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Researching Costume Jewelry History, Companies and Signatures -“H”


“H” inside a heart — See HART  and see HEDISON


“H” in a triangle — See HERMANN


Heart shape (symbol) with “line” arrows pointing to it from either side – see Providence Stock Company


HA & Co. — HORTON, ANGELL, AND CO., Attleboro, — MA — founded in 1870.






H & H inside an eagle — See HILBORN-HAMBURGER, INC. — NY, NY— 1943 to at least 1988.


H & H with a star — HAMILTON & HAMILTON, JR.  — Providence, RI.




H. & S. ORIGINALS — at least 1950

  • Mark:   H & S Originals   
  • Mark:   Duchess mark seen in 1956 ad
  • Crystal ad 1956
  • Pearls ad 1960
  • Have ads 1950, 1951


HC in a diamond — See CARNEGIE, HATTIE




H.G. E. — See UNCAS








HAGLER, STANLEY —  1953-1996

  • Mark:   Oval tag with “Stanley Hagler” contoured to the oval shape — Stanley at the top & Hagler at the bottom.
  • Mark:   Stanley Hagler     Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
  • Mark:   DeMario/Hagler — see info below     Photo courtesy Annette Forslund.
  • Mark:   Oval tag with Stanley on top and N.Y.C. below– both in a curve — with Hagler in between in a straight line.
  • Stanley Hagler’s brother Ernest sent a tag with this last known authentic mark to Pat.
  • Hagler and DeMario considered a partnership, but it didn’t happen. Some stock of DeMario findings were left with Hagler and he would occasionally use them. (Info courtesy Mark Mercy)
  • Both Mark Mercy and Ian St. Gielar made jewelry with Stanley Hagler N.Y.C. marks after 1996. Learn more about how to identify them through this article by Pamela Wiggins Siegel: Identifying Stanley Hagler, Ian St. Gielar and Mark Mercy Costume Jewelry Using Marks.
  • Updated 5/21/21 by Pamela Wiggins Siegel

HALBE — 411 5th Ave, New York — from at least 1950 to 1963 based on ads

  • Mark:   HALBE      Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.

HALLAM-RICE CO. —  c. 1912

  • Mark:   H – R Co.     Photo courtesy Linda Lange.
  • Notes: Listed in a 1920 state of RI factory inspection report.

HALEYANNE JEWELRY, Seattle, WA — 1985 – present

  • Founded by Haley Land and Leanne Clarke in 1985. Ceramic dog pins have been their specialty since 1994.




HANDARBEIT — German for hand made     Courtesy Polly Curtiss


HAR — HARGO CREATIONS OF NY — 1955 to about 1968

  • Mark:   HAR — around 1956    Photo courtesy Linda Lange.
    • Some Design Dates:
      15 November 1957: Daisy pin GU28974
      21 April 1959:
      559B Dragon Design: bracelet GP20919
      599E Dragon Design: earrings GP20918
      599N Dragon design: Necklace GP21719
      599P Dragon design: Pin GP21030
      (I firmly believe that the “Cobra Set” dates from the same year, as do the non figural pieces using the same translucent stones known as “dragon teeth”)
      21 April 1959:
      595B Far eastern look: bracelet GP21028
      595N Far eastern look: Necklace GP21029
      595E Far eastern look: Earrings GP21027
      595P Far eastern look: Pin GP21030
      (“Far Eastern” probably refers to the “genie, sorceress, turbaned heads, etc”)
      1 May 1960:
      329P Chinese group. Full Chinese figure GP25909
      330F Chinese group.Chinese face and body pin GP25905
      331P Chinese face and bust pin.GP25907
      332E Mandarin bust earrings. GP25908
      333E Chinese face and bust earrings. GP25906
      999P Insect pin. GP56016.
      No more copyrighted designs until 15 September 1967:
  • Notes: Founded by Joseph Heilbronner and Edith Levitt.
  • Probably many Har cheaper pieces belong to the same period.
  • Expansion Ltd. (Leo Geller) manufactured some of Har’s stock.
  • No more information after 15 September 1967.
  • We have found NO connection between ART and HAR. If anyone has proof of such a connection, please let us know.
  • Information kindly provided by Roberto Brunialti, co-author with Carla Ginelli Brunialti of A Tribute to Americaand American Costume Jewelry.
  • Art & Industry, 1935-1950 and Susan Klein, author of Mid-Century Plastic Jewelry and numerous articles on jewelry.
  • Read “The Mystery of HAR article by Dotty Stringfield




