM limit during launch control
  • RPM limit in ECO mode,
  • RPM limit in comfort mode
  • RPM limit for VVT
  • RPM limit during throttled operation
  • RPM limit for component protection (6MT)
  • RPM limit for component protection (AT)

Jan 27, 2020:

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9F4G5B is now added. 

Jan 27, 2020:
M Performance map for N55-PWG172 is up!

  • Free map, useful for learning the basic steps in tuning - Learn how BMW does it!

Jan 24, 2020:
v0.10.092 is now available.
Fix applied and confirmed that removes Online recode function. It is no longer needed for any reflash scenario and will be removed from the Diagnostics screen in a future release.

Jan 23, 2020:

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9H6D5B and R4C9J755B is now added. 


Jan 22, 2020:

v0.10.089 is now available
Updates include:

  • Updated 4bar TMAP support including an option to use 'ORIGINAL' for it (for custom tuning)
  • Cold start (cat heating) map config change for MG1 Aurix cars B58-T0-C and B58-T0-D cars (Supra, G05 X5, etc).
  • More DTC (trouble codes) English translations added
  • Implemented a change to recoding the DME on MEVD cars (N13, N20, N55, S55, S63tu, N63tu), should remove need to Online Recode for good. Keeping the Online Recode button under Diagnostics still for the time being.
  • Diagnostics -> Read codes, fixed issue with descriptions not showing up.
  • Popup error that mentioned Needing full flash before recoding, resolved.
  • Offline mode: Fixed menu items not showing up after last release's Help menu addition
  • About Screen, reset settings button fix

OBD Agent v0.10.089 is now the minimum required agent release to use.

Jan 20, 2020:

New BETA testing tables added for B48/B58/B48TU/B58TU/S58

Torque above which multiple injection shall not be enabled
Injection timing end of injection
Injection map for high-pressure pump efficiency factor
Injection Monitoring maximum control angle high-pressure pump Setpoint
Maximum injection timing start of injection
Load limit factor based on start of injection

Jan 16, 2020:

New tables added for B48/B58/B48TU/B58TU/S58

  • Minimal pedal percentage to activate overboost for 6MT cars
  • Minimal pedal percentage to activate overboost for AT cars
  • Maximum pressure limitation during a boost error event (raise)
  • Characteristic curve of maximum relative fuel mass for plausibility check of the high pressure system

Jan 16, 2020:

S58 Stage 1 93 and E30 octane OTS maps are up!

Jan 13, 2020:

bootmod3 0.10.085 release is now out!

- New vehicle support
- (Map Config) Bosch 4bar TMAP sensor support on all MEVD DME cars (N20, N55, S55, S63tu, N63tu).
- (Map Config) Dorch Engineering HPFP support for 1st gen B58 (B58-F and B58-G, non-T0)
- X3M "Stage 1" OTS maps available in open beta under "OTS Maps". S58 with the 4400lb X3M is showing incredible gains so far including 10.8sec 1/4mile with no mods and just E30 octane, 11.0 on just 93 octane!
- Various dashboard and logging enhancements and fixes
Boost Target math channel added for logging target above ~22psi (2.5bar absolute). This has been available by adding Boost target and deviation channels since the beginning but now its just easier. RAM variable logging tested and coming very soon with additional channels
- Agent startup time further reduced
- "Special Agent" no longer a 'thing' for those with bench unlock DMEs. As of this release you'd simply use the standard release and not touch the unlock/relock.

B58-T0-C OTS map version 2.0 is up!

Version 2.0, December 18 2019:

  • Boost control changed
  • Ignition timing advance changed
  • Power increase
  • Boost target changes
Dec 16, 2019

New tables added for B48/B58/B48TU/B58TU

  • OPF torque limiter (only for OPF cars)
  • OPF torque limiter 2 (only for OPF cars) 

N20-EWG-H-P OTS version 3.0 is up!

Version 3.0, December 16 2019

  • Boost control changes
  • Ignition advance changes
Dec 9, 2019

N63-1728 OTS map version 2.0 and N63-172H OTS map version 5.0 are up!

