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ZFSN Office Desk Organiser Wooden Desktop Stationery Storage Box

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ZFSN Office Desk Organiser safety Wooden Storage Stationery Desktop Gorgeous  Box


ZFSN Office Desk Organiser Wooden Desktop Stationery Storage Box

ZFSN Office Desk Organiser Wooden Desktop Stationery Storage Box


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  • We’ve looked over this guide and still stand behind our picks.

February 14, 2019

After researching dozens of organizers and comparing 16 side by side, we think the Innovative Storage Designs Desktop Organizer is the best for most people looking to declutter their desks and neatly arrange their most essential office supplies. It takes up less space than a standard keyboard, yet fits more files, pens, and smaller supplies than the competition. And the clear, plastic material will not only fit in with all decors, it keeps important items easily visible so they don’t fall prey to an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.

The Innovative Storage Designs organizer has enough room to fit about 250 sheets of standard 8.5-by-11 paper, and unlike the competition, its file storage area is open on both ends, so its slots can fit oversize documents or file folders if needed. This organizer also has a better combination of compartment sizes than others we tested in its price range, including several small, shallow spaces for items like paper clips or mini binder clips—other organizers have bigger, open compartments in which small office items can become jumbled together and harder to find. And this organizer’s material feels sturdier than that of the other plastic models we tested.

Like the Innovative Storage Designs, the Like-it Large Desktop Station is a clear, multi-compartment organizer. But this one is customizable, with movable dividers that let you create smaller vertical sections for items like pens or markers, and it has shallow, removable compartments for things like paper clips and rubber bands. But we found this organizer to be less sturdy because of its more-flexible, cheaper-feeling plastic.

We think the versatile combination of MobileVision’s Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set and Caddy Add-On is a great option if you prefer to hide your clutter and you’re willing to spend a little more for sturdy bamboo instead of plastic. It has five-slot file holder that fits over 500 sheets of paper—twice as much as our main pick—and a smaller front slot for mail or important items that you want to keep visible. A large drawer holds bigger items like large binder clips, notepads, business cards, and earbuds, but smaller items like paper clips won’t have a designated space. We found this one to be sturdier than other modular organizers we tested, and its pieces won’t rattle or slide around on a desk, even when stacked.

The MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer is the organizer we’d get if we didn’t need much file storage. It’s made from the same quality materials as the Mobile Vision organizer, but it has a smaller footprint. For an organizer that’s designed to hold fewer papers, it still has more file- and supply-storage options than many others we tested. Its open-ended file section can fit a few paper items of various sizes, like mail, magazines, and postcards. It also has a divided pen cup with four compartments, a dedicated space for sticky notes, and a shallow compartment that fits mini binder clips or paper clips.

Everything we recommend

Why you should trust us

I spoke with three organizing and office decor experts to learn what makes a good organizer: Tom Nevermann, president of moving and organization studio OrgoDomo; Melissa George, author of the decor and organization blog Polished Habitat; and Amy Trager, a professional organizer. I’m a writer on Wirecutter’s home office beat who also works from home. Despite covering office supplies, I’m highly unorganized and in need of a way of bringing order to my own work space, so I was personally motivated to find the best desk organizing options.

Who this is for

I have a terrible habit of letting papers pile up on my desk. Mail sits unopened and gets buried under my latest New Yorker issues, I let outdated sticky notes linger until their edges curl and their adhesive fades. I have two mason jars and one scientific beaker crammed with earbuds, business cards, a voice recorder, stamps, binder clips, scissors, pens, pencils, markers, and even a random paintbrush (I have no idea what it is for or why it’s made it onto my desk). Every few months I look at this mess, have a mild panic attack, and go through the contents, straightening what remains into a more tidy arrangement. But a nicer-looking pile is still a pile.

A desktop organizer can help keep items visible, accessible, and central.

Does this sound familiar? If so, a desktop organizer is for you. When I finally put my stuff into an organizer, it not only helped my desk feel like a more calming place to work, but also helped me get rid of things I didn’t need and let me more easily see and reach for what I did. At home or in an office, a desktop organizer will keep supplies in one place, while dividing them into multiple, dedicated compartments. If you use paper at work, an organizer with file storage will also help keep important project folders or documents visible, so that they don’t fall prey to an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality.

Desktop organizers can be used in other rooms, too. Whether you want to store important mail atop your dresser, recipes and pens on the kitchen counter, or a scratch pad and pencils by a landline phone for messages, a desktop organizer can help keep important items visible, accessible, and central.

How we picked

To find out what objective traits a great organizer should have, we asked three professional organizers for their input and then looked online for reviews of desktop organizers. We didn’t find many, but we perused roundups of organizers from Apartment Therapy and bestproductreviews.com.

