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There’s something important about the fact that Alex and Kelly’s first struggle as parents was decidedly non-alien. Like the famous Buffy episode “The Body” (but tonally 180° different), some of the biggest events in the lives of these characters are cold hard fact, the flesh and blood reality that the rest of us have to live with in the real world. There will be time for Esme to have trouble with her gifts, and we’ve seen some of that already. But Supergirl is also a show that is interested in showing that for a child like Esme, who was abruptly separated from her family and who has been bounced around to multiple bad foster families and group homes, feeling safe is going to be difficult, even now that she’s in a safe, loving home.

So many shows are uninterested in covering parenting for this age group – kids age-up off-screen, during time jumps, or they simply go up the steps like Cory’s sister on Boy Meets World and never return. But Alex and Kelly deserve this storyline and the writers are clearly committed to writing worthwhile stories for them that blend their lives as superheroes, friends, and parents. Using the Truth Seeker as a way to show Esme that Alex and Kelly could be trusted was a great way to blend the alien elements with the very grounded and loving story arc of Alex and Kelly’s first day as parents. A creature that has previously been used during tense interrogations has now become a child’s pet, serenely swimming in a tank during a warm scene that probably made more than a few viewers cry.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how Kara and Esme relate, since they were both traumatically separated from their parents and will (eventually) be adopted. The fact that Esme figured out Kara’s identity as Supergirl right away was perfect. It seems like Esme’s mimic ability might end up coming in handy at some surprising moments.

Aside from taking his children’s building toys incredibly seriously, Brainy also seems keenly aware of what Lena is up to when she’s working on her spells and trying to make a protection charm for the totems. Perhaps he’s not just a man of science? Or maybe in the future, science and magic aren’t quite as siloed off as they are right now. Either way, it’s intriguing.

In this episode, Supergirl suddenly tries to draw lines about when the Girl of Steel (and the Super Friends) do and don’t interfere in international politics and it frankly feels a bit late for that conversation. She says she doesn’t interfere in human history as though it’s a decree handed down or a set of instructions – when and from whom? Kara contends that self-determination is freedom, which certainly sounds good, but she says that in response to Lena asking about global nuclear disarmament in order to save lives.

Is Supergirl only allowed to catch missiles after they’ve launched, but not meaningfully prevent them from launching? What if she and the team mess up and something gets through? At what point to various countries factor Supergirl into their geopolitical calculus, and do they consider her a global hero or an American one? I would love for Supergirl to contend with these questions, but since it is unwilling to, it feels odd for the show to dip a toe or two in these waters six episodes before the final curtain falls.

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Remaking my WORST Old Minecraft Videos

D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser wrote on her personal Facebook page last night that she was “annoyed” by mumbo sauce, questioning the condiment’s status as a quintessential D.C. food. As far as pieces of divisive rhetoric go, the opinion seems fairly innocuous. Based on the more than 400-plus comments and 300-plus shares, the recently re-elected official struck a nerve.

Carry-outs throughout the District serve the sticky, sweet, and sour sauce with chicken wings and fries. It’s one of the few foods synonymous with a city many outsiders associate with exorbitant expense account meals.

LaToya Foster, Bowser’s press secretary, confirmed the post came from the mayor and issued the following statement on behalf of her boss:

“The Mayor wanted to provide DC residents something to discuss on Thanksgiving beyond the midterm elections, backup quarterbacks and holiday shopping deals. All may participate in the debate; however, DC residents must lead the mumbo sauce portion.”

Quickly skimming the comments shows that many people were not pleased.

A Facebook user listed as Kourtney B wrote, “You are already gentrifying DC, don’t try to now gentrify what is quintessential DC culture. Not necessary. Mumbo Sauce is DC ... CHOCOLATE CITY.”

Jayne Kennedi wrote, “You can’t dismantle or heritage here in DC just because you dont (sic) like the sauce. It IS quintessential DC, just like a cheese steak is Philly, or Cuban food is Miami. Check your ignorance.”

However, as several users pointed out, the history of mumbo sauce aligns with Bowser’s point of view. The sauce was created in Chicago, In 1958, an African-American man named Argia B. Collins registered a trademark for Argia B’s Mumbo Sauce. In 2011, the owner of Capital City Mumbo Sauce sought to have that trademark voided, then lost that battle in court.

Mumbo sauce remains a point of pride for may District residents. As nicer restaurants have attempted to sell their versions of it at higher prices, questions of ownership and appropriation have followed.

It remains unclear how the mayor feels about half-smokes.

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