HARRY ISKIN — See Iskin, Harry


HART, D. A. — Attleboro, MA — c. 1915

  • Mark:   “H” within a heart     Courtesy Barbara Diddle
  • Mark:   Mona Lisa


HARVEY AND OTIS JEWELRY — Providence, RI — 1884 till at least 1920.

  • Mark:   H&O      Photo courtesy Plenty O’[email protected]
  • Mark:   “H” superimposed over “O” — several styles  
  • Mark:   H-O
  • Notes: Listed in a 1920 state of RI factory inspection report.
  • Founded in 1884 by HENRY HARVEY AND SAMUEL OTIS.




HASKELL, MIRIAM — 1926-present


After Frank Hess retired from the Miriam Haskell company he joined forces with Josef Morton Glasser and formed the Morton Hess company.
He left the company in 1963 and went to work for Kramer and formed a line call Amourelle.
Chatani Pearls LTD. by Haskell has nothing to do with the Miriam Haskell company.
Read an article on Miriam Haskell by Cathy Gordon and Sheila Pamfiloff.
Information and pictures courtesy of Cathy Gordon & Sheila Pamfiloff, authors of Miriam Haskell Jewelry
For more information and pictures of Haskell jewelry visit     Cathy Gordon’s Haskell Pages

HASKELL TODAY (information from Cathy Gordon)
“M. Haskell” is used for the company’s current, but less expensive jewelry.
Trendy Haskell jewelry is marketed under “Jewels of Haskell” and “Haskell”.
The lines that are faithful to what we consider Miriam Haskell jewelry are marked with the traditional “Miriam Haskell” mark. Due to the large number
of fakes, the Haskell Company is now issuing a certificate of authenticity with its high-end pieces.
Haskell continues to use findings and beads that may have been purchased years ago (including the horseshoe signature if it is on a filigree that fits
a piece they make).

**The Haskell Jewels of today is a rapidly growing company, which designs and distributes an extensive private label program for major retailers.
Haskell Jewels also produces jewelry for other famous lines:
Haskell launched J. Lo by Jennifer Lopez jewelry in 2003.
Haskell launched Christopher Radko jewelry in early 2005, a holiday jewelry collection.
Betsey Johnson jewelry was launched in 2006.
Fall 2007 brought the debut of O Oscar, an Oscar de La Renta company.
Spring 2008 will see the re-launch of Kenneth Cole jewelry by Haskell Jewels.
The luxury Miriam Haskell line, is still handmade in their New York City studio.
**Information from Miriam Haskell website.




HAYWARD — 1851- present

  • Mark: Hayward 1/20 12K Gold Filled    Courtesy Laurel Ciotti
  • Mark:   Foil paper tag     Courtesy Laurel Ciotti
  • Established in 1851 and has changed hands over the years.
  • Last owned by Amtel Corp. and known for gold, gold filled and silver jewelry.


HEDISON MFG. CO — Providence, RI — 1909-1985








  • Mark:   Jaycraft — August, 1946.    Photo courtesy David Pritchett.


HELLER, L & SONS — NY — at least 1904 through 1954

  • Mark:   La Tausca Pearls seen in 1915 Albert Walker jewelry catalog      Courtesy Nona Grampp.
  • Notes: Became Heller-Deltah, which failed in 1956.
  • La Tausca division was bought by Arlan Jewelry Co., Inc.