  • New load strategy
  • Boost control changed
  • Ignition timing target changed
Nov 30, 2019

New table added for B48 B58 TU engines

  • Full load characteristic in the function monitoring
Nov 22, 2019

New tables added for B48 B58 and TU engines

  • Torque limit 4
  • Minimum speed for enabling torque regulation (set to 10)
  • Minimum RPM for global torque limiter release (set to 1000)

Nov 19, 2019

New table added for B48 B58 and TU engines

  • Burble activation for OPF cars - set to 1
Nov 17, 2019

New table added for B48 B58 and TU engines

  • Switch for pressure loss over the catalytic converter (set to zero)
Nov 16, 2019

S55 map update to V9.1 and V2.1 (OPF cars)

Version 2.1/9.1, November 14 2019:

  • Boost control changes
  • Surge fix as reported by some users
Nov 11, 2019

New table added for B48 B58 and TU engines

  • Maximum boost on intake manifold for PID limitation
Nov 7, 2019

New tables added for B48 B58 and TU engines

  • Load limitation at HPFP max value
  • Torque limitation at K0
Nov 4, 2019

New tables added for B48 B58 engines

  • Factor for switching between dynamic boost control (sport mode)
  • Integration constant for I-gain
  • Overboost activation (6MT)
  • Overboost activation (Auto)
  • Overboost torque increase
  • Overboost activation dependent on modes
  • Overboost activation (Auto)
  • Torque limiter in Eco mode (6MT)
  • Torque limiter in Eco mode (Auto)
  • Torque limiter during Launch control (6MT)
  • Torque limiter during Launch control (Auto)
  • Torque limiter with e-boost (6MT)
  • Torque limiter with e-boost (Auto)
  • Torque limiter emergency mode
  • Torque limiter emergency mode (Auto)
Nov 2, 2019

B48TU OTS maps are now available !

Full table support for all available ROMs is also finalized and ready to be used in the editor for custom tuning 👊

Gains are as advised:

30i models:

  • Stage 1 91 octane: up to 14% HP / 26% TQ

  • Stage 1 93 octane: up to 16% HP / 26% TQ

  • Stage 2 91 octane: up to 16% HP / 28% TQ

  • Stage 2 93 octane: up to 18% HP / 28% TQ

Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps available

Race gas and E30 octane maps are on the way!

Nov 1, 2019

New tables added

  • Limit for the maximum calculated torque output raw (NM)
  • Limit for the maximum calculated power output raw (kW)
  • Activation of fuel request for burble
  • Burble switch - set to 3
  • Burble switch - set to 1
  • Gearbox dependent switch for burble - set to zero across
  • Shift dependent burble switch - set to 2
  • Switch for fuel cutoff transition - set to 1
  • Switch for burble - set to zero across
Oct 25, 2019

N55-PWG172X Version 8.0 OTS maps are out!

Far improved boost control than prior version and increased power throughout the RPM range!

  • Boost target increased
  • Boost control changed
  • New load strategy
  • Sport display calibrated

Oct 24, 2019

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9J718B is now added.

New tables up for B48TU and B58TU:

  • Minimum vehicle speed for global release control
  • Necessary delta torque after intervention for FS for clutchprotection
  • Maximum possible clutch torque at error of sensors
  • Minimum permissible limiting torque
  • Minimum driver request torque for enabling the control
  • Minimum desired torque for diagnosis enable shadow error memory
  • Delta torque with disabled I-controller

‘MAX cooling mode’ - this will reduce your water coolant targets by 10 degrees Celsius and applies to ALL engines and ROM versions!

Moreover, for the B engines this enables the intercooler pump to be active at all times to lower intake air temperatures.

GTS startup roar for the N55 EWG and PWG172X 

All of this is to be found in the ‘config’ menu

Oct 16, 2019

OBD Agent v0.10.082 is now released. Change includes updated sync functionality of server's last flashed map and additional support on MG1 Aurix (B58-T0 and B48-T0 cars) DME cars.

New tables up for B58TU for cars with OPF to prevent load tapering towards redline

  • Reduction factor for OPF cars - set to 1
  • Torque reduction switch 1 - set to 0
  • Torque reduction switch 2 - set to 0
  • Selection of the correction method for lambda setpoint - set to zero
  • Torque reduction - set to 9000 across
Oct 15, 2019

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9H5C5B is now added.

Oct 15, 2019

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9F4E6B is now added.

Oct 13, 2019

Full support for N20 PWG-H ROM version 543898 is now added.

Oct 7, 2019

Full support for B58TU R4C9H6B5B is now added.

