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In collaboration with high-end doll makers Volks, we are pleased to announce that Y’shtola will be making her debut as a 24-inch (60-cm) doll in the Dollfie Dream series!

Her subtle makeup, the textures and silhouette of her midnight black dress, and the impressive form of her arcane weapon, Nightseeker, are presented in such exceptional quality that one could only expect from Dollfie Dreams. Wouldn’t the wise and enigmatic Y’shtola make a lovely addition to your home?

Supervised by Character Concept Artist Ayumi Namae.


$980.00 USD

Pre-order Period

Friday, September 17, 2021 to Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 6:59 a.m. (PST)

* Note that this product is made to order.

Release Date

Scheduled to arrive late December 2022

Visit the Square Enix Store, or the Volks special site, for product details and to pre-order.

Sours: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers Patch 5.4 out now

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online regularly receives patches that expand gameplay, add new story and much more.

Read on for information about the latest updates.

Patch 5.4: Futures Rewritten

The latest patch for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers has arrived. It adds a wealth of new content to the game, including new main scenario quests, a brand new raid dungeon featuring a boss designed by the legendary Tetsuya Nomura, and some challenging new foes. Let’s just say it’s not easy beating green.

Here’s some of what you can expect from the update.

New Main Scenario Quests: Futures Rewritten

The epic story continues. Now that Elidibus has been defeated and the fate of the First secured, the Scions make their return to the Source. But in the new future they now look towards, will that which is written upon the pages of history be an anthem of hope...or a dirge of despair?

New Raid Dungeon: Eden’s Promise

Patch 5.4 brings the third chapter of this 8-player raid series. It returns to the story of Ryne and her mysterious counterpart Gaia, who have successfully restored balance to the elements of the Empty (with the help of the Warrior of Light, of course).

The raid is packed with exciting new challenges - including a new boss designed by KINGDOM HEARTS director and FINAL FANTASY series veteran, Tetsuya Nomura. It’s available in normal and savage difficulties.

New Dungeon: Matoya's Relict

Once home to some of the finest crafters in Eorzea, the Makers’ Quarter now lies forgotten and in ruins. That won’t be the case for long though - you can explore the former workshop of the Archon Matoya alongside fellow players, or with a party of NPCS through the Trust system.

Chronicles of a New Era: The Sorrow of Werlyt

Previously, you and Gaius managed to defeat the Sapphire Weapon, and in doing so are one step closer towards ending the Empire’s warmachina development project. However, information points to a new threat lurking in the shadows… the Emerald Weapon.

New Trial: Castrum Marinum

The information was correct - the Emerald Weapon is real and about to be unleashed on the world. Spearhead a pre-emptive strike on this green-hued menace in this trial that can be played in both normal and extreme difficulties.

New Unreal Trial: The Navel (Unreal)

Titan has been powered up, and is about to be unleashed upon level 80 adventurers. This primal battle provides a tougher challenge and a chance to earn unique prizes.

New “Explorer Mode”

This new feature lets you revisit previously completed Shadowbringers dungeons to explore and take screenshots without having to worry about enemies distracting and photobombing you. You can even summon mounts and minions to further enhance your screenshots! Live out your dreams of spamming the Limit Break wherever you’d like in this new mode and have a blast!

Additional dungeons beyond Shadowbringers are planned for future updates too.

Ocean Fishing Update

Two new fishing routes have been added, the Black Shroud and Dravania, as well as new mission objectives players can complete to earn bonus points and aim for even higher scores!

Performance Update

New playable instruments are coming for bards across the land to enjoy, including violins! Unleash your inner musician solo or alongside a group of other performers.

The Manderville Gold Saucer: Triple Triad and Doman Mahjong updates

Triple Triad is now better than ever, thanks to a variety of updates and improvements. The card list and deckbuilding user interface have been revamped, card rarity restrictions have been eased for new players, and new tournament modes have been added. You can now even create your own tournaments featuring up to eight players!

