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50 Earth Shattering Space Tattoos That Are Literally Out Of This World

A Collection of Amazing Space Tattoos

From breathtaking nebulas to swirling star clusters, the depths of space are as beautiful as they are vast. Those of you who stare up at the night sky in awe are in luck, because the majority of the tattoos on this list will have you doing the exact same thing. So sit back, relax, and check out some unbelievably coolexamples of space tattoos.

This space man

Astronaut Space Tattoo

Two fellas look on as an astronaut does some space work. (Photo: Individual Ink)

This black and white view of Saturn

Black and White Saturn Space Tattoo

It’s a little tough to see from this photo but the whole piece is in the silhouette of a woman’s head. Inside you can see what looks like icebergs floating in the ocean and a large mesmerizing illustration of Saturn and it’s rings. (Photo: unknown)

These Ben Klishevskiy works

Amazing Space Tattoo

Large Sun Space Tattoo

Gorgeous Cosmic Space Tattoo

Gorgeous Space Tattoo

As you can see, Ben Klishevskiy has a way of crafting space themed tattoos that capture the awe-inspiring majesty of the cosmos . His blending of color and attention to even the smallest of details gives his work a unique quality that beckons to be explored.

This blackwork planet

Blackwork Planet Tattoo by Matteo Nangeroni

(Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

This watercolor view of the galaxy

Galaxy Space Tattoo on Leg

Far away stars can be seen through swirling watercolor-esque clouds of gas. (Tyler Malek)

This bubble blowing puzzle

Blowing Bubbles in Space Tattoo

A young girl blows bubbles that drift among the planets in our solar system. If you look closely at the edges of the mural you can see puzzle pieces coming off the edges.  (Photo: Anastasia Vilks)

This swirling galaxy

Swirling Galaxy Space Tattoo on Shoulder

The soft blending of color around the edges really brings out the brilliant orange and yellows in the center. (Photo: Brian Murphy)


Space tattoos

Space tattoo designs are getting more popular nowadays. Due to the technical development tattoo machines getting more sophisticated it gives tattoo artists possibilities to create magically beautiful colorful tattoo masterpieces similar to the pictures the Hubble telescope makes. The thing which is special to all space tattoo designs is that everything connected with it had always been covered with a shade of mystery and had always attracted people curious and creative.

Space tattoo is usually made for creative dreamers and for people of developed fantasy, however, it can be preferred by some realistically minded individuals. Since the ancient times, space had been the embodiment of the higher intellect, calmness, and order.

That is where the original general meaning of a space tattoos comes from. If talking more specifically, through all times the image of the Sun, for example, symbolized the light. Power, fertility, and youth. The drawing of this space object can be made in different styles. However, there is a cool peculiarity, the Sun tattoo is popular among man and the Moon and Earth – among women.

There are other space objects used as tattoo designs found on human bodies. Constellations and stars, in general, are symbols of strength. And the drawing of star specifically can bring luck and success, health and longevity. But you shouldn’t forget that stars on whist can also mean the homosexual orientation. Besides, all constellations have their own meanings.

Space tattoos stand for the mystical wisdom of the Universe, that’s why people making up the decision of making such tattoo are aware and can even feel their unbreakable connection with Cosmos.
In the gallery of the space tattoos, we have a lot of different designs created lately. There are planets, galaxies, comets, meteors, nebulas, solar systems and other space objects and other stuff connected with endless space.

arm tattoo space planets
skull in space tattoo
arm tattoo high wire artist
tattoo sleeve space
bicep tattoo simba universe
thigh tattoo space window
hip tattoo space monkey
shoulder tattoo black hole
forearm galaxy tattoo rick and morty
destruction of a planet tattoo
space tattoo dotwork
watercolor tattoo space walk
sketchy tattoo astronaut
armband space tattoo landscape Saturn
dragon tattoo in space
leg tattoo space astronaut
galaxy wave tattoo astronaut surfer
scratch tattoo galaxy on skin
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85 Space and Galaxy Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Tattoos that are from Outer Space

Outer space is still a mystery to us. If you ask any child what do they what to do when they grow up, and the chances are that “astronaut” will be on the top of their list. Even the idea of going to space is on the bucket list for many grownups.

