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A Bowser Phoneis one of many items that is used in Mario Party 3. It is used to call Bowseron a foe (or even on yourself).

Physical Appearance

The Bowser Phone looks pretty similar to its counterpart the Cellular Shopper but with a few differences. It is a small orange and green phone with tiny buttons on it. At the top of it is small horns and an evil face meant to look like Bowser.


The Bowser Phone has the ability to send Bowser to another player starting up a Bowser Event. NOTE: The Bowser Phone can be cleverly used on oneself when one has no coins (since Bowser always gives the player without coins up to 10 to 40 coins). Also note that it is never wise to call Bowser on someone else when you have around 20 or 30 coins or near the Star Space since there is a chance that it will land on either Bowser's Curse, Bowser's Reverse Curse, or worse, Bowser's Coin Potluck. Always use the Bowser Phone when you already have a lot of coins and you are as far away from the Star Space as possible.

Ways to Obtain the Bowser Phone

These are the different ways that the players can obtain a Bowser Phone:

  • Buy it from Baby Bowser's Joint for only 10 coins.
  • Win it in an Item Game.
  • Bowser gives one to you as part of his "Bowser's Phone Giveaway" Bowser Event.
  • Baby Bowser gives one to you when he appears on an Item Space.
  • Find on in an Hidden Block.
  • Steal it from another player using the Plunder Chest.


  • The Bowser Phone is considered very helpful since Bowser always gives the player a lot of coins when you don't have any. It is then very wise to buy a Bowser Phone when the player have 10 coins left. This definitely can be achieved by having Baby Bowser appear right on the first turn and buy the Bowser Phone right away and call him on the next turn.
    • However, this can only work if the player:
      • Plays on a level where the Item Shop is right near the Start Space (Waluigi's Island is a very good level to do this on).
      • Land on a Space that doesn't give or take any coins away from you (Happening Spaces are great examples).
      • Don't win the next Mini-game (unless it is a Bonus Game since the player have the chance to earn more coins than Bowser can give you early in the game).

Doug Bowser is found. Phones, addresses, background …

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When I was looking through my recent calls on my home phone, I found this number 1-250-757-8335. The contact ID was Bowser. Does anybody want to call this number,because I'm scared of what it might be lol. Probably just a weird prank call but still. I wonder who it is?

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250 is a BC canada area code, and there happens to be a nintendo headquarters (or corporate if you will) in BC... did u have anything repaired recently?

suh dude

Bowser is a last name.

3DS FC:4167-4491-4442

Well next to the contact there was the letters BC come to think of it. I don't think I've got anything repaired but I'm not sure.

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Well I google searched it and it happened to be the phone number for a deep sea fishing company. Weird contact id though

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Crazy Mario Bros: Bowser's iPhone X!


Number bowser phone


HE FOUND OUT.. AND HE'S SO MAD!! (Promise broken)


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