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So recently another set of Legendary Cores was released. This sparked a buying frenzy in Trading. The question though is, how much is a Legendary Core?

If you've read this post, you know that to max a Primed mod, you'd need R5s and about mil credits.

Assuming you've got credits to burn, how much should you be buying Legendary cores? Should you even be buying them?

Let's look at the numbers.Each trade allows you to get 5 items. In the market, 5 cores sells for 4 plat, this  is a very conservative amount. I've seen people offer plat per 5 cores. For the purpose of this, I will use the most conservative value, which is 5 R5s for 4 plat.

Rounding it up, you'd need R5s. Also each trade is taxed, 1 rare mod will cost you 8k and 5 rare mods will cost 40k.

At 4 plat for 5 R5s, you can buy cores for plat after trades. trades will also cost you 4,, credits.

The full cost of a Legendary core then sums up to platinum, and 5,, Credits.

This doesn't account for all the trades you'd have to do and time you'd need to acquire the credits.

Whatever amount you're going to offer, you'd have to consider convenience and it's price.

So, how much is a Legendary core? I'd have to ask you, how much your time is. :)


I didn't get a Legendary Core :(
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Is legendary core really worth it price?

As you all know legendary core cost around plat which is expensive for 1 thing

The legendary core does so we don't need to spend credit and endo to upgrade mod to it max rank.

Which will normal cost over 1 mil credit and 10kk endo. Which is very expensive for some player

I do not think legendary core should be so much worth.

Because for credit u can just do high risk index which cost 50k credit to play and u can win k credit back,

If u want to do it more easy then use umbra with good health,shield and amor. and use powerful mid or long range gun with high dmg like kohm with good build.

For beginner just sell all the mod u don't need for endo.

When u have unlock mars relay then do ayatan treasure hunt. Note there time limit on so if it goes to 0 u fail. Use tiania because she will just cheese all the obstacles in this mission.

After u finish the mission and got ayatan treasure then fill it with ayatan star so it be more worth for endo and sell it to maroo.

If u have unlock sedna then i suggest u do arena and if u have nidus then i suggest u go with him because of his larva ability make fight goes faster.

U dont actually need strength build just go with primed flow and some good range.so you can catch them all in larva and u can cast them often, Also do some build for survival ability it will help.

Use also nekros with his ability to make enemy drop resource and ability to make you enemy shadow to you minion..

Go also with slash dmg weapon it be alot more easier to kill them

Recourse boost do not have affect on endo sorry.


Thanks for you time

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best use for legendary core for new player?
hi, i just got a legendary core which upgrades one of my mods FOR FREE to max rank, now i am new and idk whats the best mod to use it for?

i have seen youtubers and they had high HP but low shields so i assume health would be good? i also consider an armor card for my warframe?

i play an excalibur and use mainly swords.

but maybe all those cards are not worth upgrading with the core because another card is more worth? i can wait, atm the game is very easy and i want to get the most out of the legendary core, like most endo and credits saved + the mod should be generally usefull.
Save it. Probs for a primed mod or meaby umbral/sacraficial mod. They cost a lot of endo anc credits to max.

From what you said i hope you are NOT intending to use it on vitality. HP is better because rage mod, and the other one whose name i forgot. The armor mod is really useful on frames with hinger armor. Its a basic of modding that you simply dont boost the lowest stat. But if you are playing a tanky frame with lots of armor go for it.

At begining you cant really get your hands on those hardcore mods tho you will get your hands on lot of essentials. But they arent that expensive to max out. You will eventualy get your hands on places that will make farming endo and creds easier.

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Second Time Legendary Core - Live Reaction (Warframe Gameplay)

Waframe: Everything You Need To Know About Legendary Cores

By Ben Baker


Warframe players looking to get the most out of their journey will need to learn about how Legendary Cores operate. Here's what you need to know.

There are many resources in Warframe for players to grind for and obtain, but none more valuable than the Legendary Core. These golden orbs are highly sought after by the player base and one of the hardest materials to obtain.