We then spent seven hours looking at major office supply and decor retailers like Office Depot, Staples, the Container Store, Storables, Target, IKEA, and Amazon. There are hundreds of desktop organizers available online, in a wide range of styles and materials. We found that organizers that cost around $10 or less tend to be made from plastic or wire mesh. At the other end of the spectrum are organizers that look like art objects made from leather, wood, or metal; they cost anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars.

The best desktop organizer for you will depend on your needs, desk space, and personal taste—the competition section has options in a range of different sizes and materials, in case the ones we picked do not appeal to you. But based on our research and interviews, we determined that the best desktop organizers will have the following features:

Multiple compartments: We looked for organizers with multiple compartments for files, mail, and supplies like pens and paper clips. Having a dedicated space for each item will help you easily find what you’re looking for—and help you get rid of unnecessary items, too.

According to the Environmental Paper Network, office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper annually. So we decided to focus on organizers with at least one compartment for mail and one compartment for files. For people who don’t want organizers that hold files, we also considered smaller options geared toward office supplies, which we are calling supply organizers. “What we keep on our desk has changed over the years. No one uses tape anywhere. People are likely to use a stapler, paper clips, pens and pencils, and maybe a letter opener and scissors,” said Tom Nevermann, president of OrgoDomo. Blogger Melissa George added highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, and USB drives to the list. When looking for organizers, we determined that they should have at least three compartments of varying heights to store smaller supplies like paper clips and taller ones like pens and scissors, with a space for sticky notes or a scratch pad.

Show what’s inside: All of our experts recommend clear plastic or acrylic organizers that allow you to easily see what’s inside. Trager said organizers should clearly display “Current projects, bills to pay, and pending correspondence...especially if you're an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type.” George said that clear acrylic organizers are her favorite: “When you can see everything, you're more likely to put it to use. Plus, they work with almost any decor style from basic to chic.”

We know some people prefer organizers that hide their stuff (I’m one of them, as I hate looking at my own clutter), so we did include some models made of opaque materials. And, of course, any organizer will still reveal parts of what it’s holding—for example, pens will still protrude out of a wooden pen cup, and edges of papers may stick out over dividers—so you will have some visible reminder of the stuff inside them.

Sturdy, well-constructed, and easy to clean: The base of the organizer shouldn’t have rough edges or feet that could damage your desk. (Metal organizers can be more likely to scratch surfaces so Nevermann recommends putting felt pads on the bottom of any organizer if you’re concerned.) When you pull open a drawer, the whole organizer shouldn’t come with it. Trager recommends looking for designs that won’t topple over or slide across a desk’s surface if you brush your arm against it. But, she said, “It doesn't need to be a cement block!” Trager also recommends organizers made from easy-to-clean materials, like metal or plastic, instead of leather, fabric, or paper, especially if you anticipate spills or share your workspace with kids.

Small footprint: Desks come in many sizes, but a desktop organizer shouldn’t take up a lot of your workspace. Nevermann said, “Having desktop space, I want to make sure I have room to lay things out and work on projects, room to draft and draw.” We looked for organizers that stack vertically and have footprints about the size of a file folder.

Open versus closed compartments: The best organizers will have multiple compartments of varying sizes to store bigger or smaller items; whether you opt for drawers will be a personal preference. “Open compartments are great for things that are grabbed often. Drawers are useful for things that we want nearby, but don't grab daily,” said Trager. “Drawers are also helpful if you’re trying to contain items that if knocked would spill everywhere (push pins, for example).”

$50 or less with good availability: We considered only organizers that cost less than about $50 unless they are truly special (for example, highly customizable or made of higher-quality materials). We also focused on models that are easily available online, which means we didn’t look at models, for example, sold only at Etsy shops in limited quantities.

Neutral style: Organizers come in a variety of materials, and we know that tastes vary. We looked for organizers with neutral colors and clean lines.

How we tested

Messy papers and post its on a desk next to mason jars organizing chords and pens.

My embarrassingly messy desk. Photo: Anna Perling

Numerous office supplies organized in the innovative storage designs organizer.

Everything in the Innovative Storage Designs Organizer. Photo: Anna Perling

Numerous office supplies organized in the MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer.

Everything in the MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer. Photo: Anna Pearling

Numerous office supplies organized in the Like-It Large organizer.

Everything in the Like-It Large organizer. Photo: Anna Perling

Numerous office supplies organized in the MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On.

Everything in the MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On. Photo: Anna Perling

To test our contenders, I first unboxed all of the organizers and assembled the ones that had multiple parts to see how easy they were to put together. Some use modular stacking pieces or hook-on attachments, and I took note of whether all of the pieces fit together correctly. I also checked to see how sturdy these individual stacked components are and did a very scientific nudge-and-push test to see if they slid or toppled over.

