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The Seven Deadly Sins: 5 Holy Knights That Make Liones Proud (& 5 That Disgrace It)

In The Seven Deadly Sins, the Holy Knights are Liones's protectors, sworn to defend the country and throne from its many threats. Combating enemies external and internal, they are the first line of defense against any which might do the kingdom harm, comprising the bulk of the knight force during the New Holy War.

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Despite the prestige attached to their name, the history of the Holy Knights is not a spotless one. While some of them may be paragons of their Order, others ~ through immorality or incompetence ~ have stained what it means to serve Liones. To understand the Knights the best, we observe some examples.

10 Dishonorable – Marmas

This rotund, beetle-like man's ability is to shake his maracas, increasing the gravity around the target of his choice. It was enough to fell Diane during his confrontation with her outside the Fight Festival, despite the Sin's attempt to rescue an innocent person.

Perhaps more egregiously than Marmas's thoughtlessness is his incompetence. During the attack by the Ten Commandments on Liones, he removed his armor on account of not wanting to deal with Escanor's heat. Consequently, it made him a gigantic, fleshy target for his enemies, and accordingly, he would not survive the invasion.

9 Honorable – Howzer

Howzer places chivalry and honor above all else. He was among the first of the Holy Knights to realize that the Sins were not evil and to attempt assisting them, co-operating with Diane to rescue an innocent person from collateral damage.

Moreover, Howzer's wind attacks are incredibly potent. They were enough to make Estarossa flinch and recoil despite having absorbed the power of the other Commandments (roughly at around 88,000). This would save more innocent lives at the risk of his, embodying the virtues of what it means to be a knight.

8 Disgrace – Golgius

A member of the notorious "Weird Fangs," Golgius's methods and objectives are among the most dishonorable tactics ever employed by Liones. He attempted to lie to the Sins about his ability (claiming it was teleportation when it was actually invisibility), used poison on Meliodas, and would only strike at his opponents when he thought they were unaware of his proximity.

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Fortunately, the power disparity between Meliodas and a slightly above average knight was considerable enough that he would be able to survive this, even in his weakened state. Nonetheless, Golgius's tactics are a disgrace to the Order.

7 Honorable – Gilthunder

Gilthunder is possibly one of Liones's most capable knights. He is able to exert large torrents of lightning against his foes, proving a challenge even for Meliodas himself on their first encounter and being one of the few knights to make the Captain concerned.

Gilthunder's courage matches his skill. When Margaret was possessed by Ludociel in a consensual contract to guarantee his freedom, he was immediately horrified and distrustful of the Archangel. To ensure that no treachery would be had, he agreed to follow him in confronting Meliodas ~ along with three of the most deadly lieutenants in the Demon King's army.

6 Dishonorable – Vivian

One of the most maniacal members of the Holy Knight order, Vivian's unhealthy, irrational obsession with Gilthunder compels her to resort to any lengths to obtain him. This includes dealing with demons, attacking the Sins, and even flagrantly abducting Gilthunder herself.

Having apprenticed under Merlin, Vivian had the mystical potential to serve Liones well, especially in her mistress's absence when assisting Camelot. Disregarding her tenuous sanity, few can attest to the arcane skill she wields. Unfortunately, Vivian squandered it in her obsession, one which would ultimately cost her her life.

5 Honorable – Guila

Guila's actions, from fighting the Seven Deadly Sins to imbibing the demon blood, was for a single purpose: Protecting her little brother, Zeal. Though she may have been one of the Sins' most dogged adversaries, this was only due to the manipulation of Hendrickson (who in turn was possessed by Fraudrin at the time).

Despite the lengths she was willing to deign for victory, Guila's ambitions justify the decision she made. Guila would show remorse for attacking the Sins after their nature was revealed, leading the charge against the Ten Commandments and almost being slain by Estarossa.

4 Dishonorable – Twigo

Twigo is a force of nature, able to rip apart forests with a single blow. Unfortunately, he is not a force for good or even one for Liones. When he was sent on a mission to retrieve Elizabeth, he showed little concern for the Princess's safety, even inclined to kill her amidst his frenzy against Meliodas.

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Despite Twigo's terrifying power, he is bloodthirsty even without demonic corruption. In conclusion, he is a stellar example of why a formidable knight does not equate to a righteous one.

