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TRADUCTION Fate's Bite: A Vampire Hetalia Story de Aph_Drabbles

La morsure du destin est l'histoire d'une jeune femme qui vient de rentrer de plusieurs années de pensionnat à l'étranger. Sous la pression de la directrice de l'école, elle rentre chez elle pour assister à un bal somptueux. Cependant, il semble que son passé (y compris les parties dont elle a oublié l'existence) l'ait suivie une fois de plus. Après avoir accidentellement rencontré un étranger, elle s'évanouit et se réveille dans un étrange manoir.

Huit beaux inconnus la surplombent. Ils évoquent un Prédictif, la rencontre bouleversante d'un humain et d'un vampire. Cependant, il semble qu'ils aient choisi le mauvais humain. Pour éviter la mort, elle doit poursuivre le Prédictif, en choisissant une âme sœur qui lui est directement liée.

Note: C'était à l'origine une idée de Mochigi que j'ai adoptée. Malgré la simplicité de l'histoire, de sombres passés, des secrets et des dangers se cachent juste en dessous. La version jeu sera la plus aboutie des deux.


[Abus physique/violence, sang, suçage de sang, mort, insinuation de la mafia, abandon]



Selenophile [Werewolf! Germany x reader]

Anybody would have loved the sound of living in the fine European countryside. You certainly did, having dreamed of owning a cozy cottage surrounded by nothing but miles of lavish, green valleys, or forests astir with wildlife. And in a way, your wish was granted. But like every other story, there was a sick twist to the wishing part. Moving out of the city and into the isolated parts of the country was never your decision. It was more of a decision made by money, or lack of it, anyway. Ever since your dad got into that accident, you had been taking as much as you could out of your savings to help support the family. Luckily, your mother had a thing for hand-made jewelry. Making necklaces and earrings for a living in a picturesque home? That must have been a dream come true. Unfortunately, reality had a thing for ruining just about everything. For starters, it wasn't the most convenient place to settle down in. There were only three buses a day to the nearest town, which also happened to have the nearest shops. Missed one and you had to wait hours next—that was if you didn't give up and go home to make do with whatever scraps you had left. But that was only food. Going to the town’s post office to mail your goods was the only way to make revenue to buy things in the first place. After a long bus ride back from town, you cycled back home. The uneven dirt path strewn with leaves and sticks always made the trip a bumpy one, but it was worth it to see the rays of sunlight pour in through the gaps of the tree canopy. People always thought of these forests as eerily dim, but you liked the ominous ambiance. Something about it made you feel like you weren't alone. But it never bothered you. It was nice to imagine this lonely little region as more populated than actuality. You've always wanted to meet someone new, but not like this!A few days later, a heavy thump was heard against your door in the middle of the night. It was almost as if something fell on it. Narrowing your eyes at that, you made your way to the window adjacent, albeit cautiously. Then, you peered outside. Once again, any subtle wishing on your part was granted with a twist. Somebody was resting on the welcome mat. A man. A shirtless one. However, possible embarrassment was staved off by panic. There were dried black gashes in his side, resembling claw marks of some sort. "Oh my god." You muttered. Quickly unlocking the door, you swung it open and bent down to his level. Giving his head a light prod, his head rolled to the side. There, you could take a good look at his face--sharp features and brows as light as his blonde hair--scrunched up in pain and glazed over with a thin film of sweat. His rugged breathing had been muffled against the ground, but now, you could hear it loud and clear. At least you knew he wasn't dead. But dying? Quite possibly. Without a moment's hesitation, you pulled him inside. And he was far heavier than you imagined. "Gh—come on! I think it's in—” His pants scraped against the wood of your floor. "—your best interest to work with me!" Dragging his body to your bedroom with all your might, you gathered every shred of your willpower to get him onto your bed. After a few minutes of struggling, you managed, but not without breaking a sweat. This guy had to have weighed over two hundred pounds. Now that he was sprawled flat on your mattress, it became apparent why. He was built on over six feet of pure muscle. Being unconscious did not loosen his tight six-pack, which contracted at every exhale.You forced yourself to stop staring. Getting up on your feet, you ran to the kitchen, then the bathroom. Your medical knowledge was a little limited, but towels and water were a good start, right? You mulled over getting it cold or warm, but you recalled how his burning skin felt when you lugged him in.Scrambling back to your bedroom, you stopped abruptly in the doorway to spill some water over the sides of the bowl. The man was wide-awake, having sat upright only to wince from the burning in his abdomen. Without another word, you rushed to his side and settled a hand on his shoulder. "Don't get up. You'll only make it worse." Whipping his head to you with surprise, he blinked before obeying. His mind had been so hazy from the heat, he never saw you enter the room. "... You don't happen to be the... Owner of this house, do you?" The man began breathlessly, darting his half-lidded eyes to you. Their icy blue shade was a stark contrast to the rest of him--hot and feverish."There's nobody else here except me. So yes." You dipped a face towel in some cold water before offering a smile of reassurance. Wringing the towel to feel the excess drip into the bowl, you folded it and laid it across his burning forehead. When he felt the coolness of the fabric on his skin, he closed his eyes. “I see.” He murmured faintly. After hearing you were alone, he was comfortable enough to float out of consciousness again. But what he heard next snapped him awake.“I’ll have you stay until the ambulance gets here. You’ll be okay, I promise.” Before you could do so little as touch your phone on the bedside table, he shot his hand out to grab your wrist. “!” He was so fast, his arm had been nothing but a blur. But when he realized he’d startled you, he released you with an apologetic expression. “Sorry for grabbing you. There was just... No need for that. I’ll be fine.” You frowned, lowering your arm slowly. What happened to him was no scratch, so how could he refuse medical attention? His insistence was strange, even. “... But your wound... What if it gets infected?”He furrowed his brows together for a stern expression. Even then, there was something delicate in the way he looked at you—an unspoken kindness and honesty so jarring, your resolve to object shattered almost immediately. “It’s alright, trust me. It’s closed up, so I can just wait for it to heal.” Sitting up again, he made a move to slide himself off the bed much to your confusion. “What are you doing?” There was absolutely no way he could stay. Being seen at night was already pushing it, but sleeping at someone's house? That was like asking for a death wish. Perhaps not his death, but the owner's. And not exactly because the owner was female. He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to you because he stayed.Not when you were so kind enough to look after him, anyhow. “I can’t stay here and use your bed, mädchen. And I’ve troubled you enough for tonight.” The man responded with a softened gaze. But that was replaced with wariness when a wolf howled in the distance. He suddenly turned to stare out the window, and there, he was almost hypnotized by the silvery glow of the moon.Concern was all you knew as you watched him tense up in all realities. “... Was it a wolf that attacked you? Don't worry, they don't usually get this close. Just make sure to stay away from the woods at night. I hear it gets pretty creepy.” Climbing onto the bed, you reached out for the curtains and pulled them over the window. He breathed out a sigh of relief at that. “... Sorry. Something happened out there, so I suppose I'm a little jumpy.” And yet, he was resuming his movements to get out of your bed. First, he shows up half-dead on your porch, and now he’s leaving with a high fever? Didn't he just basically tell you he was afraid of whatever it was out there too? “I don’t think so, big guy.” You pushed him so he could lay back down. “Aren't you scared of getting attacked again? And besides, I can’t use my bed anymore. Not without replacing the sheets. So you might as well stay until morning.”At the mention of that, he lowered his head to see what he’d left on the blankets. Some black residue. “Oh... ” His cheeks reddened a touch before he lifted his gaze. “I'm very sorry-” You grinned. “You can apologize by staying the night. That way I won't feel guilty if I find you outside like that again, 'specially knowing I could've helped.” Standing up at that, you made your way to the door. He outstretched his arm as if to say something. “Wait--”“I'll bring you some water and medicine. Sit tight, yeah?” The door shut. He lowered his arm. “... Alright.”As you left your room, one singular thought occurred to you. What a mysterious man. That piece of judgement was only confirmed in the morning when you returned with some breakfast, only to find that he'd disappeared.You would've thought he stole something, but there was nothing of value in your home--all except for your fine assortment of trinkets and jewelry. Marching over to your desk, you pulled out the compartments to hear them roll towards you. Everything was there. You shut it. Looking over to your bed, you noticed that he'd made it quite neatly. On your pillow sat one of your plushies, a wolf. You couldn't help but think it was an effort to make your bed look a little better after staining it. Strangely enough, he didn't exactly give you an impression he was the biggest fan of wolves. You had to admit it was rather cute of him, however. Too bad you would never see him again. ~~~A week later when the sun was high, you heard a knock on your door. Gently setting down the bracelet in your hands, you slid on your slippers and left your bedroom. Could it be one of your neighbors? The community was close-knit when there wasn't much of a community in the first place, so everyone was generous enough to give you their extra produce. Saved you from making an hour-long trip to the nearest grocer, anyhow. So you opened the door expecting Emari with another batch of oranges. Instead, it was him. The man who stained your favorite blanket. But more importantly, the man whose name you never caught. You blinked as a wide smile graced your lips. Who would've thought you'd be so happy to see him again? “It's you! I was wondering when you'd show up!” His neutral expression didn't falter, but his pale complexion reddened. “I'll have to assume you're in tip-top shape now that you're up on your feet again.” He nodded at that, and handed you a white box. “I wanted to give you this for the trouble.”As you welcomed him in, you took it and set it on the dining table to inspect it. “Is that cake? How sweet of you! You didn't have to go all the way to town. I'd know how long it'd take to get there.” “I didn't buy it.”You turned to him, unsure if you heard him correctly. “Oh?” “I made it.” He clarified, giving his neck a rub as he returned the eye contact, albeit shyly. “I wasn't sure what to get you, but I figured everybody liked desserts. But if you don't, I'll get you something different--” It was funny seeing him lose his