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TiffanyRegularTYPR: Tiffany: TiffanyVersion initial releaseTiffanyTiffany is a trademark of P. A. Vannucci.P. A. VannucciP. A. VannucciCopyright (c) by P. A. Vannucci. All rights reserved.www.alphabetype.itwww.alphabetype.itFreeware font by Alphabet & Type (c) (R) www.oscon.comTiffanyRegularTiffany

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Tiffany &#; Co. Font

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    Introducing Tiffany And Co Font! Tiffany And Co. is basically American luxury jewellery and specialty retailer that was founded since 18 September

    It was founded by a famous jewellery trade dealer Mr Charles Lewis Tiffany. Now this brand has served worldwide along with many retail shops.

    It sells jewellery, sterling silver, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, and some leather goods. Due to those quality products, it has a great repute in fashion industries.

    According to survey, the revenue of the brand is more than billion U.S. Dollars. Therefore, it&#;s a big name and most well-known jewellery brand in all over the world.

    Today, we wanna bestowing you to the closet font family that you notice into its logo. Because many international designers are whiling to work with that. And I think you are also one of them.

    Tiffany And Co Font Family

    Its name is Times New Roman Font a great serif font family of all the times. It was created by two British font designers Mr Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent.

    And Monotype corporation took the charge for releasing it for the first time in That typeface was designed into slightly condensed, with short ascenders & descenders as well as a high x-height.

    It will definitely work in a smooth way alongside its slim and sweet appearance. Here you can get this modest font after just clicking on a button mentioned below.

    Download Now

    After downloading, you will use the Times New Roman for creating astonishing designs. For Example, newspapers, stylish logos, brands, fashion industries, printing on cards, and etc.

    Try to leave your important feedback about this clean font in the comments bar. Also, If you need any font at this site or have any suggestion for us at that point get in touch with us.

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