For organizers with file storage, I observed how much of a ream (that’s 500 sheets) of 8.5-by-11-inch printer paper fits, and whether the paper flops over or stands upright in each section. For vertical paper slots, I checked how standard file folders fit, whether their tabs and labels are easily visible, and if the folders stand upright or flop over the edges of dividers. I tested to see which supplies fit in each compartment, using pens, paper clips, rubber bands, and binder clips of varying sizes. For organizers with drawers or larger compartments, I added bulkier things like earbuds, a voice recorder, business cards, and sunglasses (not technically an office supply, but these do live on my desk). I took note of how easy it is to see and access all of the supplies.

I also considered the look and feel of each organizer. It was readily apparent that a few organizers were more durable and made of higher-quality than others we tested. For example, some plastic organizers bent under light pressure, and others were made of mesh that was warped in spots. Some looked like they had a nice wooden finish when I researched them online, but were actually made of plastic.

Next, I tested for sturdiness and durability. I nudged them to mimic an accidental bump, pushed them around on a piece of laminated wooden flooring, and observed whether the small plastic or foam feet on the underside of the organizers scratched the surface. I also wanted to see how easy organizers were to both mark and clean, so I drew on them with a ballpoint pen and tried to wipe the marks off with Lysol wipes.

I also measured each organizer’s footprint to see how much space it took up on a desk, and placed it on my own 4-foot-long desk next to my monitor. While I didn’t use specific measurements as criteria, I noted whether each organizer felt imposing or crowded my setup.

Once I narrowed the group down to our finalists, I put my own accumulated pile of supplies and papers into them to gauge the versatility of their compartments for items large and small. My own test items included a magazine, mail, pens, pencils, Sharpies, scissors, sticky notes, binder clips, a tape measure, earbuds, a voice recorder, stamps, stickers, business cards, and one random paintbrush.

Our pick: Innovative Storage Designs Desktop Organizer

Numerous office supplies organized in the innovative storage designs organizer.

The Innovative Storage Designs Desktop Organizer is the best option for most people because its compartments of varying sizes can neatly fit a range of supplies and papers, and it’s clear, so you can easily see everything inside. It also costs less than many organizers we tested with modular components, while offering more-versatile storage. Compared to other plastic organizers we tried, it’s sturdier, too.

Because the Innovative Storage Designs organizer is one solid piece, it doesn’t require any setup, and you don’t have to worry about pieces sliding around or falling off. Although we like having the option to customize organizers, the no-fuss Innovative Storage Designs is appealingly simple—and less expensive than build-your-own organizers with multiple components. The front sticker was even easy to peel off and didn’t leave residue.

The Innovative Storage Designs organizer measures 5 inches tall, 6 inches deep, and 12½ inches wide. It fit nicely behind my monitor screen on my 4-foot-long desk, and didn’t feel imposing, unlike some of the larger, stacking organizers I tested. About half a ream of paper, or 250 sheets, fit in the Innovative Storage Design’s two file slots, and the file dividers are sturdy and tall enough to keep papers vertical. In other organizers, paper and folders sometimes sagged over the dividers (which looks both messy and sad). The file slots also have open ends that allow you to stash documents of varying sizes, and the dividers are shorter in front, so you can more easily see smaller papers or more important documents and tabs on file folders.

The four shallow storage areas in front are fairly small, best for items like paper clips, push pins, or mini binder clips, not for larger or more awkwardly shaped supplies like medium binder clips or earbuds. But these small spaces will help keep your supplies from getting lost in a larger drawer. The organizer’s pen cup, which can hold up to 40 pens, is divided into four sections to help keep items upright even when the cup isn’t full; pens and scissors often slid down in other organizers’ larger cups. The sections in this cup also let you separate writing implements like markers, pens, and pencils so you can easily find the tool you need. Finally, the flat tray for sticky notes lets you write on them like a pad and see your notes.

A close up of the pen cup on the innovative designs desktop organizer.

Made of clear polystyrene, the Innovative Storage Designs organizer still looks, undeniably, like a plastic accessory. But the clear design lets you see everything inside, a feature our organizer experts unanimously agreed is important. It’s also sturdier than the Like-It-Large organizer—the Innovative Storage Designs organizer doesn’t bend when squeezed—and more stable on a desk when nudged or pushed. Our experts also pointed out that clear organizers match any decor. If, however, you don’t like staring at your (nicely organized) files and supplies, check out the Like-It-Large and MobileVision organizers below.

The Innovative Storage Designs is reasonably priced and more affordable than other modular plastic organizers we tested with fewer compartments, like the Container Store’s Poppin Accessory Trays.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

I was able to mark the Innovative Storage Designs organizer with a generic ballpoint pen, and the spot didn’t come off with Lysol, but that was the case with most of the organizers we tested. This organizer also lacks rubber feet on the bottom, but it didn’t scratch laminated surfaces in our tests—and add-on feet are inexpensive and easy enough to add yourself.