Doman Mahjong has also been updated, with improvements to the user interface, and a new Quick Match option.

Future updates

Even more content is coming in future updates. Here's what you can expect.

Patch 5.41 - Ishgardian Restoration Update

The final stage of the Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard is set to arrive in Patch 5.41. Work together with other players to construct a cultural district, where nobles and commoners alike can enrich their lives through aesthetic pursuits.

Patch 5.45 - Save the Queen: Past to Rest

The latest chapter in the Save the Queen series, written by renowned game creator Yasumi Matsuno (FINAL FANTASY Tactics, FINAL FANTASY XII), continues the battle for the southern front in Patch 5.45.

Having failed to secure Castrum Cacus Litore, things aren’t looking good for the Resistance. Will you be able to stop the IVth Imperial Legion from unleashing their full might?

Patch 5.45 - Resistance Weapon Updates

If you complete the Save the Queen questline, you’ll be able to upgrade your Resistance Weapons an additional two tiers. The second upgrade tier let you alter certain parameters on the weapon to match your playstyle.

Patch 5.45 - Blue Mage Update

The level cap for the Blue Mage limited job will be raised to 70. Not only that, but you’ll be able to learn new blue magic from enemies, use new job-specific equipment, and find updates to your blue mage log that feature Stormblood-related content.

Patch 5.45 - Skysteel Tool Update

Disciples of the Land and Hand can upgrade their Skysteel Tools even more, to allow for more effective crafting and gathering.

Patch 5.3: Reflections in Crystal

The next update for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers is a very big one - not just for current fans of the game, but new players too.

Not only does it continue the adventure with brand new story content, challenges, gear and more, it updates and streamlines the original A Realm Reborn questline too!

But what’s new? Read on and find out.

Patch 5.3: Reflections in Crystal

Patch 5.3 continued the Shadowbringers adventure with brand new story content, challenges, gear and more. It also updated and streamlined the original A Realm Reborn questline too!

Here's what was added:

New Main Scenario Quests: Reflections in Crystal

The dramatic story of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers roars to its conclusion. The Scions have confirmed their suspicions regarding a mysterious new arrival and must try to shed light on the Ascian's dark plot… and quickly, for the time of their departure—or demise—fast approaches.

Main Scenario Questline Update: A Realm Reborn

The main questline of A Realm Reborn has been reworked to give players a more streamlined experience leading up to the first expansion, Heavensward. Whether you’re starting a new character or playing the game for the first time, the update will make the early adventure a more focused and satisfying experience.

What’s more, you can now use flying mounts in areas of A Realm Reborn (upon completion of The Ultimate Weapon quest at level 50). It’s one of the most requested additions from fans, and now it’s a reality!

Expanded Free Trial

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online’s Free Trial has been dramatically expanded. It now gives players unlimited playtime up through level 60, includes access to the full A Realm Reborn experience, Heavensward expansion (including updates through Patch 3.56), adds an additional playable race (Au Ra), and three extra playable jobs (Dark Knight, Astrologian, and Machinist).

You can sign up for the free trial and start your adventure here:

New Dungeon: The Heroes’ Gauntlet

This challenging new dungeon lives up to its name, as the Warriors of Darkness must fight their way across the whole of Norvrandt. You can play this dungeon with fellow adventurers or with NPCs using the Trust System.

New Trial: Mystery Trial

The Warriors of Darkness will face a new foe of incredible power in this new trial. Available in both Normal and Extreme difficulties, this one will test even experienced players.

New Raid: YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse - The Puppets’ Bunker

The NieR raid series from guest creators Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO continues. The android 2P awakens, as does a new threat. The Warrior of Darkness heads towards the core of the Puppets’ Bunker - but will they find answers or more questions?

New Battle Content: Unreal Trials

Level 80 heroes will be able to challenge powered-up versions of existing primals. Unreal Trials will shine a spotlight on one primal per patch and change in every major update. The 5.3 update challenges adventurers to face off against a more-powerful version of Shiva.

