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DC 775 motor relation with voltage and amps?

Hi guys, I have a small project I'm running using DC 775 motor as a grinder, cutter and drill. My DC 775 motor is rated as 12-24v 5A (Min). Silly me, I tried to power this motor with 24v 2A adaptor which failed badly, the motor turns on in pulses due to insufficient amps. I'm looking to ensure that the motor is powerful enough to within grinding, drilling and cutting through steel (preheat treated, soft). I've been wondering, which would determine a more powerful motor (speed+torque), voltage or amp? Will a 12v 8A power it better than a 24v 5A?

I have found other alternatives, I could use a SMPS or an adaptor. However, Idk which should I use to obtain optimal power, speed, etc..

SMPS options
24v 10A
24v 15A
24v 17A
Is it safe to exceed the minimum amp of the motor? Since the motor is rated with a minimum 5A? Will exceeding this affect the motor in any way in the long run?

Or there's this adaptor which is rated at 24v 5A. Do you guys reckon this 24v 5A adaptor would be sufficient enough to power the motor to my goals as above ? There is another adaptor rated at 12v 8A instead, will this power the motor far better?

Link to the adaptor : https://shopee.com.my/product/48932981/1037026964?smtt=0.55944417-1607772975.9

Personally I'd prefer an adaptor over a SMPS power supply board (as I have 0 knowledge in electrical stuff and wouldn't wanna get fried while assembling it).


Sours: https://forum.arduino.cc/t/dc-775-motor-relation-with-voltage-and-amps/686710

What is 775 motor? Full Specification

What is 775 motor? You might have seen 775 written on some popular DC motor. But many people don’t know what actually 775 dc motor is other than it is a motor used for various heavy-duty applications and projects.

The 775 model of DC motor represents a certain ‘size‘ of the motor body outer frame. This size is standard for all 775 motors.

The number 775 is the Size ID of motor accepted as a standard.

real 180 motor

Its casing is made of rustproof material mainly steel with some protective coatings, with few plastic parts. It is a high torque high power device for mid to high-power applications generally in robotics, quadcopters, and industrials.

The table below showing specs/ specification of 775 motor:

Component name775 dc motor
Categoryheavy duty dc motor
Motor body size
66.7 × 42 mm
Shaft diameter
5 mm
Shaft length
14 - 17 mm
Operating voltage6 - 36 volts
Rated voltage12 volts
No load current
(non std.)
~20 A
Speed (non std.)*
Speed at 12 volt~4100 rpm
Speed at 24 volt~8400 rpm
CommutationBrushed/ Brush-less



Note that ±1 mm error of body size is acceptable, but not the shaft diameter and length.

The 775 dc motors have a standard size of 66.7 x 42.0  mm. The 42.0 is the outer diameter as the motor is cylindrical, wheres 66.7 mm is its height. The number 775 stands for this standard size. It is in the same fashion to the number with 130/ 140 motor.

180 dc motor specification

The shaft size diameter of 5 mm is standard and adopted by almost all manufacturers. The length of the shaft can differ in accordance to the requirements, but a 17 mm shaft is seen commonly.

The number of rotation of the motor is dependent on the voltage of operation, i.e RPM ∝ Voltage applied. Rpm is adjusted as per the need of the project. Its nominal operating voltage ranges from 6 volts to 36 volts.

The no-load current value is an indicator of how much current the motor derives when there is no load applied to it. Thus no-load current is the maximum current that is derived by a motor when offload.

Its speed dc motors range from 8300 rpm to 10000 rpm at 24 volts depends on manufacturers mentioned specs, and it is near-linear as we increase voltages.

Both brushed and brushless model is available in shops. The brushed motor has low cost in comparison with brushless motors.

Application of 775 DC motor specs:

  • Internet of things devices.
  • Robotic projects, RC boats for a hobby.
  • In quadcopter due to high speed/ torque.
Sours: https://somanytech.com/what-is-775-motor/
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(1) "High Speed" 1600Kv 775 Motor for Power Wheels

  • 200% more torque than the factory Power Wheels 550 motors (400 m-Nm vs 200 m-Nm)
  • 125% faster than other common upgrade 775 motors (1600Kv "High Speed" 775 vs 1300Kv Traxxas 5675)
  • High tolerance to overvolting (extremely low failure rate, come with limited warranty)
  • Mount directly to modern (post ~2010) "7R" Power Wheels gearboxes (no mounting spacer is needed with modern Power Wheels gearboxes)
  • Works with any type of 12v, 18v, 20v and 24v batteries (SLA batteries recommended)
  • Optional addons make the install easier


Determine which gearbox you have and match the 775 motor pinion to the gearbox. Modern "7R" (post-2010) Power Wheels gearboxes either come with [15 tooth, 16t or 17t] pinions (aka 15-16-17), [18t, 19t, 20t] pinons (aka 18-19-20) or [21t, 22t, 23t] pinions (aka 21-22-23). Determine how many teeth the factory motor pinion gear has by either inspecting the outside of the gearbox (photo at bottom) and note the mark on the exterior of the gearbox that correlates with the internal pinion gear or simply remove the factory motor to see how many teeth the factory pinion has. Always choose the middle number when selecting an aftermarket pinion (for example 16t in a 15-16-17). If you use a different aftermarket pinion (for example 15t or 17t in a 15-16-17) it can effect the pinion tooth engagement with the first gear and can either sheer the teeth off the first gear or melt the inside of the first gear. This is because the factory uses a non-standard gear pitch. If you do not see these numbers on the outside of the gearbox you may have an older pre-2010 #7 gearbox and you should simply match the factory pinon which will either be a 13t, 16t, 19t or 21t and then also select the #7 gearbox mounting spacer. 