composure, so you couldn't help but laugh a little. “Of course I like dessert! I'm just surprised you made this, is all.” Who would've thought a guy like him had a soft spot for baking? Once again, you found yourself briefly enamored by how pleasantly unpredictable he was. Before he could get flustered, you patted him on the back and added this. “It's nice, though. I wish I was good at baking.” He lit up.Nearing his side, you opened the box and gleamed with delight. It was a triple-layer chocolate cake decorated with swirls of cream piped on top. “Now, what do you say we properly introduce ourselves over a slice of this thing?” By the time you finished your share, you came to learn a few things about him. His name was Ludwig, and he lived around the area--which was strange considering you've never seen him before. Maybe there really more people living in these woodlands like you hoped. He was a slow eater too, it seemed.While you waited for him to eat, you decided to work on the bracelet you left in your room. Stringing small blue gems through the chain, then twisting a wire around a charm, you tied it all together before holding it in front of him. He glanced up from his half-finished cake for a moment and took it gently.Awe sparkled in his eyes as he inspected it. “This is... Very beautifully made, (F/N). How did you learn to do this?” He asked, handling it like it was made of the most delicate porcelain in the world. “Same way how you learnt to bake. Practice.” You folded your arms across the table top and rested your chin on them. “My mom taught me everything. She runs a stall in the city selling handmade stuff, and I help her by, well, handmaking stuff. I make a trip to the post office every week to send it to her.” He exchanged looks with you as you spoke, and there was undeniable wonder in how he stared at you. “... I see. It must be difficult going to town so often. I don't believe you have a garden of your own, either.”You craned your head to the side. “How did you know I didn't have a garden? Did you sneak to my backyard last time?”Ludwig tensed and his face scrunched up. “Of course not! I just... Couldn't smell much of one. Everyone else has a scent like what they plant most.”“Oh... That makes sense.” You stifled back a snort, then whispered this under your breath. “Gee, some nose you have there...”He held out the bracelet for you, but you never bothered to take it. “Er... Was I supposed to look at it longer?”You laughed the second time that day, which spread the blush on his cheeks down to his neck. Not that you could blame him. He was quite pale, so any change in color was jarringly obvious. “No, silly. I'm giving it to you. If you haven't noticed, all my other bracelets are pink.” He hung his head and glanced over at your tray of said accessories. And you were right. “I made this for you. To match your eyes.”Ludwig couldn't believe what he was hearing. To match his eyes? He would've made a fuss over being scrutinized in such detail, and so sincerely at that, but instead, he was taken aback by being presented with a gift. Needless to say, he was touched all the same. “... It's... For me?”You nodded ecstatically. “Yep! I've got plenty to spare so you can have one.” Standing up to lean over to him, you loosened the bracelet and slid it onto his wrist. You definitely made the right call to use a longer length of chain, but maybe you overestimated a little. “Hm. At least it's loose enough so you could pretend it's not there.”As he studied the accessory, one question repeated in his head. Why would he ever pretend it wasn't here? “Anyway, I would love to stay and chat, but I have to get to town. If I leave now, I might be able to make the last bus there.” You stood up to send your chair scraping back. Then, you picked up your tray of bracelets and dumped the contents into a clear plastic bag. “If I don't send these, my mom's stall might be a little empty.”Ludwig stood up with a frown. “But it'll be dark by the time you get there. It's not safe.”That didn't stop you from gathering your things. “... That's alright. I've done this a few times after oversleeping and finishing up late.” You shrugged. “The joys of living in the middle of nowhere.”“Then I'll go for you.” He insisted, making his way to you.You knitted your brows together as a smile crept onto your lips. “I am not sending you as my delivery boy, Ludwig. This is just you trying to put me deeper in debt, isn't it?” His face scrunched up yet again, but before he could defend himself, you slapped him on the shoulder. “I was joking! Thanks for the offer, but if someone's gonna go, it's me. And since you probably won't let me, we'll go together.”He widened his eyes. Did you seriously mean it? Going to town together? With just him? Alone? It didn't seem like you were pulling his chain when you walked to the front door to put on your shoes. He couldn't understand why you were so eager to trust him when you barely just met him.In reality, he was the one who couldn't trust himself. Ludwig shook his head, puzzled. “But wouldn't it be the same if I went with you? Being dangerous, I mean? Because we just met, and, well...” He loomed his towering figure over yours, which spoke for itself. What he really meant to say was that he could easily snap you like a twig. But he figured it was best to go unmentioned. You slipped on your boots without sparing him a glance. “Oh yeah? I let you stay in my house for a night and nothing happened.” Giving him a playful nudge before you stepped out the door, he didn't even budge from where he stood. “You could've robbed me, but you didn't. So have some faith in yourself, Lud! You're not that terrible of a person.” Once you hopped off the stairs, you disappeared into the woods cackling to yourself. “But--that time was different! I was sick. Hey, don't run off!” Thanks to your new friend, you enjoyed a nice walk home in the dark without having to worry about any surprises. Eventually, these trips to town turned into routine when you invited him over again and again. That was when you picked up on a few other things about him.He was certainly not the busiest person in the world, and he never got over his paranoia at night. And you were beginning to doubt it was wolves he was afraid of. Whenever it was dark out, he wore a hat and coat. It would've slipped past you if it was cold, but he never ditched the extra layers regardless of what the weather was. Tonight was quite warm, too! And yet, here he was, walking beside you on the pavement without breaking a sweat. Did he perhaps get self-conscious over your first meeting with him? You recalled what his body looked like on your bed. Then, you shook your head. That couldn't be it. “(F/N), are you alright?” He asked, having noticed your inner monologue. “Oh, uh--yeah! I'm okay.” It was your turn to be flustered now. As blood rushed up to flush your face, he watched your complexion darken with a frown. Then, he stopped in the middle of the street and clasped his hand over your forehead much to your surprise. “Lud?”“Are you sick, (F/N)?” The bracelet on his wrist grazed ever so lightly over your skin, but it was enough to tell you he had gotten way too close. So you screwed your eyes shut to avoid staring at his face.“I swear I'm not!” Cracking one of them open, you glanced up at the black sky blotched with slow-moving grey clouds. Then, you pointed up at it. “Hey, look at the moon! It's super big tonight. Don't you have a thing for the moon, Lud? Maybe it's full, even!”Although it was only an excuse to get him to stop looking at you, it wasn't exactly a lie. Unbeknownst to you, that only meant bad news for him. Terrible, even. And it showed in how he paled whiter than a sheet of paper. “... Are you okay?”Whipping his head over his shoulder, he saw exactly as you described. A full moon. Glaringly bright and magnificent, his pupils dilated to impossible proportions to take up his whole iris. He could feel it. The waning of his humanity. Without another word, he took off. In mere seconds, he completely disappeared in the direction you both came from. “Hey, where are you going!?” You called, hoping he'd run right back and apologize for leaving you by yourself. But he never did. So you ran like the wind. Chasing after him into the sinister night, the small business district of a town was long forgotten as you had another destination in mind. Wherever he was. After ten minutes of relentless running, you had long given up the hope of figuring out where you were. You were in the woods, somewhere, surrounded by hundreds of trees that looked exactly the same in all directions. Before the panic could really set in, a light flickered in your line of vision. So you followed it. Eventually, you found yourself running towards a log cabin. His hat had long blown off on his way here. He was lucky it didn't fall off before he was alone. Under it was a pair of ears, wolf ears, but they weren't as attention-grabbing as what had sprouted from his behind. An impressive tail that was hidden under his coat. Bursting through the front door, he staggered to the stairs leading down to his basement. So long as he chained himself, he would do nobody harm. But the hopes of doing so was thrown out the window when he struggled to open the door that lead to said basement. After a few moments of struggling with the handle, he stopped to wince as the last of his reason slipped away from him. The last thing he heard was the ripping of his clothes and skin. Glass shattered as something heavy crashed out of the cabin's window. You stopped abruptly out of shock, but resumed your way to the small home. Scrambling inside to find bits and pieces of broken furniture, you followed the trail of destruction to the kitchen. A huge pane of glass was practically gone, and whatever that was left of it was littered on the tiles in shards. Some of it made it to the yard outside, which was accompanied by huge footprints of a beastly animal. Swallowing thickly, you found yourself compelled to go after them. Even when your stomach was churning with nausea, you never stopped. After a few minutes of walking, the foot prints ended by a huge body of fur. For a second, you would've sworn you accidentally chased an overgrown wolf that happened to be in the area. But that possibility was shattered when you saw what was attached to its paw. A blue gem bracelet.Leaning down to its head, you outstretched a hand to brush it gently over its nose. It was probably a stupid thing to do that could've cost your whole arm, but every fibre of your being was telling you otherwise. And this gut feeling you trusted your life with turned out to be right. Slowly but surely, the wolf-beast shrunk in size. Its thick matts of fur even disappeared into human skin, and the creature's snout shortened for a familiar face to appear. Steam began to evaporate off of the rapidly-morphing body, and once it all dissipated, a man was left behind. As you reached out to his shoulders to pick him up, a single thought occurred to you. So he was afraid of the moon. Pulling his naked body up against yours, you held his face as he blinked awake. Once he recognized you, he couldn't even bring himself to be embarrassed anymore. “... I don't suppose you found my coat for me on the way here...?” Ludwig breathed through a floaty smile. One month had passed since then. Sometimes, you wondered if you really did go crazy, having accepted that it happened without making a fuss. But every time you saw him in your house after that, it became clear to you why. You didn't care. Leaning over his shoulder as he added the finishing touches to his chocolate orange cake, he turned to you and pressed a lingering kiss to your lips. He was no moon-lover. But that didn't matter when baking and gardening was better in the sun....

