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The earliest submission of "EZ" to Urban Dictionary was posted March 10th, 2003 (shown below).

4 e-Z take it easy or keep it real i'm out; e-z by yo mamma March 10,2003 Ib 594130 text font line


In the following years, the phrase continued to be used as a means of saying "take it easy," as someone would say "easy" upon leaving an area. It began seeing use in online gaming in the early 2010s. One of the earliest mentions of EZ in a gaming context appeared on the League of Legends forum on October 10th, 2011, where a user inquired as to what "EZ" meant.

GG EZ / EZ Clap

In the following years, the terms "GG EZ" and "EZ Clap" began seeing use in online gaming. The use of GG EZ, which can mean "Good Game" or "Git Gud, this game was easy" depending on the context, was considered by some League players to be "toxic" play. On July 24th, 2013, a thread about "GG EZ" was posted to Reddit's /r/leagueoflegends, gaining 200 upvotes. It began seeing use in shooter-game communities as well; on January 30th, 2016, an inquiry about the phrase was posted to the Steam forums for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. On June 21st, 2016, Urban Dictionary user report_all submitted a definition of GGEZ to the site (shown below).

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What does EZ mean?

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What is EZ?

EZ is "Easy"

EZ Definition / EZ Means

The definition of EZ is "Easy"

The Meaning of EZ

EZ means "Easy"
  So now you know - EZ means "Easy" - don't thank us. YW!
What does EZ mean? EZ is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the EZ definition is given.
Other terms relating to 'easy':
· 2EZToo Easy
· EQEEasy Quick Efficient
· EZPZEasy peasy, very easy
· FNEFree And Easy
· PIPSEasy, not difficult
· TIETake It Easy
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easy: used as an abbreviation.



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Origin of EZ

Rebus spelling

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Eyre Peninsula, eyrie, eyrir, Eysenck, Eysk, EZ, Ezechias, Ezek., Ezekiel, ezetimibe, e-zine

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How to use EZ in a sentence

  • Something similar appears to be underway now in the Syrian provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

    U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS|Jamie Dettmer|October 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Last year, a polio outbreak in Deir ez-Zor raised concerns throughout the region about the spread of an epidemic.

    U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS|Jamie Dettmer|October 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • A U.K. private security adviser said his firm had picked up that al-Chechen was increasingly working in Deir ez-Zor.

    Where Is Al Qaeda Holding Its Western Hostages In Syria?|Jamie Dettmer|January 22, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • In Jordan, in Kuwait, in Turkey, not even a dog could wander into Iraq, but from Der ez-Sour we went where we wanted.

    The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi|Elliot Ackerman|January 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • An Imam I knew in Der ez-Sour used to tell a story about a Jew who came to his mosque.

    The Fourth War: My Lunch with a Jihadi|Elliot Ackerman|January 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • I don't want ter see ennybody put upon, nor noways sufferin', ef so be's I kin help; but thet ain't ennythin' stronary, ez I know.

    Ramona|Helen Hunt Jackson

  • But ef Jos keeps on, airnin' ez much ez he hez so fur, he's goin' ter pay the Injun part on 't, when he cums.

    Ramona|Helen Hunt Jackson

  • The sick allers ez took care on among them, they sed, 's long uz enny on em hez got a thing left.

    Ramona|Helen Hunt Jackson

  • When it come ter dat, we ain't ez much ez speaken ter um, an' here dey come, bangin' aloose at us.

    A Little Union Scout|Joel Chandler Harris

  • Dey may squall en dey may flutter, but flutter'n' en squallin' aint done no damage yit ez I knows un, en 't aint gwine ter.

    Nights With Uncle Remus|Joel Chandler Harris

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