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Best Gay Clubs in Fort Myers

Successfully finding a gay club in an unfamiliar city can be trying, especially in the Fort Myers area. At a time when more attention and acceptance has been given to LGBT community nationwide you might think the number of clubs and establishments catering to the crowd would have increased. Instead, at least in the Fort Myers area, the number has actually decreased--significantly.

Some in the community claim victory, citing more acceptance in mainstream clubs, regardless of sexual orientation.

Operating a restaurant, bar or lounge is challenging. The fact that so many have closed over the years in Southwest Florida is no reflection on the interest, activism or size of the LGBT community. 

There are a number of bars hosting activities to draw both straight and gay patrons, with things like drag shows and drag queen bingo. However, the two most consistent gay bars in the area are Rascals in Fort Myers and Cruisers in Cape Coral. Find more about both here and rest assured that when the rumors of new clubs become reality, we'll update you ASAP.

Found on the main drag (pun intended) of Cape Coral's downtown entertainment strip, Cruisers is housed in an old liquor store. More of a lounge than a club, this laid back spot offers patrons more than just a bar with cold drinks and good service. You'll also find bingo, pool tables, video bowling, and other games. There is an ever changing calendar of events featuring things such as karaoke, ladies night, Latin night, drag shows, pride parties and much more. Enjoy daily happy hours, weekend dance parties, Sunday Tea Dances, and a party commemorating almost anything that can be found on your Hallmark Calendar.

Recommended for Gay Clubs because: A former liquor store in downtown Cape Coral, Cruisers is a large, laid back lounge with lots of entertainment.

Gina's expert tip: Check the website for weekly updates in entertainment

Read more about Cruisers Lounge →

Rascals has a sizable bar, video screens and a large outdoor patio if you prefer fresh air and easier conversation. Calling itself a neighborhood bar with a gay flag, Rascals is more than a place to get a cold drink and listen to good music. The lounge is not apologetic about its edgy entertainment welcoming leather daddies, fetishes, drag queens, and the old school "hanky code;" let bar goers know your intentions by which pocket you put your hanky in. The color of the fabric offers even more clues as to your desires. Happy Hour lasts all day on Sunday and the week begins on Monday with Drag Queen Plinko. Check the website for a list of celebrations and special events.

Recommended for Gay Clubs because: Rascals bills itself as a neighborhood bar, just one that flies the gay flag. A calendar full of special events, there's always something happening here.

Gina's expert tip: Eat free taco's on Tuesdays

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Sours: https://www.10best.com/destinations/florida/fort-myers/nightlife/gay-clubs/
  • Venice Community Center • Venice, FL

    Cher, Elton John, Celine Dion, Streisand Vegas Edwards Twins Impersonator

    Venice Community Center • Venice, FL

    Cher, Elton John, Celine Dion, Streisand Vegas Edwards Twins Impersonator
  • Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand Edwards Twins Dinner & Show

    Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand Edwards Twins Dinner & Show

    Thu, Mar 10, 6:00 PM

    The Devyn Event Venue • Sarasota, FL

    Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand  Edwards Twins Dinner & Show

    Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand Edwards Twins Dinner & Show

    Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand Edwards Twins Dinner & Show

    Thu, Mar 10, 6:00 PM

    The Devyn Event Venue • Sarasota, FL

    Cher, Elton, Celine Dion, Bocelli, Streisand  Edwards Twins Dinner & Show
Sours: https://www.eventbrite.com/d/fl--cape-coral/drag/
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by Guestin Celebrate

Southwest Florida is one of the up and coming growing scenes for those wanting a more laid back, intimate LGBTQ+ experience. The nightlife is casual, classy, and full of life. From stunning outdoor venues to sweeping dance floors to small lounges, this area is beginning to prove it is more than just a place to retire. It’s a haven for those wishing to enjoy entertainment from a smaller scale as opposed to the larger scenes of the Miami, Tampa, or Orlando areas.


From the piano to the guitar and back to the mic, the versatility of S.W. Florida musicians is incredible. Live piano is the creme de la creme for some, while others enjoy rock and alternative beats. You can have it all as you partake of this area’s culture. Dig in and explore the beauty of this area.

Marc Collins can be seen on the piano throughout many charitable events, especially for the Community Fund. He will always tickle the ivories as you savor the sounds and the bubbles. His sweeping and moving melodic sounds will relax and ease any travel tensions. Gypsy Songbird Nicole D’Andrea brings a soothing rich set to her performances. Nicole’s smooth pop and guitar blend combined with her range will grab your attention. Don’t miss her whether at the Rhythm House or the Outrigger Beach Resort.