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Ludwig X reader (chapter 7)
- the final chapter of my series. welp I hope you liked it. :)
sorry for the previous chapters. Full of grammatical errors and such but then I'll try my best to correct everything :)
reader's POV
I woke up the next morning after a long night with my boyfriend. I'm so glad that his memories are back. I look back at him, sleeping beside me. Oh how cute he is when he sleeps. His usual slicked back hair is now a complete mess and it's good to see him again.
++Flashback: Last night++
"Ludwig! What are you- hahahaha!!" _____was caught off-guard as Ludwig started to tickle her. "Ludwig! the movie! The movie!" "The movie can wait _____. Aren't we supposed to bond each other for now? " He replied as he continued to tickle his girlfriend. "Lud-..hahahha!!!" She laughs and later on fell at the bed with a loud thud, making the german stop. "_____, are you alright?" He said as he saw ____ rubbed her head and looked back at him wi
Boyfriend MEME --Countrymans russia x germany

i write i guess. — Germany X Reader- Blankets

Germany X Reader- Blankets

 Germany X Reader

warnings; none

her/she pronouns used for reader

*college au lol


“So [Name], is it true?” One of your best friends Elizabeta asked, wiggling her eyebrows. 

 You gave her a confused look, not quite sure what she was talking about you. The two of you were just out on a lunch date at one of your favorite cafes. You guys haven’t seen each other in a long time, so you both thought it was a good idea to meet up. She just graduated college last year, you a year younger, were in your senior year of college. 

 "What do you mean?“ You responded. 

 "Well,” She mused, taking a long sip from the tea that was sitting in front of her, “There’s two things. The first thing is, do you really have a thing for Ludwig?”

 With a raised eyebrow, you crossed your arms, “When did this become relevant?”

 "Stop asking questions and answer mine!“ She exclaimed, getting past your effort to get off the subject, "But I will say that the topic came up when I went to a party at Gilbert’s.” She paused for a moment, seeing that you were starting to fluster up, “I won’t tell if that’s what you’re worried about!” she said, starting to feel bad. 

 Your face was lit up crimson, “W-Well, I mean, I m-might have a small crush on him. But only a small one!” you insisted. 

 Elizabeta suddenly beamed, “I knew it! Awe [Name], you’re so cute!!” She added as your face darkened, “I bet you and the German would be super cute together.” She cooed, only making your situation worse. 

 "Shhhhhhhh, you’re being too loud Liz!“ You whispered harshly at her, getting stares from the people sitting around you. 

 She only giggle at you before putting on a pout, "I thought you would tell your best friend about something like this!” She said, a mock sadness in her voice. 

 You merely sighed and slumped in your chair, “It’s….just a little embarrassing I guess since he doesn’t even know I exist.” You mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest like a child. 

 Elizabeta was going to protest, but she remembered about her second question, “Oh well, I was also going to ask if you would come over this Saturday, I planned on having a little gathering since everyone has been so busy lately,” She said with a smile, “Plus I wanted to show off my best friend to some of my co-workers~” She cooed, making you blush and roll your eyes. 

 "I’ll come, because it’s just a small gathering I suppose. You know how I feel about big things and parties.“ You stated, starting to sit up in your seat to finish your lunch. 

 She shot you a huge grin, unknowing to you that she had something brewing in her pretty little head. She was more thankful you didn’t catch on to her creepy aura. 

          —Small Time Skip—

 Saturday rolled around the corner sooner than you thought. You were ruffling through your tiny closet to find something flattering, yet nothing too over the top to wear to Elizabeta’s. 

 After a struggling ten minutes, you settled on your favorite [color] skirt paired with your favorite black fuzzy sweater. You rolled on some knee-high socks that accompanied your grey boots. 

 You only put on the slightest bit of make-up, you usually didn’t wear make-up, but you only did today because you were going to be around a bunch of strangers. 

 With you all ready and looking at the clock seeing it was already fifteen minutes till eight, you grabbed your purse and keys and headed out of your dorm to your car. Gratefully Elizabeta still lived on campus and not far from your dorms, meaning you got there within ten minutes at the most.

 You knew that she shared a house with two of your mutual friends, but you knew that there was WAY too many cars parked around the house for a small gathering. So, with an uneasy feeling, you parked your car on the curb about a house and a half away from her’s and made your way to the home. 

 Music could clearly be heard blaring through some stereo’s speakers, loud enough you could hear it like the light of day of you were a half a mile away. You really hated parties, so why were you still awkwardly walking towards her house? Because you were a good friend, that’s why.