Runner up: Like-it Large Desktop Station

Numerous office supplies organized in the Like-It Large organizer.

The Like-it Large Desktop Station is another see-through organizer we like, but we recommend it only if the Innovative Storage Designs is unavailable. The Like-It organizer has nine compartments, many of which you can resize or remove, and similar file storage (although the dividers aren’t open-ended, so you won’t be able to fit items wider than about 13 inches). The Like-It organizer’s plastic isn’t as sturdy as the Innovative Storage Design's plastic—it bends under pressure and can look slightly warped—but we still think it’s a good, affordable option that will help you get organized and keep track of important documents and supplies without taking up too much desk space.

The Like-It Large Desktop Station, which measures 7 inches tall, 5.5 inches deep, and 13 inches wide, fits nicely at the back of a desk. Its slightly larger than the Innovative Storage Designs organizer but fits about the same amount of supplies and documents. It has a roomy file holder that fits about half a ream of paper and a section in front with six removable dividers (pieces of plastic that slide into plastic slots), so you can create smaller vertical compartments or remove the dividers entirely to create another wide slot for file storage. While the dividers aren’t that sturdy, they’ll likely hold up over time against the weight of smaller items like pens or markers. The Like-It Large also has two pen cups with a similar total storage capacity (about 40 pens between the two cups) as the Innovative Storage Designs, and three shallow trays that fit small binder clips and paper clips, but won’t hold medium-size clips or rubber bands as neatly. The three small trays in front are also removable, so you can instead opt for one larger, wide storage area.

The frosted plastic on the Like-It Large doesn’t look as nice as the clear plastic of the Innovative Storage Designs organizer, and it feels less sturdy. But our ballpoint pen didn’t mark this organizer, so it might be a good option if you use markers or pens more frequently. This organizer also doesn’t have any rubber feet, but it didn’t mark laminated surfaces when pushed around.

One of the main reasons we originally decided to test this organizer over similar plastic models was that the manufacturer claims that it can be paired with the Like-it Landscape Paper Drawer for more storage. But when we tried to do so, the organizer didn’t properly align on top of the drawer, and it easily fell off.

Upgrade pick: MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On

Numerous office supplies organized in the MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On.

The MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On is the nicest-looking, sturdiest organizer we tested. We recommend it over the clear plastic Innovative Designs organizer if you want a more-stylish desk accessory and you don’t mind spending more: The three modular components together cost about three times as much. Because this organizer is made of bamboo, you won’t be able to easily see what’s inside—a drawback according to our experts—but some people, including me, prefer organizers that hide your stuff while still keeping everything in its place. MobileVision has several modular bamboo components that you can mix and match, and after considering all of them and calling in three to test side by side, we think this combination offers the most storage options while taking up less room on a desk than MobileVision’s other multi-compartment organizers geared towards file storage.

The stacking components of the File Folder Holder, Drawer Set, and Caddy Add-On are a cinch to assemble. The File Folder Holder fits on top of the drawer, and the caddy easily slides onto the smallest divider on the organizer. Alternatively, you can hook the caddy over a small wooden lip on the top edge of the drawer, which I preferred. We found this organizer to be sturdier than others we tested—its components didn’t rattle or slide as much as others we tested.

Numerous office supplies organized in the MobileVision Desktop Paper Tray File Folder Holder & Bamboo Drawer Set with Caddy Add-On.

The File Folder Holder has five slots, with the frontmost slot half as tall to keep important items like mail more visible. Altogether, the File Folder Holder can hold a ream of paper. The sturdy dividers reach high upon both papers and file folders, which keeps them from sagging over the sides but keeps the tabs visible on labeled folders. The dividers are open ended and can fit documents of varying sizes.

The roomy drawer on the Drawer Set slides in and out easily and stays put if the organizer is nudged or moved. I personally prefer a larger, undivided drawer. It let me keep items like my voice recorder, earbuds, business cards, and even iPhone tucked out of sight when I didn’t need them. However, the drawer lacks smaller, divided compartments for things like paper clips or mini binder clips, so these may slide around or become jumbled with other items. The Caddy Add-On offers plenty of storage for pens and scissors; however, its similarly open design means that these items may slide down a bit if the caddy isn’t completely full.

A close up of supplies organized in the drawer of the mobilevision organizer.

We also tested other Mobile Vision components, including the MobileVision Office Desktop Bamboo Organizer for Files, Paper Tray, Letter Sorter, Document Holder with the Pencil Holder with Tray as an add-on, and MobileVision sent us the All-in-one organizer as well. We prefer the combination of the Folder Holder, Drawer Set, and Caddy Add-On, because it takes up much less space than the company’s paper tray organizer, and has open-ended file storage, unlike the all-in-one organizer. If you prefer a different combination, we like the quality of the MobileVision organizers overall.

