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the members of mötley crüe have been asked countless times if they can envision ever taking the stage together again after their final tour concludes dec. 31. with his latest refusal, singer vince neil offered former crüe tourmates kiss as an example of what the band is trying to avoid.

"kiss had five farewell tours and four reunion tours. that's exactly what we don't want to do," neil told the san diego union-tribune. " ;that was the whole reason. ... we wanted to go out on top, with people saying, 'yeah, man, i saw the last concert. it was awesome!' we don't want to be that band, where it's [billed as] mötley crüe, and it's maybe one [original member's] brother left in the band, and they're playing clubs. ... if we let that happen, we wouldn't be thought of or remembered like we wanted to be."

to that end, the band members signed their much-touted "cessation of touring" agreement when they announced these final dates, and although neil admits breaking the contract wouldn't carry a legal penalty, he insists it's there as a reminder that unlike those other acts, the crüe's retirement will definitely stick.

"someone might ask, ‘oh, what if a sheik gave you tens of millions to get back together?’ no. it’s not about that," said neil. "other bands don’t really give a s---. that’s their philosophy: ‘this tour will never end’ or ‘we’ll do reunion tour.’ that’s not what we’re about. that's why we're going out on our terms."

it should be noted that kiss only embarked on one official "farewell" tour, in 2000. however, paul stanley and gene simmons soon decided to carry on without founding members ace frehley and peter criss, with whom they had reunited back in 1996. as stanley later explained, "the ‘farewell’ tour was us wanting to put kiss out of its misery. and for a while, honestly, we lost sight that we didn’t have to stop; we had to get rid of them [ace and peter]. so the ‘farewell’ tour was really because it was unbearable to be with those guys — not just on a personal level.”

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Tactical Gear Accessories are important to the success of a tactical mission because they enable you to change your load-out on the go without losing much time. We’ve designed our tactical gear MOLLE pouchaccessories keeping your ease and convenience in mind. We’ve put years of in-depthresearch, innovative engineering, creative craftsmanship and a hawk-like eye for detail; so you know where to look for the best when it comes to MOLLE pouch accessories.

Look no further; our Condor 4" MOD Straps (4 Pack), or Blackhawk Speed Clips, or Maxpedition 3’’
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Our sturdy yet lightweight and rust freeT-RINGS and D-Rings are perfect complements to your MOLLEGear. The sizes will loop round handles or MOLLE Strap Bags attaching different items. These
multi-purposeT-RINGS and D – RINGS can be attached to your tactical vest or other MOLLE equipment where they will attach lanyards, weapons and other MOLLE accessories to the main tactical gear. They are good on camping and hiking backpacks too. They are easy to use but will safely secure your belongings with their secure snap quick release buttons.

Choose from a wide range of MOLLE Pouch Accessories on display; the Tactical Tailor Malice Clip Packageof 4 Short, or the High Speed Gear Short MOLLE Clips 6 Pack, Mil-Spec Monkey Visor Panel, 5.11 TacticalCOVRT Small Insert, 5.11 Tactical COVRT Large Insert, Maxpedition Bottle PALS, Eleven 10 Short MaliceClip with Mounting Hardware, High Speed Gear Short MOLLE Clips 12 Pack, High Speed Gear Long MOLLEClips 12 Pack, Tactical Tailor Operator Removable Attachment Kit, Eleven 10 Visor MountAttachment for MOLLE Pouches; our customer service team is always there to help.

Our EDC Accessories are a must-have on backpacking, camping or hiking trips or a tactical outdoors sports day. They are multi-purpose, attachable to Tactical MOLLE Systems and Equipment. Our handy zippered MOLLE pouches keep your MOLLE accessories organized with strong elastic strings, untied, cut or reduced in size for easy installation.

Free Shipping across USA is available; ASP Products Tri-Fold MOLLE Keeper, Tactical Tailor Modular 90Degree Panel, Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Extender - 56DLE2BK-BPG, High Speed Gear Short MOLLEClips 100 Pack, High Speed Gear Long MOLLE Clips 100 Pack, Blackhawk Metal Alice Clips - 4 Pack, Tactical Tailor Rogue Lower Pouch Attachment, High Speed Gear G CODE TACO ADAPTER - BELT SLIDE, Safariland TMA Tactical MOLLE Adapter, Safariland 6004 Molle Accessory Mount MS17; talk to our 24x7 Online Chat Support.

You’ll love to own our unique design tactical gear Leg Rigs and Thigh Rigs; compact size, 1000D waterproof and wear resistant fabric, ample capacity, spacious main compartments, side pockets and conceal insert pockets, which will hold your smart phone, power bank, wallet, sunglasses, digital camera, tactical flashlight, keys, emergency first aid items; this is exactly why Police Officers, CHP Officers and First Responders walk in to our California Retail Stores for repeat orders.

Our Tactical Gear Leg Rigs, Tactical Thigh Rigs or Tactical Drop Leg Bags maximize functionality with their adjustable quick-release buckles and high quality polish zippers with parachute cord ends, externalMOLLE expansion systems and breathable sandwich pads, adjustable waist straps and detachable, adjustable leg straps. They are your perfect accessory carriers, message bags or waist bags suitable for outdoor, camping, hiking, hunting, climbing, cycling, military, army, tactical airsoft paintball, traveling, vacation, and other trips.

Our strong, flexible, rust free and durable Carbon-fiber Polymer material Speed Clips will mount quickly or remove pouches fast without the long-drawn process of weaving of bulky straps. Quality tested under field conditions they come in convenient packs and contain free floatingaccessory lanyard holes meant for use with other accessories.

Our small and large patch mounting panels come in Multicam, Marine Coyote, Black, Ranger Green, and Wolf Grey colors and are designed for hook back patch mounting on a PALS or MOLLE area of your tactical pack or vest with integrated zipper pockets and long Malice Clips. Ensure easy reach for your critical gear glass breaker or seat belt cutter in our 500D, Made in USA, MIL-SPEC Visor Panels that will fit most vehicles.

Go ahead. Accessorize.

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