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Best motherfuckin' rapper, nigga This Baby, nigga, let's go Ready to get it started, nigga (go) Whenever you want it I was the man with the plan since a shorty Pull up to the Grammy Awards with my .40 (go) She told me she like how I'm dressin' and I ain't eatin' no salad (uh-huh) Stevie Wonder can see that I'm havin' I told her, "Be patient," she waited I gave her the dick, she walked out doin' the "Beat Box Challenge" Like yeah, get in there, baby (get in there) You know me, hit you anywhere, baby (let's go) Know she gon' do whatever I say I can piss in a cup, call it lemonade, baby Let that bitch off, I'm a renegade, baby I'ma get outta there, I ain't feelin' that (huh?) Nigga run up on me with a cellphone out He gon' f*ck around, die on the internet (doot-doot-doot-doot) F*ck it, kill him on IG Live Let the whole world see the nigga die (die) Yeah, shout-out to SpotEm', we got 'em (get down) Even though he a rapper, he shot him I get this big pretty-ass smile from my mama (cheese) Get this motherfuckin' voice from my daddy I learned how to pimp on them hoes from my uncle (pimp, pimp) Let her suck on my toes 'cause I'm nasty (okay) Like f*ck it, she asked me to do it Play with me, I'ma actually shoot you Most of these niggas be cap and we knew it These niggas drop shit and we laugh at they music I know how to murder these niggas with kindness Fuckin' they bitch from the back, how I do it I buy a Cuban and fill it with diamonds Send my assistant to pick up some condoms Instagram model at the hotel textin' me now Want me to give her the Johnson Damn, that nigga Baby on fire and it won't go out They know that lil' nigga's a problem Got a big .45 on decoct (go) Usin' big words like I'm T.I. (turn up) Don't wanna get me started, nigga Turn me up, niggas gon' see why Nigga, you a bitch, JoJo Siwa (bitch) You let the wrong nigga get rich Both of these chains on my neck, they compete with each other They fightin' and throwin' a fit Know how these hoes like to argue and beef with each other She fightin' her over the dick You should already know you ain't searchin' DaBaby 'Cause that nigga like to come in with the stick I don't like to get into the mix (no) I done got paid in full, my nigga I get them hoes like I'm Mitch Even got white people all on my dick (go) Yeah, second year, six-time Grammy-nominated Came through turnt up, everybody hated 'Fore I had my first M, it was Billion Dollar Baby He bet the house and his self like Las Vegas (go) You want the shit? Gotta earn it He off the leash, he don't think he can get murdered Know how to swim, so I f*ck with who fuckin' with me I take a bridge and I burn it Let me see if you can swim, lil' nigga Shit gettin' out of hand, I just parked a new Benz Hopped in a new Benz, lil' nigga (let's go) And I 'on't want new friends Bur-bur-burn away a carbon beam, knock your legs off Tried to get away from me, had a stand off Hit 'em in the spine, knock his dreads off My woadie just caught a body I nicknamed him Randy Moss Th-th-thuggin' in my Reeboks, ridin' with a G-SHOCK Shh, I heard he shot Dracos make a beat box OG made dat sharp turn, woadie spot 'em, peeled the car Had a mask on, Draco make 'em beat box In Miami with my muhfuckin' heat out With another nigga bitch, said she got her feet out I walked in the party, I'm on my big goon shit Ready to get it started, bitch, I got no sense Oh, he the plug, ridin' round with four bricks Call me Kobe, twenty-four on me Can't f*ck wit' her no more, that lil' bitch, she do the most I get my groove on every time I see them folks I got the antidote, I'm thinkin' that's somethin' you needed to know I'm smooth and I'm cold, she know my wrist on froze Skinny jeans on with a big bankroll (big knots on me) She playin' my song, now I got her takin' off her thong I'm tryna get it on, she feelin' all over my Peter bone Two rights don't make a wrong, it just go on and on I'm kickin' shit like Jackie Chan 'til they got my kicks on I aim, I hit my target, I'ma up this bitch regardless Bur-bur-burn away a carbon beam, knock your legs off Tried to get away from me, had a stand off Hit 'em in the spine, knock his dreads off My woadie just caught a body I nicknamed him Randy Moss Th-th-thuggin' in my Reeboks, ridin' with a G-SHOCK Shh, I heard he shot Dracos make a beat box OG made dat sharp turn, woadie spot 'em, peeled the car Had a mask on, Draco make 'em beat box

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Written by: Elisner Joseph, Nehemiah Harden

Lyrics © ROUGH TRADE PUBLISHING, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Songtrust Ave

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


Beat Box Challenge



In ideal cases, it takes little over 45 mins hours to perform this activity.



