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Dee Zee NXt Truck Running Boards - Black Board with Chrome Trim

Dee Zee NXt Steps (board) - The NXt step is designed for today's trucks. A universal board combined with custom fit brackets fit all listed applications. The lightweight aluminum powder coated is sealed with a black top plate. It features a high shine chrome protective accent trim that wraps the step. Slip resistant raised rubber grommets on step area ensure a secure footing. Required custom fit bracket kits sold separately. Regular Cab - 6" x 51" - Black/Chrome. Dee Zee NXt Steps (brackets) - Get a step up into your vehicle while adding styling and protection. Custom fit brackets work with any of the styles and lengths of the NXt running board . Heavy duty steel braces are protected by our NRT powder coat. NRT (No Rust Technology) is a specially developed coating that increases corrosion protection. Brackets and bolts for one complete installation come bundled together. No drilling is required on these vehicle specific mounts.


Chrome Trim


There's something special about chrome. Sure, the shine is eye-catching. But beyond that, chrome has an aura of sublimity and class. Imagine two identical cars: one is covered with chrome and the other without, looking plain and boring. Without a doubt the car with chrome trim will catch your eye. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, getting chrome trim is the way to go. Chrome trim allows you to make a statement on the streets, ensuring that your car turns heads at every corner. So why settle for drab, boring, black plastic? Even if you're not looking for a complete chrome overhaul, start with door handles, tailgate handle covers, and mirror covers to give your car a truly distinct look from most other cars on the road. With this key new accessory in tow, not only will your car outperform the competition, it will outshine the competition, too!

Dazzle On the Streets

Want to stand out on the streets? Dream of having others turn their heads in awe as you zoom by? There are few things aside from chrome trim that can make such a desired impact. If you're looking for the very best in chrome trim, you don't have to go anywhere else. At TDot Performance we carry the highest quality chrome trim from top brands like Putco, Auto Ventshade, and Smittybilt, all of whom carry top-of-the-line chrome trim kits that are guaranteed to turn heads. Not only that, chrome trim kits are generally easy to install, ensuring you can stand out with astonishing ease and comfort.

Chrome Trim in Canada

If you're thinking of ways to enhance the aesthetic of your car, arguably nothing is better than chrome trim. Chrome trim has the ability to give your car a look of style and substance differentiable from other vehicles. Your car instantly becomes a symbol of sheer class and elegance, representing an artistry and brand-new feel beyond the capabilities of other cars on the road. Looking to invest in chrome trims? You've come to the right place. Browse through this page and our other accessory pages, and start dazzling with your car in limitless ways today!

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Chrome Trim Molding

Installing silver trim molding on your car is not just something that looks sweet, but it also adds an extra layer of protect. When you install chrome door trim, you will be protecting the edges of your doors from the various scratches and dents that could happen. These “U” shaped pieces are sold in five foot increments for one low price! The “U” shaped molding design is extremely easy to install on the door edge and stays in place with the pre-applied adhesive bead.

Looking to add more molding to match the door trim on your ride? Take a look at installing some chrome fender trim, also. Adding fender trim to your ride not only continues the great look of the existing molding, but will also increase protection around your wheels or where ever you think installing the trim molding would look best. Fender trim installs just as easily as other chrome auto trim and comes in many different sizes and styles.

When you install our universal chrome trim for cars, trucks or SUV’s either along the doors, fenders, or along the side panels, your vehicle will be more protected from other vehicles, and will look good doing it. Not only is this trim for cars, but it has so many uses and comes in a wide selection of styles to work with any vehicle and owners personality. From the thick, black and chrome strips that would look great along the sides of your truck, to the thin, all chrome ones that could install almost anywhere on your vehicle, we have exactly what you are looking for.

Every truck, either large SUV, pickup, or Semi is looking for truck chrome. Since many of our kits are sold by the foot, we have a large selection of truck styles. From larger molding kits to vehicle specific door trim, take some time to browse all the different styles. Keep in mind, some molding kits are sold by the foot, in rolls of five feet, or even in pre-cut kits, but no matter what trim you’re looking for, chances are it can be found here.

Not looking for truck chrome? We also carry plenty of trim for cars including fender trim and body side molding specifically for automotive applications. But silver trim is not exclusively for automotive applications. You can use our chrome molding on furniture, in manufacturing, and even for scenic design such as move and television sets! These easy to install auto trim pieces will surprise many as they might think it came from the dealership installed that way since our body side molding kits are such high quality. For example, Trim-Gard makes some excellent auto trim such as the 2” wide chrome body side molding. These flexible mylar strips are sold by the foot and come with pre-applied 3M peel-n-stick backing easy enough to install in minutes. Or our new solid ABS plastic chrome molding from TFP gives a great alternative to the flexible Mylar material.

Another use for this molding would be if you want to add some flair to your recreational vehicle or even golf cart. These molding pieces and kits can be ordered in a wide range of styles and lengths, trim for cars only – that is a thing of the past. Installing some fender trim along your RV fenders or even door trim around the doors will not only protects your rig, it will look original when you add some truck molding.

Well, what about your golf cart? By using fender trim around the wheel arches or even molding along the front or rear bumpers, your golf cart will stand out for the rest. Although a complete trim package might be a bit too much for your golf cart, don’t worry as you can easily cut the trim to match any size or vehicle.

Not taking your golf cart to the country club? Take a look at installing some trim on your off-road toy. These larger kits will make your cart look sharp, but will also protect it from debris hitting against the side. You might not need chrome door trim since your vehicle might not have doors, but consider placing this molding along the bottom frame rail for an original look and added underbody protection.

So, no matter what type of trim you might be looking for, from fender trim and to matching door trim, Brandsport has one of the largest selections of chrome molding in the lengths you need.

Cowles Truck/SUV Trim Chrome (Part# S37204)


Chrome trim truck


How to Install Chrome Trim on Tailgates \u0026 Fender


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