The Robert Williamson Band is an eclectic mix of rock and modern hits to anchor the stage weekly in Naples’ Cavo Lounge. Vocals and solid band sounds come together to make an unforgettable experience. The top 40 hits are not just cookie cutter style for them. Their transitions are flawless.


Divas in this region are given the power to be creative. They are welcomed with open arms to numerous venues of all kinds. The art is respected and appreciated within this lovely community. Queens perform for both the traditional LGBTQ establishments as well as for ladies nights and other events held from weekly to quarterly.

Mya Valentine Lords, Alexis Cicconi, and Lisa Renee take the stage on ladies at night Cavo Lounge in Naples. They dazzle the floor with their antics. Alexis sweeps through the room with her amazing hair and jewels. Alexia’s gowns are second to none and she always has a class of sass unmatched in this region. Mya revels in neon, color, makeup and illustrious body paint.

Joining Lisa Renee, Alyssa Lemay and TP Lords bring the diva heat and beat to Bambusa Bar & Grill. The Miami Connection is a themed show not to be missed. This Southwest/Southeast Florida blended cast draws the attention of many locals and commands the room from start to finish. You should expect to see lots of beautiful outfits and glamorous moves as they strut their stuff. Nicole Philips, Nikki Adams, and Danyel Vasquez also make appearances at Bambusa. Ginger Snapps, Alyssa Lemay and Tara Newhole bring Rascals back in Fort Myers. The divas are going to shake it and throw down an epic night.


DJ’s in Southwest Florida know how to rock the beats. There are college nights, fundraisers for local charities, and even a latex fetish community event in Fort Myers. You will be thrilled and surprised by the diversity here. Come in for the beautiful beaches but stay out for the amazing DJ’s.

DJ Chris Friday spins for the Wicked party held for FGCU students. Every Wednesday, the community gathers together to bring one of the first LGBT college dance nights to Southwest Florida. Ravers and glovers will be right at home with this beautiful mix of posh and alternative. DJ Jayson Chancey takes the sounds to the beach. Here, you can taste the rainbow on Ft. Myers beach with the sounds of house. The Rainbow Room at Nauti Parrot Dock Bar transforms regularly into an all-out dance party.

Pearl and Princess are a music review that stage mashups throughout the area. With Motown as their forte, they bring a blast from the past to the dance floor. Their sweet sounded musical journey is not to be missed. Rhythm House frequently brings them in for Motown and Pop nights. Your load will be lightened as you enjoy the heart of soul in the heat of the night.


If a good laugh is or a ranting joker is your jive, be sure not to miss out on the local comedy scene. Behind the spotlight is a group of local comedians that stand together while also kidding around about each other. Take a seat both during the weeknights and on weekends. Be ready to laugh senselessly as the punchlines pop.

Dougie Almeida, Nadeem Awad, and Matt Derndack take the stage of Rhythm House. Dougie will remind you of a middle aged guy with a wacky sense of humor. Matt brings the show together while Nadeem punks the entire room. RC Smith, Chris Cope, and Larry Venturino take the stage with guest performers at Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Fort Myers. Amateur comedians also fill the stage for the open mic night.

Mike Marino, Cocoa Brown, and Brien Spina are regulars at Off the Hook. Donned in a leather jacket, Cocoa will grab your attention with her witty routine. Mike’s Bronx-style humor will leave you gasping for air. Brien (the owner) has created a comedy haven for the locals to enjoy the greats as well as the regional amateurs. Don’t miss a night seeing these spectacular people. Local Latin comedy favorite La Pauti makes regular appearances in sweet realness. Check them out at Pizzando Lobo for “Ser Mujer Esta Brutal”.


Southwest Florida surprises and delights all the way. Cabaret and dance are the masterpiece of small venues and lounges from North Port to North Naples. Battle technique is on display routinely. House, Krump, and Lite Feet exhibitions are here for the enjoyment. Punking and whacking are in dance offs and workshops. Be sure not to miss a single moment.

“Welcome to the Neighborhood” is where many dancers blend their talents together for a fare like no other. Hans Abelard Pierre teaches Battle Technique at this Footnotes event in Lehigh Acres. Mona Lee manages the Freestyle moves. Rich Herrera instructs and throws down the House. Keister K-sole Crenshaw III and Mjay Hype Roberts show the area that Lite Feet movement is entrancing. Jiqueon Ware brings the Krump style. This group says to the world: “This is your dance, and you should be the ones to live it on the dance floor”.