HELLER-SPERRY INC. — NY —  c. 1947


HENKEL & GROSSE — Pforzheim, Germany — 1907-2006

  • Mark:   Grosse     Photo courtesy Matt & Patti Ribarich.
  • Mark:   Superimposed “H” over “G” in an elongated diamond shape — until c. 1938.
  • Mark:   Superimposed “H” over “G” in a rounded corner square shape — until c. 1955
  • Mark:   Crown over stylized “G” — until c. 1979
  • Mark:   Crown over Script “HG” — until c. 1953
  • Mark:   Grosse’ ®
  • Mark:   Chr. Dior with the date in an oval tag was used for jewelry made for Dior.
  • Founded in 1907 by Heinrich Henkel and Florentine Grossé in Pforzheim, Germany.
  • Manufactured jewelry for Schiaparelli and Jeanne Lanvin before WWII. Possibly Lanvin Germany pieces after WWII but needs further research.
  • Beginning in 1955, Henkel & Grossé made four collections a year for Christian Dior under an exclusive worldwide license that lasted 50 years. Some later Henkel & Grossé pieces were made in the United States and in Asia.
  • The company was operated by the Grossé family for four generations. In 2006, it became part of the Dior group.
  • Several Grossé stores were located in Asian countries as of 2015.
  • Some info courtesy Ginger Moro: “European Designer Jewelry”.
  • Some info courtesy Vivienne Becker: “100 Years of Passion for Grossé and Bijoux Christian Dior: Henkel & Grossé Jewellery”.
  • Updated 4/19/2020 by Pamela Wiggins Siegel


HENRY ABRAHAM & SONS — Southampton, England

  • Mark:  H.A&S     Courtesy Carolyn Sunday


HENRY GRIFFITHS AND SONS LTD.  — Birmingham, England

  • Mark:  H.G&S   Courtesy Carolyn Sunday

Henry, Carol — Dallas, Tx, contemporary designer

  • Mark:   Carol Henry Designs 925     Courtesy Erik Yang


HERMANN, F. A., — Framingham, MA 1908 – at least 1977

  • Mark:   “H” in a triangle     Courtesy Sheri Weiss
  • Mark:   “H” in a triangle Sterling
  • Mark:   Silvercryst



HETTEL — C.R. HETTEL JEWELRY CO. — St. Louis, MO. — 1890 – ?

  • Mark:   Hangtag reads Jewelry by Hettel / Aristocracy of Style Since 1890     Photo courtesy Carolyn Reynolds
  • Notes: Founded by Charles R. Hettel in 1890.




HIC, MICHAEL —  c. June 1967




HILLCRAFT — Rockville, IN — c.1950 – 1990s

  • Mark:   Hillcraft     Photo courtesy of Linda Chapple.
  • Mark:   Hillcraft jewelry box      Photo courtesy Linda Chapple .
  • Note4s: Some workers were patients of the Indiana Tuberculosis Sanitorium.
  • Originally owned by Alan Chamberlain, Bill May and Charlie Ellis
  • Was only sold through clubs and organizations.
  • Charlie Ellis either sold out or left to start his own jewelry company in Greencastle which was called Castlecraft.
  • Some information provided to Nancy by Evelyn Swaim and Julia Baker.
  • Information provided to Wendy Kelly and Nancy Hopper-Cady by Carolyn of the Rockville, IN, public library.
  • See an article on Hillcraft by Nancy Hopper-Cady .



  •   Mark:      Photo courtesy Alice Handley-Isaksen
  • Dates: contemporary designer
  • Founded: By Kate Hines in Boston, MA


HINGECO VANITIES, INC.  — Providence, RI — c.1950

  • Mark:   Trueart
  • Mark:   True-Art 10kt     Courtesy Jennifer (wheat*from*the*chaff)







  •   Mark:   HOB – first used in 1965; registered in 2005; still live in 2008Photo courtesy Don James       Courtesy US Trademark site.
  • Dates: ? until present




HOBE’ CIE LIMTED ( in USA) — Around 1920 – c.1995 (Hoe-bay)


  •  Mark:   Designs by Don Hobe’ — 2003  Photo courtesy RCJ
  • Founded: Don Hobe
  • Location: Jupiter, FL




  • Mark:   Roslyn Hoffman   Photo courtesy Glitz & Glitter Boutique.
  • Handcrafted copper
  • Have ad 1952


HOGAN & BOLAS — Providence, RI — c. 1950 – present

  • Mark:   Hogan Bolas     Courtesy Lynn P.
  • Mark:   Robert J. Hogan, Deborah Bolas, Handwrought, Providence, RI     Courtesy Elaine Lucier
  • Notes: Jewelry manufacturing company.
  • Frequently combines copper and bronze into their designs.
  • Founded by Robert Hogan and Deborah Bolas.
  • Current owners, including Al De Santis, purchased the company in 1991.
  • Company also makes items in silver.