3 Honorable – Jericho

Insecure and somewhat unhinged, Jericho has faced a difficult past. When she claimed she was "reborn" after drinking demon blood and embracing her gender, Jericho painted her lips in blood to embody this transformation.

Similarly to Guila, the revelation of the Sins' true nature elicited a new transformation, one which turned her from a quarrelsome psychopath into a loyal ally. She would help Ban against the combined forces of Galand and Melascula, proving that redemption is available for those who seek it.

2 Dishonorable – Ruin

Ruin delighted in the suffering he inflicted on his enemies, especially by the way he turned Diane and Meliodas against one another. Through these manipulations, he was able to destroy two enemies at once, cackling in satisfaction as they fought for his amusement.

Fortunately, Elizabeth saw through the trick and was able to remove the bell of Ruin's staff, banishing the illusion and resulting in his swift defeat and imprisonment. Despite Ruin's bluster and haughty mannerisms, he is quick to fall in a fair fight.

1 Honorable – Dreyfus

The proud father of Griamore and a Grandmaster of the Holy Knights, Dreyfus's heroism is limited only by his ability. He was willing to confront Hendrickson after he learned of the latter's corruption, despite being drastically outmatched by the power of a Commandment.

Though Dreyfus would be made into a pawn against his will, Fraudrin's occupation of his body did not inflict half as much damage as he did under Hendrickson. Once Dreyfus's senses returned to him, he would continue to lay down his life for the sake of his allies, including saving his son during the second Holy War.

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Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Strongest Holy Knights, Ranked

The Seven Deadly Sinsis filled with overpowered characters that possess limitless reserves of strength, varying degrees of immortality, and powerful magical abilities that make it difficult for any of them to fall in battle. Most of the series' strongest characters belong to the Seven Deadly Sins or the Demon Clan, and while there are other powerful characters, like many of the Holy Knights that serve the kingdom of Liones, they often aren't given the credit they deserve.

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While all the Sins were formerly acknowledged as Holy Knights, they're very different from the normal batch of human Holy Knights whose abilities just can't compare to theirs. The series has introduced so many Holy Knights that it's impossible to keep track of them all, but thanks to the tangible power levels that every character possesses, it's easy to see which ones are truly the cream of the crop.

10 Guila (1,350)

As one of the New Generation Holy Knights, Guila played a prominent role in the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins, at one point attempting to kill Meliodas and his friends as she had been ordered to. She's a complete professional, barely breaking her composure even when the odds were stacked against her.

She managed to fight Diane, Meliodas, and Ban at the same time, using her magical ability, Explosion, to get around the advantages that the Sins normally had against other human Holy Knights.

9 Griamore (1,520)

Size doesn't matter in The Seven Deadly Sins. Diane may be the largest Sin, but she's far from the strongest. Likewise, Griamore's foreboding physique doesn't make him nearly as strong as some of his more petite comrades. The secret to his strength actually lies in his magical ability, Wall, which enables him to create resilient barriers around either himself or his enemies.

His Perfect Shell, an extension of this ability, was strong enough to trap a Red Demon's flame attack, preventing it from exiting the creature's mouth and instead detonating at point-blank range, wounding the Demon. His barrier was strong enough to defend against a Gray Demon's Dark Nebula attack, which managed to reduce everything else in the vicinity to dust.

8 Deathpierce (1,690)

As a member of the elite Holy Knight group known as the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, Deathpiece definitely has more experience than the average Holy Knight. His magical ability, Melody, allows him to delay any magical attack cast in his presence. Once these spells are cast, he can even alter their movements, making them veer off course.

He first used this ability to support Denzel Liones during his fight against Fraudrin, and if it weren't for Grayroad of Pacifism being there to prevent the fight from continuing, Deathpiece's overpowered ability would've given Denzel the opening he needed to land a decisive strike.

7 Gilthunder (2,330)

As the son of Zaratras, Gilthunder is destined to be a great leader. Even when many of the other Holy Knights followed Hendrickson's evil agenda without question, Gilthunder only did so to protect the woman he loved. His ability to enhance his attacks and movement with lightning magic made him a hard hitter and made his hits harder to even anticipate long before his training in Istar.

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When he and Meliodas fought Hendrickson together, Gilthunder overwhelmed his opponent with a barrage of critical strikes despite Hendrickson's own power being leagues above his own. It's no surprise why he was chosen to accompany the likes of Escanor, Merlin, and Ludocel when they went to infiltrate Camelot during the Second Holy War. He might not be the strongest Holy Knight around, but his experience and leadership will always enable him to prevail against opponents that possess more power than he does.