A close up of the feet on the mobilevision desktop organizer

The MobileVision components’ handsome bamboo stood out in a sea of black wire mesh, fabric, faux wood, and plastic. The light brown color is neutral, and the material feels solid. It also won’t slide around on or scratch your work surface, thanks to its small rubber feet, which do a better job at staying put than the foam feet on some of the mesh organizers we looked at. However, I was able to mark the File Folder Holder organizer with a pen, and wasn’t able to remove the spot with Lysol wipes. A MobileVision representative recommended cleaning the components’ surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner.

Less paper storage: MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer

Numerous office supplies organized in the MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer.

For those who don’t need to sort and store many files or papers and prefer an opaque organizer to hide clutter, the MobileVision Bamboo Multi-Function Desktop Organizer is the best option we tested. Since it’s primarily a supply organizer, it doesn’t take up much space but we like that it still has room for at least some mail or a notebook and a few file folders.

The Multi-Function organizer measures 4 inches tall, 7½ inches deep, and 8½ inches wide. Its pen cup is divided into four sections that are pretty tall, which keeps pens and scissors upright even if the cups aren’t full. Like many of the other divided pen cups, these sections are useful if you want to further organize implements like markers, pencils, pens, or scissors. The organizer has a shallow tray for a 3-by-3 sticky note pad, so you can easily write on it and see your notes, but you can put other smaller, frequently used items in this space. Just behind that is a deeper compartment that fits small binder clips and paper clips; we were also able to fit extra sticky notes pads in here. An open-ended slot for files or mail lets you store files or paper (about 300 sheets) of any length; MobileVision’s online image of this organizer shows an iPad in this slot, which is another interesting use for this space. While this slot isn’t that tall, neither the magazines or printer paper we placed in it flopped over the walls during our testing.

While I was able to fit all of my test items into the organizer’s surprisingly roomy cups, not everything had its own dedicated spot. Depending on how much stuff you have, you’ll need to cut down or get creative with what you put where.

A top down view of office supplies organized in the Multi-Function bamboo organizer.

Rubber feet underneath the Multi-Function Desktop Organizer keep it from sliding around on or scratching a desk or table. It’s also one of the sturdiest supply organizers I tested, especially compared to flimsier mesh organizers that rattled around and moved more easily when pushed. Plus, the bamboo walls on the Multi-Function organizer arrived without dents, unlike almost all of the mesh organizers I ordered for testing. The bamboo is a neutral color, looks great on a desk, and feels solid. Pen did mark this material, and I wasn’t able to remove it, but this was true of almost all the organizers we tested.

The competition

The large, multi-compartment Staples All-in-One Black Wire Mesh Desk Organizer seemed promising because of its vertical file dividers stacked atop three file drawers, but this organizer measures 16 inches tall by 9.5 inches deep by 11.5 inches wide. It feels gargantuan on a desk. The separate pieces don’t attach solidly, making the whole organizer a precarious leaning tower of office supplies. The drawers can slide back and forth on their runners when the organizer is moved, the hook-on caddy also fall off easily. This was the only black mesh model that didn’t arrive dented, but Wirecutter staffers expressed general concerns about dust collecting on mesh organizers.

The colorful, stackable Poppin Accessory Trays, available in multiple colors, are cute, and we like the many customizable options. But these trays don’t lock into place when stacked and can slide around, and they don’t offer as much file organization as a vertical file holder, in which you can add file folders or tabs to divide your files. You’ll also need several of these trays to create a versatile organizer, and the cost starts to add up quickly.

While the Poppin Stackable Letter Trays offer more open-ended dividers for files than the Accessory Trays when stacked, we still preferred vertical file folders. We hoped that putting the Poppin Silicone Organizer on top of the trays would add more storage, but the silicone tray was too small to hold many items.

The fabric-covered Bigso Marten Chestnut Desktop Organizer looks great on a desk, and we like that you can separate the four cups of varying sizes or group them together on a small tray. Surprisingly, we were also able to blot a pen mark off of this organizer. We dismissed it because it doesn’t have a slot for any mail, files, or even sticky notes, and we think our also-great pick is more versatile.

The Eldon Super Cup With Small Storage Drawers is clear, a feature our experts recommend, so we wanted to test this round cup organizer. Unfortunately, its small drawers wouldn’t stay shut, which was unsightly and annoying.

We tested several similar-looking black-mesh organizers, including the DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer Caddy. The DecoBros arrived with a small dent, and its two smaller compartments were off kilter, as if they weren’t cut or assembled properly.