 If getting through the front door was hard with the swarming bodies, trying to find the brunette would be hell. You made your way gracelessly through the swaying and grinding bodies, quietly saying ‘excuse me’ as you moved, looking around for your friend. 

 You were almost to the kitchen when someone bumped into you, hard enough to make you stumble and fall on your behind. 

 A squeak and groan left you as you landed, looking up to bark at the person who was being inconsiderate of his or her’s surroundings. But your eyes only met the piercing stare of a certain blondes’. 

 "Are you ok?” A thick German accent asked, holding a sturdy hand out to you. 

 All your hate was washed away with a small nod, reaching for his hand that pulled you up to your feet with ease. 

 "I’m fine, thank you.“ You practically yelled over the music.  

 With a rather loud 'Ja’ replied, you gave him a sheepish smile. 

 The smile was sweet, something expected of you. But what he didn’t know, that this smile was reserved for him. You wanted to get to know him more, but you were far too shy for that, or to even start a conversation at that. 

 "Have you seen Elizabeta?” You suddenly asked before you lost him in the crowd of people. 

 Since he would rather not yell surprisingly, he nodded, grabbing your hand to lead you to where he last spotted the brunette. You were incredibly happy that he couldn’t see the blush rising to your cheeks at this simple contact of your hands. 

 You held your purse close to your body as he zig-zagged through the crowd, your form trailing behind him like a baby elephant would. 

 Soon enough you found yourself outside. There were only a few people who lingered out here, mainly just people grabbing a cigarette-break, excluding the stoners by the back door. 

 "She vas back here just a minute ago.“ Ludwig said suddenly, looking among the few faces. 

 "Oh,” The sound left your mouth as you failed to notice that he had yet to let go of your hand, “It’s alright, she’s probably busy…” You trailed off, no longer wanting to be there. 

 The bulky blonde looked down at you looking at the ground, shoulders slumped. He felt a pang go through his chest seeing you all sad like this, he didn’t like it. Not only this, he really noticed how pretty you looked tonight. Your sweater was a little big on you, but it looked really cute on you, fitting your personality perfectly. And the skirt and knee-high socks looked really good on you as well. 

 "Will you tell her I stopped by if you see her again? I don’t like parties.“ You asked him, now dropping your hand from his, crossing your arms over your chest since there was a slight chill in the evening air. 

 "You’re not staying?” You shook your head, “Oh.” Secretly, he wanted you to stay. 

 Sure the two of you didn’t talk much, mainly because of your natural quiet-manner, not that he minded it at all, but he always wondered what was under that. The two of you could be seen as acquaintances, but nothing more. He was the same age as you, and you had the same psychology classes with him, but other than that, and the times you tagged along with Elizabeta when she went over to see Gilbert, you didn’t interact with one another. Honestly, it was bothering him. Ludwig didn’t know if your hesitance to talk to him was because of his intimidating aura or what, but it was bringing him down. You were undoubtedly cute, maybe even adorable, and didn’t seem like the boy-crazy girls Gil liked to bring home, excluding the strong-willed Elizabeta, and he liked that. 

 "….Mind iv I tag along?“ He asked after his long pause. 

 He question, rather request, startled you. It wasn’t like you didn’t want to spend more time with him, but you truly didn’t know how to react. 

 "Sure.” You simply replied, turning away to ignore the blush coming to surface on your cheeks, “Let’s go around the house through the gate though, to avoid the crowd.” You said quietly. 

 Ludwig agreed with a nod, leading the way to the gate, you quickly following behind. 

 Once through the gate, you took the lead on showing him where you were parked. You unlocked your [car of your own choice] and slipped into the driver seat while the blonde got in the passenger seat. 

 After you started the car and pulled off the curb, something dawned on you, “Any place specific you’s like to do or go?” you asked with your eyes still on the road. 

 "Not veally, I just vanted to get out of that plaze.“ He admitted, looking over at you. 

 "Don’t like parties?”

 "Hate vould be more sufficient.“ He confirmed. 

 "Same.” You replied, a small smile tugging at your lips, “What about Gil? I’m positive he must have been there.”

 "I don’t think he vill notice my absence.“ He assured you. 

 Your melodic giggle rang through the car as you nodded your head a bit, "Alright then.” You paused, “Want to go back to my dorm and watch Netflix?” You offered, “We could stop by the supermarket and get some candy beforehand if that’s what you want to do.”

 Your offer was rather tempting. Getting to spend more time with you, in your dorm, and it would just be you and him? What logical person would turn that down?

 "That sounds great actually.“ Ludwig agreed, you noticing the smile that tugged to his lips from the corner of your eye. 

 Your face brightened and started heading to the supermarket for your junk food binge. 

 When you arrived at your dorm, you were thankful you found a note from your room mate saying that she went home for the weekend, saying there was some kind of family reunion, but it was really none of your business. You dumped the candy on your bed while Ludwig put the soda on the mini fridge that was under your desk. 

 "I’m gonna change, make yourself at home.” You said as you unzipped your boots and threw them in your closet, grabbing a pair of shorts and tee shirt. 

 "Danke.“ He replied in German, going ahead and taking off his own shoes. 

 You slipped the dressing screen you had there. The dorm was like any other. Two beds on opposite of the room, open space in the middle, two desks mirroring each other on the opposite of the rooms. Two closets, two book shelves, but nowhere you could change in privacy. So in the little nook by the door, you and your room mate went halves on buying the dressing screen for both of your benefit. 

 Ludwig set his shoes under your desk and untucked his shirt, unbuttoning the top three buttons and waited for you to finishing changing.

 During this time, instead of staring at your silhouette behind the dressing screen, he decided to look around the dorm. Your half of the room was uniquely different from the other half. Your book shelves were filled with books, except on that you kept what looked like textbooks and binders that were obviously for school. Your bed spread fit your quiet personality, being a simple [color] paisley pattern, also your bed was littered with pillows. On the wall by your desk, which had your closed laptop on it as well as a few papers of which looked like an essay rough draft, had many pictures of you and Elizabeta, a few other people he knew as well, not knowing that you knew them too, like Francis. But he saw a few pictures of you and two older people and others that looked strikingly familiar. He assumes immediately that this was your family. [sorry of you don’t have siblings~!!]

 As his eyes lingered on the picture of you and am [older/younger] [boy/girl], your [brother/sister], he smiled a bit. 

 You came from behind the dressing screen and threw your clothes in your laundry basket, looking around him at the picture, smiling as well. 

 "We took that last year,” You spoke up, making Ludwig turn to you, staring at you and your small smile, “They all came up to visit me when my car broke down when we had plans. They came up and it was quite possibly one of the funnest days of my life." 

 His heart fluttered a little in his chest. He didn’t know what it was, but the sound of such adoration in your voice when you talked about your family moved him in a way.

 Ludwig could only smile and nod. 

 "Netflix?” You questioned, grabbing your laptop. 

 "Ja,“ He nodded again with a smile. 

 You turned it on and signed into the widely used website before a lovely idea splashed into your mind, "Let’s make a blanket fort!” You said excitedly, just like a child.

 He chuckled at the sparkle in your eyes, “That’s fine vith me.” He replied. 

 You giggled and set the laptop back on your desk before getting down to business. You laid out a blanket on the floor and started placing your million pillows there as Ludwig managed to string two sheets from the window to your closet door. You had some extra clothes line pins in a craft basket of yours to hold the sheets together in the middle, tying a corner of on to your desk chair, so it was like a tent. 

 With your giddy attitude, a side of you that Ludwig immediately fell for, you snatched the candy and soda before settling under the blanket fort with your laptop and Ludwig. He brought your lamp from your desk into your little fort so you had some light when you shut them off. 

 Even though the two of you were mere acquaintances spending a little more time together than usual, there was no way anyone could ignore the romantic feeling in the air. Neither of you minded it though, since you got the titles of acquaintances flushed down the toilet as soon as he entered your dorm. 