Giana Montoya has a unique niche for holiday burlesque and cabaret. Her philosophy of a jolly Santa comes from her knowing that he can spot a bad girl from a mile away. Her performances and classes can be picked up at Rumba Dance Company Fort Myers. Freckles Galore is a Puerto Rican angel who brings tropical realness to the burlesque stage. Her smile, outfits, props and performances are second to none. You can catch her at the Gator Club.

Gabrielle Landsden has joined others in the cast of Rocky Horror at the New Phoenix Theatre. Auditions were also held for “Lips Together, Teeth Apart”, a play about the family of a gay man who died from complications of AIDS while being part of the Fire Island community. This theatre troupe is one of the most progressive and illustriously fun in the Ft. Myers area. Don’t miss them as they show off all of their performing arts in fabulous rotating shows throughout the year.

LGBT Entertainment in Southwest Florida is Paradise

Building rapport through a stellar repertoire. You will find so much for entertainment in the Paradise Coastal region that you will continue coming back again and again. Southwest Florida delights again and again in varieties of settings. The fun never stops and the fabulousness flares on night to night and weekend to weekend.

For more exciting attractions in Southwest Florida, click here.

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Nights as Alyssa: Transformation of a drag queen

Andy Spaulding, 32, applies makeup to become Alyssa Lemay in his Fort Myers home on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016. Alyssa Lemay has been doing drag shows for 10 years, and she is a regular at Bambusa Bar & Grill in Naples.

The transformation starts with a headband. In front of a three-panel makeup mirror, Andy Spaulding ties back his hair. He covers his face with a thick layer of tan concealer, draws raised eyebrows and paints pink streaks across his cheeks.

The sun is setting on a Friday evening. Andy is becoming Alyssa — a fiery, outspoken drag queen.

Spaulding, who spends his days as the director of a local daycare, becomes Alyssa Lemay at night. She competes in pageants and hosts drag shows across Southwest Florida, including Bambusa Bar and Grill in Naples as one-third of the drag queen trio The Bambusa Babes.

“Drag is theatrical, and I always loved performing,” said Spaulding, 32, a music student from Ohio who tried drag after seeing a show at a local gay bar.

Alyssa's performance is drawn from tips from seasoned drag queens. Spaulding learned how to apply the make-up, a more-than hourlong process, from YouTube. He makes almost all of Alyssa’s outfits. His great-grandmother taught him how to sew.

“Painting my face is one of my favorite parts because it is getting in to character,” said Spaulding, who has been performing as Alyssa Lemay for 10 years. “It is when I get to really think through everything.”

At the dining room table in his Fort Myers home, the makeup is done, and the pads, dress and wig are next.

Spaulding’s boyfriend, Tommy Tillis, helps with zipping up the dress and adjusting the wig.

“Do you want the hair over the shoulder, or should I push it back?” Tillis said.

“I’m what we call the ‘drag husband,’ ” he added.

“I love the way she performs. I watch a lot of the queens here in Fort Myers and to me, Alyssa has the most character when she performs,” Tillis said. “She feeds off of the audience’s energy, and most of the queens here don’t do that; they just do it to make a quick buck.”

But to Spaulding, performing as Alyssa Lemay is about more than making money. It is about representing the drag community. Alyssa often participates in Pride benefits to help support LGBTQ organizations.

“Thats why I respect her,” Tillis said. “She is the best representation of the drag community because she goes above and beyond. She is a professional.”

Tillis sprays one last bit of hairspray, and the transformation is complete. Alyssa is ready.

“There you go, queen,” Tillis said.

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Sours: https://www.naplesnews.com/story/life/2016/10/31/nights-alyssa-transformation-drag-queen/92397790/

Myers fort drag show

Meet the drag queens: Colorful characters lead bingo in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, etc.

They’re funny. They’re naughty. And they’re fierce.

They’re Southwest Florida drag queens, and they’re bringing laughs, dirty jokes and cash prizes to local bars and restaurants every week for drag queen bingo games.

Here are five of Southwest Florida's most active drag queens and where they do bingo:

Shawn DeSear as drag queen Lisa Renee


Real name: Shawn DeSear

Home: Naples

How he got started: DeSear got into drag about 13-14 years ago. “I’m obviously gay,” he says, “and I grew up going to clubs and I would see drag shows and it sparked my interest.”

He eventually entered some small talent shows in gay clubs, and that led to what he does now. “You know, all it takes is someone to tell you you’re pretty as a drag queen, and then it’s all over,” he says and laughs. “You can do everything. That’s kind of how it starts.”