6 Howzer (2,350)

Howzer and Gilthunder are somewhat like rivals, despite how different they are personality-wise. While Gilthunder has a tendency to remain calm and introspective, Howzer can be naive and full of himself. And yet he has the strength to back this side of his personality up. After training in Istar, he became a bit stronger than Gilthunder while also strengthening his magical ability, Tempest, which allows him to control the wind.

Despite not feeling that he was fit for the role as a Great Holy Knight, the title suits him well, evident by the way he led the Holy Knights of Liones headfirst into a Demon army without hesitation.

5 Hendrickson (2,650)

Hendrickson's power skyrocketed when he became a Gray Demon, but even without these powers, he remains one of the strongest Holy Knights in all of Liones. One of his magical abilities, Purge, enables him to kill lesser demons with a single touch, and even force certain demons or even angels out of bodies that they possessed, a skill that's definitely been useful as the Second Holy War reaches its climax.

His age has caught up with him and he's far from what he used to be in his younger years, but that doesn't stop him from being the first one to charge into a fight.

4 Slader (2,790)

Slader was the captain of the infamous Holy Knight group known as the Dawn Roar.  When he and Meliodas clashed for the first time, even Meliodas was intimidated by Slader's strength. His magical ability, Overpower, lives up to its namesake, enabling him to overwhelm his enemies and immobilize them long enough to give him the upper hand.

In the manga, he used this ability to break Gowther's neck; if Gowther wasn't a doll, this would've won him the fight. When he aligned with the Sins, he became a worthy ally and a pretty cool guy to be around despite his intimidating mask and huge gigantic sword that makes him always look like a deranged murderer.

3 Denzel Liones (2,870)

As Captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, Denzel Liones was no joke. His magical ability, Judgment, is disastrous against those who have taken many lives. Once he marks his target, the souls of the victims that the target has killed begin to torment them until they suffer the same fate. Against Fraudrin, this attack brought him to his knees.

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Denzel is a master swordsman, able to go head-to-head with Fraudrin with minimal aid, but his key ace in the hole was his sword that enabled him to be possessed by a Goddess, although this didn't do much against the Ten Commandments' Derieri.

2 Dreyfus (3,000)

It's unfortunate that Dreyfus was possessed by Fraudrin for so long since he was already strong enough on his own. His Break ability enabled him to resist the magic of others with his willpower alone. It was strong enough to break through Diane's attacks when the two first encountered one another in the royal capital of Liones.

Extensions of this ability enabled him to fire off piercing waves of energy from his sword that few could stand up to. Even after recovering from his Star Breaker attack, Fraudrin admitted that this move would've annihilated him had he not been at his full power.

1 Zaratras (3,060)

Not only did Zaratras possess Hendrick's Purge ability, being a descendant of Druids, but he could also command lightning, similar to his son Gilthunder, only to a greater extent. This is what enabled him to land a decisive blow against Fraudrin when few others could. While the Goddess Nerobasta was unable to withstand a direct hit from Derieri, Zaratras managed to withstand one of her blows at the cost of his shield.

Unfortunately, he threw away the second chance at life he'd been given in order to Purge Fraudrin from Dreyfus's body, so viewers won't be able to see the absolute limits of his power in future Seven Deadly Sins content.

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Holy Knights

Holy Knights is a symphonic power metal band from Palermo, Italy, formed in 1998.[1] They recorded their first demo, Gate Through the Past, in 1999. Shortly after releasing their début album, A Gate Through the Past through Underground Symphony, the band was put on hiatus, which lasted until 2010. In 2012, the second album, Between Daylight and Pain, was released by Scarlet Records.[2]


Holy Knights was formed in November 1998 by the vocalist Dario Di Matteo, and the drummer Claudio Florio.[1] After several changes, the line-up was complete with Salvatore Graziano and Ezio Montalto on guitars and Nico Rose on bass. In December 1999, the band entered Studio Blu in Palermo to record their first demo, Gate Through the Past, which was sent to various magazines the following February, getting positive reviews. Meanwhile, another change in line-up occurred, with Montalto and Rose being replaced by Federico Madonia and Vincenzo Noto respectively. Having received a few contract offers, Holy Knights signed a two-album deal with Underground Symphony in April 2000.[3]