 The two of you laid down, munching on the candy the two of you picked out as you decided on a movie to watch. Eventually you both came to the mutually agreed with [movie of your choice]. It was around 9:40-9:50 when the movie officially started. This meant you didn’t last very long.

 A half hour through the film and you were out like a light. You petite body laid limply against the larger body of Ludwig, making him blush slightly. Your head freely laid against his arm, one of your legs also laid wrapped around his. 

 Ludwig wasn’t interested in the movie anymore. He found his interest more in your sleeping face. You looked so peaceful, like an infant or an angel. Anyone could deny it, but it was a date. 

 Maybe not your traditional date, but this was one. 

 It was like a mutual yes there, and it wasn’t a bother to either of you. 

 As the movie got ignored and became back ground noise, Ludwig found his eyes drooping, leading him to fall asleep next to you, like it was the more casual thing to do. 

 Maybe this one party was good for you to go to, just that one. 

          —BONUS ENDING—

 "Do you think it vorked?“ A certain albino whispered to the brunette beside him as they peeked through your dorm window. 

 Elizabeta hit him in the back of his head, "What do you think, idiot?!” She whispered harshly, gesturing to blanket fort and you two sleeping forms

 He winced and whined like a child, “This relationship is rather abusive…" 

 "No, you just need to stop being an idiot.” She reasoned matter-of-factly, puling him back to the car with a look of success written on her face. 

 She knew you hated parties, and she also knew that Ludwig did too, that’s why this party was specifically for you.

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Anonymous asked:

whats your ao3 acc username???? couldn't seem to find you 😩😩

Anonymous asked:

Will you be writing on ao3?? Btw don’t feel bad about leaving if it’s what’s best for you that’s what matters! 💜

Yeah!! I just want to post to 1 website, and I think ao3 would be the best!! I cross post on here and dA so I just want to move on from those cites and I live ao3!! Because of the tagging and what not, and because tumblr is kinda draining 😩

Hi hi :)

I have done a lot of thinking these past few months and have decided I am going to leave tumblr.

I came to this decision simply because every time I get really into tumblr, it seems to send me spiraling down a dark and very unpleasant place. So I am going to finally once and for all delete my page.

I’m not going to stop writing though!! I will keep my page up for ~ a month or so, because I will be moving at my fics to my ao3 account, or at least the fics I want. There are some fics I wish to cut ties with haha, but most of them will fine their way over to ao3.

When I start making the transfer, I’ll link the folder/collection where I will be putting my reader-inserts.

Everyone has the right to be upset with me for leaving, but this is my choice and I am standing by it. It’s not like I’ve stopped writing, I have many fics finished, just not uploaded because I found myself very uncomfortable with tumblr and the new censoring and antis and whatever.

Thank you!!

//drops this off//

I have a Twitter now, but it’s all most bnha rn, and I write bkdk threads if you’re into that (and eventual other pairs)


It’s @/ren_writes

Anonymous asked:

hello! did you delete your fics on AO3 per chance? I can't seem to find them anymore :((

Ahhh no!!! I just hid them so that only registered users can read them!! My mom went through my phone and (and my ao3 page was up) I didn’t want her to remember my username and look it up and see all the nasty stuff I post lol, I believe the storm has cleared, as this happened last week and has yet to bring it up to me, so I can Un- hide them

Anonymous asked:

Idk if I sent this ask oe if I just thought I did but that Molly Hooper story? Absolutely fantastic!! I'm very gay and in love with her now!!!! Also I didn't know you wrote fxf????

Ahhhh thank you!!! I’m glad you liked it!! I expected ppl not to like it because my main writing is mxm

But it makes me happy that you liked it!!! She’s the best and I love her

I’ve only written a handful of fxf, the last one I think was a Kuragehime fic and a Snk fic (which was years ago) that were fxf so I’m still nervous writing fxf! Just because I don’t want it to be tasteless and gross like how media portrays lesbians and blah blah I could go on but it doesn’t really matter hahaha

Anonymous asked:

Also I'm really sorry about your laptop :( do you know if and/or when you're going to be able to get a replacement??

Ahhhh tysm 😊 it’s a huge bummer tbh and it still hurts lol

I’m gonna try to fix it rather than go for a replacement (cheaper), but I’m going to aim for sometime in August to get it fixed, since it will be around ~$200-300

I’ve found a way to get desktop sites on my iPad so I’m working with that rn, it’s just slow lol

Anonymous asked:


TYSM ILY2 💕💕💕💕


Anonymous asked:

No offense but I feel strong platonic affection for you and I hope you succeed in literally anything you want to and that you have an absolutely superb life

This really quite literally gave me butterflies

This is so sweet and so kind and I really needed to read this thank youuuu 💕✨💕💕

Anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to let you know I really love your writing (ugh its so good it gives me lots of emotions) and also I have a friend crush on you??? Like I wanna be ur friend??? U seem like such a cool person????????

Omg this is so sweet ahhhhhhh

Thank you sm idk what to say 😭💕💕 please me my friend I have like 1 friend and that’s it omggg

This is so sweet ahhhhhhhhhh I can’t-

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X germany reader

♡ — Love and War // God of War! Germany x Reader.

Love and War // God of War! Germany x Reader.

Ludwig had been alone for so long.

Since he had been brought into creation, he had wandered the mortal world in search of battles and wars. Unlike some of his brothers, his own power had not grown weak over the centuries. As long as there are humans there will always be war. And as long as there is war there will always be Ludwig. With conflict and blood and battle, he had grown only stronger throughout the centuries.

But he had also grown lonely.

One by one, nearly all of his brothers had found brides. Kiku and Matthew now shared the minor goddess of healing, Ivan found his queen of the Underworld. Francis found his goddess of passion. And Ludwig? He had never considered taking a bride. Who would want the god of war after all? He wasn’t exactly a kind or gentle man. He was covered in battle scars, his eyes were hard and cold, his heart even colder. He wasn’t a soft or loving man. But after finding you…he tried to be. It was hard but he was trying. For months, Ludwig had tried to get you to open up to him. To love him. To want him. It worked slowly, bit by bit. Emotional affection became physical. Kisses turned into more, his scarred hands on your body, holding you close as he kissed you deeply. Ludwig wanted more but for so long…you hadn’t shared yourself fully with Ludwig.

Perhaps if he was softer, Ludwig thought, you would want him more. So he was trying to be gentle. He had undressed you slowly, kissing every inch of skin that he had uncovered. He loved your beautiful body, naked and gorgeous and waiting to be covered in his marks.

His lips peppered your body with kisses, focusing on his favorite parts. Your breasts, your belly, your things, and neck. His lips kissed your body over and over, even sneaking soft bites here and there. You moaned, your body wiggling against his. He shushed your whimpers and your worries, promising to be sweet to you.

“Just…let me. Let me show you how much I love you.”

He laid you down upon the silk sheets, looking at your beautiful form for only a moment. Then he fell upon you, kissing you and touching you, his rough hands running over your body. He lips teased your soft neck, his hands played with your beautiful breasts. Your naked body felt soft against his hard, scarred one and, oh, he loved that. He heard you whimper softly, your small hands reaching around his shoulders, tugging on his blonde hair.


That was what he had wanted.

That was what he had dreamed of.

You saying his name, whimpering for him, wanting more. Did you want more? His hand slipped between your thighs, finding you wet and hot and needy. You certainly did want more, gasping as just his touch.

“Tell me…what you want. Let me hear you.”

His hands didn’t leave you, teasing your wet folds as you whimpered. It was enough to make you excited, juices dripping onto his thick fingers. but…not enough to give you what you truly wanted. You wondered what they would feel like inside of your body, moaning at just the thought of it. But you knew that Ludwig wouldn’t give you what you wanted until you begged for it.

“Please! I want to cum for you! I…I want you Ludwig, please.”

He grinned, his heavy hands wrapping around your thighs as he moved between them.