HOLLYWOODBritish company

  • Mark:   Hollywood   Courtesy Linn Alber;    Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
  • Notes: Evidence points to this being a British company c.1950s, 1960s


HOLLYWOOD JEWELRY MFG. CO., INC. — NY, NY — 1936 (sold in 1978/79)


  • Mark:   Ricarde of Hollywood
  • Notes: Made jewelry inspired by the movie “Gone With The Wind”, according to a 1939 ad.
  • Owner was Richar C. Baxt.


  • Mark:   Used until 1969: crossed tools that look like “w’s” on their sides   Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers
  • Mark:   A.H.S. — 1969
  • Notes: Aksel Holmsen Smithy founded in 1932.
  • Some info courtesy Ginger Moro: “European Designer Jewelry.”

HOPE CHEST — THE HOPE CHEST CO.  — Minneapolis, MN — 1960 – ?

  • Mark:   Hope Chest — first used 1960    Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
  • Mark:   Hope Chest     Courtesy RCJ
  • Notes: Founded by Wayne Fields, and originally was named China Club.
  • Sold jewelry and flatware through home parties.
  • Relocated to NJ in 1963, at which time no further records could be found.
  • Information courtesy of Sue Sheppard.




  • Mentioned in Nov. 1962 in a Seventeen magazine.

HOUSE OF BORVANI, Providence, R.I.

  • Mark:   Large “H” with “ob” & “co” inside   
  • Mark:   HOBCO — first used 1965
  • Mark:   Shield with “House of Borvani”   

HOUSE OF JOY — c. Dec. 1963

  • Mentioned as late as May 1964 in a Seventeen magazine.








  • Mark:   HSM     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.


  •   Mark: Foree Hunsicker (signature) and Medalias   Photo courtesy RCJ
  •   Mark: 925 Foree    Photo courtesy Becky Sweet
  • Line: Medalias
  • Dates: contemporary designer
  • Founded: Foree Hunsicker
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Notes: Don’t know if the jewelry is signed on each piece or just has a paper tag.

HUSAR D.— DAVID HUSAR Czech Republic



PAT SEAL: research files
DOTTY STRINGFIELD: research files
BOBYE SYVERSON: research files.
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Sours: https://www.antique-jewelry-investor.com/antique-gold-hallmarks-question.html
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Hello! Here’s a wicked little spoon that I have and am having trouble with the maker’s mark. I’ve found lots of H&H makers, yet can’t find this exact one that has the three characters stamped individually (not in individual circles or one big circle or an oval ring, etc.). In the photo, the first mark states “sterling” then “925/1000” then a 5 leaf clover-looking mark then the initials.

If anyone knows, I’d be much obliged!

p.s. On the preview my message and photos look GIGANTIC!! Sorry about that, can’t figure it out.

Sours: https://www.silver-collector.com/t/does-anyone-know-this-h-h-makers-mark/9277
How to recognize Jewelry marks and know what they mean.


Curious as to how we determine the dates on many of our pieces? 

We are fortunate enough to have obtained a handful of old catalogs and internal documents pertaining to the hallmarksused by the Georg Jensen Silversmithy. The different hallmarks have been used during different period of time, and combined with our knowledge of silver content and the years of which the designers were active all combines to help us determine the age of an item. Some of the documents we have included to the side and below.

Silver Content

Under the Danish Hallmarking Act of 1893, the content standard for all silver was set at 826 parts out of 1,000, which is slightly lower than the standard for sterling which is 925. The remainder is usually copper with very small amounts of iron, lead and traces of other metals. The Danish mark, 826S was used until about 1915 when silversmiths raised their silver content to 830 and eventually to 925. Georg Jensen did not switch to the sterling standard until 1927 although he occasionally made special orders in 925S for the American market much earlier. Until 1961, Danish silver was identified by a stamp with three towers. After that an 830S or 925S imprint was used. (A mark with two towers means silverplate.)