A conference hall or an indoor space will work for this and it requires minimal set-up.



Any group size can be managed as body is the only percussion instruments that is needed for this.



This activity can be done anywhere across India and abroad.

Beat Box Challenge |


An interactive beatbox session that involves learning how to beatbox and then perform and one collaborative group. After an initial performance and engagement, the beat boxers will start engaging the individual groups and teach them a few beatbox sounds. Once perfected, the groups are banded together and each group is taught a particular beatbox rhythm. Put together, the groups create a symphony of beatbox sounds, building up a crescendo. An interesting outcome of the challenge is the way in which the participants carry home beatboxing skills for personal and social satisfaction.



Drum Jam is meant for anybody and everybody. It is enormously popular due to its fun and engaging nature, especially during large corporate events like Conferences, Annual Days, Employee Off-sites, Leadership meets. The takeaway is to be able to learn a new skill and act with it immediately. Being able to do becomes a great mo-rale booster.

Trupthi Venkatesh, Mindtree

Senior Associate

If you want your team to have an amazing time during your outings- Trebound is your answer! The games were very innovative and enjoyable. The teams were completely involved and everyone had a blast! The trainer and organiser were very approachable and had amazing energy! Thank you, team Trebound- looking forward to more!

Kaarthik Sundararajan, PM Global

Mechanical Engineer

Trebound organised an office outing for us early in Jan 2019 and I definitely would say that it was brilliant. Everything from the the time we stepped in to the resort was set up well and the transition from Breakfast to activities was seamless. I would give extra kudos to the team for managing the whole thing without a hiccup and also with arranging the activities which were fun. Thanks Trebound for an awesome day out, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for team and office outings

How Beat Box Challenge addsvalue to team?

Ice breaker

The activity is an ideal ice-breaker to kick start a conference, as it quickly draws together a diverse group of people. It also helps as a crowd energizer in preparation for any other activity to follow – warming up the participants and preparing them for fun.

Team Building

Highly effective for team cohesion, the BeatBox challenge is not just enjoyable but also provides a lot of insight into the way each member aligns to a central rhythm. While aligning with a larger beat, teams get to know each other more intimately.


The BeatBox activity is just challenging enough to increase the confidence of the participant when it is mastered and creative enough to keep everyone engaged and motivated. Being part of a team effort results in amazing motivation levels.

Stress Release

Music is the biggest stress buster and actually participating can be cathartic. BeatBox provides a healthy outlet for corporate stress to melt away and acts as an opportunity for self-expression. Being part of a community effort is also a great equalizer.


The Beat Box Challenge is the ultimate cohesion strategy. It brings everyone together in a united collaboration, where every individual has to be in sync with the other to create harmony. This is the essence of collaboration at work where teams work in synchrony to achieve the corporate goals.

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SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box” And The Art Of The Organic Viral TikTok Hit

When you see it on the Billboard charts, the listing looks weird: “SpotemGottem Featuring Pooh Shiesty Or DaBaby.” It’s not “and.” It’s “or.” One or the other. Choose your fighter. There’s a reason for this. “Beat Box,” a song from the 18-year-old Jacksonville rapper SpotemGottem, is going through different incarnations so quickly that Billboard doesn’t quite have the institutional vocabulary to describe what’s going on.

Mostly thanks to TikTok, “Beat Box” has become one of the songs of the moment. The track has the type of hard, simple beat that tends to attract freestyles from other rappers. When there’s a big enough rapper with a good enough “Beat Box” freestyle, Interscope swoops in, turns the freestyle into an official remix, and throws it back out there. This strategy, clearly built to game the charts and the streaming services, has been working out. As I write this, “Beat Box,” in its either/or incarnation, is the #20 song in America. It’s gone as high as #15. It might go higher.

“Beat Box” began its life almost a year ago. SpotemGottem is part of a whole new wave of Florida rappers with piled-high dreads and impenetrable accents. He’s got a high, squeaky gargle of a voice, and he sounds like Kodak Black after half a hit of helium. In the past few years, post-Kodak Florida rappers like Jackboy and Hotboii have risen to YouTube stardom, and SpotemGottem is part of that whole scene. SpotemGottem’s YouTube page goes back a little more than two years, and if you dig into his earliest videos, you’ll find a neck-tatted baby with an innately melodic drawl.