This ROM is found in cars with the B58TU engine (Supra, M340 and Z4 M40)

Oct 2, 2019

S63-1728 OTS map update - Version 5.0

  • Boost/load control changes
  • Boost target changes
Sept 30, 2019

New tables added for B engines

  • Torque limiter switch for emission - set to zero
  • Torque limiter switch for emission 2 - set to zero
Sept 26, 2019

New tables added for B engines

  • Switch for load limitation at rich AFR
  • Lambda rich limit for load limitation
Sept 12, 2019 
  • OBD Agent update 0.10.080
    •  Added a pre-run check to 'online recode' to only allow the run if coding is missing
Sept 10, 2019 
  • A90/J29 Toyota Supra release
  • OBD Agent 0.10.079 release 
    • Additional vehicle support

    • Further connection handling/detection enhancements

    • Changes/enhancement to recoding process

Aug 16, 2019 
  • N55-EWG ACN91 octane OTS maps are now available!

    Stage 1 ACN91 octane

    Stage 2 ACN91 octane
    Stage 2 ACN91 octane (AGG)
    Stage 2H ACN91 octane

Aug 8, 2019 
  • bootmod3 New DME Programming Support - MG1 Aurix!

    Development and testing has now been completed on the MG1 Aurix DME programming. That includes the new 2020 Toyota Supra (A90 / J29) among others such as the BMW F90 M5, the new G29 Z4, X5 40i, m340i, G20 330i, etc.

    *** NOTE: OTS Maps testing is in beta and we look forward to sharing results very soon! ***

July 23, 2019 
  • BMW B48 support has now been released out of closed beta and is available to the general public
May 28, 2019 
  • OBD Agent 0.10.071 Release
    • It automates a full flash if anything is off with current state of DME including coding removing the need for anyone to know they should try a full flash for recovery.
    • New feature for map config:  Upgraded ignition coils support from Precision Racewerks (PR) - N55 Engine.  Take your ignition to the next level, far better than OEM. 
May 24, 2019
  •  OBD Agent 0.10.070 Release
    • Enhanced data monitoring enabling full time dash without drops. Data handling changes for the upcoming auto-logging/monitoring support
    • Various minor changes around dash/logging start/stop and diagnostics
    • Startup speed improvements and reconnect enhancements especially for Wifi devices. Fixed bug that required the app to be restarted at times when used with a wifi device
December 3, 2018
  • OBD Agent and System version 0.10.042
    • Additional DTC (diagnostic trouble code) descriptions
    • XDI's HPFP fuel pump support through Map Configuration (N55 engine)
    • Map Configuration screen available across all maps, OTS as well as custom
October 11, 2018
  • OBD Agent and System version 0.10.037
    • DTC (diagnostic trouble code) descriptions now available for all vehicle ECUs expanding on previously available DME codes
October 10, 2018
  • OBD Agent and System version 0.10.036
    • Additional map configuration settings for exhaust burble
    • Additional granularity for settings in the map config screen for existing options
October 2, 2018
  • OBD Agent and System version 0.10.035
    • Datalog/dash speed improvements
    • Vehicle detection enhancements
September 18, 2018
  • OBD Agent and system version 0.10.033
    • Further flash process and speed optimization
    • Fix for dash freezing and intermittent datalog flatlines for some devices
August 16, 2018
  • New map configuration option: Boost By Gear (% Reduction)
  • New vehicle support: M2 Competition
  • OBD Agent and system version 0.10.029
June 15, 2018
  • Error message cleanup in OBD Agent and updates for the Full Flash/recovery option.
June 11, 2018
  • Rev Match map config support for M3/M4 and M2 with manual transmission
    • Toggle rev match ON/OFF for ECO, SPORT and SPORT PLUS
  • OBD Agent update 0.10.024, further ROM support

May 31, 2018
  • OBD Agent update 0.10.023, changes for handling dual DME (S63tu/N63tu) flash recovery
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) updates published for 0.10.023
March 27, 2018
  • Map Configuration screen added enabling adjustability for features on OTS Maps such as:
    • Exhaust Burble (OEM, OTS, Custom, OFF)
    • Cold Start (cat heating) OFF and OEM
    • Cold Start Idle RPM
    • TMAP Sensor switch for N20 TMAP Sensor where applicable
    • Exhaust flaps OPEN in Sport mode, or OEM
    • Speed Limiter defeat (VMAX off)
    • Cat Monitors CEL off for off-road/race car configuration 