Defeat the primal each week, and you’ll have a chance to compete in a new mini-game to earn tokens that you can exchange for awesome prizes.

New Tribe Quests

Experience a brand new crafter-focused questline that features the dwarves.

Crafter and Gatherer Updates

The Patch 5.3 series adds a host of crafter and gatherer additions. For example, there are new custom deliveries, updates to Rowena's House of Splendors, and an update to the Skysteel Tools questline headline several crafter and gatherer updates. Recipe search functionality has also been improved to help you find what you need much faster!

New Game+ Updates

The A Realm Reborn class and job quests have been introduced to New Game+, and allow adventurers to relive their past conquests while keeping their current character and level. The updated A Realm Reborn main scenario will be introduced to New Game+ in Patch 5.35 and will allow players to relieve their first steps towards becoming the Warrior of Light.

New mounts and minions

Patch 5.3 adds a new mounts into the game, as well as wind-up minions that will make you the envy of your fellow adventurers. At least until they get one too.

Ishgard Restoration Update (Patch 5.31)

Coming in Patch 5.31, the third phase of Ishgard’s restoration will begin! Skybuilder Rankings will return, and there will be new items for players to craft and new achievements for top contributors to earn.

New Resistance Weapon Quest: Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr (Patch 5.35)

Enhance your weapons and get more insight into the Hrothgar in this new quest, coming in a future update. The renowned guard of Queen Gunnhildr has been reborn, and the flames of rebellion burn brightly. The push to reclaim Bozja has begun.

Patch 5.25

Patch 5.25 brought with it a host of new additions to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers, including a brand new quest series: Save the Queen.

It’s written by Yasumi Matsuno (FINAL FANTASY Tactics, FINAL FANTASY XII), who also created the narrative for the wildly popular Return to Ivalice raid series, and provides you with a fascinating new insight into the Hrothgar Race.

Here’s what was included with Patch 5.25:

New “Resistance Weapon” Enhancement Quest Series: “Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr”

This new quest series starts here, with regular updates coming in future patches.

Bozja, the homeland of the Hrothgar, has been controlled by Garlean rulers for many years. But with the Empire falling into disarray, the people of Doma and Ala Mhigo have risen up to challenge their authority.

Unfortunately, the Bozjans lack the means to join the rebellion. They need a standard to rally under - a weapon of legend.

Players can undertake new Resistance Weapon Quest Battles, which will see you take on multiple boss fights, with progress saved as you advance.

Crafter and Gatherer Content: “Skysteel Tools”

A new questline that will allow Disciples of the Land and Hand to upgrade their Skysteel Tools into even more powerful versions.

It’s not one and done either - the questline will see updates in future patches, so you’ll be able to further upgrade these tools.

New “Extreme” Difficulty Trial

Parties of eight players can undertake this challenging new trial battle. As to what said battle is… well, we’ll leave you to find out that one for yourselves.

New Items, Recipes, Furnishings, and more

The new patch adds brand new items, customization items and more to the game.

Patch 5.2 - Echoes of a Fallen Star

Patch 5.2 is titled Echoes of a Fallen Star and adds new adventures, challenging trials, and much more to the critically-acclaimed expansion pack.

Read on and we’ll reveal some of the things included in the update, but you can get a taste of them in the trailer:

New Main Scenario Quests

After all the dramatic events of Shadowbringers, the city of Eulmore is on the path to a brighter future. The Scions wait for a time when the Exarch might return them home, but fate will not let them be idle for long…

New Raid Dungeon: Eden’s Verse

The second chapter in the Eden raid series introduces the character of Gaia - created by the famed FINAL FANTASY developer Tetsuya Nomura. You can play in both normal and savage difficulties.

