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Vocaloid: Rin Kagamine's 10 Best Songs, Ranked

Rin Kagamine is a virtual singer known as a Vocaloid, whose voice was created by synthesizing Asami Shimoda's voice. Although she was created over a decade ago, she still has a large fanbase and more songs are being released using her voice. Rin has even performed at a few live concerts in both America and Japan, appearing three-dimensional as a hologram.

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With over 10 years' worth of songs, it may be difficult for new or returning listeners to discern which songs are worth listening to. Many of the following songs were selected based not only on sound but on the stunning visuals and engaging plot.

10 Happy Halloween

Although there is a large plethora of Christmas songs, there aren't nearly as many Halloween songs. Happy Halloween is a great, upbeat song to listen to that helps listeners get into the spooky Halloween spirit. It's a song about a mischievous little girl who wants to stay up all night to go trick-or-treating, and if she doesn't get the candy she wants, she won't hesitate to trick people.

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The music video is bright and colorful; although Vocaloid has created some scary videos before, this one is more cheerful and cute than the title suggests.

9 Sword Of Drossel

Reminiscent of Zektbach's Blind Justice,Sword Of Drossel focuses on two siblings on two opposing sides. The princess grapples with her intense feelings of betrayal as her brother turns his back on both her and their homeland despite his promises to stay and protect her. She eventually travels to another country to find him, leading to a very tragic confrontation. This fast paced song teaches listeners a lesson of what happens if someone allows their emotions to get the better of them.

8 Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder is one of the most well-known songs sung by Rin Kagamine. This is another upbeat song, yet the story is not as cheerful as the tune makes it seem. In this song, Rin is stuck in a one-sided relationship, and she tries over and over again to impress her lover with material things.

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The chorus is repeated over and over again, showing how repetitive and empty her relationship feels. Nothing will change unless she changes, which is a message that anyone can relate to.

7 Seraphim On The Ring

The silliest song on the list, Seraphim On The Ring is about two ordinary high school girls trying to find success in life through professional wrestling. Miku Hatsune and Rin are up against Luka and Meiko, two tough opponents who have the protagonists at a major disadvantage from the start. This match is crucial for Rin's team, as they want to boost their self worth after going through difficult lives in the past. The girls utilize both determination and teamwork to pull through.

6 Daughter Of Evil

This song is the first of a series that follows a fourteen year old princess, who has everything that she could ever want. However, she enjoys extreme wealth at the expense of her own people. She is met with misfortune once her evil deeds catch up to her.

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Although it appears to be a simple story of karma, the sequel songs Servant Of Evil and Regret Message give this one more depth and reveals how one perspective is not enough to tell this entire story.

5 Party X Party

This lighthearted song is perfect for people with a soft spot for roleplaying games. The story starts with the heroine, Miku, searching for people to join her party. She recruits a group of people, one of them being Rin, who is a bard. They clear a few dungeons and hone their skills, preparing to face off with the Demon King. Once they get to the castle, however, there is a huge, unexpected twist. The ending is open to interpretation, but it is still a sweet and funny story nonetheless.

4 Phantom Thief F's Scenario: Mystery Of The Missing Diamond

At the start, there is a letter from a thief claiming that on the ship S.S. Fantastic, he or she will steal a priceless diamond from the auction party. The passengers aboard have to figure out who the thief is and prevent the crime from happening. However, the thief is so talented that they manage to steal the diamond as promised and get away. The song itself does not explicitly state the thief's identity, but viewers will be able to discern this if they watch the video carefully, making the song an enjoyable mystery.

3 Seasonal Feathers

For listeners who want a relaxing song that gets more fast paced towards the end, Seasonal Feathers is definitely worth a listen. It's about a woman who lives a happy life with her husband, until he gets an illness with a cure that they cannot afford with their modest income. The wife works hard to save his life, and the way that she gradually reveals their backstory makes it easy for listeners to root for the couple to pull through. Fans, however, can't seem to agree on how the story ends.

2 Meltdown

This song was performed live at multiple concerts, and considering how catchy it is, it's not hard to understand why. Although there are a wide variety of interpretations of this song, the most popular one is that this is a song about a girl who is ashamed of her past self. She speaks of throwing her past self away so that she can live in a better world, not weighed down by her previous negative emotions. It encourages listeners to strive to be better, as living in the past will only drag people down.

1 Kokoro

Many fans agree that Kokoro is Rin's most powerful song. In this tearjerker, a robot is created by a scientist, but can feel nothing because she does not have a heart. The scientist spends the rest of his life devoted to making one for her, which she finally uses hundreds of years later. With her newly-found heart, she reflects on her time with the scientist. She is finally able to appreciate him, as well as the heart she now has.

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59. PoPiPo -Miku

58. Time Machine -Miku

57. Daughter/Servant of Evil -Rin and Len

56. Twilight Homicide Song -MEIKO

55. Canterella ~grace edition~ KAITO & Miku

54. Joker -Gakupo

53. Crystalline -GUMI

52. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -Len

51. Melancholic -Rin

50. Meltdown -Rin

49. Worlds End Dance Hall -Miku & Luka

48. Luka Luka☆Night Fever -Luka

47. Black☆Rock Shooter -Miku

46. Glass Wall -Miku

45. Romeo & Cinderella -Miku

44. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -Miku

43. Odds & Ends -Miku

42. World is Mine -Miku

41. Tell Your World -Miku

40. Caramel Heaven -GUMI

39. Rolling Girl -Miku

38. Trick and Treat -Rin and Len

37. Sakura Colored Time Capsule -GUMI

36. Alice of Human Sacrifice -Miku, Rin, Len, MEIKO & KAITO

35. Mozaik Role -GUMI

34. Last Night, Good Night -Miku

33. Two Faced Lovers -Miku

32. Meteor -Miku

31. Melt -Miku

30. Triple Baka -Miku & Teto


28. Secret Police -Miku

27. Just Be Friends -Luka

26. Levan Polka -Miku

25. I Like You, I Love You -Rin

24. Tokyo Teddy Bear -Rin

23. Red Thread -Miku

22. Senbonzakura -Miku

21. Love is War -Miku

20. Deep-Sea Girl -Miku

19. Magnet -Miku & Luka

18. Suki Kirai -Rin and Len

17. Snowman -Len & KAITO

16. Yume Yume -Miku

15. Paradichlorobenzene -Len

14. Abstract Nonsense -Rin

13. The Lost One's Weeping -Rin

12. WAVE -Lily

11. Unhappy Refrain -Miku

10. Wildfire -GUMI

9. Bad End Night -Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMI & Gakupo

8. Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl -Miku & GUMI

7. Pomp and Circumstance -Miku, Luka, Rin, GUMI, & AI

6. Double Lariat -Luka

5. Kokoro -Rin


3. Electric Angel -Rin and Len

2. A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Day -AI

1. Matryoshka -Miku & GUMI

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