Of the black mesh organizers we tested, we like the Greenco Mesh Office Supplies Desk Organizer Caddy the best. It’s inexpensive, with multiple pen compartments, a space for files, shallow compartments for small supplies, and a space for sticky notes. But we noticed that, unlike our MobileVision Multifunction Bamboo pick, the Greenco’s file slot isn’t open ended, so larger files may not fit. The organizer also wasn’t very sturdy, and it arrived with a small dent.

Like most of the black-mesh organizers, our main complaint about the Brenton Studio Metro Mesh Organizer was that it arrived dented and wasn’t sturdy on a desk. It has a pen cup with four compartments, three shallow compartments that fit medium binder clips and paper clips, and a pull-out drawer that fits sticky notes.


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30 Best Desk Shelves To Store Your Office Supplies

A cluttered desk is the last thing you need when you are trying to get work done. In fact, a clutter-free workspace will actually improve your productivity levels and help you get more things done. With more and more people embracing the remote work mentality, the need for an organized workspace has grown tremendously. This is especially true for people who have a tiny apartment or a small home where organization becomes a big challenge. 



If you are struggling to organize your workspace, a desk shelf may just be the thing for you. Desk shelves make organization easier, especially if you have a small office desk. If you work from home, your office desk probably has office essentials like papers, files, notebooks, pens, paperclips, sticky notes, and more. While this may not seem like a lot on the surface, it can quickly turn into a huge pile of distracting clutter if you leave things unorganized. This is why office desk shelves are a great way to organize your small office desk. Moreover, they are perfect for storing both small and large items because they are specifically designed as a storage for office supplies.



Let’s take a look at some of the top 30 desk shelves available online! Read through our picks and see if you can find something you like. 




First on the list is this office desk organizer by PENGKE that features eco-friendly natural wood. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble right out of the box. You can adjust the two main parts of this desktop organizer to make sure the size fits well on your desk space. Overall, this office desktop organizer is great for storing books, papers, paperweights, and more. 





This desk organizer by Jerry & Maggie features non-toxic natural wood with dark finishes. If you’re looking for a modern and chic wood desktop shelf, this one by Jerry & Maggie is a wonderful option to consider. You can store your office supplies like books, documents, and even your plants. Additionally, this wood desktop shelf is super lightweight and sturdy. 




Another wonderful space-saving wooden desk organizer that you can get for your home office. This desktop organizer features a Melamine board. Moreover, you would be happy to know that it is made out of 100% recycled material. This desktop bookshelf is great for storing your office supplies and potted plants that will add a little bit of color to your workspace. 





These over the desk shelf would make a great addition to your office space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also super sturdy because it features heavy-duty wood and metal brackets. Moreover, this over the desk shelf is super easy to install. Another great advantage of this office storage shelf is that it can also be installed in the living room. It’s highly versatile and can be used to store a myriad of items. 




Over-the-desk shelves are a great option to consider when looking to invest in effective office storage. However, even a simple elegant wooden desk storage rack can do wonders for your workspace at times. For example, this wood desktop shelf by Tilemall is not only gorgeous to look at, but is also super easy to assemble and multi-functional. You can even use it for your kitchen or living room area if you feel like it. 



It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to over desk storage shelves. With solid and durable construction, this two-tier wooden over-the-desk storage shelf is perfect for any home office. 



Moreover, the shelf offers enough space for you to store plants, office supplies, books, documents, and more. The shelf also features an industrial water pipe laptop desk for you to use while working. Overall, this particular desk with over-desk storage shelves is a good investment to make for your productivity. 



If you are in the mood for something more minimal, these over-the-desk shelves by Fytz Design Store are a great buy. They are unique in style, easy to install, and compatible with all wall types. In fact, they can fit perfectly on drywalls, brick walls, concrete, and hollow block walls. Additionally, you get over-the-desk shelves, hooks, level anchors, a template installation sheet, and screws upon purchase. 



This wooden over-the-desk shelf is as aesthetically pleasing as wooden shelves get. If you are thinking of getting yourself over the desk shelves for your office space, be sure to give these EdenseelLake floating wall shelves a try. They are multi-functional: you can use them to organize books, documents, files, and any other useful office supplies that you often use. If you have a small desk and need shelves that won’t take up extra space, get these! 




This kind of desktop organizer is the perfect addition to any office space. If you are looking to purchase office storage, the Hossejoy wood adjustable desktop storage organizer is a good option. It features a very dark brown natural wood. The color is perfect for any office space regardless of the rest of the decor. This desktop organizer will fit right in without a problem. Like most desk organizers, this shelf also has two separate pieces that can be adjusted for your desk space. 



Vintage shelves have a charm of their own. This shelf is perfect for vintage or muted office spaces that use neutral tones in their interior decor. The rustic wood texture of this particular storage shelf is actually a result of an MDF board and black matte paint. It is primarily listed as a printer stand for offices but it works equally well for storing other office supplies like papers, documents, paperweights, paper clips, pencil cases, sticky notes, and other similar items. 