New Dungeon: Anamnesis Anyder

This beautiful new dungeon takes you deep in the Tempest - to the remains of Anyder's ancient edifices. What slumbers forgotten in this bed of knowledge? You can find out with fellow adventurers - or with NPCs using the Trust system.

New Trial: Cinder Drift

Ruby Weapon has arrived in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers! Clad in crimson and heavily armed, it represents the pinnacle of Garlean military technology. You can take it on in both normal and extreme difficulties.

New Beast Tribe Quests

The Qitari will offer up brand new quests geared towards Disciples of the Land classes.

New Chronicles of a New Era Quest: “The Sorrow of Werlyt”

Learn the lore behind the new Weapon series. The Garlean Empire seeks to break the stalemate with Eorzean forces with these terrifying and twisted creations.

Ocean Fishing

This is exclusive to Fishers. Players can board a ship at different times to enjoy fishing on the high seas. They’ll even get experience and scrips based off the fish caught - and meeting certain conditions while aboard will grant all passengers the chance of a big haul!

Ishgardian Restoration Update (Patch 5.21)

The next update for Disciples of the Hand and Land will include gatherer-specific content in the Diadem, high-level crafting challenges, a new ranking system and more.

The Gold Saucer: A Leap of Faith

Players’ acrobatic abilities will be tested to the limit with this new course on the Floating City of Nym. Are you brave enough to take it on?

In-Game Adjustments

Patch 5.2 adds several tweaks to Jobs, PvP Actions and New Game+ as well as multiple Crafter and Gatherer updates.

New Mounts, Minions, Hairystyle, Emote, Crafting Recipes, and more:

You’ll be able to update your look with a parasols, new hair options, new emotes and more. Plus there are new mounts, new minions and new recipes to acquire.

For more details about Patch 5.2, check out the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Online website:

Patch 5.1 - Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

Patch 5.1 launched on October 29, 2019.

It added a huge amount of content, including new main scenario quests, new crafter and gatherer content, and the first chapter of the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid - inspired by the NieR series and featuring the work of guest creators Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO.

Read on and we’ll go into more detail about the new features and areas, but you can get a glimpse in the latest trailer:

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s included in the patch:

New Main Scenario Quests

Shadowbringers’ excellent story continues in Patch 5.1, with new main scenario quests adding hours of additional gameplay, and we promise fans won’t be disappointed to see what happens next.

New 24-Player Alliance Raid: “The Copied Factory”

The worlds of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and NieR come together in the first instalment of the much-anticipated YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid series.

You and 23 other players will battle against machine lifeforms in a brand new raid dungeon based on the world of NieR.

The creative minds behind NieR:Automata - Producer Yosuke Saito and Director YOKO TARO - are guest developing this raid series, so expect an experience like no other.

New Game+

A much-requested feature, the addition of New Game+ means you’ll be able to replay previously completed quests, cutscenes, dialogue and battles while retaining your current progression and job level.

All the main scenario quests for Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers are included, so it’s a perfect opportunity to revisit some of your favorite memories.

New Dungeon: The Grand Cosmos

Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty adds an entirely new dungeon for you to navigate - either with fellow players or with a party of AI-controlled non-player characters with the new Trust system.

New Extreme Trial: Hades

Only the most prepared adventurers will be able to survive a rematch with this fearless foe. If you want to take on this high-difficulty challenge, you’d better be ready to think fast and use all your skills.

New Beast Tribe Quests

Want more of the mischief-loving pixies? Then head into a brand new area - the Garden of Dreams, Lyhe Mheg.

New PvP Frontline map: Onsal Hakai

Patch 5.1 introduces a new Frontline map and ruleset to go with it. Grand Companies will join forces with the tribes of the Azim Steppe to demonstrate their battle prowess.

Crafting and gathering overhaul

Lots of changes are coming to crafting and gathering - various adjustments to actions, removal of additional actions, improvements to the user interface and more. It’ll improve the gathering and crafting experience for both new and veteran players.

