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Arcol® PPG-1025

polyether polyol; 1,000-molecular weight polypropylene oxide-based diol;hydroxyl number 107.4-115.4 mg KOH/g; viscosity 155 cps @ 25°C

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Product Types

  • Polyol
  • Polyether polyol
  • Polyurethane elastomer


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General Characterization

Arcol PPG-1025 is a 1,000-molecular-weight polypropylene oxide-based diol.

Storage Conditions

Arcol PPG-1025 polyol is slightly hygroscopic and may absorb water. Containers should be kept tightly closed and protected from contamination with moisture and foreign materials, which can adversely affect product quality.
This polyol can become quite viscous at low temperatures. For ease of handling, storage temperatures between 15°C (59°F) and 60°C (140°F) are recommended.
The shelf life is twelve months after receipt of material by customer, when stored in sealed original containers under conditions stated above.


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Packaging Type

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Technical Properties & Datasheets

AppearanceClear, viscous liquid
Specific gravity at 20°C1.01
Viscosity at 25°Ccps155
Bulk densitylb/gal8.35
Flash point PMCC°C186



PPG version of the DiSCovery-5 glider


xc pilot
flat surface, m2 2325272931
aspect ratio
V min, km/h 2323232323
V max, km/h 5151515151
Vy min, m/s 1,11,11,11,11,1
total in-flight weight, kg 60-8070 – 9080 – 10095 – 120110-140
scale 0.9230,96211,0361.072
projected surface, m2. 19,7421,4423,1724,8726,62
projected aspect ratio 3,763,763,763,763,76
wingspan, m 10,9411,4011,8512,2812,7
projected wingspan, m 8,618,979,339,6710,0
root chord, m 2,592,712,812,923,01
tip chord, m 0,550,580,60,620,64
cells 4646464646
lines length, m 251258272288292
glider weight, kg 5,35,55,86,06,3
sail fabrics

Included with glider

  • Standart rucksack
  • Inner bag
  • Valtro strap
  • Repair kit
  • Manual
  • T-shirt

Additional option

  • Motor risers with trimmers

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Color 3














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