Space and Galaxy tattoos are beautiful and mysterious like its subjects. Did you know that there are one hundred billion galaxies in our universe? Our Earth is part of a solar system that is a small part of a Galaxy called Milky way. A Galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust and billions of stars and their solar systems. Space holds all them together.

So, when a tattoos artist designs a Space tattoo, they do the impossible possible. They capture the image of limitless, infinite on your skin. That is why Space and Galaxy tattoos tattoos are so spiritual, magnificent, vibrant, futuristic and often trippy.

We have collected 85 Space and galaxy tattoos that will make you feel as if you have literally stepped in another dimension.   


Meaning of Space and Galaxy Tattoos

People believe in eternal life after death. But when you look at the vast space, you can almost feel the eternity that has no beginning and no ending. In the space as if the time has stopped. Several astronauts who have seen Earth from space have had profoundly awakening spiritual experiences.

The Space and Galaxy tattoos represent life, dreams, hopes, humanity and symbol of eternity. 

Space tattoos are not only very popular for their meaning but also for their magnificent beauty. When we look ate the photos that were taken by NASA, images of Galaxies and Nebula are breathtaking.

Space and Galaxy Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Space Tattoos Full Sleeve

Space Tattoos Half Sleeve

Space Tattoos on Arm

Space Tattoos on Back

Space Tattoos on Forearm

Space Tattoos Geometric

Space Tattoos on Hand

Space Tattoos on Leg (Calf)

Space Tattoos on Rib

Space Tattoos on Shoulder

Space Tattoos for Girls

Space Tattoos on Chest

Space Tattoos Watercolor

Placement of Space Tattoos

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Forearm
  • Wrist
  • Shoulder
  • Rib

For Men

  • Full Sleeve
  • Half Sleeve
  • Forearm
  • Back
  • Leg

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60 Negative Space Tattoos For Men

Top 67 Space Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Almost every young man has dreamed of being an astronaut for NASA at one point. Staring at the sky on a cool dark night, marveling at all the stars while being bewildered by what the universe may actually hold..

Get ready to relive those space expedition ambitions again, without the rocket ship of course.

These outer space designs will make you feel as if you have literally stepped in another dimension!

From galaxies to constellations, and the universe beyond earth’s atmosphere, these ideas will provoke more than just inspiration, but also curiosity to explore and discover.

Take in the beautiful colors of nebulas in vivid detail, the radiant glow of planets, and the stunning stars shinning brighten upon the skin. These top 70 best outer space tattoos for men are almost as realistic as looking through a actual telescope! I’ve also included a handful of personal favorite ink pieces, such as astronauts drifting around in an awe-inspiring sky.

Outer Space Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Galaxy Tattoo For Guys

This is cool. Like how there isn’t a recognizable image in the pattern, just different colors clashing and cavorting to form a brightly hued solar system. The artist has done a great job keeping it loose and allows the colors to play off one another – especially the classic blue gas meets fireball scenario. The hints of white ink in stars and on the edges of color blocks helps the line work separate the colors enough without compromising the mix.

Sleeve Tattoos Space For Gentlemen

A beautiful sleeve tattoo featuring the bold decision to mix gray shading with sections of bright color in creating a 3D outer space tattoo. This piece is excellently rendered- the artist’s skills in line drawing, outlines, and color fills are sharp. The lower part of the tattoo mixing layers of colorful lights amongst gray fill color and rocks is exceptional. The planets too are well drawn, and the piece makes easy work incorporating the subject’s previous tattoos.

Tattoos Of The Earth For Guys

Love this full sleeve tattoo. The different mix of blue inks and shading to create the road pattern and solar system against negative space and black etching of the tree/power poles is exceptional. Also enjoy the bright yellow vortex of solar system at the top of the tattoo looking to swallow up the small, almost incidental space ship cruising past.

Tattoos Of Space For Men

Another vortex here but this one is a nicely developed red which flows well in direct opposition to the brightly colored solar system. The artist had done well with with shape and color mixes to show this tattoo’s crispness and clarity. Using the dark star field amongst lighter cloud shapes is an excellent non-traditional fill throughout, while the planets themselves are clear and bright. 

Star Tattoo Men's Sleeve Ideas

A cleverly tattooed system of stars. This piece is very intricate however the work could get lost as the ink colors settle and change as the piece ages. A darker image throughout contrasted by less milky cloud might make a more versatile tattoo, and the bright star at bottom should be a larger focal point amongst the other stars. This is a tattoo where taking on additional dramatic license could work very effectively.