Other hallmarks can also include Swedish year markings and The Designer Initials which can further assist in dating a particular item. 

A final word must be said. Not all items with a Georg Jensen hallmark may in fact be original pieces. In some cases, some items on the resale market are an amalgamation of Georg Jensen items and either original silver work, or the silver work of other companies. In other, cases, items may be original, but otherwise modified via the addition of stones or other accents. It is best to use an older catalog to assist in verifying the authenticity of the pieces you are interested in outside of jensensilver.com. You can also learn more about modified pieces by visiting our page on Modified Georg Jensen Items


Examples of Georg Jensen Hallmarks

Example of one of the earlier GJ hallmarks. Although this marking might indicate a 1904-1908 date, the fact that it is marked sterling dates it later. This is still a Jensen piece however, as this marking was also used later for other, smaller piece…
Another example of the hallmark pictured above. Again, this piece is after 1945, however the mark is used on a small brooch. You can also see in this photograph that the mark was punch on to the piece after the back was soldered on, leaving a deep i…
This is a piece of the early studio silver. the 826 silver content and the"Copenhagen" date between 1907 and 1914 This particular GI is very unusual and probably dates between 1904 and 1908
This is an example of the Classic GI marking inside a circle of beads (used from 1915-1930), as well as the .830 mark used before 1927, denoting the 83% silver content used before going to the sterling standard. Also present is the GI 830S mark as w…
This set of marks combines the circle GI mark with Georg Jensen mark from 1915-1930. a similar looking mark is used today. Because it's stamped sterling, it's most likely made after going to the sterling silver standard, dating the piece between 192…
This old mark has the simple GI inscription as well the the 830 mark and "DENMARK".
This set of hallmarks combines the 830 silver mark with the GI and, unusally enough, the city "COPENHAGEN" The circled GI marking places it between 1915 and 1930. In this case the .830 silver mark would date it pre-1927, and the city mark was used b…
This unusual set of cufflinks contains the 830S mark with the square GJ hallmarks
The current Georg Jensen hallmark bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the older hallmarks. One way of differentiating the two is the 830S mark. Continental silver, which only contains 83% silver, was the older standard used before 1927, when the …
Here are two stunning examples of the 1933-44 hallmark.
This set of hallmarks was from 1945-51, and was used only in the Copenhagen Georg Jensen shop.
The GI hallmark and 830S marks are here again, but the "Importe de Danemark" stamp denotes this as one that was exported to France and sold in the early Paris shop
Here's an example of yet another unusal hallmark. You can clearly see the "Georg Jensen" hallmark with the crown which was used between 1925 and 1932. Also present is the GI .925 mark and the designers initials (In this case, Harald Nielsen). This m…
Different hallmarks were often used on different pieces due to space limitations. The second 2 in the model number is slightly cut off, and although the regular Georg Jensen hallmark is present on this example of a post 1945 piece, the GI mark is mo…
Here's a small iron pin with the aforementioned GI initials.
Other marks sometimes appear along side the maker's hallmarks. Often times these are simply duty and import stamps.
A fantastic example of the variation you might find in hallmarks. Typically the stamps are done by hand on these pieces. These two sets of hallmarks are from identical bracelets, however the alignment and placement of the hallmarks is quite differen…

Also of note are some of the older clasps, as shown on the left. The clasps have varied throughout the years with their designs each with their own aesthetic and functional aspects. The one pictured is unique in how much attention to detail has been given.

Notice that the hinge connection is actually formed in brass, not sterling silver. The rationale behind this is that as this particular section of the clasp is most prone to force and damage, the brass is actually better equipped to handle the stresses and the possibility of being deformed than the softer sterling silver alloy.

The whole of this clasp formed by hand, and the attention to detail can be seen in the well fitted sliding holding pin, as well as the elegant cut out curves on the structure holding the clasp. The holding pin itself is tube like in it's design, showing consideration for the wearer in its design, as it covers the sharp tip, preventing the wearer from accidentally being poked. 