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For players who have a few lying around or would like to gain a few, there are a few things to keep in mind. To get the most out of these highly coveted items here’s everything you need to know about Legendary Cores.

What They Are

Legendary Cores are used to maximize any mod in the game without having to spend any Endo or Credits. All regular mods and Primed mods will be maxed out at Rank All the player needs to do is select the Legendary Core while in the upgrading mod screen and it’ll be consumed to max out its rank.

Best Way To Use Them

Because of this it’s best to use Legendary Cores exclusively on Primed Mods that are currently Ranked 0. This is because Primed Mods costs more than any other mod type in the game to reach the max rank. By using a Legendary Core on a Primed Mod players are getting the most bang for their buck.

To give some perspective on the cost difference and why you should be using them on Primed Mods here’s a general overview of how much it costs to max out each mod type;

Common Mod:

  • Endo – 10,
  • Credits – ,


  • Endo – 20,
  • Credits – ,


  • Endo – 30,
  • Credits – 1,,


  • Endo – 40,
  • Credits – 1,,

Using a Legendary Core on a Primed Mod would make the object worth more than 40 thousand Endo and million credits. As opposed to 10 thousand Endo and almost thousand Credits when used on a Common Mod.

How To Get Them

Getting Legendary Cores is no easy task. They’re often given to players as compensation for controversial updates to the game or as a reward by Digital Extremes for specific events. Apart from these two highly random and unlikely scenarios, there are two consistent ways for players to obtain Legendary Cores.

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The first is to earn one as a reward for completing a full set of Sortie daily missions. Unfortunately, the odds of this occurring is about % making it a very unreliable and very rare method of obtaining legendary cores.

The only other way is to obtain them via trading with other players. This is very unlikely given the extreme rarity and usefulness of Legendary cores. The other issue is that there is an automatic one million credit trade tax on the item and that’s in addition to the 10% hub tax, possible Clan Dojo tax, and the cost of the item itself. Unless players are willing to trade one for a value equal to about thousand Credits it’s simply not worth it Credit-wise and the player is better off spending their Credits on ranking the Mod up manually.

Realistically the player will only ever see one or two come their way. The key is to keep grinding Sortie missions, participate in events, and only use them on Rank 0 Primed Mods the player is confident they’ll use long-term.

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Ben Baker ( Articles Published)

Starting with a secret copy of Warcraft II on his parent’s Windows 95, Ben has developed a lifelong obsession with video games. Drawn to darker and more horrifying games, he enjoys diving into the lore, secrets, philosophies, and complex characters found in those grim worlds. His only hope is there are other odd balls out there who are also attracted to the writhing things found in the digital void.

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Core warframe legendary

when umbra comes out, he comes with 5 prime mods and they cost a lot of credit and endo to max. k and 10mill credit to max all.

just helping out the small fish who get scamed by the big fish, not knowing the value of what they just sold.

Been playing since release and have only gotten 2. Wish I had some to decide what to do with lol.

been playing since release not a damn one

Legendary Cores are real?

Mr. Harding feels very peculiar.

Spdwyblu05xrun posted

Legendary Cores are real?

Yes as rewards in sorties but they are extremely extremely rare

I have , endo sitting there might not bother using it x.x I just don't like excalibur.

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I've been doing sorties everyday for close to a days, no Legendary cores yet T_T.

I'm looking forward to Umbra though, he looks rad, but I'm WAY more excited in the Sacrifice story.

(F*** Limbo Prime)

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Legendary Cores don't even sell for that much, takes way too much effort to find someone to buy it.

I kinda gave away a few to people to started WF late. >_>

Son Goku X posted

Legendary Cores don't even sell for that much, takes way too much effort to find someone to buy it.

I kinda gave away a few to people to started WF late. >_>

your missing the point

they sell for so little that the buyer profits from buying them now because when the update comes a single core can max out a prime mod for free. if you dont have one your gonna have to use k endo for a single prime mod to max and 1+ mill credit for each mod. that is why im saying if you have one keep it and use it for yourself hence the tittle "dont sell your legendary core"

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