New Gold Saucer GATE: “The Slice is Right”

Feeling fortunate? How’s your luck holding out? Yojimbo makes his debut at the Gold Saucer in this new mini game that will test your reflexes… and your luck.

Blue Mage Job Updates

A major update has arrived for the Blue Mage job - the first since it launched earlier this year. This limited job is getting an increased level cap, new job quests, as well as new blue mage-specific battle challenges and content.

Performance Action Updates

A new ensemble feature allows players to make beautiful music with fellow players.

Various other improvements

In addition to all the exciting new features above, the patch also features adjustments to jobs, updates to the Gold Saucer, system updates and more.

Patch 5.11

We also have some information about additions in Patch 5.11:

Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard (Patch 5.11)

Crafting and gathering classes are encouraged to come together to help rebuild The Firmament in Ishgard. They’ll have to collaborate to complete various tasks, including delivering goods.

Ultimate Raid: The Epic of Alexander

Think you’re pretty good at the whole FINAL FANTASY XIV Online thing, huh? Even the most experienced players will be tested by this new raid.

You can stay up to date with all the latest news about Shadowbringers and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online as a whole on social media:

Sours: https://square-enix-games.com/en_EU/news/final-fantasy-xiv-shadowbringers-patch
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Patch notes are the written updates provided by SquareEnix each time changes are made to the Final Fantasy XIV server or client code. This page provides a (reverse) chronological listing of these updates.

Patch 6.x - Endwalker[]

Patch 6.0[]

Patch 5.x - Shadowbringers[]

Patch 5.5 - Death Unto Dawn[]

Patch 5.4 - Futures Rewritten[]

Patch 5.3 - Reflections in Crystal[]

Patch 5.2 - Echoes of a Fallen Star[]

Patch 5.1 - Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty[]

Patch 5.0[]

Patch 4.x - Stormblood[]

Patch 4.5 - A Requiem for Heroes[]

Patch 4.4 - Prelude in Violet[]

  • Patch 4.45 - Released 6 November 2018
  • Patch 4.41 - Released 2 October 2018
  • Patch 4.4 - Released 18 September 2018

Patch 4.3 - Under the Moonlight[]

  • Patch 4.36 - Released 7 August 2018
  • Patch 4.35 - Released 3 July 2018
  • Patch 4.31 - Released 5 June 2018
  • Patch 4.3 - Released 22 May 2018

Patch 4.2 - Rise of a New Sun[]

  • Patch 4.25 - Released 13 March 2018
  • Patch 4.21 - Released 14 February 2018
  • Patch 4.2 - Released 30 January 2018

Patch 4.1 - The Legend Returns[]

  • Patch 4.18 - Released 11 December 2017
  • Patch 4.15 - Released 21 November 2017
  • Patch 4.11 - Released 24 October 2017
  • Patch 4.1 - Released 10 October 2017

Patch 4.0[]

  • Patch 4.06a - Released 28 August 2017
  • Patch 4.06 - Released 7 August 2017
  • Patch 4.05 - Released 18 July 2017
  • Patch 4.01 - Released 4 July 2017
  • Patch 4.0 - Released 15 June 2017

Patch 3.x - Heavensward[]

Patch 3.5 - The Far Edge of Fate[]

  • Patch 3.57 - Released 18 April 2017
  • Patch 3.56 - Released 28 March 2017
  • Patch 3.55b - Released 8 March 2017
  • Patch 3.55a - Released 28 February 2017
  • Patch 3.51 - Released 26 January 2017
  • Patch 3.5 - Released 17 January 2017

Patch 3.4 - Soul Surrender[]

  • Patch 3.45 - Released 1 November 2016
  • Patch 3.41 - Released 18 October 2016
  • Patch 3.4 - Released 27 September 2016

Patch 3.3 - Revenge of the Horde[]

  • Patch 3.38 - Released 23 August 2016
  • Patch 3.35 - Released 18 July 2016
  • Patch 3.3 - Released 7 June 2016