In early November 2000, the band entered the Zenith Recording studio in Lucca to record their début album, A Gate Through the Past, finishing in December.[1] It was released in January 2002 by Tokuma in Japan, followed by the worldwide release via Underground Symphony in June. The album was critically acclaimed.[4] In order to appeal to the international audience Di Matteo, Graziano, Noto and Florio used pseudonyms of Mark Raven, Danny Merthon, Syl Raven and Claus Jorgen respectively.[5] On August 12, the band performed live for the first time at the Agglutination Metal Festival in Chiaromonte.[6] The same year, Holy Knights recorded two cover songs for the planned Heavy Load and Swordtribute albums that were, however, never released.[7] The band became a quartet due to another change in line-up: Florio left, while Madonia was replaced with Simone Campione.[8]

Work on the second album began in 2002 already;[9] Di Matteo and Noto built Raven Studio to take care of pre-production.[3] However, the band members eventually decided to concentrate on their other bands (Thy Majestie, Trinakrius and Crimson Wind), effectively putting Holy Knights on hiatus. In 2010, Di Matteo, Noto and Florio agreed to re-unite the band and finish the second album. Recording took place in February - March 2012 at Dabliurec Studio Recording in Palermo.[10] In March, Holy Knights signed a contract with Rubicon Music for a Japanese release, followed by a deal with Scarlet Records in July.[11]


Stylistically, Holy Knights is evocative of many fellow Italian symphonic power metal bands, often being compared to Rhapsody of Fire.[1][12] The band frequently employs strong orchestrations and soaring choruses; many songs feature prominent double bass drumming and guitar solos.[13][14] However, while the début album was strongly influenced by the neoclassical and baroque music, resulting in marked reliance on synthesizers, the follow-up is heavier and contains many progressive elements.[15] Lyrically, there was a progression as well, from the theme of a medieval fantasy to that of an introspection.[5]



  • Gate Through the Past (1999)




  • Claudio Florio – drums (1998–present)
  • Dario Di Matteo – vocals, keyboards, orchestration (1998–present)
  • Simone Campione – guitars (2002; 2010–present), bass, orchestration (2012–present)


  • Nico Rose – bass (1998–1999)
  • Ezio Montalto – guitars (1998–1999)
  • Salvatore Graziano – guitars (1998–2002)
  • Federico Madonia – guitars (1999–2002)
  • Vincenzo Noto – bass (1999–2002)



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Holy Knights Symbol.png

The Holy Knights「聖騎士 Seikishi」 are the most powerful knights in Britannia who are heroes that protect the kingdom. They are a group of terrifying individuals, with each able to match an entire country's army in strength and power, and having magic that transcends human knowledge imbued within their bodies.

In Britannia, there are orders of Holy Knights within the kingdoms of Liones, Danafor (prior to its destruction), Edinburgh and Camelot.


Great Holy Knight

Template:Kr are the most powerful of the Holy Knights, and possess the authorities of commanding over them, thus making them the leaders of the Holy Knights. This gave previous Great Holy Knights, Dreyfus and Hendrickson, command over the whole country after the coup d'état.


The current Great Holy Knight is Howzer.

Assistant Great Holy Knight

Template:Kr is a title possessed by the King's brother and Captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky, Denzel Liones.


Template:Kr Holy Knights serve directly under the Great Holy Knights and act as their assistants. They may not necessarily be stronger than Diamond ranked Holy Knights, and some cardinals are elderly knights and wizards.

Holy Knight

Template:Kr is a title given to well established knights that have great strength, which is equal to that of an army.


They have command over ordinary knights and train apprentices to become full fledged Holy Knights. All of them are imbued with extraordinary powers, such as Gilthunder's lightning abilities


and Guila's explosion abilities.


There are titles within the Holy Knight themselves, it seems the higher ranked they are, the more power they have. These titles are (from highest-rank to lowest):

Apprentice Holy Knight

Template:Kr, as their name suggests, are apprentices and disciples of existing Holy Knights who are undergoing training to become seasoned and qualified Holy Knights. They are fairly powerful compared to ordinary knights, whom they have authorities to command over, but are still much weaker than a Holy Knight.

Sours: https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Holy_Knights_(The_Seven_Deadly_Sins)

Knights holy



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