S55 Release Notes

  • Version 8.6, August 20 2018:
    • Load changes at higher IAT
  • Version 8.5, July 20, 2018
    • Burble Fixes for 4000rpm and upwards

  • Version 8.4: June 2018 
    • Revmatch in Sport Plus for 6MT
  • Version 8.3, May 26 2018:
  • Version 8.2, May 15 2018:
  • Version 8.1, May 7, 2018:
    • Fueling Adjustments for E30 maps 
  • Version 8, April 26, 2018:
    • ZCP burble fixed
    • CSL map added to the free OTS collection (It is slightly stronger than the GTS) 
    • Added NEW - Stage 2 RaceGas Map (Unleaded) octane mapping: US: 100+ octane (VP MS100/103/109), Euro: 102+ RON

N55-M2 Release Notes

  • Version 5.5, August 29 2018:
  • Version 5.4, July 18, 2018
  • Version 5.3, May 17, 2018
    • Burble intensity lowered across all maps
    • Stage 2 91 octane with aggressive burble added
    • Stage 2 E30 with aggressive burble added
  • Version 5.2, May 17, 2018
    • Boost target moved from 16.5 to 17psi for Stage 2 E30 map
  • Version 5.1, May 7, 2018 
    • Fueling Adjustments for E30 maps 
  • Version 5, March 30 2018:
    • More potent burbles for stage 2 OTS maps
    • Fixes missing burble for some cars, especially 6MT
    • GTS startup roar
    • Burble limited to specific modes

N55-EWG Release Notes

  • Version 6.1, September 7, 2018:
    - Erratic throttle fixed at low speeds
  • Version 6, April 26, 2018:
    • Added NEW - Stage 2 RaceGas Map (Unleaded) octane mapping: US: 100+ octane (VP MS100/103/109), Euro: 102+ RON
  • Verison 6, March 18, 2018:
    • MPPK inspired throttle input
    • Fixing sport display to 480HP/640NM
    • Burble fixes, stage 2 is now a little more high pitching
    • Airmass max limiter increased, some guys experienced airmass codes with intakes after the tune
  • Version 5, February 28 2018:
    • Sport display increase
    • Catheating disabled on stage 2 OTS
    • Burble min set to 1000RPM, max to 7000RPM
    • Min oil temp for burble allowance set to 0 celcius

N55-PWG-172X Release Notes

  • Version 7, April 17 2018:
    • Stage 2 91/93/E30 Aggressive burble maps are now available
  • Version 7, April 13 2018:
    • Recalibration of torque requests
    • Revised boost control
    • Minor coldstart changes
    • Burble support added
  • Version 6, April 10 2018:
    • Burble support added for elder ROMs
  • Version 5, March 25 2018:
    • Burble support added for more ROMs
    • Burble at downshift (might not be supported with elder ROM versions)
    • Zero to no burble in comfort
    • Revised boost targets 
    • Speed limiter set to 200mph
    • Increased airmass upper limit

N55-PWG-172 Release Notes

  • Version 4.1, July 12 2018:
    • Burble enabled in different modes
  • Version 4, June 7, 2018:
  • Version 3.1, May 24, 2018:
  • Version 3, May 17, 2018:
    • Boost target on Stage 1 maps at 13.7psi
    • Boost target on Stage 2 maps at 15.5psi
  • Version 2, April 9 2018:
    • Revised boost control
    • Throttle changes for better response
    • Revised timing for 93OCT maps
    • Overall a much cleaner map

N55-PWG-172-AH3 Release Notes

  • Version 2, June 27, 2018:
    • Boost changes
    • Burble fixes
    • Stage 2 AGG maps available

S63TU-1728 Release Notes

S63TU-172H Release Notes

  • Version 2, April 27, 2018:
    • Sport display fixed
    • Coldstart delete added to stage 2 maps
    • Revised boost control
    • Revised ignition advance

N63TU-1728 Release Notes

N63TU-172H Release Notes

  • Version 4, April 30, 2018:
    • Sport display increase
    • Coldstart delete added to stage 2 maps
    • Revised boost targets for the different stages and octane
    • Revised boost control
    • Revised ignition advance
    • Lambda floor added

N20-EWG-L-P Release Notes

  • Version 4, June 6 2018:
    • Revised boost control
    • Startup fix
    • HPFP tables revised
    • Burble updated

N20-EWG-H-P Release Notes

  • Version 2.1, June 16 2018:

N20-EWG-L-9 Release Notes

  • Version 2.1, December 13 2018:
  • Version 2, June 12, 2018:
    • Revised boost control to reach target

N20-EWG-H-9 Release Notes

N20-PWG-L Release Notes

  • Version 4, June 14 2018:
  • Version 3, May 31 2018:
    • Revised boost control
    • Burble fixes for some ROM versions
  • Version 2, April 23 2018:
    • Revised boost control
    • Burble at deceleration
    • Burble at downshift (only for the ROMs that support it)

N20-PWG-H Release Notes

  • Version 3.1, August 11 2018
    - Burble changes

N13 Release Notes

  • Version 1, June 14 2018:
    • Stage 1 91 and 93 octane OTS maps are now available


Originally Posted by badblack550xiView Post

you are probably new on here as i see, but all of my cars are actually 1/4 record holders they are not dyno queens still holding records since 2014.
numbers i gave you are dynojet numbers, my Mustang dyno record 1/4 car is as follow 427AWHP 475AWTQ.

That doesn't explain what your tune has to offer to the community. Congrats on the accomplishment though. But you veered of the topic of discussion. What does your tune offer in terms of drivability, fueling trim, overall powerband curve.

"For example. All the tunes out there piggyback or flash for the F10 / N55 have all claimed peak numbers, but only peak numbers and nothing that held across redline. So if my goal was to peak at 350whp, but at 5000 rpm I started dropping and by 6000 rpm I was flat-on-my-face with 200whp, the fun in that tune is short lived.

Currently on the new tune I am hitting 345whp at 5100 Rpm and 310whp at 7k rpm! This is a big deal and here's why. Previously I was making 345/500. It was 345whp at 3100rpm and 200whp at 6500 rpm with torque steadily holding but no extra power being made, something was amiss. Now with 100 ft lbs less torque, I am making the same power and holding power across to redline. A 345/400 car that holds to redline is a much more powerful car then a car at 200whp / 6500 rpm for obvious reasons.

When another 535 is shifting around 5500 rpm with an available 200whp, I'm still making over 310whp to 7k rpm and then I shift. Now thats a high reving BMW and on par with e90 M3 performance.

Peak boost is 19 psi and holds 13psi to redline. That the secret sauce."

Do you understand my question more clearly now that I presented you with an example of powerband curve?
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Originally Posted by AZTWWView Post

To add to this, there are very dynos from N63tu tuners. If you look at Mission Performance dynos for their tune, the baseline for a 550i was 393rwhp and the stage 1 puts down 464 for a 71rwhp net.

I have seen other n63tu dynos as well and the consensus seems to be around 390rwhp, which if you do the math (15% drive train loss on a rwd vehicle) puts it at 458 crack. This is right in line with typical BMW under claiming actual HP.

The dyno BPC is showing at the net +127 claim seems a bit odd. I am not sure what vehicle they were running but it only did 350rwhp stock, far less than the 550i in the other example. Still using a dynojet, this would be only 409 crank under the same math assumptions. That crank number looks like the old n63 number to me and far less than factory. Even Terry @ BMS dynoed a stock 550i and it was 392.

So it makes you wonder whose claims are right. To be fair, DusH did all wheel dyno his 50i and it made 455 or something on a hot day and it was a mustang dyno which said typically reads 20hp lower than a dynojet. That would put it right into the 470awhp area. Again, this is in line with the other plots and even BPCs high number.

To me, that stock number BPC has is suspect. I think the REAL net wheel hp is somewhere around 70-75 with a stage 1 tune. This is far from aggressive for a BMW engine IMO. A stage 1 tune on my old 335i netted around the same on a dyno and that engine and platform handled it fine for years.

Hope that helps.

I would tend to agree with your statement as I would think it to be more like a 100 hp at the crank increase which would be a 70-75 at the wheels gain. Did Dush have a stock dyno baseline and then dyno with BPC flash? That’s all that would matter to see the gains he got, regardless of what type of dyno. Also keep this in mine the 550 if rwd will always put down a little more then a awd x5, more wheels turning more drivetrain loss, I even heard that auto trans all loses little more than a manual trans too. I have had my evo on both mustang and dyno jet dyno and it’s more like a 40-50 hp difference at 400 whp , my car put down 400 whp on dyno jet but only 350 on mustang. I’m going to dyno my car soon to see stock numbers before I put a piggy or flash tune on. I will post my results hoping to dyno it this Saturday and if not the next after.

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