In contrast to one of the clasps above, which uses a simple eye hook, there are many things that make these older clasps unique, and this is yet another way that hints at the ages of our items.

Year Marks

Below are examples of when year marks were used from time to time to mark specifically the year of manufactury of a particular piece..

georg jensen small cup # 371A, below hallmarks of the small cup.
interesting markings of the small cup # 371A,, the 3 towers stand for 830 s, and as well the 925 s and sterling.
This is an excellent example of the three towers mark, denoting the year of its manufactury (1926) Also present is the GI 830S mark. The CFH stamp is actually a guardian stamp and was used between 1904 and 1932.
The U10 mark present on this Nanna Ditzel piece is actually a year mark. After Georg Jensen had purchased the A Michelson silversmithy, they began introducing the Swedish dating system to some pieces. the U10 follows with the chart HERE to show that…
This unusual brooch actually uses the Georg Jensen hallmark to form part of the decoration of the nose of the lion. We're unsure if this is intentional or another example of a mistake in the stamping process, but it is, nevertheless, very unusual.
Here is the reverse of the same lion brooch where you can see the actual hallmark in its proper location. This is an example of the 1925-32 hallmark, which, in this case, was probably used on a later piece, as was typical of some smaller jewelry pie…

Designer Initials and Marks

Designer's name, initials, or personal mark have also been added. These were more often used to recognize a designer who was quite influential and notable for the time. For a chart to determine the designer, click HERE

Sours: https://www.jensensilver.com/georg-jensen-hallmarks

Jewelry mark hh

Vintage and Collectible Costume Jewelry Marks


While some sellers refer to Dominique as a she (perhaps confusing the name with French jewelry designer Dominique Aurientis), jewelry with this mark was produced for several decades by the late Dominic DeTora in his Rhode Island workshop.

Known as "Dom" to his fans, DeTora worked for a company that produced jewelry bearing the names Weiss and Eisenberg during the 1950s, and he employed the same "vintage" techniques to manufacture his own quality jewelry line. He is known for his large rhinestone collar and bib necklaces, which are quite popular with collectors.

DeTora's most famous pieces are his Christmas tree pins, which have appeared in many books devoted to collectible holiday jewelry as well as general collectible jewelry price guides. The earliest Dominique pieces were unsigned, and sometimes his early necklaces are confused with Juliana (DeLizza & Elster) designs. He began signing his jewelry during the early 1990s and retired from the jewelry business in 2010. He passed away in 2016.

Sours: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/vintage-collectible-costume-jewelry-marks-4122074
10 Jewelry Terms You Need to Know - Jewelry Terminology for Beginners