Patch 3.2 - The Gears of Change[]

  • Patch 3.26 - Released 14 April 2016
  • Patch 3.25 - Released 29 March 2016
  • Patch 3.22 - Released 17 March 2016
  • Patch 3.21 - Released 20 March 2016
  • Patch 3.2 - Released 23 February 2016

Patch 3.1 - As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness[]

  • Patch 3.15 - Released 15 December 2015
  • Patch 3.1 - Released 10 November 2015

Patch 3.0[]

  • Patch 3.07 - Released 25 August 2015
  • Patch 3.05 - Released 21 July 2015
  • Patch 3.01 - Released 7 July 2015
  • Patch 3.0 - Released 19 June 2015

Patch 2.x - A Realm Reborn[]

Patch 2.5 - Before the Fall[]

  • Patch 2.57 - Released 12 May 2015
  • Patch 2.56 - Released 20 April 2015
  • Patch 2.55 - Released 31 March 2015
  • Patch 2.51 - Released 24 February 2015
  • Patch 2.5 - Released 20 January 2015

Patch 2.4 - Dreams of Ice[]

  • Patch 2.45 - Released 9 December 2014
  • Patch 2.41 - Released 18 November 2014
  • Patch 2.4 - Released 28 October 2014

Patch 2.3 - Defenders of Eorzea[]

  • Patch 2.38 - Released 15 September 2014
  • Patch 2.35 - Released 19 August 2014
  • Patch 2.3 - Released 8 July 2014

Patch 2.2 - Through the Maelstrom[]

  • Patch 2.28 - Released 5 June 2014
  • Patch 2.25 - Released 24 April 2014
  • Patch 2.21 - Released 9 April 2014
  • Patch 2.2 - Released 27 March 2014

Patch 2.1: A Realm Awoken[]

  • Patch 2.16 - Released 19 February 2014
  • Patch 2.15 - Released 20 January 2014
  • Patch 2.1 - Released 14 December 2013

Patch 2.0[]

Patch 1.x[]

Beta updates[]

These update notes stem from the removal of the NDA from Final Fantasy XIV's Beta period. Updates before the NDA was removed are considered covered, and are not available on Core's Wiki.

See also[]

Sours: https://ffxiv.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_notes
FINAL FANTASY XIV Documentary Part #1 - \

Final Fantasy XIV (14) Update 9.16 Patch Notes 1.000.037 (FFXIV 9.16)

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) update 9.16 (5.58) for PS4 and PS5 (1.000.037) is now available for download. According to the official Final Fantasy 14 update 9.16 patch notes, the latest update added quality of life improvements. Apart from this, the latest FF14 version 9.16 also performance improvements.

Previously, a big update added a conclusion to the Shadowbringers story and the second installment of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, courtesy of guest creators Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO.

Read more details below

What is new in Final Fantasy XIV Version 9.16 Patch Notes (FFXIV 9.16) – 1.000.037


EXP gained by Trust NPCs has been increased.

Battle System

The Cloud Deck (Extreme) has been moved from the Raid Finder to the Duty Finder.

The drop rate for the Diamond Gwiber Trumpet in the Cloud Deck (Extreme) has been increased.

Moreover, players can now obtain this item in exchange for totems by speaking with C’intana in Mor Dhona (X:22.7 Y:6.7).

Item ObtainedItem Required
Diamond Gwiber TrumpetDiamond Totem x99

The weekly restriction on receiving Blades of Lost Antiquity from Eden’s Promise: Eternity has been removed.

The strength of the Echo granted in Eden’s Promise (Savage) has been increased.

The Echo will take effect upon entering Eden’s Promise (Savage) raids, increasing players’ maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 15%.
* Unlike other instances, the strength of the Echo will not increase in the event all party members are incapacitated.

The following adjustments have been made to the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach.