Another rustic desktop organizer graces our list. This monitor stand features shelves that can be used for desk organization. Moreover, the monitor stand improves your posture and relieves any kind of back pressure. This shelf is super stable and features durable wood. There is enough space to tuck your mouse and keyboard underneath the organizer. You can use the top for placing files, papers, or just for putting sticky notes. 



This desk organizer features a neutral finish that easily allows it to blend in with the rest of the office decor. Moreover, it offers remarkable storage capacity and does not take that much space on the desk either. You can keep all your office supplies within an arm’s reach with this desk organizer. Furthermore, it features natural bamboo wood, making it eco-friendly and renewable. 



If you have your office desk placed in a corner somewhere, this desk organizer will make your life easy with its adjustable design. Any odd angles or corners are no issue at all. You can simply adjust this shelf and have it placed on your desk.  The desktop organizer also comes with three drawers that you can use to store smaller office essentials like paper clips, pens, rulers, markers, etc. 



Multi-functional stands by HUANUO features a double-tier design. You can use the top to store your printer, while the bottom shelf is great for storing office supplies. Moreover, the shelf has a Z-shape design which is modern yet classy. This particular organizer comes with a five-year warranty so it’s a good deal overall. Additionally, the shelf also features some trays at the bottom that is great for storing loose papers or files. 




Natural wood desktop storage shelf for your office space is a good option to consider when looking for desk organizers. This shelf is a great option since it can be pulled and adjusted using its two-part design. This particular shelf is perfect for storing books, pens, papers, and files that you may have lying around on your office desk. Additionally, this particular storage organizer also comes in various different colors from beige and brown to dark grey. 





Made out of melamine board, this particular desktop bookshelf is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. The space-saving design allows you to remove clutter from your desk easily. Moreover, the bookshelf features five different compartments that can be used to store different office essentials from the very big to the very small. The design is truly remarkable in the sense that it allows you to store everything from books to smaller items like a clock, a small potted plant, or a pencil case. 



This shelves for desk is a great corner shelf for any home office workspace. Olive upgrade 3-tier desktop organizer features a very stable design. Moreover, it also comes with small anti-slip plastic feet. This way, your organizer stays grounded and doesn’t move or slide on your desk. This is a great buy with easy installation and long-term durability all packed in one. 



Books can sometimes be hard to organize, especially if you have a small office space with a tiny desk. After all, you want to make sure that your desk space doesn’t get all used up by books alone. Fortunately, you can easily store all your books right on your desk neatly with this classic desk bookshelf organizer. No need to leave the desk to run to the bookshelf to retrieve your books: simply place this desk shelf on your table and you’re good to go. 



This is a minimal shelf that is perfect for those who do not want something extra big and complex situated on their desktops. This simple Designer Suites Shelf by Fellowes is vertical in design and takes the least amount of space on your desk. Capable of holding diverse items like books, staplers, and other office essentials, this minimal desk organizer can declutter your workspace in no time. 



If you haven’t guessed already, we are huge fans of desk bookshelves. This particular one is an absolute favorite for its elegant white textures and minimal design. It is perfect for desks that lack upper shelving. If you want to utilize more space on your desk, get this bookshelf and start decluttering your space immediately. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for important items like your laptop and other devices. 



Pipishell Store’s bookshelf for desktop is not only amazing to look at, but it’s also super convenient in terms of the storage space it can offer. Made out of bamboo, this desk organizer is capable of holding anything from books, papers, and files to pencil cases, potted plants, and even your morning coffee cup. Moreover, this bookshelf is adjustable so you can flex or shrink the bookshelf to suit your needs. 



A shelf that features drawers? What more could one ask for in the office? This desktop organizer has natural wood in its design that makes it eco-friendly, durable, and easy on the eyes. Interestingly enough, the drawers on this desk shelf are irregular. That does not only make for a cool and highly unique design, but it also makes the shelf useful for small desks where space is limited. 



If drawers are something you’re after for your desktop shelf, this particular one by Maydear will make your life easier. A modern design, this desktop organizer is made out of bamboo material which is eco-friendly, strong, and long-lasting. Moreover, the design is simple and elegant with two storage drawers integrated. 



Desk shelves that also offer storage space for your laptop and other electronic devices are usually a rare find. A bamboo monitor stand that comes with shelves, HOMECHO outdid themselves this time. This desk shelf has a no-slip design so your monitor screen or laptop stays in place. Moreover, this wooden desk shelf offers ample storage space without being too big itself, thanks to its simple yet clever design. 