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Marks and information in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE sectionD.W. HABER
Haddock, Lincoln & Foss - Boston, MA (1859-1868)Henry Haddock - Boston, MA (1838-1868)Lincoln & Reed - Boston, MA, (1838-1848)Lincoln & Foss - Boston, MA, (1848-1859)Lincoln & Foss - Boston, MA, (1848-1859)Lincoln & Foss - Boston, MA, (1848-1859)Lincoln & Foss - Boston, MA, (1848-1859)HADDOCK, LINCOLN & FOSS - Boston, MA
Established in 1859 when silversmith Henry Haddock (1811-1892: active in Boston from 1838) joined Lincoln & Foss as senior partner. Lincoln & Foss (Charles M. Foss and Albert L. Lincoln) were importers and dealers in watches, jewelry and silverware acting as retailers of many Boston jewelry manufacturers. They had succeeded in 1848 to Lincoln & Reed, a partnership between Albert L. Lincoln and Gideon F.T. Reed (1838-1848). The entry of Haddock into the partnership illustrates how large manufacturers had come to dominate the wholesale trade. At the retirement of Haddock (1868) the company was disbanded and former partner Charles M. Foss joined the partnership of Samuel T. Crosby and Henry D. Morse.
Marks and information in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE sectionHALL & ELTON
Marks and information in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE sectionHALL, ELTON & CO
The Hallmark Store of The United Jewelers Inc. - New York, NYThe Hallmark Store of The United Jewelers Inc. - New York, NY
further marks in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE section
A business of The United Jewelers Inc., New York (founded 1914) acting as a jobber placing for members orders for wich it pays spot cash with about forty manufacturers. The goods were marked "Hallmark". The association made a wide advertising campaign in 1917.
Marks and information in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE sectionCHARLES W. HAMILL & CO
Hamilton & Diesinger - Philadelphia, PAHamilton & Diesinger - Philadelphia, PAHamilton & Diesinger - Philadelphia, PAHAMILTON & DIESINGER - Philadelphia, PA
Matthew Hamilton and Herman Diesinger, manufacturers and retailers of sterling and silverplated wares. Successors to Hamilton & Davis in 1895c (Matthew F. Hamilton and Junius H. Davis). The partnership was dissolved in 1899 when Hamilton's interest was bought by Diesinger. Hamilton and his son opened a new business under the name M.F. Hamilton & Son. In 1900 Diesinger sold what remained of the original business to Gimbel Bros (from 1894 Gimbel family was active in Philadelphia with a department store).
Hamilton & Hamilton Jr. - Providence, RIHamilton & Hamilton Jr. - Providence, RIHAMILTON & HAMILTON JR. - Providence, RI
business established in 1883 by Ralph Spence Hamilton and his eldest son Ralph S. Hamilton Jr. succeeding to Hamilton & Hunt (founded in 1871 by R.S. Hamilton and George C. Hunt). The "star, H&H" mark was registered in 1886 and from 1921 to 1935 the firm was listed as Hamilton & Hamilton Jr. Inc.
M.F. Hamilton & Son - Philadelphia, PAM.F. Hamilton & Son - Philadelphia, PAM.F. HAMILTON & SON - Philadelphia, PA
Successors to Hamilton & Diesinger out of business before 1909
Marks and information in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE sectionHAMILTON MFG CO - Chicago IL
Hamilton Silver Mfg. Co. - New YorkHAMILTON SILVER MFG CO - New York
Absorbed by T.N. Benedict Mfg.Co. in 1912
Hand and Hammer Silversmiths - Alexandria, VAHand and Hammer Silversmiths - Alexandria, VAHand and Hammer Silversmiths - Alexandria, VAHAND AND HAMMER SILVERSMITHS - Alexandria, VA
a partnership of Chip de Matteo and Philip Thorp. The firm has especially developed hundreds of jewelry designs for the museum merchandising programs at the Smithsonian Institution, Colonial Williamsburgh, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Art Institute of Chicago and more than 50 other museums. Most of its production is marked with the private label of the customer.
Handicraft Shop with individual mark of Karl F. Lainonen - Boston MAHandicraft Shop with individual mark of Karl F. Lainonen and Mary Catherine Knight- Boston MAHandicraft Shop with individual mark of Mary Catherine Knight - Boston MAHANDICRAFT SHOP - Boston, MA
Founded in 1901 under the auspices of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts to promote production of handmade silver and other metalwork. The first manager was George C. Gebelein and among the silversmiths were Mary Catherine Knight and Karl F. Lainonen (see individual maker's mark). Other silversmiths were F.J.R. Gyllemberg (Malmo, Sweden), Adolphe Kunkler (Swiss), C.G. Forssen (Swedish) and Mary Hersey.
R. Harris & Co  - Washington, D.C.R. Harris & Co  - Washington, D.C.R. HARRIS & CO - Washington, D.C.
Estabished in 1876 as manufacturing jeweler and silversmith. The firm offered a variety of solid silver novelty items and gold jewelry

R. Harris & Co  - Washington, D.C.
Harris & Shafer - Washington, D.C.Harris & Shafer - Washington, D.C.Harris & Shafer - Washington, D.C.HARRIS & SHAFER - Washington, D.C.
A partnership of Edwin Harris and Charles A. Shafer (1880-1938)
Hartford Sterling Company - Philadelphia, PA
further marks in AMERICAN SILVERPLATE section
succeeded to Phelps & Cary and Jacob S.Hecker & Co, New York. Links with The Tennant Company. Active 1900/1935 c.


Sours: http://www.silvercollection.it/americansilvermarksh.html

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