More about the character: “I like to be glamorous,” DeSear says. “I like big jewelry, big hair. Lots of sparkly stuff. … I’m a dancing drag queen, so I dance a lot.”

Lisa Renee mostly wears clothes hand-made by local drag queen Alyssa LeMay. But her elaborate wigs are custom-made in Las Vegas. “They’re very expensive,” DeSear says.

How her show is different: DeSear took over as show director for the long-running Bitchy Bingo at Bambusa Bar & Grille about two years ago. There’s no singing or lip-synching, unlike many other drag shows. Instead, they focus more on the comedy.

Why he’s a drag queen: “Growing up, I always wanted to be onstage somewhere,” he says. “And I couldn’t sing … so I had to find something else.

“It was kind of like my little five minutes of fame. And it became addicting to me.”

Where she performs: Bambusa Bar & Grille in Naples

Learn more:facebook.com/lisa.renee.7186

Dominique Sierra calls out the numbers as drag king Nick D’Cuple at Victory Lane Cafe in North Fort Myers.


Real name: Dominique Sierra

Home: Cape Coral

How his show is different: Nick D'Cuple is one of the few drag kings in Southwest Florida — a woman playing a man. The costume usually includes glue-on facial hair and pants with a sock in the crotch.

Sierra and partner Lori Minor started doing drag king shows about a year ago. “We noticed everywhere they’re doing drag bingo, so we thought why not mix it up,” Sierra says. “Drag kings are definitely a diamond in the rough… When you see it, it’s shiny and new and different. It’s very unique.”

Sierra says she’s one of only five drag kings in Lee County. She performs with a rotating cast of drag queens for her Drag King and Queen Bingo events.

His act: “I look up ideas online, whether it’s a cowboy or a rapper or a gentleman in a suit and tie,” Sierra says. “I play different personas. It depends on my mood. … He’s confident, definitely confident.”

In between games, she usually lip-syncs to everything from Frank Sinatra to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Where he performs: Victory Lane Café in North Fort Myers, Rockade in Cape Coral

Learn More:facebook.com/allheartentertainment1

As drag queen Alyssa LeMay, Andy Spaulding hosts drag queen bingo events at The Standard Restaurant and other local venues.


Real name: Andy Spaulding

Home: Fort Myers

How he got into drag: Spaulding got started about 11 years ago at a gay nightclub in Ohio, and later learned how to do drag queen bingo by watching local duo Bootsey-Licious and filling on for them at former gay nightclub The Bottom Line.

More about the character: “I’m just a clown in a gown,” he says. “It’s a larger-than-life persona.”

How her show is different: Spaulding makes most of his own costumes, and he also makes them for many other local drag queens. He actually sings during his between-game performances, whereas most other local drag queens either lip-sync or don’t do music at all. He’ll perform 70s and 80s songs, for example, and sometimes even “Baby Shark.”

Where she performs: The Standard Restaurant and Dowd’s Pub & Grill in Fort Myers, Nauti Parrot Dock Bar on Fort Myers Beach

Learn More: facebook.com/missalyssalemay

Bootsey-Licious Drag Queen Bingo


Real names: Tim Kratts and Billy Rollins (Bootsey and Lady Licious, respectively)

Home: Punta Gorda

More about their characters: Rollins says he wanted Lady Licious to have a sleeker, sexier look with a short skirt to show off his well-defined legs. “Everybody was always commenting on them,” he says, “and I was like, ‘Well, OK, I definitely have to be a LEGGY girl.”

As for his big blonde hair, Rollins got that idea from his mom. “My mother always had that big brown bouffant hair,” he says. “Except I’m blonde, and she was brunette.”

Bootsey, meanwhile, isn’t quite as sleek and polished. “Bootsey is very refined, but she’s trash at the same time,” Kratts says. “She’s both sides. She thinks she’s a society dame, but she’s never quite good enough. But she tries desperately.”

How Bootsey got her name: It’s hard to find size 17 woman’s shoes, Kratts explains. So he started out wearing big, obnoxious white plumber’s boots that he decorated with gemstones. “I’d always be in these big white boots,” he says. “People gave me my name, Bootsey. They were like, ‘Hey, Bootsey!'”

Now he goes the easy route: He wears Versace slippers.

How their show is different: They focus on the comedy and have developed a full theatrical show with a lot of ad-libbing, flirting, audience interaction and lip-syncing to naughty songs.

“We wanted to be the fun drag queens,” Kratts says. “But when we came here, we realized that most drag queens wanted to be divas. They wanted to be classy divas, and they wanted to be fierce.