Stars Tattoo Men's Sleeve

Stars Men's Sleeve Tattoo

A very likable small galaxy piece. The dark green 3D planet hovers amongst crisply etched, bright color effects and twinkling stars. The dark blue in particular is helpful, allowing a platform for both the red hole and star system to contrast against fluidly.

Star Sleeve Tattoo Men's Designs

This upper arm tattoo is hectic. Using the 3D highlights to show power coruscating off from the top most planet is perfectly executed technique that runs through the rest of the artwork. This ink throws in asteroid belts, crackles of power and flame, and even a bad ass planetary ring into it yet never looks overwrought or too busy.

Star Constellations Men's Tattoos

This is different. The tattoo goes for a space theme but ultra bright solar systems have been replaced instead by a painter’s classical sense of style and realism. The highlight is the spacesuit and visor reflecting the earth’s image (personal preference would see me go for a lighter colored fill inside the visor). The use of white ink in such a big block has been deftly deployed , and contrasts well against the dark of the other fill.

Space Themed Tattoos For Men

Like this solar system meld. The colors coalesce beautifully around planets, stars and a nifty bit of black ink asteroid action. The technique to put detail into the fireball planet at image bottom is tremendously executed.

Space Tattoo Sleeve For Men

One of those pretty apocalypses. The clarity in this piece is flawless, the artist did an amazing job threading contrasting detail and color into every element of this sleeve tattoo. The sensational outer space – black filled with crackling blue energy and millions of stars – looks like a photograph not ink on skin. The fiery shoulder looks way too hot to touch because the glow is so well communicated to look like the heat from a working forge.

Space Tattoo Ideas For Men On Forearm

This outer space tattoo looks totally killer. The astronauts look like blokes waiting for an airport cab, not ones bouncing around the shiny surface of a planet. Creating the middle mirror image gives the artist a chance to show off,  molding the black moon to the surrounding deep blue of the far off planet.

Space Tattoo Designs For Men

Space Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Another solid outer space sleeve. It’s a really darkly etched tattoo, however the detail in star systems and shading around planets helps keep it from being too emo. The yellow planet on the inner bicep looks to be a feature, as is the smaller red/purple planet surrounded by stars.

Space Sleeves On Men

Space Shuttle Tattoo For Men

Space Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Small Simple Tattoo Space For Men

Sleeve Night Sky Tattoo For Men

Sleeve Male Little Dipper Tattoo

Sky Tattoo Sleeve On Men

Skull Sky Tattoo Ideas For Men

Skull Asteroid Tattoo Men's Deigns

Planet Tattoo Men's Designs

Planet Rings Sky Tattoos For Guys On Leg

Masculine Outer Space Tattoos For Men

Outer Space Tattoo For Men

Outer Space Tattoo Designs For Men Sleeve

Milky Way Tattoo Designs Men

Men's Tattoos Of The Galaxy And Planets

Men's Tattoos Galaxy On Arm

Men's Stars Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Men's Tar Galaxy Tattoos

Men's Space Tattoos

Men's Space Tattoo

Men's Skull Candle Space Tattoos

Men's New School Star Tattoo

Men's Galaxy Comet Tattoos

Men's Astronaut American Flag Tattoos Designs

Masculine Men's Big Dipper Tattoo Designs

Man With Universe Tattoo On Neck And Shoulder

Manly Men's Constellations Tattoos Designs

Male Tattoos Of Constellations

Male Outer Space Sleeves For Tattoo

Male Cosmic Tattoo Full Sleeve

Male Constellations Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Night Sky Tattoos For Men

Incredible Sky Tattoos For Guys

Half Sleeve Tattoo With Stars For Men

Half Sleeve Tattoos Stars For Males

Half Sleeve Guy's Cosmic Tattoos

Guy's Spaceship Tattoo

Guy's Milky Way Tattoo

Guy's Back Of Leg Astronomy Tattoo

Full Sleeve Astronomy Tattoos For Guys

Forearm Night Sky Tattoo Designs On Men

Earth And Moon Men's Tattoos

Creative Male Space Tattoos On Hand

Cosmos Men's Tattoo Ideas

Cool Constellation Tattoos For Guys On Rib Cage Side

Solar System And Constellation Tattoos For Guys

Black Hole Sky Tattoo For Guys On Arm

Floating Astronaut Tattoos On Men

Big Dipper Tattoo For Guys With Skull

Bicep Male Astronaut Tattoos

Bicep Arm Stars In The Sky Tattoo For Men

Best Outer Space Tattoo Designs For Men On Chest

Arm Cosmic Tattoo On Man With Astronaut

Amazing Men's Star Sleeve Tattoo

Outer Space Tattoo FAQs

What does a galaxy tattoo mean?