Ludwig pulled your legs up and over his shoulders, allowing him total access to your most sacred place. For a moment, he looked it, your pretty little pussy. It was wet, glistening and slick and almost begging for more. But very quickly, the sight of it wasn’t enough. Ludwig had to take you. He had to taste you. And he did, his lips and tongue covering your aching pussy as the god ate you out. You cried out, your back arching in pleasure as Ludwig’s tongue brought you everything you had wanted and more.

The god of war was much more skilled then one would have thought, already he had passion bubbling up inside of you. Already, you were crying out for him.


Your sounds were so sweet. Ludwig, feeling your pleasure growing inside of you, gripped your thighs harder then he meant to. There wold certainly be bruises later but…he didn’t focus on that right now. He only focused on you. On your pleasure, on the beautiful moment. The god’s tongue twirled between your folds, twisting and teasing and bringing you closer to becoming a screaming mess. Ludwig looked up at you, watching as he ate you out…and slipped a finger inside of you. You were so wet that it easily filled you, the action stealing a scream of pleasure from your pretty lips.

“Ludwig! Oh!”

Your cries only encouraged him, a second finger soon joining the first. Deep inside, Ludwig knew that he wanted more. He wanted to fill you completely, his hips pounding into yours without mercy as he filled you with his godly seed…but it was too soon for that. You were still too new, too soft and you needed Ludwig to be soft right now too. With that in mind, he finally brought you to an orgasm. You came all over his fingers and tongue, your sweet juices spilling out of you.

“Ah, ah~”

You gripped the red sheets, your back arching and eyes closing as you rode out the intense pleasure. You wondered if perhaps the intensity of it was Ludwig’s doing but…it wasn’t. You didn’t feel the swell of power inside of you, you didn’t notice the glow your body created. But Ludwig did. He sat up, entranced by your beauty and power.


You opened your eyes, looking up at Ludwig with the sweetest smile you had ever given him. Love. He could feel love pulsing from you, was this your power? Did you love him?

Since he had taken you, Ludwig had wondered if he had been right to do so. But now, seeing you so in love and glowing with power…Ludwig knew that he had been. Seeing you beneath him, so sweet and perfect, Ludwig knew that you truly were his wife.

(Thank you to the requester! Germany may be sweet for now…but that won’t last for very long.)

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Yandere! Monster x Reader Drabbles

Warning: Toxic Relationships, Dark Themes

A/N: This was lost on in my drafts but I found it!! A little break from all the Twisted Wonderland fics. The pace in the fics are a little weird, but they’re drabbles so, sorry.

Yandere! Orc:


You always hated him. From his stuck up ways to the way he picked on you. Ever since you were a kid, he made sure to try and outdo everything you did. He would also run about the village causing chaos along with his other friends, making sure to stop and mess with you.

You were the village baker, helping your parents make and prepare bread and adorable pastries. Yet, you would always show up in flour, egg splatter, and milk on your outfit. And when he would actually show up to school, he would make sure to point out your flaws.

You would run home crying telling your parents of his evil ways, yet they never did anything about it.

“He comes from a bad home, honey, his father…He isn’t the nicest towards him. Try to be nice and hopefully he’ll pick it up.”

You never listened to them. Continuing to hate him but too scared to peep a word. Until one day, you hated how your empathy paid act up.

It was a quiet evening that fateful day, most of the village ready to eat dinner while you rushed back home with some cloth from the seamstress in exchange for some eggs. Your parents had packed you bread and cheese as a snack for the small trip.

And you saw him, standing behind a tree as he aggressively rubbed off some dried blood from his obvious cuts along with some bruises. And he caught sight of you. You gulped in fear, maybe you could run fast enough to your house, and he wouldn’t be able to catch you?

His stomach rumbled before he tried to lunge at you. You, the scared and anxious ridden preteen you were, threw your basket with the snacks in it at him.

“You’re hungry, right? Y-You can have it!” You said, taking in his confused face as he caught the basket. You ran as fast as you could, but his green eyes followed your form, his stomach exploding in butterflies.

That’s all it took. Years after that incident, he kept you in his mind. He kept your basket and would obsessively stare at you, which creeped you out to no end.

But he didn’t want you to be scared anymore, no, no he wanted to protect you now! It was all so clear! You only showed him some kindness from the others. He wanted to feel your tiny hands roam on his chest and face, pepper it in kisses, oh that would be a dream come true!

He disappeared from the village for a couple years thankfully, but it also meant you had to find a spouse soon. Maybe the blacksmith’s daughter/son was a good choice? They were oh so pretty and kind to you…Maybe you should try talking to them tomorrow!

But tomorrow never came, as orcs had raised your village. Blood, violence, and fire spread through the village attacking anyone including the humans, dwarfs, the one family of elves, etc..

You woke up pounding on the door as fire quickly ravaged your house, tears rushing down. You would burn down with this house if the door wasn’t stuck on something!

The axe sliced down the door and you screamed. Death was inevitable. And suddenly, the door broke open, revealing an tall muscled orc in blood.

You screamed and looked to run off, but all that was behind you was fire and smoke. He brought you into his arms, blood steeping and staining your clothes. The tears wiping off the smoke on your cheeks. It was your childhood bully. He grabbed your chin and forced a kiss onto your tinier mouth.

He chuckled darkly, and swept you into his arms as you pounded your fists against his chest.

“My childhood sweetheart, finally all mine.” He walked off from your broken house, your memories and hopes of a good life gone.



Originally posted by water-aesthetics

You always hated the sea. The crashing waves of water that seemed filled to the brim with salt made your throat feel hoarse and nauseous just the thought.

Maybe you wouldn’t be so scared of the sea if it wasn’t for the boat crash you were in when you were only 8. You were the only survivor out of all the passengers, even your parents didn’t make it. The watchmen from the lighthouse thought all were dead until they saw you somehow on the shoreline, a little conscious while struggling for breath.

Because of that, you went to your grandmother to live with and she was your everything. She raised you with love and affection as well as protect you from the sea, scared to lose you along with her daughter. However, as time passed and you blossomed into a young adult, she began to weaken and grow bedridden. Low on money, there was one well paying job, just enough to cover her doctor bills, was a job on a boat out to uncover something. The job didn’t say what it was but it just promised great money.

A week later after signing up for the job, you made sure to have one of her friends to take care of her for the month you were gone and left with the necessities.

You hated every step and minute on the boat but for your grandmother, you’d cross all seven seas.

The boat was rickety and scary, yet never got too bad. The old captain was eccentric as well. He mentioned nothing of what you were after except for how it “would pay for her damned actions.”

It changed the day when he said that you have arrived at the location. It was clear, diamond like water surrounded the boat for miles and miles. Suddenly, as the anchor was levered, the anchor slowly started to sink down as the sky turned gray and stormy.

Not again, not again! You thought desperately to yourself as you tried to save the ship along but it all proved to be in vain when a high wave crashed down, destroying the boat.

If you could scream or cry, you would. The nostalgic taste of salt filled all your senses. Your vision blurred but you felt something behind raise you above the waters and onto a broken piece of wood, enough for your body to rest.

You remember pelting rain before dipping into darkness. You woke up to warm sunshine and damp clothes.

You nearly yelped off the boat when you saw a fair merman at the end of the board, his slick brown hair behind him neatly as his slit pupils in his big purple eyes stared into yours, blue scales lined on his cheeks and neck as well as his arms.

Brizo, his name, quickly explained that he was trying to find you land, that he couldn’t leave you stranded. You didn’t trust him, but at the same time, you didnt have much of a choice.

He wasn’t that bad as the days passed on, bringing you closer to shore. He would find you fish to eat and point out the edible parts for humans and find you pots to collect rainwater in. He would also find some trinkets.

Yet, he also got touchy. He would sit on the board with you, his tanned chest brush against your arms and sometimes on your back. He would get close to your face and graze it lightly, almost in a trance. You would also find Brizo cuddling you when you woke up in the mornings.

He would also tell you stories of his people, especially the soulmate mertale, about how they feel a connection as soon as they meet the one. He would explain how he was sure he found the person, but when you asked for their name, he would just smirk and say “Wouldn’t you like to know?~”

But time passed and he brought you to an isolated island, small and dotted with water spots.