Spotem posted the first “Beat Box” video in April of 2020. In that video, he plays with guns and thrashes around in a straightjacket, dialing into rap-video tropes that are older than he is. It’s a quick, energetic jab of a song, less than two minutes long, and its tough-to-decipher lyrics are all gunfight-themed: “Hit him in the spine, knock his dreads off/ My woadie just caught a body, I nicknamed him Randy Moss.” When SpotemGottem released his album Final Destination in December, he brought in the ascendant Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty for a “Beat Box” remix. That remix is just the same song, but now with a pretty good Pooh Shiesty verse that helps it stretch out to longer than two minutes.

Shortly after that Pooh Shiesty video came out, a Los Angeles TikTok-personality type named June Elite posted a video of himself doing a sort of spasmodic body-jerk dance to “Beat Box.” (The dance, I’m realizing, might’ve been inspired by a thing that SpotemGottem did while holding two guns in the video for the first “Beat Box” remix.) June Elite started posting more videos of that dance. He added a new video every day, showing himself doing the dance in more and more random, surprising places. “Beat Box” was a song with energy before June Elite started doing the Junebug Challenge videos, but it wasn’t exactly a funny song. Those Junebug dances turned “Beat Box” into pure physical comedy.


vibe with me ##fyp##junebug##blackboyjoy

♬ Junebug Challenge – Junebug

The dance caught on. More and more people posted videos of themselves doing the Junebug Challenge. Celebrities started doing it: LeBron James, Kevin Hart, Saweetie, G Herbo, the Carolina Panthers. The dance picked up more silly little intricacies, like the fake-out lunge when SpotemGottem says the word “bitch.” Junebug — he’s just known as Junebug now — became a celebrity himself, traveling around the country and posting videos of himself doing more and more elaborate and ridiculous versions of the dance. (He’s been doing it on the nightclub circuit, too, which apparently has barely slowed down during the pandemic.) At this point, Junebug is just as synonymous with “Beat Box” as SpotemGottem.


Day 21. They tried to say I have a cavity 😒🦷 @dr_rubinshtein ##junebugchallenge

♬ Junebug Challenge – Junebug

The song took off along with the dance. At some point, Interscope picked up SpotemGottem and started promoting “Beat Box.” In February, DaBaby posted a freewheeling, cartoonish video of himself rapping hard over the “Beat Box” instrumental, bringing the same levels of goofy fire that he first had when he showed up on the national radar two years ago. The DaBaby freestyle got some attention for the vaguely confusing punchline where DaBaby seemed to be calling the child star Jojo Siwa a bitch, and DaBaby had to point out that this was just the construction of the line and that he doesn’t think Jojo Siwa is a bitch. It’s a bit weird that that was the line people objected to, since the freestyle also has DaBaby talking about killing someone on Instagram Live and claiming that he can make a ladyfriend drink his piss, but I guess that’s just celebrity-culture politics for you.

Thanks to that viral dance, “Beat Box” has the exact right combination of hardness and silliness for DaBaby. Interscope did whatever deals it had to do, and the label released DaBaby’s freestyle as an official remix, thus driving the track up the charts. But it’s not just DaBaby. More and more rappers have done their own “Beat Box” freestyles: Mulatto, Polo G, Lil Yachty, Bizzy Banks, Calboy. It’s turning into one of those beats every rapper needs to rap on — a phenomenon we haven’t seen too often since the mid-’00s golden age of slimline-CD-case mixtapes, when every rapper had to do something over the “A Milli” beat. I love it.

At this point, TikTok virality is a crucial element of rap hitmaking — and, more generally, of pop hitmaking. To old people like me, that can be alienating and irritating. But that whole TikTok economy is still in a strange, anarchic phase, and songs and trends can catch fire from the ground up, without corporate interference. “Beat Box” was doing just fine for itself before it became a TikTok fad, and because he’s been doing pretty good YouTube numbers for a couple of years, there’s a decent chance that the song won’t come to totally overwhelm whatever else SpotemGottem might do in his career. It’ll be tricky, though. “BeatBox,” in all its different incarnations, has exponentially more streams than any other Spotem track.