  • Stuffed Android Units
  • Modern Aesthetics – Battle-ready Bobs
  • Modern Aesthetics – Scanning for Style
  • Smaller Stubby
  • 9S Automaton
  • 2B Card
  • The Sound of the End Orchestrion Roll
  • Mourning Orchestrion Roll
  • Emil (Despair) Orchestrion Roll
  • Kainé (Final Fantasy Main Theme Version) Orchestrion Roll
  • The Sound of the End: 8bit Orchestrion Roll

The amount of mettle rewarded from skirmishes and critical engagements in the Bozjan southern front and Zadnor has been increased between Resistance ranks 1 and 14.

The following adjustments have been made to the critical engagement the Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore:

During the critical engagement On Serpents’ Wings in Zadnor, the cast time of the enemy action used in the final phase has been increased from 60 to 90 seconds.

The following adjustments have been made to the items required to create Resistance weapons:

Loathsome Memory of the DyingDrop rate from critical engagements at the Bozjan southern front has been increased.
Haunting Memory of the DyingDrop rate when completing designated FATEs has been increased (players are still limited to one per FATE).
The number received when completing designated alliance raids has been increased from 1 to 3.
Vexatious Memory of the DyingDrop rate when completing designated FATEs has been increased (players are still limited to one per FATE).
The number received when completing designated alliance raids has been increased from 1 to 3.

The item required to enhance weapons purchased with Allagan tomestones of revelation, Crypt Ester, can be purchased from Fathard in Eulmore (X:10.1 Y:11.7).

Required Items

  • Manufactured Coin / Puppet’s Coin / Breach Coin

Upgrading Equipment

  • After acquiring the items to enhance your equipment from Fathard, speak with Shee-Tatch in Eulmore (X:10.3 Y:12.0) and exchange them for augmented gear of your choice.


The following adjustments have been made to PvP actions:

Shared Tank Actions

RetaliationRecast time has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.

Shared Magic DPS Actions

Aetheric BurstPotency has been increased from 1,200 to 1,600.


AtonementIncrease to Oath Gauge bar has been changed from 5 to 10.
Glory SlashIncrease to Oath Gauge bar has been changed from 5 to 10.

Dark Knight

BloodspillerThe additional effect “Absorbs 100% of damage dealt as HP” has been added.
QuietusThe additional effect “Absorbs 100% of damage dealt as HP” has been added.


Draw and JunctionDetrimental effect duration has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.
Beneficial effect duration has been reduced from 60 to 15 seconds.


Tornado KickPotency has been reduced from 2,000 to 1,800.


Heat BlastPotency has been increased from 1,200 to 1,400.


Saber DancePotency has been increased from 1,800 to 2,000.
Standard FinishPotency for 0 steps has been changed from 200-600 to 300-600.
Potency for 1 step has been changed from 400-1,200 to 600-1,200.
Potency for 2 steps has been changed from 600-1,800 to 900-1,800.
Technical FinishPotency for 0 steps has been changed from 200-600 to 300-600.
Potency for 1 step has been changed from 400-1,200 to 600-1,200.
Potency for 2 steps has been changed from 600-1,800 to 900-1,800.
Potency for 3 steps has been changed from 800-2,400 to 1,200-2,400.
Potency for 4 steps has been changed from 1,000-3,000 to 1,500 to 3,000.

Black Mage

ThunderDamage required to trigger Thundercloud has been increased from 6,000 to 8,000.
Thunder IIIDamage required to trigger Thundercloud has been increased from 6,000 to 8,000.


WitherPotency has been increased from 1,000 to 1,600.


Aura BlastPotency has been increased from 1,600 to 2,000.
SuccorThe additional effect “Increases Faerie Gauge by 5 for each party member healed when used to restore HP of self or a party member while in combat” has been changed to “Increases Faerie Gauge by 10 when used to restore HP of self or a party member while in combat.”
DissipationThe additional effect “Increases damage dealt by 25%” has been added.
Effect duration has been increased from 6 to 10.


