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r6 audio input and output settings
so i am using a turtle beach X12 on my pc and also using a blue yeti mic whole playing r6 siege i am able to talk to my team mates but i can not hear what they say. i looked in the game settings and found nothing about changing and prefrencing audio inputs and outputs. i also tried to change my headset to the default communication device but then i couldnt hear the game at all. i currently have my headset to the default device and the mic as the default communication device is there anything i can do ingame or just on my pc so i can hear my team mates and the game audio?


หมายเหตุ: นี่ใช้สำหรับรายงานโพสต์ที่เป็นสแปม โฆษณา และสร้างปัญหา (ก่อกวน ทะเลาะเบาะแว้ง หรือหยาบคาย) เท่านั้น

T1 has entered Rainbow Six Siege esports with the ohHamMa roster.

The roster will consist of Cha “iLeven” Wonil, Kim “Demic” Daeyeong, Kang “Vamos” Sang-eun, Kim “r3plicA” Jeong-woo, and Lim “Yeti” Hun-sung. Their coaching staff will be Hyunwoo “Howard” Jeong, Junyoung “Revi” Shin, Varun “VBM” Bir Mohindra.

T1 is not the only massive team organization expanding into Rainbow Six, though. Damwon Gaming picked up an APAC roster recently, and XSET recently entered the NA scene.

The news comes on the heels of Nora-Rengo’s license being revoked by Ubisoft. OhHamMa finished third in the regular season and the finals of the Korean Winter Open 2020.

The APAC region in Rainbow Six continues to rack up large organizations. Cloud9, DWG KIA, GC Busan Spear, Fnatic, and CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming all have teams in the region. This is likely due to the relatively low cost as opposed to teams from North America and Europe, as well as a chance to get into the lucrative R6 Share revenue-sharing program, where teams get a cut of the purchase of in-game skins.

APAC North will return to action March 18.

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DatePlaceTierTournamentTeamResultPrize2021-08-22MB13 - 15thA1S-TierSix Mexico Major 2021Six Mexico Major 2021SoniqsSoniqsSoniqs0/1/0/5Grp S.$5,0002021-07-28CA3rdA2A-TierNAL - 2021 Season - Stage 2NAL - 2021 Season - Stage 2SoniqsSoniqsSoniqs5/0/1/2Grp S.$6,0002021-05-22AA1stA5D-TierRazer Invitational 2021Razer Invitational 2021Susquehanna SoniqsSoniqsSoniqs2 : 0Wichita WolvesWichita Wolves$5,0002021-04-22BA2ndA2A-TierNAL - 2021 Season - Stage 1NAL - 2021 Season - Stage 1Susquehanna SoniqsSusquehanna SoniqsSusquehanna Soniqs3/3/0/2Grp S.$38,2502020-10-14HA8thA2A-TierNAL 2020 US Division - Stage 2NAL 2020 US Division - Stage 2eUnitedeUnitedeUnited2/4Grp S.$2,0002020-04-13GA7thA2A-TierPro League Season 11 - North AmericaPro League Season 11 - North AmericaeUnitedeUnitedeUnited3/3/8Grp S.$12,0002019-05-10CA3rdA3B-TierChallenger League Season 9 - North AmericaChallenger League Season 9 - North AmericaDisrupt GamingDisrupt GamingDisrupt Gaming2 : 0Organized ChaosOrganized Chaos$3,5002018-10-22GA7thA2A-TierPro League Season 8 - North AmericaPro League Season 8 - North AmericaNoble esportsNoble esportsNoble esports3/4/7Grp S.$3,0002018-04-23AA1stA3B-TierChallenger League Season 7 - North AmericaChallenger League Season 7 - North AmericaNoble esportsNoble esportsNoble esports2 : 0beastcoastbeastcoast$2,5002017-10-02GA7 - 8thA2A-TierPro League Year 2 Season 3 - North AmericaPro League Year 2 Season 3 - North AmericaWorld Best GamingWorld Best GamingWorld Best Gaming1 : 2eLevateeLevate$3,000Complete list of results in any tournament
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