“This isn’t my home…” You felt your words die in your throat. All those days wasted for that?!

“You’re right, it’s our home!” He squealed happily. “Oh, ever since I met you for the first time as a young boy,I instantly came here to help prepare your stay!”

You felt your body shake in fear.

“When you crashed into that water for the first time, my caretakers tried to usher me away but I couldn’t help it! Your beautiful e/c went through my very soul!” He said happily. “I’ll keep you here a few months teaching you of the mer way of life before I get rid of those pesky legs for a fin! Isn’t this a wonderful way of thinking? I’ll rightfully accept you as my princess/prince finally!”

You then jumped into the water again and tried to swim but he eagerly caught you into his thin yet strong arms and nuzzled into your neck.

His lips pressed against yours and you tasted that same salt that petrifies your soul.

Yandere! Fae:


You hated life here. It always felt like you were the outcast, so what if you just disappeared? Or ran away to start a new life? Who would stop you? You leaned back on your rickety stool in your old house. The folk in the village didn’t quite like you either. You just…found it difficult to talk to people.

So that’s why you connected to the small nature in your backyard. You only grew enough vegetables for yourself and maybe sell a couple for a few coins. You also had wild flowers around your house too which helped lessen the glum appearance of your home…

You took a crumbly pastry with you outside, delicately on one of your nicer plates. You only finished about half of it before you heard wolves howl, and you quickly went inside. You were not going to be their dinner.

As the nice morning rolled around, you went back outside to look at your tiny garden. And the plate as well which was empty. But beside it laid a…smooth tiny wooden circle, like a ring. You looked closely and it had dots of yellow in it.

You smiled and placed it on your finger. How beautiful! Maybe one of the other villagers wanted to talk to you finally?

But after the tiny gift you found, a week later, everything went downhill. Your crops and flowers dying, your stuff going missing, your house creaking more than usual as if it was about to fall apart.

You went to bed that night as anxious as ever, worrying how the next day would come. As you were about to fall asleep, your felt your entire body be shrouded in darkness.

Tiny whispering woke you up and you woke up silently. You felt the cold grass beneath you as fireflies filled the air. You leaned up to your new surroundings and before you could say a word, a cold hand clasped around your mouth.

You felt a chest against your back and strands of long black hair fell over your shoulders. You felt tears dot your vision and you were next to a ring of mushrooms.

An enchantingly smooth feminine talked into your ear gently. “By fae law, you belong to me now. You have accepted my courting gift as well on top of that.”

And then, she talked again after a brief pause. “But, if you tell me your name, I shall let you go.” And her hand was removed from your mouth. You quickly elbowed her before trying to run.

You were pushed back down onto the ground again thanks to the woman. Her hands were wrapped around your wrists as both of her knees kept you low to the ground and encased underneath her.

“Tell me your name.” Her voice was a near growl. You shook in fear.

“Y/N, please let me go now!” As soon as you finished your sentence, she got off you and a deep rumble of laughter left her chest. You turned your body to see the lady.

Her hair reached down to his waist as his deep red eyes zeroed-in on you. She was tall too, not too mention. The contrast of her black clothing made her appear all the more pale as ever. “Oh, you poor human. So cute and helpless! If you gave up your name that easily, you need me more than I think.”

And she swept you up easily in her arms. “My tiny little human spouse…If it were not for me, your garden would of died a long time ago.” She walked into the circle of mushrooms.

“But fear not, no one will care once they notice you’re missing. I am the only one who could love an outcast like you, as your wife.” And you paled as tears ran down your face.

She kissed your lips, and you tried to pull your head away.

Suddenly, the world seemed to fizzle out the longer she stayed in the circle. “I will train you to be my obedient little spouse.~”


(Edit: Bruh, I really forgot to change half the pronouns in the merman story. I need to reread better. Plus the format got messed up a bit by tumblr sorry.)

Yandere Monsters Drabbles

  • Warning: Unhealthy relationships

Yandere Vampire:


Originally posted by butteryplanet

She stays away in an abandoned castle for so long, completely satisfied in the castle to not leave besides to find her meal for the week. However, upon all the books she reads, it talks about “love” and “romance” and how it makes them feel “warm inside”. The concept sounds so foreign compared to her cold, pale body.

Then, she feels an aching pain. Is that what the books would consider “loneliness”? Longing for “companionship”? Then, she looks outside, but no one travels around here and whoever does, is too scared too approach the castle.

One day, on a cold stormy night, an human rushes in, cold and sopping from the rain. Immediately she greets you and helps prepare for your stay. Although you’re suspicious of this beautiful stranger alone in a castle, you either stay here or the storm, and you also think you may have caught a cold.

She leads you to a bed and some warm clothes carefully placed on the dusty bed. Your tired body, once changed, falls asleep as soon as you hit the bed.

Suddenly, you wake up feeling heavy and a warm presence next to you..You look over to see slit black eyes staring back with an lovesick grin as well as chains on your arms and legs attached to the bedposts.

Finally, she knows what those warm feelings are.. Her once dead heart finally feels alive.

Yandere Elf:


Originally posted by butteryplanet

He came from a high family, a bloodline that was purely Elven. His family was known as powerful and a force to be reckon with. However, they also did have a  reputation known for looking down on other species hence why many other non elves barely interacted with them. He grew up as the only child, spoiled immensely and only interacting with other kids his parents deemed worthy. Yet he would reject them and continue to play with himself. 

One day, in his parents carriage, they rode to a bakery, small and rather plain looking. It was the few times he was able to look into the poor city. There, his parents walked to the couple who worked the bakery. Although the bakery’s owners were not high on the social scale, the high family of elves could admit that they did make the best pastries and would be made quickly. 

That’s when he saw the child of the parents, carelessly playing with dolls in the corner. Not caring about acting in a proper manner, he silently shuffled towards them. The human child handed him the doll, and he carefully accepted it, loving how carefree this one was. However, his parents swiftly pulled him away and told him not to play with “peasants”.

Yet, you never left his mind even as he grew up to an teen to eventually an adult. His glossy jet black hair going all the way to his lower back, his tall slim figure gaining muscle, and his piercing blue eyes holding wisdom. Finally, he was able to go where he wanted, to you.

Over time, he slowly reconnected to you, falling more obsessed with you. Eventually, he confessed to you, promising a life of luxury and anything you wanted he could give you, not caring the shame it would cause his family. 

You politely declined just wanting the simple life not always caring of what others think. And so that was the last thought you had before he quickly caused you to black out.

Next thing you knew, you were in a silky robe in a pure velvet bed, being cooed by him as he admired the jewels on your chains…

Yandere Naga:


Originally posted by wiccangoddes

Nagas one were of the species many would stay clear from. Nagas were usually loners and many were slightly scared of them, with their long fangs that could drip poisonous venom as well as their long, powerful tails that could constrict someone. Many nagas had to be self sufficient to make it through because that’s just how they chose to live life. 

So to say this one black mamba snake was screwed was an underestimate. He had a large wound on the side of his ribs due to fighting another naga off his territory. It was too large, he at least had to get to his cave because another naga would surely finish him off if one were to find him laying around. At the edge of his cave, he suddenly collapsed, the blood spilling out too much, and he heard foot steps approach him. He held out a low hiss before he was out.

 He woke up to a bandage on his side as he woke up in an unknown place. A human looked over and quickly raised their hands to show they were harmless.

Awfully confused, the naga questioned the human, mainly being why they took him in… and how. Nagas weren’t light. The human patiently answered each one, smiling. 

The naga decided to stay with them until his wound healed. He wasn’t in fighting condition with his injury. 

With his injury healing with each passing week, he grew a more protective feeling over this human. They would always try to keep him happy, despite being so intimidating to their smaller frame. Going the extra smile to get him the type of animal he loved to snack on, reading chapters from a book, carefully attending his bandages…

It all snapped for him inside when another naga tried to attack you, and he quickly slithered out, sinking his fangs into them, his venom sinking into their blood and causing them to fall down. He realized then that humans were too fragile and needed to be protected.