Select the required parts: 775 motor, the correct 775 pinion that matches the gearbox and 775 mounting screws. You cannot reuse the smaller factory 550 pinion and 550 mounting screws. If you have older (pre-2010) "#7" gearboxes you must use a mounting spacer when mounting 775 motors. Newer 7R gearboxes have a motor offset built in so a mounting spacer is no longer required since ~2010.

Select the optional parts: We can install the motor pinion with loctite for free to save you time. Soldered silicone wires with bullet crimp connectors make the install much easier and are highly recommended. The reusable wheel retainers are much easier to install and remove with an hex key compared to the one-time use factory "push nuts" wheel retainer that should be replaced every time the wheels are removed and are difficult to install.  


Price is for (1) 775 motor. Larger 775 size motors are much more powerful and have a lower failure rate compared to Power Wheels factory 550 size so they are an excellent and easy upgrade for any Power Wheels. 775 motors mount easily to any modern Power Wheels gearbox with 775 screws (a mounting spacer is not required with modern post-2010 7R gearboxes). If you experience a high speed 775 failure while following the recommendations below please reach out for a possible free replacement.

775 motors are physically larger and have a wider mounting pattern than 550 motors, which come in most ride on cars including Power Wheels, so 775 motors can only be used with Power Wheels or Kid Trax gearboxes that have mounting holes for both 550 and 775 motors (photo at bottom). 

Traditionally using 775 motors in Power Wheels would increase the available power and decrease the motor failure rate but would result in some loss of top speed since most common 775 motors (Traxxas 5675 as an example) are slower than the Power Wheels factory motors but these extremely rare "High Speed" 775 motors are not only twice as powerful as the factory 550 motors but are also faster than common 775 upgrade motors (Traxxas 5675 as an example).

To mount 775 motors to a modern "7R" Power Wheels gearbox (which was introduced ~2010) you only need 775 mounting screws and 775 pinions that match the gearbox (chart below). You DO NOT need mounting spacer with modern 7R gearboxes since they already have an offset built into the gearbox since ~2010. If you have the older pre-2010 "#7" Power Wheels gearbox you DO need a mounting spacer.

The optional soldered silicone wire leads with crimp bullet connectors are not required but make the install much easier. The optional reusable 7/16" wheel retainers replace the factory one-time use "push nut" wheel retainers that hold the wheels on. The Power Wheels Hurricane, Dune Racer and F150 have a 3/4" axle and already come from the factory with a reusable wheel retainer. 

 Kv (RPM per volt)RPM vs "High Speed" 775
Eastcoast PowerUp "High Speed" 775 Motor~1,600 Kv100%
Power Wheels Factory 550 Motor~1,400 Kv~90%
Common 775 Upgrade Motors (Traxxas 5675)~1,300 Kv~75%

Maximum recommended voltage is 18v without a soft start or variable speed ESC or 24v with a soft start or variable speed ESC. Usage at 36v even with an ESC will typically result in motor failure and is not recommended. Never use in mud, sand or snow. 

Adding rear rubber traction to control wheel spin on startup is a very common mistake that puts a tremendous strain on the motors but especially the gearboxes and increases the risk of a roll over so rear rubber traction is absolutely not recommended.

Finally, these motors do not require break in before use. 

As long as these recommendations are followed "high speed" 775 motor failure is extremely rare. If you experience a "high speed" 775 motor failure while following these recommendations please reach out for a possible free replacement.

**These are the most common Power Wheels model and motor pinion gear pairings but please always check your gearboxes before ordering** Ultimately the 775 pinion should be paired according to the stamp on the gearbox that denotes if the gearbox came with a 15-16-17, 18-19-20 or 21-22-23 pinion from the factory.

Power Wheels Model

Factory Motor PinionAftermarket Pinion 

F-150, Jeep Hurricane, Dune Racer, Stinger, Escalade, Arctic Cat, 

Beach Ranger Jeep, Power Wheels Silverado, Power Wheels Grave Digger, Eliminator, Brute Force

15,16,or 17T
KFX, Jeep Wrangler and Mustang
18,19,or 20T
C7 Corvettes, Mustangs & Harley Motorcycles
21,22,or 23T

775 size vs 550 (stock):

Motors typically ship within one business day. Once your order has shipped you will receive an automated email from PayPal with the tracking number. If you do not see this email by the end of the second business day please check your junk mail/spam folder.


We 100% guarantee that these motors will meet or exceed your expectations. We stand behind the parts we sell and if you experience any issues or are not satisfied please contact us for a return, exchange or other solution. Our success has been a result of customer satisfaction so it is our priority to ensure our customers are happy. Please read the review section for customer testimonials. Regarding returns, generally if you make a mistake (change your mind, etc) you pay for return shipping, if we make a mistake we will cover all shipping.

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us anytime - we would be happy to hear from you.

Sours: https://eastcoastpowerup.com/
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