GravityPotency has been increased from 800 to 1,600.
Lord of CrownsEffect duration has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.
Lady of CrownsEffect duration has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds.

The Feast

Season Twenty of the Feast will begin.

When the season ends, the top-ranking players from each data center will receive vouchers via the moogle delivery service.

Players finishing in bronze tier or higher can claim rewards by speaking with the Feast Quartermaster at the Wolves’ Den Pier (X:4.9 Y:5.7).

Learn more about rewards.
* The Season Twenty ranking will be updated daily, beginning from the day after the start of the season. In the event of an error, the rankings will not be updated on that day.

In an effort to ease server congestion, players who are inactive for more than 30 minutes will be logged out automatically.

The following issues have been addressed.

    • An issue in the Rak’tika Greatwood wherein certain NPCs were not behaving as intended.
    • An issue in the Save the Queen field notes wherein the image of Gunnhildr was not displayed correctly.
    • An issue in certain Save the Queen cutscenes wherein the graphics for Gunnhildr were not displayed correctly.
    • An issue in the Epic of Alexander (Ultimate) wherein, under certain conditions, target selection would be removed from the boss. (PlayStation®5 version only)
    • An issue wherein the graphics for the Blade’s Fortitude, replica Blade’s Fortitude, and matte replica Blade’s Fortitude shields were displayed incorrectly.
    • An issue wherein the message to warn players with a full inventory before challenging a Triple Triad NPC was not displayed.
    • An issue wherein some players were unable to log in after using the Home World Transfer Service.
    • An issue wherein, under certain conditions, selecting “Visit Another World Server” from the subcommands on the character selection screen while the character’s Home World was unavailable prevented the player from accessing the character selection screen from the title screen.
    • Minor text issues have been addressed.
    • An issue wherein text in the Field Record entry of Fran Eruyt had not been adjusted.

Other various issues have also been addressed.

Download free Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) update 9.16 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Current patch ff14

Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.58 Hotfix Patch Notes

Final Fantasy XIV will be down for maintenance to implement a Patch 5.58 hotfix and address other issues, and here’s everything we know about the hotfixes. Patch 5.58 was deployed just a few weeks ago, removing the weekly loot restrictions in certain raids and ushering in Season 20 of the Feast in PvP. There won’t be any new features added after this downtime period because it isn’t a new patch. Here’s everything we know about the Patch 5.58 hotfixes in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.58 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • The increased healing potency effect of the scholar PvP action “Dissipation” has been reduced from 50% to 25%.
  • The following adjustments have been made to treasure coffers which appear upon defeating False Idol in the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach:
    • The number of 2B cards that appear have been reduced from 3 to 2.
    • The stuffed android units furnishing item is now guaranteed to appear.
    • All minions obtainable from these treasure coffers are now guaranteed to appear.
    • All orchestrion rolls obtainable from these treasure coffers are now guaranteed to appear.
  • The following issues were addressed.
    • An issue in custom matches for the Feast causing spectators to be able to perform actions against participants.
    • An issue causing the hotbar of some jobs of a given character to reset when leaving the login queue to log in with another character before logging in with said character.
    • An issue causing the server to crash under certain conditions.


The maintenance period will last from August 23 at 6 PM PDT to August 24 at 3 AM PDT, making this a nine hour maintenance period. The downtime for Patch 5.58 was already abnormally long, likely because that maintenance period included server adjustments as well, and now this downtime period is continuing that trend.

Final Fantasy XIV has seen a gigantic influx of new players this summer, so these server infrastructure improvements are appreciated. Several popular Twitch streamers have started playing FFXIV recently, and the game’s concurrent player count keeps ballooning to new heights. Whether this momentum can be maintained until the highly-anticipated launch of the Endwalker expansion this November remains to be seen, but for now, Eorzea has no shortage of sprouts.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 5.3 - Reflections in Crystal


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