I think “Beat Box” itself is OK. I think some of the freestyles are very good. But more than anything else, I like what the whole phenomenon represents. The “Beat Box” thing now has a big company behind it, but it happened on its own, without too much money or power behind it. It happened because people heard the song, saw the dance, and liked them both. That’s how this whole system is supposed to work, and it’s nice to know that weird shit can still happen within the algorithm.


1. Lil Tjay, Polo G, & Fivio Foreign – “Headshot”
Two years ago, Polo G and Lil Tjay made the hypnotic, mesmerizing hit “Pop Out,” and the song helped push both of them toward stardom. On this track, they get back together, and even without a chorus, they find all sorts of effortlessly swirling melodies to toss back and forth. Fivio Foreign adds nice energetic punch to their whole dynamic, and the video is perfectly ridiculous. These guys have become the establishment, and they haven’t lost much of their power along the way.

2. Balenci & Saint Laurent Sour – “End Of Discussion”
One cool thing about the mainstreaming of UK drill is that gut-wobble sandworm jungle basslines — a key part of the UK pirate-radio experience for almost 30 years now — have reached the rap zeitgeist. I don’t know anything about those two rappers, but I’m pretty sure I danced to that bass sound at a Metalheadz club night in 1997.

3. Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – “Tha Divide” (Feat. ZeelooperZ, Mavi, & Koncept Jack$on)
Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin’s new $mokebreak EP is generally excellent, but this one really got me. Here, we’ve got five champions of thoughtful lo-fi rap kicking around a hazy jazz-loop beat together. It’s too languid and breezy to work as a statement of intent, but it feels like some kind of declaration anyway.

4. ZillaKami – “Chains”
I get my first injection on Saturday. About half the people I know already got theirs. The return of moshpits feels like it’s just around the corner. I can almost taste the blood in my mouth.

5. Bfb Da Packman – “Federal”
“Family full of hoes, even my granny got an OnlyFans.” Magnificent.


BEST BEATBOX CHALLENGE 2020 / Spencer X Vs Bigman

Spotem Gottem's "BeatBox" Freestyle Challenge: Who Did It Best?

Spotem Gottem’s viral hit "BeatBox," produced by Damn E, is arguably the hottest instrumental out right now. The song has been trending on TikTok for the past several months, which itself acts as a major influence in the music industry. Many rappers have been hopping on the beat in response, adding their own flare and showcasing their freestyle skills, riding the wave the track has created. 

With rappers like Da Baby, Lil Yachty, and Mulatto releasing their takes on the "BeatBox" freestyle challenge, the competition is fierce and as entertaining as ever. 

Check out our breakdown of some of the most notable "BeatBox" freestyles below, as well as the original right above, and vote on your favorite. 

Big Dreez

dreezy beatbox challenhe

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Dreezy said if you ask, she will deliver every time.


ddg beatbox freestyle

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

"Made a million off of moonwalking, Calabasas." DDG's take on "BeatBox" is definitely on the chill side, but is still a prime contender.

Polo G

polo g beatbox freestyle

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Polo G managed to remix three songs: CJ's "Whoopty," Coi Leray's "No More Parties," and of course "BeatBox." Fans were impressed by his ability to transition from drill rapping to singing so smoothly.


mulatto beatbox

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

The Queen of Da Souf kept it short and sweet. She's big now and she knows it.


calboy beatbox freestyle

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

If there's one thing about Calboy, he will make any track his own. The RCA Records artist released laid-back, goofy visuals having a good time with his crew making his take even more enjoyable.


dababy beatbox freestyle

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

This remix did numbers after sending social media into a frenzy due to a random dig at Jojo Siwa. 

Young M.A.

young ma beatbox freestyle

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

"My money and my loyalty, two things I'm never playin' bout." This Brooklyn rapper is no stranger to freestyles and devoured this challenge effortlessly.

Lil Yachty

lil yachty beatbox freestyle

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Lil Boat's energy is immaculate. He originally combined the freestyle with Coi Leray's "No More Parties," showcasing his versatility when it comes to flow and sound.

NLE Choppa

nle choppa beatbox freestyle

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Choppa's "First Day Out" is one of the most viewed "BeatBox" remixes, earning over 12 million views after its release on April 1st.


Challenge beat box


I Paid Pro Beatboxers To Play With Me \u0026 THIS Happened


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