 “And we wanted to be clowns. We don’t wanna be fierce. We don’t even necessarily wanna be pretty. We don’t care… We don’t have the most fabulous makeup in the world. It’s not important. It’s more important to be funny.”

Where they perform: Moose Lodge 2199 in Cape Coral, Nino’s Italian Bakery and Restaurant in Punta Gorda

Learn More:facebook.com/BootseyLicious

— Read more about drag queen bingo:Everybody say 'O!': Drag queen bingo scores big in Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral

Connect with this reporter: Charles Runnells (Facebook), @charlesrunnells (Twitter), @crunnells1 (Instagram)

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Sours: https://www.news-press.com/story/entertainment/2019/07/22/meet-drag-queens-who-do-bingo-fort-myers-cape-coral-naples-etc/1766186001/
FW Pride 2019 Drag Show

The Bottom Line (Closed Permanently)



Add Review Report incorrect info

    • awsome
      I havent been in a while but this place has great music and hot guys

    • did not see bar
      I drove by there tonight and there was nothing of a bar am i missing something ? 10/05/2012. I like to find a place to get lucky please help me lol i just moved here from fort lauderdale florida maybe i should have stayed there

    • Friday night
      Omg , I had fun it was a nice place . If you are looking to dance and meet out going people ! How're it is not Honey Put, or Twist .But it is fun they need to work on the music , but that was all I see they need work on. But it was so much fun if you are in the mood to look for young guys that. Like to have fun , going in whit and open mied ! Enjoy yourself and do you!

    • Katrina D Turner
      i will be visiting ft myers area the first week of may, i would love to visit the bottom line while i,m there

    • Still needs major work
      Unfortunately I go to this place regularly- only because it's one of the only gay hang outs in the area. They did a little bit of work to the place but it's still a dump.... Miami style.... Yeah right! Management needs to get rid of the usual freaks that patron here- the naked robe guy and Elvis weirdo. Seriously, quit letting them in. Also the bartenders need some major work. They're Not the slightest bit attractive. It would also be great if people didn't smoke inside- you end up leaving smelling like an ash tray. Finally don't bother buying the shots they go around trying to sell. Weak as water.

    • Unsure of this place
      Very weird lay out was told itgets happening at 11:00 pm no one was there on1/13/11. There was 4police cars there ast night, as visitor this made me feel uneasy. Tubby'sis much better.

      This Friday 23rd of Sept is thegrand opening champagne party showcasing the newly remodeled Disco..Miami style decor.. AWESOME room lighting..new upperdeck dancefloor.all new carpet and total new Atmosphere...Yes "The Legend Returns.".Sammy Daniels performing an early show @ 10:00 Support your gay club!!!We Love you!!!!!!!!!!ps I designed the new look so im impartial....come see 4 yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AVOID!
      Scammed..took our cover then claimed our licenses were "fake."

    • A Premier Club
      What a hot spot! Being new to the area and visiting each of the local gay bars, the Bottom Line seems to caters to all ages and lifestyles. I found the people to be friendly and warm, however you get what you give in life! The energy and the music trendy and upbeat! With 8 bars getting a drink was easy breezy! I got hot from dancing my buns off and stumbled into and outside private fence back yard! Thus area I found to be peaceful were I could carry a conversation with the HOT men. The best highlight was being able to cruise the second floor u shaped wrapped around deck, never seen that a another club before! I love the decor expecially the bar on the right is a must see! Ok let me tell you about the amazing lighting in the main bar! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    • Dump that needs a facelift
      Was the talk of the town back in the day but is nothing but a dump now. Straight bartenders at a gay club? Drag show was boring, drinks are weak and overall dull. Could be great again if someone actually put aome work and money into it

    • DEAD!
      The place was huge, but there was noone there!

    • Good space, tiny crowd
      On a Friday night in a town with only 3 gay bars, you'd think the biggest one would be packed... but you'd be wrong if you were thinking about TBL. The place boasts 7 bars (though I could only count 5), a dance floor, a catwalk "deck" above, an outdoor patio, a "cruise bar" with pool and games, and "Sammy's," a karaoke room covered in drag queen headshots. While the space could use a little sprucing up (an ottoman was holding the door open between rooms, and plastic party table-cloths were duct-taped to the cabaret tables), it's no wonder the management has no decor budget... there was no one there! The drag show (one queen, "Miss Vanessa") started late (after the bartender changed the sign from 12 to 12:30, she started at 12:36 and was done by 12:51), and ended with gratuitous breast-implant nudity. We still had fun, but this gay bar needs more gays!

Sours: https://fortmyers.gaycities.com/bars/2584-the-bottom-line

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