Galaxy tattoos are versatile. There are no constraints you can place on them in terms, of size, style, color, or even weirdness. They epitomize a blank canvas for expression of symbolic body art.

The blank canvas approach means galaxy tattoos can represent a variety of different ideas, with the most popular being representative of the universe, science, space travel and dreams/future plans. They are also deployed in mysterious tattoos where the symbols change their focus alongside the subject’s motivations. 


Tattoo ideas space

50 Awesome Space Tattoo Designs To Inspire You!

Who isn’t fascinated by space? It is the one thing we will never explore fully and on which we will always depend upon. So many people get space tattoos because of the beautiful designs and the meaning behind them. Continue reading to see 9 beautiful space tattoos you will love!

1. Mesmerizing Space Tattoos

Space can be looked at as someone’s will to just go away and explore the planets and galaxies. Space tattoo ideas can be found in many places, but the simples form of a space tattoo is just space in general. These tattoos are super fun because you can add a lot of colors to them, stars and planets. They can be done as sleeve tattoos because they are usually large. If you decide to get this awesome space tattoo, we are sure you won’t regret it!

2. Galaxy Tattoo Ideas

Galaxy tattoos are great because they do not require a lot of intricate lines. You can style them any way you want and that is what makes them so amazing. The designs of these tattoos are what make them truly unique since it is very hard to mimic a galaxy themed tattoo. Space tattoos like this one can be even cooler if you add geometric elements or star constellation to it.

3. Black Hole Cosmos Tattoo Designs

In case you do not want your space tattoo to be colorful and super out there, why not try doing a black hole? These designs can be super cool and can be done anywhere on the body. You can keep the tattoo small and do it on your wrist or make it a bit bigger and do it on your arm. You can even add a planet to this design, as well as some geometric elements.

4. Solar System Themed Tattoos

Most people think of planets when you mention space. One great thing about these tattoos is that you can do the moon, the earth and any other planet you want. This amazing tattoo even has an astronaut on it. Sometimes black ink tattoos can be such body art.

5. Shoulder Astronaut Tattoo

Astronauts are the ones who travel from Earth to space. In case you want a tattoo that will show your love for the universe and your will for traveling, then what is a better way to do so than by doing an astronaut tattoo? These tattoos can be done on the shoulder since you can ask your artist to do them as big or as small, depending on what you want. Also, you can do details behind the astronaut such as the night sky or just space in general.

6. Astrology Tattoos

Another thing that wouldn’t exist without space is astrology. Maybe you like the horoscope or you just find astrology interesting. Whatever the reason is, these tattoos can be super cool. You can do your horoscope signs or a constellation of your sign, or even both. These tattoos can be done in all black ink and we are sure you will want to share them with everyone.

7. Astronomy Leg Tattoo

Astronomy tattoo can combine all of the space elements. This tattoo can have earth, nebula, moon and anything else you want on it. These space tattoos can represent life and science in one. They can be done in a futuristic manner and are great for people who don’t want anything simple.

8. Star Wars Tattoos

Many people think of Star Wars when they think of space which does make a lot of sense. Star War tattoos are very popular and are a great choice if you like both space and this timeless franchise. Getting inked with tattoos like these is a great way to create an artsy pop tattoo.

9. UFO Tattoos

UFOs are something that fascinates many people. They can be looked at as time-traveling tattoos, alien tattoos or just space tattoos in general. Not only are UFO tattoos interesting, but they can also be done in so many styles turning your tattoo into body art. These tattoos can also be used as cover-up tattoos because the UFO ship can be done in all black and in any size you want.

On That Note,

Space tattoos are something that can’t look boring. Space is something we will never explore fully and the mystery element is what makes it so special. These tattoos can be done in so many ways and they can truly be unique tattoos. We hope you found inspiration in today’s article for your future tattoo.

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60 Negative Space Tattoos For Men


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