If you own a large home office and are looking for something that would store your office supplies while adding to the overall decor of your workspace, this storage shelf by Famgizmo is a good option. This over-the-desk shelf is built incredibly well with its sturdy construction and double bookshelf design that provides easy access while working. Furthermore, the shelf also comes with an in-built computer desk that you can use. 



Made out of wrought-iron pipes and a wooden back frame, this desk organizer is minimal and modern at the same time. If you are into steampunk or vintage decor, this desktop shelf will quickly become your favorite. You can store books, clocks, pencil cases, paperweights, plants, and more on this gorgeous desk shelf. 




This desktop organizer offers expandable storage. It’s highly useful for storing papers, scissors, staplers, and other office-related stationery. Moreover, it is also great for holding small potted plants to brighten up your office space with some natural flair. 




Black truly has a charm of its own. Made out of non-toxic, green, and healthy materials, this desktop organizer is just as useful as it is beautiful. With enough space to store books and office stationery, the shelf is easy to maintain. Moreover, it is very lightweight so you will not have a problem moving it around. 




Another easy-to-install and use the desk shelf for your home office is on this list. This one is by JulieHomes and is super sturdy in construction. Moreover, the shelf is perfect for home offices that make use of fax machines and printers more often. This shelf will easily hold all your papers and documents. 



Organize your books and office stationery using this beautiful wooden bookshelf. It is available in a single color: white. It also offers plenty of storage space so you can store several books of varying sizes without any hassle. Additionally, this desk bookshelf is scratch-proof so it will last you a long time. 



You’ve made it to the end! We hope you found something you liked from our comprehensive list. Desk shelves for a home workspace are highly useful and you simply can’t go wrong by purchasing one. Be sure to take into account your desk space, your storage needs, and your budget before you go and make an investment. 

Sours: https://storables.com/office-storage/desk-office-storage/30-best-desk-shelves-to-store-your-office-supplies/
Making A WOODEN ORGANISER - Desk Tidy - Accessory \u0026 Bedside Organizer -

Hand holding a wooden desk organizer

Target‘s Bullseye’s Playground has fun finds to organize your desk!

Head on in to your local Target where you may be able to score organizational items for your desk for as low as $3 – available in-store only!

We found these great finds inside Bullseye’s Playground with tons of great options to organize your desk, including drawers, storage trays, and even wireless charging mousepads!

Here’s what we spotted…

wooden desk drawer in hand near store shelving

Bullseye’s Playground Wooden Organization Drawer
Only $3!

hand holding striped wireless charging mousepad

Bullseye’s Playground Wireless Charging Mousepad
Only $3!

in-store display of desk organizers

Bullseye’s Playground Desktop Organizer
Only $5!

hand holding white desk organizer shelf at target

Bullseye’s Playground Wooden Desk Organizer Shelf
Only $5!

wooden desk organizer at target

Bullseye’s Playground Wooden Desk Organizer 
Only $5!

Don’t miss these deals for your home office!

Sours: https://hip2save.com/2021/06/26/wooden-desktop-organizer-just-5-at-target-more-home-office-finds/

Storage wooden desktop

Wooden Desktop Organizer Office Supplies Storage Rack Wooden Desk Organizer Home Office Supply Storage Rack

Technical Specifications: Item Name: Wooden Desktop Organizer Color: Black / Cherry Wood Color Material: Double facing environmental protection ecological paint free board + PP Length: 33cm (13") Width: 19cm (7.5") Height: 25cm (9.8")

Features and Benefits:

Space Saving Design Multi layer, the best and safest storage option for you.

Sturdy Organizer This desktop bookcase is made of environmental protection sheet, sturdy construct, safe. Superb craftsmanship with specially varnished for glossy surface. The desktop organizer shelf is easy to clean and can protect from dust and water

Strong Construction The desktop organiser shelf is fixed with the rubber band, which tightly connect each part,no extra tools needed, Assembled chimeric design, strong and durable, easy to Assemble It is the best and safest storage option for you

Keeping Your Desk Tidy Say goodbye to your mess desk,this desk tidy organiser is gonna provide enough space for storing a of items such as pens, pencils, tape,highlighters, scissors, stapler, booka,hole punch and other office school or daily supplies

Wide Applications Suitable for collecting paper documents, file folders, books, magazines, notebooks, letters, CDs, etc.Sorting pens, calculators, staplers, sticky notes, cosmetics and other small accessories. This wooden file holder is absolutely a good friend for your daily life since you can your supplies easily

Package Contents: 1x Wooden Desktop Organizer 1x Instruction Manual

Notice: 1. Please allow 1 3mm error due to manual measurement.Pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2. The color may have different as the difference display,pls understand.

Product type: Storage Holders & Racks

Found an error?

Sours: https://www.joom.com/en/products/5f47505bded3a501068ad370
affordable DIY Wooden Home Office Desk Organizer #Lazada #DIY #woodorganizer #shopee


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