He carefully wrapped you up with his tail and slithered away, far away from your home and his previous cave. He would only pick the best cave to make sure no one could find you and try to take you away from him.

You had eachother now, thats all that mattered now.




((Oh cheese and crackers I’m so fucking sorry these are short and terrible. I didnt have full out ideas but some drabbles of them. If yall like them enough I might post full version stories of them but yeah.

I was also thinking of writing a love triangle with an orc and elf [[my favs cough]]. Maybe I’ll get to it if yall ask about it ;) ))


Yandere Lost Boys // Part Two // David.

A/N: part two of my Lost Boys series! David may not be my favorite character (that title belongs to my darling Dwayne) but this was so much fun to write…he’s such a psycho creepy babe! Enjoy, my darlings.

Pairing: Yandere David x Reader (female pronouns used).


Originally posted by countdracul

I want you to believe…to believe in things that you cannot.”

Screams filled the air, neon lights flickering brightly through the dark night. So many delectable little meals ran all about, screaming and laughing…but it wasn’t them he was staring at.

It wasn’t them he was hungry for!

It wasn’t blood he was craving!

No, he had something far more tempting to lust over…For weeks now, he’d been watching you without knowing why. Wherever you went, he followed, eyes burning as he observed each and every aspect of your life. There was something so…exciting about you, something that kept him crawling back for more! As David hung back in the darkness, his back pressed against the wall, he watched once more as the carousel dance round and round. Watching you. Oh, you were a pretty thing!

He’d been watching you all damn summer.

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Anonymous asked:

Could we please get some Yandere Thanatos headcanons? The desert is dry and I’m looking for some water 👀 ♥️☀️🌵

yandere-sins answered:

You are right, the desert is indeed dry. Luckily, I have some water to share!

»»———————— ♡ ————————««   

♡ Taking pity on your soul also took a toll on his. He really shouldn’t have brought you into his domain, ripped you from your life, but Thanatos could not risk your death either. It’s a dilemma for both of you, but he suffers more than you in the beginning. Gods were not allowed to interfere with mortal life, especially not him. But what else was he supposed to do? Watch as you die? Slowly wither away like any other human? Even though you are the only human to ever stir his heart? Impossible. Truly, impossible. And yet, you have to watch him fight a war inside of him whenever he returns from duty, finding you there waiting for him. He’s almost to be pitied himself.

♡ You can be happy if he so much as cares for you. The first few presumably days in the darkness that surrounds you, he barely manages to look at you, much less hear you out when you ask for what you need. Food, water. You are cold and hot at the same time. Being in a god’s domain is an unpredictable adventure that you are not used to, but having a blanket would already help. That goes on until you take the initiative to pull at his garments, something that shocks Thanatos as much as it seemed to dazzle him. Finally, he’s listening and gone before you can ask too much from him. But when he returns, he finally has what you need, things he never considered before. You can only think about how’s there no guide to take care of a human for the gods apparently as he watches you slowly relieve all those needs, taking in every one of your movements attentively.

♡ But now that you have his attention, there’s no reason to hold back. It’s a mystery how you got here in the first place, but you’re not going to stay if there isn’t a reason to. However, as you point at him accusingly, asking who exactly he even is, your blood freezes as he tells you his name, undoubtedly putting you into the presence of the god of death. It’s a lot to take in, as you have to assume you are dead. Still, as you voice your concerns, Thanatos starts to avoid the question with everything possible—even running. Seemingly, the reality isn’t as easy as it seems. For someone so stern and looking at you coldly from a distance, he leaves the impression of hiding more than you feel comfortable with, but you are back alone in the darkness before long, pulling the blanket around your shoulders in an attempt to gain some comfort.

♡ The mood is weird when he returns, asking you why you prefer sitting on the floor so much. You laugh as if it’s funny, but he looks at you seriously, and you shake your head, pointing at how there’s nothing here. His eyes grow wide for a moment before he composes himself, setting down fruits and more water close to you. “Why am I here?” you ask, but Thanatos doesn’t answer. Instead, he paces through the darkness for a bit, keeping his eyes away from you as he seems to think. Knowing more than you do, Thanatos realizes you can’t see this room he made for you. It had been sparse before, not really having any use to him, but whenever he found you sleeping, he had been decorating it with things he found on his job. Things no one would miss if they were gone, but you cannot even appreciate them. It upsets him. Makes him realize he wants more from you than he allowed himself at first. Some appreciation, perhaps another touch of your warm skin against his. But how? How can the god of death bind you more to him than he already - illicitly - has?

♡ Thanatos wanted nothing more than to keep you from the fate that befalls all humans. He, better than anyone, knows it, but what if what he needed to do all along was take the humanity out of you? The pitcher he brings you, after much thought, isn’t filled with water like usually. You’ll probably notice it quickly when you drink from it that it doesn’t taste nor feels like what he brought you to drink before. It was hard enough to get it, but the risk was worth it when it came to you. Thanatos will go as far as to bring you a glass brimming with the golden drink of the gods, your skeptical eyes turning into enthusiasm as he tells you the only lie he’d ever say to you in your time together. “This will return you home.”

♡ But ‘home’ isn’t where you remembered it to be, Thanatos had long decided. It was by his side, in this room, his domain. Ambrosia might open your eyes to what you couldn’t see before, but you are horrified to find yourself in a cold room made of stone, some tokens scattered throughout it. This isn’t what he promised, in your opinion, but Thanatos makes sure you know it’s what you signed up for. There is no way to return you to your past life anymore. You are beyond being a simple human but still far too weak to be a god. Not dead, not alive, but guaranteed to live longer than any of your kind. The perfect contrast to the god of death, who was no longer looking at you fearfully or distraught. No, there was a new fire burning in him now. Now that he had already gone too far to not commit to it fully, and with his ice-cold hands cupping your face, it’s a fact you come to realize very quickly as well. Especially when he finally kisses you, the only other being that would ever make him commit such a heinous crime as to steal you from your fate. Needy and so, so eager for more.

sluggardmilk asked:

Hi, can I request a yan eraserhead, with quirkless fem reader?

yandere-romanticaa answered:


Originally posted by gojous

♡Shota Aizawa.♡


That was it, he had made his decision. That horrible two letter word rang loudly in your ears as you stood in the middle of the living room, mouth agape and eyes teary from his soul crushing answer. Why…? Why wouldn’t he let you take a little walk, just for a few minutes? You’ve been so good too, these past few weeks! You never talked back to him, you always did what he asked you to, and you made sure to bite your tounge whenever you felt a snarky remark creep up at the back of your throat.

You decided to be bold today and asked him if you could go to the store, to just get a few things, just some stuff you could cook a delicious meal for the two of you. But before you could even finish what you wanted to say, he cut you off, turned his back and and gave you one of the most horrible replies known to man, in that horrible monotone voice of his. You tried so hard to convince him that you’d be good, that you would behave, that you would be back at the speed of light!! But, he just wasn’t having it. You cried and cried, begged him to let you out into the sunlight for a short period of time, he could even watch over you!!!

All of your cries and protests would be ignored the moment he stepped outside of the house, locking the door while he was at it.

Leaning on his back, the cold surface of the door was the only thing that kept Aizawa in place as he let out a sigh, his tired eyes threatening to close from the utter exhaustion he was feeling. You just couldn’t understand his feelings, you could never understand. It’s not like he wants to lock you up in the darkness forever, but he feels like he has no choice. A little part of him regrets treating you so coldly, watching you break down like that was an awful sight to see. He missed that pretty smile of yours, he missed how the warm sun used to kiss your soft skin.

You were really pretty under the sunlight, did he ever tell you that?

But, the darker, more paranoid side of him, kept whispering that what he was doing was right, that he was keeping you safe. This way, he could protect you, this way you could be safe. For the time being, things would have to stay like this.

It was ultimately for your own good after all.

[Hetalia ASMR] An Autumn Date With Germany


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